Entry Book: January 1679, 11-20

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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January 1679, 11-20

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Jan. 11. Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Receipt to issue 28,000l. to Edward Seymour, Treasurer of the Navy, as for the service of the Navy and Victualling thereof on any orders in his name resting unsatisfied and not appropriated to particular uses by Act of Parliament : same to be by tallies on the Customs. And similarly 5,000l. more to same for same : to be by tallies on Anthony Rowe and partners, Contractors for the Hearthmoney, on the 20,000l. which they are to pay Feb. 1 next in part of their 150,000l. advance money. Money Book (General) p. 354.
Charles Bertie to [the Auditor of the Receipt] to strike tallies on the Tenths for 500l. for half a year on Visct. Brouncker's pension. Out Letters (General) p. 358.
Jan. 13. Sir Phi. Lloyd to the Customs Cashier. Mr. [Charles] Bertie having this morning had the misfortune to lose his lady, he is not in a condition to attend Treasurer Danby. In his absence I am commanded to write to you that in regard there is a necessity for Secretary Williamson immediately to employ some money for his Majesty's service, you are to pay 200l. to him upon his tally for 1,000l. on the Customs for secret service. Ibid, p. 358.
Charles Bertie to Serjt. Ramsey to pay 100l. to James Gere who was a witness in the case for the King in your prosecution against Mr. Harrington and who several times came out of Dorsetshire obliged to a long and expensive attendance here and suffered near six months' imprisonment on that account. You are also to pay his bill for his ordinary expenses in town with [when you pay] the other charges relating to that cause. You are to place the money due to you according to your bill delivered for secret service together with the money already by you paid and to be paid to Mr. Gere upon your account of law charges. Ibid.
Jan. 14. Same to the Navy Commissioners. Treasurer Danby desires that the following bills may be assigned for payment out of such bills as he shall appoint [therefor], abating the imprests, viz. :— Ibid, p. 359.
l. s. d.
Geo. Copping for freight of the Charles pink 115 8 4
Geo. Manwaring, balance of his accounts 234 8 8
Richd. Morris, ditto 385 18
Christo Venman, extraordinary nec[essities'] money 97 0
Ditto 79 0
Ditto, balance 18 0
Katherine Lloyd, extraordinary money 13 10
Ditto 30 0 0
John Barton, extraordinary money 138 11 5
Ditto 82 10 0
Ditto, balance 124 18
Hen. Caerveth, ditto 8 8 9
Ditto, extraordinary nec[essities] money 14 15 10
Ditto, disbursements 13 0
William Tomlinson, disbursements 2 10 6
Ric. Freeman, extraordinary money 16 18 1
Ditto 27 6
John Wren, victuals 181 18 0
Mr. Soleby, pension 1000 0 0
£2584 6
(Charles Bertie dated March 21 to the Treasurer of the Navy to pay same out of Custom House bonds.)
Jan. 15. Charles Bertie to the Treasurer of the Navy. Treasurer Danby has directed 33,000l. to be issued to you, 28,000l. thereof by tallies on the Customs, and 5,000l. on the next February instalment of advance money from the Hearthmoney Contractors. Both these sums are designed for the Victuallers of the Navy. Please deliver to Mr. Brett and partners [Victuallers of the Navy] the tallies for said 33,000l. as so much money and take in their bills of imprest for the [like] value which [bills] are assigned by the Navy Board for payment out of such moneys as Treasurer Danby should appoint for that purpose. Out Letters (General) p. 360.
Jan. 16. See supra, p. 966, under date 1678, April 16.
Subscription by Treasurer Danby of a docquet of a privy seal containing his Majesty's constitution of Henry Dering as chief and principal clerk to attend the Trustees for Sale of Fee Farms, loco Robert Blaney and Richard Lightfoote, Esqrs., deceased : with the custody of all patents, books, etc., and power to inspect records, etc., and with such allowance for himself and clerks and incidents as Treasurer Danby shall think fit. Docquet Book, p. 15.
Jan. 17. Warrant from same to John Ramsey, Serjeant at Arms, attending the Lord Treasurer, to arrest John Girlington, late Receiver General of Hearthmoney, co. Lancs., who has been a long time indebted to the King for his receipts and has not accompted for the same. Warrants not Relating to Money VII. p. 276.
