Entry Book: November 1679, 21-30

Pages 265-284

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 6, 1679-1680. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1913.

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November 1679

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Nov. 21. Privy seal constituting Lawrence Hyde, Sir John Ernle (Chancellor of the Exchequer), Sir Edward Deering, Bart., Sidney Godolphin, Esq., and Sir Stephen Fox, Kt., to be Treasury Lords (Commissioners for executing the office of Treasurer of our Exchequer). King's Warrant Book, pp. 163–4.
Nov. 22. Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners for a distinct account of all goods exported and imported 1677, September 29, to 1678, September 29, "according to the five several schemes which I send you here inclosed." Out Letters (Customs), p. 127.
Nov.22. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Bryan Edwards. a freeman of London, but forced to give over his trade by bad debts, therefore prays a tide-water's or watchman's place. Out Letters (Customs), pp. 127, 128.
Robert Bendish, merchant, for the place of riding Surveyor for the coast of Yarmouth. which is lately void by the removal of Tho. Twyford, gent., for his indisposition of body: my Lords being inclined to favour petitioner.
Henry Guy to the Attorney General. The following list contains the names of such officers of the Customs in the outports as the Customs Commissioner conceive fit to be joined in Commission for administering the oaths of allegiance and supremacy to his Majesty's subjects arriving from foreign parts. You are to insert their names in the said Commission pursuant to the order of the King in Council. Out Letters (General), pp. 231–6.
Appending: said list as reported to the Treasury Lords from the Customs Commissioners the 15th inst.
Gravesend: Tho. Chiffinch, Richard Cresswell.—Godfrey. John Parker, searchers.
Rochester: Henry Shales, collector; Nicholas Stoakes, surveyor.
Faversham: John Kennet, collector; Samuel Bathurst, surveyor.
Sandwich: Tho. Cooke, collector.
Deale: Morgan Lodge, waiter and searcher; Giles Randolph, surveyor.
Margate: Charles Sherman, surveyor.
Dover: Richard Breton, collector; Walter Breams, comptroller.
Hythe: John Johnson, collector.
Folkestone: William Jenkins, waiter and searcher.
Rye: Francis Lightfoot, collector.
Hastings: William Parker, collector.
[East] Bourne: William Bouley, waiter and searcher.
Newhaven: Samuel Rose. collector.
Brighton: William Bold. waiter and searcher.
Shoreham: Robert Hall. customer.
Chichester:—Tayer, customer; Christopher Williams, collector; Freeman House, comptroller.
Arundel: John Amias, collector.
Southampton: Francis Weaver. customer; Adam d' Cardonel. customer: Robert Culliford, comptroller: Tho. Cole. collector.
Lymington: Benjamin Dewy, surveyor.
Christchurch: James Dewy, waiter and searcher.
Portsmouth: Francis Weaver, customer.
Cowes: John Pocock, collector.
Poole: Richard Fisher, surveyor; Tho. Tannet, collector.
Weymouth: Alexander Trotter, collector; Tho. Temple, surveyor.
Lyme: Robert Jones, customer; Henry Flory, surveyor.
Exeter: John Roope, customer; Dr. Tho. Arris. comptroller; Tho. Moore, surveyor; Tho. Cupper, surveyor.
Dartmouth: William Hurt, collector.
Plymouth: Christopher Warren, customer; Lawrence Stuckley. comptroller; Timothy Hamlyn. collector.
Looe: Phillip Stevens, collector.
Fowey: Andr. Corry, collector.
Falmouth: John Penhalurick, collector.
Penryn: Tho. Ennys, collector.
Penzance: Tho. Younge, collector.
St. Ives: John Tregosse, collector.
Padstow: Gilbt. Marshall, collector.
Bideford: Jacob Wescomb, collector.
Barnstable: Cha. Orchard, customer.
Ilfracombe: Robert Chichester, collector.
Bridgwater: John Haysham, collector.
Minehead: Andr. Worth, customer.
Bristol: Arnold Browne, collector; John Fitsherbert, customer; Rowland Thrupp, customer; Tho. Jennings, comptroller.
Gloucester: Arnold Aram, customer; Edward Gibes, surveyor.
Swansea: John Man, collector.
Cardiff: Richard Gwin, customer; Thomas Andr[ew]s, comptroller.
Aberthaw: John Jones, waiter and searcher.
Milford: Walter Middleton, customer; Robert Chambers, collector.
Colchester: Edward Vickers, collector.
Maldon: John Harrison, collector.
Ipswich: William Booth, customer; William Hager, comptroller; George Gosnel, collector.
Harwich: Nicholas Denham, surveyor.
Woodbridge: John Margets, collector.
Aldeburgh: Ralph Ralbett, collector.
Yarmouth: Edmond Anguish, customer; Edward Chamberlain, comptroller; Robt. Doughty, collector.
Lowestoft: Tho. Glover, waiter and searcher.
Southwold: John Jackson, collector.
Blakeney and Cley: Francis Layher, collector.
Lynn Regis: Richard Godfrey, customer; John Anguish, comptroller; William Lynsted, collector.
Wells: Owen Godfrey, collector.
Boston: Ayron Lawson, customer; Tho. Hodges, customer; John Barnaby, comptroller; John Butler, collector.
Spalding: Samuel Dowse, collector.
Hull: Sir Math. Apleyard, customer; Tho. Lyssance, customer; Tho. Thornton, comptroller; Robt. Mason, collector.
Grimsby: John Jefferies, collector.
Bridlington: Tho. Aslaby, collector.
Scarborough: Jeremy Bromley, collector.
Stockton: John Edon, collector.
Sunderland: Walter Ettrick, collector.
Newcastle: Hen. Brabant, customer; Ralph Williamson, comptroller; Antho. Isaacson, collector.
Sheilds: John Clarke, surveyor.
Whitby: Tho. Shipton, collector.
Berwick: Feild Dun, customer; George Shepard, comptroller; Elias Pratt, collector.
Carlisle: Sir Christopher Musgrave, collector.
Whitehaven: William Christian, customer.
Lancaster: William Kirkby, surveyor; Francis Metcalfe, collector.
Poulton: Augustine Hierdson, collector.
Chester: Sir Peter Pyndar, Bart., collector; William Kirkby, surveyor.
Liverpool: James Wernon [Vernon], customer; Roger Loyd, comptroller.
Beaumaris: Robt. Harwan, collector.
