Entry Book: December 1679, 1-9

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 6, 1679-1680. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1913.

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December 1679

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Dec. 1. Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the Earl of Essex's report as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland on the petition of Mary, wife of William Fanshaw, Esq. Said petition sets forth that the King lately promised her a pension of 600l. per an. out of the Revenue of Ireland and did shortly after [by letter of 1676, November 28], write to the Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant, to report how same might be placed upon the establishment; to which said Earl replied that it might be granted out of the surplusage of the revenue of Ireland beyond what answers the present establishment. Petitioner therefore prays a grant of said pension to the Earl of Anglesea and the Earl of Rochester in trust for her for 31 years: same to be granted under the great seal of England with a warrant to the Lord Lieutenant for placing same on said surplusage. Out Letters (Ireland), pp. 36–40.
Said petition being 1677, March 29, referred to the Earl of Essex, the latter thereupon reported 1677, June 29, that he had (in response to the royal letter of 1676, November 28, ut supra) informed the King that the revenue of Ireland certain and casual, ordinary and extraordinary, is in farm for 6 years from Christmas [then] next and that all that offered was the abovesaid surplusage, "that if your Majesty were not pleased to increase the establishment your Majesty might take a view of the pensions and diminish such a proportion of some of them where your Majesty should judge most convenient as would compose a pension of 600l. per an. for petitioner." Further in regard there was no rent paid by the present Farmers of the Revenue of Ireland for the first three months of their farm and also by reason of 24,000l. lent by the king (out of the said new [farm] rents) to the Earl of Ranelagh and partners for the clearing of their undertaking there will accrue no surplusage of the Revenue in Ireland until some time after Christmas, 1677.
Said report being referred 1677, June 29, from the King to the Earl of Danby, and again 1679, November 21, to the Treasury Lords the latter hereupon report. The state of the revenue of Ireland is unknown to us, therefore we cannot advise how best to gratify petitioner. The present Lord Lieutenant can best inform your Majesty.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of Edward Blackwall's petition for a collector's place in some port; my Lords being disposed to gratify him. Out Letters (Customs), p. 131.
Dec. 1. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to observe an order of the King in Council dated Whitehall, November 12 last. Out Letters (Customs), p. 132.
Prefixing: said order, prolonging for one whole year from date hereof the order of 1678, September 27, that only 5s. per ton be demanded on exports of iron ordnance: it having been represented that iron guns would be more frequently exported to the advancement of that manufacture in the kingdom if the Customs on export were not so great and it being found necessary to continue the abovesaid liberty for a longer time.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of George Rodney Bridges for a grant of the farm of Englishcombe, co Somerset, in reversion after John Rosewell, and likewise on the petition of said Rosewell for a renewal of his lease for two new lives. It appears from the Surveyor-General's certificate that said farm has continued for many generations in the family of said Rosewell, who with great care has preserved the timber thereon. Therefore advise a fresh lease to Rosewell for two new lives at the old rent and fine of 600l. Warrants not Relating to Money, pp. 102–3.
Same to same from same on the petition of Capt. Henry Carr, Capt. John Staples and Capt. Thomas Rowe (as by the reference from the King dated October 23 last), ut supra, p. 248, for unpaid advance money for raising their troops of Grenadiers at their own charge in regard of the sudden marching for Scotland. It is certified by Sir Stephen Fox that at first the Duke of Monmouth did not design there should be any levy money paid to the Captains for raising their troops because they were so lately disbanded "and that his Grace thought they should be continued on your Majesty's establishment"; but when [after the expedition to Scotland] they were to be disbanded his Grace thought fit they should have levy money, but did not give a warrant for it; and that all the other troops had levy money, though but newly disbanded. Petitioners deserve 100l. each for raising at their own charge as above their said troops "which were not long after disbanded in the farthest part of the North of England." Ibid, pp. 103–4.
Prefixing: said certificate of Sir Stephen Fox, dated November 6.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to forbear process against John Hebdon till the first day of next term on his accounts as late collector of Customs at Colchester: he being not yet able to obtain his papers from the hands of the Earl of Danby. Ibid, p. 104.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of Imprests to attend the Treasury Lords forthwith with the accounts of Sir George Wharton "as they are before you de bene esse without the vouchers"; also with the state of Mr. Pepys's account for Tangier. Out Letters (General), p. 259.
Same to said Wharton. Bring in forthwith to the Auditors of Imprests your account for the year 1679. Ibid.
