Entry Book: February 1680, 11-20

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 6, 1679-1680. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1913.

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February 1680

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Feb. 11. Money order for 18,000l. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe in repayment of so much lent by them into the Exchequer this day: with 6 per cent. interest. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 80.
Henry Guy to Tho. Agar to prosecute effectually the information against Tho. Newton, woodward of Whittlewood and Salcey Forests. Out Letters (General), p. 384.
Feb. 12. Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay off (out of First Fruits money in the Exchequer) Mr. John Hill's order of June 4 last for 50l. for hay and keeper's wages in Battles Walk, Windsor Forest. Ibid.
Same to Sir Tho. Chicheley to certify my Lords what money you ordered Sir George Wharton to take up by way of advance on interest during the time you were Master of the Ordnance. Ibid, p. 385.
Same to the Tellers of the Exchequer. My Lords think it convenient for the King's present service that until Lady day next you do (for what money Mr. [Charles] Duncombe charges in the Exchequer on the Customs or loans) accept of his bill or note for the same, which bill or note you are to deliver when the money is directed upon you by the Auditor of the Receipt. Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to Auditor Phelips. By our warrant of Jan. 22 last you were directed to rate the particular of fee farms delivered to you by the Marquess of Winchester. You have refused to yield obedience, and another auditor has been directed to rate same. Since then we are informed by Mr. Grosvenor, agent for the Marquess, that you refuse to deliver to him the contracts which he left with you. You are hereby to deliver them on your peril. Ibid.
Money warrant for 2,000l. to the Treasury Lords for last Christmas quarter on their salary. (Money order dated Feb. 12 hereon.) Money Book, p. 342. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 71.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 1,800l. to Sir George Wharton on any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name as Treasurer of the Ordnance: 500l. thereof to be employed for forifications at Guernsey, 400l. to complete 3,000l. for the garrison of Tangier, 400l. for setting out ships and 500l. for the ordinary service of the Office of Ordnance: to be issued out of loans made into the Exchequer by Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe. Money Book, p. 342. Warrants not Relating to Money, p. 154.
Same to same to similarly issue to Edward Seymour, Treasurer of the Navy, 4,300l. which is intended to be applied towards setting out 11 ships for this ensuing summer's service and also 500l. more which is intended to be paid upon account of Sick and Wounded. Money Book, p. 343.
Money warrant for 1,680l. to Samuel Pepys in further part of the last June 30 quarter's ordinary for the garrison of Tangier; said 1,680l. being intended for the service of the mole there: to be issued out of ut supra. (Money order dated Feb. 16 hereon.) Money Book, p. 343. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 72.
Same for 1,500l. to Visct. Grandison and Edward Villiers for last June 24 quarter on the 6,000l. per an. to them for the Duchess of Cleveland as by the patent of 1674, Oct. 9. Money Book, p. 344.
Feb. 13. Money order for 4,700l. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe in repayment of so much lent by them into the Exchequer this day: with 6 per cent. interest. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 83.
Feb. 14. Same for 20l. each to Jon. Lowe and Mathew Lister, Deputy Chamberlains of the Receipt, for Michaelmas and Hilary terms last, on their additional increase of fee of 40l. for their extraordinary service in sorting and ordering the records as well Foreign as Domestic remaining in the Treasury at Westminster. Ibid, p. 73.
Money warrant for 40l. to Charles Whittacre for one year to 1677, Sept. 29, on his fee as Foreign Apposer. Money Book, p. 345.
Same for 184l. to John Robinson, gent., for six months from Aug. 1 last to Feb. 1 inst. on his ordinary of 1l. a day: as by the privy seal of Dec. 31 last: the King having directed Sir Edward Wood, late Envoy Extraordinary to Sweden, when he came from Stockholm, to leave his Secretary, said Robinson, to remain there till the arrival of said Wood's successor. (Money order dated Feb. 19 hereon.) Ibid, p. 345. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 110.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to direct the Customs Cashier to pay 20l. to Thomas Millar, late officer of the Customs in Carolina; for his present support. Money Book, p. 345.
