Entry Book: June 1679, 11-20

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 6, 1679-1680. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1913.

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June 1679

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
June 11. Privy seal for an annuity or yearly sum of 5,000l. to Eleanor Gwyn or her assigns, during pleasure, for and towards the support and maintenance of herself and Charles, Earl of Burford: to be received quarterly: the first payment to begin from Christmans last. (Royal warrant dated June 4 for said privy seal.) King's Warrant Book, pp. 26, 58.
Same for a grant to Susannah Stock, spinster, one of the legatees in the will of Capt. Thomas Booth, of all the goods and chattels as well real as personal, leases, mortgages, bills, bonds, debts, pay due and all things whatsoever belonging to the said Capt. Booth and which do appertain to the Crown by reason of the murder by said Booth of one John Ward for which said Booth was lately convicted and executed at Yarmouth: the said Booth having before his execution prayed the King to permit a disposal made by him of his estate by will dated 1677, September 26, to take effect: to which the King condescended: said Stock is to hold same to the use of herself, her executors, etc., and of such other persons and by such proportions, etc., as by said will is devised: said Stock is to have the aid of the Exchequer in prosecuting the recovery of said goods, etc., and her acquittance to be a sufficient discharge for same against the King and his successors. (Royal warrant dated June 5 to the Clerk of the Signet to prepare said privy seal.) Ibid, pp 29–31
Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Thomas, Earl of Sussex, Lord Dacres, or to his nominee and his and their heirs and assigns, of the manors or lordships of Holbeach and Quapload or Whaplode, co. Lincoln, with the rights, members and appurtenances to them or either of them belonging, and of the reversions, rents, issues and other profits thereof whatsoever: which said manors and premises were heretofore part of the possessions of Sir Thomas Fyennes, Kt., Lord Dacres of the South, who was attainted of felony in the time of Henry VIII, and the reversion or remainder thereof expectant upon an estate tail now in being to the heirs of the body of said Sir Thomas (under which entail said Earl of Sussex is now seized of the premises) is in the Crown or reputed so to be by virtue of the said attainder. The premises are hereby to be holden by said Earl as of the manor of East Greenwich, Kent, in free and common socage, by fealty and at the rent of 6s. 8d. payable at Michaelmas from and after the determination of the said estate tail, and not by knight's service or tenure in capite. Ibid, pp. 58–9.
Money warrant for 125l. to Frances, Countess of Portland, for half a quarter to September 29 last on her annuity of 1,000l.: to be satisfied out of the 990l. 17s. 3½d. which is to be paid into the Exchequer in part of Sir W. Doyly's debt. (See supra, pp. 44 and 69.) Money Book, p. 65.
June 11. Treasury warrant to George Dashwood et al., Farmers of Excise, to pay to the Excise Commissioners 40,000l. on or before the 24th inst. (or within 20 days thereafter) as in part of the 50,000l. instalment payable on or before the 24th inst. as in part of your total advance money of 270,000l. on your farm of the Excise as by the patent of March 13 last: you are to take acquittances from said Commissioners and on said acquittances you shall have tallies struck on the Exchequer for your repayment. Money Book, p 65.
Same to same for the like payment of the 10,000l. remainder of abovesaid instalment of 50,000l. Ibid, pp. 65–6.
Same to the Receipt for tallies of assignment to be struck for the King's moiety of the forfeitures upon seizures and recoveries of iron wire, wool cards and other manufactures made of iron wire imported contrary to law and to a late Proclamation; all in order to the actual destruction of the said moiety as by the order of the King in Council of the 9th inst.: said tallies are to be struck on the respective receivers thereof for the King's moiety of such forfeitures according to the value thereof by the appraisement returned into the Exchequer from time to time. Said tallies are to be applied to the discharge of said seizers, and are to be delivered to the Customs Commissioners, who are to take care that the moieties of the said goods be destroyed according to the said order. The said tallies of assignment are to be struck by virtue of the privy seal appropriating the said King's moiety to the Privy Purse. (Like warrant to the Customs Commissioners on receipt of the above tallies to cause the King's moiety as above to be actually destroyed by burning or otherwise. Appending: copy of the said order of the King in Council dated Whitehall, June 9, made upon the petition of Thomas Foley, Esq., this day read at the Board complaining of illicit importations of foreign iron wire contrary to law and the King's Proclamation: the imports being connived at by the officers and the goods afterwards sold in open markets, which is a ruin to the clothing trade (the best wire being made in England) and a ruin to hundreds of families whose sole livelihood consists therein. Wherefore it is hereby ordered that the King's moiety of such imports as above be destroyed as above.) Ibid, p. 66. Out Letters (Customs) pp. 46–7.
Money warrant for last Easter term's quarter salary to the Judges as follows (all to be paid out of the 5,000l. which the Customs Cashier is to pay into the Exchequer this week): viz., 250l. each to Sir William Scroggs, Kt., Chief Justice of the King's Bench; Sir Francis Pemberton, Kt., Sir Thomas Jones, Kt., and Sir William Dolben, Kt., Justices of the King's Bench; Sir Francis North, Kt., Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas; Sir William Ellis, Kt., Sir Robert Atkins, Kt. of the Bath, Sir Hugh Windham, Kt., Justices of the Common Pleas; William Montagu, Esq., Lord Chief Baron; Edward Atkins, Esq., and Thomas Raymond, Esq., Barons of the Exchequer. Money Book, p. 67.
