Entry Book: July 1678, 21-31

Pages 1062-1074

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July 1678, 21-31

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
July 22. Charles Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt. Mr. Kent last week paid into the Exchequer a considerable sum of the Customs receipts. You are to pay 2,000l. thereof to Mr. Kingdon for the Forces, 600l. for the Privy Purse, and 1,400l. to the Treasurer of the Navy : and for the future you are to issue the said weekly payments [of 2,000l.] to the Forces out of the Customs money in the first place before any other payments thereout. Out Letters (General) p. 288.
Charles Bertie to the Excise Commissioners. Treasurer Danby is informed that 50l. remains in your hands for the last June 24 quarter's [salary] due to Mr. Pidgeon as late [a] Commissioner of Appeals. You are to pay same to Pidgeon. Out Letters (General) p. 289.
Viscountess Mordaunt desires that no grant may pass for sale of the manors of Leppington and Barthorpe till she have notice [she] be[ing] one of the heirs general entitled in the premises and the reversion [thereof being] in the Crown. This caveat is entered by Mr. Tho. Weston, who desires that notice should be left for him at her Ladyship's house at Parson's GrHeen. e says the Countess of Middleton and Countess of Denbigh are supposed to sue such a grant as the Viscountess Mordaunt opposes. Caveat Book, p. 35.
Money warrant for 40l. to James Bowles for one year on his fee as one of the Yeomen prickers of the King's privy harriers. (Charles Bertie dated Sept. 27 to the Customs Cashier to bring same in with respect, etc., and to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue same.) Money Book (General) p. 286. Out Letters (General) p. 318.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Customs Commissioners to permit 15 doz. shoes and 20 doz. stockings to be exported, Customs free, for Ostend on the Katherine yacht by Viscount Morpeth : same being for the service of his regiment in Flanders. Out Letters (Customs) IV. p. 84.
July 22 and 23. Same from same to same to employ John Fisk as a noontender, London port, on the next vacancy : and Andrew Plummer as waiter and searcher at Queen borough, loco Samuel Hunter. Ibid.
July 23. Same from same to Brooke Bridges, one of the Auditors of Imprests, to take the Earl of Bath's account of all the money received by him, his agents and assigns for and towards the building of the royal citadel upon the Hoo of Plymouth, and the other fortifications there. And whereas the officers of the Ordnance have issued and imprested out of the Office of the Ordnance several sums of money to said Earl upon account of said citadel and fortifications, you are to send to said Office for a full and perfect charge of moneys so issued and remaining undischarged. Warrants not Relating to Money VII. p. 225.
Same from same to Thomas Newton, Esq., his Majesty's woodward of Whittlewood Forest to fell 12 tons of timber and so much offal as will raise 20l. (said offal to be accounted for) within the Shrobb Walk within said forest (being dotard and decayed pollard trees not fit for ship timber) for the repair of the lodge belonging to Thomas Willoughby, Esq., Master Keeper of said Walk : same being much out of repair and many of the out houses down, so that if not repaired, the rest will fall. Ibid, p. 226.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to Thomas Newton, Esq., (as by the royal sign manual of Sept. 12 last) to similarly fell timber to produce five tons of timber and 20l. of money from the offal thereof in Shelbrook Walk, Whittlewood Forest, co. Northampton, for the repair of the lodge and outhouses thereof belonging to Thomas Kingston, Master Keeper of said walk. Warrants nor Relating to Money VII. p. 226.
Same from same to George Dashwood, et al, Farmers and Managers of Excise and to the Commissioners, Comptroller and Auditor of Excise. By the indenture of lease dated 1676-7, Feb. 26, to said Farmers, they are not to sub-lease any county Excise without Treasurer Danby's consent, and if consented to they are to lend to the King the advance money which should be paid to them by their sub-farmers for such sub-farm and are thereupon to have 6 per cent. interest. By Treasurer Danby's consent they did so sub-farm the Excise of Wales and of Cumberland, Northumberland, Westmorland and Durham ; on which the advance moneys amounted to 13,800l. which has been by them lent to the King accordingly. By another indenture of Feb. 21 last the King has covenanted to repay same by retainer out of their rents, viz., by four sums of 3,450l. out of the rent due at 1679, Lady day, Midsummer, Michaelmas and Christmas respectively, together with interest on said 13,800l. from 1677, July 16, said interest to be payable quarterly, beginning at Michaelmas, 1677. Said Farmers are hereby authorised to so detain said sum of 13,800l. by instalments with interest for the same as above. And full allowance and discharge thereof is to be made upon their accompt. Ibid, p. 227.
