Minute Book: August 1676

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August 1676

Aug. 1. Tuesday. Mr. Dashwood and Mr. Vincent, Major Huntington, Sir John James and Mr. Dawson and also the Attorney General [are to attend this day] in the afternoon.
Aug. 1. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Vincent, Mr. Dashwood, Major Huntington [are called in]. The Lord Treasurer acquaints Mr. Vincent that unless early care be taken a great arrear may lie unsecured (of 125,900l.) in the hands of the present Farmers of Excise at the expiration of their farm and therefore his Lordship desires to be out of pain in this particular. Mr. Vincent desires to know how the Farmers can be 125,900l. in debt at the end of their farm. My Lord Treasurer reads a state of it. Mr. Vincent desires a copy of that state [which request is] granted. [Ordered that] the Attorney General be attended by Major Huntington with all the bonds and papers relating to the security. The Lord Treasurer gives Mr. Vincent [and his partners] a short day to give in their answer for the securing the King's rent. My Lord demands Mr. Dashwood to sign. He is unwilling to do it (he says). Mr. Dashwood moves that interest may be allowed for paying the King's money before it be due and then the King's rent will be well secured. Mr. Dashwood consents to his being in the farm and then he will seal and prays my Lord Treasurer will stand by him that he may have no disturbance. He then sealed the bond of general covenants. My Lord Treasurer directs Major Huntington to acquaint the Farmers that no disturbance be given to Mr. Dashwood in the office.
The [Excise] Commissioners [are ordered] to receive no notes from anybody for the payment of the Excise but only from Mr. Duncombe, until further order. In the margin : Done [meaning : notice accordingly given to said Commissioners].
Mr. Duncombe to lend 14,000l. [into the Exchequer] and the week after [he is to lend a further] 6,000l.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 205.]
Aug. 4. Friday. Mr. Pratt to be heard in the afternoon [of this day] about his pretensions to the [office of] woodward of New Forest
[Day Book, p. 111.]
Aug. 10. The Lord Treasurer to speak with the Lord Chancellor and the Attorney General touching the docquet for the quit rents in Ireland.
The Lord Treasurer to move the King about Mr. Paston's pension : whether to be paid [in] full.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 206.]
Aug. 12. The Lord Treasurer to move the King concerning Mris. Thornhill's money in the bankers' hands.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer to appoint a short day to hear Wadlow's business.
Mr. Shales to wait on the Earl of Inchiquin concerning payment of the postponed debt for the garrison of Tangier.
To know if Mr. Pepys will furnish the 8,000l. for Tangier or if my Lords [the Lord Treasurer] must help him.
The [Navy] yards to be paid.
Whereas Friday the 25th of this instant August was the day appointed by my Lord Treasurer to receive proposals for farming of the whole Excise for three years to commence from the expiration of the present farm, these are to give notice that his Lordship hath adjourned the same until Monday the second day of October next in the forenoon when his Lordship will be ready at the Treasury Chambers in Whitehall to receive such proposals as shall be then made for farming of the said duty. In the margin : This is put off to the 30th day of Oct. next. (See under date 1676 Sept. 20 infra p. 76).
The Wardrobe to have 8,000l. for the half year ending at Midsummer.
The Works [to have] 2,700l. to complete the last year.
The Ordnance [to have] 10,000l. [to complete their ordinary for the year] to end at Midsummer last : and [to have] 2,497l. more for [Ordnance] stores for Virginia.
About 8,000l. [is to be issued for] salaries [payable in the Exchequer and] due at Midsummer [last].
All [the above are directed] to be paid out of the Customs over and above the weekly payments [due out of the Customs] and [they are to be charged upon or met] by the Michaelmas account [of the Customs].
[Order for] 50,000l. to the Ordnance for extraordinaries [to be paid] by tallies on the Customs payable 20,000l. by the Customs of the East India ships, 20,000l. on the next vintage wine bonds viz. the first [5,000l. in hand from such bonds] and [then] every other [or alternate] 5,000l. [thereof till the said 20,000l. be made up] and 10,000l. [on ] payable in August 1677.
