Minute Book: July 1678

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5, 1676-1679. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July 1678

July 2.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Edward Noel, Lord Warden of New Forest, Attorney General. Attending : The Surveyors General of Woods and Mr. Dickens, Woodward of New Forest.
The Lord Warden [of New Forest] represents the necessity of paying the wages due to the keepers in New Forest. Treasurer Danby directs that 300l. be raised out of browsewood and moors and distributed by the Lord Warden's direction to pay the said wages pro hac vice. Treasurer Danby further directs that the [Woods] Surveyor's deputy do inspect the digging up those moors and have notice given him by the Woodward of all the sales of the said wood to prevent any frauds or other miscarriages, for which the said deputy is to have 4s. per diem not exceeding 15 days. And that in all future warrants for felling of timber or wood this rule be observed, viz., for all great works the warrants shall be directed to the Surveyors [of Woods] to be executed by them calling to their assistance the regard[ers] ; and for all small works the warrants to be directed to the Woodward.
Treasurer Danby directs that 2,000l. per week be from henceforth paid out of the Customs to the Forces.
Treasurer Danby directs that 1,125l. [suspension money] due to Lord Gerard [of] Brandon upon his pension of 1,000l. per an. [as a Gentleman of the Bedchamber] shall be paid by tally on the Hearthmoney at Michaelmas, 1679, notwithstanding former orders.
Treasurer Danby directs that the five quarters' suspension money due to the Gentlemen and Grooms of the Bedchamber shall also be paid by like tally at the same time.
[Treasury Minute Book VI. p. 39.]
July 17. Wednesday. The business of the alum Farmers relating to their accounts and farm is to be heard at 3 o'clock afternoon [of this day]. The Attorney General to attend then with the said Farmers and Auditor Raban.
Mr. Sansome and Mr. Younger are to attend the Treasury concerning the execution of a commission at Poole.
[Day Book p. 144.]
July 17. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Treasurer Danby directs that all business to be dispatched shall be put into method and proper places for his determinations.
The Alum Farmers are called in and propose to Treasurer Danby (touching 1,500l. in [the late] Mr. Colvile's hands) that they having 1,500l. [which they left years since] in Mr. Colvile's hands desire that his Lordship would accept thereof for so much and discharge them upon their account and the rather for that Mr. Lindsay [as the husband of said Colvile's widow] has proposed and is willing to assign so much of his perpetual interest (granted to him for Colvile's debt) as will amount to that sum and the interest thereof and offering that so soon as this assignment is made they will accept thereof and pay the 1,500l. to his Majesty. Treasurer Danby directs that Mr. Lindsay be writ to to make such assignment forthwith to Mr. Lawrence for his Majesty's use, and that care be taken to send to the Auditor of the Receipt to know how much of Mr. Lindsay's [annuity] patent is unassigned.
On Friday next Mr. Sansome and Mr. Younger are to be heard and Mr. Clement, assistant to the riding surveyor, is to attend at the same time.
The letter of the Luneburg Envoy about his master's goods [is to be put among] the papers for the King.
Charles Porter to be written to about the money to be paid by him for Mr. Pretiman's debt.
[Treasury Book VI. p. 40.]
July 19. Friday at 4 in the afternoon. This time is appointed for Mr. Sansome to make his defence to the complaints given in against him by Mr. Alexander Younger.
The business relating to the Barbados soldiers is to be taken into consideration [on the afternoon of this day] upon the reports from the referees.
[Day Book p. 145.]
July 22. Monday. The business touching the quays at Falmouth is to be considered [on the afternoon of this day].
The business between Mr. Sansome and Mr. Younger is to be heard [this day] ; the Customs Commissioners being [to be] present.
July 22. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir Peter Killegrew is called in about the quay at Falmouth, the Cornish gentlemen also attending. The Cornish gentlemen move for a new day of hearing. Treasurer Danby appoints the first Monday after Michaelmas.
A note of the sureties of Dudley Rews is to be presented to the Lord Treasurer. Mr. Marry is to attend the Attorney General hereon.
The case of the Farmers of the Law duties touching [the receipt of said duties in the Court of] the Chancery is to be read to Treasurer Danby and put amongst the papers for the King.
[Treasury Minute Book VI. p. 41.]
July 24. Wednesday. The petition of the Yeoman Warders of the Tower is to be heard on the afternoon of this day on reference from the King in Council.
[Day Book p. 145.]
July 24. A letter to be written to the Office of the Ordnance to caution them from making any new contracts for stores till provision [of money] be made.
The Parliament have only provided for the Navy till the 5th of June, although the Act came not out till July : and a quere whether any loans can be made upon this Act to the Navy.
Proposal[s] for a farm or management of the Hearthmoney [are] to be received at the Treasury Chamber on Thursday, Aug. 8 next, and notice is to be given in the Gazette.
See Mr. Pepys's interest account for Tangier and consider the payment of the Earl of Peterborough's pension.
"The discharges out of the Privy Purse upon the Exchequer [are] to be considered and a list made of them (viz., musicians, gardeners, Mr. Paston's annuity, etc.) to be laid before Treasurer Danby."