Money warrant for 14,489l. 18s. 1d. to Samuel Pepys for the garrison of Tangier, viz., 12,069l. to complete the 14,300l. for last June 30 quarter to said garrison and 2,420l. 18s. 1d. [as in part of the succeeding quarter]: both sums to be paid out of loans made into the Exchequer by Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe. Out of said 14,489l. 18s. 1d. it is intended that 9,489l. 18s. 1d. be for half a year's pay to the officers and soldiers of the garrison and the remaining 5,000l. for the service of the mole there. (Three separate money orders for 9,489l. 18s. 1d., in part for last June 30 quarter; 2,579l. 1s. 11d. as in full for said quarter and 2,420l. 18s. 1d. as in part for last Sept. 30 quarter.) Ibid, p. 346. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 74.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 2,500l. to Edward Seymour on any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name as Treasurer of the Navy: to be issued out of the 3,000l. paid into the Exchequer this day by the Customs Cashier. Money Book, pp. 2–3.
The like for 500l. to same for the Victuallers: to be issued out of same.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to reserve for particular directions from my Lords any moneys paid in on account of prizes. Out Letters (General), p. 386.
Same to Mr. Trant. The Treasury Lords are informed that one Capt. Abraham Langford goes about to buy up the tallies on the Four and a Half per cent. duty for the arrears to the Barbados soldiers and that he is employed by you as your agent in this behalf. My Lords do not approve this practice, and direct you to pay the 1,457l. 10s. 7d. to Mr. Lawrence on the 20th Mar. next for satisfaction of the poor people interested therein. Ibid.
Samuel Langford [for Henry Guy] to Mr. James Dowre (Dowse) at Spalding. The Treasury Lords have yours of the 11th inst. enclosing an account of the Coinage [money]. Please explain the article where you charge Elisha Jackson, deceased, the Customer's deputy with 225l. 4s. 6d. What is the name of the Customer to whom Jackson was deputy, and what port did he serve in. Ibid, p. 387.
Feb. 16. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to deliver, Customs free, at the lodgings of William Chiffinch in Whitehall 56 cases of Piedmont wine, 14 cases of Rosa solis and 2 pacquets of cheese now in London port on board the Adventure, of Yarmouth, John Townesend master, same being sent as a present to the King from the Duchess Regent of Savoy. Out Letters (Customs), p. 173.
Disposition of the 750l. on the Hearthmoney:— Disposition Book I, p. 15.
l. s. d.
to the Wardrobe 411 0 0
to the Stables 200 0 0
to the Works (ordinary) 100 0 0
to the Mews, Stables and buildings there 39 0 0
Mr. Noell, warden of New Forest, desires (by his steward, Mr. Baxter), that no money may be paid to the Marquess of Winchester or any other for repairs at Lindhursthouse or servants' wages there till he [Noell] have notice. Caveat Book, p. 8.
Royal sign manual for 200l. to Henry Guy for secret service: without account. (Money warrant dated Feb. 17 hereon. Money order dated Feb. 17 hereon.) King's Warrant Book, p. 213. Money Book, p. 1. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 73.
Henry Guy to Sir G. Wharton for a certificate what money you have from time to time received by way of advance upon interest for the service of the Ordnance and by what direction the orders which have been reassigned to you were so reassigned and what debentures are brought to account on these orders. You are also to deliver to the Auditors of Imprests your voluntary charge for the period of your account and the Auditors want the necessary vouchers to proceed in said accounts. Out Letters (General), p. 387.
Same to Col. Legg to certify what money abovesaid Wharton borrowed on interest, etc., as above. (The like letter to Capt. Sherburne and Mr. Fortrey and Mr. Coniers.) Ibid.
Same to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] to reconsider the fine of 200l. set by you for the lease to Sir Thomas Williamson of the demesnes in Newark, said Williamson finding it excessive. Ibid, p. 388.
Feb. 16. Henry Guy to the Treasurer of the Navy to apply forthwith to the repair of the London at Chatham and of the Gloucester and Crown at Portsmouth, the 1,000l. which Mr. Soleby, one of the King's apothecaries, pretended was in course to have been paid to him. Out Letters (General), p. 388.
Same to Sir Peter Pett forwarding a copy of Mr. Portman's letter to Mr. Bertie about the Genoa ship. Ibid.