[Order for] 5,451l. for Post [Office] defalcations. [To be charged] on the small branches [of the revenue].
[Order for] 3,777l. for the Jewel Office. [To be charged] on the Hearthmoney [farm rent due] in March 1676-7.
[Order for] 375l. for the Surveyor of the [King's] highways. [To be charged] on the same fund [as above].
[Order for] 3,250l. for the Duke of York, for [the Province of] New York. [To be] by tallies on the Excise.
[Order for] 343l. for Sir Allan Apsley. [To be charged upon or paid] by some good arrear.
[Order for] 300l. for Sir Robert Southwell. To be paid in money and the remainder [due to him is to be charged] on the Law [duty]. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant and letter of direction accordingly sent to the Auditor of the Receipt].
[Order for] 2,800l. for Mr. Montague. [To be charged] on the Hearthmoney [farm rent due] in March. The like marginal note.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 206-7.]
Aug. 18. Friday. Sir George Downing to attend in the afternoon of this day [concerning the accounts of the Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados].
Mris. Oliver [her business to be considered this day] upon Sir Charles Harbord's report.
[Day Book, p. 111.]
Aug. 18.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Pratt called in about the caveat entered by him against Mr. Dickens' warrant [for the place of] woodward of New Forest. The Lord Treasurer acquaints him that he must live upon the place and he agrees to it. The Lord Treasurer to know the King's pleasure in this matter when he waits upon the King the next time.
Sir John Shaw called in upon an information exhibited against him by one Astell who suggests several foul practices committed by him [in the matter of his, said Shaw's, accompts] when he was a Farmer of the Customs from 1665 to 1667. Mr. Astell himself comes in and presents a paper of particulars [relating to the Customs accounts] in the port of Colchester amounting to 440l. 5s. 6d.
Robt. Stephens to have 20l. for the discovering of several libels especially that which is called Jenks' speech.
The Lord Treasurer advises Mr. Astell to show to his counsel the privy seal for the [abovesaid late Customs] Farmers' discharge and acquaints him that the accompts are ready to be passed and therefore he must give his resolution whether he will further proceed.
A letter to be written to the present Farmers of the Barbados [Four and a Half per cent.] duty to acquaint them that the Lord Treasurer desires to re-assume the farm and to let it to new Farmers, praying their answer thereto forthwith. Mr. Tirwhitt agrees in behalf of the [said] Farmers that there be a warrant to the Customs Commissioners to suffer the [said] Farmers to land their goods and to be put into a warehouse and that the Commissioners have one key and the Farmers' agents another, till the matter of accompts be agreed [upon mutually]. The accounts of the Four and a Half per cent. duty lately sent from Barbados by Sir Jonathan Atkins and received [in London] the 3rd of August instant [are ordered] to be sent forthwith to Mr. Scutt and [to] the other merchants appointed to inspect the Farmers' books and they are to certify the Lord Treasurer their observations on those books of accounts.
The goldsmiths are called in. They desire an order to the auditor to carry on their accounts from the 1st of July 1674 to the 1st of Jan. next. The Lord Treasurer desires them first to give in each their own account [stating in each case] what six per cent. comes to at [compound interest computed to every] six month [end], what at every twelve month [end] and what at simple interest. They undertake to do it and to present it to his Lordship.
A warrant for 320l. per an. to Mr. Rose : to be placed on the establishment of the Works.
One of the [Customs] Commissioners [is] to attend on Monday next with the report on Capt. Wetwang's [petition]. The Lord Treasurer to know the King's pleasure concerning his 500l. privy seal in consideration of his voyage to Schetland at Xmas, and taking an East India prize.
The Lord Treasurer to know the King's pleasure concerning the Duchess of Portsmouth's 1,379l. 10s. 0d. [payable] to the Earl of Sunderland and 1,500l. [in part] of 3,500l. due unto herself.
The business of Mr. Smith's account for the Great Park at Windsor is referred to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to state [and to decide as to said Smith's request] for the allowance of fees [paid by him on warrants payable to him] in the Exchequer.
