Minute Book: March 1676

Pages 24-35

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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March 1676

March 1. Wednesday. The Barbados Farmers, Mr. Scutt &c. are to attend [this day at the Treasury Chambers].
The officers of the Works [are to attend this day].
The consideration of old orders assigned on several funds and [remaining] unsatisfied [is to be resumed this day].
Mr. Henry Savile and Sir Jo. Poynts are to attend my Lord Treasurer [this day] upon the Attorney General's report.
[Day Book, p. 104.]
March 1. Wednesday. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Savile called in about his privy seal. The Attorney General's report is read against it My Lord Treasurer desires to be acquainted with the nature of the frauds. Mr. Selwood speaks generally to them that some things that were not within the intention of the grant are conceived to be discharged. He afterwards offers to draw up the matter of fact and present it to my Lord Treasurer within three days. My Lord orders it so to be done.
A privy seal to be drawn for discharging the old Collectors of the Chimney money for the [King's] half year ending 25 Mar. 1666 ; it appearing that they paid [their receipts and balance thereof into the Exchequer accompting and reckoning same by the mean or average or] at the rate of 140,000l. per an.
[Warrant ordered] for 500l. forthwith to be paid for the service of Audley End.
The Works, Wardrobe and Treasurer of the Chamber are to be taken into consideration to-morrow morning.
The Trustees of the Fee Farms are to send to the Chancellor of the Exchequer the roll of the perpetual pensions [still remaining charged on the Crown revenues of the several respective counties].
The remainder of Sir Hum. Hook's money being 400l. and odd pounds is to be assessed [raised by a fresh assessment] on the country [county of ] in order to [assist him to] declare his account : [and] without charging him 12 per cent. : all upon the security of Warner and others that if the arrear be not answered in a year's time by the country he [Hook] shall answer the whole or so much as shall be unpaid.
The Agents of the Hearthmoney are to be paid their salaries, incidents and house rent till Lady day 1676. All books and papers [of their office] are to be delivered over to Mr. Fillingham or such person as my Lord Treasurer shall appoint. Their office to determine at Lady day 1676.
[Warrant ordered for] Mr. Thompson to have 70l. to pay him up for 2 years at 80l. per an. as solicitor for the London assessment.
Mr. Culliford to have 100l. for half a year's salary. Done [i.e. warrant drawn].
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 122.]
March 2. The old debt [for salary] to the workmen of Scotland Yard is to be assigned upon some arrear.
To borrow money upon the milreis until [they can be] coined : and to know how much the milreis come to.
Mr. Bertie to speak with Mr. Fillingham about the arrears [of taxes, the eighteen months' assessment, &c. &c.].
To have the remainder of this half year's Hearthmoney [farm rent so much of it that is as remains] already uncharged, brought forthwith into the Exchequer : or to be ready by the 15th inst. [at the utmost].
To exchange 5,400l. in tallies with Mr. Pepys for the ready money which will come in this next payment of the Hearthmoney.
To pay 7,500l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber on the Hearthmoney [farm rent due] in September next : which brings him [in the payments for the Chamber level up] to Michaelmas 1675.
[Ordered that] 2,000l. for the Works and 2,000l. for the Wardrobe be supplied out of the Hearthmoney farm rent [due to be paid in] the 15th instant : [and these sums to be paid] as it shall be paid in : or [else to be anticipated and paid] by tallies in the mean time.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 125.]
March 3. Friday. Consideration [to be had this day] of old orders on several funds and remaining unassigned and unsatisfied. All parties to be summoned as on Feb. 23 last.
[Day Book, p. 104.]
March 3.
Treasury Chambers
Present : Lord Treasurer.
Sir William Bowles's accompts for 7 years are declared.
Lord Crofts to have three quarters on his pension. Done [i.e. letter accordingly to the Exchequer]
Lord Chandos to have 100l. for half a year due at Michaelmas last.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 125.]
March 7. Tuesday. [Petition read] from Sir William Doiley. A day to be appointed for hearing his case and process to be stopped in the mean time.
[Same] from Mr. Alvarez [on an] order of [reference from the Privy] Council. Being [specifically an account which is] under the stop [of the Exchequer his prayer] cannot be granted.
Upon the [Customs] Commissioners' report concerning the Pleys, [father and son] collectors of Lyme and Weymouth, an order is to be drawn for their suspension.
