Minute Book: October 1676

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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October 1676

Oct. 2. Monday. The Attorney General and the Excise Commissioners are to attend at the Treasury Chambers at 4 o'clock in the afternoon [of this day]. [Day Book p. 112.]
Oct. 2.
Wallingford House, Monday.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
The Excise Commissioners and Farmers of Excise are called in concerning the payment of interest from the quarter days to the days of grace. Mr. Keck says firstly the Farmers have forfeited the interest of their advance money by the failure of payment of 405l. : secondly on the Farmers' first lease 180,000l. [was] advanced by the Farmers and one third part of their rent was payable 40 days after the quarter day and the other two thirds by ... [rest of the page left blank].
[Ibid. p. 220.]
Oct. 23. The Secretary [to the Treasury is] to take the Lord Treasurer's directions for an order of 2,000l. out of the Portugal money : [same to be] for Mr. May. [Ibid. p. 221.]
Oct. 24. Mr. Parry to attend in the morning [of this day] about the Portugal money. [Day Book p. 112.]
Oct. 24. Mr. Roger Charnock to have a quarter as serjeant at arms and another [quarter] as a king's waiter London port. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrants drawn].
The new Royal Foundation [of King's mathematical boys at Christ's Hospital is] to have 250l. for last Michaelmas quarter. The like marginal note.
[Order for] 750l. to the Earl and Countess, of Bristol for Michaelmas quarter : to be by tally on the Tenths. The like marginal note. [Treasury Minute Book V. p. 221.]
Oct. 25. Wednesday. The officers of the Works to attend at the Treasury Chamber in the morning of this day : and Alderman Backwell and Mr. Parry.
The Receivers of the Law Duty to attend.
[Day Book p. 112.]
Oct. 25.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Sir Jno. Ernle.
Lady Wych's case to be stated and represented to the King.
Sir Edm. Wyndham's petition [is to be included among] the papers for the King.
The Lord Treasurer to receive the King's pleasure touching Sir Charles Windham's arrear of pension as Page of Honour.
Lady Dallison [her case is left to the King] for his Majesty's bounty.
The Lord Treasurer to move the King that the poor prize officers may be paid out of the secret service money [there] being but 127l. 10s. 0d. due amongst them all.
The Lord Treasurer to move the King in Council this day concerning Lady Wych's pension as one of the Queen's dressers.
Mr. Charles Porter to be spoken with concerning Mr. Wadlow's accompts due upon the 310,000l. Wine Act to see what information he can give us therein.
A supersedeas [is to be issued] to the sheriff of Yorkshire to a distringas ad computandum against the Commissioners for the three months' assessments granted in 1660 for a super of 71l. 8s. 10d. set upon Robt. Vynell, a collector of the said tax in that county. In the margin : Done.
Process to be issued against Edw. Arden, the Receiver of the Revenue of the bishopric of Durham sede vacante, for not accompting and paying [in] the money he has received. In the margin : Done.
Mr. Parry and Mr. Alderman Backwell are called in about the [Queen's dowry or] Portugal money lately brought over [amounting to] 10,000 milreis. Mr. Parry says 'tis 5,300l. [sterling] or 37,500 crowns. Mr. Alderman Backwell agrees that it is that sum but says 'tis consigned to him at his risgo and therefore he ought to have an allowance. Alderman Backwell promises to carry this 5,300l. into the Exchequer and to pass his accompt.
[The Secretary of the Treasury is] to receive the Lord Treasurer's directions for 2,000l. to Mr. May for [works at] Windsor.
The demands of the Ordnance to be satisfied.
The Lord Treasurer to give directions to the Secretary to the Treasury about the Duke of Ormonde's assignment in Ireland.
The payment of the Tower expenses [bills for keeping and diet of prisoners &c. is] to be directed according to the order of Council for suspensions.
The sheriff of the city is to be spoken with concerning their four clerk sitters who refuse to pay the Law Duty.
Sir Robert Howard [auditor of the Receipt in all [his] certificates [to the Lord Treasurer is] to say how much [has been paid on any particular item in question] in my Lord Danby's time of acting as Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Rose the King's gardener is to be paid in full by special directions from the King.
[The Secretary to the Treasury is] to shew the Lord Treasurer what his Lordship has paid in his time to the Earl of Nottingham and then my Lord Treasurer will give some directions in said Earl's business.
