Entry Book: April 1687, 1-10

Pages 1281-1297

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8, 1685-1689. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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April 1687, 1-10

April 1. Treasury reference to Auditor Aldworth of the account of the interest due to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe for the quarter ended Mar. 25 ult. [on moneys by them advanced for the service of his Majesty]. Reference Book V, pp. 52–3.
l. s. d.
Prefixing: said account.
Interest at 5 per cent. on 115,000l. standing due to them on the balance of their last account made up to Dec. 25 last. viz. 40,000l. on the Customs, 55,000l. on the Excise and 20,000l. on the Hearthmoney 1,417 6 2
Repayments of principal and deduction of interest thereon.
1686–7, Jan. 22, on 10,000l. in part of 55,000l. on the Excise 84 18 4
£1,332 17 6[sic
thus leaving a total of interest of 1,332l. 17s. 6d. due on the foot of the present account; and a total of 105,000l. of principal similarly due; the said principal consisting of 40,000l. on the Customs, 45,000l. on the Excise and 20,000l. on the Hearthmoney.
April 5. Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a great seal for a grant to Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe, in consideration of his many eminent and faithful services to the late and present King, of all the real estate of Reginald Tucker, late of Long Sutton, co. Somerset, belonging to him at the time of his attainder for high treason; to hold to the said Oglethorpe and his heirs and assigns for ever subject to such rents etc., if any, payable to the Crown at the time of their forfeiture by said attainder: and likewise for a grant to same of all the personal estate of said Tucker similarly forfeited. King's Warrant Book XII, pp. 74–5.
Same to Edward Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, to pay a salary of 25l. per an. to David Robinson, who is appointed keeper of the King's park at Audley End: to be paid quarterly during pleasure, as from 1685, Lady day. Ibid, p. 76.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh, Paymaster of the Forces, to pay the following establishment or list of [Army] pensions, as from Jan. 1 last, either by weekly or quarterly payments as is usual and during pleasure: payments to be made upon certificate from the Commissary General of the Musters or his deputy of his being satisfied of the said pensioners being alive and in no military employment at the several times of payment, viz.: Ibid, p. 80.
Pension per an.
l. s. d.
Michael Bellamy 36 10 0
Francis Byam 60 0 0
Humphrey Coningsby 36 10 0
William Claypoole 36 10 0
George Goldsborough 36 10 0
Warram Jemmet 30 0 0
John Kirle 30 0 0
John Meuty 36 10 0
Thomas Taylor 20 0 0
Richard White 15 0 0
William Williams 30 0 0
Berkenhead Beverly 36 10 0
Henry Farr 73 0 0
Robert Goldsborough 36 10 0
John Everard 27 7 6
William Hays 9 2 6
Rowland Brock 36 10 0
Nathaniel Hill 30 0 0
Charles the Moore 36 10 0
Harry Hooker 73 0 0
Sir William Van-Colster 27 7 6
Thomas Honywood 40 0 0
Simon Heveningham 36 10 0
Terence Moloy 36 10 0
John Cavenagh 36 10 0
William Napper 36 10 0
Lodowick Howard 36 10 0
Francis Hammond 73 0 0
Humphrey Okeover 36 10 0
Anthony Pollard 73 0 0
Marmaduke Greenfeild 10 0 0
Simon Adam 27 7 6
Elizabeth Mansfeild 91 5 0
Cornelius MulRyane 36 10 0
Francis Smyth 30 0 0
Edward Powell 36 10 0
John Graham 30 0 0
William Edwards 18 5 0
Andrew Wood 54 15 0
Henry Fenwick 36 10 0
Henry Chapman 36 10 0
Timothy Dryscoll 27 7 6
Daniel Barry 27 7 6
Richard Green 27 7 6
William Holiday 9 2 6
Roger Hewett 32 0 0
John Savazon 18 5 0
John Bertram 18 5 0
Ralph Mackay 18 5 0
Daniel Brady 30 8 4
Thomas Gladston 36 10 0
Nathaniel Leighton 27 7 6
John, Carr 73 0 0
Haighierin 18 5 0
Charles O Farrell 36 10 0
John Watkinson 13 13 9
William Abernathy 54 15 0
Charles Walgrave 36 10 0
Nicholas Rarney 36 10 0
Richard Latham 36 10 0
Richard Pursell 36 10 0
Robert Riddle 36 10 0
James Carr 40 0 0
Christopher Congrave 73 0 0
William Llegg 36 10 0
£3,661 12 1
Memorandum: James Carr is to have a place of Poor Knight [of Windsor] and then his pension to cease.
April 5. Treasury warrant to the Receipt for tallies of assignment on the First Fruits for 500l. to Aubrey, Earl of Oxford, for last Lady day quarter on his pension. Money Book VIII, p. 92.
April 5. Money warrant for 106l. 15s. 6d. to Anthony Segar, 96l. 15s. 6d. thereof for necessaries for the Treasury Office for last Lady day quarter and the remaining 10l. for same quarter's salary for attendance at said office. (Money order dated April 6 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 93. Order Book II, p. 48.
Same for 1,000l. to George, Lord Jeffrys, Lord High Chancellor, for same quarter on his annuity. (Money order dated April 6 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 93. Order Book II, p. 48.
Same for 1,250l. to Charles, Duke of Richmond and Lennox, for same quarter on his pension. (Money order dated April 6 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 93. Order Book II, p. 48.