Same for 25l. each to the following for the like quarter as Masters in Chancery: viz., Sir Edward Lowe, Kt., Sir Andrew Hackett, Sir Timothy Baldwyn, Sir Lacon William Child, Sir John Hoskins, Sir Sam. Clarke, Sir Miles Cooke, Sir John Franklyn, Sir Thomas Escourt, Sir John Coel, Sir William Beversham. (Money order dated June 16 hereon: payable by the patent of 1660–1, January 4.) Ibid, p. 67. Order Book, XXXVIII. p. 15.
June 11. Money warrant for 1,000l. to Heneage, Lord Finch, Baron of Daventry, in part of the arrear due on his annuity of 4,000l. on the Excise granted by the patent of November, 1673, to him as Lord Chancellor: it appearing by certificate from the Auditor of the Receipt that said annuity is in arrear 2½ quarters at Lady day last: which arrear (in respect of the great anticipations and charge at present on the Excise) cannot at this time be satisfied out of the Excise. Money Book, p. 68.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt for tallies of Assignment on the Collectors of the Tenths of the Clergy as follows, for 212l. 10s. 0d. and 125l. to Elizabeth Hamilton, widow of James Hamilton, deceased, for respectively last Michaelmas quarter on the annuity of 850l. to her for 99 years or for the lives of her sons James, George and William out of the Tenths of the dioceses of Oxford, Worcester, Hereford and St. Davids, and for Christmas quarter last on the annuity of 500l. for life to her out of the Tenths of the dioceses of Chester and Rochester (or failing that then out of the Tenths of Exeter, Worcester and St. Davids). Ibid, p. 69.
Money warrant for 55,000l. to Sir Stephen Fox, Paymaster of the Guards and Garrisons, as imprest for the Guards and Garrisons for three months in advance from July 1 next to October 1 next: to be satisfied by 40,000l. tallies on the Excise Farmers' advance money instalment of 50,000l. payable the 24th inst. (Money order dated June 16 hereon. payable by the privy seal of May 28 last.) Ibid, p. 69. Order Book XXXVIII. p. 15.
Henry Guy to the Customs Cashier. When you pay in the weekly Customs money into the Exchequer on Friday next, pay in at the same time 5,000l. part of the 27,000l. which you have agreed to lend to the King. Out Letters (General) p. 67.
Same to Chief Justice North, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas (to be communicated to the rest of the Justices of the said Court), to speed the orders in your Court for the better bringing in of the Greenwax moneys and preventing frauds, concealments and neglects therein: and to transmit copies thereof to the Treasury. (The like severally to Chief Justice Scroggs and Chief Baron Montagu.) Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to give extraordinary Commissions to Richard Avenent (Avenant) and Samuel Fisher to seize uncustomed and prohibited goods, and particularly iron wire, wool cards and other manufactures made of iron wire imported contrary to the Act of 14 Car. II. and other statutes. Out Letters (Customs) p. 45.
June 12. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of Edward Woodward's petition for a land surveyor's place or any other place, London port. Ibid, p. 33.
June 12. Money warrants for 60l. each to the following for half a year at Christmas last on their annuities as Pages of Honour to the King (to be paid out of the 5,000l. which the Customs Cashier is to pay into the Exchequer this week): viz., Thomas Pultney, Awbrey Porter and Robert Killegrew, George Sayers, Adolphus Sayers (by patent of 1679, June 12). Money Book, p. 69
Same for 110l. to John Banister for one year to 1673, June 24, on his fee as one of his Majesty's Musicians: to be paid, etc., ut supra. Ibid.
Same for 30l. to Ursula Elliott, widow, for half a year to Lady day last on her pension: to be paid, etc., ut supra. Ibid.
Same for 62l. 10s. 0d. to Charles, Lord Lucas, for half a quarter on his pension of 500l. per an. Ibid.
Same for 10,000l. to William Hewer, Esq., who is deputed by (struck through), Samuel Pepys, Treasurer of the Garrison of Tangier or his assignee William Hewer: as imprest for the pay of said Garrison for part of the quarter ended December 31 last: to be satisfied by tallies on the Excise Farmers' 50,000l. instalment of advance money due the 24th inst. (Money order dated June 23 hereon for said 10,000l. to Pepys.) Ibid, p. 70. Order Book, p. 19.
Same for 250l. to Sir Algernon May for half a year on his fee as Keeper of Records in the Tower. Money Book, p. 71.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to draw another warrant for 955l. to Sir Henry Goodrick in like manner as the order of April 29 (ut supra, p. 36) last was drawn on the privy seal of April 23 last: the said order having been lost or mislaid and no payment made thereon: the 500l. part thereof for equipage is hereby to be satisfied out of the 990l. 17s. 3½d. lately paid into the Exchequer in part of Sir William Doyly's debt. Memorials are to be made in the books of the Auditor of the Exchequer for cancelling the former order if it shall be found. Ibid.
Treasury subscriptions for the execution of two money orders, one of 1678, October 30, for 1,412l. 2s. 5d. to Samuel Pepys in full of the arrear of 22,767l. 6s. 3d. due to the Garrison of Tangier (as by the privy seal of 1676. August 31), same being directed by the late Treasurer Danby to be satisfied out of the Hearthmoney Farmers' rent payable 1679–80, March: the tally being accordingly so directed by the Auditor of the Receipt but not struck; the other order being of the same date for 14,300l. to same for one quarter to September 30 last to said Garrison on its yearly establishment of 57,200l.: same being directed by the late Treasurer Danby to be by tallies on the Hearthmoney Farmers' rent due 1680, September 19, and the tally therefor so directed accordingly, etc., ut supra. Order Book XXXVIII. p. 13.