"Mr. Burnett's business and papers in" the Lord Treasurer's hands.
Order for 1,500l. to Secretary Coventry for secret service and 100l. [per an. for his] fee payable in the Exchequer.
Same for 1,000l. to Secretary Williamson for secret service and 100l. per an. ditto [for same].
[Order for] 3,670l. for the Leeward Islands for Col. Stapylton : by order of [the Privy] Council.
Ordnance demands.
Memorandum for the Works.
Receivers of the Law Duty.
[Warrant for] 1,316l. 8s. 9d. [for] Sir Rich. Hatton for his land at the Blockhouse.
Warrant for 2,600l. to Mr. Le Gouch [for the] jewel [presented to the] Polish [ambassador].
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 221, 227.]
Oct. 26. Lady Marischal to have 150l. for one quarter.
The Earl of Ranelagh's and Lord Hatton's pensions [are] to be paid.
"Sir Sam Moreland's half pension to be paid for Michaelmas quarter and the tallies to be directed to be struck accordingly."
Mr. Polsteede's business to be suspended till Scrass one of his securities who now sues His Majesty be discoursed with.
Charged on the Hearthmoney [farm rent due] on the 15th March, 1676-7.
s. d.
To the Treasurer of the Ordnance per Sir William Prichard 2,147 0 0
To Mr. Pepys for Tangier to complete the quarter ending Lady Day, 1676 8,900 0 0
To the Works 2,370 0 0
To Sir Tho. Morgan 2,002 18 6
To Andr. Lawrence 474 0 0
To Nathl. Bradly 50 0 0
To. Sir Tho. Higgons 566 5 0
To Sir Leolin Jenkins 1,300 0 0
To Mr. Legouch 1,000 0 0
and 1,030 0 0
To Mr. Mountague for his equipage and a quarter's advance of ordinary 2,800 0 0
To Sir Martin Wescomb 364 0 0
To Mr. Pepys [for Tangier] for the quarter ending at Midsummer, 1676 14,300 0 0
To Lord Berkeley 1,706 3 6
To Andr. Lawrence 375 0 0
To Lord Berkeley 300 0 0
To Sir Rob. Vyner for the Jewel House 1,889 5 6
To Lord Berkeley 1,300 0 0
To Mr. Martin, Consul 50 0 0
To Mr. Brisband 773 0 0
To Sir Tho. Higgons 915 0 0
To Mr. Perwich 364 0 0
To Sir Edw. Wood 910 0 0
To Sir William Swan 546 0 0
To Sir Jon. Paul 546 0 0
To Sir Martin Wescomb 366 0 0
To Mr. Bertie 2,000 0 0
To Mr. Hide 910 0 0
To Mr. Bradley 50 0 0
To Mr. Chudleigh 418 0 0
To Sir Leolin Jenkins 1,300 0 0
To Sir Rich. Bulstrode 455 0 0
To Mr. Bertie in part of his order for 10,000l. for secret service 3,000 0 0
To Sir John Robinson 768 0 0
To Mr. Pepys for Tangier 8,000 0 0
To Mr. Packer for the Mews 500 0 0
To Mr. Mountague 1,300 0 0
To Lord Colepeper 750 0 0
Mris. Intz and others for the 'Greyhound' Inn in Newmarket 1,050 0 0
[Ditto] on the Hearthmoney [farm rent due in] Sept. 1677.
s. d.
To Tangier for the quarter ended Sept. 30, 1676 13,833 15 0
To Mr. Montague 3,310 0 0
and interest, about 50 0 0
More to Mr. Griffin 3,315 0 0
Mr. Bertie 3,630 0 0
To the Works 5,420 0 0
For the Leeward Islands (Mr. Bradshaw to deliver the tallies) 3,678 7 0
Tower expenses 768 0 0
To Mr. Bertie more 2 Oct. 1676 1,500 0 0
To Sir Edw. Griffin for the Harbingers 400 0 0
To the bishop of Chester 150 0 0
To Mr. Bradly 50 0 0
To Mr. Pepys for Tangier 5,833 15 0
To Sir Leoline Jenkins (dated 19 Jan. 1676-7 for quarter's ordinary ending Mar. 11, 1676-7) 1,300 0 0
Mr. Pepys for the Earl of Inchiquin 865 0 0
Mr. Skelton 336 10 0
more 455 0 0
Sir Martin Westcombe 364 0 0
[Ditto on the Hearthmoney farm rent due] on the 15th March, 1676-7.
s. d.
