Minute Book: November 1676

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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November 1676

Nov. 2. The Lord Treasurer directs that Mr. Henry Browne, Mr. Roger Williams, Mr. John Gore and Mr. Philip Coleby be paid 1,094l. 6s. 11d. presently out of money in Mr. Stephens's hands being a third part of what is due to them for clothes forwarded for the soldiers going to Virginia, upon which payment they are to deliver the whole quantity of cloths provided and are to receive the remainder of their money by two equal payments, the first to be a month from this day and the other a month after that. Further 58l. 6s. 8d. for contingencies is to be immediately paid to Col. Jeffreys by Mr. Stephens.
[Ibid. p. 224.]
Nov. 3.
The Earl of Kinnoul's pretension is to be heard this day as to his pension claimed out of the Four and a Half per cent. duty at Barbados.
[Day Book p. 112.]
Nov. 6.
The Lord Treasurer to speak with the Customs Commissioners about [Customs] officers to be appointed for New England.
Mr. [Baptist] May to have 217l. 14s. 8d. remainder of an order for 2,000 for Healing medals.
[Order for] 2,500l. of the Queen's portion [money] now in the Exchequer to be issued to Mr. Roberts for the work at Windsor.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 225, 229.]
Nov. 7.
The proposals for the Excise and for the Four and a Half per cent. are to be taken into consideration on the forenoon [of this day] at the Treasury Chambers.
[Day Book p. 113.]
Nov. 8.
Sir Robert Howard, Sir Charles Harbord, Sir George Downing and Auditor Aldworth are to meet at the Treasury Chambers in the forenoon [of this day] about the bankers' business.
Sir Denny Ashburnham and Mr. Finch are to accompt about the Excise.
Nov. 10.
Mr. Coxe and others assigns of William Gawen [are to be this day] touching an order on fee farms.
Young Sir Robert Atkins [to be heard this day on his petition], for an allowance of 6d. per for money paid in upon the Law Duty according to his privy seal. [Ibid.]
Nov. 10.
The Lord Treasurer directs the payments following to be made out of the moneys and upon the funds specified as under, viz.
The six weeks' arrear of the weekly payments [to the Navy usually payable] out of the Customs : amounting to 30,600 and 1,000l for the [Naval] Chest [at Chatham]. To be paid by the 31,600l. which Sir Stephen Fox is to lend.
The 30,000l. for stores for the Navy, 2,700l. for the two Secretaries [of State], 368l. 10s. 0d. for the Master of the Hawks, 8,000l. for salaries [those of] the Judges included and 9,000l. for the Victuallers (50,068l. 10s. 0d. in all) to be paid by the Receiver of the Customs over and above the current weekly payments.
The 10,000l. for the Ordnance due at Michaelmas is to be paid by tallies on the Excise.
The 5,420l. for the Works, 3,670 8s. 0d. for the Leeward Islands, 3,600l. for secret service and 768l. for Tower expenses (in all 13,458l. 8s. 0d.) : to be paid by tallies on the Hearthmoney [farm rent due] in Sept, next ; that for the Works to be advanced at interest.
The 1,875l. for the Speaker, 1,200l. for Sir Ri. Hatton and 2,600l. for Mr. Legouch (5,675l. in all) : to be paid by tallies on the Law Duties. (The total of the above payments being 110,801l. 18s. 0d.)
Mr. Sturt's interest and current payment to be in the establishment for the Household.
The Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. are with Mr. Scutt and the [Barbados] merchants to attend on the Chancellor of the Exchequer forthwith.
The Earl of Kinnoul's petition is read for his arrears on the Four and a Half per cent. duty (touching his pretensions to a pension of 1,000l. per an. in lieu of his right to the Barbados and Leeward Islands). The Lord Treasurer directs his pension to be paid from Jan. last according to the order of Council.
Mr. Henshaw to send his [the Earl of Kinnoul's] papers relating to Barbados and the Caribbee Islands to the Lord Treasurer to be perused.
Sir Robert Atkins to attend the Chancellor of the Exchequer with his [Law Duty] account.