Warrants to be drawn for payment of the officers of Ludlow Castle [viz. for 800l.].
[Petition read] from Lady Dallison. My Lord Treasurer to be satisfied in the truth of what she alleges as to her husband's merits &c.
[Same from] Serjt. Knight. [Ordered :] to have 2 years upon some assignment.
[Same from] Sir William Darcy. [Ordered that] Sir Hugh Cholmly be spoken with.
[Same from] Mris. Gunter. [She is] to have patience being [already] paid for [the period of] my Lord's time [as Lord Treasurer].
[Same from] Mr. Man, sword bearer [to the city]. To be referred to the Agents of the Hearthmoney.
[Same from] Mris. Werden.
[Same from] Tho. Browne. No arrears can be paid.
[Same from] Sir William Bowles. [He] must keep to his payments.
[Same from] Handley. The Commissioners' proceedings to be followed.
[Same from] Hesketh.
[Same from the] undermarshals of the House of Lords. [Ordered :] to have 40l. and the officers of the House of Commons the same.
[Same from] Mary and Sophia Nevile. [Order for] half a year]. The Earl of Northampton to be spoken with.
[Same from] Duncomb et al. [This petition is] to be produced to the Treasury Chamber to-morrow when the Chancellor of the Exchequer is there.
[Same from the King's] musicians. My Lord Treasurer to know what warrants belonging to them remain unsatisfied in the Exchequer.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 126.]
March 8. Wednesday. Mr. Griffin to be heard [this day] and the several officers complaining [viz. the] Clerks of the Cheque.
Mr. Agar to attend [this day] with his Dean Forest accompt.
Mr. Arden, Receiver for the [profits sede vacante] vacancy of [the bishopric of] Durham [is to attend with his accounts this day].
Auditor Aldworth to attend [this day] with the state of the Law Duty account.
[Day Book p. 104.]
March 9. Present : Lord Treasurer ; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Sir William Petty and the Irish Revenue Farmers called in. Sir James Shaen says they attend my Lord Treasurer with an equivalent security for [or in place of] Sir William Petty who desires to go out and leave the farm. Mr. Sheredan and Mr. Gourney are offered instead of Sir William Petty. They withdraw. (1) Ordered to enquire of the Attorney General if Sir William Petty can be compelled to hold the farm. (2) What kind of men Gurney and Sheredan are. "Sir Chas. Bickerstaff for for the first and Lord Orrery for the second." To-morrow morning they are to attend again.
The Agents of the Hearthmoney to be paid 2 quarters [due] at Xmas last viz. 550l.
My Lord Treasurer orders Sir Edward Worseley's arrear of 266l. due to him as Lieutenant Govr. of the Isle of Wight (which fee was formerly paid by Sir Stephen Fox out of incidents [for the Forces]) should be settled on some of the arrears either of Chimney money or of the [Eighteen Months'] tax and [the] Subsidy.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 127.]
March 10. Friday. Mr. Dunklyn and Higgs's business [to be considered this day].
Mr. Alderman Backwell to attend [this day].
The Duke of Richmond's accompt of extraordinaries and the case of Sutton Marsh [to be considered this day].
The Contractors for the Chimney money [to be heard this day].
The new Farmers [of the revenue] of Ireland [to be heard this day].
[Day Book p. 104.]
March 10.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
A draft of a privy seal for Mr. Hugh May [is ordered] to be put into the King's papers for his Majesty's signing.
No discharge to be granted to any Receiver of the revenue before he passes his accompt.
Mr. Dunklin is ordered to pay in his 700l. and odd pounds viz. half in Trinity term and the other half] in Michaelmas term.
Alderman Backwell called in. He desires to be paid up his interest money as far as the rest of the goldsmiths [have been paid theirs] pretending that some of the goldsmiths who furnished Sir Stephen Fox and the Cofferer were paid their interest further than himself and [so also] others who furnished the Navy. My Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer are of opinion that Alderman Backwell should be paid out of the surplusage of the 140,000l. directed under the great seal for the payment of two years' interest to the Bankers, in case it will bear it and [my Lord and the said Chancellor] promise to move the King in his behalf.