Dec. 1. Henry Guy to Mr. Dawson to bring to the Treasury Lords to-morrow a list of the orders for 99,000l. which were re-assigned to the King's use by Sir John James and Mayor Huntington in part of the 200,000l. payable to them out of the Land Tax. The said list is to contain the particular numbers of those orders and the names of the persons to whom they were assigned for the King's use that so they may be distinguished from the rest. Out Letters (General), p. 291.
Treasury reference to Edward Griffin, Esq., Treasurer of the Chamber, of Lady Darcy's petition to the King for payment of an arrear of 1,800l. due to her late husband Thomas Offley, Esq., his Majesty's Groom Porter (as by the reference thereof from the King dated Nov. 4 last). The reference is to certify my Lords what was paid to said Offley from 1674 to 1677, and whether there was an estimate of 600l. per an. for that time, and if no such estimate, then what the Groom Porter's bills amounted to and what now remains due thereon. Ibid, p. 292.
Henry Guy to Sam Roll of Insworth, and [to]_Brusy, tenant to the premises as follows, to attend the Treasury Lords on the second Tuesday in Hilary term next at the hearing of the petition of Mary, relict of Roger Howen, for a grant of several mills in Cornwall which petitioner undertakes to recover to the Crown. As you are tenant of some of the said mills in the parish of Maker you have notice hereof in case you have any objection to the passing the said grant. Ibid.
The like summons for Sir Walter Moyle, John Herle and Francis Butler in whose bands are some of the said mills in St. Stephen's near Saltash.
The like for William Cornish, possessed of some of the said mills in the parish of St. Issey.
The like for John Arundell, possessed of some of the said mills in the parish of Duloe or Tolland.
The Secretary [of the Treasury] orders a caveat to be entered that the fee farm rent of Hightley be not granted to any person before notice be given to Sir Robt. Sawyer. Caveat Book, p. 7.
Treasury order for the execution of a money order of 1678, July 18 (based on the privy seal of 1677, December 31), for 60l. to Phillip Packer, Paymaster of the Works, upon the 260l. per an. to him for Leonard Gurle, his Majesty's gardener, being for 1678, June 24 quarter, for Gurle's wages for keeping his Majesty's garden in St. James's Park. Order Book XXXVIII, pp. 53–4.
The like of a same, dated same, for 80l. to same for same quarter on the 320l. per an. to Gurle for paying all workmen and for dung, &c., for said garden.
Money warrant for 40l. to Edward Martin for one year to 1669, June 24, on his pension or annuity. Money Book, p. 271.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 164l. to Giles Dunstar for riding charges, May 20 last to Oct. 30 last, for his late Northern survey as one of the General Surveyors of the Customs. Ibid, p. 272.
Dec. 2. Henry Guy to the Excise Commissioners to pay into the Exchequer 300l. per week for 10 weeks, beginning this week. Out Letters (General), p. 291.
Dec. 2. Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of Susanna Lloyd, widow of Capt. John Lloyd, shewing that her husband being ill of his wounds the Admiralty Lords did in 1678, September, order him his half pay as commander of the Tryumph, same amounting to 357l. 10s. 0d. for 13 quarter bills made out to 1677, Christmas. Petitioner prays payment of said bills "in regard all other commanders are paid to this time." The referees are to certify my Lords why petitioner is not paid equally with the other persons mentioned. Out Letters (General), p. 291.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to draw several orders for the payment to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe of the respective sums of money mentioned in their several tallies of loan "for some of which they have as yet no orders of repayment": all as by the privy seal of 1668, April 30, and 1679, August 14: the orders to bear date respectively with the said tallies of loan: together with 6 per cent. interest and 4 per cent. gratuity thereon to be made payable quarterly until repayment of the principal: all to be satisfied out of such moneys as said Kent shall from time to time pay into the Exchequer as Receiver General of Customs over and above the 3,000l. payable weekly into the Exchequer for the Navy out of the Customs. [On this warrant the following orders are entered in the Order Book, the dates being the dates of the loan into the Exchequer and of the tallies of loan struck thereon: but these orders mention only 6 per cent. interest and omit the 4 per cent. reward]:— Money Book, p. 272. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 55.
1679. Nov. 3, for 7,000l.
" " 4 " 6,400l.
" " 10 " 3,500l.
" " 20 " 6,500l.
" " 24 " 3,000l.
" " 26 " 7,000l.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to Edward Seymour on any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name as Treasurer of the Navy 2,500l. for the Navy: to be issued out of the 9,000l. which the Customs Cashier paid into the Exchequer last Saturday. Money Book, p. 271.
The like for 500l. to same: to be by him paid over to the Victuallers of the Navy: to be issued out of same.