Same for 100l. to Dr. Nathaniell Johnson for same quarter on his annuity as by the privy seal of Mar. 24 last. (Money order dated April 7 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 94. Order Book II, p. 49.
Treasury order for the execution of a warrant of 1685, May 7, ut supra, p. 171, for payment to Sir John Cope of the rent of the Custom House on the New Wool Quay. (Henry Guy, dated same, to the Customs Cashier to pay said ground rent accordingly.) Money Book VIII, p. 95. Disposition Book VI, p. 43.
Money warrant for 528l. 7s. 2¾d. to William Blathwayte, esq., Assistant to the Clerks of the [Privy] Council attending the Committee of Council for Trade and Plantations, for two accounts of incidents for the service of said Committee as follows. Money Book VIII, pp. 96–7. Order Book II, p. 49.
Appending: said accounts (1) for 1686, Sept. 29 quarter (total, 260l. 8s. 0d.): (2) for 1686, Christmas quarter (total, 267l. 19s. 2¾d.): each account being certified by eight Lords of the Privy Council. (Money order dated April 7 hereon.)
Treasury warrant for the execution of a dormant warrant of 1686, July 13, ut supra, p. 830, for the fee or salary of 5l. per an. to John Dryden, gent., as Customer of Woollen Cloth and Petty Customs, London port. (Henry Guy, dated same, to the Customs Cashier to observe same.) Money Book VIII, p. 99. Disposition Book VI, p. 44.
Treasury allowance of the salary bill of the General Post Office for the quarter ending Lady day last as certified by Philip Frowde. Money Book VIII, p. 104.
Prefixing: said bill. l. s. d.
General officers.
Philip Frowde, esq., Governor of the Post Office 375 0 0
Mr. John Parsons, Accomptant General 50 0 0
Mr. Stephen Lilly, Receiver General. 37 10 0
Tho. Gardiner, esq., Comptroller of the Inland Office 50 0 0
Clerks of the Six Roads.
Mr. James Hukes [Hickes], senr., Clerk of the Chester Road 25 0 0
Mr. Benj. Lambe of the West Road 15 0 0
Mr. John Middleton of the North Road 15 0 0
Mr. Richard Mynores of the Bristol Road 15 0 0
Mr. Edmd. Sawtell of the Yarmouth Road 15 0 0
Mr. Francis Garrard of the Kentish Road 12 10 0
Mr. William Serle, second clerk of the Kentish Road 10 0 0
Mr. James Hickes, jun., [second] clerk of the Chester Road 10 0 0
Mr. Underhill Breese, windowman and alphabet keeper 12 10 10
Mr. James Comber, windowman 8 15 0
Mr. James Dolton, windowman 6 0 0
Mr. Robert Lowe, a sorter 7 10 0
Mr. Lumley Williams, a sorter 7 10 0
Mr. William Charlton, a sorter 7 10 0
Mr. Ralph Bednall, a sorter 8 15 0
Mr. Charles Jackson, a sorter 7 10 0
Mr. William Ouldham, another sorter 5 0 0
Mr. Thomas Harris, clerk of the Kent Road, on by nights 7 10 0
the Governor's clerk 7 10 0
Mr. John Parsons, junr., the Accomptant's clerk 2 10 0
Foreign officers.
Mr. Frederick Frowde, Comptroller of the Foreign Office 25 0 0
Mr. John Leasson, Keeper of the alphabet 15 0 0
Mr. John Salladine, clerk 10 0 0
Mr. Nicholas Bowman, clerk 10 0 0
Mr. William Sweeting, clerk 10 0 0
Mr. Francis Clewit, clerk 10 0 0
Letter receivers.
Mr. Richard Sare, a letter receiver 4 0 0
Mr. William Osborne, a ditto 6 15 0
Mr. George Luce, a ditto 5 0 0
Mr. Henry Berry, a ditto 1 10 0
Mr. William Jacob, a ditto 1 10 0
Mr. William Nott, a ditto 2 10 0
Mr. Richard Bentley, a ditto 3 6 8
Mr. John Lloyd, a ditto 3 0 0
Mr. Samuell Baker, the maile maker 20 0 0
Mris. Anne Lambe, housekeeper [of the Post Office] 5 0 0
two women who bring down letters at nights 1 0 0
April 5. Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the branches of the revenue directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.: Disposition Book VI, pp 42–3.
l. s. d.
Out of the Customs.
to the Treasurer of the Navy on account of 400,000l. for the [Naval service for the] year commencing at 1686, Lady day 7,000 0 0
to ditto for Capt. Preistman's bills 113 15 9
to Alderman Sturt in part of his [Tangier victualling] debt, second payment 1,000 0 0
to Mr. Hewer, towards the arrear of Tangier officers, second payment 1,000 0 0
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces 4,000 0 0
to the Lord Chancellor, one quarter 1,000 0 0
Plantation Office [incidents bill] for Christmas quarter 267 19
Out of the imposition on wine and vinegar.
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance, two weeks' money [for the ordinary of the Ordnance Office] 2,000 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Navy for Mr. Pearce, in full of 67l. 12s. 4d. 5 0 0
Out of the Excise.
to Mr. White for New Park 500 0 0
to the Duke of Richmond, a quarter by way of advance, deducting fees 1,250 0 0
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces 6,000 0 0
to Mr. Dunstan, three quarters on his pension 750 0 0
to the Earl of Berkshire 300 0 0
to the Queen, towards her quarter 5,000 0 0
Out of the Hearthmoney.