Treasury authorisation to Thomas Hughes, gent., and William Smith, Master of Arts, to proceed in the discoveries of the concealments of the Jesuits and other Romish priests, their banks of money, lands, mortgages, trusts and trustees wheresoever within this realm; and to give a perfect account from time to time of their proceedings therein: the said Hughes and Smith having made information to the Treasury that they have for several months last past diligently enquired into the lands, stocks and other personal estate belonging to the Society of Jesuits and other Romish priests in this realm, and that considerable progress has been made therein, and that they will industriously proceed therein when warranted and authorised. Warrants not Relating to Money, p. 15.
June 12. Henry Guy to the Farmers of the Law Duty. The Treasury Lords have sent to you several times to attend them, but you have always failed. If you do not attend them on Monday at 8 a.m. you will be sent for in custody. Out Letters (General) p. 67.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland's report on the petition of Sir James Edwards to the King. Said petitioner sets forth that he has due to him, as an original adventurer for lands in Ireland according to the Acts of 17 and 18 Car. I., 5,417 acres of profitable lands, plantation measure, besides woods, bogs and common, all which ought to have been set out to him in the Barony of Dunluce, co. Antrim. But he remained totally deficient until the Restoration. In the Act of Explanation there is a clause that all adventurers are to be refrenched a third of their lands due under 17 Car. I.; and pursuant thereto petitioner tried to obtain from the Commissioners for the Act of Explanation the remaining two thirds, being 3,612 acres. But though he had many orders for his satisfaction, he never obtained more than 503 acres of coarse, barren land in co. Clare out of which he has never received any profit. Therefore prays a grant of his deficiency out of undisposed lands in the King's hands for the uses of the Acts of Settlement and Explanation. Said petition was referred to the Lord Lieutenant November 9 last by the King, being graciously disposed to petitioner in consideration of his faithful services and loyalty. Hereon the Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, reports December 6 last quoting the opinion thereon of Sir William Domvile, Kt., Attorney General of Ireland, dated November 25 last to the effect that such grant may be made out of such undisposed lands to the value of petitioner's two thirds in Ulster, according to the Act rates and the value of lands in other provinces: or [in the alternative] commissions for enquiring of concealed lands may be issued to petitioner. Said Lord Lieutenant's report being referred by the King May 20 ult. to the Treasury Lords, the latter hereby report objecting nothing thereto "so as the whole be restrained to lands lying within the counties of Dublin and Catherlow, which counties are named to us by the petitioner's agent." Out Letters (Ireland) II. pp. 2–4.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of John Holland's petition for a searcher's place, London port: the Treasury Lords being well informed of his ability and fitness. Out Letters (Customs) p. 47.
Money warrant for 125l. to Sir Job Charlton for one quarter due and payable on the last day of Easter term last on his salary or allowance of 500l. per an as one of the Justices for the city of Chester: to be paid out of the 5,000l. which the Customs Cashier is to bring in this week into the Exchequer. Money Book, p. 73.
June 12. Money warrant for 50l. to George Johnson, Esq., for same quarter on his salary of 500l. per an. as one of the Justices for the City of Chester. Money Book, p. 73.
June 13. Same for 1.250l. to Eleanor Gwyn (Madam Gwinn) for last Lady day quarter on the 5,000l. per an. for the support and maintenance of herself and Charles, Earl of Burford, as by the privy seal of the 11th inst. (Money order dated June 14 hereon.) Ibid, p. 72. Order Book XXXVIII. p. 14.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to issue 2,500l. to Edward Seymour on any unsatisfied, unappropriated orders in his name as Treasurer of the Navy; for the service of the Navy: to be issued out of the 4,000l. which the Customs Cashier is directed to bring into the Exchequer this day. Money Book, p. 72.
The like for 500l. to same out of same: to be paid over to the Victuallers of the Navy. Ibid.
The like for 300l. to Ralph Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe; for the service of his Office: to be issued out of same. Ibid.
The like for 600l. to Baptist May, Keeper of the Privy Purse; for the service of the Privy Purse: to be issued out of same. Ibid.
Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to determine the lease from the Crown to the Earl of Danby, late Lord Treasurer, and Sir John Duncombe, late Chancellor of the Exchequer, of the fines on alienation ("the profits of Writs of Covenants and Writs of Entry arising upon compositions made in our Office of Alienation") and to grant same to the Earl of Essex, Lawrence Hide, Sir John Ernle, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Edward Dering, Bart., and Sidney Godolphin, Esq., present Commissioners of the Treasury: to hold from Lady day last for seven years (if the said Treasury Commission continue so long) at the yearly rent of 1,346l. 12s. 0d. for the Writs of Covenant and 200l. per an. for said Writs of Entry: and the overplus of the said profits to be paid into the Exchequer: with such other powers, provisoes and clauses as are contained in the lease now in being. King's Warrant Book. p. 59.
Treasury reference to the Clerk of the Pipe of John Foster's petition as undersheriff for co. Surrey for the allowance of poundage money. Out Letters (General) p. 68.
Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners to assign Capt. Knapman's bill of 459l. 6s. 8d., in Mr. Kent's hands, to be paid out of the first weekly money which shall be certified by the Treasurer of the Navy [as available for such payment]; Mr. Kent having formerly supplied [said money to] the said Captain upon the said bill by direction of the late Lord Treasurer [Danby]. Ibid.
Same to the Treasurer of the Navy to issue 720l. forthwith for payment of the companies of the Charles pinck and Charles yacht lately cast away upon the coast of Holland: paying same out of moneys in your hands formerly designed for payment of the Cambridge, Newcastle and other ships. Ibid.
June 13. Henry Guy to the Treasurer of the Navy. Mr. Kent [the Customs Cashier] is directed to pay you 2,600l. which the Treasury Lords desire you to issue for completing the payment of the Deptford and Woolwich yards for Lady Day quarter, 1678. Out Letters (General) p. 68.
Same to Mr. Arnold and Mr. Dent. The Treasury Lords expect your punctual compliance to your undertaking to pay 1,100l. by the first day of next term upon account of Mr. Stockdale's debt: otherwise process will issue against you. Ibid, p. 69.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of William Legge. Said petition prays the royal assent to the sale of the Priory of St. Ives, co. Huntingdon, with all its profits and emoluments [the rectory and advowson and divers other lands] as granted 26 Henry VIII to Thomas Audley and Elizabeth his wife and his heirs male for ever; the present purpose being to extinguish the debt thereon and to make provision for the younger children, heirs at law, that are descended of said Audley. From the reports to us from Sir W. Jones, Attorney General, and Sir C. Harbord, Surveyor General, the premises were granted under the rent of 39s. per an. Thomas Audley, the present tenant and owner, is lineal heir, his two brothers Robert and Molineux Audley, and Thomas Audley, son of the said Robert Audley, being living and inheritable. Premises are of the yearly value of 334l. above the said reserve rent and reversions upon estates of this nature, where there are three or more issues male in being and inheritable to the estate in tail, have formerly been granted out of the Crown at the rate of a year's value or more as they could be agreed for. If your Majesty think fit to depart with this reversion out of the Crown (which reversion is so remote that it may never happen in possession) petitioner's services recommend him to favour in his request. Warrants not Relating to Money, p. 16.
June 14. Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners forwarding a letter sent to him touching arrests of ships in Ireland by virtue of powers from the English Admiralty. The Treasury Lords desire you to attend the Committee for Trade and Plantations to give satisfaction herein. Out Letters (Customs), p. 47.
Treasury reference to same of George Harrison's petition for the office of John Shaw, surveyor of Blackwall, who has contracted with William Tillyard for his employ, and desired leave to resign. Ibid.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt. Among the certificates or debentures that have been sent to the Treasury Lords from the Commissioners for Disbanding the Army there are six certificates in the name of Thomas Wright, innkeeper at Mile End, each [for] 100l. bearing date one [and the same] day for the same number of soldiers and for the same time Before you give the orders out make some enquiry whether there be no mistake therein. Out Letters (General) p. 69.
June 16. Henry Guy to Richard Neile, Thomas Craddock, John Morland and Jon. Jefferson, Esqrs., Commissioners appointed for management of the revenue of the bishopric of Durham during the last vacancy, to immediately account for 287l. 9s. 8d. and 1,222l. 10s. 8d. set in super upon you in Mr. Arden's account: otherwise process will issue against you. Out Letters (General) p. 70.
Same to Mr. Duncombe to pay 1,455l. into the Exchequer by Thursday next at noon in part of the moneys which you [and Mr. Kent have agreed to] advance on two orders registered on the 412,925l. 14s. 6d. [part of the last Eighteen Months' Assessment]. Ibid.
Money warrant for 250l. to Sir Richard Rainsford for one quarter payable on the last day of Easter term last upon his annuity or yearly pension: to be paid out of any money remaining in the Exchequer of Customs paid in last week. Money Book, p. 73.
The like for 125l. to Sir Thomas Twisden for same on same: to be paid ut supra or out of other disposable money in the Exchequer. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 50l. to Margaret Brewer, relict and administratrix of Edward Brewer, one of the Customers of the great Customs, London port, same to be for one year to 1674, September 29, to said Edward Brewer: it being certified the 2nd inst. by Nathaniel Mounteney, late clerk to Richard Mounteney, late Cashier of the Customs, that the last payment made to said Edward Brewer upon his fee of 50l. per an. was due at Michaelmas, 1673, whereas the first payment to Edward Bertie who succeeded him was for 1677 Midsummer quarter of said fee, and no payment of salary has ever been made to the executors of said Brewer. Ibid, p. 74.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of Treasurer Danby's warrant of 1678, August 3, for the Royal Africa Company to ship provisions Customs free: together with an order of Council of 1677–8, March 1, and the Customs Commissioners' report to Treasurer Danby of 1678, April 27. Out Letters (Customs) p. 47.
Same to Auditor Richard Aldworth of the petition of George Pley, senr., praying to be discharged of his debt to the King. Ibid, p. 48.
June 16
an erratum
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Alexander Trotter as Collector of Weymouth port, loco George Pley, senr., directed to be dismissed. In your memorial of the 16th you recommend Trotter for the Collectorship of Poole port, but we design Edward Fane for that place. Ibid, p. 62.
