Minute Book: June 1676

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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June 1676

June 3. The Lord Treasurer directs that Mris. Kirk's patent for her 500l. per an. jointure upon the Honor of Grafton be produced, examined and reported on to him.
Upon Mris. Fitch's petition 'tis directed that her vouchers to make good the contents of her petition be examined and reported on to the Lord Treasurer.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 187.]
June 8. Sir Cha. Harbord [is ordered] to attend the Lord Treasurer concerning the Recusants' conviction. The Attorney General to attend [on the same occasion] and Mr. Chancellor [of the Exchequer] and the Lord Chief Baron to have notice for [attending such meeting : to be some day] the next week with [similar notice likewise to] some of the King's serjeants.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 187.]
June 9. Friday. Col. Strode and Mr. Spencer, the Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. [duty] of Barbados are to attend in the morning [of this day] at the Treasury Chambers.
Mr. Weaver, late Receiver of Heathmoney for Co. Surrey, is to be heard upon his petition.
Mr. Kent's accompts [to be considered this day].
[Day Book p. 108.]
June 9. Memorandum : to speak with the Master of the Ordnance how to bring to account the 10,000l. paid [to] his office out of the Irish [Revenue Farmers' advance] money.
To desire Mr. Fitch to look upon the Mews and to have his opinion what it will cost to put into repair.
The officers of the Works to have 2,500l. immediately [to be] advanced by the Farmers of the Chimney money. The remainder of the 4,870l. [is] to be placed on the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March next.
[Order for] 250l. for the repairs of Audley End as in further part of their 500l. [To be charged] on the [farm of] logwood.
The extraordinaries of the Works are to be presented to the King for his approbation.
A letter to be written to Lord Chief Justice Raynsford about the complaints from the Receivers of the Law duty.
Mr. Hide [is] to have 1,410l. [out] of the Hearthmoney in the Exchequer (being 910l. for his ordinary and 500l. for equipage). His remaining 1,910l. (being 910l. for a second quarter's ordinary and 1,000l. for the remainder of his equipage) is to be [charged] half on the [Hearthmoney farm rent due in] September and the other half on [the same due in] March. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter of direction accordingly sent to the Exchequer].
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind to give a warrant to the Great Wardrobe to furnish surplices to the King's Chapel.
[Warrant for] 1,500l. for the [seamen's] tickets of the "Norwich" "Soudades" and Capt. Terwight."
[Warrant for] 2,700l. for [Navy] officers : to be paid out of the 500l. per week.
Mr. Bertie to have 1,000l. for secret service : [to be paid] by 500l. a week.
A letter [to be written] to Lady Fisher that she will be paid according to the order of Council.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer is] to peruse the accounts of the Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. against Wednesday next. Mr. Scutt is to attend the said Chancellor before that time and the Lord Treasurer promises to inspect the books of account by that day. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is to have a copy of the minutes relating to the former debates concerning the farm [of the Four and a Half per cent].
A letter [to be written] to the Customs Commissioners concerning their report about the patent for the fishery, [and requesting same] to be hastened. In the margin : Done.
To know the King's pleasure concerning the 1,000l. per an. payable to Sir Thomas Williams for the laboratory.
Mris. Bointon's case to be put on my Lord Treasurer's minutes [to be carried] to the King concerning her pensions.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 187-8.]
June 12.
Treasury Chambers.
My Lord Treasurer directs that the money owing by Mr. Robt. Ryves, goldsmith, to Edward Lawrence [being] 250l. Francis Weaver [being] 350l. and Benjamin Thistlewait [being] 450l. be paid by him into the Exchequer upon their respective accounts : half of it out of the first year's interest lately ordered him and the other half out of the next interest that [erased] out of the two years' interest lately ordered him. Memorandum : Mr. Kent undertakes that Mr. Ryves shall make these payments into the Exchequer upon the Receivers' accounts as is here directed before the 20th August next. Signed. Ri. Kent.
The Judges to be paid and the Masters of Chancery to be paid their salaries for Trinity term [amounting in all to] 3,700l.
Mr. Doyley to be paid 50l. due at Midsummer next.
Lady Fisher to have 500l. due at Midsummer.
The Commissioners of the Wine Licences are called in. My Lord Treasurer to have an account from them what the extraordinary occasions were that induced them to let [some of the licences] so cheap and for so many years and what the numbers [of such licences] are : and [further my Lord requires them] that they do not proceed to let any more licences for so long terms without acquainting his Lordship. They are likewise directed to bring in their accounts.
Mr. Wosely, Mr. Downes and Mr. Yong tell the Lord Treasurer that they cannot raise the money.
The proposal of Sir John Griffith, Mr. Fleetwood and Mr. Brighurst [is] read. My Lord Treasurer will lay their proposal and Mr. Ryves' before the King.