Charles Bertie to the Customs Cashier to bring in with respect to the weekly payments (and to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue) 30l. for the Pages of the King's Bedchamber in discharge of their order for that sum for washing sheets for one year ended June 24 last. Out Letters (General) p. 289.
Letter of direction on 6,000l. and 1,000l. in further part of an order dated June 1 last for 20,000l. to Charles Bertie for secret service : on which order there is already paid 1,472l. 7s. 10d. and 2,747l. 1s. 7½d. : said 6,000l. to be hereby satisfied by tallies on the Excise, and said 1,000l. by tallies on the Customs. Money Book (General) p. 287.
Money warrant for 100l. to Dame Katherine Sayers for half a year on her pension of 200l. per an. (Charles Bertie to the Customs Cashier to bring same in with respect to the weekly payments and to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue same.) Ibid, p. 287. Out Letters (General) p. 289.
Same for 1,365l. to Sir Thomas Higgons for 273 days to June 8 last on his ordinary of 5l. a day as Envoy Extraordinary to the Republic of Venice. Money Book (General) p. 288.
Same for 335l. 10s. 0d. to Thomas Felton and William Chiffinch, Masters of the Hawks, for last June 24 quarter on their several fees and allowances of 800l. per an., 30l. per mensem, and 10s. per diem. (Charles Bertie dated Aug. 7 to the Customs Cashier to bring same in notwithstanding any restriction ; and to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue same.) Ibid, p. 288. Out Letters (Genearl) p. 297.
Money warrant for 700l. to Col. William Stapleton for one year to June 24 last on his allowance as Governor of the island of St. Christopher. Money Book (General) p. 288.
Same for 2,573l. 7s. 4d. to same as imprest for the year ending the 7th July last for the pay and entertainment and contingencies of his Majesty's two foot companies on the said island and the other Leeward Islands. Ibid.
Same for 389l. to John Brisbane, his Majesty's Agent for negociating merchants' affairs in the Court of France, viz., 364l. thereof for a quarter's ordinary to June 18 last and 25l. for a quarter's salary to his clerk to same time. (Charles Bertie dated Aug. 17 to the Customs Cashier to bring same in and to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue same.) Ibid, p. 289. Out Letters (General) p. 304.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Customs Cashier to pay to Anthony Stevens what is due on the ancient fee or allowance of 20s. a day to the Lord High Treasurer of England out of the Customs : said Stevens being appointed by Treasurer Danby to receive the same to his [Danby's] use. Money Book (General) p. 289.
Money warrant for 100l. to John Ramsey for half a year to June 24 last for soliciting divers law suits on his Majesty's behalf. (Charles Bertie to the Customs Cashier to bring in forthwith, and to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue same ; for his salary as Solicitor to the Treasury.) Ibid, p. 289. Out Letters (General) p. 294.
Same for 36l. 10s. 0d. to Robert Nott for one year to June 24 last on his fee of 2s. a day as Serjeant Skinner to his Majesty. (Charles Bertie dated Sept. 6 to "Good Cousin" [Sir Robert Howard, Auditor of the Receipt] to issue to same the 30l. which the Customs Cashier has brought into the Exchequer for him.) Money Book (General) p. 289. Out Letters (General) p. 311.
Same for 30l. 13s. 4d. to the churchwardens of the parish of St. John Baptist, Walbrook, London, for four years to Christmas last upon the perpetuity of 7l. 13s. 4d. per an. payable to them at the Receipt of the Exchequer for the use of the poor of said parish : same being due, as appears by the Auditor of the Receipt's certificate dated April 24 last. (Charles Bertie dated Oct. 15 to the Customs Cashier to bring same into the Exchequer with respect to the weekly payments.) Money Book (General) p. 289. Out Letters (General) p. 328.
