Minute Book: July 1676

Pages 60-68

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July 1676

July 1. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Chief Baron.
Sir William Killegrew to be paid 62l. 10s. 0d. for half a quarter of his pension due at Midsummer. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
Direction to be given for 350l. to be issued on the Works' privy seal : [same to be] for repairs of Hampton Steeple. The like marginal note.
Mr. Legouch to have 1,710l. : [to be charged] on the Chimney money [farm rent due] in Sept. next. The like marginal note.
The Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados are called in. Their rent is 7,000l. per an. for 4 years, amounting to 28,000l. whereof they have paid 9,000l. and they demand for defalcations 24,599l. 1s. 6d. The Lord Treasurer desires the Lord Chief Baron to advise him how to proceed towards examination of these great demands. It is advised that the Barbados merchants peruse the Farmers' books of accounts and entries. The Farmers propose that for this present current year (which is the 6th of their lease) some persons may be nominated to inspect the receipt of their goods and keep an account thereof, there being none as yet sent home from the West Indies. My Lord Treasurer will take it into consideration. "Mr. Tirrel to attend the referees on any dissatisfaction on the Farmers' accounts." The reference to be by way of request from the Lord Treasurer to the merchants in order to His Majesty's service to report their observations upon the Farmers' accounts and in what time it can be done. In the margin : Done [meaning : the order of reference communicated to the merchants].
Sir Robert Thomas, Dr. Butler and Mr. Thomas are called in concerning the settlement of some lands in dispute between Sir Robert Thomas and his brother. The lease first to be made before the King assigns Sir Robert the interest of his extent. Agreed betwixt them [the parties above] that a lease be made from the Crown of the lands in the general words of the lease to the value of 240l. per an. or the sum mentioned in the privy seal : that a like lease be made of such parcels of Flimpston and Llanvihangle as shall amount to the same value to the same person, to be re-demised to some person in trust for Sir Robert Thomas on condition they shall receive the respective payments mentioned in the privy seal by the former lease or to re-enter upon such parts of this last security as shall be sufficient to satisfy the respective payments mentioned in the said privy seal.
A warrant for [appointing] Fra. Dickens to be woodward of New Forest on the recommendation of Sir John Norton. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 194-5.]
July 4. Petitions read [and orders thereon made as follows] :
Richard Reve. To have a day fixed for hearing his pretension [at such time] when the Agents [for Taxes] may be present.
Marcellis Jacopson. The petitioner or some one on his behalf is to attend when the Customs Commissioners are with the Lord Treasurer.
Capt. Pyne. To be paid according to the scheme.
Mris. Gunter. [The Secretary to the Treasury is] to see if she has received as much as has incurred [grown due] in my Lord's time [of acting as Lord Treasurer].
Francis Rogers.
Eliz. Modyford. To speak with Sir Gilbert Gerard and others that they may be impowered to take Arden's account and till my Lord sees now his [Arden's] arrear will answer all pretensions my Lord can do nothing for the petitioner.
Walter Morris. Mr. Tregeagle to be spoken with [to know] whether there were no fraud in the petitioner.
Mary Hagedot. Nil.
John Tolhurst. My Lord to be first satisfied as to this man.
John Jenkins. Process to be stopped till further order.
Sir Christopher Musgrave. A caveat to be entered not to grant these tolls to any other.
Pinfold and Stockdale. Nil.
Vernon et al. What the Attorney General advises my Lord Treasurer directs to be pursued.
Yeomen and grooms of the otter hounds. Nil.
Samuel Johnson. Nil.
Mary and Benet Fisher. Nil.
Seamen of the Speedwell frigate. If his Majesty promised them the 153l. (the price of the Dutch dogger they took) my Lord must receive the King's order [for such payment before making it].
Francis Weaver. The matter to be examined by the Agents for the Hearthmoney.
Anne Picques. [Ordered] to have 50l, more.
John Underwood. Nil.
H. Foxcroft. Mr. Bertie, Secretary to the Treasury, is to acquaint the Lord Treasurer when a vacancy happens among the coastwaiters.
James Rogers. Nil.
Earl and Countess of Lichfield. Nil.
Mary Morly (Morley). To be referred to Commissary Baines.
Gentlemen &c. of the Chapel [Royal] and Serjeant &c. of the Vestry. My Lord will have an account what will buy the surplices and my Lord will speak with Mr. Griffin as to their extraordinaries of their journey to Newmarket.
Sir John Watts. To be referred to Mr. Fillingham.