Nov. 22. Henry Guy to Mr. Lawrence for a full account before next Thursday of Mr. Prettyman's debt [as Receiver of First Fruits], and how said Prettyman holds his [said] office. Out Letters (General). p. 236.
Same to Sir George Wharton to forthwith (all excuses being laid aside) carry in your accounts to the Auditors of the Imprests. Ibid, p. 237.
Same to the Commissioners of the Ordnance to the like effect as supra, p. 247. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Agar to view the pales of Hampton Court Great Park and estimate the charge of repairing them. Ibid.
Same to Auditor Done, forwarding a brief state of Mr. Slingsby's first year's account. You are to enter against every item which is allowed, and which is not, according to the instructions from the Treasury Lords [supra, pp. 250–2]. Ibid, pp 238–9.
Appending: said statement:—
l. s. d.
Charge: received at the Ex-chequer 12,000 0 0
Discharge: balance of four years' accompt ended 1670, Dec. 20 618 9 10½
fees, etc., of officers of the Mint 1,175 0 0
allowances to accomptant for coin-age of 4,1531b. 70z. 10dwt. 6gr. of gold at 7s. the 1b. weight and at 7d. more for change into gold 1,574 18 4
ditto for coinage of 12,3701b. 11oz. 1dwt. of gold at 7d. per 1b. for change into gold omitted in the said four years' account 360 16 4
ditto for coinage of 40,0551b. 20z. 17dwt. of silver at 18d. the 1b 3,004 2 10¼
fees on receiving the Coinage money 51 18 0
charges of first melting gold and silver into ingots 63 1 8
waste in melting, toughening, refining, etc. 84 10 11
charcoal 203 4 4
copper alloy 25 16 10 ½
charges in the assay house 38 7
waste upon the trial of gold and silver moneys 10 12 0
repairs in melting, nealing and blanching houses 5 17 6
Slingsby's part of the officers' diet 52 0 0
extraordinary expenses of the Mint 46 0 0
clerk to solicit Coinage money for five years past 200 0 0
40l. per an. for passing his accounts for five years 200 0 0
300l. per an. for labour and hazard in receiving and paying Coinage moneys for five years 1,500 0 0
imprested to the Warden for fees 1,425 0 0
imprested to the Warden for repairs 614 7 9
imprested to the Warden for his diet and emptions 310 4 3
imprested to the Warden for rebuilding the assaymaster's house 477 2 2
£12,041 10
Nov. 22. Henry Guy to Mr. Valley, undersheriff of Essex, to attend the Treasury Lords on Monday next to shew why you refuse to pay 20l. to Mr. Wright and others for apprehending Thomas Chabenor alias Challenor and Michaell Purcell, two highwaymen convicted at Chelmsford assizes. They are entitled to this (reward) by the King's proclamation of 1677, June 20. Out Letters (General), p. 240.
Same to Auditor Phelips. The Treasury Lords desire you to let their solicitor, Mr. Burton, have a sight and take copies of the wood sales made in co. Essex in the reigns of Eliz., James I and Charles I. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt for a certificate what interest is now due to the city of London upon the loan made by the city upon the last [Army] Disbanding Act. Ibid.
Same to Auditor Aldworth. The Treasury Lords have observed that in the interest accounts you made up for Major Beckford et al., you allow him 434l. 15s. 0d. for interest of 1,000l. from 1672, September 1, to 1679, March 25, which (being six years and seven months) should be 395l. You are to certify my Lords whether upon the stating of Mrs. Colvile's debt and interest with the rest of the bankers (upon which perpetual interest was granted to Mr. Lindsey) any notice was taken in her account or any allowance made either of principal or interest upon any of the orders now brought before the Treasury by Major Beckford. Also whether those other persons who have assignments upon those orders (as appears by Mr. Young's note here inclosed) have not already had their satisfaction: if not, whether they may not be prejudiced by this proceeding, the orders being (upon passing the great seal) to be vacated. Ibid, pp. 241–2
Appending: reasons offered to the Treasury Lords upon the petition of Henry Young about Ric. Beckford, Esq., and others.
To prove that there has been interest paid to several by Mris. Colvile after there came money into the Exchequer to pay those several orders for which the accounts are directed to be stated. (1) Paid to Mr. Hum. Jenard (? Jenne) interest of 400l. upon [an order] No. 42 to the 25th December, 1671; and money came into the Receipt of the Exchequer to pay all that order the 1st of December, 1671. (2) Paid Mr. Edward Franklyn interest [on] 742l. 13s. 9d. upon [an order] No. 45 to same time: and money came into the Exchequer to pay that order the 21st of December, 1671. (3) Paid Mr. Andrew West interest [on] 636l. 11s. 10d. upon [an order] No. 45 to same time and money came into the Exchequer to pay that order 21st December, 1671. (4) Paid Ric. Beckford, Esq., interest of 1,000l. upon [an order] No. 45 to the 1st of September, 1672. and money came into the Exchequer to pay that order the 21st December. 1671.
To prove what is cast up too much by the Auditor more than was advanced by Jo. Colvile, Esq., deceased. The principal and interest cast up by Ric. Aldworth to the 25th March. 1679. upon the order No. 60 is 7,447l. 17s. 2d. The principal and interest of what was advanced to the 25th March. 1679, is 3,439l. 5s. 3d. Further 200l. to Mr. William Hewer and 150l. to Mr. Jer. Copping with 6 per cent. interest to 1679. March 25 (these two last items being not yet stated) amount to 500l. 6s. 8d.
Orders left in Mr. Colvile's hands to make good interest of 38,404l. which he lent to the Treasurers of the Navy. An order on the second Wine Act No. 21 [for] 1,000l., No. 22 [for] 1,000l., No. 27 [for] 200l.. remainder of order No. 59 [being] 1,000l., total 3,200l. The abovesaid sums of 3,439l. 5s. 3d.. 500l. 6s. 8d., and 3,200l. make a total of 7,708l. 18s. 7d., which sum was left to make good the interest of 38,404l. which was advanced [by Colvile] to the Treasurers of the Navy.
Persons which have assignments on the same orders and whose accounts are not stated.
On the second Wine Act:—
l. s. d.