Jan. 17 [altered as stated here in the text from Jan. 9]. Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Richard Kent of the office of Receiver General and Cashier of the Customs and with further provisions therein as to him as follow, viz. By commission under the great seal dated 1677, Nov. 9, Sir Richard Temple, Sir Edward Dereing, Sir Francis Lawley, Sir George Downeing, Sir William Lowther, Cha. Cheney and Francis Millington were appointed Customs Commissioners with power to issue warrants to the Receiver General and Cashier or to any collector of the outports to pay rewards and incidents. Further the King has also erected an office for the general receipt of all moneys arising by the Customs into which office from time to time there are to be returned and paid by all collectors all Customs moneys : such office to be always held and kept in the Custom House, London port and to be open from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon every day in the week, Sundays and holly days excepted : the officer there for the time being to be called his Majesty's Receiver General and Cashier of Customs, and to be bound to give continual attendance, and to have a place appointed in said Custom House, to sit with the rest of the officers : his receipt to be a good discharge to collectors, etc. : every week on Tuesday said Cashier to pay into the Receipt of the Exchequer at Westminster all moneys before that time by him received (except such moneys as before that time he should have paid by warrant from the Lord Treasurer or the Customs Commissioners, which payments are, by the said letters patent, to be allowed by the Auditor as duly authorised) : "and to the end wee might allwayes have a cleer sight and estimate of our Treasure, hee the said Receiver General and Cashier for the tyme being is oblidged weekly from tyme to tyme and every Tuesday in each week to present unto the Lord Treasurer or Commissioners of the Treasury for the tyme being a faire certificate in writeing containing the then state of the cash and the receiptes of the precedent weekes both of the Customes and subsidies and also of the new duties upon wine and vinegar distinctly : and alsoe a weekely certificate is to be delivered unto the Commissioners of the Customes for the tyme being or oftner if they should thinke fitt to require the same." Said Receiver General is further to observe the directions of the Lord Treasurer or Treasury Lords from time to time. Now therefore the King hereby grants to Richard Kent the said office of Receiver General and Cashier of Customs in consideration of good service heretofore performed and hereafter to be performed with an annuity or yearly salary of 1,000l. payable quarterly, the first payment thereof at Lady day next. He is to keep but one book of accompts both for the Customs and subsidies and new impositions. For what money he shall pay into the Receipt he is to strike tallies in general for the Customs and subsidies and new imposts together without any other distinction. And as for his weekly accounts to be presented to the Lord Treasurer, he is to make them in general an account of Customs and impost of wines and vinegar together ; and the like account he is to deliver to the Commissioners of the Customs for the time being. He is also yearly at Michaelmas (or within three months thereafter) to present to the Lord Treasurer an entire account in writing both of his receipts and payments of all customs and subsidies and also of new imposts on wines and vinegar together and the like account he is to deliver to the Customs Commissioners ; the first such accompt to be made at Michaelmas next. The Auditors of Imprest are to take such accompts yearly from him. And to the end the said Receiver General may keep but one entire book of accompts both of Customs, subsidies and new impost on wine and vinegar, the several receivers of London port and the outports are to pay in their receipts to the said Receiver General without distinction but in general on the Customs and new impost. The said Receiver General to be answerable for no more than he actually receives, the remainder is to be set in super on the respective [port] receivers, collectors and sub-collectors on their respective accounts. And whereas there may be tallies remaining unpaid, being struck on said Receiver General as Receiver General for the new impost alone, and of which the Auditor will expect to have a particular account when he takes the said Receiver General's account, said Auditor is hereby to accept and allow such tallies as if they had been struck on the Customs in general. Said Receiver General and those employed under him are to be exempt from serving on juries or inquests or bearing any office civil or military. And forasmuch as the said Richard Kent has proposed to advance to the King upon the request of the Lord Treasurer from time to time for the King's urgent and immediate service several great sums of money upon tallies to be struck on the Customs and hath already in pursuance thereof advanced several great sums of money upon the credit