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces 5,000 0 0
to the Cofferer of the Household to clear Christmas quarter 3,826 9 5
to the Treasury Lords 2,000 0 0
(Same, dated same, to the Customs Cashier, enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Customs cash for the present week; said paper containing only the above seven Customs items, save that the first item to the Navy Treasurer is stated as 14,000l. "whereof 7,000l. was paid the last week.") (Same, dated same, to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney, enclosing the like paper of disposition for those branches of the revenue; said paper including for the Hearthmoney only the above three Hearthmoney items: and for the Excise the above six Excise items [payable out of the Exchequer] and 7,000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces "which was paid in [to the Exchequer] the last week," together with the following items [payable direct out of the Excise Office on tallies], viz. 1,500l. to Mr. Calverd to pay off a tally of loan; 2,000l. to the Prince and Princess of Denmark towards their quarter.)
April 5. Henry Guy to Mr. Burton to pay (out of Crown Law moneys) 30l. 16s. 2d. to Henry Legat in full of his two bills of charges in the suit between Mr. Charleton and the innkeeper concerning two horses of the said Charlton's. Disposition Book VI, p. 44.
Same to Mr. Neale [Master Worker of the Mint] to deliver 2,000 Healing medals to James Graham, Keeper of the Privy Purse. The Treasury Lords will take care for the payment for same. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Blathwayt. I have read yours of the 14th ult. to the Treasury Lords. Has Col. Walrond hitherto paid the 500l. to you? Out Letters (General) XI, p. 64.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to take into the Customs warehouse on arrival a box directed to James Fowles, merchant in London, containing eight Scotch plaids, which are coming on a ship belonging to Tho. Weir, a skipper of Leith. Ibid, p. 65.
Same to Mr. Stephens [Cashier to the Navy Treasurer]. The Treasury Lords have ordered 700l. 1s. 8d. for the Fubbs yacht and 422l. 16s. 10d. for the Navy yacht. The Commissioners for Adjusting the Accounts of the Navy to Lady day, 1685, allege that these sums differ from any of those expressed in the estimate of wages for said yachts up to 1685, Mar. 24, and they make a doubt as to what part of the said wages that money is intended for. You are to explain this matter to my Lords so that they can give order to the said Commissioners concerning the disposal of the said money. Ibid.
April 5. The Treasury Lords to Visct. Grandison and Visct. Brouncker, Trustees for the Duchess of Cleveland. The King has delivered to us the Earl of Berkeley's petition which sets forth that the late Lord Treasurer signified to you the King's pleasure concerning the not disparking Nonsuch Park, notwithstanding which the Duchess of Cleveland now attempts to do the same [disparking]. It is the King's pleasure that the said park be not disparked nor the timber trees felled until both parties be heard at the Treasury Board. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 65.
Henry Guy to the Earl of Clarendon, enclosing a letter sent from the Earl of Tyrconnell to the Treasury Lords. Bring this back to my Lords on Thursday next. Ibid.
Same to the officers of the Mint to report on the enclosed paper [missing] of Lord Maitland about standard pieces of gold and silver coin to be delivered to him for the service of the Mint in Scotland. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Blathwayt [Secretary to the Forces]. It is the King's pleasure that Lieut.-Col. Christopher Congrave be allowed half pay as a captain for his support and maintenance: as from June 29 last, the time of his being disbanded. You are to draw a King's warrant for this. Ibid, p. 66.
Appending: certificate by [Deputy Muster Master] Abr. Yarner, dated Mar. 23 last, that Sir John Fitz Gerrald was made Lieut.-Colonel to Major General Justin Macartie's Regiment of Foot by commission dated 1 Mar., 1685–6; and by the muster taken of the [said] Lieut.-Colonel's Company on the 29 June, 1686, it appears that Lieut.-Col. Chris. Congrave, late Lieut.-Col., appeared and closed the rolls of said muster.
Same to Mr. Peters to report on the enclosed bill [missing] for [the King's] Music from Jan. 9 [last] to April 4 inst., "being 28 days morning and evening musicians, 24 [in number], 560l." Ibid.
Same to Visct. Preston [Keeper of the Great Wardrobe] to report on the enclosed petition of Anthony Durban for 191l. 2s. 6d. for cloth delivered to the Great Wardrobe for a present from the King to the Dey of Algiers. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Thomas Marshall as Surveyor of the Act of Navigation loco Joseph Ash, deceased, whose office of Surveyor, Collector and Receiver of the moneys and forfeitures payable by the said Act, is to be sunk: said Marshall to be assisted with a pair of oars at a salary of 60l. per an. Out Letters (Customs) XI, p. 30.
April 5. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to register the ship Holandia, now called the England of London, as a free ship of this kingdom of England. Out Letters (Customs) XI, pp. 31–2.
Prefixing: copy of an order of the King in Council, dated Whitehall, Mar. 18 last, for said naturalization, said order being made upon the Treasury Lords' report of Mar. 14 last ut supra, p. 1261.
Same to same to employ Samuel Maile as deputy to the Customer and Searcher at Woodbridge, in Ipswich port, with the allowance of their fees at that place or 20l. per an. from each of them; and also to undertake the collection there at 10l. per an. from the King. Ibid, pp. 33, 34.
Richard Andrews (one of the tidesmen at Woodbridge) as surveyor, waiter and searcher ibid. at 40l. per an. salary and to keep a horse and ride the coast as occasion shall require.
