Minute Book: August 1677

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August 1677

Aug. 1. Wednesday, at 4 in the afternoon. Mr. Culliford to be heard with Mr. Dacket [this day as to] why Mr. Skipwith (as the latter desires) should not be his deputy.
Mr. Tregeagle to be heard upon his answer to Mr. Saunders' accusation touching the embezzlements of tin.
[Day Book, p. 132.]
Aug. 1.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
A warrant to be drawn for a privy seal to discharge Mr. Lanyon and the rest of the Contractors for the victualling of Tangier.
Mr. Saunders is called in upon his accusation against Mr. Tregeagle who, he says, has defrauded the King of 1,000l. per an., and instances some particulars, viz. : (1) that 64 slabbs of tin were seized by Mr. Saunders as being underweight, to the King's loss of 4l. ; (2) that 2,840l. was only answered [to the King for the Tin Coinage Duty] when above 3,800l. was due upon the duty.
Upon examination nothing could be fixed upon Mr. Tregeagle, who always complained of the same abuses, and has been so active in discovering and preventing them, that he brought the revenue which the first year made but 3,840l., as above, to make in the second year 4,800l., and in the third year above 5,000l., and one quarter of this [present] fourth year [of his acting as Receiver of the Duchy of Cornwall] amounts to above 1,600l.
Mr. Osborne proposes a scheme for preventing the abuses for the future. Treasurer Danby desires him and Mr. Tregeagle to consider how it may be done.
Mr. Saunders exhibits a petition praying restitution of his place [as] collector of Truro and stay of process against him. Treasurer Danby refers the petition to the Customs Commissioners and directs stay of process in the mean time.
Mr. Bertie and Mr. Lawrence to provide a warrant for cancelling the Earl of Anglesey's tallies and orders mentioned in his account as Treasurer of the Navy.
The King directs that Lord Gerard shall have 5,000l. for his place of housekeeper of Whitehall and Westminster placed on some good fund, to be paid as follows, viz., 1,500l. on the 15th Mar., 1677-8, 1,500l. in Sept., 1678, and 2,000l. on the 15th Mar., 1678-9.
Lady Wentworth to be paid 150l. [as in] full [of a payment on her pension].
The Countess of Newburgh [similarly] 150l. full.
Mris. Isabella Boyton [similarly to be paid in] full.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 308.]
Aug. 6. The King directs that Sir Fra. Chaplyn shall be paid 3,000l. in part of his debt of 11,000l. upon some safe and convenient fund. (Over this is written) "Answer on the King's papers."
A letter to be prepared for Col. Wanklyn to be made one of the Commissioners of Inspection in Ireland on the first vacancy, by the King's direction.
Cornet Montgomery to have 100l. and to be recommended to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Mr. Reynolds to have 200l. per an. pension for his life.
"Mris. Mary and Sophia Nevill to have 50l. and 50l. per an. apiece for their lives."
Mr. Hyde's equipage to be settled.
Sir Robt. Townesend's petition for the 1,500l. reserved to the King upon the Earl of Crawford's privy seal is to be put on the King's papers.
Letters to be written for the fees of the clerks of the King's Remembrancer and Treasurer's Remembrancer and for the Clerks of the Pipe.
[Order for] 200l. to be paid to the Treasurer of the Ordnance by tallies on Mr. Kent and Mr. Kent to be written to to conclude and pay the 15,500l. for the Ordnance and 2,500l. for Sheerness. In the margin : Ordnance for the Holy Island, etc.
A warrant to be drawn for 200l. upon the privy seal dormant : to [be paid to] the bishop of London for Dr. Morrison.
Sir John Paul's order for 546l. is [ordered] to be paid by tallies on the Customs.
[Ibid. p. 309.]
Aug. 13. At 3 in the afternoon. Sir William Poul[t]ney to be heard [this day] upon his defence to the accusation of the Contractors and officers of the Hearthmoney.
The Customs Commissioners to attend Treasurer Danby [this day] at the same time with all their presentments and [also] upon the business of Mr. Culliford's warrant for entering seizures and personal informations.