of such tallies, for the security hereof and of all sums he shall in future advance (to a total of not more than 200,000l. in any one year) and of 6 per cent. interest thereon the King hereby declares and appoints that Kent shall be reimbursed the same with such 6 per cent. interest out of the said Customs revenues and that all such tallies as are struck as above and are delivered to him shall be paid to him (or his assigns) in [the due and proper] course [of] and according to the precedency of the dates of such tallies and shall be preferable and preferred before any other payments to be made out of the said revenue of Customs by any order or warrant of any after date [and this] without any further or other warrant to be obtained in that behalf ; subject nevertheless to warrants for payment of salaries of Customs officers and of incidents and contingents of the Customs and for the payment of merchants' debentures for foreign goods exported again and payments to merchants for encouraging the building of good and defensible ships. And for the further security of said Kent for the repayment of said moneys the King hereby promises and agrees that unless said Kent misbehave himself in his office the King will not determine such office or its salary or profits till all moneys advanced or to be advanced by Kent as above be fully satisfied with interest. All notwithstanding any Act, statute, ordinance, restraint or other matter or thing whatsoever to the contrary. [The above italicised conclusion of the warrant, which in this form of it is dated Whitehall, Jan. 9, is struck through and cancelled and replaced by what follows hereon, thus making a fresh warrant, which is dated Whitehall, Jan. 17. The alteration is preceded by the following note prefixed, "Memorandum Mr. Kent's warrant being altered by Mr. Attorney [General] and new drawn after it was first signed was made" as follows. The statement of opinion by Sir William Jones, Attorney General, is as follows : "There having been a former draught of this intended patent which was at my request referred by your [Danby] lordship to the Commissioners of the Customs and they having made several objections to the same, this present draught is so altered as in my opinion doth obviate all those objections,"] and forasmuch as said Kent has proposed to advance from time to time as well for the Navy as for other the King's urgent and immediate service several great sums of money on tallies on the Customs and hath already advanced several great sums thereon, to the end he may be secured repayment with 6 per cent. interest the King hereby declares and appoints that he shall be reimbursed such sums as he has or shall advance for the service of the Navy and interest thereon out of the Customs or some part thereof and in default thereof out of the new duties [on wine and vinegar] aforesaid and that his tallies for such advances (not exceeding the sum of [the docquet fills up the blank with the sum of 200,000l.] in any one year) shall be paid to him, or to such other person as shall have the receipt of the Customs, in course and according to the precedency of the dates thereof and shall be preferable and preferred before any other payments to be made out of the Customs or in default thereof out of the said new duties etc. saving etc. ut supra, and for such moneys as said Kent has or shall advance for other the King's urgent and immediate service, the King hereby declares and appoints that he shall be reimbursed with 6 per cent. interest out of the said new duties ; such tallies to have precedency etc. ut supra, subject nevertheless to the necessary expenses for managing the same duty. With the like promise for not terminating his office ut supra. (Treasurer Danby's subscription dated Feb. 1 of docquet hereof.) King's Warrant Book VI. pp. 134-45. Docquet Book, pp. 19-20.
Jan. 17. Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to constitute and appoint Robert Spencer and Charles Fanshaw Esqrs., Sir Paul Neal, Kt., Peter Prideaux, John Trelawney, William Coward, Francis Stephens, Edmond Doyly, Robert Maddocks and also Charles Bertie, Commissioners for Appeals in Excise ("for appeals and regulating our duty of Excise") with the salary of 200l. per an. each, payable quarterly ; the first payment to the first 9 to be made at Lady day next and that to said Charles Bertie to be made at the first quarter day after the death and avoydance of any of the first named Commissioners. (Treasurer Danby's subscription dated Feb. 14 of docquet hereof. [The effect of this great seal is to add to the Commission Maddocks in possession and Bertie in reversion.]) King's Warrant Book VI. p. 146. Docquet Book, p. 22.
Same to same for a same for a grant to Richard Fownes of Steepton [Steepleton] co. Dorset, of the office of steward of the manors of Stoke under Hamdon, Curry Mallet, Shepton Mallet, Stratton super Fosse, Midsomer Norton, Farrington Gurney, Englishcombe, Widcombe, West Harptree, Laverton and Milton Falconbridge in co. Somerset, all in reversion after George Long, Esq. King's Warrant Book VI. p. 147.
Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for the legal prosecuting and effectual recovery of all sums of money bequeathed by Dorothy Sckipwith (Skipwyth) to the use of popish churches or monasteries beyond the sea and to several Romish priests, papists, or other superstitious uses, which sums are by law forfeited to the King : and further to pay to David Wood gent., 250l. out of the first moneys thereof which shall be recovered or adjudged to the King ; as royal bounty, as a reward for his good services, the said Wood (who serves in the King's troop of Guards) having not only discovered said bequest but procured an information thereof to be exhibited in the Exchequer. In case the moneys so recovered do not amount to so much then he is to receive so much as the same shall amount to. Said Wood's acquittance to be a good discharge to any person paying the same. Any residue there may be is to be paid into the Exchequer to the King's use ; and if the whole happen to be paid into the Exchequer it is to be kept distinct and apart from other the King's revenue and is to be issued to said Wood as above without account. (Treasurer Danby's subscription dated Jan. 28 of docquet hereof.) King's Warrant Book VI. pp. 148-9. Docquet Book, p. 18.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a commission to the following to be Commissioners in the port of Newcastle, river of Tyne, Cullercoates, Seaton Sluice, Blythe nook and all other members, creeks, and places belonging to the said nook (except Sunderland and such other places as are within the bishopric and County Palatine of Durham) for measuring and marking all keels, boats, carts and wains for carriage of coals, with power to do all things in pursuance of the Act of 9 Henry V or the late Act of 30 Car. II. The Attorney or Solicitor General is further to prepare instructions to be annexed to the said Commission.
Appending : said Commissioners' names, viz., Edward, Visc. Morpeth son of the Earl of Carlisle, Matthew Jefferson, mayor of Newcastle on Tyne or the mayor thereof for the time being, Sir John Fenwick, Sir Ralph Cole, Sir James Clavering, Sir Ralph Delevall, Sir Will. Blackett, Sir Tho. Lydle, barts., Sir Francis Anderson, Sir Ralph Carr, Sir Ralph Jenison, Sir George Vaine, Kts., John Tempest, Nich. Conyers, Hugh Lampton, Ralph Davison, William Davison, Henry Madison, Daniel Collingwood, Timothy Davison, John Hedworth, Robt. Roadam, Ellis Cooper, Nath. Johnson, William Blakeston, John Watson, William Lampton, Geo. Morton, Robt. Jenison, Heni Jenison, Ralph Hedworth, Isaac Bazier, Michael Blacket, Tho. Love, John Butler, Robt. Hedworth, Humphrey Pibus, Robt. Wetwang, Tho. Bewick, junr., Rapha Fell, William Aubony, John Vary, Geo. Johnson, William Halliman, Geo. Swadle, Hen. Kirkhouse, Ed. Carr, Tho. Richardson, Cuthbert Carr, Jeremy Low, John Baly, James Scott and John Hamond, senr., of Ipswich in Suffolk, John Start, Robt. Scrutton, Richard Downing, junr., Geo. Baly of Great Yarmouth and Norfolk, Mathew Burrell and Geo. Dukenson and Jeremy Cutler and Marmaduke Woodhouse of Kingston upon Hull, Edward Mason, Benjamin Newman, Thomas Penitent and John Wentforth of Lyme Regis, co. Norfolk, Henry Dickenson and John Smith and Geo. Haxby, and Robt. Stabler of Bridlington, co. Yorks, Richard Biddy and John Robinson and John Cockrell of Scarborough, co. Yorks, Christopher Browne and Geo. Browne and John Wetherall of Whitby, Yorks, Robt. Wiggoner, Tho. Grey and Tho. Grange of Sunderland, and the following, of whom two are to be of the quorum, viz., Henry Brabant, Customer of Newcastle, the Comptroller of Customs ibid, Geo. Cock, searcher ibid, and the Customers, Comptrollers and searchers there for the time being, Charles Osborne and Giles Dunstar, General Surveyors of the Customs or the General Surveyors for the time being, Anthony Isaacson, Collector of Customs, Newcastle, Walter Ettrick, Collector of Customs, Sunderland, or the Collectors at Newcastle and Sunderland for the time being, Tho. Browne, John Eden, Jno. Clerke, and Michaell Hardcastle, Surveyors of Customs, Newcastle and Sunderland, or the Surveyors there for the time being, Richard Hindmarsh and Christopher Sanderson and Charles Sanderson, deputy patent officers, Newcastle port, and the deputy patent officers there for the time being, John Phillipson and Jno. Clutterbuck, gent., Tho. Shalter and Tho. Wilson and Tho. Harrison and Richard Leake, coalwaiters in the river of Tyne, Nicholas Cramlington and Robt. Berwick and Hen. Bickerdick, coalwaiters in the river of Weare and the coalwaiters there for the time being.