Same to Henry Dering to prepare a brief state of all pensions payable out of fee farms or other rents within your cognizance. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to issue 750l. to Sir George Wharton on any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name as Treasurer of the Ordnance: to be as imprest and to be by tallies on the Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados and the Leeward Islands: the said tallies to be by him delivered over to Col. Stapleton, Governor in Chief of the Leeward Islands, who is to employ same as he shall find most requisite towards the erecting and finishing one good fort in each of the said islands under his government, pursuant to the order of the King in Council of Nov. 28 last. Money Book, p. 346.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to make forth a constat or particular of the estate of William Broxholme, Esq., in co. Lincoln (which was extended for money due to the King from him as Receiver of the Eleven Months' tax co. Lincoln), and to send same to the Treasury with a view to a lease thereof to Capt. Robert Hill for the use of the loyal indigent [Royalist] officers. Ibid, p. 1.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay 65l. to the Company of the Royal Fishery of England for half a year on their allowance of 20l. per an. for each dogger employed by them as by their patent of 1677, Sept. 25: viz., 35l. for the quarter ended Sept. 29 last and 30l. for the quarter ended at Christmas last: it appearing by certificate of Oct. 2 last from George Elton, surveyor of the Navigation, as sworn to by Robert Cragg, husband of said Company, that there were 7 doggers so employed, and by a similar certificate of Jan. 2 last that there were then 6 doggers so employed. Ibid.
Feb. 17. Same to the Receiver General for co. Southampton to collect and receive the following rents both the arrears thereof and for the future and to give notice to the tenants of the premises to forbear to make further payment thereon to Sir Robert Holmes, he having pretended some right to receive the same. This warrant to be entered before the auditor of said county to the end said rents may be put in charge, if not so already, viz.:— Warrants not Relating to Money, p. 155.
per an.
l. s. d.
the fee farm rent of the town of Andover 18 1
land in Andover 6 0 0
Marden manor 30 8
Milford rectory 15 3 4
Shipton rectory 12 0 0
Ragborne [? Rockbourn] rectory 14 0 0
the manor of Wherwell 70 0 0
67 3 8
Porchester rectory 25 0 0
the fee farm of Southampton 50 0 0
the manor of Sambourne [Somborne] 65 12
with a marginal note: Mr. Symon Smith: the Treasury Lords being informed that the rent of 65l. 12s. 4½d. per an. issuing out of the manor of Sambourne is part of the revenues of the Duchy of Lancaster their Lordships direct you to forbear intermeddling any further in the receipt thereof, but to leave same to the Receiver of said Duchy.
Feb. 17. Henry Guy to the Auditors of Imprests to bring Mr. Slingsby's accounts on Thursday morning next; and the copy of Slingsby's grant of his place. Out Letters (General), p. 389.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to send the last received account of the condition of the timber of Sherwood Forest. Ibid.
Same to Peregrine Bertie et al. to certify by what rules, methods and directions you have set the rates and values of lands of great values and the product of the several terms distinctly of the last two years. Ibid.
Same to the Clerk of the Pipe to certify my Lords the sums which have been brought in and received by the Earl of Peterborough and the other patentees on the King's grant to them on the Greenwax moneys. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of Excise money which shall be paid into the Exchequer this week:— Ibid.
l. s. d.
to the Cofferer 1,000 0 0
to Mris. Gwynn 250 0 0
to the Duchess of Cleveland 500 0 0
to me [Guy] for secret service in part of 5,000l. 500 0 0
Same to Sir Robert Sawyer for his opinion when the Act of Parliament for granting the Coinage duty ceases. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 411l. to Ralph Montague on any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name as Master of the Great Wardrobe: to be as imprest: to be issued out of Hearth tax money in the Exchequer: 211l. thereof to be for part of 3,000l. which the Treasury Lords promised to see supplied to the Great Wardrobe. Money Book, p. 2.
Money warrant for 20l. to the executors of Michael Hancocks for half a year to 1673, Lady day, on his fee as a yeoman pricker of the privy harriers. Ibid.
Same for 60l. to Sir Robert Croke for one year to June 24 last on the allowance formerly made to the Clerk of the Pipe for writing the business of Recusants. (Money order dated May 19 hereon.) Ibid, p. 3. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 113.
Feb. 19. Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe, Comptroller of the Pipe et al. to forbear until the first day of Easter term anything in execution of the patent of the grant of Greenwax moneys to the Earl of Peterborough et al.; same being declared by the King in Council to be prejudicial to his subjects and inconvenient for his service. Warrants not Relating to Money, p. 155.
Henry Guy to Col. Birch to cause the Excise Farmers to give you an account of the full produce of Excise for 2 years ended June 24 last and to report same to my Lords with a statement of the interest of the advance money and running cash separately at the end of every quarter and in particular for the last quarter. Out Letters (General), p. 390.
Same to [the Auditor of the Receipt] to issue to the Treasurer of the Navy 22,000l. out of loans to be made [into the Exchequer] by Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe. Ibid.