June 17. Same to same to permit the reshipment (without payment of the duties due upon the first importation) of goods (sticklac, ginger, spica celtica) shipped by Nathaniell Loddington, merchant, on board the Lucy, Nicholas Raymer master, for Santa Cruz, upon which he drew back half subsidy and additional duty, but not meeting a market by reason of a war there, said goods are returned in the same ship: security is to be given for their re-export to some other market without landing any part thereof in England. Ibid, p. 48.
June 17. Henry Guy to Sir John James et al., [late Receivers and Commissioners of Excise], to forthwith perfect your account of all moneys [by you] received and paid relating to the Household and to immediately deliver in an account to Auditor Aldworth as particular as possible, viz., the dates and sums of the several tallies and the days and times of payment. Out Letters (General) p. 69.
Same to Mr. Edward Noel, [Warden of New Forest], to take care that no more browsewood or any other wood whatsoever be cut in New Forest till further warrant from the Treasury Lords. (The like letter to the woodward of New Forest.) Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to send the Earl of Essex the list of salaries and pensions made up according to the directions he gave you. If you are not well give order to your clerks to make it up with all possible speed. Ibid, p. 70.
Same to Mr. Hall to deliver to Mr. Agar the return of the commission executed about a year since for enquiring into wastes and spoils committed in New Forest. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Agar. About 18 trees are felled in Whittlewood Forest over and above the quantity allowed by the late privy seal for the town of Northampton. You are to take care to sell same to the best advantage and to pay the money into the Exchequer.
Same to the Admiralty Lords forwarding an affidavit of Francis Ellerby, a tidesman, concerning several casks of wine forced from him by the seamen out of the Mary yacht, Capt. Gunman commander, [arrived] from the Brill; together with a letter of Mr. Pepys with the answer of Capt. Gunman and several of the seamen, the tidesman's reply and a testimonial of a tidesurveyor in his behalf. All these papers were sent to the Treasury Lords from the Customs Commissioners with a complaint that the Customs are greatly prejudiced by practices of the King's yachts and men of war. Enquire into it and take some effectual course to punish this offence. Ibid, p. 71.
Same to the Attorney General forwarding a draft commission for preventing the going of Plantation ships into Ireland without first coming into England as presented by the Customs Commissioners and agreed to by the King's Advocate and Proctor. The Treasury Lords desire your opinion on all points of it. Further enclosing a petition and other papers from Mr. Randolph, an officer designed for New England. Advise the Treasury whether it be fit to grant such a commission as he desires, especially as to the taking of such fees as are usually allowed in other Plantations, they being uncertain and different in several Plantations and [advise also] "what power the King may have to impose such fees, considering they will fall most on English shipping." Ibid, pp. 71–2.
June 17. Royal sign manual for 200l. to Richard, Earl of Carbery, as royal bounty: to be paid out of the 10,000l. privy seal dormant of 1677, December 31. (Money warrant dated June 17 hereon. Money order dated June 19 hereon; with a clause of direction for 100l. hereof to be satisfied out of the 4,000l. which was paid into the Exchequer last week by the Customs Cashier, and the remaining 100l. out of the 772l. 3s. 0d. which said Cashier is to pay into the Exchequer as so much received by him from Michael Arnold and William Dent, sureties for Robert Stockdale, late Collector of Customs at Dover, in part of said Stockdale's debt to the King.) King's Warrant Book, p. 60. Money Book, p. 74. Order Book XXXVIII. p. 15.
June 18. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of Edward Tingnell's petition for a tidewaiter's place. Out Letters (Customs) p. 48.
Treasury warrant to same to employ Everard Watson as a tidesman, London port, loco Edward Solby, dismissed. Ibid, pp. 49–51.
Edward Howard as a same, loco Tho. Stephens, lately deceased.
Tho. Stedman as a same, Ibid, loco Ri. Bye, presented to be noontender, Ibid.
Neale Farrell as weighing porter, Ibid, loco Tho. Wood, lately dismissed.
Robt. Pen as a same, Ibid, loco Tho. Evans, dismissed.
Henry Fee as a same, Ibid, loco Sam Coleman, dismissed.
Richard Bye (now a tidesman and very aged) as a noontender, Ibid, loco William Rytherden, dismissed.
John Broadway to have an extraordinary commission to seize uncustomed and prohibited goods.
The like for Andrew Lutterell to seize same in the ports of Minehead and Bridgwater.
John Maynard as a boatman, Plymouth, loco John Pott, lately dismissed.
John Bulmer as a tidesman, Newcastle port, loco Anthony Lamb who declines that employment.
Henry Charlton as a boatman Bristol, loco Roger Harris, deceased.
Col. John Butler, late collector of Boston, to be restored to that employment, loco Daniel Rhodes hereby ordered to be dismissed; the said Butler having been formerly turned out without crime or cause. Butler to have the salary of 20l. per an. as for a clerk "taking off the remainder of the salary established to the Collector of that port because we intend the said Col. Butler shall be a joint customer there, whereby he will be entitled to a salary of about 30l. per an. and other fees and perquisites."
Richard Fisher as surveyor, Poole port, loco Henry Jubber who is ordered to be dismissed: the allowance to be increased from 30l. to 40l. per an.
Mr. Plumley as waiter at Uphill, loco William Hossington, who is directed to be dismissed: the salary to be increased from 10l. to 15l.
