Appendix II: June 1660

Pages 1629-1631

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 7, 1681-1685. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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June 1660

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
At the Committee of the Treasury.
June 21.
[Ordered] that the patents for Tellers in reversion be first considered by the Attorney General, who is to certify his opinion of the same. Egerton MS. (British Museum) 2,542, pp 379–80.
The reversionary Tellers are Arthur Squib, Lawr. Squib, Edw. Harbert, Mr. Pinckney.
34,000l. charges and so varying more and less.
In the King's time 35,000l. charges.
The Commissioners l[ate] ... and n[ow] ... in execution of the Commission of the Customs [are] to attend here [at the Treasury Chambers] the next meeting.
[My Lords] to meet Tuesdays and Saturdays in the afternoon at 3 o'clock in the C[ouncil] Chamber.
June 23,
There is b[ut] 11l. 2s. 10d. this day remaining in the Treasury.
[Ordered] that such petitioners as are referred to the Commissioners of the Treasury may be referred w[ithout] any glorious or flourishing preamble or anything concerning the King's declaration or inclinations concerning the c[ase].
There are b[ut] 5 Commissioners of the Customs for all England and [they] have for salary 2d. in the £.
All Customs are weekly paid by the Commissioners into the Exchequer.
Old and New Draperies were wont to yield 100,000l. per an. but 'tis taken away by order of Parliament.
There is this week in the hands of the Commissioners of the Customs about 5,000l. out of which they are first to pay a quarter's wages, which for the officers of [the ? London and out] ports comes to 2,900l. or 3,000l. Every Monday the Commissioners pay into the Exchequer what moneys they receive. The Com[ptrollers] in the outports send up their moneys quarterly, but they often send up some money [intermediately].
Customs and subsidies amount [to] 262,522l. for one year.
Excise and New Impost, 330,880l.
[? Lres Postage,] 16,352l.
Sea coals, 18,000l.
708,507l. 8s. 3d. for the [year] 1659 to 1660.
June 23,
The Committee of the Army receives and issues all the money paid of the contribution of 70,000l. per month, but the garrison of Dunkirk is not put into the establishment of the Army. Egerton MS. (British Museum) 2,542, pp. 379–80.
The Excise money is paid into the Exchequer and assigned and paid for the use of the Navy.
The Commissioners for Excise are to attend and bring in the present state of the account to the Board.
Half the Excise of London was formerly allowed for the payment of the garrison of Dunkirk.
The Excise of London the last week came to only 1,640l.
June 26. There is now in the Exchequer about 500l.
Sir Robert Pye [Auditor of the Receipt] will put in one Mr. Sherwin for his deputy, who having served him divers years he will be responsible for.
Sir Jo. Wolstenholme, the collector of subsidies outwards [London port].
Sir Jo. Jacob, collector of the petty Customs of woollen cloth [London port].
Mr. H. Seamor, Comptroller inwards and outwards [London port].
Surveyor General [of Customs, London port], Chr. Metcalf: he only superstites.
Geo. Wilmore, collector of the petty Customs inwards [London port].
Mr. Seamor and Mr. Dawes are to shew their patents to the Attorney [General] and he approving of the same order is to be given for their proceeding according to their respective places.
The old [and most experienced] officers of the Customs, as Sir J. Wolstenholme, Sir Jo. Jacob, Mr. H. Seamor, Mr. Dawes, Mr. Metcalf, Geo. Wilmour, are to take their places and they and the present Commissioners, as Mr. Ed. Wingate, are to join in all business of the Customs.
The Excise of goods imported amount to 200,000l. and the expense [? sic for Excise] in the [? river] and for inland commodities amount to about 300,000l.
Debts ascertained, 11,500l.
" 10,440l.
" souldiers. 6,500l.
Debts depending upon accounts to be [?] seen by my Lords, 100,000l.
Arrears in the out ports[?], 10,000l.
" " 15,000l.
Plus ? 50,000l.
Total charges,
June 26. The moneys of the Excise is weekly paid into the Exchequer every Saturday. Egerton MS. (British Museum) 2,542, pp. 379–80.
The Excise upon brandy [if so be] taken away abates the revenue of Excise. They [the late usurpers] could raise the Excise but by force and imprisonment.
June 30. [Ordered] that Mr. Pinkney may be sworn Teller and also the rest of the Tellers.
Warrant for Sir Tho. Roberts's pardon.
Order for a privy seal for vacating the tallies for 12,000l. which were struck upon the Lord General as part of 20,000l. assigned [to] his Lordship by Parliament.
Mr. William Wardour is confirmed in his place of Clerk of the Pells.