Minute Book: February 1677

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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February 1677

Feb. 1.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
The Earl of Denbigh's creation money [is ordered] to be paid.
Mris. Isabella Boynton's pension [is] ordered to be forthwith paid also.
Treasurer Danby to move his Majesty at the request of the city that the Lord Mayor and aldermen may be heard at the [Privy] Council table about the granting of [ships'] passes.
The new Farmers of the Law [duty are ordered] to pay 5,333l. 6s. 8d. and the warrant [is ordered] to be delivered to them forthwith.
"All the counties contained in the quarterly payments [are] to be [stated] in one entire sum."
[Ibid. p. 254.]
Feb. 3. Saturday
[afternoon], Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Secretary Bertie is ordered] to inquire after the establishment for New York and whether 1,000l. per an. be settled upon the Duke [of York] as Governor.
Sir Stephen Fox and Mr. Kent are called in with the Receivers of Excise : [Fox and Kent] complaining that the [said] Receivers refuse to pay off his [Fox's] tallies, though the [weekly, Excise cash] certificates shew a great balance in said Receivers' hands. Mr. Dawson acknowledges the balance of 29,548l. in the [Excise] Commissioners' hands, but says it was out of the money payable the 15th of December to the bankers and the Duke of York, as the letters patent [erecting this office of Receivers of Excise] import and that [after such payments] there would not be money in their hands because the [Excise] Farmers did not then pay in their running cash.
Treasurer Danby is informed by Sir Stephen Fox that by default of paying the running cash as it comes in to the Treasurers the King loses 14 per cent. Mr. Dawson explains the contrary, and says the King does not pay 14 per cent. for the same 100l., because the King should have paid 6 per cent. although he had paid Sir Stephen Fox, so that the not paying Sir Stephen Fox was but 8 per cent. loss.
The particulars of the 8,000l. instanced in by the Excise Commissioners to have been disbursed by Treasurer Danby's directions [are ordered] to be produced before his Lordship. The Attorney General, the Excise Commissioners and Mr. Dashwood [are ordered] to attend on Monday afternoon next about 4 o'clock.
Mr. Ellesden's name is to be put upon the King's papers for Wednesday next. Likewise the papers touching the Durham Prebendaries.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 254-5.]
Feb. 4. "The King's answer and directions to my Lord Treasurer's minutes of Sunday, 4 Feb," 1676-7.
The Lord Mayor and the aldermen to attend at the [Privy] Council on Friday next about the matter of [ships'] passes ; and Sir Geo. Downing and two more of the [Customs] Commissioners are to attend at the same time.
Mr. Marriot's claim of interest for money due to him and the like claim of Capt. Young and Capt. Gunman are to be [put] in the papers for the King.
[Ibid. p. 255.]
Feb. 7. Wednesday morning. The Farmers of the alum works and Sir George Charnock are to attend [this day] with Auditor Raban.
Mr. Chase to attend [this day] for Mr. Biggs.
Mris. Bolton's petition [to be considered this day].
Mr. Deering and Mr. Fenne to attend [this day] upon the petition of [said] Deering.
[Day Book, p. 119.]
Feb. 7. Wednesday,
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Treasurer Danby directs a letter to be written to Sir Denys Gauden and [the rest of the Navy] victuallers, to acquaint them that his Lordship can only provide to carry them on from the date of their [victualling estimate or] declaration and expects their carrying on the service of the year with such payments, or to know their answer.
Mr. Dashwood and his partners [in the farm of the Excise] are called in about the repayment of their advance money and about the proportion[ing] of the poundage. Treasurer Danby agrees that the quarterly and monthly payments shall be their security, with a covenant that if the quarterly prove sufficient they shall not make use of the monthly payments ; according to the Attorney General's advice. The pound[age] rate [is] agreed to be 3d. on 640,000l. and 4d. on 504,000l. if the [wine and vinegar] duty go off [be not renewed by parliament].
The petition of Henry Webb, Tho. Dipford and Leticia Biggs for a consideration in respect of three fields taken into the royal fort at Plymouth is read. Treasurer Danby refers the consideration thereof to the same time Sir G. Carteret's pretensions are to be examined which now lie before his Lordship and are of the same nature.
Capt. King's petition (referred from the King to my Lord Treasurer) for the reversion of a custom House place in Boston, is to be laid before my Lord Treasurer.
My Lord Treasurer directs Col. Howard of Suffolk to be paid half a year upon Mr. Bertie's secret service [money], according to the proportion of his letters patent expired at midsummer last.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 255-6.]
Feb. 8.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : The King, Duke of York, Prince Rupert, Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, Duke of Monmouth, Duke of Ormonde, Duke of Lauderdale, Secretary Coventry, Secretary Williamson, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Lord Treasurer opens to his Majesty the whole state of the bankers' debt ; which, after some debate among the Lords thereupon, his Majesty thought fit to declare his pleasure to the goldsmiths that he would settle the interest of their debt (of about 1,371, 431l. 8s. 11d.) upon his revenue of Excise, and that he would to-morrow pass an order of Council for the effecting thereof accordingly.
The goldsmiths give his Majesty their most humble thanks and withdraw.