Mr. Fillingham is ordered to attend with Mr. Hall upon the list of the old arrears and the debts due from the bankers to the King's Receivers.
[Day Book, p. 132.]
Aug. 13.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Treasurer Danby, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Enquire of Mr. Bull and acquaint him with the case of Mr. Hill, presented by the Customs Commissioners. Treasurer Danby will expect [wait] a post to hear from the Earl of Bath in this matter.
The [Customs] Commissioners promise to give order to their officers to be assisting to Mr. Culliford in the registering of seizures and to give notice thereof.
[Order for] 10l. per an. to be added to the 40l. per an. for the Custom House at Bristol, provided the wainscoating may be finished at the charge of the party that lets it.
Sir William Poul[t]ney and the Contractors of the Hearthmoney are called in. Several complaints are exhibited against Sir William Poultney for discouraging the officers that collect the duty [of Hearthmoney] and animating the people to bring indictments against them.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 310.]
Aug. 14. Upon Mr. Wynn's (altered to) Guin's (Guynn's) petition Treasurer Danby directs that the Chancellor of the Exchequer be desired to examine what security may be had for the King's debt and advise his Lordship therein. In the margin : Referred accordingly this day.
Treasurer Danby directs that the warrant for the Works shall be filled up with 8,000l. for the ordinaries and 4,000l. for the extraordinaries for the year commencing in April last. In the margin : Done accordingly.
His Lordship also directs that Capt. Barnet Phillips shall have 100l. in part of his four years' arrear of 4s. per diem, and that the residue shall be paid by some good [fund of] arrear [owing to the King] or in such other manner as shall be thought convenient. In the margin : Paid accordingly.
Aug. 15. Treasurer Danby to move the King upon Lord O'Brien's order on the fee farm rents. [? Postea]. The King directs the payment of it.
Treasurer Danby directs 20l. to be paid to Mris. Newman, a poor woman, according to an order of Council.
[The blank date in] Mr. Moor's warrant for a salary of 45l. per an. as waiter at Bristol is to be filled up [to make it date] from midsummer last.
The business touching the Swallow of Topsham is to be shewed [to Treasurer Danby] when the Customs Commissioners are with his Lordship.
Sir Herbert Price to be paid 180l. which completes all his payment of 400l. and 40l. per an. for four years of Treasurer Danby's time [of acting as Lord Treasurer] full without retrenchment.
[Order for] 200l. to be immediately paid to the Treasurer of the Ordnance, to be paid over to Mr. Collingwood for repairs of Osborne's fort in Holy Island.
To speak with Mr. Kingdon to advance the money for [the garrison of] the Cinque Ports at 9 per cent. [interest], as is offered upon tallies on the Law [Duty] farm. Mr. Kingdon to cause the tallies to be struck.
[Order for] 412l. 10s. 0d. to be paid to the King's Drummers for two years' arrears [fallen due] in Treasurer Danby's time.
[Ibid. pp. 309-10.]
Aug. 22. Treasurer Danby directs 50l. apiece to be paid to [the] Mris. Nevills [the Mistresses Nevill] forthwith, and that their warrant be prepared for 50l. per an. each. In the margin : Paid accordingly.
His Lordship also directs that Serjeant Bishop of the House of Commons, shall be paid 200l. of his arrear (besides what may be paid him by my Lord's rules) presently ; and the residue in some convenient time. In the margin : Paid accordingly.
His Lordship also directs that the 10,000l. lent by Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe, upon the credit of the Act for [the] Additional Excise, shall be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy, who is directed to pay 2,000l. of it to discharge the ship Larke, and 2,500l. for the victuallers. In the margin : Done ; a letter writ to pay the Larke ship.
His Lordship also directs that the Treasurer of the Navy shall deposit tallies for 10,000l. in Mr. Kent's hands as a security for that sum advanced by Mr. Kent to buy tin until the tin be brought and put into Sir William Hooker's hands or some other hand approved by Mr. Kent, and then the tallies to be delivered back. In the margin : Done by warrant.
[Treasury Minute Book V., p. 311.]