Alderman Allen et al Commissioners of Excise in the years 1657-8-9. [Ordered] to be discharged by privy seal.
Col. Tho. Howard of Suffolk. A privy seal to be drawn for 2,000l. In the margin : Done.
Marm[aduke] Dorrell. My Lord can give no answer till he be satisfied how Rewse's accounts stand.
Mr. Gregory. To be considered for his pains and charges and the sum to be left to Mr. Bertie.
Robert Ford. To see how his case stands with the rules.
Anne Ince. To be referred to Sir C. Harbord to value the premises.
William Broxholme. My Lord would be satisfied how he has disposed the King's money.
Capt. Phillips. [My Lord] to know how he has been paid his pension of 4s. a day.
Business of the sheriffs' farm not read now.
John Lindsay &c. not read now.
John Johnson. To be referred to the [? Customs] Commissioners.
[The Yeomen] Harbingers. My Lord pays Mr. Griffin [for them] and not them [direct].
Sir Stephen Fox. Mr. Noel, lieutenant of the [New] Forest, to be written to about the want of timber to repair the Ducquoy.
John Tooker and Salmon. To have a hearing with Mr. Long 6 Dec. next
[The] Clothiers. [To be put among] the papers for the King.
Officers of the Tents. [Ordered] to be paid according to the scheme.
Mr. Gifford. To be paid as desired.
Hen. Minchard. His answer to be sent back to the Customs Commissioners.
Thomas Tudor. [To be put among] the papers for the King.
John Rooke. His fine [for his lease] to be paid as the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] rates it, if it be usual.
John Perin. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
John Rose. My Lord is not for altering the present way of payment for keeping the garden.
Artificers of Scotland Yard. Nil.
Mr. Brunskell's reasons. To be shewed to the Lord Chief Justice.
Geo. Pley. The sufficiency of his security is to be referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Creditors of the Earl of Plymouth. Their payment to be placed on some arrears.
Henry Bond. [To be put among] the papers for the King
Mr. Hebdon. Nil.
Mr. Robinson. Nil.
Capt. Wetwang. Not read.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 196-8.]
July 6. Lord Berkeley's warrant to be but 1,000l. for his journey to Nimuegen.
Mr. Dickens' warrant for [his appointment as] woodward of New Forest [is] to be to him or his sufficient deputy.
Henry Bond's warrant is to be drawn for a pension of 50l. per an. for his pains in discovering the longitude.
"Mr. Perenant to be spoke with concerning the old arrear of Coinage duty of 600l. how much will satisfy him."
Mr. Spencer's petition for 300l. arrear due by [from] his brother as Receiver in Westmorland &c. [is] to be granted if [there be] no charge already upon it.
The extraordinary for the Works is to be again presented.
Capt. Alford [his business] to be again presented.
The like for Mr. Ellesden.
The King's note for 400l. to Sir Charles Wheeler [is] to be paid to Mr. Hen. Killegrew out of secret service.
A list of the Earl of Plymouth's debts is produced and read amounting to 2,500l. (beside the charges of the privy seal computed at 21l. 3s. 0d). The Lord Treasurer directs 582l. 19s. 7d. to be paid by tally on the Hearthmoney and the remaining 1,895l. 17s. 5d. to be satisfied out of the 4,500l. tallies formerly struck on the Four and a Half per cent. duty for the payment of the Barbados Regiment (since supplied out of the fourth quarter of the eighteen months' assessment) which tallies remain deposited in Mr. Segar's hands and are to come next in course to be paid after Mr. Kirwood and Mr. Trant's tallies leavied upon the said [Four and a Half per cent. duty] farm for moneys advanced to the said regiment. [Ibid. p. 199.]
July 10. Mr. Brent to show my Lord Treasurer what the fee farm rents are in Sir Edm. Sawyer's [audit] district.
The privy seal for remission of the arrear of rent of Malesscott (Malescott) wood in Dean Forest is to pass.
To see how Lord Berkeley's procuration money stands upon his bill of extraordinaries and his interest.
To see what the Navy and Ordnance debt is upon Mr. Warren's bonds.
Mr. Holland to attend the Lord Treasurer on Mr. Bradshaw's account.
Query : How much the Wardens of the Tower want to pay them till midsummer last in [from the commencement of] my Lord's time [as Lord Treasurer].
Mr. Fillingham to state the Earl of Plymouth's debts : and the creditors are to repair to the Lord Treasurer.
The Lord Treasurer to be informed what those pensions are that are granted on valuable considerations.