Same for 125l. to Sir Thomas Armestrong (Armstrong) for last June 24 quarter on his annuity of 500l. (Vacated : see infra, under date 1678-9, Feb. 12.) Money Book (General) p. 290.
William Fletcher, Esq., of Moresby, near Whitehaven in Cumberland, has petitioned Treasurer Danby touching a pier at Parton in opposition to Sir John Lowther's petition, both which petitions are referred to the Customs Commissioners and Mr. Fletcher has attended them [said Commissioners] ever since May 17 for a report, but has not yet prevailed with them to make any, and has business in the country that requires his presence. So he is gone down, but desires that nothing may be done to his prejudice till he have notice [so] that he may come up and make out his pretensions for his Majesty's service and the good of the country [thereabouts]. Caveat Book, p. 35.
July 24. Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Customs Commissioners to deliver, Customs free, to Sir Alexander Frazier a box of gilt leather lately brought for him from Holland in the old Cleveland yacht. Out Letters (Customs) IV. p. 84.
Privy seal for allowing defalcations to the Alum Farmers in their account as follows. By indenture dated 1665, Nov. 8, between the King of the one part and Sir Nich. Crispe, Kt. and Bart. (since deceased), John Twisden, Dr. of Phisick, Francis Pargiter, merchant, and Jon. Sammes, gent., of the other part, the King did demise to them the unexpired term belonging to the Crown in several alum works, alum mines, and alum houses with their appurtenances then before erected, and being within the ground of Edmund, late Earl of Mulgrave, within the manor of Mulgrave or elsewhere within the county of York and in other alum mines, alum works, alum stores and alum houses in co. Yorks and elsewhere within the kingdom of England from the then ensuing Christmas for 20 years 5 months and 27 days under the yearly rent of 1,800l. to be by them paid to the Earl of Mulgrave and Sir Jn. Mounson during the first 19½ years of said term, payable half yearly at Midsummer and Christmas, and for the last year in one entire payment at Christmas : and with reservation to the King and his successors during the first four years of the said term, of the yearly rent or sum of 4,260l., and for the residue of said term the yearly rent of 5,260l. ; and with covenants on the part of the Crown for defalcations to them in case of losses, damages or hindrances which they should receive for want of due performance of the covenants in said indenture or in case of war, plague, general interruption of trade or anything else which should reduce the profit of said farm below the said rentals thereof upon a proper account thereof being declared. Further by a sign manual and privy signet of date 1665, Nov. 8, taking into consideration that if any other persons should during the said term set up alum works and make alum in any places in the kingdom, the price of alum thereby might and would be brought to a lower rate than 26l. the ton, and thereby the said Farmers should be disabled to pay their rents as above, the King promised defalcations proportionably in such cases. Now therefore John Crisp and Tho. Crisp, Esqrs., executors of the said Sir Nicholas Crisp and the said Twisden, Pargiter and Samms are upon their account for the years 1665, Christmas, to 1674, June 24, being 8½ years, and have prayed defalcations in regard they were before 1669, June 24, legally evicted from the said alum works in the said grounds and lands of said Edward, Earl of Mulgrave, by John, Earl of Mulgrave and Sir John Mounson, and afterwards for the continuance and carrying of the said works did with the King's consent come to a new agreement with the said Earl of Mulgrave, whereby the said Earl was to furnish them with 1,200 tons of alum yearly at rates set out in the articles of agreement dated 1669, June 29, whereby the said Farmers instead of the yearly sum of 1,800l. to said Earl and Mounson did allow and pay to said Earl in the price of said 1,200 tons, 3,000l. per an., which is 1,200l. per an. more than was payable by the abovesaid indenture. They further pray defalcation of the sum of 500l. per an. for four years 1670, June 24, to 1674, June 24, which they paid to Sir John Lowther, bart., and Edward Trotter, Esq., for certain alum works at Saltburnmouth, co. Yorks, demised to the King by them [Lowther etc.] by indenture dated 1670, Sept. 17, for 15 years 11 months 27 days commencing from 1670, June 24, at the rent of 500l. per an. Likewise