The Earl of Essex and the executors of the late Duke of Richmond called in upon the [matter of the] fee farm in Sutton Marsh. They demand of my Lord Treasurer an allowance of taxes which was agreed unto by my Lord and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. They also made a further demand for imbanking and for losses by inundations which my Lord Treasurer refuses to allow. They then desired it might be referred to the Attorney General. My Lord Treasurer agrees to have the Attorney General summoned [to the Treasury Chambers] and to have the hearing [of this matter conducted] before him. The executors crave that the remainder of that fee farm (after deductions made) may be applied towards the payment of the Duke of Richmond's debt for his embassy into Denmark. My Lord Treasurer agrees to it ; and also directs the Duke of Richmond's accompt of extraordinaries [in his said embassy] to be laid before him.
My Lord Treasurer directs that a state of what is due to the Duke of Monmouth as Master of the Horse and Justice in Eyre be put into the King's papers to know His Majesty's pleasure pleasure thereon.
Sir John Clayton's warrant likewise [to be put among the King's papers].
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 127-9].
March 13. The Earl of Northampton to be paid 500l. for half a year of his pension due at Xmas last.
Mr. Randolph, an express to New England, to have 50l. Done. [i.e. warrant drawn].
Mr. Staggins to have 246l. 10s. 10d. Done [i.e. warrant drawn].
Mr. Killegrew, Page of Honour, to have 30l. Done [i.e. warrant drawn].
Mris. Stepney [to have] 100l. Done [i.e. warrant drawn].
The sum of 876l. 13s. 1d. delivered in [as a demand] in the Duke of Monmouth's paper, for finishing the House begun by Mr. Doughty in the Mews [at Charing Cross] and 665l. 12s. 2d. for building and repairs in the Cockpit [are ordered] to be placed upon the Works and a warrant to be drawn for allowing them upon Mr. Packer's accounts.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 129.]
March 15.
At Hambden House.
Lady Fisher to have 500l. upon the Chimney money [farm rent] due in September next. Done [i.e. warrant drawn].
Write Mr. Mounteney to clear the particulars paid to the East India Company in his certificate. Mr. Mounteney to pass his Michaelmas accompt [of the Customs].
Mr. Litcot to prepare for my Lord an accompt of the Customs from Michaelmas 1675 to Lady Day 1676.
[Ordered] nothing to be paid out of the Customs until 10,000l. per week be first satisfied.
The Farmers of the Chimney money are to attend at the Treasury Chambers with the state of their accompt from Michaelmas last. My Lord Treasurer to speak with them about the payment of tallies struck upon them.
To send for a state of the accompt of First Fruits and Tenths for the last year.
To call for a book [containing an account of the farm] of the small branches [of the revenue : which book is] in my Lord Treasurer's closet.
To know what pensions are settled unalterably on the Customs.
To write to the Commissioners of Wine Licences for an account of the number of licences this last year and 3 or 4 years ago with an account of the places in which they have increased or decreased considerably.
The salaries of my Lord Treasurer and Sir John Duncombe are to be paid by new privy seals expressing the use and not under the notion of secret service. "Mr. Secretary [of the Treasury] to attend Sir J. Duncomb in it."
A copy of Sir Stephen Fox's privy seal for 20,000l. on the Excise for secret service is to be shewn to my Lord Treasurer.
The Commissioners of the Excise are to pay Mr. Rumbold 1,000l. and 500l. to Mr. Grounds : for which said Commissioners shall have a regular discharge.
The Duke of Monmouth to be paid as Master of the Horse and Chief Justice in Eyre.
The Master of the Horse to pay no other fees for the Stables than the Wardrobe did when they [the Wardrobe] received the money [for fees, liveries &c. of the Stables]. A warrant to be drawn for a privy seal for the said fees, procuration and the charge of bringing the Spanish horses.
[Warrant for] 200l. for the sick and wounded at Deptford.
Lady Newburgh to be paid 250l.
The Earl of Northampton to be paid 500l. upon the [next] September payment of the Chimney money [farm rent].
Mr. Gerard to have a privy seal for 500l. and to be paid out of Mr. Banastre's arrear due [upon his account of the receipt of ] for Lancashire.
The poor labourers of Scotland Yard are to have 1,100l. "out of the Hearthmoney in 1674"
A privy seal to be drawn for Col. Carr : the sum being left blank. [Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 129-30.]
March 17. Friday. Sir Robert Vyner to attend [this day] concerning his accompt.
[Day Book, p. 104.]
March 18.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Attorney General.
Sir James Shaen and Mr. Sheredan are called in, in behalf of the rest of their partners [in the farm of the revenue of Ireland]. They present a list of the Farmers' names in which [the name of] Sir William Petty is left out.