King's Warrant Book VI. pp. 150-1.
Jan. 18. Warrant from Treasurer Danby to Francis, Lord Hawley et al, Trustees for sale of Fee Farm Rents, and to John Phelips, auditor of the rates [ratals] attending the said service. The Duke of Albemarle has contracted for the purchase of several fee farm rents in the Isle of Wight and co. Southants, and has paid the purchase money due thereon into the Exchequer by 2 tallies dated 1676, Sept. 28, and 1678, Aug. 27. But inasmuch as the rents in the said island and the increased rent of the town of Southampton have been formerly conveyed or otherwise disposed or intended to be disposed of the said Duke cannot have the benefit of his contract. Therefore by virtue of the privy seal of 1675-6, Feb. 29, you are hereby to cause all the rents in the said island which are contained in the said contract, together with the increased rent or reversional rent of the town of Southampton to be reprized out of the said contract and in lieu thereof and of all arrears incurred since Aug. 28 last to make recompense to said Duke out of or by the rents mentioned in the schedule hereto annexed [missing] and that a ratal be made accordingly for the same. Warrants not Relating to Money VII. p. 276.
Money warrant for 910l. to Sir Edward Wood for 182 days on his ordinary to the 5th inst. as Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Sweden : to be satisfied by tallies on the Customs. Money Book (General) p. 355.
Same for 455l. to Bevil Skelton, Esq., for last Christmas quarter's ordinary of 4l. and 1l. a day as Envoy Extraordinary to the Emperor of Germany : to be by tallies ut supra. Ibid.
Letter of direction on an order dated July 16 for 2,500l. to Lawrence Hyde for half a year to 1678, Lady day, for the Office of the Robes : to be hereby satisfied by tallies ut supra. Ibid.
Money warrant for 150l. to Anne, Countess Dowager Marischal for last Christmas quarter on her pension of 600l. per an. (Charles Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue said 150l. which the Excise Commissioners are to pay into the Exchequer for said Countess.) Money Book (General) p. 355. Out Letters (General) p. 384.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to Edward Seymour, Treasurer of the Navy. I have directed 28,000l. to be issued to you upon Navy orders in your name, by tallies on the Customs which the Receiver General of Customs is to pay in course. I desire you will endeavour to raise [loans to the amount of] the said sum of 28,000l. upon the said tallies and [that you will] pay the same to the present Victuallers of the Navy in satisfaction of the balance of their issues to Dec. 31 last ; the same amounting to so much by an account thereof signed by Sir Anthony Deane, Comptroller of the Victuals. And for the advancing of the said money you are hereby (and by the privy seal of May 31 last supra p. 998) directed and authorised to pay 6 per cent. interest and 2 per cent. gratuity to the persons that shall lend same from the dates of said tallies to the time of their payment in course : such interest to be paid out of such moneys as shall come to your hands for that purpose. Money Book (General) p. 355.
Same from same to the Customs Cashier to pay the abovesaid tallies for 28,000l. in course according to the dates thereof without giving preference to any tallies of after dates. Ibid.
Money warrant for 110,000l. to Lemuel Kingdon as imprest for the Guards and Garrisons and incidents Dec. 31 last to June 31 [sic] next : 58,000l. thereof to be satisfied by tallies on the Excise and the residue by tallies on the Customs. Ibid. p. 356.