Orders No. 42 and 44 to Mr. Ric. Lunt 1,300 0 0
Orders No. 42 and 44 to Mr. Rob. Winne 400 0 0
Orders No. 43 to Capt. Jo. Cox 860 0 0
to Mathew Hayden 500 0 0
Order No. 60 to William Heuer 200 0 0
to Jeremiah Copping 150 0 0
On the Customs:—
to Jeremiah Copping 1,150 0 0
£4,560 0 0
"So it is humbly submitted to your Honours whether it's reasonable to pass any of the said assignments before the accounts between Sir Tho. Osborne (now Earl of Danby) and Sir Tho. Littleton be first stated. and the rest of the assignees' accounts ordered to be stated; and the accounts to be stated from the time that interest was paid by Mr. Colvile."
Nov. 22. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay half a year's salaries to the patent officers of the outports (other than such of them as the present Treasury Lords have directed to be paid upon the [Customs] establishment or by dormant warrants). Money Book, p. 266.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 400l. to Baptist May upon any unsatisfied orders in his name as Keeper of the Privy Purse: for the service of the Privy Purse: to be issued out of Excise money in the Receipt. Ibid.
Money warrant for 38l. 6s. 8d. to Timothy Whitfield, Esq.. Clerk of the Foreign Estreats, for half a year to September 29 last on his several fees of 6l. 13s. 4d., 10l. and 33l. 6s. 8d. per an. in reward for clerks and his own pains in writing and extracting all fines and amerciaments whereby the King may be answered the same with more expedition. (Money order dated November 26 hereon for 16l. 13s. 4d., "being as well on his allowance of 26l. 13s. 4d. per an. in reward for clerks," etc., ut supra. "as of his allowance of 6l. 13s. 4d. per an. in reward for writing and estreating all fines, issues and rents in the shires of Wales.") Ibid, p. 266. Order Book, XXXVIII, p. 52.
Nov. 22. Money warrant for 455l. to Bevil Skelton for three months to September 24 last on his ordinary as Envoy Extraordinary to the Emperor of Germany. (Money order dated 1679–80, February 28 hereon.) Money Book, p. 267. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 66.
Nov. 24. Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners. The Treasury Lords desire to see the books which contain the entries of the ordinary of the Navy for the years 1674 and 1675. Send them. Out Letters (General), p. 240.
Royal sign manual for 400l. to Henry Guy for secret service without account: out of the privy seal dormant of August 20 last. (Money warrant dated November 25 hereon. Money order dated November 25 hereon.) King's Warrant Book, p. 160. Money Book, p. 268. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 52.
Money warrant for 20l. to John Pottinger for half a year to September 29 last on his fee of 40l. per an. as Comptroller of the Great Roll of the Pipe. Money Book, p. 267.
Same for 225l. to Somerset Fox, Esq., for three quarters to June 24 last on his annuity of 300l.: to be paid out of Excise Money which shall be paid into the Exchequer for that purpose. Ibid.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt. Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe have agreed to lend 3,000l. into the Exchequer to supply this week's money to the Navy. You are to immediately issue same to the Treasurer of the Navy upon any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name for the service of the Navy. Of said sum 500l. is to be for the Victuallers, and the residue for the Navy. Out Letters (General), p. 244.
Same to Col. Butler. The Treasury Lords are informed that about 1,000l. of the Coinage money which was received upon (the first Act for Encouragement of Coinage) by one Thody, then collector of Boston port, and since deceased, has not been answered to the King. You are to inspect the books kept in your port to see how much of the Coinage money which was collected there is still in arrear and to enquire what heirs or sureties of said Thody are liable and whether any part of said money be disposed in the hands of any goldsmith or other person who ought to pay same to the King. Ibid.
Same to Sir William Hayward [one of the Trustees for Fee Farms] to attend the Treasury Lords on Saturday afternoon next at the hearing of Mr. Lee touching the fee farm rent issuing out of the church of Peterborough "to make it appear that the said rent being under the title of nomine decimae it was demisable by the [said] Trustees." Ibid, p. 245.
Same to Mr. Kent [Customs Cashier], to give the Treasury Lords an account why Sir William Darcy is not paid the 100l. pursuant to the Treasury warrant of September 22 last out of the Customs of alum imported or exported. Ibid.
Nov. 24. Henry Guy to the Attorney General. There will be a trial on Thursday next upon an information for the King in the Exchequer against Parker et al. who pretend right to the soil and tithes of 40,000 acres of land in the forest of Exmoor, cos. Devon and Somerset, supposed to be the inheritance of the Crown. The fee farmer of the said tithes is Martha Mills, relict of James Mills, who has pursued the business. In regard the King is chiefly concerned therein the Treasury Lords have directed her to attend you with the breviat, and they desire you to take care of the affair and to be present at the said trial on behalf of the King. Out Letters (General), p. 245.
Same to Sir Robert Carr to pay into the Exchequer with all speed what is due upon the fee farm rent of 65l. 12s. 4½d. per an. issuing out of the manor of Samborne, co. Southampton. Ibid, p. 246.
Same to Sir Robert Sayer to similarly pay in what is due on the fee farm rent of 14l. 16s. 3d. per an. issuing out of the manor of Highclere, co. Southampton. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to certify the Treasury what shall be paid in on the above two fee farm rents, and not to issue that money without special direction. Ibid.
[?] Same to Symon Smyth, Esq.. to forthwith finish your accounts as Receiver of fee farm rents, etc., for co. Hants, etc., in order to their being declared. Ibid.
Nov. 24. Same to Col. Legg to take care that Mr. Williams's accounts as Receiver of the taxes for Hampshire may be passed with all speed. Ibid, p. 247.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to send to the Treasury Lords forthwith the state of Mr. Kingdon's accounts for the new raised Forces. Ibid.
Same to same. The Treasury Lords have received from the Commissioners for the Office of Master of the Ordnance the following book of instructions for ordering and directing the paying, issuing and accounting for money and stores disposed and paid into the Office of the Ordnance. They are sent you for your direction in requiring the accounts of the Paymaster of the Ordnance and for charging him or allowing him his vouchers on the same. You are to take a copy of the book and return the original to my Lords. Ibid, pp. 247, 248–52.
Appending: copy of said paper [being sent] from the Office of Ordnance Nov. 21 [sic] in answer to a request from the Treasury Lords of November 22, supra, pp. 247, 268.
As to the first particular, viz., instructions and orders for paying, issuing and accounting for money.