Same to the Excise Commissioners to pay and allow to Nicholas Johnson, Cashier to said Commissioners and Agent for receiving all moneys of Excise, the like allowance for himself and the officers and ministers employed under him, as was formerly allowed to Richard Kent, amounting in the whole to 1,150l. per an. to be paid quarterly: together with warrant for 575l. thereon for the half year to September 29 last thereon: the said allowance to be inserted in future quarterly salary bills of the Excise Office: the said Johnson having been deputed to the said office by said Commissioners May 28 last: the said allowance to Kent having formerly been 600l. per an. for himself, 150l. per an. for his deputy, 260l. per an. for three tellers, 100l. per an. to the accountant for the running cash, and 40l. per an. to a clerk to write and keep the ledger. Ibid, pp. 271–2.
Dec. 2. Henry Guy to Mr. Lindon. There has been brought before the Treasury Lords a discovery of a debt of 2,000l. due to the King. Use your utmost diligence to report the true state hereof to my Lords. Out Letters (General), p. 293.
Same to the Commissioners of the Ordnance forwarding the order of the King in Council of November 26 last for stating and settling the debts contracted for carrying on a war against the French King. The Treasury Lords desire you to send speedily a very exact and particular list of all the debts due to persons for goods, stores or provisions brought or served into the Office of Ordnance or for services performed upon account of a war against the French King, and in a particular column by itself to state 6 per cent. interest (viz., of those debts which by the contract should have been paid in ready money) from the time of the delivery of the goods till Michaelmas last and of the others according to the several contracts from the time they were, by those contracts, to have interest allowed them; [you] taking care to proceed according to the priority of their dates and course and to deduct what was received by way of imprest. Ibid, pp. 293–4, 295.
Appending: copy of said order of the King in Council, dated Whitehall, November 26, made upon reading this day at the Board the [petitions] of the persons concerned in the debts contracted by the Navy and Ordnance for carrying on such war, which said petitions set forth that they have had several hearings before the Treasury Lords for the settlement of their respective debts and that the Treasury Lords have proposed to secure them by tallies on the Customs, but petitioners are of opinion that the Hearthmoney, although anticipated till 1681, will more effectually support their credit and enable them to supply his Majesty's further service and therefore prayed that their debts with the interest thereon may be settled on said duty. Whereupon it is hereby ordered by the King in Council that the Treasury Lords be desired to forthwith examine and state said debt and thereupon to settle upon the Hearthmoney the payment of said debts with interest according to the several contracts.
The like letter [to the Navy Commissioners] for the like list of debts for Navy goods, stores or provisions. I likewise send herewith a note of 5 bills for hemp, &c., served in [to the Navy Stores] upon account of the war aforesaid, which bills, as also that for 277l. for Sir Robert Southwell the Treasury Lords take to be satisfied and are therefore to be omitted in the list you are to send as above. Ibid, pp. 294–5, 296.
Appending: note of said bills:—
l. s. d.
1678. June 17, Charles Duncombe for hemp 2,345 5 0
June 28, ditto for same 1,599 18 5
Sept. 11, Samuel Sowton, for tar 412 10 0
" ditto for pitch 90 0 0
Sept. 25, ditto for tar 1,179 3 4
£5,626 16 9
Same to the Customs Commissioners to take care that an account of the Customs of alum imported and exported be kept apart and distinguished from the rest of the Customs. Ibid, p. 296.
Dec. 2. Treasury reference to Hugh May, Comptroller of the Works at Windsor, of the petition to the King from 13 Poor Knights of the royal foundation at Windsor (as by a reference thereof from the King dated Windsor, Aug. 9 last). Said petition sets forth that petitioners' lodgings are very much out of repair and prays that the repair thereof may be charged on the Works. Said May is to survey and estimate same and to report out of what money those lodgings have been heretofore repaired. Out Letters (General), pp. 296–7.
Same to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] of Daniel Judd's petition on a reference thereof from the King. Petitioner sets forth that before the fire he had 18 houses on Great Tower Hill which were worth 500l. per an. and which by the King's command were pulled down 5 weeks after the fire and the materials thereof taken from him by his undertenants to the utter undoing of his wife and 5 children. There are 18 years yet to run in his lease thereof. On a former petition was referred to the Treasurer Danby and thence to the Surveyor General and a report was made thereon, "but petitioner could not get it presented to your Majesty [for signature] after 6 years' last past attendance." Prays speedy relief that he may be redeemed out of prison. Hereon the Surveyor General is hereby desired to peruse Sir Roger Ashton's grant from the Crown (under which petitioner claims) and to certify whether said Ashton were restrained from building or not. Ibid, p. 297.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners for the delivery, Customs free, of the goods lately arrived from Holland on board the Rebecca and Elizabeth, Richard Downing master, for the account of the Heer van Leeuwen van Leyden, Ambassador from the States General: the books to be first viewed and allowed by the archbishop of Canterbury or bishop of London. Out Letters (Customs), pp. 133–4.