they pray allowance of 400l. per an. for 3½ years from 1670, Christmas, to 1674, June 24, which they paid to Sir William Turner [for the use and by the appointment of John Turner, Esq.] for the rent of certain other alum works at a place called Saltburn in the parish of Brotton, co. Yorks, demised to the King by John Turner, Esq., Serjeant at Law, by indenture dated 1670-1, Feb. 27, for 15 years 5 months and 27 days from 1670, Christmas, under the yearly rental of 400l., payable to the said John Turner. They further pray defalcation of 1,735l. for losses and damages by the plague and fire of London in 1665 and 1666 ; and of 600l. by them paid to Antho. Lowther, Esq., for 1½ years' rent to 1674, June 24, of certain alum works within the lordship of Marske, co. Yorks, which by the King's directions were demised to Sir Hugh Cholmley and others by indenture dated 1672-3, March 20, for 12½ years from 1672, Christmas, under the yearly rent of 400l., payable to said Lowther. Further upon an affidavit made by one Geo. Cowart, agent to said Farmers, it appears that by directions of said Farmers Jn. Collvill, of London, goldsmith, was usually appointed by said Farmers to pay into the Exchequer the rent due to the King for said farm and to take out tallies for their discharge, and that a little before the death of said Colvile the said Cowart did pay to him 1,500l. to be so paid in, but said Colvile dying before it was paid in, Dorothy Colvile, his widow, refused payment thereof ; whereupon upon reading said affidavit in the Exchequer Court, and upon motion made thereupon by the counsel of said Farmers it was ordered 1673, April 18, by said Court that said Farmers should have liberty to find the said debt by inquisition, and to seize the same into the King's hands in aid of said Farmers. In pursuance hereof an extent issued out of the Exchequer 1673, April 28, and it was found by inquisition taken at the Red Lion in Holborn, May 3 following, before Sir William Pritchard and Sir James Smith, sheriffs of Middlesex, that said Colville was indebted 1,500l. to said Farmers at his death, and thereupon said sheriffs seized said debt and not long after the Farmers procured a writ of scire facias out of the Exchequer against Dorothy Colvill, whereupon she applied for stay of proceeding by reason of the money owing by the King to her late husband. Thereupon the Exchequer Court did not think fit to permit the Farmers to proceed further upon the scire facias in the King's name. Therefore the Farmers pray defalcation of said 1,500l., and that said Dorothy Colvill may release to the Crown the like sum of the debt owing from the King [to her]. Further the Farmers pray defalcation of 464l. 9s. 6d. as the value of 28 tons and 300 weight of alum (after deduction of 9l. 10s. 0d. per ton for the charge of making thereof) which quantity was made in 1673 and 1674 by Sir David Fowles at his alum works by him erected and set up at Peak, in co. Yorks, as appears by the affidavit of Tho. Shipton, of Whitby, co. Yorks, sworn in York city 1675-6, March 13, before Geo. Prickett, a Master in Chancery. All the said demands of defalcations have been examined by Treasurer Danby and approved as in accordance with the covenants of said indenture. This privy seal is therefore to authorise the said allowances of 1,800l. per an. paid to the Earl of Mulgrave and Sir J. Mounson for 5 years ; of 500l. per an. for four years paid to Jo. Lowther and Edward Trotter ; of 400l. per an. for 3½ years paid to Sir William Turnor ; of 1,735l. for losses ; of 600l. for 1½ years paid to Anthony Lowther ; and of 1,500l. and 464l. 9s. 6d. ut supra. And forasmuch as said Farmers were ejected and evicted out of the said Earl of Mulgrave's alum works and can have no benefit thereof during the remainder of the term, they are hereby released from 1674, June 24, till the end of their term from the 1,800l, per an., payable to said Earl and Mounson under their indenture. Further allowance is to be hereafter given them on their accounts from time to time of said [extra] 1,200l. per an. to the Earl of Mulgrave in the price of the alum, 500l. per an. to said Lowther and Trotter, 400l. per an. to Serjt. Turner and 400l. per an. to Antho. Lowther for the remainder of the terms specified as above : all provided that the Farmers produce the acquittances of the said persons for such payments from time to time. (Treasurer Danby's subscription dated July 23 of docquet hereof.) King's Warrant Book VI. pp. 48-56. Docquet Book, p. 218.
