Entry Book: Miscellaneous, 1670-6

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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Miscellaneous, 1676

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry Reference
1670-1. Feb. 10. Entry of the privy seal for payment of interest to the Prince of Orange, ut supra, Cal. Treas. Books III. p. 783. King's Warrant Book V. pp. 145-6.
1673. Dec. . Privy seal for 2,150l. to Henrietta Maria Price, Maid of Honour to the Queen Consort, as royal bounty without accompt, in consideration of her service and attendance on the Queen Consort. Ibid, p. 324.
1674-5. Jan. 29. Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Robert, Lord Digby, of Geashill, Ireland, of the Crown right and interest expectant in the manor of Sheldon with its rights, members and appurtenances in cos. Warwick and Worcester and divers lands, tenements, tithes and other hereditaments in reversion after the heirs male of Henry, Lord Grey : all as granted 1605, Nov. 25, to Sir Robert Digby, Kt., so long as any heir male of said Henry, Lord Grey, should continue : all at the rental of 30l. 6s. 11d. per an. King's Warrant Book V. p. 77.
1675-6. Jan. 7. Warrant from Treasurer Danby to the Auditor of the Receipt for tallies on the executors of Benjamin Lany, late bishop of Lincoln, to Capt. Phillip Howard ut supra, Cal. Treas. Books IV. p. 873. Money Book (General) p. 248.
Mar. 7. The justices of Yorks to Treasurer Danby, dated from Yorks in reply to his [of Feb. 24 last, ut supra, p. 137], to Sir John Reresby and Sir Godfry Coply, which was communicated to us at our meeting at York. We conceive the order granted by the said Justices and some others for re-delivery of certain distresses made for smiths' forges in Hallamshire was not contrary to law : [and further] that smiths' forges are comprised within the words blowing houses and consequently excused from Hearth duty, and that the determination of all differences arising about levying of money or making distresses for Hearthmoney is finally to be determined by one or more Justices of the Peace. But as to the discouragement of officers we have been so cautious that we have and always shall be ready to assist them.
Signed : J. Reresby, Metcalfe Robinson, Watk. Payler, Tho. Fawkes, Jonath. Jennings, Tho. Yarburgh, W. Wentworth, W, Thompson, Tho. Yarburgh, H. Narwood, Ri. Hutton, Will Dalton, Gilb. Gerard, D. Hotham, J. Gibson, William Horne, Jas. Blythman, Hen. Fairfax, Jo. Kaye, Will. Frankland, Chris. Wandesford, William Chayton, H. Calverley, Rich. Grahme, William Lowther, junr., Walter Calverly, Tho. Parker, Hen. Marsden, Geo. Smithson, J. Beilby.
Warrants not Relating to Money VI. p. 358.
1676. Mar. 27. Certificate by Sir Robert Thomas of his nomination of Oliver Hale, of Pulloxhill, co. Bedford, to be the assignee of the lease for 99 years, ut supra, pp. 61, 142 of Flimston and Llanvihangle as by the privy seal of Feb. 29 last ; except such particulars thereof as shall be first leased by the King (according to said privy seal) to Dr. John Butler and to John and Humphrey Thomas, brothers of Sir Robert Thomas. Ibid, p. 335
May 2. The Justices of Yorkshire to Treasurer Danby dated from York in reply to his of Mar. 18 last, ut supra, p. 159. Our delay in reply is due to the distance of the gentlemen concerned who being now met, we unanimously thank you for your obliging remembrance of your countrymen and favourable construction of our proceedings. As to smiths' forges, after full and frequent debates, we have considered the Attorney General's arguments, and cannot bring ourselves to vary from our former letter, and think ourselves bound to proceed according to our judgments upon those statutes whereof we understand ourselves the proper and final judges in matters of difference concerning distresses, and should readily consent to any other way of trial were it not that we conceive it the intention of the [Hearthmoney] Acts to prevent such chargeable and vexatious suits upon the poorer and most painful sort of people whereof we have had already too sad experience in several parts of this country [county].
Signed : William Frankland, Gilb. Gerard, Rich. Grahme, Will. Palmer, Ri. Hutton, J. Beilby, Tho. Fairfax, William Haytor, W. Thompson, Ric. Robinson, William Louther, William Dawson, H. Edmundes, Hen. Fairfax, H. Goodricke, J. Reresby, William Ingelby, Metcalfe Robinson, J. Gibson, Jonath. Jenings.
Ibid, pp. 357-8.
May 11. Cave that no grant or release pass to Major Broxholm and to Sir Lyonell Walden as Receivers of the Eleven Months' tax for, respectively, Lincoln and Huntingdon for the arrears in their hands until Sir Robert Vyner and Mr. John Lyndsey be heard thereupon. Caveat Book, p. 23.
July 21. C. Bertie to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay (and same to the Customs Cashier to bring in) 70l. for 7 groom lettermen "who have an order drawn for the same, and lying before you." Money Book (General) p. 403.
Oct. 6. Same to the Excise Receivers to bring into the Exchequer (and same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue) 500l. for the Earl of Lichfield for last Sept. 29 quarter on his pension. Out Letters (General) p. 1.
[? 1676.] Request to Mr. Bertie [secretary to Treasurer Danby] to search his books to see if there is any Treasury warrant for the surrender about 1672, May 3, to the King by the Trustees of the late Queen Mother of their interest in certain lands called Prior's Marsh, in the manor of Spalding, co. Lincoln. Similarly for any Treasury warrant touching the surrender in or about 1672, July 31, by John Singleton, gent., to William Chenins, gent., by direction of and in trust for the King (for the consideration of 200l. and for the better conveniency of his Majesty's deer in Windsor Forest) of certain coppices of underwood in the parish and manor of Chertsey called Knowle Grove, and Fan Grove, of which said Singleton took a lease in May, 1667, from the Queen Mother. (Loose pages found in Warrants not Relating to Money III. p. 29, and pasted in there.)
Addressed : For the Rt. Honble, the Earl of Feversham.
Warrants not Relating to Money III. p. 29.