Appending: schedule of said goods (including Flemish lace for six cravats for pages, books on botaniques, &c.)
Treasury reference to the Trustees for Fee Farms of the petition of John Chase, setting forth that the King was indebted to him 6,454l. 17s. 6d. charged upon Sir Edward Griffin's Office; the said Office having then due to it a very considerable sum upon the fund of the sale of fee farms, the King directed that said Trustees should contract with petitioner for fee farms not exceeding 300l. per an. in part of said debt; petitioner has long since made such contract and has stricken a tally discharging the King of so much of his debt and has produced said tally to the Trustees with deeds engrossed; but all to no effect, the Trustees pretending that reprisals of rents twice sold [by mistake] are not yet finished, though petitioner is informed that all such reprisals are sufficiently secured by rents set apart for them: therefore prays an order to the Trustees to seal his conveyance and to pay him this last year's rent. Out Letters (General), pp. 299–300.
[?] Henry Guy to Mr. Lock to send the Treasury Lords an account forthwith why Col. Streether's troop of Dragoons that were lately at Berwick are not yet disbanded. Ibid, p. 300.
Dec. 3. Henry Guy to the Board of Greencloth to lend the Treasury Lords the last book of the establishment of the Household. They will take care to return it to your board again. Out Letters (General), p. 296.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to take in 4,000l. which Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe have agreed to lend into the Exchequer to-day. Give them tallies of loan therefor and issue same to the Treasurer of the Navy. Ibid, p. 299.
Dec. 4. Same to Major Dickins to attend the Attorney General with the names of those persons who cut and spoiled the wood in New Forest in order to their prosecution. Ibid, p. 298.
The like to Mr. Agar.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt. My Lords intend that the 300l. a week for ten weeks which the Excise Commissioners are to pay into the Exchequer, beginning this week, shall be issued to the Great Wardrobe. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Hall to let Mr. Kingston and Mr. Newton have copies of the depositions made against them concerning Whittlewood and Salcey Forests. Ibid.
Same to Auditor Raban for a constat of what Mr. Martin Sandys owes the King and what improvement was made of the Hearthmoney while he was Receiver thereof for co. Worcester. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Nicholas Humphry for an afternoon waiter's place in the Custom House, petitioner being utterly ruined by being forward in serving the King as constable when the trained bands were in arms against the Dutch fleet in Mounts Bay, by executing the commands of the Deputy Lieutenants (on the pressing occasion) to collect money for the soldiers and to distrain those that refused, for which he has been sued and cast in several actions. Out Letters (Customs), p. 134.
Treasury recommendation to same of Capt. William Williams's petition for some Customs place in accordance with the King's gracious inclination, he being reduced to great extremities. Ibid, p. 136.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Anne, Countess Dowager of Bristol, as by the order of reference of the 19th inst. thereon. Said petition prays a grant of the compositions and fines in the Duchy of Cornwall. On reference from us thereon the Surveyor General of Crown Lands has reported that by right of said Duchy the Crown stands seized of divers manors consisting of copyhold and leasehold tenements, paying anciently small reserved rents with fines for renewal: that at the Restoration Treasurer Southampton ordered that, for preventing the begging any renewal of leases in said Duchy, a moiety of the true yearly value should be reserved to the Crown on any renewals: which method was accordingly observed for some time by way of an increased rent till many of the tenants complaining to the Lord Treasurer how prejudicial this was to them, he directed the said Surveyor General to reduce the said increased rents upon any compositions to a fourth part of the true yearly value, and so it continued all his [? Treasurer Southampton's] time: that in 1670 said tenants exhibited a petition to the King in Council complaining of the hardships of such great rents and prayed to be admitted to compound for and purchase off the said increased rents, which in the said year amounted to about 800l., and thereupon obtained an order of Council to admit them to so compound. By a privy seal of 1671, June 21, such compositions were granted to George, Visct. Grandison, and Col. Villiers and by the [Duchy] Receiver's accounts it appears that 191l. 10s. 0d. was paid to them for the year ended 1671, September 29, and 887l. for the year ending 1672, September 29. A second privy seal dated 1673, June 11, granted to the said Visct. Grandison, etc., for three years, not only such compositions, but also such increased rents as remained uncompounded for and likewise all compositions for renewing copyholds or leasehold estates, and under this grant by the like accounts it appears that 2,735l. 6s. 2d. was paid to said grantees for the year ending 1673, September 29, and 2,232l. 17s. 3d. for the year ended 1674, September 29, and 2,387l. 13s. 9d. for the year ended 1675, September 29. A third privy seal dated 1676, June 21, granted for three years to the same grantees all the profits and advantages contained in the abovesaid second privy seal, and thereon there was paid to them 1,982l. 0s. 5d. for the year ending 1676, September 29; and 1,537l. 2s. 10d. for the year ending 1677, September 29; and for the year ending 1678, September 29, the amount will be about 950l. So that considering that most of the increased rents are bought off, and that those that remain unsold are paid by such persons who are generally unable to compound for the same the said Surveyor General is of opinion that unless an unusual mortality happen among the tenants what is desired by petitioner will probably not amount to above 1,000l. per an. or thereabouts; the said Visct. Grandison and his agents having been content to make great abatements of those fines which the [said] late Surveyor [Sir C. Harbord] rated their tenements at, which have been lately compounded for in order to the raising what money they could within the time of the said privy seals whereby most of the tenements are full [e]stated. On said report the Treasury Lords are hereby of opinion that if the King grant said petition a moiety, or some other proportion, of the fines and compositions and of the increased rents be reserved to the King or else that the sum of 500l. per an. may be granted to petitioner out of the premises for the term desired. Warrants not Relating to Money, pp. 105–6.