Alexander Trotter as collector of Poole port, loco John Rowe, who is directed to be dismissed: the salary to be increased from 50l. to 60l. per an.
Francis Layher as collector of Blakeney and Cley, loco John Springold formerly (April 7 last) presented in place of Thomas Hoskins, who declined the employment.
June 18. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Gold and Tho. Vernon setting forth that John Luscombe, Master of the ship Katherine of Dartmouth, foreign built and belonging to subjects of this kingdom more than 20 years, did this last year lade at Newfoundland, unladed at Genoa, and there laded for London 11 bags of coffee, whereby said ship is pretended to be forfeit and same and the goods are seized. Out Letters (Customs) p. 52.
Treasury instructions to same in reply to their memorial of the 16th inst. (1.) We shall represent to the Admiralty the case of the wine forced out of the Mary, Capt. Gunman commander. (2.) Mr. Bretton's salary of 100l. per an. as Comptroller of the cloth and petty Customs, London port, is to be paid him as well as his salary as Customer of Dover port, in regard he is a very good officer, and by officiating as collector at Dover saves the King 100l. per an. (3.) We shall refer to the Attorney General, the Judge of the Admiralty's surrogate, and the King's Advocate and Proctor, the draft Commission relating to ships unlading enumerated Plantation goods in Ireland contrary to law. (4.) Your solicitor is to proceed against David Horton, Collector of Cowes, without regard to the stay of process. (5.) Lawrence Corbett's patent fee as a King's waiter, London port, is to be stopped, as he does not officiate himself, and has no deputy. (6.) You are to dismiss David Horton, Collector of Cowes as unfit to be trusted; and to establish John Pocock (collector of Portsmouth and now officiating at Cowes) as collector of Cowes, at his present salary of 60l. per an. The Customer of Southampton is to manage the collection at Portsmouth (where it seems there is a very little trade) for his patent salary and fees without any further charge: which will save 50l. per an. to the King, which is the salary of the Collector of Cowes. (7.) You are to dismiss George Pley, senr., collector of Weymouth, he having run very far into the King's debt. Edward Fane is to be presented to said place, whereby Mr. Clement, the assistant to the General Surveyors of the Customs, may be no longer taken off his duty on the coast by being employed to execute said Pley's office. (8.) You are to dismiss John Rowe, collector of Poole, and to depute Alexander Trotter in his place, said Row being certified as very unfit by Mr. Stisted, who was sent to said port as a riding surveyor. Henry Jubber, surveyor there, is to be dismissed as formerly guilty of very great crimes and briberies, and only continued because he made discoveries and promises of diligence, the contrary [of which] is found. In his place you are to depute Richard Fisher, who was formerly surveyor of Fowey, and put out [thence] without cause. His salary to be 40l. per an. Mr. Benjamin Dewy, the waiter at Poole, is to be laid aside and his salary of 50l. per an. applied as follows. viz., 10l. per an. to be added to the present surveyor's salary of 30l.; 10l. per an. to the collector's salary of 50l.; 30l. per an. for the charge of two boatmen for managing a boat for the better guarding that port. Said boat to be built at an estimate of 35l. (9.) You are to dismiss William Hossington, waiter at Uphill, being weak and unfit, and to depute_Plumley in his place to have the care of Slutts Pill and Woodspring with an addition of 5l. to his salary out of the salary of the surveyor of Bristol. (10.) Thomas Martin to be restored as a tidesman London. (11.) Daniel Rhodes, present collector of Boston, to be dismissed because he has not cleared himself on the articles of fraud concerning rye "and lost in his Customs to a considerable value." Col. Butler to be restored to said place. (12.) William Coleman, warehousekeeper, London port, is not to be allowed either of the two sums of 50l. per an. established for Col. Molesworth, late warehousekeeper (which was allowed him in favour to his person by reason of his former great sufferings). Upon the first opportunity Mr. Shipdham (who is a deputation officer, to take care of the concerns in the warehouse), is to be removed to some other employ and then the care of the warehouse is to be left to said Coleman with an allowance of 30l. for a clerk: meantime he is to have 20l. per an. on the establishment (as part of said 30l.) for taking care of the Plantation business. (13.) We approve the admeasurement of boats and keels in pursuance of the late Act of Parliament to be done by way of bulkheads. The King is to bear half the charge of such admeasurement in such keels and boats as have been formerly measured by way of stoaknails. (14.) We dislike Tho. Addison's resignation of his place of searcher of Carlisle to William Sandford. The King's Remembrancer is to issue a commission for inquiring of frauds in said port whereby witnesses will be examined against said Addison et al. (15.) We will speak with Mr. Tregeagle, one of the Receivers of the Duchy of Cornwall, concerning the rescue of two slobs of tin from the Customs officers by the Coinage officers. (16.) John Sansom, one of the Surveyors of Bristol port, is to be recalled thence, and is to be again inserted in the establishment as assistant to the Secretary to the Customs with his former salary of 120l. per an. out of the 280l. allowed for the said Secretary's clerks: no one to be put in his place as Surveyor at Bristol, but said place to be supplied by an able landwaiter from London. Out of the salary of 100l. thus saved 20l. per an. is to be added to the salary of said landwaiter to make his 80l. up to 100l.; 5l. to be added to the 10l. salary of the waiter at Uphill and 75l. is to be saved to the King. Ibid, pp. 52–6.