In 1664, at the instance of the Ordnance Commissioners, the King ordered that for the more regular and due payment of debentures the Treasurer of the Ordnance cause to be delivered in writing at the Board of the said Office on Saturday every week or oftener if thereunto required, an exact and true account of the present sums of money remaining in his custody upon privy seals for estimates or upon the ordinary of the Office; to the end that payment may be ordered by the Master of the Ordnance in manner following, viz., that a list of the names of such persons to whom debentures shall be made, together with the sums thereon due, with the several estimates or ordinary of the Office upon which the said debentures are due (they being first entered into a book to be kept publicly in the Office to that purpose) be affixed on Saturday in every week upon the door of the Office or place appointed for public payments, to the end that every next Tuesday and Thursday public payment may be made in course betwixt 9 and 12 of the clock in the morning either upon estimate or [upon] the ordinary of the Office as money shall come in, to prevent the unnecessary soliciting for money and the undue preference in payments: and that no moneys whatsoever be from henceforward paid or diverted without assignation of the Master of the Ordnance or the order of the Board, such assignation to be entered in a book and attested by the hands of at least three officers of the Board.
Afterwards, viz., in 1673, the late Treasurer Danby established the following orders. (Hereupon follows a copy of the order of 1673–4, January 22, ut supra, Cal. Treasury Books IV, pp. 465–6.)
In the year 1634 it was then ordered by the late King Charles I among other orders for the government of the [said] Office that for the more orderly and due charging of receipts, when any provisions shall be delivered into the stores, particular entry shall be made by the Lieutenant, Surveyor and Clerk of the Ordnance in their several transcripts of the Journal Book, wherein shall be expressed the particular kinds, sorts, numbers, weights and measures of the said provisions, together with the several prices agreed and allowed, the names of the deliverers and the date of receipt of said provisions into his Majesty's magazines: and the [said Journal] book which is to be kept by the Clerk of the Ordnance, shall always remain in the said Office, weekly or monthly to be conferred with the other two [said Journal] books kept by the Lieutenant and Surveyor severally: which three books being found precisely to agree, one of them shall be subscribed by all the officers or the major part, whereupon the accounts may pass before the Auditors of Imprests in due form.
No ordnance, [am]munition or other provision shall be delivered, lent, sold or otherwise issued to any persons without warrant from the King or the Privy Council: provided that such quantities of powder and shot as shall be meet to be spent at any time when his Majesty passeth by the Tower upon his day of Coronation and the like occasions shall by consent of all the said officers be delivered without other warrant than from the Master of the Ordnance or in his absence from either the principal officers of the Ordnance as heretofore hath been used. All which provisions so issued shall be entered in the account by the officers aforesaid; and upon every delivery shall be subscribed by all the officers for the better passing of the issues of the said provisions upon the account to be made of the same. And further, indentures to be delivered or other caution to be taken by the said officers to testify the delivery thereof, whereby such parties may be called to answer.
Nov. 24. Henry Guy to the Treasurer of the Navy to apply to the paying off of the Happy Return or the Assistance ("which of those two this sum will hold out to discharge") the 4,000l. directed to be issued to you out of Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe's 7,000l. loan this week. Out Letters (General), p 253.
Nov. 25. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 5,000l. to Edward Seymour on any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name as Treasurer of the Navy: to be as imprest for the Navy and Victualling: to be by tallies on the Customs: to be by said Treasurer delivered over to Sir Thomas Clutterbuck as payment for victualling in the Mediterranean. Money Book, p. 268.
Same to same to similarly issue 3,000l. to Sir George Wharton on like orders for land and sea service to be performed by the Office of Ordnance: to be issued out of the 7,000l. which Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe have agreed to lend into the Exchequer this week: of said 3,000l. the sum of 2,500l. is to be for five weeks upon the allowance of 500l. a week for the Office of Ordnance and the remaining 500l. for fortifications in the island of Guernsey. Ibid, p. 269.
Same to William Pallmer, Esq., late sheriff of Essex, to forthwith pay (in accordance with the proclamation of 1677, June 10). to Hastings Baldock, William Best, Tho. Eure, Peter Barnesley, Richard Mills, and Christopher Wright 20l. as a reward for apprehending Tho. Chabenor alias Challenor and Michael Purcell, two highwaymen, who were convicted at the General Gaol Delivery holden at Chelmesford 1677–8, March 2, and afterwards executed: according to the certificate of two Justices of the Peace. The Clerk of the Pipe is to allow said 20l. in said Palmer's account as sheriff. Ibid.
(In the margin. sheriffs' money.)
Henry Guy to the Victuallers of the Navy to send to the Treasury Lords a copy of last year's declaration for Victualling the Navy. Out Letters (General), p. 253.
Same to Auditor Done to send to the Treasury Lords a state of Mr. Kingdon's accounts for the new raised Forces. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to me [Guy] for secret service 400l. of the Excise money now in the Exchequer. Ibid.
Same to same to receive the 7,000l. which Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe have agreed to pay into the Exchequer and to issue 3,000l. thereof to the Treasurer of the Ordnance and 4,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy. Ibid, p. 254.
Nov. 25. Henry Guy to Sir Symon Degg, forwarding a copy of a petition of John Packington et al. complaining that they cannot enjoy the benefit of the king's grant of the fines, amerciaments and perquisites of Courts of the Honor of Peveril by reason you do not keep the courts there as by law you ought, being steward of the said Honor. You are to shew cause before the beginning of next term why you do not keep the Courts. Out Letters (General), p. 260.
Treasury warrant to Auditor Richard Aldworth to make allowance to Sir Robert Atkins, junr., in his account as Receiver-General of the Law duty for the half year ended 1673, October 22, of the sum of 1,420l. for poundage due to him as Comptroller of said duty during the farm thereof by Peter Calverd et al., as by the privy seal of June 18 last and as in part of his debt of 1,450l. 3s. 10d. to the king on his said account: all ut supra, pp. 100–1. Warrants not Relating to Money, pp. 96–7.
Nov. 26. Order from the Treasury Lords to Robert Ryves, late one of the Commissioners for Wine Licences (in whose house the said Office [for Wine Licences] was kept and rent paid for the rooms by his Majesty), forthwith to deliver up the common seal of the said Office, the books and writings relating to that revenue and particularly the bonds which were taken by the said late Commissioners for payments to be made by divers persons for his Majesty's use upon account of the said revenue: the present Commissioners thereof having given information that same are detained from them and that the outward doors of said house are kept shut and that said Ryves does not appear, wherefore the said Commissioners cannot proceed in the service. Ibid, p. 98.