Dec. 4. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 300l. to Ralph Montague on any orders in his name as Master of the Great Wardrobe: to be as imprest for said Wardrobe: to be issued out of the 400l. which the Excise Commissioners are directed to pay into the Exchequer this week. Money Book, p. 273.
The like warrant for 400l. to Baptist May for the Privy Purse: to be issued out of Excise money in the Exchequer. Ibid.
Dec. 4. Money warrant for 750l. to Peregrine Bertie, Charles Bertie and Charles Osborne for last September 29 quarter upon the annuity of 3,000l. to them for uses as in the indentures tripartite of 1678, August 30, relating to the marriage between Charles, Earl of Plymouth, and the daughter of the Earl of Danby: to be satisfied out of moneys in the Exchequer of First Fruits or, failing that, of Tenths. Money Book, pp. 273–4.
In the margin. Earl of Plymouth's trustees.
Dec. 6. Treasury warrant for the execution of a warrant of the late Treasurer Latimer [Danby] dated 1673, October 24, for 250l. to the Treasurer of Christ's Hospital for the then preceding Michaelmas quarter on the 1,000l. per an. for seven years granted by the patent dated 1673. August 19, by the King to the Governors of said Hospital for the maintenance of 40 poor boys there, to be taught the art of navigation and whole science of arithmetic: and for the future payment of said pension from time to time. Ibid, p. 275.
Same [to the Auditor of the Receipt] to issue 500l. to Edward Seymour upon any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name as Treasurer of the Navy; to be by him paid over to the Victuallers of the Navy: to be issued out of the 10,000l. which the Customs Cashier paid into the Exchequer this day. Ibid, p. 274. King's Warrant Book, p. 167.
The like for 2,500l. to same for the Navy; to be issued out of same. Money Book, p. 274.
Mr. [Henry Guy] Secretary [to the Treasury] orders a caveat to be entered that the office of Clerk of the Works of Whitehall, etc., be not passed in reversion to any person till the officers of the Works be heard in relation to his Majesty's service. Caveat Book, p. 7.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of William Chiffinch as by the order of reference of November 29 last. Petitioner prays a grant of a fine of 500l. set in the King's Bench upon Thomas Cudmore of co. Essex, found guilty of barratry. We cannot but observe to your Majesty that your revenue lies at present under such difficulties as make it very much need every accidental relief of this kind. Some part at least of the fine should, as in other cases of this nature, be reserved to your Majesty. Warrants not Relating to Money, p. 107.
Signature by the Treasury Lords of a docquet of a lease by in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Samuel Pepys of divers messuages, lands and tenements in co. Yorks, parcel of the lands of Robt. Harrison, outlaw; at the rent of 16s. 1½d. and fine of 32s. 3d. Ibid.
Constitution and appointment by same of Peter Whitley to be Receiver of the [last] Eighteen Months' Assessment in the counties of Flint, Denbigh, Montgomery, Carnarvon, Anglesey and Merioneth loco Ralph Whitley, lately deceased. Ibid, p. 97.
Report to the King from same on the draft of a lease to Mr. James as follows, said draft being referred to the Treasury November 20 last: said lease being for 99 years of a coachhouse and stable in Dublin, now in the possession of Sir William Flower, Kt., and adjoining a brick house in Custom House Lane, in which the Auditor General of Ireland keeps his office, said coachhouse and stable remaining in the King's disposal. Out Letters (Ireland), pp. 41–2.