Privy seal for payment to the Paymaster of the Forces of all such moneys as shall be paid into the Exchequer upon account of the 206,462l. 17s. 3d. (granted by the late Act [for the Eighteen Months' tax] for disbanding the Army) ; and such money as shall be borrowed on the credit of the said Act, except what is to be paid by the said Act for fees and allowances to [collectors, Receivers and Exchequer] officers, and for repayment of loans with interest for the same : same to be paid upon account for paying and disbanding the soldiers raised since 1677, Sept. 29 : which use is to be expressed in the money warrants and orders which are to be drawn in pursuance hereof. (Royal warrant dated July 18 for said privy seal. Treasurer Danby's subscription dated July 22 of docquet hereof.) King's Warrant Book VI. pp. 47, 45. Docquet Book, p. 218.
Same to Treasurer Danby to give warrant to the Exchequer for taking in loans on the Act for 619,388l. 11s. 9d. [by an Eighteen Months' assessment] so as the loans do not exceed the respective sums by the said Act limited for loans [thereon] : and for the usual tallies of loan and orders of repayment to be given for such loans including in those orders such interest as the said Act will allow to loans made on the respective branches thereof. Further Treasurer Danby is hereby authorised to issue commissions, etc., under his hand and seal to such as he shall think fit to be Receivers General within the respective counties and places of England, Wales and Berwick, of the moneys granted by said Act ; with such instructions as he shall conceive necessary : taking care that said Receivers be not such as are provided against by said Act. (Royal warrant dated July 18 for said privy seal. Treasurer Danby's subscription dated July 22 of docquet hereof. Treasurer Danby's warrant dated July 24 to the Exchequer to take in loans not exceeding 150,000l. upon credit of the 206,462l. 17s. 3d., part of the Act ; Treasurer Danby "being informed that several persons are ready forthwith to lend money to his Majesty upon credit of the said 206,462l. 17s. 3d. given for disbanding the Army. And so soon as his Majesty's letters of privy seal [the present privy seal] which are now passing shall be passed, you shall have directions for drawing orders of repayment according to the directions of the said Act.") King's Warrant Book VI. pp. 47-8, 61, 45. Docquet Book, p. 217. Warrants not Relating to Money VII. p. 225.
July 25. Charles Bertie to the Customs Commissioners. I formerly signified to you Treasurer Danby's pleasure not to put anybody into the place of Lancelott Ashby, Surveyor of Deal. You are now to certify your thoughts as to his restoration that he may be despatched and go to his charge. Out Letters (Customs) IV. p. 84.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to same on the payment of 700l. by William Farr to deliver up said Farr's bond of 1,200l. as a surety for George Pley, late Collector of Weymouth, who is indebted 4,273l. 2s. 2½d. to the King ; it appearing from Mr. Litcot's certificate and from the Customs Commissioners' report on said Farr's petition, that said Pley craves to be allowed several considerable sums computed to amount to above 300l., as due to him from the King and further that if there should happen to be any mistakes therein there still remain bound to the King William Ellesden, Bullen Reymes and William Harding as sureties of said Pley. Ibid, p. 85.
Charles Bertie [to the Auditor of the Receipt] to issue the 50l. 3s. 9d. (which the Customs Cashier will bring into the Exchequer) to Serjt. Ramsey and Serjt. Harsnet for last June 24 quarter on their salary and board wages. Out Letters (General) p. 290.
July 26. Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Customs Commissioners to permit the transport to Dublin, Customs free, on the Supply frigate of Liverpool, William Chauntrell master, of certain goods and utensils detailed of the Earl of Arran (including a picture and a screen). Out Letters (Customs) IV. p. 85.
Charles Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 3,000l. out of Coinage money to Mr. Slingsby on any orders in his name for the service of the Mint. Out Letters (General) p. 290.
