Minute Book: September 1676

Pages 72-77

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September 1676

Sept. 1. I, George Pley, senr., collector of his Majesty's Customs in the port of Weymouth having stated my account with the Comptroller General of his Majesty's Customs whereby I am charged with the balance of 2,527l. 5s. 7d. as due till Lady Day 1676 upon the Customs doe owne the same to be a good account save as to 94l. 10s. 0d. surcharged on me for which [latter item] my petition is now depending before my Lord Treasurer and I undertake and promise to satisfy and clear the said balance by Michaelmas 1677. Witness my hand, George Pleye, senr. William Lownds, witness.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 211.]
Sept. 6. Capt. Crowe's petition to command the yawl ("yall") attending the Queenborough smack is dismissed.
Sept. 8. Col. Legg's warrant is to be filled up for half a year [of his salary] and [the money is] to be written for [to the Customs Cashier requesting him to pay same into the Exchequer to meet said Legg's warrant].
[Ibid. p. 214.]
Sept. 14. The 400l. in the Exchequer for Healing medals is to be issued and 200l. more [is to be] sent for [to be paid into the Exchequer by the Customs Cashier].
Mr. Stephens to be written to to pay the Spragg frigate out of money in his hands.
Tallies [are ordered] to be struck upon the Excise for 5,000l. for the Navy.
Mr. Warner to be paid his interest.
Margarett Frazier to be paid in full, abating one quarter.
Andrew Lawrence to be paid according to the suspension.
Sept. 20. Petitions read [and orders thereon made as follows].
The King's and Queen's footmen for half a year's salary due at Midsummer last. To be paid.
Francis Hawksworth for one year's pension and a dormant warrant. Granted.
George Howland for the place of Register of the Excise. To be re-heard.
Ambrose Norton for 2,786l. 16s. 3d. [to be paid] by the Receiver of Suffolk. To be considered at the Treasury Chambers.
Mr. Man for 199l. Dismissed.
Randolph Wilmer for his fee. To be paid with the rest.
Christina Cooper for her pension. The scheme [of Exchequer payment is] to be observed.
Officers of the Prize Office. To be considered at London.
Richard Champion for further consideration for his house at Greenwich. Dismissed.
Isabella Yeoman for a lease. Not a fit time to be considered.
Edward Progers for a lease. The King grants no manors.
Earl Marshal. Dismissed.
Marcus Browne et al for their loss in farming the Irish Customs. Dismissed.
The Commissioners of St. Paul's Church for ragstones.
Fitz Simons for salary and board wages. To be paid [like the rest as is laid down] by the scheme [of Exchequer payments].
John Wheldon for 240l. salary or to be restored to his surveyor's place. Dismissed.
Julian Bradford for a place for her brother. Dismissed.
John Berington for a place. Dismissed.
Col. Molineux for a report on the pre fines. Dismissed.
Tho. Killegrew, for his pensions. To be paid [as laid down] by the scheme [of Exchequer payments].
Hearthmoney Farmers, for defalcations for [taxes lost from houses consumed by] fires. To be heard at the Treasury Chambers.
Nicho. Warren to have [his] bonds delivered up according to what has been levied &c. To be relieved.
John Banister for 700l. to be paid him by the Receiver of Suffolk. Dismissed.
Henry Goby [praying] to be waiter at Poole. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
John Bradley for his arrears. Dismissed.
William Christian for the reversion of his place to his son. Dismissed.
Eliz. Oliver [for her salary] as housekeeper at Ludlow &c. To be considered at the Treasury Chambers.
Mr. Wolsely et al for continuance of their salary till four years' accounts be made up. Dismissed.
The relict of Henry Thomas for his pension. Dismissed.
Sir Robt. Atkins for his 6d. per to be allowed. To be heard at the Treasury Chambers.
Robt. Lobb for a bastard's estate. The matter to be heard.
Col. Pierson for a pension. To be considered at London.
Francis Tyrwhit about 8,400l. The Lord Treasurer to speak with the Earl of Ranelagh about it.
Nicho. Aldridg about spoils in New Forest. A commission to be sent.
Mr. Lawrence for 1,000l. on two orders. Dismissed.
John Hingeston for 100l. To be paid by Mr. Bertie.
Antho. Vane for [payment of] money [due to him] out of Sir Edw. Griffin's Office and the Great Wardrobe. Dismissed.
Thomas Browne for salary. Dismissed.
Oliver Gregory for 250l. and 300l. Dismissed.
Mr. Royston for stationary wares. Dismissed.
Mr. Worrall for houses at Greenwich. To enquire of this.
Kirwood and Hind for 1,000l. Mr. Stephens to attend my Lord Treasurer about it.
John Ashbourne [praying] to be enlarged [from prison]. To be heard at the Treasury Chambers.
Thomas Harris [praying] to be assaymaster of the Mint. To be considered at London.
The case of the Chapel [Royal] music [musicians]. "To be paid a quarter on some fund and the current year."
Henry Rumsy about lead seized. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Dorothy Robinson for [recompense for] the loss [? by her late husband Henry Robinson] of the Post Office [? farm]. Dismissed.
Richard Mostyn for several allowances. To be heard at the Treasury Chambers.
Thomas Carter "for carrying proclamations in Wales." Dismissed.
William Burgess for 700l. Dismissed unless he can find a way [a fund] for payment without charging the Receipt.