On said draft the Treasury Lords hereby report that they have nothing to object thereto.
Dec. 6. Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt for a list of all persons who were instrumental in the King's escape [from Worcester fight] who have annuities payable at the Exchequer, and of the arrears due upon same. Out Letters (General), p. 301.
The like to the Customs Cashier [concerning the like pensions payable out of the Customs].
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of Charles Tourney's petition for a place as Deputy Searcher or Coast Waiter in the Custom House, London. Out Letters (Customs), pp. 134–5.
Henry Leese's petition for a tidewaiter's, weigher's or watchman's place, London port.
John Watson's petition for a landwaiter's place, ibid. in pursuance of the King's promise in recognition of petitioner's father's sufferings and services.
Treasury recommendation to same of Champion Lovis as a useful man for some employment, he being a French Protestant born, who was by monks trepanned from his parents into a convent when scarce 13 years old, but got out by the help of his brothers after several years being kept close from his friends "and their laws against relapse making it death the petitioner was forced to live out of the kingdom" and has continued for 11 years past in London, where he has perfectly got the English tongue, but has nothing to live on. Ibid, p. 135.
Dec. 8. Treasury warrant to the Receipt to take in and cancel two tallies, one dated 1678–9, January 8, for 875l. which was originally struck in the name of Charles Bertie for secret service, the other dated 1678–9, January 13, for 1,250l. in satisfaction of the like sum [due] upon the Duke of York's allowance for New York: both said tallies being levied on the half year's Hearthmoney farm rent due 1679, Lady day, and payable 1679, September 19: it appearing that said tallies (which have been produced to the Treasury Lords by Sir Allan Apsley on behalf of the Duke of York) are by mistake struck upon Anthony Rowe and partners, present Farmers of the Hearthmoney, who had no payment to make for that half year; whereas same should have been struck upon John Perry and Edward Buckley, late Contractors for the Hearthmoney from whom 75,500l. was payable on said September 19 last. In lieu thereof two new tallies of same date and for same sums are hereby to be struck upon said Perry and Buckley: and the Exchequer entries thereof are to be amended accordingly. Money Book, p. 276.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay 60l. to Peter Percival for half a year to Lady day last on his fee or salary as Chief Searcher of Customs London port. Ibid, p. 277.
Dec. 8. Money warrant for 125l. each to Sir Thomas Doleman, Sir John Nicholas, Sir Robert Southwell, (memorandum: this warrant was mislaid and another signed 1680, June 29, dated with this) and Sir Phillip Lloyd for half a year to June 24 last on their fees as clerks of the Privy Council. Money Book, p. 277.
Money order for 9,000l. to Edward Seymour, Treasurer of the Navy, in further part of 58,400l. for building the hulls, masts and yards of four ships out of the 30 ships in accordance with the Seventeen Months' tax: (being two second-rate and two third-rate): as by the privy seal of March 19 last. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 56.
Appending: copy of an order of the King in Council dated Whitehall, November 26 last. The Admiralty Lords having represented to the King that several of the abovesaid 30 ships are like to suffer great damage if they be not out of hand proceeded with to be finished, it was this day ordered for prevention of such spoil and damage as will otherwise happen, that 9,000l. be forthwith issued as above "notwithstanding any former order of this Board for issuing the said money proportionately to the Treasurer of the Navy and Treasurer of the Ordnance [and notwithstanding that the latter] hath not yet received his full proportion according to the said orders."
Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a great seal for a grant to Thomas Chudleigh of the office of one of the Surveyors General of Customs, loco Giles Dunster, lately deceased: to hold during pleasure with the fee of 1,000 marks per an. and all per-quisites, advantages, etc., thereto. King's Warrant Book, p. 162.
Henry Guy to Mr. Hall to attend the Treasury Lords on Saturday morning next with the depositions and commission concerning Whittlewood and Salcey Forests. Out Letters (General), p. 301.
Same to Mr. Tregeagle to attend my Lords "immediately after the twelve days of Christmas next are over," with an account concerning the [Cornwall Duchy] revenue of tin.
Same to Mr. Kingdon (and the like to Sir John James) to send to the Treasury to-morrow a note of the dates, numbers and sums of those orders on the Twelve [last of the last Eighteen] Months' tax which you re-assigned to the King and of those which you have assigned to your own creditors. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Henry, Earl of Clarendon, praying a lease of the manors of Northstead and Holme Cultram and of some houses and farms in the Forest of Braydon in lieu of the manors of Terrington and Patrington which he petitioned for, but which were granted to the Earl of Plymouth: said petition being referred to the Treasury the 6th inst. Ibid, p. 302.
