Entry Book: August 1680, 21-31

Pages 678-683

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 6, 1679-1680. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1913.

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August 1680

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Aug. 21. Money warrant for 100l. to Col. William Rooke, Receiver General for co. Kent of the late Seventeen Months' Assessment, Poll and Eighteen Months' Assessment, as reward for his extraordinary pains and charges therein. (Money order dated Aug. 23 hereon.) Money Book, p. 242 Order Book XXXVIII, p. 162.
Treasury warrant to the Surveyors General of Woods, Trent South, and to the woodward of New Forest to fell timber to the value of 280l. in said Forest to satisfy the like sum due to the Marquess of Winchester for 4 years to 1679, Michaelmas, on the 70l. per an. allowed him for keeping in repair his Majesty's manor house at Lindhurst and the Stables there. An account of said timber is to be rendered to the Auditor for co. Southampton before the last day of next term. Money Book, pp. 242–3.
Money warrant for 105l. to the Provost and Fellows of Eton College for 2½ years to June 24 last on their perpetuity of 42l. per an.: and dormant clause for payment of said perpetuity in future. Ibid, p. 244.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows the 7,300l. lent yesterday into the Exchequer by Richd. Kent and Charles Duncombe, viz.:— Disposition Book I, p. 72.
l. s. d.
to the two Secretaries of State 1000l. each 2,000 0 0
to the Treasury Lords to complete [last] Lady day quarter [on their salaries] 1,200 0 0
to Mr. Chetwin for provisions for the King's stables 800 0 0
to the Earl of Feversham for provisions for the King's stables 100 0 0
to me [Guy] for secret service 1,300 0 0
to Lady Kinnoul 500 0 0
to the falconers 600 0 0
to the Privy Purse for Mr. Foillard on warrant 200 0 0
to Sir Edw. Carteret 100 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for Mris. Marshall 50 0 0
to Mr. Collins 50 0 0
to Mr. Sellers et al. 200 0 0
to Mris. Whitley 200 0 0
and further to pay out of Excise money which shall this week be paid into the Exchequer 4,000l. to Mr. Johnson for off reckonings [of the Forces] and 300l. to Mr. Topham for the Duchess of Cleveland's children.
Aug. 23. Henry Guy to the Board of Greencloth. The Treasury Lords have considered the wants which many of the King's servants lie under who are concerned in the tallies formerly levied on the Excise and Hearthmoney for the Household which are not yet in course of payment. For their relief herein my Lords have consented to your taking up money by way of advance on those tallies and to the allowing of interest and reward to the lenders not exceeding 8 per cent. for both [i.e. 6 per cent. interest and 2 per cent. reward] to commence from the time of loan and to continue till the repayment of the principal. If you obtain any money on loan in this way you are to give my Lords notice thereof before any part of it be issued to the Household. Out Letters (General) VI. p. 75.
Same to the Treasurer of the Navy to satisfy out of the weekly money of the Navy the 454l. 6s. 9d. due to Richd. Brent and partners, Victuallers of the Navy, for the remainder of an interest account. Pay same by two moieties this week and next. Ibid, p. 76.
Same to same to apply as follows the 6,622l. 10s. 0d. which the Treasury Lords have this day ordered for you, viz:— Ibid.
l. s. d.
to 30 shipwrights to be spared [turned off] from Harwich 1,080 0 0
to the men of the ship Success, late cast away 1,000 0 0
to the men of the Bonetto sloop 542 10 0
to discharge the Cha[rles] galley and the Rupert 4,000 0 0
Same to Mr. Brisban to inform the Admiralty Lords of the provision by the Treasury of the 6,622l. 10s. 0d. for the abovesaid uses. The present necessities of the King's affairs will not admit my Lords to provide a greater sum for the Navy at this time. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue on any unsatisfied orders to the Treasurer of the Navy the abovesaid 6,622l. 10s. 0d. which Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncomb have agreed to lend into the Exchequer. Ibid, p. 77.
Same to Mr. Hewer. The Treasury Lords direct that 395l. 9s. 0d., part of the 2,766l. 9s. 0d. which was intended to be paid to the Victuallers of Tangier by the end of this month, shall now be paid to Col. Kirk for subsistence money for his regiment. You are to apply to the Commissioners of the Affairs of Tangier for their order in that particular. My Lords are acquainted by the Ordnance Commissioners that the money lies in your hands which you have received for the Ordnance Office, for want of direction to issue the same. You are to apply speedily to the said Lords Commissioners for their order herein likewise. Ibid.