Ralph Rabbet (the present collector of Aldeburgh, a member of Ipswich port) to act as deputy to the customer and searcher of Aldeburgh port with the allowance of their fees of that place or 20l. per an. from each of them; and also to undertake the collection there at 10l. per an. from the King.
William Brisbane (one of the tidesmen at Aldeburgh) as surveyor, waiter and searcher ibid. with 40l. per an. from the King and to keep a horse and ride the coast as occasion shall require.
Treasury reference to Richard Graham and Philip Burton of the petition of Tho. Brown "d[ebto]r to his Majesty by bond in the Exchequer"; petitioner shewing that Tho. Price, goldsmith, was indebted to petitioner about 600l. at the time of his [Price's] leaving his shop; that petitioner forthwith found out and seized into the King's hands part of said Price's estate in London and took out several process at his own charge for levying the rents and selling the said seized estate for satisfaction "of the said debt to his Majesty," but petitioner was stopped in his proceedings upon a motion that no further proceedings might be had by any for the King against Price's estate till a debt due from the said Price to a Receiver in Ireland was satisfied; that since [then] the petitioner (lest the other estate should fall short) has also seized into the King's hands the whole estate of said Price in Middlesex and the Exchequer [sic? for Essex]: therefore prays that preference may be given to petitioner's debt next after the debt due to the said Receiver of Ireland. Reference Book V, p. 50.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of James Auberges (Auburges), of Brussels, for delivery of a parcel of hair for periwigs which he brought with him when coming for England and was seized at London after he had paid duty thereon at Margate. Ibid.
Same to Auditor Aldworth of Stephen Lilly's account of the Post Office salary and incidents bill for last Lady day quarter. Ibid, p. 57.
Prefixing: said bill: (total, 977l. 14s. 10d., including for incidents 273l. 4s. 10d. in January, 118l. 16s. 8d. in February and 103l. 10s. 10d. in March; for returned letters 21l. 4s. 2d. in January, 17l. 11s. 2d. in Feb. and 18l. 16s. 0d. in March; for salaries 127l. 10s. 0d. in January, 102l. in Feb., 102l. in March; for money paid to postmasters 55l. 0s. 11d. in January and 38l. 0s. 3d. in Feb.):
April 5. Treasury warrant to the Treasurer's Remembrancer et al. to forbear or supersede process against Sir Cleve More of More Hall, co. Lancs., on the baronetcy fee of 1,095l. for the baronetcy conferred on his father, Sir Edward More, by Charles II. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 42.
Royal warrant to the Lord Deputy of Ireland to pass a patent under the great seal of Ireland to constitute Thomas Sheridon, William Dickenson, William Strong, William Culliford and Herbert Aubrey as Commissioners of the Revenue, Ireland, during pleasure: with the salary of 1,000l. per an. each. The present existing Commission is hereby to be recalled, but the pensions of 500l. per an. to Sir William Talbott and of 60l. per an. to Charles Playdell as therein are to be hereby continued during pleasure. John Ellis, esq., to be Secretary to the Commissioners and John Thompson, gent., to be Agent and Solicitor to them with salaries as in the present existing Commission. Out Letters (Ireland) V, pp. 24–5.
April 7
and 11.
Money warrant for 2,159l. 2s. 6d. to Sir Thomas Dereham in full of his allowance of 1,000l. per an. as the late King's Resident (Envoy) with the Grand Duke of Tuscany, "which said sum completes his allowance in full of his ordinary and extraordinary to the time of his coming into his said late Majesty's presence." (Cancelled and replaced on April 11 by a similar warrant for 2,162l. 19s. 7d. in full ut supra up to Sunday, 1 Feb., 1684–5, the day of his coming into the late King's presence, as certified the 9th inst. by Secretary the Earl of Sunderland.) (Money order dated April 12 hereon for 2,162l. 19s. 7d.) Money Book VIII, pp. 94, 103. Order Book II, p. 49.
April 7. Same for 2,000l. to the Treasury Lords (John, Lord Belasyse, Sidney, Lord Godolphin, Henry, Lord Dover, Sir John Ernle and Sir Stephen Fox) for last Lady day quarter's salaries. (Money order dated April 7 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 98. Order Book II, p. 48.
Same for 2,500l. to the Queen Consort for same quarter on her annuity as by the patent of Dec. 3 last. Money Book VIII, p. 98.
Same for 9,332l. 3s. 4¾d. to the Queen Consort's Trustees (Lawrence, Earl of Rochester, Henry Earl of Peterborough, Sidney, Lord Godolphin, Robert Werden, esq., and Sir Edward Herbert, kt.) for same quarter on the several sums granted for her by the King by the patent of 1685, Aug. 28, for her better support and dignity. Ibid.
Treasury order for the execution, "for the last quarter" of a dormant warrant of 1684–5, Mar. 20, ut supra, pp. 71–2, for the two annuities for Anne, Countess Dowager of Bristol. Ibid, p. 99.
Money warrant for 300l. to Thomas, Earl of Berkshire, for one year to Christmas last on the annuity or pension granted to him as Thomas Howard, esq., by the late King. Ibid, p. 100.
Same for 750l. to George Dunstan, esq., for three quarters to Lady day last on his pension. Ibid.
Treasury order for the execution of a dormant warrant of 1685, June 23, ut supra, p. 511, for the salary of 380l. per an. to Nathaniell Lodington as Consul at Tripoli, as by the privy seal of 1685, April 29, supra, p. 124. (Henry Guy, dated same, to the Customs Cashier to observe same.) Ibid, pp. 102–3. Disposition Book VI, p. 45.