June 18. Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to issue a commission to enquire of frauds, concealments and other indirect practices which have been committed in the port of Carlisle and its members: the commissioners to be William Kirkby, William Christian, Esqrs., Mathew Miller and John Robinson, gent.: to be returnable within three weeks of Michaelmas next. Out Letters (Customs) p. 56.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt for a list of all the tallies struck upon the late Commissioners and Receivers of Excise from the time they entered on that office to Lady day last. Out Letters (General) p. 71.
Same to the Treasurer of the Navy. When you send money to Chatham to pay the Cambridge, send down so much (out of the money to be received from Mr. Kent this week) as will be necessary to pay the Royal Oak and the Defiance, and apply the same to the payment of those ships. Ibid, p. 72.
June 18. Henry Guy to Mr. Lawrence for an account of the present state of the debt of the First Fruits and Tenths. Out Letters (General) p. 72.
Same to Sir Richard Mason et al [Agents for Taxes] for a speedy account of the arrears due upon all the several assessments granted since the King's restoration and from whom due. Ibid.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests for an account of what is due from Mr. Prettiman upon account of First Fruits, distinguishing what is due on First Fruits and [on] Tenths enstalled; and of what debt he has contracted since the enstallment of his debt. Ibid, p. 73.
Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of John Bland's petition for an arrear of rent due to him for his house in Mark Lane where the Navy Office is kept. Certify my Lords why has the rent not been paid according to agreement with petitioner. Ibid.
[?] Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt for a certificate how much the loans upon the first six of the present Eighteen Months' Assessment amounts to and the interest thereon until the days of payment; as also what has been paid out of the first six months of that Assessment on any other account and what now remains undisposed of it in the Exchequer. Ibid.
June 18. Treasury reference to the Trustees for Sale of Fee Farms of the petition of Anne, Jane and Elizabeth Allington, daughters and co-heiresses of William Allington, Esq., deceased, shewing that they have a conveyance of a fee farm rent of 46l. 13s. 6¼1/8d. [per an.] issuing out of Bury St. Edmunds, co. Suffolk, but the burgesses refuse to pay it for that Sir John Smith purchased 8l. 10s. 0d. [per an.] part thereof before it was granted to them; and therefore praying a new conveyance of 38l. 3s. 6¼1/8d. [per an.] part thereof and a reprise of the remaining 8l. 10s. 0d. per an., and that the burgesses may meantime be ordered to pay the arrears of said 38l. 3s. 6¼1/8d. [per an.] Ibid, p. 78.
Royal sign manual for 1,000l. to Henry Guy without account; out of the 10,000l. privy seal dormant of 1677, December 31. (Money warrant dated June 27 hereon. This money warrant expresses that same is for secret service without account. Money order dated June 28 hereon.) King's Warrant Book, p. 61. Money Book, p. 87. Order Book XXXVIII. p. 18.
June 18
at our
Palace of

June 11
at our
Court at
Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for remising, releasing and quit claiming to Sir Robert Atkins, junr., Kt., his heirs, etc., the sum of 1,420l., he having been appointed by privy seal of 1673, May 28, to be Comptroller General of Accompts of the Law duty with the poundage of 6d. per £ on all sums yearly paid for the rent of the farm of said duties: and further he being indebted to the King upon his account for half a year to 1673, October 22, as Receiver General of the said Law duty, 1,450l. 3s. 10d. and having had no allowance of the poundage of 6d. per £ for the 56,804l. 4s. 4d. paid to the King by Peter Calverd, Samuel Vincent and Edmund Bostock, Esqrs., late Farmers of the Law duty, for the rent of their said farm (viz., 52,303l. as by tallies struck and 4,501l. 5s. 4d. for discount of interest and reward due from the King to them on their advance money): which poundage (as appears by certificate of Auditor Richard Aldworth) amounts to said 1,420l. The present release of said 1,420l. is to be as in part of said debt of 1,450l. 3s. 10d King's Warrant Book, pp. 55–7.
June 19. Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners for a particular account in writing of Benjamin Dewy's misbehaviour at Poole. Out Letters (Customs) p. 52.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of Andrew Haynes, a King's waiter, London port, for a year's salary to enable him to redeem his son out of slavery in Algiers. Ibid, p. 57.
Henry Guy to same with the Treasury Lords' recommendation of Christopher Hollister to be a watchman in fee London port, having been six years an extraordinary watchman. Ibid.
Treasury reference to same of Allan Wharton's petition for a Custom house place in London port. Ibid.
Same to same of Jonathan Wharton's petition for the place of searcher or tidesurveyor London or surveyor in any out port. Ibid.
Henry Guy to same. By order in council of 1677, April 6, the Lord Treasurer was ordered to permit the transport to Tangier of 500 loads of oak and 500 flock beds for the use of the mole there. Treasurer Danby issued his warrant [to you accordingly] 1677, May 15. Inform the Treasury Lords why you refuse to pass an entry for 50 loads of oak timber and 50 flock beds now shipping for Tangier on board the Prosperous Ann, Vincent Helme master, for the said service. Ibid.
Same to same for an account how much the duties upon aliens' goods amount to per an. by a medium of three years last past: and in particular of aliens' goods imported from the Sound. Out Letters (General) p. 72.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to make out and send to the Auditors of the Imprests your prest certificates in order to the making up of Mr. Kingdon's accounts. Ibid.