Memorandum : that these words ("which are for his own proper use and not intended for merchandize") are to be omitted in all future warrants [directed to the Customs Commissioners] for delivery of goods. [Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 207-9.]
Aug. 22. The King thinks it too late for the Earl of Plymouth to go to the Campaign this year.
Mr. Clerk's petition for making his term [of lease] in Moulsey [up to] 99 years [is] granted.
Query : if [in case] the Earl of Ailesbury may have a lease for 99 years from the Crown of the particulars desired in his petition, whether that will satisfy his Lordship the advowsons being excepted [out of the grant] ?.
Mr. Paston to be paid the full of his pension.
Mrs. Thornton to be paid half a year according to the order : the other half [to be paid her as of the King's] free gift and bounty because of her going into France for her health. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant sent to the Exchequer].
Mr. Cha. Bertie to have a privy seal for 20,000l. [for] secret service. The like marginal note.
The state of all the Receivers' cases [accounts] is to be shewn to the Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Veel to be discharged, Sir Robert Viner first giving consent under his hand.
Mr. Dickens to proceed in his grant and the caveat to be withdrawn, his Majesty designing some other compensation to Mr. Pratt.
The Lord Treasurer to speak with Mr. Kent about 2l. per cent. for the money advanced to the Forces and unpaid the 1st of Jan. last.
The Lord Lieutenant to propose some way for the satisfaction of Mris. Willughby and that she do not interfere with the present establishment for this year.
[Ibid. p. 209.]
Aug. 23. Saturday. Sir William Thomson to attend at Wallingford House at 10 in the forenoon of this day.
[Day Book, p. 112.]
Aug. 23. Visct. Falkland to have 100l. upon his pension of 300l. per an.
The remainder of M N's tallies struck for 4,500l. [is] to be paid out of the first money received of the Law duty.
Process against Mr. Northcott, Receiver of the subsidy for Devon is ordered to be suspended. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant sent to the King's Remembrancer].
Lord Berkeley's fourth quarter [on his ordinary amounting for the quarter to the sum] of 1,300l. [for the thirteen weeks] ending the 7th of Oct. next [is ordered to be] placed on the Hearthmoney [farm rent due] in March next. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter of direction sent to the Auditor of the Receipt].
Sir William Bassett's 1,000l. and Capt. Wetwang's 500l. are to be paid out of the Law duty in course after the tallies already struck thereon. The like marginal note.
The Lord Treasurer will hear the business relating to the Barbados [Four and a Half per cent. duty] farm at his next sitting at the Treasury Chambers before any other business.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 210.]
Aug. 30. "Whereas His Majesty hath been lately pleased to direct the payment of the summe of 100l. upon a patent by which 200l. per an. annuity was granted unto Dorothy my wife by the name of Dorothy Howard as one of the Maids of Honour to the Queen's Majesty I doe hereby declare and agree that I doe receive the said sum of 100l. as interest for the sum of 2,000l. which his Majesty is pleased to give to my said wife as her marriage portion : and I doe hereby acknowledge that the said yearly annuity of 200l. is noe more to be paid unto my said wife as such and that whatsoever I shall receive upon or by virtue of the said patent I doe hereby declare that the same shall be received and acknowledged by mee for and as part of the said sum of 2,000l. and the interest thereof." Witness my hand this 30th day of August 1676. J. Grahme.
Agreed by Mr. Bertie with Mr. Duncomb on behalf of Col. Whitley that [on Bertie] exchanging [giving to Duncombe in exchange] tallies on the Excise payable six months hence for the sum of 5,451l. 19s. 7d. [which sum is] due to said Whitley for Post [Office] defalcations and [on Bertie giving him] also tallies for so much more as shall make up the said sum [into] 10,000l. he [Whitley] will lend as much (4,548l. 0s. 5d.) as shall make up the said sum [into] 10,000l. reserving only in his hands the interest for 6 months at 8 per cent. for 6,500l. which by a medium is the sum for which interest ought to be paid : the 5,451l. 19s. 7d. to be paid out of the small branches [of the revenue] in course as the money [therefrom] shall come in.
[Ibid. pp. 210-11.]