Same for 7,500l. to Sir Edward Griffin, Kt., Treasurer of the Chamber, as imprest for the service of his Office for last Michaelmas quarter. Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the King's Remembrancer for a commission to issue under the seal of the Exchequer Court for setting out the keys and wharves in the port of Poole and its members : the said Commissioners to be the Mayors of Poole, Lyme Regis, and of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Charles Osborne and Giles Dunstar, General Surveyors of the Customs, Robert Jones, Customer [of Poole], William Ivy, Comptroller of Poole, William Elsdon, searcher, ibid, William Culliford, Thomas Young and John Clement, Esqrs., Henry Flory, John Chamberlain, Thomas Temple, Charles Stisted, Francis Draycot and John Wadham, gent. Out Letters (Customs) IV p. 147.
Same from same to the Customs Commissioners to discharge the seizure of the ship Providence, Jonathan Wilson master, and to admit said ship and her lading to an entry ; said ship having sailed the latter end of July, 1676, upon a trading voyage for 20 months with 14 men, one thereof a stranger, all the rest English, but being at Malaga when the twenty months were expired, the Consul at the request of the ship's company ordered the master to pay them their wages, whereupon 4 English left him and he was forced to hire 4 strangers ; and 2 more of his men for fear of the Turks left him, [when] going into the [Gibraltar] Straights, and in their room he took 2 strangers, and so on his return was seized by the Deputy Surveyor of the Navigation Act : the ship's master being willing to pay the duty on her lading of wine in money forthwith and to give some reasonable satisfaction to the said officer rather than that the said seizure should be prosecuted. Ibid, p. 148.
Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Customs Commissioners for the transport to Tangier, customs free, of a hat, coat, breeches, pair of stockings and shoes, 2 shirts and 2 neckcloths each, for 1,170 soldiers of that garrison, which goods are to be shipped by direction of the Commissioners for the Affairs of Tangier. Out Letters (Customs) IV. p. 148.
Treasurer Danby's subscription of a docquet dated 1678, Dec., of a great seal for a grant to Edmund Flower of the office and place of musician in ordinary to the King in his private music in the room and place of John Lylly, deceased : during pleasure : and with the wages and fee of 40l. per an. payable out of the Exchequer quarterly : the first payment to commence from 1678, Sept. 29. Docquet Book, p. 16.
Jan. 20. Royal sign manual to Col. Stapleton, Governor of the Leeward Isles. We are informed by Treasurer Danby that notwithstanding the provision made in the Act of 15 [Car. II.] for the encouragement of trade and the proclamation of 1675, Nov. 24, grounded thereupon, great quantities of European goods are by remissness of the officers employed under you imported into our islands under your Government from New England, and from Scotland and Ireland and other parts, which have not been taken in and laden in England, Wales or Berwick, all to the great detriment of our customs and of the trade and navigation of this kingdom. You are to take care for the prevention of those evil and unlawful practices for the future and to cause a due prosecution to be made of all ships and vessels that shall so import European goods other than such as are excepted in the said proclamation and which shall not appear to you upon good proof to have been first laden in England, Wales or Berwick. We are likewise informed that several ships and vessels from New England, Scotland, Ireland and other parts do frequently lade and take in tobacco and other the enumerated plantation commodities within the said Island[s] without having first given bond there or produced certificates from the officers of the Custom House of England, Wales or Berwick that such bond hath been given there duly as by the Act of 22 and 23 Car. II. and so have carried the said goods to foreign parts without first unlading the same in this our kingdom. You are to take care that none of the said commodities be put on board any ship or vessel that cannot by law trade in the said Plantations and that no ship or vessel which by law may trade there be permitted to lade and take in any of the said goods before sufficient bond be first given in the islands under your command, or certificate produced from some Custom House in England that bond is there given as abovesaid. And in case such bonds be given in any of the islands within your Government you are to see that the sureties of such bonds be persons of sufficiency and value and inhabitants upon the island where the bond is given : and also that the certificates produced of bonds given here [in England] be carefully examined for preventing the obtruding of false and counterfeit certificates. King's Warrant Book VI. p. 153.
Reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Francis Dackett, patent landwaiter, for John Blake to be [his] deputy, loco John Skipwith, who relinquishes his deputyship. Out Letters (Customs) IV. p. 155.