The Treasurer of the Navy [is] to [be] assigned the first quarter of the 412,000l. and orders are to be drawn expressing 50,000l. [thereof to be] for wages of the seamen and the rest for other uses of the Navy. A privy seal to be drawn for this end.
To-morrow Mr. Bertie to speak with the Attorney General concerning the clause of loans in the new Act and to have his opinion in writing thereupon.
The loans for the Forces are to be hastened and new orders are to be drawn for 110,000l. as soon as the privy seal is past.
Treasurer Danby to see the charge on the Customs and how Mr. Kent proposes his repayment.
The Virginia forces are to be paid 2,500l. out of the advance [money] of the [farm of the] Barbados Four and a Half per cent. duty.
Write to Mr. Kingdon to send weekly to the office certificates of his receipts and payments.
"To call of Mr. Pepys for a copy of the letter from the Commissioners of the Navy about victualling."
The Treasurer of the Navy is to have his third 40,000l. on the Poll Bill and 50,000l. "more over and above the said sum."
Mr. Stevens to be spoke with about paying the quarter to the yard at Portsmouth before the King goes thither.
A letter [is to be written] to Mr. Kent to pay 2,500l. for the Works ; to be repaid him with interest in March next.
The Customs Commissioners are to attend at 4 (3) o'clock on Friday afternoon the 26th July with Mr. Kent.
[Treasury Minute Book pp. 41-2.]
July 26. Mr. Slingsby is to be forthwith paid 3,000l. for the Mint out of the Coinage money.
[Ibid, p. 42.]
July 26.
At the Cockpit.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Ordered] that such landwaiters as shall be appointed by the [Customs] Commissioners to go upon the coast shall obey the said Commissioners' direction without [the necessity of] any dispensation from the Lord Treasurer.
To-morrow Treasurer Danby is to move his Majesty at the Admiralty about the abuses of [practised in or put upon] his yachts in stealing the Custom of Wine.
The Attorney General to be spoken with about the assessing the Customs Commissioners.
A report [is ordered] to be drawn upon the state of the arrears of the Barbados soldiers.
Mr. Fillingham [is ordered] to produce the accompts of the several coimties [Militia money] claimed by the indigent officers. The Attorney General to be advised with in this matter.
Write to Mr. Stephens for an account of the tin.
[Treasury Minute Book VI. pp. 42-3.]
July 27. Memorandum : This day, and not before, the Acts of Parliament for the tax for disbanding the army were brought from the press to the Treasury Chambers : on perusal whereof Treasurer Danby directs Mr. Kingdon (Paymaster to the Forces) to give security according to the Act.
Treasurer Danby directs that Mr. Jeremy Lacy, underhousekeeper of Audley End, be paid the money directed by his Lordship's warrant to be paid to him : [same to be] by such proportions as is most convenient. In the margin : pro Lord Maynard.
By the King's command Treasurer Danby directs that Avis Lawrence be paid 20l. assigned to her by Rich. Crawley, Yeoman of the Guard, out of the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office.
A letter to be written to Mr. Kent to pay in all the money coming in by [from] the Customs into the Exchequer without name [i.e., moneys paid into the Exchequer by the Customs Cashier for the general needs of the Exchequer not for any particular individual in obedience to any particular warrant or letter of direction specifically naming such individual] to be thence issued as the Lord Treasurer shall direct.
[Ibid, p. 43. ]
July 30. A letter to be written to the city of London to borrow 200,000l. [from said city], viz., 100,000l. on the Act for disbanding the army and 100,000l. upon the credit of 412,000l. given in the same Act for other uses.
[Ibid, pp. 43, 54.]
The disposition of the 412,925l. 14s. 6d. being the four last quarters of the Eighteen Months' tax lately granted by an Act of Parliament entitled an Act for granting a supply to his Majesty of 619,388l. 11s. 9d. for disbanding the army and other uses therein mentioned [is settled as follows, viz.] :
The first quarter of the said four, according to the proceed of the Seventeen Months' tax, being equal to this, will bring in ready money into the Exchequer currently about 97,000l. and so the other quarters may do also : whereof [there is hereby to be expenditure made as follows, viz.] :—
For the Navy. For the Forces. For the Prince of Orange. For the Commissioners of Excise.
£ £ £ £
First quarter or third 37,000 50,000 10,000
Second quarter or fourth 60,000 10,000 27,000
Third quarter or fifth 10,000 87,000
Fourth quarter or sixth 10,000 86,000
£97,000 £50,000 £40,000 £200,000
The Treasurer of the Navy and the Paymaster of the Forces have had their orders on the said tax registered as above.
Memorandum. The Paymaster of the Forces has had orders for 110,000l and 40,000l paid him in loans on the two first quarters of this Act and his orders for 50,000l more on the remainder.
[Treasury Minute Book p. 54.]
July 31. Wednesday. The petition of the Yeomen Warders of the Tower of London is to be heard on the afternoon of this day on reference from the King in Council.
[Day Book p. 145.]