April 7. Henry Guy to the Earl of Ranelagh [Paymaster of the Forces] to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the Captains of the Holland Regiment under Col. Oglethorpe, praying compensation for their great trouble and expense in recruiting their respective Companies for service in the late [Monmouth's] rebellion. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 66.
Same to the Earl of Ailesbury. Mr. Sayer has petitioned the Treasury Lords to be discharged of the decree against Wadlow et al. for the money due on the [contract for management of the] first or 310,000l. Wine Act. A report has been made to my Lords on this petition. Ibid, p. 67.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to deliver the following, Customs free, for the use of the King's Chapel and Household. Ibid.
Appending: letter from David Raverick [to Henry Guy] for the delivery of four parcels of books, beads, crucifixes, pictures, flowers etc. on board the St. Peter of Bridges [Bruges], Peter de Windt master; being for the King's Chapel and Household.
Same to Col. Langston. Peter Feild, late a trooper under you at Tangier, has petitioned the Treasury Lords showing that there was 25 months' pay due to him for which he unadvisedly gave a full discharge by signing your book for 10l. Hereon William Hewer has reported that besides the six months' pay due to Feild at Tangier, which was paid to you, there are 19 more months' pay due by the muster rolls amounting to 33l. 17s. 6d., but that having given a full discharge in your book he has excluded himself from any relief. Nevertheless the Treasury Lords recommend you to do him right. Ibid.
Same to Richard Graham and Phillip Burton to report on Saturday next on the enclosed papers [missing] relating to Mr. Tho. Baker. Ibid, p. 68.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on (a) infra. Ibid, p. 69.
Appending: (a) note of the petition of Thomas Best, clothier, for 300l. to be paid [to him] out of Army contingencies for clothing Sir William Clifton's Regiment. Ibid, p. 69.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Derby Bryan (an extraordinary tidesman, London port) as a tidesman in fee ibid. loco Nathaniel Franklyn, preferred to be Collector of Deal port. Out Letters (Customs) XI, pp. 34, 35, 36, 37.
Job Hill (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco Adrian Collis, preferred to be waiter and searcher at Arundel.
Thomas Shephard (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco. William Brisban, lately preferred.
John Houlker (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco
Thomas Berryman (a same ibid.) as a same ibid. loco William Hickson, lately deceased.
Thomas Mors (a same ibid.) as a tidesman in Yarmouth port loco William Archer, lately dismissed.
Burnet Brewer as a tidesman, Poole port loco Joseph Barton, who has deserted that service.
Richard Hanvile (an extraordinary tidesman, London port) as a tidesman in Bristol port loco William Grove, lately dismissed.
Nicholas Treweeke as tidesman at Shields in Newcastle port loco John Edgar, lately deceased.
Philip Gibbs and William Hartnol as two additional tidesmen in Bideford port, they having served [there as tidesmen] in extraordinary and been paid by incidents.
Thomas Bedson (an extraordinary tidesman, Chester port) as waiter and searcher at Beaumaris, a member of said port loco Thomas Oldworth, lately dismissed.
John Payne as collector of the Plantation duties at Potuxen [Patuxent] river in Maryland loco John Rousby, lately deceased.
George Packer as boatman with Anthony Searle at Humble River in Southampton port at 25l. per an.
April 7. Treasury reference to Richard Graham and Philip Burton of the petition of Robt. Brent, esq., praying for the estate of William Furrence, lately attainted at Norwich for clipping and coining; petitioner having been serviceable to the King without having [hitherto] petitioned for or received any mark of royal favour. Reference Book V, p. 51.
Same to the Attorney General of the petition of Francis Plowden, son and heir of Edmd. Plowden, esq.; shewing that by lease and release dated 1674, May 6, Sir Tho. Preston conveyed the manor of Furness, co. Lancs., to Francis, Lord Carrington, and Richd. Walmisley and their heirs; that by deed dated 1674, May 6, between the said Preston, Carrington and Walmisley of the one part and Hum. Wild of the other part it is declared that Carrington and Walmisley stand seized of the premises to such uses as said Wild should direct; that by deed poll dated 1674, May 11, said Wild declared the premises to be in trust for himself during life and thereafter to such uses as said Edmund Plowden should direct and in want of directions then in trust for said Edmund Plowden and his heirs for ever: that about nine or ten years since an information was exited on the late King's behalf in the Exchequer against said Carrington, Walmisley and Wild, suggesting that the conveyances to them were for superstitious and unlawful uses: that in 1682 a decree passed in the Exchequer ordering said Carrington and Walmisley to convey the premises to the late King, to which decree neither the said Tho. Preston nor Edmd. Plowden were parties: that the trustees were compelled by process upon the said decree to convey the premises to the late King, though not forfeited (as petitioner is advised) for any such pretended uses; and same are now vested in the Crown: that said Hum. Wild is dead whereby the trust during his life is extinguished: that said Edmd. Plowden is likewise dead without making any directions touching the premises, so that the trust in the premises is come to petitioner: therefore prays a grant of the said manor and premises. Ibid.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of William Bowtell and Samuell Robertson of London, merchants, petitioners showing, ut supra, pp. 1225, 1255, that about June last Alle Rais, Canary Admiral of Algiers, sent into Plymouth a Dutch prize taken at sea laden with wine, brandy etc. for petitioners to dispose thereof for his account; that thereupon they applied to the King for directions therein, and his Majesty referred same to the King's Counsel, after which petitioners were informed that the goods might not be landed in any of his Majesty's ports, but that in pursuance of the articles of peace between his Majesty and the Government of Algiers petitioners had free liberty to send her where they thought fit; whereupon petitioners tried to find the right proprietors and Herman Olmens of London, merchant, and William Martin of Plymouth treated with petitioners on behalf of the first proprietors (as they pretended) and after some months petitioners sold the prize to William Martin for 700l. and delivered it in Sept. last to Martin, who fitted it out with Dutchmen to go for Holland, but was obstructed in the said voyage by the Customs Commissioners, and the vessel and her lading lies still in a perishing condition in Plymouth port, and by reason thereof said Martin refuses to pay said 700l.: therefore petitioners pray on behalf of the Government of Algiers that Martin may have leave to send off the ship. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, pp. 47–8.