Same to the Treasurer of the Navy to apply as follows the abovesaid 22,000l.:— Ibid, p. 391.
l. s. d.
to pay off the Sapphire, Guernsey, Rupert galliot, Queenborough yacht and Hound sloop 8,000 0 0
to pay the remainder of the men of the Portland and Diamond 1,000 0 0
for the workmen in the yards upon account of repairs of the 30 new ships 6,100 0 0
to the chest at Chatham 6,000 0 0
for sick and wounded 500 0 0
for payment of inferior officers 400 0 0
£22,000 0 0
Same to the Navy Commissioners to make out a bill of imprest for 6,000l. to the Clerk of the Chest at Chatham for the pensioners belonging to the said chest. Also to assign bills for 50l. for a year's pension to Mris. Fowler. Ibid, p. 390.
Same to the Board of Greencloth to hasten your report on the difference between the present Cofferer and Mr. Ashburnham's executors. Ibid, p. 391.
Robert Stephens, messenger of the press, desires that no money may be paid to Edward Syng for discovery of Harris for publishing the 'Appeal from the Country to the City,' though Syng has Secretary Coventry's certificate. Mr. Stephens says that the Secretary remembers that Stephens made the first discovery and desires no reward, being allowed 50l. a year from the King for that service. Caveat Book, p. 8.
Money warrant for 250l. to Visct. Brouncker for last Michaelmas quarter on his pension. Money Book, p. 3.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to receive from Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe the moneys which they shall hereafter lend into the Receipt and to give them tallies of loan for same from time to time in the usual manner, such tallies being to bear date with the said loans: and further by virtue of the privy seals of 1668, April 30, and 1679, Aug. 14, to draw orders for repayment to them of sums already lent by them for which no orders are already drawn as also of sums which they shall hereafter lend with 6 per cent. interest and 4 per cent. reward thereon; such interest to be payable quarterly from the times of making such loans. "This warrant to continue in force for drawing the said orders till Lady day next." Ibid, p. 4.
Feb. 19. Treasury warrant to the Receipt to issue 5,000l. to Edward Seymour upon any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name as Treasurer of the Navy: to be for two weeks ending the 21st. inst on the 2,500l. per week: to be paid out of the 6,000l. paid into the Exchequer this day by the Customs Cashier. Money Book, pp. 4–5.
The like for 1,000l. to same for the Victuallers for the same two weeks' of their allowance: to be issued out of same.
Same to Hugh May, Comptroller of the Works, John Ball, Surveyor of the Works at Windsor, William Roberts, Receiver [of the Honor of Windsor] to authorise the repair of the lodgings of the thirteen Poor Knights at Windsor, which are very much out of repair: to a total estimate of 200l.: the money to be paid by said Receiver out of moneys in his hands of the revenues of said castle. Ibid, pp. 8–9.
Henry Guy to Auditor Aldworth, enclosing a letter of Sir Charles Wheeler relating to the account of the Four and a Half per cent, duty now depending before you. Out Letters (General), p. 391.
Feb. 20. Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to discharge Joseph Brown, of London, gent., of the fine of 1,000 marks and the recognizances for good behaviour set upon him in 1677, Trinity term, in the King's Bench for publishing an unlicensed pamphlet called 'The Long Parliament Dissolved,' he being further sentenced to find sureties for good behaviour for 7 years, and to have his name struck off the roll of Attorneys of the said Court. King's Warrant Book, pp. 223–5.
Same to Sir Lyonell Walden to assign over to Charles Twitty, of Westminster, gent., his heirs and assigns, the yearly sum of 22l. 19s. 7d. which by deed poll dated 1677–8, Jan. 17, John Lindsey, of London, assigned to Walden as in part of said Lindsey's total banker's annuity of 5,149l. 17s. 4d. per an. on the Excise; said 22l. 19s. 7d. being in satisfaction of 383l. 0s. 6d. of the King's money which said Walden returned to John Colvile and which said Walden still owes to the King upon his account of the Eleven Months' tax for co. Huntingdon: the King having by privy seal of Mar. 19 last (ut supra, Cal. Treasury Books, Vol. V, p. 1288) accepted said 22l. 19s. 7d. per an. as in satisfaction of said 383l. 0s. 6d. The present privy seal is by reason that the King has been pleased to grant said 22l. 19s. 7d. per an. to said Twitty by way of reward for service and for his encouragement in his employment under the Auditor of the Receipt; and by reason that the late Treasurer Danby having left his employment, a doubt has arisen whether the present Treasury Lords may [under the said privy seal of Mar. 19 last] nominate the person to whom said yearly sum should be assigned. Ibid, p. 226.
Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for a grant to William Jobson (in consideration of the good services done by him and his father, deceased), of the sum of 1,372l. 3s. 4d. owing to the King by John Vaughan as late Receiver of the 1673 Eighteen Months' Assessment for South Wales and Monmouth: to have and hold same to his own use without account as royal bounty: with full power to sue, etc. Kings Warrant Book, pp. 227–9.
Same to same for a same for a grant to Thomas, Lord Willoughby of Parham, of an annuity or pension of 200l. per an.; to be paid quarterly out of the Exchequer: the first payment thereof to be made at June 24 next. Ibid, p. 233.
Same to same for a same to the Treasury Lords to give warrant from time to time to the Customs Cashier to pay to René Petite, the King's agent at Rouen, and Jacob Guerard, gentleman, of Normandy, 2,000l. for 80 [Huguenot] families or so much thereof as shall be proportionable to the number of families which shall be [by them] actually transported to Carolina: same to be paid out of the Customs which shall arise in England upon commodities to be brought hither of the growth of that part of the King's Plantations lying south of the 34th degree north latitude from the time said families respectively shall arrive there: the entries of such duties to be kept distinct from those of goods imported from Carolina in general, until satisfaction of said 2,000l.: all by reason that said Petite and Guerard have proposed to transport to Carolina about 80 foreign Protestant families to settle there the manufacturers of silk, oil, wines, etc., on which proposal the King promised to reimburse them (out of Customs as above) the 2,000l. which was to be advanced by adventurers towards the charges of the said undertaking: the King being further informed that some of the said families have already arrived in London and been shipped for said Colony, and that said Petite and Guerard are ready to dispatch away others. The warrants as herein are to be issued conditional upon said Petite and Guerard or their assigns producing the certificate of the Admiralty Lords that said Petite and Guerard did exhibit lists to them of the names of the families before they were transported and satisfied them that the said families came from beyond seas or arrived here [in England] on purpose for this design and were, many of them, skilful in the manufacture of wine, silk and oil, and that they were shipped away taking in victuals and provisions for themselves without putting the King to further charge than maintaining the ship's company and those under the King's pay upon their transportation: and conditional further upon the production of certificates from the Collector and Surveyor of Customs, Carolina, importing that said families are actually arrived there and settled below said 34th degree. Such payments as herein to said Petite and Guerard are to be without account other than such as they are to render to the adventurers who advance the money or any part thereof for carrying on this service. Ibid, pp. 235–7.
Privy seal for the satisfaction as follows, of the Navy creditors under the late Poll Act. The whole moneys which have arisen by the said Act (as appears by the Auditor of the Receipt's certificate of the 10th inst.) amount to 256,223l. 2s. 4d. and no more. Upon an accompt submitted by the Navy Commissioners and adjusted by the Auditors of Imprests there is due to sundry merchants and others for provisions delivered in or services performed for a war against the French King as by the said Act the following sums, viz., 92,836l. 15s. 9¼d., for provisions or stores, 11,869l. 4s. 2d. for freight, 4,998l. 10s. 10d. for transportations, rewards, disbursements, etc., making in all 109,704l. 10s. 9¼d., and 527l. 1s. 6d. for like sundry services upon bills of 10l. or under. All said sums would have been paid out of moneys arising by the said Act if the produce thereof had been suitable to the 300,000l. credit which was given by the said Act both for loans and stores. But the said sums are still due to the said merchants and others, and little more is expected to be brought in of the said Poll money, and the said creditors have represented their distressed condition by reason of such non-payment. To provide for payment hereof (together with 6,714l. 19s. 6d. for 6 per cent. interest to Sept. 29 last on the item of 92,836l. 15s. 9¼d.) the King hereby orders the issue of 109,704l. 10s. 9¼d. and 6,714l. 19s. 6d., making together 116,419l. 10s. 3¼d., to Edward Seymour, Treasurer of the Navy, upon account for the payment of said creditors and interest: said sum to be satisfied as follows, viz., 18,419l. 10s. 3¾d. by tallies on the Hearthmoney in part of the half year's rent thereof due 1681, Mar. 25, 32,000l. in part of same due 1681, Sept. 29, 32,000l. in part of same due 1682, Mar. 25, and 34,000l. in part of same due 1682, Sept. 29: the King hereby declaring that said tallies shall be punctually paid by the Hearthmoney Contractors before the rents or revenues thereof be paid into the Exchequer, and preferable to all tallies of subsequent dates stricken upon the said rents. The abovesaid sum of 527l. 1s. 6d. is to be paid out of any money in the Exchequer to said Seymour as imprest to pay said bills of 10l. or under. As soon as the tallies as above be stricken 6 per cent. interest on the said sums of 109,704l. 10s. 9¼d. and 6,714l. 19s. 6d. is to be computed from Sept. 29 last onwards by the Auditors of Imprests to the respective days of grace whereon said tallies are respectively assigned: and said interest is to be paid half yearly from Sept. 29 last to said Seymour, out of any money in the Exchequer, as imprest for the payment of interest to such persons. (Royal warrant dated Feb. 17 for said privy seal.) Ibid, pp. 214–7.