Lady Lockhart 1,453 8 6
Mr. Bertie D.P. [? for the Duchess of Portsmouth] 3,000 0 0
Charge on the Law Duty.
To the Treasurer of the Chamber 3,500 0 0
To Sir Robt. Southwell 523 0 0
To Mr. Blathwayte 112 10 0
To Capt. Wetwang 500 0 0
To Sir William Basset 1,000 0 0
To the Treasurer of the Chamber 7,500 0 0
To Mr. Bertie for secret service [for the] Speaker 2,000 0 0
Mr. Legouch 2,600 0 0
Sir Richard Hatton, principal and interest (fn. 1) 1,360 3 6
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 222-4.]
Oct. 27.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Sir John Ernele.
Roger Williams, Coleby, Gore and Browne are to attend the Lord Treasurer to-morrow morning about Col. Jeffreys' agreement with them for clothes [for the soldiers going to Virginia].
Sir Denis Gauden and [Sir Denny] Ashburnham are called in about the victualling. The letter from the Navy Commissioners is read. The Lord Treasurer will take some time to return an answer to the Victuallers' demand.
The Earl of Bath desires that no privy seal may pass to discharge Mr. Finch, Mr. Wingate or Sir Denny Ashburnham, Commissioners of Excise, till they pay his order of 1,000l. directed on them, whereon seven years' interest is due and 120l. paid. Mr. Finch and Sir Denny say that the King has remitted and given away the money by which the two pences should come to them. The Lord Treasurer directs them to attend him with a state of their account on Friday the 3rd Nov. in order to a final determination.
Mr. Underhill on the dormant letters patent is to have the sums ordered by His Majesty : [to be paid] by tally on the sheriff.
The Surveyors of the Woods [Trent South] are called in : say the Commission [for inquiry as to New Forest spoils &c.] is superseded. The Attorney General to advise how the several claims in New Forest may be determined under which most of the spoils are committed. [The Secretary of the Treasury] to know what lease the Marquess of Winchester has in Lindhurst. The Attorney General is of opinion the King ought to proceed against offenders in the Forest by information, quo warranto or such other way as the case shall require and Mr. Strode is to bring in the names of the great offenders. A list of all the officers is to be delivered to the Lord Treasurer by the Lord Warden of New Forest and Mr. Strode viz. their names, offices, what estates they hold and in whose gifts [their offices are]. The Lord Treasurer agrees to allow 100l. for the charges of the Commission. The Attorney General to be attended with the articles [of instruction] and the Chancellor of the Exchequer with the names of those propounded for Commissioners. No officer of the forest to be nominated and a letter [to be written] to acquaint the Lord Warden of the forest therewith.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 227-8.]
Oct. 28. His Majesty directed as follows :
That the Lady Wiche be paid half a year on her pension.
That Sir Edmond Wyndham's petition for his allowance for lodging be delivered to the Lord Chamberlain.
That Sir Charles Windham be paid his pension as others [are].
That the Lady Dallison have 50l. [as royal] bounty.
The poor prize officers to have 127l. 10s. 0d. out of secret service money.
The order for stopping ships going to Virginia, Maryland or Barbados to be called for from [the Privy] Council.
The Lord Treasurer to be judge of Mr. Lownds's reward for the good service by him done as to defalcations pretended by the Coffee [sub-] farmers.
The commencement of Mr. May's 500l. per an. for 2 years [is ordered by the King] to commence from the time the work began at Windsor.
Mr. Evans' petition for the office of Surveyor of the Melting in the Tower is to be further considered.
[Ibid. p. 228.]
Oct. 29. Present : The King, Lord Treasurer &c.
"The Lords are desired to meet on Wednesday morning by 9 of the clock."
Monday following is appointed for all persons, every proposer, to have the answer [to their respective proposals concerning the farm of the Excise and of the Four and a Half per cent. duty] and in the mean time they may mend their proposals.
[Ibid. p. 229.]


  • 1. The items in the above three accounts (of warrants charged in advance on the Hearthmoney and the Law duty) do not all fall on or before the date of the day's minutes (Oct. 26) under which they are included. It is evident that these pages of the Minute Book were left open or probably blank, and as later orders or assignments were made the items were totted down so that the Secretary to the Treasury could see the total at any moment of such ante-dated assignments on these two branches of the revenue.