We referred said petition to Samuel Pepys, Secretary of the Admiralty, who reported the 9th inst. that your Majesty being informed of several ships (including this one) taken about June last by "Canary the Admiral" of Algiers and his company then cruising in the Channel and sent into your Majesty's ports with expectation of a liberty of disposing of same, your Majesty referred to Counsel how far you could give such liberty without violence to such treaties with other princes, and said Counsel gave their opinions in denial of any such or other liberty than that of carrying the said prizes out again without breaking bulk save for so much [sale of said lading] as might supply their present necessities and enable them to depart: that in accordance with this advice your Majesty directed the officers of the Admiralty at the several ports accordingly. Mr. Pepys thinks it reasonable and advisable (for the satisfaction of the Algereens and the prevention of any occasion of interruption that may otherwise happen to the present peace between your Majesty and that [Algereen] Government) that the said Turks or those entrusted on their behalf be permitted to carry said ship and her lading out of your Majesty's dominions without breaking bulk otherwise than as above and that she be not navigated with any of your Majesty's subjects.
We referred this report of Mr. Pepys to the Customs Commissioners, who report the 18th inst. that they agree that the buying and selling of such goods (which is confessed in this case) is contrary to the law of nations and that neither petitioners nor Martin ought to have any favour but that the ship and her lading be restored to the real [the Dutch] proprietors "at a reasonable rate, to be disposed of as they shall think fit, the Turks having parted with their interest therein and gone away satisfied" as is believed.
Hereon we, the Treasury Lords, think the ship and her lading should be delivered to petitioners, it having been consigned to them and they having produced the affidavit of Joseph Lorum to prove same, and they being to render account of the produce of the prize to the said "Admiral Canary" and Government of Algiers, for which the estate and effects of petitioners are liable: further we advise that for the better and more punctual observance of the abovesaid treaties, the petitioners gave security to carry the said prize out of your Majesty's dominions without breaking bulk or sailing her with your Majesty's sailors.
April 7. The Treasury Lords to the Lord Deputy of Ireland. In yours of the 12th ult. you acquaint us that the Earl of Clarendon has not only emptied the [Irish] Treasury, but also anticipated the revenue by several warrants just upon [the moment of] his leaving the Government [of Ireland], as well towards satisfying the last December pay to the Army as for payments made to persons on such of the [Civil or Pensions] lists as are postponed to the pay of the Army; and that many of those assignments being sent back as insolvent have been satisfied since your coming to the [Irish] Government and that some remained unsatisfied and many more might lie dormant. Please send us a list of those warrants or assignments, specifying which of them are satisfied and which not, with the respective natures of the same. Send us this as soon as may be so that we can represent same to his Majesty to prevent the sending of more letters for money till there will be enough to satisfy them, as you have desired. Out Letters (Ireland) V, p. 25.
April 8. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Isaac Hallam for the place of one Johnson, Comptroller of Boston port, who has not renewed his patent since the King's accession, whereby that place is void. Reference Book V, p. 52.
Same to same of the petition of John Codrington for a landwaiter's place, London port; petitioner and his family having been very loyal and suffered much. Ibid.
Same to Auditor Aldworth of the last paper of the Alum Farmers touching 500l. to be further allowed them. Ibid, p. 53.
April 9. Money warrant for 20l. to Wendiver Lowndes and William Wekett as reward for their extraordinary pains for one year to Lady day last in carrying letters upon several occasions for his Majesty's service. (Money order dated April 9 hereon.) Money Book VIII, p. 100. Order Book II, p. 49.
Treasury allowance of John Langwith's bill for 14l. 16s. 8d. for last Lady day quarter as messenger of the Chamber attending [on the Treasury Lords]. Money Book VIII, p. 101.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 14l. 16s. 8d. to said Langwith for same quarter as messenger attending the Customs. Ibid.
Treasury order for the execution of a dormant warrant of 1686, April 13, ut supra, p. 687, for Thomas Mytton's salary as Comptroller of Customs, Kingston upon Hull. (Henry Guy, dated same, to the Customs Cashier to observe same.) Ibid, p. 102. Disposition Book VI, p. 44.
April 9. Treasury warrant [to the Customs Cashier] to pay to the Mayor and burgesses of Lyme Regis (out of the Customs of that port) 100l. for one year to Christmas last for the conservation, consummation and repair of the Cobb pier there. (Henry Guy, dated same, to same to observe same.) Money Book VIII, p. 105. Disposition Book VI. p. 47.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to bearer, for the King's use, Customs free, a small parcel lately arrived from Dover and now in the Customs warehouse. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 69.