D. L. [the Duke of Lauderdale is] to have 750l. [at] Midsummer [out of the Customs] : the other 750l. January next and 1,500l. more on some [other] assignment.
Sir Tho. Morgan [is to have] 2,002l. in March next on the Chimney money [probably means on the Hearthmoney farm rent due in March next].
Sir William Darcy [is to have] 100l. [as the King's royal bounty or] free gift.
Mr. Dugdale to be paid according to the [Privy Council] order.
Mr. Montagu to be placed on some remote fund : with interest from the date of the order. In the margin : Query : what fund?
Mr. Doughty [is to have] 500l. only (and not 700l.) as he desired out of Greathead's arrear : for his building in the Mews.
[Ibid. pp. 188-9.]
June 14. The Lord Treasurer directs one year to the Governor [of the Leeward Islands] which is 700l. and one year to the two foot Companies there, which is 2,278l. 7s. 0d. making in all 2,978l. 7s. 0d. : to be paid presently out of the Customs.
[Likewise my Lord orders out of the Customs] 3,700l. for the Judges : to succeed the aforesaid payment. [Treasury Minute Book V. p. 189.]
June 15. My Lady Cleveland's 8,000l. order on the Wine Licences is to be paid in course after 24,000l. shall be discharged by that revenue.
Mr. Montagu [his order for] 6,000l. odd hundred pounds [is directed] to be placed on the Chimney money with interest at 6 per cent. the one moiety thereof [to be payable out of the Hearthmoney farm rent due] in Sept. 1677 : the other [moiety on the like payable] in March following.
Mr. Griffin [for the Chamber is] to have 3,315l. [: payable on the Hearthmoney farm rent due] in Sept. 1677 : [and further] to have [out of the Exchequer] 7,500l. at Midsummer [next] and 7,500l. at Michaelmas and to have no more this year.
Petitions [read and orders thereon given as follows] :
Mary Bagnall. Process to be respited till the [? Customs] Commissioners inform my Lord particularly of her case.
Ralph Whitley. To be paid according to the report of the Agents [for Taxes].
Mr. Worrall. To be referred to Sir. Chas. Harbord to state his demands to this [present] time. In the margin : Done.
John Moor. Referred to the Commissioners to know if he be fit.
Sir Ed. Sprag's executors. To speak to the King about it. In the margin : Done [probably meaning : put among my Lord's papers for the King].
William Tomlinson. Granted.
Mr. Perenant. To be put in the papers for the King. In the margin : Done.
Serjeant of the Buckhounds. To be inquired into of Mr. Griffin.
Mr. Bradshaw. To shew his bills to Mr. Fillingham to see whether he do not owe more money to the account than he now claims.
Capt. Coglan. Nil.
Francis Cruys. To be paid according to the scheme.
Musicians. Ditto.
Mr. Culliford. Granted. In the margin : Done.
Ph. Lanyon. The fee farms [are] overcharged already.
John Powney. [To be] put in the King's papers. In the margin : Done.
[The] Marshal farrier. Nil.
[The] shipwright, joiner &c. My Lord can pay no more than the usual sum to the Treasurer of the Chamber.
Band of Pensioners. My Lord to see the privy seal for [their] instalment.
Tho. Ravenscroft. To be paid according to the scheme.
Sir John Robinson.
Mr. Bradshaw. To be referred to the Agents [for Taxes] to report. In the margin : Done.
Monsieur D'Artiquenave. Put my Lord in mind to speak to the King about it. In the margin : Done.
Lady Read. To be put in the King's papers. In the margin : Done.
Farmers of [the Excise of] Norfolk. To be referred to the Excise Commissioners. In the margin : Done.
Jo. Weldon (John Wheldon). The Lord Chancellor to appoint a time to hear the matter.
Giles Dowle. Nil.
[The] Groom littermen. To be paid according to the rule.
Earl of Bath. Referred. In the margin : Done.
Tho. Goddard. [The thing petitioned for has been already or] formerly granted to Capt. Godfry.
[The] joyner, carpenter, carver &c. To be put on the King's minutes [i.e. among the papers for the King].
Sir John Pettus. To be put on the King's minutes. In the margin : Done.
Mr. Nevill. To be shown to the Comp[trolle]r.
Sir John Norton's letter recommending Mr. Dickenson for the place of woodward of New Forest is to be put into the papers for the King. In the margin : Done.
The officers of the Works [are ordered] to proceed in erecting the scaffold.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 190-1.]
June 16. Mr. Kent's accompts and Sir Stephen Fox's privy seal [to be considered this day].
The Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados [are to attend this day at the Treasury].
[Day Book p. 109.]