[Ibid. p. 256.]
Feb. 9.
Friday in the morning.
Mr. Slingsby, Sir Anth. St. Leger and Mr. Hoar [are this day] to attend Treasurer Danby at the Treasury Chambers to shew cause why Mr. Evans is not admitted in to the execution of the offices of Surveyor of the Melting and Clerk of the Irons of the Mint according to his Majesty's grant lately made to him. Mr. Thomas Swallow and the porter of the Mint are to attend about the same business as also Mr. Thomas Doyly and Sir Rich. Langley [who is to bring] with [him] the rolls of the [office of Control of the Mint or] Controlment during Mr. Hoare's time.
[Day Book, p. 119.]
Feb. 9.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Dashwood and [his] partners [in the Excise farm] attend Treasurer Danby again about the proportion of the detainer to be made out of the six last quarters of their farm in case the additional duty [on wine and vinegar] be not continued by Parliament. His Lordship agrees to it in this manner
Lady day, 1679, the Farmers to detain 35,000
Midsummer 35,000
Michaelmas 44,000
Xmas 44,000
Lady day, 1680 46,000
Midsummer 46,000
Treasurer Danby likewise consents that both the monthly and quarterly payments shall be security as well for this repayment (in case the Additional duty be not continued) as for the repayment of the two last payments of 70,000l a piece (in case the Additional duty be continued) provided that this be all subjected to the intended proviso that the Farmers shall make no use of the monthly payments so long as the quarterly payments shall be sufficient. The Attorney General is to take care of the penning of this proviso [so drafting it] that the Lord Treasurer be made judge of the necessity of making use of such monthly payments.
Mr. Geo. Evans's petition is read against Mr. Hoar, who refuses to admit said Evans to the execution of the office of Surveyor of the Melting Houses and Clerk of the Irons. Mr. Hoar says his counsel has advised him that his patent is good and [that his claim to the said Surveyorship is] no way inconsistent with his office of Comptroller of the Mint, and is ready to try it at law. Treasurer Danby says that care must be taken that the King suffer not in the meantime till the trial is over, and will report the case to the King in Council.
Sir Robert Howard is to certify what is in arrear to every of the persons mentioned in his certificate of the forts.
Sir Tho. Williams to be paid something weekly till his order be fully paid.
Mris. Elliot, the Duke [of York's] nurse [is] to be paid 100l.
Mr. Windham and his lady's pension [is] to be paid per week as may be most convenient.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 257-8.]
Feb. 13. Treasurer Danby directs the weekly payments out of the Customs to the Wardrobe to be stopped till further order.
Mr. Ellesden's request touching the commencement of the pension of 100l. per an. is to be put upon the papers for the King.
[Ibid. p. 258.]
Feb. 14. Wednesday The executors of Sir Nich. Crispe, Dr. Jno. Twisden, Fra. Pargiter, Mr. Jo. Sams, Farmers of the alum works, and Sir Geo. Charnock are to attend with the Auditor between 9 and 10 in the morning [of this day].
Mr. Fenn and Mr. Deering are to attend and be heard at 3 in the afternoon [of this day] when the Duke of Monmouth will be present.
[Day Book. p. 119.]
Feb. 22. Treasurer Danby directs that John Pritchet, Esq., son to the bishop of Gloucester, be set down to be Receiver for co. Gloucester of the money given this session for building of ships.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 258.]
Feb. 24. Saturday. Sir Stephen Fox and Mr. Kent [are] to attend with the Receivers of Excise in the morning [of this day].
[Day Book, p. 119.]
Feb. 24.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir John James, Major Huntington and Mr. Dawson are called in concerning some scruples arisen about the satisfying a tally of Sir Stephen Fox's for 8,100l. for interest which they show Treasurer Danby was made up out of postponed orders of goldsmiths, etc., and therefore they conceive it should take its course of payment according to the date "and not from six months to six months." Sir Stephen Fox complains that the Excise Commissioners in this particular deal with him contrary to what they practice with other men [payable] in the Excise.
The Commissioners [in reply say they] do not deny to pay this tally in course, but think he [Fox] can not now [at the present moment] demand the payment thereof. Sir Stephen says that this being a tally of interest ought to be paid every six months. The Commissioners object that this interest does not arise for money taken up for the service of the Excise, but from other postponed orders of goldsmiths and of a different nature. Treasurer Danby upon hearing the whole matter directs the payment of this tally of 8,100l. in the due course [in which] it was struck.
The Excise Commissioners agree to pay Mr. Kent's tallies of interest whenever Treasurer Danby shall direct the same.
The interest of the 31,600l. lent by Sir Stephen Fox to my Lord Treasurer at 8 per cent. [is ordered] to be paid half yearly, without making any interest account, and to commence from Mar. 1 next.
A privy seal to be drawn for having the tallies paid in course.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 258-9.]
Feb. 28. Wednesday. The Commissioners and Treasurers of Excise, Col. Birch and Mr. Ashmole, Comptroller [of Excise] are to attend Treasurer Danby at 3 in the afternoon [of this day] about the interest paid out of the Excise.
Adjourned to Thursday, Mar. 1.
[Day Book, p. 120.]