Same to Sir Jno. Talbott et al. to meet the Earl of Ranelagh at the [Army] Pay Office at the Guards next Monday to consider together of provisions for the encampment of his Majesty's Forces. Ibid.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to attend the Treasury Lords next Thursday with Mr. Widdrington's account concerning Berwick. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. The King intends that Mr. Hutchinson shall be his solicitor for the affairs of the Customs. As the term is approaching you are to so employ him forthwith, so that the King's business may not be neglected while Hutchinson's patent is passing. Ibid.
Same to same to send an officer to the Duchess of Portsmouth's lodgings in Whitehall to see her goods made up in order to their transport to France. Ibid.
Treasury order to same to observe an order of the King in Council, dated Whitehall, Mar. 11 last, for the prohibition of the export of linen rags, glovers' clippings, parchment shreds, calves pates and water pieces; the Company of White Paper Makers having represented to the King that several quantities of linen rags and other materials for the making of paper are intended to be shipped for parts beyond the sea to the great prejudice of that manufacture in this kingdom. Out Letters (Customs) XI, p. 37.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer for stay of process against Grace Lawrence, widow of William Lawrence, on her husband's bond of 100l. to the King. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 42.
Treasury reference to the Hearthmoney Commissioners of the petition of Tho. King for a collector's place in the Hearthmoney; his father having lost a considerable estate for his loyalty to Charles I. Reference Book V, p. 52.
Same to Mr. Bridgeman of the petition of John Scudamoor and Hen. Harlow for payment of 100l. due to them for his Majesty's building [operations] at Newmarket "which the petitioners conceive hath been paid to Mr. May but by him detayned." Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Peter Bradshaw for a place in the Customs, he being fitly qualified and always loyal. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of [divers] free fishermen, shewing that Mr. Walton, the King's fishmonger, obtained leave for two vessels to bring prohibited fish for his Majesty's service; that the said vessels are foreign built and above 80 tons each, whereas they [Walton] suggested them to be but 40 tons and under that pretence doth stock the markets to the ruin of petitioners. Ibid, p. 53.
April 9. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Mr. Finch, shewing that he has a parcel of musk in Holland and praying liberty to bring in 2,000 or 3,000 ounces under the usual duty, there having been none brought these three years from India to his Majesty's loss [in his Customs to the extend of] 5,000l. per an., [yet] the commodity imported by stealth without paying Custom. Reference Book V, p. 53.
Same to same of the petition of John Guest for a tidesman's place, London port; petitioner being qualified. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of James Westen for a tidewaiter's place [London port], he having been employed as a waiter on ships in the service of the East India Company and as a glut tidesman on several occasions "and being informed that there will be several vacancies by fee tidesmen." Ibid.
Same to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of Frances Wright for payment of 16l. 11s. 0d. due to her kinsman, William Hopkins, late chirurgeon of the Woolwich, on a Navy bill; [he] being very sick. Ibid, p. 54.
Same to the Attorney General of the petition of George Blount, esq., et al.; shewing that Charles II granted to George Howard, esq., certain waste lands belonging to the Crown "and by the said patent granted to the patentees (of whom none are now living but the said Geo. Howard) the yearly sum of 8,000l." out of the first profits thereof in consideration of the charges and trouble they were to be at; the patentees being obliged to pay 10l. per an. rent into the Exchequer; that many years of this grant are now expired and the patentees have made little advantage to themselves and none to the Crown nor answered the said rent; that petitioners are well assured to regain the said lands and considerably increase the King's revenue: therefore pray a renewal of said patent to themselves at 100l. per an. rent to the Crown and allowance to them of 10,000l. per an. under the like consideration and obligations with the former patent. Ibid.
Same to Auditor Aldworth of the account of interest for one quarter to April 1 inst. due to Charles Toll on several sums of money by him advanced for the service of the late King. Ibid.
Prefixing: said statement. l. s. d.
Interest on 17,000l. due on the 1st Jan. last [on the foot of his preceding account] no part of the principal having been repaid during the said quarter 251 10 0
Report to the Treasury Lords by William Blathwayte on Lord Colepeper's pretensions in Virginia. I have received a copy of Auditor Bacon's certificate, ut supra, p. 1270, of 4,700l. due to said Lord as Governor of Virginia and an extract of said Lord's petition setting forth his pretensions. It appears by the Journal of the Assembly in Virginia that there was advanced, during Lord Colepeper's government and by his order, in 1683, for the soldiers raised against the Indians 98,000lb. of tobacco and cask belonging to his lordship. For the repayment thereof the Assembly called by Lord Howard, present Governor of Virginia, passed an Act in April, 1684. But whether the said tobacco has been fully collected and accounted for to Lord Colepeper according to the said law does not appear to me by any authentic papers from Virginia. But as to the price of the said tobacco his Lordship [Colepeper] has produced a certificate from Alderman Jeffreys and other Virginia merchants that good Aronoco tobacco of the growth of Virginia was generally sold at 6d. per lb. in the year 1685 and the best sorts of bright Aronoco tobacco for more; whereas by another certificate from said Alderman Jefferies it appears that the current price of the same tobacco is at present, all duties paid, from 7d. to 8d. per lb. notwithstanding the new tax of 3d. per lb. [in England] which has since intervened [by the Act of 1 James II, c. 4]. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, pp. 227–30.
