Entry Book: December 1684, 22-24

Pages 1466-1472

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 7, 1681-1685. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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December 1684

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Dec. 22. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Mr. Brabant and Mr. Ball, Customers of Newcastle, shewing that process has been for divers years kept on foot against them "without notice to [us, out of] the Court of Exchequer upon pretence of there being some certified bonds not returned into the Exchequer with the other"; that they are ready to swear that no such bonds are wanting but all sent up as usual with the other bonds; therefore praying for said process to be superseded as was done lately on the like affidavit in the case of Ralph Williamson, comptroller of said port, "who was with us prosecuted for said bonds." Reference Book II, p. 167.
Dec. 22. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Henry Brabant, Henry Ball, Ralph Williamson and John Tempest, shewing that the recent Treasury order, supra, p. 1415, concerning the half yearly return of coast books and bonds will be prejudicial to the service if observed "in our [Newcastle] port, for that it being the greatest for the coast trade so as to return annually near 8,000 bonds by taking us and our clerks off of our business in the heat of trade (which are the two summer quarters) the merchant will necessarily be hindered," besides the double charge in the return of the bonds by reason of the great distance. It can be of no advantage to his Majesty, for that already the forfeited bonds are by the late rules returned quarterly into the Exchequer. Therefore pray that said port may be exempted from said order and that as heretofore said books and bonds may be returned yearly in Michaelmas term. Reference Book II, pp. 167–8.
Dec. 23. Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz: Disposition Book III, p 35.
l. s. d.
to Charles Fox, Paymaster of the Forces 4,500 0 0
to the Cofferer of the Household 1,300 0 0
to Mr. Hornby, for secret service 300 0 0
to Sir Stephen Fox for the Earl of Lichfield 600 0 0
to Sir John James and partners 500 0 0
to the surviving trustees for the Duchess of Richmond (Duke of Richmond) 500 0 0
to Dr. Sherlocke 18 13 4
to be (paid into the Exchequer and) reserved for the Treasury Lords' disposal 2,000 0 0
£9,718 13 4
(Same, dated same, to the Excise Commissioners, enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Excise money for the present week; said paper including the abovesaid eight items [payable out of the Excise money in the Exchequer] together with the following items [payable directly out of the Excise office on tallies] viz. 1,000l. to Mr. Nihill; 600l. to Mr. Duncomb for interest; 763l. 10s. 2¾d. to Mr. Davenant and partners for interest; 2,520l. 3s. 0d. to the bankers on their tallies.
Same to Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton. The Treasury Lords are informed to-day by Auditor Aldworth that only Mr. Kenyon and Mr. Bedford, of the several Receivers of Popish Recusants' forfeitures, have brought their accounts and vouchers to him. You are to give notice to all the said Receivers that unless they forthwith deliver their said accounts and vouchers so that same can be declared before the end of next Hilary term process will issue against them and their sureties. Out Letters (General) VIII, p. 14.
Henry Guy to the Attorney General. The aldermen of Newcastle have been with the Treasury Lords and agreed that the King may build a Custom House and a place to weigh lead in at Newcastle in such place and at such time as the said Lords think fit. Take care that this agreement be inserted in the charter that is passing for the said town. Out Letters (General) VIII, p. 14.
Treasury warrant to R. Graham, P. Burton and W. Shaw to pay over to George, Earl of Berkeley, Sir William Turner and Edw. Roper, as trustees for the use of Lady Grey, all moneys in your hands of the rents and profits of the lands (the lands of Kilham town, co. Northumberland, and other lands, being forfeited to the King by the attainder of Ford, Lord Grey) demised to said trustees by the royal letters patent of the 4th inst. and "received by you at any time or times before the date hereof": the said patent having granted to said trustees the rents and profits of said lands and the arrears thereof. Warrants not Relating to Money X, p. 23.
Same to John Shales, auditor of the revenue for co. Bucks, to make an allowance of 200l. to Averina Russell, relict of George Russell, in the said Russell's account as Receiver of the last Poll for co. Bucks: the said account having been signed eque by Auditor Lightfoot, but after said Lightfoot's death a certificate for 200l. having been lost etc. ut supra, p. 1378: as to which certificate the said Russell made oath 1683, Dec. 18, before Lord Chief Baron Montagu that he had produced same to said Lightfoot at the stating of said account but said Lightfoot died before further progress made in the passing of said account, and the Commissioners for Inspecting Accounts soon after required the said certificate of said deponent who delivered same to Serjeant Ramsey, one of the said Commissioners, and thereafter could not regain same. The only answer to his demand for it was that it was mislaid or lost. Ibid, p. 24.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Francis Gwyn, esq., for a lease of certain lands in co. Surrey formerly gained by encroachments on the Thames and concealments from the Crown and mentioned to be in lease to Sir Robert Killigrew and Edward Progers. We find that said Killigrew and Progers had a lease 1663, Oct. 20, of divers lands in Surrey encroached and abutting on the Thames, viz., for 31 years from 1661, Sept. 29, at 19l. 12s. 9d. per an., the said lands containing a range for about two miles in length, encroached upon and gained from the Thames with about 500 or 600 houses built thereupon within the parishes of Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, and which if recovered might be worth 1,000l. or 1,200l. per an. but said Killigrew and Progers had several trials at great charge with the pretended owners and builders, but could not recover possession of any of them. Said Killigrew and Progers have not paid their rent by reason of their not recovering possession of the premises. We directed a Commission of inquiry on your Majesty's behalf upon which it was lately found that the said lease to Killigrew and Progers is forfeited and the premises [the said lease] are seized into your Majesty's hands and are now in your Majesty's dispose. We have no objections to a grant thereof to petitioner for 31 years at 19l. 12s. 9d. per an. Ibid, pp. 24–5.