[?] Cave that no grant pass of the King's moiety of the fine of 200l. set upon Simon Scot at the suit of John Greenwood till his [Greenwood's] solicitor Martin Headley, of Furnivals Inn, be heard. Caveat Book, p. 12.
Aug. 23. Richard Hill having petitioned the King for the office of [Customs], Comptroller of Gloucester, void by the death of William Twyning, on which petition an order of reference was made the 10th inst., desires that no grant of said office pass to John Gibbs or any other till said Hill be first heard. He lodges at the Ball in the Little Minoryes. Ibid.
Aug. 25. Money order for 6,622l. 10s. 0d. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe in repayment of so much by them lent this day into the Exchequer. (The usual clause for the payment of 6 per cent. interest and 4 per cent. reward to be payable or made into principal at the end of every three months is not inserted in this order.) Order Book XXXVIII, p. 162.
Privy seal for 100l. per week as ordinary and 1,500l as equipage to Sir William Temple, bart., as Ambassador Extraordinary to the Court of Spain: together with the usual clause for allowance of his extraordinaries on bills to be allowed by one of the Secretaries of State: his ordinary to be payable quarterly from the day of his departure and the first quarter thereof to be advanced. King's Warrant Book. VIII, p. 36.
Aug. 26. Money order for 2,766l. 9s. 0d. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe in repayment of so much by them lent this day into the Exchequer: together with 6 per cent. interest and 4 per cent. reward, payable or to be made into principal at the end of every three months. Order Book. XXXVIII, p. 162.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay 50l. 3s. 9d. each to Serjeants John Ramsey, Roger Harsnet and Jon Topham for half a year on their fees and allowances as serjeants at arms, "notwithstanding any former direction for the Earl of Marlborough and the vicar of the Tower." Pay same out of the 164l. 16s. 2½d. which remains in the Exchequer out of the loan made by Thomas Kirwood, goldsmith (the musicians being satisfied). Out Letters (General) VI, p. 81. Disposition Book I, p. 58.
Aug. 28. Same to the Customs Commissioners forwarding for their obedience thereto an order of the Privy Council dated Whitehall, Aug. 25 inst. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 78.
Prefixing: said order. Upon a petition this day read at the Board from the inhabitants of the city of Exeter representing that they are informed that the trade of transporting wool from Dover to France has been used and is still practised at Dover contrary to statute: it is therefore ordered that directions be given by the Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to take all possible care to prevent abuses of this kind, and to inquire of the grounds of the said information and to discover the offenders.
Same to the Excise Farmers to pay to Sir Jon James and partners 6,000l. by 1,000l. a week [paying same] upon [the] account of the surplus of the Excise which you are to answer and pay to the King for the year ended June 24 last. You are to take from said James and partners in return not only their acquittances as in part of what the King owes to them but also tallies of pro to the like value, which tallies are to be part of those which are, by patent, agreed to remain in your hands as deposit until you shall be regularly discharged of the said 6,000l. The Treasury Lords intend that you shall have 7 per cent. for advancing this money from the time of the advance to the time you ought to pay the said money by your covenants. Ibid, pp. 78–9.
Aug. 28. Money warrant for 2,800l. to Sir William Temple, being 1,500l. for equipage and 1,300l. for a quarter's ordinary in advance to commence from the time of his departure, as Ambassador Extraordinary to Spain. (Money order dated Aug. 31 hereon.) Money Book, p. 236. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 163.
Aug. 30. Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt. By a money order of the 6th inst., supra, pp. 667–8, 2, 766l. 9s. 0d. is to be paid to William Hewer for the extraordinary service of Tangier. This was intended for a payment to be made to the Victuallers by the end of this month, but it is now designed for the particular uses following, viz., 2,371l. to pay for 65 horses of the 3 Troops of Guards and their furniture at 20l. for each horse and furniture, and for 63 horses of the Earl of Oxford's regiment and their furniture at 17l. each, and the remaining 395l. 9s. 0d. for Lieut.-Col. Kirk for subsistence money for the Earl of Plymouth's regiment. To this end you are to make issues upon the said order out of such money as is or shall be lent into the Exchequer by Rich. Kent and Charles Duncomb. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 79.
Aug. 31. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of Miles Temple's petition for the place of coastwaiter, void by the death of Mr. Harling; petitioner having seized in one year several hundred £ value of goods. Reference Book I, p. 137.
Same to same of the petition of James, Lord Douglas, for the King's moiety of the forfeited and condemned iron wire and other manufactures of this kingdom, with leave for him to transport the same (remaining at present in the King's warehouse), he giving security to transport it. Ibid.