Nov. 27. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners. On your memorial of the 26th inst. enclosing the statement of opinion from Sir Robert Sawyer, you are hereby to open the letters found concealed in the ceiling of a cabin of the ship Prosperous, of Lyme, lately arrived at Plymouth with French prohibited goods; and where you find in any of those letters evidence for the King, to transmit them to the Attorney General to be used for the King's advantage: and to return to the parties concerned such as contain no such matter of evidence. Out Letters (Customs), p. 130.
Henry Guy to Mr. Dubois. Your contract for fee farm rents is signed by the Treasury Lords. Out Letters (General), p. 254.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests. You are to forthwith finish your report concerning Mr. Taylor on the reference to you and the Comptroller of the Mint. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Slingsby [Master and Worker of the Mint]. Enclosed is a state of your account for the year 1671, with Auditor Done's observations and what the Treasury Lords have allowed or disallowed thereupon. Ibid.
Treasury reference to William Harbord, Surveyor-General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Sir William Pulteney on a reference thereof from the king, dated the 18th inst. Said petition prays for several houses and small tenements in St. James's Street and the stable yard, as also two parcels of land containing 26 acres, the one called the Spittle Field, near Knightsbridge, the other called the Six Acre Close, near Piccadilly, wherein petitioner has about 47 years in being and prays a grant of the premises in reversion in fee, the king being indebted to him 500l. in principal money. Ibid.
Nov. 27. Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners to speedily despatch Sir John Osborne's and Mr. Evelyn's account for the Sick and Wounded. Out Letters (General), p. 255.
Same to [the Auditor of the Receipt] to satisfy out of the first unappropriated money that comes into the Exchequer the warrants for payment to Christ's Hospital. Ibid.
Same to [the Treasurer of said Christ's Hospital] apprising him of the above letter "whereby I do not question but you will find payment in some short time at the Exchequer." Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Trustees [for sale of Fee Farms] to convey to John Dubois, of London, merchant, a fee farm rent of 24l. 10s. 0d. per an. issuing out of divers mills in Kidwelly paid by Walter Mansell; and a fee farm rent of 2l. 5s. 0d. per an. issuing out of lands belonging to the late chantry of St. Nicholas in Kidwelly; as by a contract therefor made this day: same to be valued at 16 years purchase with 10 per cent. allowance for one moiety for six months, the arrears due up to Michaelmas last being reserved to the king. Warrants not Relating to Money, p. 99.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay 210l. to Sir Fr. Chaplyn, Kt., for one year's interest to September 25 last at 6 per cent. upon 6 orders registered on the Hearthmoney, Nos. 710, 712, 717, 721, 727 and 729, in the name of Sir Denis Gauden, late Victualler of the Navy, who assigned same to said Chaplyn: on which orders 3,600l. is due [for principal]: said interest having been paid to 1678, September 25. Money Book, p. 270.
Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to cause the tallies for 1,250l. struck upon the Hearthmoney, being for the quarter ended 1678, June 24, on the 5,000l. per an. for the Robes, to be delivered over by Lawrence Hyde to Sidney Godolphin: and for said Hyde to be discharged thereof accordingly and said Godolphin made accomptable therefor as for the service of the Office of the Robes: the office of Gentlemen and Master of the Robes having been granted to said Godolphin by the great seal of 1678, November 16, together with the yearly allowance of 5,000l. payable half yearly from 1678, June 24, which said allowance should have commenced from Lady day, 1678, and the 1,250l. thereon for the quarter ended 1678, June 24, which was received by said Hyde by tally on the Hearthmoney should have been received by said Godolphin. King's Warrant Book, pp. 161–2.
Nov. 29. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners (on a reference from the king, dated Windsor, 1679, September 15), of the petition of John Seller, John Oliver and Richard Palmer, shewing that they have undertaken a great and elaborate work of an actual survey of England and Wales and to comprise the same on complete maps of every county in a large book in folio, entitled 'Atlas Anglicanus,' and praying liberty of importing customs free 10,500 reams of elephant paper for printing same, as it is a work of very great expense and never heretofore effectually performed by any. Out Letters (Customs), p. 130.
Nov. 29. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Capt. Jon Johnson, shewing that he and his father and three brothers served the king during the whole [Civil] War; since the Restoration has been collector of Hythe, Kent, which being an unhealthy place, his family has been visited by great sicknesses: the duty of his place consists chiefly in [watching] the export of wool for which an able man and two good horses are necessary: prays removal or an additional salary of 20l. per an. Out Letters (Customs), p. 131.
The like of the petition of Joseph Greene, landwaiter at Hull, who is ordered to remove to be surveyor at Boston: prays to be continued at Hull, though his station there be lower, rather than be at the trouble of removing his family. Ibid.
The like of the petition of Peter Bennett: was removed from his place of tidesurveyor of Hull within 3 months after he was sent thither: was at above 30l. charges in removing his family: prays allowance for charges and some vacancy. My Lords being willing to gratify Green as above recommend Bennett for surveyor of Boston. Ibid, p. 133.
[?] The like of John Wild's petition for the first vacant noon tender's place, London port. Ibid.
Nov. 29. Report to the king from the Treasury Lords on the report from the Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, on the petition of the Earl of Thomond to the king. Petitioner prays a grant of the now vacant government of the county of Clare, which government his ancestors have enjoyed under several sovereigns. Out Letters (Ireland), pp. 29–30.
Said petition being referred November 1st inst. to the Lord Lieutenant, the latter reported that the statements in the petition are true and that the salary therein mentioned (of 10s. a day) was among the temporary payments whilst the late Earl of Orrery held the government of said county and was by the rules of the [Irish] establishment to cease after his death. Yet since the salary has been so long annexed to the charge it may, if thought fit, be granted with the said government.
Said report being referred the 24th inst. to the Treasury Lords, the latter hereby report agreeing that said government may be so granted and said fee continued as not being of new creation but formerly enjoyed by petitioner's ancestors.
The Treasury Lords to [the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland]. The late Farmers of the great branches of the Revenue, Ireland, have petitioned us for several defalcations claimed by them out of the 19,633l. 6s. 8d. balance of rent due from them at the end of their farm. The items are such as by the terms of their contract are properly to be heard in Ireland. We transmit you the papers and desire you to speedily ascertain the defalcations they ought to have upon their covenants and thereupon take effectual course for getting in the final balance of rent. Ibid. pp. 31–2.