The Attorney General opens the case of Londonderry and says that Queen Elizabeth, King James and King Charles did successively grant the Customs of the place to the town itself : that this city [London] hath released this privilege to the King for the consideration of 6,000l. which remains yet unpaid. Upon which account the present Farmers [of the revenue of Ireland] desire a clause in their grant that if that city [of London] shall give them any interruption they may be allowed defalcations for it. The Lord Lieutenant thinks it advisable that the 6,000l. be presently paid [to the city of London] to prevent any disturbance that may be given to the new Farmers. My Lord Treasurer acquaints Sir William Petty that the Lord Lieutenant upon perusal of his paper entitled "a balance of the receipts and advance to the 10th of July 1676" conceives him in an error. My Lord Treasurer asks Sir William Petty if he [intend to] continue in the farm. Sir William desires to be excused and prays the Lord Treasurer and Lord Lieutenant that they would accept of Mr. Sheredan and Mr. Gurney in his place. My Lord Treasurer and Lord Lieutenant agree to aquaint the King with Sir William Petty's desire of going out of the farm and the changing of the names.
My Lord Treasurer observes that Mr. Gorges and Mr Hannaway go out and asks why other persons are not named in their room since the King's security is by so much weakened. They conceive their personal security with their advance money sufficient.
[Ordered that] the warrant for the farm of [the revenue of] Ireland be writ over fair and be given to my Lord Treasurer on Sunday next at the Committee of Foreign Affairs.
Mrs. [the misters] Fanshaw [are ordered] to have a quarter on their pension.
Alderman Backwell is to give an account of the Portugal [Queen's dowry] money (of which 2000l. is already paid to the Works at Windsor) both as to last year's receipt and this year's ; and to attend my Lord Treasurer on Monday morning the 20th inst. with Mr. Hugh May.
Mris Boynton [is ordered] to be paid her 50l. upon her warrant for a quarter [on her pension].
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 131-2.]
March 20. Monday. Auditor Aldworth and Mr. Vincent are to attend at 4 in the afternoon of this day about the final adjustment of the account of the late Farmers of the Law Duty.
[Day Book, p. 105.]
March 20.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Earl of Ranelagh, Sir Tho. Chicheley.
My Lord Treasurer acquaints the Master of the Ordnance that the King intends to employ 10,000l. for provision for arms in Ireland and desires to know how he would have the same proportioned. The Master of the Ordnance desires some few days to return his opinion, but at present he conceives 1,000 barrels of powder sufficient to exercise. The Lord Lieutenant desires a fourth part of snap-hances to be match-locks which are very necessary in respect of the Toros.
An estimate of particulars.
1,000 barrels of powder.
4,000 muskets with bandeliers.
2,000 pikes.
25 ton of match.
20 ton of ball.
The Master of the Ordnance promises to bring in a list of particulars proportioned to the 10,000l. within few days.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 132.]
March 21. Lady Scroop's petition [to be read this day]. Col. Legg to have notice [hereof].
[Day Book p. 105.]
March 21. [Ordered that] a quarter due at Xmas [last] be paid to Lord Hatton and Earl of Ranelagh.
Mr. Tho. Windham to have 100l. [paid to him being] due upon a warrant for half a year of his pension.
The Treasurer of the Navy to have 2,300l. for paying of the Guernsey and for dead men's cloths sold at the mast.
Mr. Ro. Killigrew, Page of Honour, to have 30l. [for a] quarter.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 133.]
March 22. Wednesday. Mr. Slingsby, Sir William Smith and the officers of the Mint are to attend [this day] about the farthings.
The Farmers of the Excise, Sir Reginald Foster and the Constable of St. Giles Cripplegate are to attend at the Treasury Chambers this afternoon.
Lady Scroop and Col. Legg [to attend this day].
The Law Duty Farmers [to attend this day].
Sir Stephen Fox, the officers [sic for Cofferer] of the Household and the Commissioners of Excise [to attend this day].
[Day Book p. 105.]
March 22.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
My Lord Treasurer directs the payment of a quarter due to Lord Lucas at Xmas and that his quarter [due] at Lady Day be paid according to the order of [the Privy] Council for retrenchments. In the margin : A quarter sent for.
In the warrant for felling 300 ton of timber in Salcey and Whittlewood forests for the rebuilding of Northampton my Lord Treasurer directs that Mr. John Hall be named with the woodward and other officers for the executing the warrant.