The Lord Treasurer directs the following notice to be published by setting up the same in the usual places and inserting it in the Gazette.
"These are to give notice that upon Friday the 25th day of August next in the forenoon my Lord Treasurer will be ready at the Treasury Chambers in Whitehall to receive all such proposals as shall be then tendered for farming of the whole Excise for 3 years to commence from the expiration of the present farm in being viz. from 1677." (In the margin : This is put off to the 2d day of Oct. next. See infra under date Aug. 12.)
Sir Algernon May to have 125l. according to the scheme [of expenditure] as keeper of the records in the Tower.
Lord Arlington to have tallies for 250l. on the Excise for a quarter on his pension.
Frances Teretia, Duchess of Richmond, to have the like.
[Treasury Minute Book V, p. 200.]
July 12. Wednesday. The Farmers of the Excise [are] to attend [this day].
Mr. Duncomb [also to attend].
Mr. Bucknall's petition and [the] report [thereon are] to be considered [this day].
Sir Rich. Pigott and Mr. Weaver [to attend this day].
The Surveyor of the Works to attend [this day].
[Day Book, p. 110.]
July 12.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir Leoline Jenkins's order for 1,300l. [is] to be placed [charged, for payment] on the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March next.
Upon a complaint of Sir Stephen Fox against the Excise Commissioners it was amongst other things observed that the quarterly pensions were paid out of money not properly applicable to their payment when as the pensions of each quarter are payable out of the rent of the said quarter, one third of the pension out of the third of the quarter's rent and two-thirds out of the two-thirds and that the Duke of York is always paid so. The Lord Treasurer is contented that pensions be so paid that the tallies upon which interest money is paid may have preference as they ought to have.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 201.]
July 13. Lord Arundel of Trerice to be paid [in] full.
The Earl of Carlisle to be paid according to [the expenditure] scheme.
Mr. Elliot to have 300l. for half a year of his 600l. due on his orders.
Dr. Gibbons to be paid his pension.
Mr. Hide to have a second three months if he please to pass a new privy seal.
Lord Gerard to be paid according to the order of Council for both of his pensions. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
July 17. Mr. Edmund d'Oyly to attend on Wednesday next about his arrear of Hearthmoney and subsidy Co. Notts.
July 19. The Lord Treasurer to be minded of the Earl of Rochester's order for repairs of Woodstock being about 300l.
To enquire if the [grant in] reversion of the [office of] Clerk of the Pipe in the case of Hugh Clifford [was] passed by the Lord Treasurer or by the Secretaries [of State].
[Privy seal] for 8,000l. [per an. salary for the Lord High Treasurer by] patent on that part of the Excise which is [in the King's] inheritance for life.
The Farmers of Excise to attend on Friday afternoon.
Mr. Bertie and Capt. Shales to go to Mr. Duncombe to-morrow to know his times of having his money ready.
The interest [due] on Mr. Simon Bennett's orders is to be paid [to him].
A list [is ordered] to be called for from Sir Robert Howard of those who lent their money in specie into the Exchequer.
The Farmers of [the revenue of] Ireland are to attend the Lord Treasurer on Friday next.
Sir Hugh Bethel's fine [is] to pass to John Knt [Knight] Esq.
Mris. Stuart's 300l. per an. pension is to be paid according to the order for suspensions. Mr. Levett to be paid accordingly and Mris. Goulding. Mr. Gervas Price to be paid 25l. [in] full by contract being one quarter.
Memorandum. [The following advertisement] to be put in the Gazette.
Whereas divers of His Majesty's subjects in and about the cities of London and Westminster and elsewhere have been deceived in payment of their duties for their firehearths to divers ill minded persons who have forged commissions in the names of Abraham Anselme, John Perry and Edward Buckley Esqrs., the present contractors for bringing in that revenue, and under pretence of such forged commissions have demanded the duty and gotten several sums of money from several persons : these are to give notice that one who goes by the name of Benjamin Denton and by pretence of a forged commission from the said contractors hath received several sums of money from several persons for their duty for Hearthmoney is detected of the said abuse and is now in custody in Wood Street Counter, London, where any person or persons that have paid any Chimney money and have acquittances in the name of the said Ben. Denton may charge him with actions for the moneys he hath received of them or prosecute him for indictments for the abuse aforesaid.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 202.]
July 21. Friday. The officers of the Works [are to attend the Lord Treasurer this day].
Commissary Baynes [is to attend likewise] with the state of [the payments of] the Barbados Regiment.