The case about the Excise with the Attorney General's opinion is to be included among the papers for the King this afternoon.
The Chapel [Royal] music[ians] are to be paid [in] full from the commencement of the suspension.
Sir Thomas Williams's order of 500l. is to be forthwith satisfied by 250l. per week.
Mrs. [the Misters] Fanshaw to be paid with convenience.
Mr. Bertie to attend the bishop of Sarum upon the letter of Brune Ryves.
Sir Thomas Hook and Mr. Cole to be excused for sheriffs.
Lord Colepeper's debt of 2,000l. is to be paid, viz. 600l. in March [1677-8] and 1,400l. in Sept. 1678 out of the Hearthmoney.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 229-30.]
Nov. 13.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : the King, Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The case of William, Earl of Kinnoul is opened to His Majesty by the said Earl's counsel who insisted that His Majesty in 1663 agreed with said Earl (in consideration of his surrender of the patent for the Barbados and Caribbee Islands granted in the 4th year of Charles I. to James, Earl of Carlisle) to pay to the said Earl of Kinnoul and his heirs 500l. per an. from Midsummer 1663 to Midsummer 1670 and 1,000l. per an. for ever after : of which annuities there is 7,600l. due at Michaelmas last past, 4,250l. whereof is settled by a privy seal and payable out of the Exchequer. The said sum of 7,600l. the said Earl's counsel prayed might be paid or put into a way of being paid in some convenient time and that the growing annuity might be settled and secured to be constantly and certainly paid for the future. Whereupon His Majesty was graciously pleased to declare that his Lordship's case was very hard, but that many other of his subjects were in equal condition with him and that in due time the said arrears should be taken care of, though the present state of His Majesty's affairs would not admit of a present payment. But as to the arrear since January last and the growing payments His Majesty directs the same shall be paid out of the Exchequer in such proportion as by the order of Council made the 28th of January last past is directed.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 225.]
Nov. 15.
Sir Edward Greaves and Mr. Bradshaw to be heard [this day].
[Day Book p. 113.]
Nov. 15. Mr. Sidney Godolphin's petition [is read] for a grant of the office of Auditor of Wales on surrender of Sir William Godolphin. Cannot be granted, being contrary to His Majesty's rules made by my Lord Treasurer's advice.
The Lord Treasurer having this day seen a warrant from the Treasury Commissioners of 4 March 1672-3 for making use of 1,500l. of the Coinage money for the extraordinary service of the Navy and finding the same has not been yet repaid to the use limited by the Coinage Act has thereupon ordered that the said sum of 1,500l. shall be paid [back to the Coinage money account] out of money that shall be brought up by Mr. Mounteney out of the Customs [on the half yearly account of the Customs ending] at Midsummer next.
The Lord Treasurer directs that the tallies for 3,000l. which are in Dr. Taylor's hands and are for so much (over and above the tallies applied to the stated debt of D. P.) upon the revenue by Wine Licences for satisfaction of a debt to the said D. P. [? Duchess of Portsmouth] shall be delivered up to Mr. Bertie who in lieu thereof shall deliver to Dr. Taylor tallies to the like value on the Hearthmoney [farm rent] due 15 March, 1677-8. [Treasury Minute Book V. 214.]
Nov. 17.
Mr. Mounteney to attend in the morning [of this day] with Mr. Shales upon the prize accounts.
Nov. 20.
Treasury Chambers.
The goldsmiths are called in upon their accounts of their debts [owing to them from the King since the stop of the Exchequer]. The Lord Treasurer proposes three queries to them. (1) Whether they expect interest from the King upon orders which bear no interest. To which they answer if the money had been paid in course at the times limited they would not demand any, but being withheld from them they conceive they may in justice insist on it from the time the money came into the Excehquer that should have satisfied them.
(2) Whether they expect interest upon orders bought of private persons without directions. To this they say they did not out of choice deal with private persons whose assignments were generally more remote than those that were more particularly for the King's service.