Same to the Customs Cashier. It appears by your certificate that you have received of the sheriffs of London 7,281l. 17s. 10d. which was levied upon the estate of William Bellamy, merchant. It further appears by certificate of Richd. Prowse, Solicitor for the Customs, that 4,099l. 18s. 10d. of the aforesaid sum was levied and paid as due to the King on 20 bonds of the said Bellamy assigned to Sir George Wharton for the service of the Ordnance. Treasurer Danby requests you to pay over the said sum of 4,099l. 18s. 10d. to said Wharton for said service, he having upon his receipt of the said bonds from you formerly delivered to you tallies which are your regular discharge, and by which he stands charged in the Exchequer. Ibid.
Charles Bertie to the Speaker [of the House of Commons, viz., Edward Seymour in his capacity as Treasurer of the Navy] to issue the 1,400l. paid to you this week, for the payment of seamen's tickets and of a bill of exchange of 374l. Out Letters (General) p. 290.
Money warrant for 125l. to Henry Savile for one quarter on his pension of 500l. per an. (Charles Bertie dated? Aug. 17 to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue said sum (which the Customs Cashier brought into the Exchequer on Saturday last) to said Savill for said quarter's pension as a Groom of the Bedchamber. In the index to Out Letters General this item is described as "for Mrs. Hamiton." Money Book (General) p. 290. Out Letters (General) p. 305.
Same for 182l. to John Brisbane for 3 months' advance to Sept. 23 inst. on his ordinary as Secretary to the embassy in the Court of France. (For Charles Bertie's letter hereon, see infra, under date Aug. 8.) Money Book (General) p. 290.
Same for 100l. each to Thomas Hall, First Secondary in the King's Remembrancer's office, and Bartholomew Fillingham for their extraordinary pains and service in examining, searching and reporting several accompts, supers and debts remaining in arrear and due to the King, as appears by the records of said [King's Remembrancer's] office and other offices in the Exchequer Court : same to be issued to them out of such old arrears of Hearthmoney, and of the Eleven Months' Assessment as shall be brought into the Exchequer by said Hall. Ibid.
July 27. Charles Bertie to the Customs Cashier to bring in with respect, etc., and to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue, 600l. to Lady Wentworth for one year on her pension. Out Letters (General) p. 290.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue the 2,000l. (which the Customs Cashier has this day brought into the Exchequer) to the Treasurer of the Navy on any unsatisfied orders for the service of the Navy. Ibid, p. 291.
July 29. Same to the Customs Cashier to bring in with respect, etc., and to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay (when said Customs Cashier has brought same in) 200l. to Sir Charles Cotterel for one year of his fee as Master of the Ceremonies and 120l. 13s. 4d. to Mr. Charles Cotterel for same on his fee as assistant to the said Master. ("Another [letter] for payment of it dated the 23 Oct., 1678" : probably an erratum for a letter dated Oct. 23 to the Customs Cashier to bring same in notwithstanding any former restriction.) Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue the 20l. (which the Customs Cashier will bring into the Exchequer) to the Treasurer of the Chamber on any unsatisfied orders in his name ; same being to be paid over to Avis Lawrence as assignee of Richard Crawley, a Yeoman of the Guard, upon account of his arrear of wages. Ibid.
July 30. Reference from Treasurer Danby to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Robert Johnson and Matt. Wyteman for discharge of a parcel of Scotch cloth seized at Yarmouth that came thither by transire [and was seized] for being short entered. Out Letters (Customs) IV. p. 85.
Charles Bertie to the Customs Commissioners transmitting the papers relating to the complaint from Mr. Younger against Mr. Sansom touching some miscarriages or omissions in the execution of a Commission at Poole. Examine the matter and report. Ibid, p. 86.