Appending (a): said Farmers' petition to the Treasury Lords: did petition the late Treasurer Danby for a hearing on their defalcations which amounted to a far greater sum than the said balance: upon a hearing said late Treasurer allowed certain sums and left others to the determination of the Lord Lieutenant: the latter remain yet undetermined: being greatly dissatisfied that the allowances should be so extremely short of their losses, petitioners again petitioned Treasurer Danby for a re-hearing of the whole case which was then granted to be in October, 1677, but then put off to a further time and afterwards some other [dates] were appointed, but still put off by occasion of other emergent business intervening, so that petitioners have had no conclusion made: therefore pray a further hearing upon their claims.
(b) copies of the minutes relating hereto of dates 1677, July 19, and July 28, ut supra, Cal. Treasury Books, V, pp. 464–5 and 467.
Nov. 29. Henry Guy to the Treasurer of the Navy to pay off such of the men of the Happy Return as were turned over from the Leopard; paying same out of money in your hands of that which was appointed for pay of the Happy Return and Captain. Out Letters (General), p. 256.
[?] Same to same. You are to apply the 3,226l. (remaining in your hands of the money received by you on two orders registered on the land tax of 412,925l. 14s. 6d. [part of the Eighteen Months' Assessment]) as in part payment of the 3,680l. 6s. 9d. due to Major Brett and partners, victuallers of the Navy, upon their interest account declared the 19th inst. Ibid.
Nov. 29. Same to the Auditor of the Receipt. Mr. Gurle, his Majesty's gardener of St. James's Garden, has applied to the Treasury Lords for money to enable him to go on with his Majesty's service. Pay him what you can on orders drawn in Mr. Packer's name for said Gurle's use. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Kirwood to attend the Treasury Lords next Tuesday morning about the money due on the first six months of the last Eighteen Months' Tax. (The like letter to Mr. Norrington.) Ibid, pp. 256, 257.
Same to Mr. Hall to attend the Treasury Lords forthwith with an account of the sureties given by Mr. Prettiman for his office of Remembrancer of First Fruits. Ibid, p. 256.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to hasten the despatch of Mr. Kingdon's interest accounts. Ibid, p. 257.
Treasury reference to Sir Creswell Levins, Kt., Attorney General, of a draft royal warrant directed to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a grant to Ann Countess of Newburgh for 41 years from the expiry of the grant in being of all those moneys, duties and payments of sixpence arising and payable upon sealing of writs in the Court of Chancery, commonly called Sixpenny Writs: all as granted by Charles I in the sixth year of his reign to James Levingston, Esq., for 41 years, under the rent of 1,000l. per an. to the king: the like rent of 1,000l. per an. to be reserved in the present grant "that is to say that the person or persons who shall from time to time receive or be appointed to receive the said revenue shall from time to time at and after the ending of every seal day well and truly pay or cause to be paid into the hands of the Clerk of the Hanaper" all such sums as shall be received for or upon sealing the said Sixpenny Writs until the full rent [aforesaid] be paid: the first payment to begin at the ending of the first seal day next after the commencement of this grant. Upon neglect of payment [of said rent] the Clerk of the Hanaper shall enter upon and take the profits of the said writs into his own hands for the king's use until said rent and arrears [thereof] be fully paid. (With a marginal note: this transcribed again with the same date: signed by the [Treasury] Secretary, 13 January, 1679–80.) (See infra under date 1680, May 26.) Ibid, pp. 257–8.
Nov. 29. Treasury reference to William Harbord, Surveyor-General of Crown Lands, of the petition of the inhabitants of Edenstow as by an order of reference thereof from the king dated Whitehall, November 22 ("his Majesty being graciously inclined to contribute towards the repair of the petitioners' church"). Said petition sets forth that the parish church of Edenstow is an ancient mother church and has three chapels appertaining thereto, that the steeple of said church was beaten down by thunder and was repaired at the proper cost of the inhabitants, but it appears since that the whole body of the church is extremely shaken and ruinous; that petitioners cannot undergo the charge of the repairs and therefore pray a grant of 200 decayed oaks not fit for ship timber or wood to the value of 200l. out of his Majesty's hays of Billhae and Birkland in Sherwood Forest. Subscribed by: Tho. Bowes, vicar of said church, William Hammond, Jo. Bellamy, Miles Oldham and several others. Out Letters (General), pp. 258–9.
Same to Sir Creswell Levens, Attorney-General, of the petition of Elizabeth Bellash to the king, praying the benefit of a recognisance forfeited by Ingram and his bail, who were indicted for robbing petitioner of goods to the value of 80l. same being referred to the Treasury from the king the 6th inst. Ibid, p. 260.