June 20. In the afternoon [of this day] the Barons [of the Exchequer] are to meet the Lord Treasurer at the Treasury Chambers ; [when] all papers concerning the Law duty are to be produced and the paper of improvements offered by Fabian Phillips.
June 21. Wednesday The business of the Barbados [Four and a Half per cent. duty] farm [is to be considered this day].
The business between Sir Robt. Thomas and Dr. Butler [is to be considered this day] Mr. Rider to attend with the other Irish [Revenue] Farmers.
Mr. Kent's accompts [to be considered this day].
June 22. Friday. The two Chief Justices, Barons of the Exchequer, Serj. Maynard, Sir Charles Harbord, Sir John Ernle, the Attorney and Solicitor General are to appear at 5 in the afternoon at the Treasury Chambers to consider of effectual means for further prosecuting Recusants and to consider of the business of the Law duty and Mr. Brunskell's business.
The Lord Treasurer to consider with the Barons about the spoils of the King's woods in Dean Forest and of some effectual means to prevent it. Mr. Agar and Mr. Strod are to offer their proposal [to my Lord to this end] and Sir C. Harbord and Sir Baynham Throckmorton are to attend.
[Day Book p. 109.]
June 22 Mr. Aubrey Porter to be paid 30l. for half a year.
Mr. Give (Gyve) to attend the Lord Treasurer at 4 this afternoon.
[Treasury Minute Book V. 191-2.]
June 22. [afternoon.] Present : Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Attorney General, Solicitor General, Serjeant Maynard, the two Chief Justices, Lord Chief Baron, the rest of the Barons [of the Exchequer.]
My Lord Treasurer acquaints their Lordships that some complaints have been made that the persecution of Recusants hath not had the good effect intended which is the occasion of this meeting and therefore he desires to be informed if there be any more ways to make the proceedings against them more effectual.
The Attorney General says he hath from the first hour he received his Majesty's commands to issue out process caused the same to be sent forth in such manner as he was by His Majesty commanded but fears the Returns have not answered the end and saith he believes the causes to be (1) that in many places little or nothing hath been done upon the Commissions issued out ; (2) the sheriffs have not executed what they had in charge ; (3) the course [adopted] by the King, viz. the taking] of two-thirds of the land and not taking the 20l. per mensem doth cause the meaner sort to be exempted.
Sir Charles Harbord says formerly upon the returns of the convictions into the Exchequer process issued out to the sheriffs to inquire and seize and not to Commissioners as now and a good solicitor was appointed for every county.
The Attorney General says the most usual way was by Commission to gentlemen and that way is least subject to corruption for when it goes to the sheriff the under-sheriff acts and for favour or reward will be more likely to spare some.
A debate [then followed] whether the Commissions being about to be renewed shall be directed to the sheriffs for the future and all agreed for the present to go that way, for although it may be and most usually hath been by way of Commission, yet since that way hath hitherto had no more effect it will be best to try the way of writs to the sheriff.
The Attorney General, Sir Charles Harbord and the officers of the Exchequer are to attend the Lord Chief Baron and the Barons of the Exchequer on Saturday next to agree about forming the writs and to see they issue with speed. Good solicitors to be chosen and then to prosecute the most notorious.
[Ibid. pp. 193-4.]
June 28. Wednesday. The Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. duty are to be here to-morrow afternoon.
Sir Stephen Fox's privy seal and Mr. Kent's account [to be considered this day]. Sir John James attends about Sir Stephen Fox's caveat.
[Day Book p. 109.]
June 28.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Refer to the Attorney General to know if Sir John James and Major Huntington's great seal do weaken Sir Stephen Fox's security on the Excise.
Sir Geo. Carteret's pension for 500l. on the farm of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados is to be considered by the Lord Treasurer [viz. as to] in what course of payment it stands upon that revenue.
The Lord Chief Baron and the Attorney General are to attend on Saturday morning upon the account of the Farmers of the Barbados Four and a Half per cent. The Chancellor of the Exchequer to inspect the books of account in the meantime.
Mr. Weare's grant [is ordered] to pass upon the payment of the 1,300l. and if Sir Robt. Vyner consent to release him my Lord will move the King to release him of the remainder of the debt and the 1,000l. on the Chimney money. In the margin : Mr. Veel.
Sir Robert Thomas and his brothers [? in law] Dr. Butler and Mr. Gibs are to attend on Saturday (when the Lord Chief Baron and the Attorney General come) concerning the points in difference about setting forth the land for the children's portions.
The 2,500l. for the Stables [is] to be forthwith paid.
Mr. Le Gouche's order is to be underwrit for 1,710l. [thereof to be charged payable] on the contractors of the Hearthmoney out of their money [or farm rent] payable the 19th of Sept next.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 192.]