Same to the Speaker [of the House of Commons, viz., Edward Seymour in his capacity as Treasurer of the Navy]. Treasurer Danby desires that the 2,000l. received by you this week out of the Customs may be applied to the uses following, viz., 1,240l. for tickets for discharged seamen, 400l. for the Victuallers for their ordinary, 200l. for Mr. Robert Wright per b[ill] of imprest, and 160l. for freights to the island of Nevis. Out Letters (General) p. 292.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to Sir Geo. Wharton, Bart., Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance, to issue (out of moneys imprested for the service of the Ordnance) 355l. 1s. 2½d. to Richard Kent for interest on 18,000l. by said Kent advanced and lent to said Wharton for the service of the Ordnance ; viz., 266l. 5s. 11d. for 6 per cent. interest and 88l. 15s. 3½d. for 2 per cent. reward and gratuity for the loan and procuring of the same : said sum appearing to be due to Kent by Auditor Aldworth's account made up and stated to March 25 last and allowed by Treasurer Danby the 15th inst. Money Book (General) p. 291.
July 31. Report to the King from Treasurer Danby on the report dated April 18 last made by the Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, upon the petition of Capt. Edward Brabazon. Said petition sets forth that said Brabazon's command of a troop of horse was disposed of by the Earl of Essex, who is now reconciled to him, but cannot restore him. As said place cost him 1,500l., he prays the King to grant him his said troop or a captain's pay from 1677, May 9, when he was put out, and until he be put in the like command. Said petition being Feb. 23 last referred to the Lord Lieutenant by the King who is sensible of petitioner's condition and willing to shew him all reasonable favour, the said Lord Lieutenant reported thereon April 18 last proposing to put on the Irish establishment some allowance for him, to commence next and immediately after the determination of any temporary payments or pensions now in being or formerly granted by your Majesty. Said report being referred June 3 last to Treasurer Danby the latter hereby reports concurring with the said Lord Lieutenant's report. Warrants not Relating, to Money VII. p. 227.
Treasurer Danby to the Lord Mayor, Court of Aldermen and Common Council of London. The King remembering with great kindness your affections to his service in supplying him with considerable sums of money on several emergencies, and finding in the present conjuncture a more than ordinary necessity for borrowing 200,000l. for the Navy and Forces, has commanded me to desire you will make him this loan upon the credit of the late Act for 619, 388l. by such proportions as that one half thereof may be secured to be repaid to you out of the 206,462l. [part of the said Act] allotted for the Forces and the other half out of the 412,925l. [part of said Act] designed for other uses. Wherein as your compliance will be acceptable to his Majesty, so your taking a speedy method to effect the same will very much add to the service and give yourselves conveniency by preceding [getting a precedence over] in your repayments other lenders upon the said Act, there being not at present above 20,000l. in loans taken in upon the former part of it, and none at all upon the latter. I shall not need to mention to you the validity of the security whereof there can be no doubt made, nor of the method of repayments prescribed by the Act which renders the same most easy and certain : but if anything shall be needful from me or under my direction for the expediting of such things as may be to your satisfaction I shall take all possible care therein. Ibid, p. 228.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to Edward Seymour, Esq., Treasurer of the Navy, to pay (out of moneys imprested for the Navy) 2,071l. 3s. 1¼d. to Richard Kent for interest on loans, viz., 67l. 18s. 4d. for 6 per cent. interest on 4,591l. 14s. 7d. by said Kent advanced and lent to Charles Bertie for the service of the Navy ; and 1,451l. 9s. 10d. for same on 100,408l. 5s. 5d. by said Kent advanced and lent to Anthony Stevens, gent., for the service of the Navy ; and 517l. 15s. 9¼d. for 2 per cent. gratuity on the said two sums : all as appears by Auditor Richard Aldworth's account thereof stated to March 25 last and allowed by Treasurer Danby the 15th inst. (Cancelled : see infra p. 1104, under date Aug. 26.) Money Book (General) p. 292.
Money warrant for 8,000l. and 4,000l. to Philip Packer, Paymaster of the Works, as imprests for one year from April 1 last for respectively the ordinary and extraordinary of the Works. Ibid.
Same for 40l. to Leonard Gurle for one year to Lady day last on his fee as Keeper of his Majesty's Garden in St. James's Park. Ibid.
Treasurer Danby's subscription of a docquet of a grant to Sir Robert Talbor, Kt., of the office of one of his Majesty's Physicians in Ordinary : for life : with the yearly fee of 100l. payable quarterly out of the Exchequer, the first payment commencing from Lady day last. Docquet Book, p. 220.