Dec. 23. The Treasury Lords to the Justices of Peace of co. Beds. By our letter in March last we desired you to be careful that those which were concerned in levying the penalties under the Conventicle Act should justly perform their duties therein and that the King's third part should be duly brought into the Court of Quarter Sessions and there delivered to the sheriff and that certificates thereof should be transmitted into the Exchequer as they ought to be. We are very sensible that frequent convictions are made upon the said Act and that considerable sums of money ought thereby to accrue to his Majesty which (notwithstanding the care that hath hitherto been taken) have not been brought into the Exchequer either by reason that the constables or other persons who have been authorised to levy the said moneys have not delivered the same to the Justices or Chief Magistrates or because the Justices have not paid his Majesty's part thereof into the Court of Quarter Sessions, or the [said] Court hath not delivered the same over to the sheriff and made certificate thereof into the Exchequer. We think it necessary to repeat our desires in this behalf. You are to take especial care in your county not only that the constables, headboroughs, tythingmen, church-wardens or overseers of the poor (who are to levy the said penalties and to pay the same to the Justices or Chief Magistrates) do justly perform their duties therein, but also that the King's third part (as well already levied as what shall be levied hereafter) be duly paid to the Quarter Sessions and the King's third thereof to the sheriff and that certificate thereof signed by two of the Justices and the Clerk of the Peace be returned from time to time into the office of the King's Remembrancer. Likewise at the end of every sessions you are to send us, the Treasury Lords, a certificate of all the sums levied upon any convictions of this kind in your county during the preceding quarter and of what part thereof has been paid into the Court of Quarter Sessions, and in Court to the sheriff for his Majesty's use, and likewise of the certification as above. You are to acknowledge receipt of this letter. (On 26 Dec. 53 separate letters of the above tenour and date to each of the other counties of England and Wales were sent to Mr. Burton to be dispatched forthwith to the respective clerks of the Peace.) Out Letters (General) VIII, p. 16.
Same to the Justices or Chief Magistrates of a town, to the like substantive effect as above. (On 26 Dec. 29 more letters of the same tenour and date for cities or towus where quarter sessions are usually held were similarly sent to Mr. Burton to fill up the blank for the city or town and to superscribe and despatch them and "with all speed, that the Justices or Chief Magistrates might have them this Christmas Sessions." Ibid, p. 17.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Edwd. Fanning praying for a patent of several lands in co. Clare in Ireland, in accordance with a lost certificate of the late Commissioners for claims of transplanted persons in Connaught and Clare. The Solicitor General, Ireland, thinks that same may be granted according to the tenour of the entry of said certificate in the Auditor General's Office [Ireland]. We have nothing to object thereto as there is in the present Commission for remedy of Defective Titles (in the clause prohibiting the passing of any lands there save upon that Commission) an exception for lands to be passed upon certificate of the late Commissioners for hearing and determining the claims of transplanted persons in Connaught and Clare. Out Letters (Ireland) IV, pp. 125–7.
Prefixing: (a) said Fanning's petition. (b) Reference dated at the Court at Winchester, Sept. 16 last, from the King to the Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, thereof. (c) Report dated Dublin Castle, Nov. 8 last, from said Duke to the King: said report enclosing and agreeing with (d) report dated Oct. 28 from Sir Jno. Temple to said Duke. By the said certificate, dated 1677–8, Feb. 21, petitioner is entitled to several lands in co. Clare. The original certificate on which petitioner should have passed his letters patent is lost. A royal letter will be necessary to enable the Lord Lieutenant to pass such patent by the [copy or] entry in the Auditor General's Office. (e) Reference dated Whitehall, Nov. 20, from the King to the Treasury Lords of said petition and reports.
Dec. 23. Money warrant for 915l. to Richard, Visct. Preston, for six months to 1683, Sept. 30, on his ordinary of 5l. a day as Envoy Extraordinary to France. (Money order dated Dec. 24 hereon.) Money Book V, p. 129. Order Book XXXIX, p. 206.
Same for 501l. 8s. 3d. to Phil. Burton as imprest for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated Dec. 27 hereon.) Money Book V, p. 129. Order Book XXXIX, p. 206.
Treasury warrant to the abovesaid Burton to pay (out of moneys for Crown Law charges) 300l. to Richard Graham for his disbursements in prosecution of several persons for misdemeanours. Money Book V, p. 129.