Henry Guy to the officer in chief at Southwold, in pursuance of the King's commands, to search all persons, trunks, chests, in any vessel arriving in your port for any letters or papers which may be of danger to the King and peace of the kingdom, and to immediately transmit any such to the Secretaries of State and to give the Treasury Lords an account thereof. Ibid, p. 303.
The like to chief officers at Faversham, Deal, Sandwich, Lowestoft, Dover, Harwich, Ipswich, Aldeburgh and Yarmouth.
Dec. 8. Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners forwarding a certificate sent from the Admiralty Lords to the Treasury. You are to forthwith send for the vessel and wine, rescued by Sir Robert Robinson, to be brought up to London port. (Same to Mr. Hayter to thank the Admiralty Lords for their care herein. The messenger who brought the intelligence doserves a reward.) Out Letters (Customs), p. 136. Out Letters (General), p. 302.
Appending: said Robinson's certificate dated from on board his Majesty's ship Richmond to the Admiralty. This morning, December 3, between 1 and 2 o'clock being a great fog and the tide of ebb, we heard a great outcry upon the river that thieves were running away with the King's boat and goods; presently, after we espied the King's smack driving by and calling us for aid; we manned the long boat and assisted her, and immediately after found this boat but none of the men that ran away with her. The King's smack and the said vessel that was run away withal remain both fastened at this ship till further order.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of John Knight, principal chirurgeon to the King, as by the order of reference of November 1 thereon. Petitioner prays a reimbursement of the charges of his journey into the Spanish Netherlands where he was employed upon occasion of the great sickness and mortality in your Majesty's troops which were there, and some reward for his pains and hazard therein. Petitioner was out 60 days 1678, August 28, to October 26, with four servants, three thereof being of his own profession, upon that service and expended thereon about 110l. "against the reasonableness whereof we have nothing to object." He deserves 60l. more for his pains. Warrants not Relating to Money, p. 107.
Dec. 9. The Treasury Lords to Thomas Lord Colepeper, Governor of Virginia. No account has yet been given of several sums of money which were put into the hands of Commissioners or other officers or persons which were employed in suppressing the late rebellion in Virginia nor of divers stores and provisions of victuals and clothes which were sent thither for the service of the Forces which were there upon that occasion. You are hereby empowered to call before you any such so chargeable or their executors to give an account of same. Whatsoever upon such accounts shall be due to the King or remaining in the hands of any of them or left in a chest upon the account aforesaid by Commissary Thomas Needler, deceased (which chest your Lordship is to open in the presence of Nathaniel Bacon, Nicholas Spencer and Thomas Pate, Esqrs.) you are hereby to receive to the King's use, giving discharges therefor. Out of what you so receive you are to satisfy in the first place the moneys due in Virginia for the quarters of Major Mucklow's company computed to amount to 349l. or thereabouts; and in the next place to pay the gunsmith and mate about 60l., and afterwards the gunners and others which were employed in the said service so far as the money will extend. If there be any overplus you are to be accountable therefor to the King. Ibid, p. 108.
Dec. 9. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to permit the goods of Lord Colepeper and his retinue designed for Virginia to be shipped, Customs free, If the duty due thereon exceed 20l., any surplus thereon is to be demanded. Out Letters (Customs), pp. 137–9.
Appending: schedule of said goods (metal, cordage, shoes, iron shoes, nails, woollens, kerseys, tobacco pipes, oil, lime juice, provisions, foreign soap, German linens, etc.)
[?] Henry Guy to same to employ William Hollister as a tidesman in extraordinary, London port. Ibid, p. 139.
Dec. 9. Money warrant for 250l. to Sir William Scroggs for last Michaelmas term upon his salary or allowance of 1,000l. per an. as Chief Justice of the King's Bench: to be satisfied out of moneys in the Exchequer not appropriated to particular uses by Act of Parliament. Money Book, p. 278.
Same for 250l. each to Sir Francis Pemberton as a Justice of the King's Bench; Sir Thomas Jones, Kt., as a same; Sir William Dolbin, Kt., as a same; Sir Francis North as Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas; Sir Robert Atkins, Kt. of the Bath, as a Justice of the Common Pleas; Sir William Ellis as a same; Sir Hugh Windham as a same; William Mountague, Esq., as Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer; Sir Edward Atkins, Kt., as a Baron of the Exchequer: Sir Thomas Raymond, Kt., as a same; Sir William Gregory, Kt., as a same; 66l. 13s. 4d. and 7l. 10s. 0d. to Francis Crawly, Esq., fifth Baron of the Exchequer, being respectively for half a year to September 29 last on his two fees of 100 marks per an., and for last Trinity term upon his allowances of 16l. 13s. 4d. and 14l. 6s. 8d. payable at the Receipt at the end of every term; 125l. to Sir Job Charlton, Kt., one of the Judges for the city of Chester, to be for last Michaelmas term on his salary or allowance of 500l. per an.; 50l. to Justice Johnson for same on his same of 200l. per an. all to be satisfied ut supra. Ibid, pp. 278–80.