Sir Stephen Fox, the Cofferer of the Household and Mr. Kent are called in with Major Huntington, Sir Jo. James, Mr. Dawson and Mr. Kingdon. Sir Stephen Fox (in the name of the Greencloth) desires that the Excise Commissioners would pay 31,000l. into the Exchequer for discharging his interest accompt pursuant to my Lord Treasurer's direction which [procedure] the [said] Commissioners have for some time delayed to the end that the Cofferer may be supplied according to his [Fox's] promise. Mr. Dawson acquaints the Lord Treasurer that previous to the payment it was agreed that the parties who had the property of the tallies should consent to Sir Stephen Fox's proposal : but Mr. Dawson says the Commissioners find that other persons demand the payment of some of Sir Stephen's tallies and instances one brought for 7,000l. by Mr. Parsons. Sir Stephen Fox still assures my Lord Treasurer that the property of the tally and all the rest are in him. Sir Stephen charges them [the Excise Commissioners] with the detainer of 8,000l. in their hands as appears by certificate from the Comptroller [of Excise].
The Excise Commissioners give the Lord Treasurer an account of the particulars. Among the rest they acquaint my Lord that 2,000l. of the 8,000l. is detained by them for their salaries due next Lady Day.
The Lord Treasurer orders that the King's servants shall be paid before the Commissioners' salaries and that they do not detain the 2,000l. upon that accompt. They promise to pay Mr. Kent 6,328l. against to-morrow morning.
"The 2,000l. per month agreed to be paid to the Household by the Commissioners of Excise, the 10th of Apr. next and is for the months of Jan., Feb. and Mar." In the margin : Done.
Mr. Duncomb called in about an order to be given to the Excise Commissioners for the payment of the running cash to him. The Commissioners say it will not be convenient to pay him the whole and complain of him (1) that he insists that the Commissioners should take no note but his own (2) that he pretends a right to the running cash ; which the Commissioners do not understand and my Lord Treasurer disallows. The Commissioners complain of his interrupting the King's credit and being injurious to the Commissioners. They instance in several particulars which Mr. Duncomb denies. Mr. Duncomb agrees that the body of the running cash be paid to him by the Excise Commissioners till my Lord Treasurer's further order.
Mr. Palmer and the officers of the Mint are called in about the tin farthings. Ordered : that Mr. Palmer within a week's time deliver a pound of tin blanks to the officers of the Mint to the value of 16d. and 17d. per pound and to have the use of the dies in the Tower for the stamping of them. The officers of the Mint within a week after are to shew a pound weight of half pence and farthing blanks which are to be the counterfeits of Mr. Palmer's and some of those counterfeits are to be delivered to Mr. Palmer. And both parties are to attend the Lord Treasurer with their observations at his return from Newmarket. A copy of Mr. Palmer's paper [is ordered] to be delivered to the officers of the Mint.
Mr. Dryden to have 100l. paid him, being the remainder of his order for 200l.
[Order for] 600l. for Healing medals : to be forthwith paid. Mr. St. George, the Herald, [is] to be brought [paid] even with others.
The 75l. for Madam Civett [is ordered] to be sent for [into the Exchequer] out of the Customs.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 133-5.]
March 23. Col. Whitley to have 2,000l. (in part of 3,169l. 7s. 5d. for Post [Office] defalcations for 1674) upon the Chimney money [farm rent due] in Sept. next. The remainder being 1,169l. 7s. 5d. is to be provided for [upon some other fund].
Mr. Le Gouche to have 1,000l. upon the same [fund of the Chimney money].
Petitions read :
[from] Sir Ed. Greaves. [Ordered :] to be referred to Sir C. Harbord.
[from] the four messengers of the Exchequer. [Ordered :] to be paid as they used to be.
[from Mr.] Swan. [Ordered :] to be paid.
[from Mr.] Frowd. My Lord Treasurer to be put in mind to speak to the King.
[from] Sir Samuel Morland for the reversion of Buckholt. [Ordered : to be inserted among] the papers for the King.
[from] Margery Thomas. [Ordered : the Secretary of the Treasury] to enquire further into it, who she was.
[from] Badly and partners. 'Tis passed here. Letthem take care at [the Office of] the Privy Seal or Great Seal.
[from] Sir George Carteret. [Ordered :] to be considered at the Treasury Chambers.