Same to the Sir Robert Howard [Auditor of the Receipt], of a draft royal warrant [to the Clerk of the Signet] for preparation of a privy seal concerning Sir Edward Griffin's accounts as Treasurer of the Chamber as follows. By an imprest account signed by the Auditor of the Receipt 1674, November 9, said Griffin stands charged by way of memorandum with divers sums, amounting to 21,330l. 14s. 5d. which he has assigned to divers persons who have either lent him money upon the credit of orders registered in his name upon several branches of the revenue or [he has] discharged the king of the sums assigned to them upon the said orders by the acquittances in the said Office [of the Chamber] that is to say 2,229l. 4s. 2d. part of an order, No. 565, for 3,000l. registered on the Country Excise; 500l. upon an order, No. 650, registered on the Hearthmoney; 925l. 14s. 1d. on an order, No. 651, for 1,620l. 7s. 1d. registered on same; 40l. on an order, No. 652, for 1,040l. registered on same; one [? hundred] and six pounds 15s. 10d. on an order, No. 653, for 460l. 7s. 6d. registered on same; 84l. on an order, No. 654 [registered on same]; 78l. 19s. 4d. on an order, No. 655 [registered on same]; 52l. 10s. 0d. on an order, No. 656 [registered on same]; 20l. 5s. 0d. on an order, No. 657, for 173l. 16s. 8d. [registered on same]; 48l. on an order, No. 659 [registered on same]; 27l. 7s. 6d. on an order, No. 661 [registered on same]; 741l. 12s. 8d. on an order, No. 664 [registered on same]; 474l. 10s. 0d. on an order, No. 667, for 511l. [registered on same]; 256l. on an order, No. 668 [registered on same]; 310l. on an order, No. 669 [registered on same]; 20l. on an order, No. 671 [registered on same]; 60l. on an order, No. 674 [registered on same]; 765l. 4s. 0d. on an order, No. 675, for 2,095l. [registered on same]; 201l. 3s. 4d. on an order, No. 677 [registered on same]; 3,328l. 2s. 4d. on an order, No. 678, for 7,001l. 4s. 8d. [registered on same]; 476l. on an order, No. 679 [registered on same]; 56l. 2s. 6d. on an order, No. 680 [registered on same]; 38l. 11s. 8d. on an order, No. 739 [registered on same]; 54l. 15s. 0d. on an order, No. 745 [registered on same]; 330l. on an order, No. 779 [registered on same]; 1,021l. 10s. 6d. on an order, No. 1044, for 1,844l. 1s. 5d. [registered on same]; 130l. 16s. 0d. on an order, No. 52, for 2,303l. 16s. 1d., registered on the sale of fee farm rents; 2,993l. 0s. 4d. on an order, No. 63, for 6,861l. 3s. 8½d. [registered on same]; 5,970l. 10s. 2d. on an order, No. 65, for 15,000l. [registered on same]: the abovesaid sums, amounting to 21,330l. 14s. 5d. so assigned by him to several persons as aforesaid he is willing to charge himself with and to render an account for the same, though he cannot be regularly charged in the Exchequer with any more moneys than what hath been issued to him thence: it is therefore hereby ordered that the Treasury Lords cause him to be charged with said 21,330l. 14s. 5d. upon his [Treasurer of the Chamber] account accordingly and that as soon as the account of said 21,330l. 14s. 5d. shall be declared endorsements be made upon all and every the said orders that said Griffin has accounted for same and is not therefore hereafter to be charged with any part thereof. Ibid, pp. 260–70.
Further it appears by certificate of the Auditor of the Receipt that two orders were formerly drawn and signed by the Treasury Lords, one dated 1670, May 12, for 4,341l. 7s. 8½d. to said Griffin as imprest [for the service of the Chamber], the other dated 1669, November 22, for 358l. 17s. 1d. to same as same; and also two other orders, one dated 1670, December 7, for 1,000l. to same, the other dated 1670–1, February 11, for 4,500l. to same. The said orders amounting to 10,200l. 4s. 9½d. the said Griffin has discharged the king of by giving acquittances under his hand for the same to the Tellers of the Receipt and is accordingly charged therewith upon his account, though he never received any part of the said sum of 10,200l. 4s. 9½d. but in lieu thereof has taken several orders and tallies of loan for the like sums in the name of himself and of Jonathan Clerke and Francis Webb, his agents, which [orders and tallies] are registered in the Exchequer as follows, viz., one order, No. 237, for 4,341l. 7s. 8½d. registered on the second Wine Act; an order, No. 253, for 358l. 17s. 1d. registered on same; an order, No. 21, for 1,000l. registered on the Customs for 1672, Lady day quarter; and an order, No. 65, for 4,500l. registered on same for 1672, June 24 quarter; and forasmuch as neither the said Griffin nor his agents have received any moneys upon the said orders of loan or assigned any part thereof to any person saving 1,831l. 4s. 9d. which has been paid to him thereupon for interest "for which he is also willing to render us an accompt": therefore it is hereby ordered that said Griffin be charged upon his accompt with the said 1,831l. 4s. 9d. so received for interest upon said orders of loan, and be discharged of said 10,200l. 4s. 9½d. for which he gave acquittances in the Exchequer and so became accomptable therefor; all by reason that as aforesaid he never received any part thereof but in lieu thereof took orders and tallies of loan which remain unpaid.
Further it appears by certificate of the Auditor of the Receipt that divers other sums are made payable to said Griffin by orders or assignments registered on several branches of the Revenue, but that no part thereof has been paid to him or assigned by him: that is to say 3,000l. on an order, No. 564 [registered] on the Country Excise; 770l. 15s. 10d. on an order, No. 565, for 3,000l. [registered on same]; 820l. on an order, No. 648 [registered on same]; 110l. on an order, No. 648, registered on the Hearthmoney; 694l. 13s. 0d. on an order, No. 651, for 1,620l. 7s. 1d. [registered on same]; 1,000l. on an order, No. 652, for 1,040l. [registered on same]; 353l. 11s. 8d. on an order, No. 653, for 460l. 7s. 6d. [registered on same]; 153l. 11s. 8d. on an order, No. 657, for 173l. 16s. 8d. [registered on same]; 24l. 6s. 8d. on an order, No. 658 [registered on same]; 100l. on an order, No. 660 [registered on same]; 48l. 12s. 8½d. on an order, No. 662 [registered on same]; 158l. 18s. 4d. on an order, No. 663 [registered on same]; 39l. 16s. 8d. on an order, No. 666 [registered on same]; 36l. 10s. 0d. on an order, No. 667, for 511l. [registered on same]; 54l. 16s. 0d. on an order, No. 670 [registered on same]; 20l. on an order, No. 672 [registered on same]; 91l. 5s. 0d. on an order, No. 673 [registered on same]; 1,329l. 16s. 0d. on an order, No. 675, for 2,095l. [registered on same]; 68l. on an order, No. 676 [registered on same]; 3,673l. 2s. 4d. on an order, No. 678, for 7,001l. 4s. 8d. [registered on same]; 195l. 11s. 9d. on an order, No. 742 [registered on same]; 903l. 5s. 0d. on an order, No. 750 [registered on same]; 479l. 11s. 11½d. on an order, No. 755 [registered on same]; 97l. 6s. 8d. on an order, No. 762 [registered on same]; 24l. on an order, No. 1,041 [registered on same]; 174l. 8s. 8d. on an order, No. 1,044, for 1,844l. 1s. 5d. [registered on same]; 1,382l. 9s. 6d. on an order, No. 1,045, for 5,000l. [registered on same]; 1,551l. 15s. 2d. on an order, No. 65, for 15,000l. registered on the sale of fee farm rents: all which sums remaining unassigned and unpaid as aforesaid amount to 17,356l. 4s. 7d. which together with [the abovesaid] 10,200l. 4s. 9½d. remaining unassigned and unpaid on the four orders of loan make together 27,556l. 9s. 4½d., which sum cannot be charged upon him in regard he hath not received any part thereof "yet we think it convenient for our security that so much of the said orders as remained unassigned and unpaid be vacated." It is therefore hereby ordered that so many of the said orders as remain wholly unassigned and unpaid be delivered up to the Auditor of the Receipt for the king's use to be cancelled and that endorsements be made by him [said Auditor] upon all the said orders and the entries or registry thereof that the sums remaining unpaid and unassigned thereupon being 27,556l. 9s. 4½d. are vacated and that no part thereof is to be hereafter paid. Such delivery up and cancellation to be duly made before any account of the premises be declared.