Same for 455l. to Henry Savile for three months to August 28 last on his ordinary of 5l. a day as Envoy Extraordinary to France: it appearing from Secretary Coventry's certificate that Savile took leave of the King February 27 last in order to his going Envoy: and he having received the first quarter in advance on his said ordinary: to be satisfied ut supra. (Money order dated December 12 hereon.) Ibid, p. 291. Order Book XXXVIII, pp. 57–8.
Same for 25l. each to the following for last Michaelmas term on their salaries or allowances of 100l. per an. each as Masters of Chancery, viz., Sir Edward Low, Sir Andrew Hackett, Sir Timothy Baldwyn, Sir Lacon William Child, Sir John Hoskins, Sir Samuel Clarke, Sir Miles Cooke, Sir John Francklin, Sir Tho. Escourt, Sir John Cooll (Coell), and Sir William Beversham. (Money order dated December 12 hereon.) Money Book, p. 281. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 57.
Dec. 9. Money warrant for 250l. to Anthony, Earl of Shaftesbury, for last September 29 quarter upon his allowance of 1,000l. per an. in lieu of diet (of 10 dishes of meat every meal) as late President of the Privy Council: to be satisfied ut supra. (Money order dated December 10 hereon.) Money Book, p. 282. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 57.
Same for 1,000l. to Heneage Lord Finch, Lord Chancellor, for last September 29 quarter on his pension of 4,000l. per an. as granted in November, 1673: to be satisfied ut supra; it not being possible to satisfy same out of the Excise (on which said pension is originally charged) in respect of the great anticipations and charges at present upon the Excise. Money Book, p. 282.
Same for 388l. to the Earl of Anglesey for last September 29 quarter on his 4l. a day in lieu of the ancient allowance of 16 dishes of meat as Lord Privy Seal: to be satisfied ut supra. (Money order dated December 12 hereon.) Ibid, p. 283. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 57.
Same for 40l. 13s. 4d. to Sir William Jones for half a year to June 24 last on his fee as late Attorney General: to be satisfied ut supra. Money Book, p. 283.
Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners to pay out of the weekly money of the Navy 150l. a week to Mr. Browne and 100l. a week to Mr. Gore until 1,600l. be paid them for slops served in for the King's ships and 24l. 19s. 3d. to Mr. Fredericke Cornwallis, a volunteer on board the King's ship Plymouth on a Navy bill dated August 13 last. Out Letters (General), p. 303.
Same to the Treasurer of the Navy. The 500l. extraordinary ordered for you this week is designed by the Treasury Lords for the fitting out the Leopard and Foresight. Ibid, p. 304.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt not to issue without particular directions from my Lords, any Excise money or any of the loans made by Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe. Ibid.
Same to same for a particular account by Thursday morning next when, how and to whom the following orders have been all along assigned in the Exchequer and how they now stand registered on the tax, viz., No. 77 for 14,000l., No. 78 for 6,000l., No. 79 for 1,800l., No. 81 for 2,000l., No. 83 for 17,000l., No. 92 for 20,000l., No. 93 for 10,000l., No. 94 for 20,000l., No. 95 for 8,200l.: (total, 99,000l.). Ibid.
Same to Auditor Aldworth (upon the report from Mr. Lawrence of the state of William Prettiman's debt, and how he holds his office), to see what the stated debt of said Prettyman, Remembrancer of First Fruits, was in 1678, and whether he had any allowance therein of 1,500l. by him paid to the Gentlemen Pensioners. Ibid, p. 305.
Same to the late Alum Farmers to forthwith declare their accounts from 1674. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Lawrence for an account of the considerable sum in arrear upon the old farm of the Hearthmoney wherein Alderman Boam [Beane] was concerned. Ibid.
[1 Dec. 9.] Henry Guy to the Auditors of Imprests. The Treasury Lords expected long since the report from you and the Comptroller of the Mint upon Mr. Taylor's petition as by the reference of November 3 last. My Lords resent your delay. Out Letters (General), p. 305.
Dec. 9. Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to let Mr. Fane have a list of all the tallies struck upon the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados and the Leeward Islands. Ibid, p. 306.