Money warrant dormant for the annuity or pension of 1,500l. per an. to John, Earl of Radnor, as by the privy seal of Nov. 21 last. Ibid, p. 130.
Money warrant for 750l. to George, Duke of Northumberland, 200l. thereof to complete 1684, Lady day quarter, and the remainder for June 24 quarter on his annuity or pension of 3,000l. out of the Excise. Ibid.
Same for 100l. to the executors of Sir Philip Warwick for one year to 1681, Sept. 29, on his annuity or pension. Ibid.
Same for 955l. to Charles, Visct. Lansdowne, as Envoy Extraordinary to Spain, 500l. thereof for equipage and the remaining 455l. for three months' ordinary in advance to be reckoned as from the date of his departure out of the royal presence. (Money order dated Dec. 29 hereon.) Ibid, p. 130. Order Book XXXIX, p. 206.
Same for 10,000l. to Thomas Hall, together with 6 per cent. thereon [payable] every six months: as in repayment of the like sum by him lent into the Exchequer by several tallies of loan, viz. 2,000l. Dec. 11 inst., 2,200l. Dec. 12, 1,600l. Dec. 16, 2,200l. Dec. 17, 2,000l. Dec. 19. (Five money orders hereon for the said five sums making 10,000l. in all. These money orders are fictitiously given the dates of the several said tallies of loan. The principal to be paid out of Hearth moneys and the interest out of any moneys not appropriated in the Exchequer.) Money Book V, p. 131. Order Book XXXIX, p. 207.
Dec. 23. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Grace (who has acted for a year past as a deputy King's waiter, London port) praying for the place of James a Foyle, a landwaiter who lies very sick. Reference Book II, p. 165.
Same to Richard Graham and Philip Burton of the petition of Sir John Knightley on a favourable reference from the King dated Whitehall, Dec. 15, thereof; petitioner praying a grant of the King's interest in that part of the manor of Preston, co. Northampton, which is seized into the King's hand for Mr. Hampden, the reversion of which estate after Mr. Hampden's death will belong to the Knightleys, a family ever loyal and great sufferers in the King's service. Ibid.
Same to John Lawrence of the petition of Grace Stuckey, alias Hill, relict of Rowland Hill, merchant, deceased, owner of the ship Batchelor, William Jones master; petitioner setting forth that said ship was lost in the West Indies under the command of the late Lord Willoughby of Parham; that by order in Council of 1670, Dec. 22, the King declared that the owner should have a privy seal for 1,813l. 18s. 1d. for the hire and loss of said ship; that afterwards by some mistake the master and some others got a privy seal for 620l. to be taken out of said 1,813l. 18s. 1d., viz. 310l. for his and the mariners' wages (though there was no consideration for such wages included in the said sum of 1,813l. 18s. 1d.) and the remaining 310l. for a part of the said ship pretended to belong to the said master, but did really belong to the owner; that by privy seal of 1672, April 10, the King ordered the remaining sum of 1,193l. 18s. 1d. to be paid to petitioner and the owners of said ship out of the revenue of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados and the Leeward Islands; that petitioner has been without the said sum for 14 years and it is almost all the fortune of four orphans left her by her late husband with some small sums in the Orphans' Court; that they are now grown up and she is unable to put them forth to trades without the said money; therefore prays that tallies may be struck on the Farmers of the Four and a Half per cent. duty "who have more in their hands than will pay said debt." Ibid, p. 168.
Same to the Excise Commissoiners of the petition of Sir Samuell Starling (Sterling) and partners, Farmers of Excise for co. Norfolk, for 2¾ years to 1668, Midsummer, together with the draft warrant [missing] annexed thereto. Ibid, p. 169.
Prefixing: said petition for the formal discharge of the super of 598l. remaining upon their account, same having been formerly allowed by the late Treasury Lords, but the petitioners having neglected to take out the order for the discharge the [present] Treasury Lords have confirmed said allowance.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Pagett for a landwaiter's place, London port, he having been bred a merchant in London, but being unable to trade as herefore by reason of several great losses lately. Reference Book II, p. 172.
Same to Richd. Graham and Philip Burton of the petition of Mr. Benerscot Cornwallis and Mr. Slingsby Bethell, praying for a privy seal for [a grant of] the goods of Thomas Beverly which have been seized upon an outlawry for a debt due to them. Ibid.
Dec. 24. Same to Sir Richard Mason and Bartholomew Fillingham of the petition of William Norrington, Receiver of the Seventeen Months' Tax, Poll, and Eighteen Months' and Six Months' Assessments in co. Essex, praying to be allowed 64l. 5s. 0d. for disbursements in said service, he having cleared his accounts for all save that item. Ibid, p. 168.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of loans made by Alderman Duncombe on the Hearthmoney, viz. Disposition Book III, p. 36.
l. s. d.
to me [Guy] for secret service 933 6 8
to the Earl of Radnor 375 0 0
£1,308 6 8