[Day Book p. 110.]
July 21.
Treasury Chambers.
Mr. Edmond Doyley called in concerning the arrears [of Hearthmoney and subsidy Co. Notts]. He says he hath been obliged to take orders of the goldsmiths for his money. The Lord Treasurer will represent the matter to the King and receive his pleasure therein.
Sir Robert Southwell [is] to send [to the Lord Treasurer] the petition of the Yeomen of the Guard presented to the King in Council.
The Farmers of the Excise are called in. The Lord Treasurer tells them he has heard discourses fly as if they should say the running cash [of the Excise Office] was theirs and that their lending it to the King was a courtesy and not matter of right and therefore his Lordship desired that this might be put out of all doubt. The forfeited interest of 394l. is directed by the Lord Treasurer to be allowed to the Farmers. Mr. Stevens [is ordered] to send to the Lord Treasurer an account of the money received by Mr. Chiffinch what has been paid out and what is remaining. "Mr. Rowney's part to the Excise Farmers [is ordered] to remain in my Lord Treasurer's hand till Mr. Rowney comes up."
[Ibid. p. 203.]
July 24 The Customs Commissioners are called in. [They are ordered] (1) to consider what is to be done with the ships that have procured blank passes : (2) how to prevent the delivery of those other blank passes in Mr. Eyre's hand which were given him by Peter le Marche ; (3) whether it be not advisable that an order of Council be procured to make no more ships free.
The King to be acquainted that a parcel of salt lately brought from Germany contrary to the Navigation Act is for the use of the Royal Fishery.
(Mr. Morrison, Mr. Ludwell and Mr. Smith) the Agents for Virginia are to be summoned to attend the Lord Treasurer on Friday next the 28th to show my Lord the reason why the Governor and Council take upon them to displace Mr. Bland.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 111.]
July 25. Serjeant Ramsey and Serjeant Harsnett are to have one half year [on their salaries] full, without retrenchment.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 203.]
July 28. Friday afternoon. The Victuallers to give an account [this day] of Mr. Mounteney's 1,400l. bills upon Mr. Jagger.
The Farmers [of the Revenue] of Ireland are to attend at the same time.
[Day Book, p. 111.]
July 28.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Isaac Astell's petition is read charging Sir Jo. Shaw and Sir Jo. Wolstenholme et al late Farmers of the Customs with several fraudulent practices in the making up their accompts for the Customs ending 1667. Mr. Astell is ordered to attend on Wednesday next (Aug. 2) to make out (his charge as to) these concealments.
The Lord Treasurer directs Sir John Shaw's docquet and Sir John Wolstenholme's for the [Customs] farm [ending] 1670 to be delivered out [to them] as the rest of their partners' [docquets have been].
Mr. Rider called in. The Lord Treasurer acquaints him that the King expects the remaining 20,000l. [loan in the form of advance money from the Irish Revenue Farmers] and that process will issue for it and their covenants will be sued. Mr. Rider says he will give his Lordship an account of all matters as soon as he is arrived in Ireland. He desires my Lord would sign their docquets for their security on the quit rents. The Lord Treasurer refuses to sign them till the 20,000l. be first paid.
Mr. Morrison and Ludwell are called in with Mris. Bland. The Lord Treasurer demands of these Agents of Virginia the reason why Mr. Bland is dismissed without application [being first made] to his Lordship. They answer that he is restored to his employment again. My Lord Treasurer to dictate minutes for a letter to the Governor of Virginia upon the occasion of dismissing Mr. Bland. The Customs Commissioners [are] to consider Mr. Bland's power which the [Virginia] Agents conceive extends only to the collecting the duty of 1d. per pound of such ships that come not for England and that the Governor is under a penalty of 1,000l. for entering and clearing of all ships that come for England or go elsewhere.
Sir John Bancks lends 6,000l. to be repaid the 24th of Oct. out of the Customs [with interest] at the rate of 6 per cent. and the gratuity [the rate of which latter he agrees shall be] submitted to the Lord Treasurer.
A letter to be written to Mr. Mounteney to make payment according to direction.
[Treasury Minute Book V, p. 204, Day Book p. 111.]
July 29. Mr. Lane's petition [is to be included among] the papers for the King on Sunday.
A memorandum of the Earl of Ailesbury's business also [is to be put on the King's papers.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 205.]
July 31. Monday. Mr. Culliford to attend this day with the Customs Commissioners.
[Day Book, p. 111.]