Privy seal for 40,000l. to Ralph Montagu, Master of of the Great Wardrobe, for the use of the said Wardrobe ; and to allow to said Montagu upon account such moneys due in the Earl of Sandwich's time as Master of the Great Wardrobe as he [said Montagu] shall pay by direction under the King's sign manual, viz., as follows, "And whereas there is yet due and unpaid, as we are informed, unto Francis Poyntz our Yeoman Arras maker for work done and goods delivered by him for the service of our Great Wardrobe in the time when Edward, late Earl of Sandwich was Master of our Great Wardrobe, the sum of 123l. over and above the sum of 377l. formerly paid him by said Montagu," in pursuance of the privy seal of 1676, March 31, neither of which sums nor any part thereof are included or passed in the accounts of the said late Earl of Sandwich, therefore the said 123l. is hereby to be paid to said Poyntz, and same is to be allowed in said Montagu's account for the year beginning 1677, Sept. 29. Further there are several sums of money also due and unpaid as well to sundry of the King's servants and officers for their liveries and other allowances usually paid them by the Master of the Great Wardrobe and to sundry tradesmen and artificers for wares by them delivered and for work done for the service of said Wardrobe during said Earl of Sandwich's time over and above the money paid [by] and included in the accounts of the said Earl and several of the said tradesmen are since become very necessitous and indigent, therefore said Montagu is from time to time to pay such officers and tradesmen etc. for liveries, debts and arrears as above as shall be directed by a sign manual : all which sums so paid by Montagu are to be hereby allowed and passed in the next succeeding account to be made by said Montagu after such payment. (Royal warrant dated July 17 for said privy seal. Treasurer Danby's subscription dated July 26 of docquet hereof.) King's Warrant Book VI. pp. 65, 45. Docquet Book, p. 219.
Privy seal for payment to the Paymaster of the Works of several sums of money upon account to be paid over to the gardeners at Whitehall and Hampton Court for wages, disbursements and necessary charges for keeping his Majesty's Privy Garden and Fountaine Garden, and cleaning the Long Stone Gallery at Whitehall, and keeping the Bowling Green and Balcony Garden plots at Hampton Court ; viz., not exceeding 1,023l. 9s. 10d. for 2¾ years to July 24 [sic for June 24 or Midsummer] last (as by bills signed by Charles, Lord Gerard of Brandon) and 372l. per an. for the future for the said uses at Whitehall, and 390l. 19s. 10d. for the said 2¾ years and 143l. per an. for the future for the said uses at Hampton Court : to be received by the said gardeners without account quarterly upon the bills signed by the respective housekeepers of those his Majesty's palaces or by the Surveyor General or Comptroller of the Works ("as same shall appear to be due quarterly from thenceforth upon bills for the same to be signed by the housekeeper of our said royal palace of Whitehall, when there shall be a Housekeeper appointed by us, and when there is none [then] by the Surveyor General and Comptroller of our Works," and so totidem verbis for Hampton Court). Out of the sums payable for Whitehall, as above, there is to be paid to the executors or administrators of John Dean so much thereof as became due in the time of his being keeper of the said Garden [etc. at Whitehall], and so much thereof to William Waite, present keeper of the said Privy Garden, as is due to him since his so being keeper, (Royal warrant dated July 24 for said privy seal. Treasurer Danby's subscription dated July 31 of docquet hereof.) King's Warrant Book VI. pp. 58-9, 47.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Customs Commissioners to insert in the establishment an additional salary of 10l. per an. to Robert Jones, Customer of Poole port, in addition to the 10l. which he hath already for his clerk : said Jones having collected at Lyme Regis (a member of said port) since the suspension of Geo. Pley : he desiring said allowance in regard the receipt of that port is considerable, and that there is great trouble and hazard in remitting the money [thence] to the Receiver General [of Customs in London] and for that most of those customers of ports who execute the office of Collector for [no more than] their patent fee [as Customer] are allowed 20l. for a clerk. Out Letters (Customs) IV. p. 86.