(3) Whether it be reasonable that they should receive interest upon interest [compound interest] from the King when they have not paid interest every six months to their creditors. [In reply the bankers] propound an expedient that if their creditors will be content to take the king's security (which is to be given them [the Bankers]) they will undertake to make up their account with their creditors every six months.
But upon the whole matter they desired time for every man to bring in a particular of the private orders mentioned in the second query and their reasons to the other particulars.
Heads upon which the Attorney General is to draw articles to be comprehended within his warrant for drawing a commission for Mr. John Baker et al to manage and collect His Majesty's revenue of Excise.
(1) The managers are to be obliged to answer 570,000l. per an. from Midsummer next for both duties [old and Additional] or 455,000l. for the old duty and to account for the overplus.
(2) They are to advance 250,000l. viz. 50,000l. in a fortnight from the 18th inst, 50,000l. at Xmas, 100,000l. at Lady Day and 50,000l. at Midsummer next.
(3) The times of the payment of the ascertained yearly sum [are] to be monthly and quarterly as now it is in [the present Excise Farmers' covenants of] farm.
(4) The interest of the advance money to be 8 per cent. per an. from the time of lending.
(5) The repayment of the advance money is to be settled as now it is in [the present Farmers' covenants of] farm (if they [the new comers] have it for 3 years) or if the King resumes it upon six months notice they are to be first repaid or well secured.
(6) They are to defray all charges of inferior officers for 50,000l per an. They are to be obliged to spend that sum upon inferior officers and to give in a calculation of the charge of officers in each county, and if any counties are farmed so much of the sum of 50,000l. is to be defalked as the charge of such farmed county shall amount unto, provided no such county be farmed but by the consent of the Lord Treasurer or Commissioners of the Treasury for the time being.
(7) "They are to be allowed 4,000l. per an. to secure all arrears, bad debts and other accidents to the King :" [i.e. to secure to the King such arrears, bad debts and incidents].
(8) They submit to such comptrol [of their office and accounts] as the Lord Treasurer shall think fit to establish.
(9) The whole running cash is to be paid [by them into the Exchequer] daily as it comes in.
(10) They are to have 10,000l. per an. to be accompted by way of poundage, accounting the gross sum for both duties to amount to 650,000l. and the gross sum for the old duty alone to 514,000l. per an. or thereabouts and according to those sums the poundage to fall short of or exceed the 10,000l.
(11) The judicial powers [of the Commissioners of Appeals in Excise] to remain as now they do.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 231-2.]
Nov. 21.
The Attorney General to attend [this day] about the Excise undertaking.
[Day Book p. 114.]
Nov. 22.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir John Shaw to have a warrant for 100l. for one year [on his fee] as surveyor of the Act of Navigation.
To look out Sir George Carteret's papers about the Lambhay and other grounds about Plymouth.
The Judges and Masters of Chancery to be paid 3,700l. this week in the first place. In the margin : Done [meaning : warrant drawn].
To put into the King's papers this afternoon the name of Mr. May and Mr. Bayley's case, builder at Bristol. In the margin : Done.
Mr. Newcomb to be recommended to Mr. Baker for printing matters relating to the Excise.
The sum of 179l. 16s. 8d. to be written for to [be brought into the Exchequer from the Customs by] Mr. Mounteney for George Russell, James Russell and Marmaduke Conway, falconers, being to each a year's wages. In the margin : Done [meaning : letter written to Mounteney].
Mr. Marwood, late sheriff of Yorks, is to give an account of all the seizures made upon the convict Recusants which he says were to the number of 2,300l. [sic] and that 1,000l. is now actually in Sir Edmund Jennings' hands which was seized in his shrievalty.
To speak with Mr. D'Oyley about the cost of coining farthings.
[Order for] 250l. for the rent of Villiers' house to be paid.
Capt Read's pension likewise ordered.
Memorandum : to enter the minute of the Earl of Plymouth's debts.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 232-3.]