(2) Sir William Berkeley, predecessor to Lord Colepeper in said government, died about midsummer, 1677, and Lord Colepeper having a reversion of that government for life embarked for Virginia in Dec., 1679; and returning the second time to England an inquisition was taken in pursuance of the King's commission and found against said Lord 1683, Aug. 16, for absenting himself from his government without leave, contrary to an order in Council, whereby he forfeited his office of Governor of Virginia and the salary and payments thereof.
(3) During his stay in Virginia Lord Colepeper received the whole salary of 2,000l. per an. from the death of Sir William Berkeley until Christmas, 1680, with an overplus of 300l. in part of 1,000l. due 1681, June 24. But the revenue there being insufficient for any further payment of his salary he did upon his return demand of the late Treasury Lords 4,700l. as an arrear of salary; when upon a full consideration of all circumstances and with particular regard of the time of his absence from his government the Treasury Lords adjudged him 700l. and no more, to complete the 1,000l. due at 1681, June 24, "deducting only what should appear to have been received by his Lordship or his assigns or to have been paid to [sic for by] his Lordship or his order to the soldiers since that time on the public account." To this Lord Colepeper did at length agree, as appears by his Majesty's letter in that behalf, his lordship certifying his agreement accordingly by his own hand to the draft of the said letter.
(4) As to the maintenance of a sloop, mentioned to be charged on his salary, it appears by a relation under Lord Colepeper's hand presented to the Committee for Trade and Plantations that such a sloop was hired for his Majesty's service 1682–3, Jan. 18, and discharged about Dec. 17 following. For the expense thereof he demanded of the late Treasury Lords 724l. 8s. 6d. and was fully paid same: "and for the endeavours mentioned by his lordship to be used for the charging of 322l. 3s. 8d. on his lordship's salary more than was allowed for the said sloop I do not find that his Majesty is concerned therein."
(5) As to the 233l. 13s. 4d. mentioned to be charged on him for keeping up the soldiers it appears that after the disbanding of the two Companies in Virginia, upon the occasion of the tobacco plant cutting and for a guard to his Majesty's stores, Sir Henry Chicheley, late Lieut. Governor of that Colony, thought fit to take into pay a sergeant and eight soldiers and that Lord Colepeper on his arrival in Virginia did afterwards on the 1st Jan., 1682–3, at the instance of the Council, add to them ten soldiers and a corporal: and by a paper dated 1683, Sept. 20, his Lordship declares he had paid them to July 1 preceding and had left money and orders with Col. Bacon for their future payment up to Jan., 1683–4, whereupon at his return from Virginia his Lordship demanded of the late Treasury Lords repayment of the sums so disbursed or ordered by him. To this the Treasury Lords did not agree by reason of an order in Council of 1681, Nov. 22, for disbanding the two Foot Companies at the following Christmas unless the Governor and Council of Virginia should desire to pay them out of the revenue there.
The King's letter aforesaid was despatched to Mr. Bacon directing him to pay 700l. to Lord Colepeper with such deduction as above of what should appear to have been paid by his order to the soldiers in Virginia since that time. Upon receipt of that letter 233l. 13s. 4d. was charged on Lord Colepeper's account by Mr. Bacon. But upon a further examination before the late Lord Treasurer [Rochester] his Lordship [Rochester] was of opinion that there would only remain to be deducted 121l. 6s. 8d. instead of 233l. 13s. 4d. out of the said 700l. on account of the soldiers.
(6) By two several grants under the great seal of England Lord Colepeper was vested in the propriety of all the Northern Tract of Virginia and of all the remaining part of Virginia towards the south, with the quit rents and other profits, for 31 years. Upon the repeated addresses of the Council and Assembly of Virginia the King directed the taking in the said patents. Thereupon the late Treasury Lords came to an agreement with Lord Colepeper, on his last return from Virginia, for the Southern grant and a royal warrant was thereupon passed 1684, June 24, for 600l. per an. to Lord Colepeper for 20½ years in lieu of his interest in said Southern grant and in compensation of all arrears of salary and moneys laid out as Governor of Virginia and of all other his pretensions relating to said Government and Colony.
As to the value of the quit rents mentioned by his Lordship, the same has for the last two years, 1685–1686, by the particular care of the King's officers in Virginia amounted to 1,483l. 17s. 0d. and no more.
Lastly, on settling all matters between the King and his Lordship, the late Treasury Lords received from him his deed of release (as in pursuance of the above agreement for the Southern grant) of all his right and interest etc. and of all claims to arrears as above except the said 700l.
April 10. Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a privy seal to discharge the baronetcy fee of 1,095l. due to the King from Sir John Duck of Haswell on the Hill, co. Durham. (Treasury warrant dated May 12 hereon to the Receipt for tallies of discharge accordingly.) King's Warrant Book XII, p. 83. Money Book VIII, p. 145.
[? erratum for April] 10.
Henry Guy to Mr. Coleing, enclosing a draft warrant [missing] concerning the allowances to the Gentlemen, Grooms and Pages of the Bedchamber. Visct. Preston has certified the Treasury Lords that the following particulars were delivered to them [said Gentlemen etc.] for the year 1685, viz. 30 pairs of sheets, 12 pillow beeres, 6 downe pillows, 6 pair of blankets, 7 fustians, 4 trunks, 1 bed case, 12 sweet bags and 2 Spanish leather bags. Mr Lords have no objection to the signing of a warrant for the above allowances for the present year "provided there be no [order otherwise already made for any] retrenchment made thereout." Out Letters (General) XI, p. 76.