And whereas five of the aforesaid unassigned and unpaid orders are lost (as appears by the affidavit of Humphry Dove, clerk to said Griffin: viz., one, No. 564, on the Excise for 3,000l. and four on the Hearthmoney, No. 648, for 110l., No. 660, for 100l., No. 742 for 195l. 11s. 9d., and No. 1041 for 24l.), therefore it is hereby ordered that memoranda are to be likewise made by [the side of] the entry of every of the said orders that the same are lost, and if any hereafter be found they are to be delivered up to the Auditor of the Receipt to be cancelled "which shall be as effectual as if the original orders had been produced and delivered up to our use; provided nevertheless and we do declare our meaning to be that we do not hereby intend to prejudice or invalidate any man's propriety if it shall hereafter happen that the right of the said orders or any of them or any part of them is [found to be] duly and legally invested in any person or persons whatsoever by assignment from the said Sir Edward Griffin or his agents, and the same evidently appear" to the Treasury Lords: but that such persons shall fully enjoy their right to and benefit in such assignment." (See infra under date 1679–80, January 10.)
Nov. 29. Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the application made by Harry, Earl of Peterborough, Henry, Earl of Clarendon et al. executors of Elizabeth late Viscountess Mordaunt on behalf of Harry Mordaunt and Osmd. Mordaunt et al., the younger children of John, Viscount Mordaunt, deceased, for a reversionary lease under the Exchequer seal of the park and demesne lands in Curry Mallet, co. Somerset. We find that the said park or demesne lands, parcel of the manor of Curry Mallet, as also the mansion house called the Gatehouse within the scite of the said manor of Curry Mallet, with the appurtenances, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall (except all great trees, timber, underwoods, mines and quarries) were granted by the late king when Prince of Wales in 6 James I to John Paulet, Esq., afterwards Lord Paulet for 99 years, terminable on the deaths of said Lord Paulet and John and Francis his sons, at the rent of 6l. 13s. 4d. per an. In 12 Car. II your Majesty demised the premises to John, Viscount Mordaunt and Elizabeth his wife for 31 years in reversion of the abovesaid lease. In pursuance of Treasurer Danby's warrant of 1677, August 18, a ratal and particular of the premises was made with a view to a lease thereof to Elizabeth, Viscountess Mordaunt (her lord being dead) for 99 years from the death of said Francis Paulet at the like rent of 6l. 13s. 4d. per an. and without fine as of special grace and favour and in consideration of the service mentioned in the said lease for 31 years, the said last lease to be first surrendered. Said Viscountess died before the passing of said new lease. Her executors affirm that by her last will said Viscountess devised to them on trust for her children her said term of 31 years. Said executors pray that the new intended lease may be passed as aforesaid for the lives of said Harry and Osmd. Mordaunt in reversion after the death of said Francis Paulet. Your Majesty may without inconvenience gratify petitioners herein. Warrants not Relating to Money, pp. 99–101.
Nov. 29. Treasury warrant to William Harbord, Surveyor-General of Crown Lands, for a particular and ratal of the lands in the Commote of Tal y Bolion petitioned for by Owen Hughes ut supra, p. 70, viz., for 29 years from 1681, September 29 (to make his present term up to 31 years) at the old rent of 14s. 5½d., and of the passage called Southcrooke for 31 years from 1679, September 29, at 4l. 10s. per an. rent as now paid for the same. Warrants not Relating to Money, pp. 101–2.
Prefixing: said Surveyor-General's report to the Treasury Lords on said Hughes' petition. We have no survey of any of the lands mentioned in said petition and thought them not worth the sending into the further part of Wales for a particular survey thereof. The Auditor certifies that he conceives there is no improvement to be made of them above the rents now paid. Therefore advises a grant at the old rents without fine for petitioner's encouragement to continue the premises in charge which otherwise may be lost.
Same to the Receipt for tallies of assignment to be forthwith levied on the respective collectors of the Tenths of the clergy within the dioceses of Oxford, Worcester, Hereford, St. Davids, Chester and Rochester, for 212l. 10s. 0d. for last Lady day quarter on the 850l. per an. and 125l. for last June 24 quarter on the 500l. per an. to Elizabeth Hamilton for respectively her sons (James, George and William) and herself. Money Book, p. 270.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 400l. to Baptist May, Keeper of the Privy Purse, upon any unsatisfied orders in his name for the service of the Privy Purse: to be issued out of such Excise money as is or shall be in the Exchequer. Ibid, p. 271.
Money warrant for 20l. to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield for 2 years to June 24 last on their perpetuity of 10l. per an. Ibid.
Privy seal to discharge Sir Charles Schuckburgh of the baronet fee of 1,095l. for the baronetcy conferred in 1660 upon Sir Jon Schuckburgh; a royal warrant having been issued in said year 1660 for such discharge as herein, but no privy seal having been passed thereon during Sir Jon's life through the neglect of said Sir Jon or his solicitor. King's Warrant Book, pp. 260–1.
Nov. 30. Privy seal for 500l. as equipage and 5l. a day as ordinary to Phillip Warwick, Esq., as Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Sweden: the ordinary to commence from the day of his departure out of the royal presence, and to be paid quarterly, the first quarter in advance: together with the usual clause for allowance of his extraordinaries. King's Warrant Book, p. 246.
Letter of direction on 4,000l. remaining unpaid on an order dated 1678, April 18, for 14,300l. to Samuel Pepys as Receiver of the garrison of Tangier for 1678, Lady day quarter for same: on which order there has been already paid 4,400l. (1678, December 31), 2,150l. (1678–9, January 16), and 1,200l., 1,300l., 1,250l. (January 27): the present 4,000l. to be by tallies on the 20,000l. instalment of advance payable by Anthony Rowe et al. December 1 last as Hearthmoney Contractors. Order Book XXXVIII, pp. 54–5.