Earl of Kinnoul concerning the Four and a Half per cent. To be heard at the Treasury Chambers.
Creditors of the Earl of Plymouth. To be laid before the Lord Treasurer [when returned] at London.
Dr. Troutbeck. The Lord Treasurer to know what has been paid to him in his Lordship's time [of acting as Lord Treasurer].
William Gawen's assigns. To be heard at the Treasury Chambers.
Sir Charles Windham for his pension. To be paid according to the scheme.
William Morgan for 285l. Dismissed.
Roger L'Estrange for alterations in his patent. To be heard [when my Lord is back] at London.
John Baptista Vanderhoven for interest. To be considered.
Cornwall and Aubrey [praying] to be discharged. My Lord will acquaint the King and receive his Majesty's directions.
John Batcheller, keeper of the setting dogs. To be paid according to the scheme.
The Master of the Tents &c. To have the benefit of the late scheme as to their allowances.
John Wynyard for 40l. Dismissed.
Samuel Rumley for 24l. Dismissed.
Dugdale, Collins and Gaywood for salary. Dismissed.
Tho. Sutton for registering free ships. [He is] to petition the King in Council.
Commissioners of Appeals in Excise [praying] not to be taxed for their Office. To be discharged [from such assessment] and the opinion of counsel to be returned to the [Assessment] Commissioners for Middlesex.
Geo. Hacket for registering a ship. To be referred to the Customs Commissioners and if [she be] a prize [then she is] to be [made] free.
Anne Langford for money for keeping sick and wounded. Dismissed.
Antho. Sturt [praying] to be settled on the [King's] Household establishment for interest &c. The Lord Treasurer to speak with the Cofferer [of the Household] and others of the Greencloth about it.
Lady Oneby about messengers' places in the Exchequer. The case to be heard.
Sarah Eccleston for 17 days' pay to her husband. To be paid.
Christopher Cresswell [praying] to be reversionary searcher at Gravesend. Granted already to Mr. Billing &c.
Richard Marratt [praying] to be a watchman. Granted.
John de Grave and also Henry Daniel the Constable, about abuses in seizing goods. To be heard together.
Dean and Canons of Windsor. Dismissed.
Yeomen of the Guard. Must have patience.
Thomas Pearle for time [in which] to pay [his] money. Granted if the security please the Customs Commissioners.
Constable of Winchcomb. Despatched.
Mary Hagedot for defalcation in her husband's accounts. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
William Man, sword bearer [to the city] for [remuneration for] soliciting the Eighteen Months' tax in London. [He is] to be shewed the report [on his petition] and to give his answer [thereto].
Sir Nicho. Armorer et al for compensation for [the forfeiture of] their patent for prosecuting of wool bonds. Report made.
The Gentlemen and Yeomen Harbingers for 800l. for riding wages. 400l. granted.
Sir Nicho. Armorer about building ships in Ireland. To be reported.
Walter Lapp for 250l. [He must have] patience.
The Irish [Revenue] Farmers' docquet for the lease of the quit rents [is] to be put into the papers for the King.
The Duke of York to be paid 375l. by Mr. Bertie [out of the money in Bertie's hands intended for or] as secret service [money].
Mr. Brisban to be paid immediately 500l. for equipage and 273l. for 3 months' advance [of ordinary : to be paid] by tally on the Chimney money [farm rent due] in March 1676-7.
Mr. Griffin to be desired to lend 100l. to Mr. Bradley, messenger, on his arrear of 249l. 7s. 6d.
Mr. Hugh May to have 500l. per an. for two years : [payable] out of the revenue of [the Honor of] Windsor.
"Sir Robert Howard's letter for 600l. for managing the tax [is] to be put in the King's papers."
"Whereas Monday the 2nd day of Oct. next was the day appointed by my Lord Treasurer to receive proposals for farming of the whole Excise for three years to commence from the expiration of the present farm, now in regard his Majesty intends to be at Newmarket about that time his Lordship hath thought fit to adjourn the same until Monday the 30th day of the same month in the forenoon, when his Lordship will be ready at the Treasury Chambers in Whitehall to receive such proposals as shall be then made for farming the said duty." Wallingford House, Sept. 20. Signed, Cha. Bertie.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 215-9, 212.]
Sept. 28. The Lord Treasurer directs that the Irish Revenue Farmers' docquets for the quit rents be given out to them.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 219.]
Sept. 30. The Lord Treasurer directs that a letter be written to the Commissioners of the Navy (in answer to their letter of the 25th inst.) to advise them that the Lord Treasurer is desirous they should proceed upon the extraordinary repairs and that he will suddenly let them have 20,000l. for stores whereof 5,000l. for imprests, and 15,000l. in November and 15,000l. more in December in all 50,000l. by the 1st of January for stores to be paid upon bills for stores only : and that they should have 20,000l. in wine bonds to repay what they have used of their weekly money for imprests and to be applied to their other list.
The Lord Treasurer will also supply 12,800l. to pay another quarter of the yards.
[Order for] 1,500l. upon Mr. Bertie's privy seal for secret service [: to be for] D. L. [Duke of Lauderdale and to be paid] by tallies upon the Chimney money [farm rent due] in Sept. 1677.
[Ibid. p. 219.]