Feb. 20. Money order for 22,000l. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe in repayment of so much lent by them into the Exchequer this day: with 6 per cent. interest. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 80.
Henry Guy to Sir William Doyly. On reading the report from Sir Robert Howard and William Wardour on [Mr. Downing's] petition the Treasury Lords ordered to-night that you should shew cause within eight days why Downing should not take his course at law for making void your patent. Out Letters (General). p. 391.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to issue a deputation to Peter Bennet and an extraordinary commission to Christopher Ludbrook. The Treasury Lords have forborne to dispose the position of Housekeeper in the Customs House to Thomas Harding for reasons they will communicate to you when you next attend them. Ibid, p. 392.
Feb. 20. Henry Guy to Alderman Backwell to attend the Treasury Lords on Monday afternoon next about the account of the Queen's portion. Out Letters (General). p. 392.
Same to Mr. Browne to likewise attend when Alderman Backwell is to attend about your debt. Ibid.
Same to Major Huntington et al. Unless you forthwith bring in your contract with the King and your tallies relating to your account of the French tunnage, to the end the auditor may perfect that account, process will issue against you in a week. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt. Mr. Johnson has agreed with the Treasury Lords to pay 3,500l. into the Exchequer by way of loan, to be repaid out of the order No. 89 on the present [Six Months' Assessment or] Tax when the same comes in course to be paid. You are to give a tally of loan for said money and to issue same as follows:— Ibid, p. 393.
l. s. d.
to the Earl of Rochester for his lodge 100 0 0
to Mr. Packer. Paymaster of the orks, for extraordinaries, to be by him paid over to the executors of Marshal [Master Mason to the Works] for erecting a monument in Westminster Abbey for the interment of the bones of a prince found in the Tower 50 0 0
to the Treasury Lords for salary 1,100 0 0
to Sir Robert Southwell 955 0 0
to the several persons as in the list sent Jan. 5 last to complete the quarter's payment 1,262 10 0
£3,467 10 0
The remainder is to be reserved in the Exchequer till further direction from my Lords.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to remit the French duty of 5s. per tun upon the ship Francis of Havre of 40 tons. Peter Marets master, and from the vessel which shall come over from France to take in her lading: it appearing from Peter Barr's petition on behalf of his correspondent—Page, of Rouen, merchant, that the said ship Francis was freighted by Page about the beginning of Dec. last at Rouen with goods for Lisbon, was forced into Dartmouth by storms and so leaky as to be judged unfit to ever go to sea, wherefore Page was forced to hire another vessel at Havre to shift said goods; said petition having been referred to the Customs Commissioners the 14th inst. and reported thereon the 19th inst. Mr. Litcott, who acts for Sir Bernard Gascon [Farmer of said French duty], having certified in his report a similar case of some French vessels which came from the Bank of Newfoundland and were stranded on the coast of Sussex when a similar order was made by Treasurer Danby on the petition of Mr. Papillon. Out Letters (Customs), p. 174.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to permit the export, Customs free, of 100 barrels of gunpowder delivered out of the Ordnance Stores to the East India Company to be sent by them as a present from the King to the most Illustrious and renowned Prince Sultan Abull Chaharr Abull Nassar, sovereign of Bantam. Out Letters (Customs), p. 175.
Same to same to give Christopher Ludbrooke an extraordinary commission to seize uncustomed and prohibited goods. Ibid.
Same to same to employ Peter Bennet as waiter and searcher at York loco Richard Taylor, dismissed. Ibid.