Nov. 24.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Lord Treasurer directs 500l. more to Sir Edward Hungerford in part of his 2,264l. with interest, being the purchase money of certain grounds taken into the fort of Plymouth. To be paid before Xmas next.
The Earl of Kinnoul's warrant for 500l. is to be satisfied by 250l. out of the Customs this week and 250l. [out of same] the next [week].
Wednesday the 29th inst. next is appointed by the Lord Treasurer to hear Mr. Parsons' charge against Major Huntingdon. They are both to attend in the afternoon.
The Lord Treasurer directs the goldsmiths to deliver in to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on Monday afternoon next their respective answers to the three queries lately made by his Lordship upon their accompts.
The Countess of Newburgh is to be paid her pension in full.
Letters to be written [to the Exchequer and the Customs Cashier respectively] for the payment of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber "as they were last writ."
Mrs. G. [Nell Gwyn] to have 200l. for horses and 162l. 5s. 0d. for passing the patent of the grant of the logwood and the grant of the office of Register in Chancery in reversion after the Earl of St. Albans and [after] Mr. May's life [interest therein]. [Both sums] to be paid by Mr. Bertie out of secret service.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 233.]
Nov. 27.
Mr. Pley and his securities are to attend with the Customs Commissioners [on this day].
Sir John James and Major Huntington are to attend in the morning of this day with the Excise Comptroller's certificate.
[Day Book p. 114.]
Nov. 27. The order for importing 6,000 quarters of barley, 4,000 quarters of oats, 300 of wheat, 200 of pease and 50 of rye into Berwick from Scotland yearly [is ordered] to be renewed till further order. As to the super on the Collector of Berwick for so much as he has paid on exportation of corn process is to be respited against him till further order. As to what corn more has been exported there for which the allowances are not yet paid, when the town shall petition my Lord will consider it.
[In the afternoon].
Major Huntington and Mr. Dawson attending my Lord Treasurer his Lordship demands of them how the state of the Excise [Office running] cash stands and whether they have a sum in their hands for [the equivalent of] which the King pays interest thrice, as has been reported of them. They answer that [on the] 11th Nov. the remainder [balance of running cash in the Office] was 28,232 11s. 1d. of which they have paid by orders for which they have no regular discharge 7,264l. 5s. 8d., due by the [Excise] Farmers' note 394l. 3s. 7d., paid for the Yarmouth fishery [Excise allowance] 160l., and for Office incidents 1,000l., making in all 8,818 9s. 3d., thus leaving a remainder of 19,414l. 1s. 10d., whereof they have made use of some part for paying the Forces, for which they will allow interest payable to the Farmers for running cash and not fail to pay it to the use of the tallies by such time as the rent days come on which the tallies are to be discharged.
The Lord Treasurer directs 186l. to be sent for out of the Customs for Mr. Robt. Lightfoot.
[Treasury Minute Book V. p. 234.]
Nov. 29. Wednesday. The officers of the Works are to attend [the Lord Treasurer this day].
Mr. William Killegrew to attend [on this day] with his proposal about tin.
The Law [duty farm] proposals are to be received [on this day].
[Day Book p. 114.]
Nov. 29.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
A warrant [ordered] for a privy seal for 2,064l. 14s. 6d. to authorise Sir Robert Holmes's disbursements in the fortifications of the Isle of Wight.
Mr. Connop's petition is to be heard on Friday next, Dec. 1, concerning the Forest of Sherwood.
Major Huntington and Mr. Parsons are to attend with their [respective] counsel on Wednesday, Dec. 6.
The Earl of Nottingham to have a quarter of both his pensions now and another quarter after Xmas.
The proposal of Sir William Bassett, Lloyd, Kidwell and Huchings for the farm of the Law Duty is read offering 20,000l. per an. for said duty without advance. The Lord Treasurer disapproves of the proposal because there is no advance offered to secure the rent. The proposers take till Friday next to alter or amend their proposal.
Sir Tho. Williams to have 500l. paid on his order for secret service.
The Robes to be paid the 450l. as was formerly directed on May 5 last.
[Treasury Minute Book V. pp. 234-5.]