Privy seal to the Treasury Lords to cause the Receiver General of the Duchy of Cornwall to pay 80l. per an. each from June 24 last and during pleasure to the 4 supervisors of tin blowing houses in Cornwall and Devon, viz., William Upcott as supervisor to the 3 blowing houses in Kenwyn parish, 1 in St. Stephen parish, 1 in St. Austell parish and 1 at Polgooth in the parish of St. Ewe; and George Treweeke as the like to 1 usually called Godolphin House in the parish of Bryack [Breock], 1 in the parish of Ludgvan, 1 usually called Chyandower house in the parish of Gilval [Gulval] and 3 in the parish of Gwendron [Wendron]; and Nathaniell Lugger as the like to 1 in the parish of St. Blazey, 1 in the parish of St. Neot, 1 in the parish of Linkinhorne, 1 in the parish of Calstock all co. Cornwall, and 1 in the parish of Plympton and 1 in the parish of Stow (Shestow) in co. Devon: and Sampson Shakerley as the like to 1 in the parish of St. Ellen [St. Allen], 1 in the parish of St. Agnes, 1 in the parish of Illogan, 1 in the parish of Redruth, 1 in the parish of Gwennap, and 1 at Penryn. Said payments are to be allowed in the said Duchy Receiver's accounts by the Auditor of said Duchy. (Royal warrant dated Aug. 18 for said privy seal.) (See supra, p. 675, under date Aug. 16.) King's Warrant Book VIII, pp. 31–2.
Same to same to give warrant to the Master of the Jewels and Plate to sell such parcels of the gilt and white plate now remaining in the Jewel Office as in his discretion he shall judge to be least useful, not exceeding in the whole 26,000oz., and to deliver same to the purchaser thereof paying the proceeds thereof into the Exchequer for the King's use immediately upon his receipt thereof. The moneys so received is to be kept distinct in the Exchequer and to be applied to pay the 5,758l. 1s. 8½d. due to Sir Robt. Vynar, kt. and bart., the King's goldsmith, as by the order of March 13 last, supra, p. 474, and [further] to pay for 1,000oz. of plate which the King was pleased to bestow on the Countess of Lichfield, and which is to be delivered to her by warrant of the Lord Chamberlain of the Household. If any overplus of said moneys remain thereafter, same is to be disposed of for the King's use. All by reason that the King is informed that there now remains in the Jewel House 26,000oz. of plate which may at present be conveniently spared with respect to the King's service. (Royal warrant dated May 18 for said privy seal.) Ibid, p. 35.
Aug. 31. Privy seal to the Treasury Lords and to the Exchequer for the discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Gellebrand Sas van Bosch (Boch): notwithstanding the privy seal which directed the application to the Great Wardrobe of 20,000l. out of such baronet fees. King's Warrant Book VIII, pp. 56–7.
Money order for 5,566l. 17s. 8d. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe in repayment of so much by them lent this day into the Exchequer: together with 6 per cent. interest and 4 per cent. reward. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 164.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows the 5,566l. 17s. 0d. lent this day into the Exchequer by Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe: viz.:— Disposition Book I, p. 73.
l. s. d.
to Sir Richd. Bulstrode 227 10 0
to Mr. Skelton 455 0 0
to Mr. Soames 455 0 0
to Sir Henry Goodricke 455 0 0
to Mr. Sidny 455 0 0
to Mr. Fanshaw 455 0 0
to Mr. Robinson 91 0 0
to Sir Peter Wyche 273 0 0
to Mr. Savile 455 0 0
to Mr. Johnson for Virginia 2,245 12 0
£5,566 12 0
Same to the Navy Commissioners. Your certificate of the 4th inst. concerning the wood and timber of Sherwood Forest imports an account taken by Mr. Russel in 1670. The Treasury Lords cannot from this make any certain judgment of the present condition of the timber there. They desire you to have the timber now standing there surveyed and to send them an account thereof. Out Letters (General) VI, p. 79.
Same to Mr. Agar to attend the Treasury Lords immediately with a particular account of your sales of wood in Walwood to whom, for what sums, and when the residue of the money is to be paid for the whole sales. Ibid, p. 80.
Same to Sir Richd. Mason. Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Fillingham [Agents for Taxes] to examine certificates and accompts containing 2 books of arrears of the Excise and one of the arrears of the Militia Assessment still standing out, taking the assistance of the compilers of said accounts and of the Auditors of Excise and of the Clerks of the Council (for the Militia accompts). Report hereon to my Lords the speediest way of getting in said arrears. Ibid.