Treasury order (made in pursuance of an order in Council of March 19 last and of an order of the Admiralty Lords of March 31 last) directing the Navy Commissioners to take care that the method of payment as follows for-bills for naval stores (for the Eastland merchants or hemp merchants) be punctually observed. Warrants not Relating to Money, p. 17.
Prefixing: order of the late Treasurer Danby dated March 21 [sic ? for 20] to the Navy Commissioners ut supra, Cal. Treasury Books, Vol. V., pp. 1294–5.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay Richard Breton 25l. for last Lady day quarter on his annuity, fee or salary of 100l. per an. as Comptroller of the Cloth and petty Customs, London port: and dormant warrant for said fee in future. Money Book, p. 75.
June 19. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 50l. to Dame Rebecca Williams on any orders in her name on the 300l. per an. allowance to her for house rent: same to be paid out of the 772l. 3s. Od. which the Customs Cashier is to bring into the Exchequer as received from Michael Arnold and William Dent, securities for Robert Stockdale, late collector of Dover port. Money Book, p. 75.
Same to same to issue 200l. to the Duke of Monmouth in further part of his order of May 7 last for 3,000l. for an extraordinary provision of coaches, etc., for the King and Queen: to be issued out of, etc., ut supra. Ibid, p. 76.
Same to same to issue 23l. 6s. 4d. to Jane Fawcet, widow, in part of 200l. assigned to her by the Earl of Bath out of an order No. 70, on the fee farms for 500l. to said Earl for 1670 Lady day quarter on his 2,000l. per an. as Groom of the Stole, which said 200l. remains unpaid: to be paid out of, etc., ut supra. Ibid.
Same to same to issue to Edward Seymour, Treasurer of the Navy, as for the service of the Navy and Victualling such sums, up to a total of 50,000l., as Richard Kent, the Customs Cashier [but in this case in his private capacity], shall pay into the Exchequer over and above the 6,000l. per week, as follows: the said Kent and Charles Duncombe having agreed to advance 50,000l. to said Seymour for the King's service for the speedy paying off some of his Majesty's ships and other uses of the Navy; [said loan being quite irrespective of the weekly payments due to be made by said Kent] he being [in his capacity] as Customs Cashier directed by the Treasury to pay weekly into the Exchequer 3,400l. for the Navy and Victualling and 600l. for the Privy Purse, and further sums not exceeding 2,000l. per week for the Navy and Victualling, the last named item being for repaying to themselves (said Kent and Duncombe) the 22,000l. by them formerly advanced to the Treasury Lords. In a similar way the moneys as in the present warrant are to be paid to the Treasurer of the Navy up to the total of 50,000l. and are by him to be paid to said Kent and Duncombe as in satisfaction [or liquidation or repayment] of the said advance of 50,000l. Ibid, p. 87.
June 20. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of Andrew Kirby's petition for a searcher's place London port, loco Ralph Williamson. (A second like reference dated June 25.) Out Letters (Customs) p. 57.
The like reference of Gilbert Taylor's petition who had a grant from King James of Several houses near the Tower which were pulled down after the fire to his damage of 1,500l. On a reference dated May 28 last from King made on a former petition from said Taylor he was recommended for relief and therefore now prays a weigher's place in the Custom house Bristol port. Ibid, p. 68.
June 20. Henry Guy to Mr. Hall for a list of the bonds given by Mr. Prettiman for his enstalled debt of First Fruits and Tenths. Out Letters (General) p. 73.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to carry on Wednesday to the Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Stephen Fox's accounts to 1675–6, Jan. 1, in order to their declaration. Ibid, p. 74.
Treasury warrant to the sheriff of co. Beds. to pay 20l. reward upon the apprehension of each priest or Jesuit upon the conviction of such within your county: all as by the order in Council of May 7 last, etc., ut supra, p. 66: the present warrant to be an authority to the Clerk of the Pipe to allow the said item in your account as sheriff. Money Book, p. 77.
The like letter severally to the sheriff of every county and county city of England, Wales and Berwick on Tweed. Ibid.
Money warrant for 1,096l. to the Earl of Anglesey for three quarters to Lady day last on his allowance of 4l. a day in lieu of diet as Lord Privy Seal. (Money order dated June 25 hereon.) Ibid, p. 78. Order Book XXXVIII. p. 18.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 177l. to abovesaid Earl for 177 days to Lady day last on his fee of 20s. a day out of the Customs as Lord Privy Seal. Money Book, p. 78.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay 65l. in full of two orders of the 4th inst. for the Pages of the Bedchamber, viz., 50l. for one year to Christmas last on their reward for attendance on the King in his Bedchamber and 15l. for half a year to same time for the charges of washing sheets for the King's service: to be paid out of the 772l. 3s. 0d. which the Customs Cashier is to bring into the Exchequer as received from Michael Arnold and William Dent, sureties of R. Stockdale. Ibid.
Letter of direction concerning 22l. 19s. 0d. to Mris. Frances Gale for two years interest on an order dated 1671, May 11, No. 1018 for 191l. 14s. 3d. to Sir Denis Gauden, Surveyor of his Majesty's Marine Victuals, being registered on the Hearthmoney with 6 per cent. interest; which order said Gauden assigned to said Gale, whereupon there has been already paid one year's interest to 1672, March 30. The present direction is for said 22l. 19s. 0d. to be paid out of the 772l. 3s. 0d. of R. Stockdale's debt money in the Exchequer. Order Book XXXVIII. p. 16.