[from] Mr. Newth. [Ordered :] a warrant to be drawn.
Mr. Steevens to give notice to the yards that they shall be paid the week after Easter.
1,000l. to be paid to Mr. Bertie upon his privy seal for secret service. Mr. Mounteney to bring this sum [into the Exchequer] out of the Michaelmas [Customs] money. Sir R. Ht. [? Holt] to have 100l. of it.
Mr. Bertie and Mr. Cha. Osborne to attend my Lord Treasurer on Saturday next.
Mr. Fillingham to attend in the afternoon with the papers concerning the Duchess of Portsmouth's debts [moneys owing to her on her various orders on the revenue] and tallies.
[Petition read from] Mr. Aubry and Cornwall. [Ordered : to be considered] at the Treasury Chambers when the Chancellor is there.
[same from] Mris. Laugharn. My Lord Treasurer to know how much has been paid her husband by his Lordship.
[same from the] Gentlemen and Yeomen Harbingers. [Ordered :] Mr. Griffin to be spoken with.
[same from] Mr. Arden. My Lord Treasurer will respite it to the 24th of August in case he satisfy Mr. Bertie that he will then pay it.
To give my Lord Treasurer an account when Sir Hugh Bethel's fine will come in course of payment.
[Petition from] Mr. Osborn about the Bishop of Durham's lease.
[Same from] Mr. Castleton. His desires to be put into the King's papers.
[Same from] the weavers. [To be considered] at the Treasury Chambers.
[Same from] Sir Jo. Watts. [Ordered :] to be put into my Lord Treasurer's minutes that the sum he now desires, 90l. odd pounds, was forgotten in his last request to his Majesty.
[Same from Mr.] Bacheler. Care to be taken hereof when my Lord Treasurer returns.
[Same from] Mris. Dorney. My Lord Treasurer to be informed of the value of the place desired.
Same from Mr. Lapp. [Ordered :] to have an assignment for a year due to Monsieur Grabu, who assigned to him.
[Same from] Mr. Vanderhoven. Not to be done.
[Same from] Mr. Marsh about bonds
My Lord Treasurer moved the King that the arrear of the bishopric of Durham might be allotted towards payment of Lord Widdrington's arrears.
Sir William Bassett's 1,000l. [is ordered] to be placed upon some arrear [of taxes].
[Petition read from] Widow Frazer. [Ordered :] to have half a year [on her pension].
[Same from] Geo. Evans. Mr. Griffin to be spoken with concerning it. My Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of him for some place also.
Mr. Roberts (Robarts) the musician to be paid 20l. in pursuance of my Lord Treasurer's warrant of July last.
Sir Jo. James, Major Hunt[ington], Dawson and Kingdon to attend this afternoon. Done. [i.e. notice given to them].
[Petition read from] Mris. Dyke. [Ordered :] to have something.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 135-7.]
1676. March 25. The Contractors for management of his Majesty's revenue of Firehearths &c. are to bring in to the Exchequer [such portion of the receipts of the Hearthmoney as] is not [already assigned by tallies] struck upon them, "upon their payment [of farm rent due] this present March : and to be done immediately."
[Ibid, p. 137.]
March 27. Lord Gerard to have a quarter of both his pensions according to the order of retrenchments.
The remainder of Sir John Kirk's order for 1,500l. for the Band of Pensioners [is] to be directed upon the arrears of the First Fruits and Tenths.
My Lady Lockhart to have 1,000l. upon the Hearthmoney [farm rent due] in September next.
Mris Dyke to have a year and a half : 45l.
The Duke of Buckingham to have half a year 1,250l. upon the Chimney money [farm rent due] in September next. Struck through.
[Treasury Minute Book, V. p. 137.]
March 28. Mr. Evelin to have 250l. due for half a year as one of the Council for Foreign Plantations.
[Ibid, p. 158.]
March 29. A letter to [be written to the Exchequer] to issue the sum of 2,000l. to the Works pursuant to the Lord Treasurer's minute of the 2nd inst. : whereof 1,333l 6s. 8d. for the ordinary [of the Works] and 666l. 13s. 4d. for the extraordinary "and is issued upon the orders for this year's allowance ending the last of this month."
March 30.
At Newmarket.
Mr. Oglethorp is directed by my Lord Treasurer to have 100l. for half a year due at Xmas last.
[Ibid, p. 159.]