Entry Book: August 1687, 6-10

Pages 1505-1520

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8, 1685-1689. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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August 1687, 6-10

Aug. 6. Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of Capt. Tho. Trafford, praying payment of 114l. 7s. 6d. due to him as commander of his Majesty's guard boats at Portsmouth. Reference Book V, p. 131.
Same to William Blathwayt [as Secretary to the Forces] of the petition of Capt. Robt. Bradshaw for some small pension for life or other provision; he having been entrusted with many important letters and messages and other eminent services in the beginning of the great rebellion, by reason of his approved loyalty. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Phi. Ralegh, shewing that on a previous reference the said Commissioners reported him to the Treasury Lords as fit for a collector's place in Cornwall, which being so far distant he refused; but now desires any employment in the Customs that may offer within London port or within 100 miles thereof. Ibid.
The said Commissioners are hereby ordered to present him for any employment within the said distance of equal value to that which they offered him in Cornwall.
Same to the auditor concerned, of the petition of John Rogers for a lease of the King's duty upon tin called Post Groats, which has been let for several years at 10l. per an., but [which is] improveable at pleasure; petitioner being willing to pay a fine and such increase of rent for said lease as the Treasury shall think fit. Ibid.
Aug. 7.
Windsor Castle.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to re-assume the treaty with the Earl of Derby to let the Customs of the Isle of Man to the King. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 160.
You are also to send to the Treasury Lords an account what the [duty on] sugars amounted to the year before the new impost was laid upon same and what they have amounted to for a year since.
Aug. 8.
Windsor Castle.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the branches of the revenue directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.: Disposition Book VI, pp. 95–8.
l. s. d.
Out of the Customs.
to the Treasurer of the Navy [on the Navy's] weekly money on account of 400,000l. for the year beginning 1686, Lady day 7,000 0 0
to ditto (towards payments due in the Navy before 1686, Lady day) 200 0 0
to the Keeper of the Privy Purse 1,000 0 0
to the King's Heralds and Pursuivants at Arms 777 0 0
Out of the imposition on wine and vinegar.
to the Treasurer of the Navy to pay off the Phœnix to Lady day, 1686 4,500 0 0
to ditto to pay Portsmouth Yard for one quarter 4,700 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance [for one week on the Ordnance Office] ordinary 1,000 0 0
Out of the Excise.
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces 4,000 0 0
to complete the Queen's quarter 232 3
for the Queen Dowager's quarter 1,500 0 0
to [Secretary] the Earl of Middleton for secret service 750 0 0
to me [Guy] for secret service 750 0 0
to Sir Benjamin Bathurst for interest 325 2 10
to Thomas Hall for interest 420 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Chamber for the eight messengers appointed to attend the King in the progress, 25l. each 200 0 0
to Consul Baker in part of his arrear 300 0 0
to Mris. Fairfax for her portion by advance 2,000 0 0
to Mr. Lloyd, the Paymaster of the Works, for the new building at Whitehall 500 0 0
Out of the loans on the Linen Duty Act.
to the Earl of Ranelagh for the Forces 5,000 0 0
Out of the Hearthmoney.
to the Cofferer of the Household 1,500 0 0
to Visct. Preston for the Great Wardrobe 1,500 0 0
to the Treasurer of the Chamber, on the ordinary [of the Office of the Chamber] 1,000 0 0
to Sir William Villiers for the Stables 1,000 0 0
to the clerks of the [Privy] Council 500 0 0
to me [Guy] for secret service 200 0 0
to Serjeant Ryley 50 3 9
Out of the Letter Office money.
to me [Guy] for secret service 1,100 0 0
(Same, dated Windsor Castle, Aug. 10, to the Customs Cashier, enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Customs cash for the present week; said paper including only the above four Customs items: total disposition, 8,977l.)
(Same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney, enclosing the like paper for the disposition of the cash of those branches of the revenue; said paper including for the Hearthmoney only the above seven Hearthmoney items; total disposition, 5,750l. 3s. 9d.: and for the Excise the above eleven Excise items [payable out of the Exchequer], save that the item to complete the Queen Dowager's quarter is here given as 1,552l.; together with the following item [payable direct out of the Excise Office on tallies], viz. 1,000l. to Sir Benjamin Bathurst for the Princess's debt: total disposition, 12,029l. 6s. 2d.)
(Same, dated Windsor Castle, Aug. 9. to Mr. Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, to pay the abovesaid 1,000l. for the ordinary of the Office of the Chamber and the said 200l. for the eight messengers as above.)
(Same, dated Windsor Castle, Aug. 10, to Mr. Lloyd, Paymaster of the Works, out of the abovesaid 500l. to pay 100l. to Seignior Verrio for painting the chapel at Whitehall.)
Aug. 9.
Windsor Castle.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners. The Treasury Lords have read your presentment of frauds in Southampton port, with a letter from Mr. de Cardonnell, collector thereof, and the information of [from] Daniell Slater, the officer at Christchurch, concerning the seizure and rescue of certain goods in several waggons coming out of Nash farm at Chewton Bunney. Get same sworn to and my Lords will give warrant for arrest of the offenders. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 161.
The Treasury Lords to the Earl of Derby. The Customs Commissioners are instructed to reassume the treaty with you for letting the Customs of the Isle of Man to the King. As it is of so great consequence to his Majesty's service we hope you will comply with such reasonable proposals as they shall offer you. Ibid.
Henry Guy to Mr. Shales, enclosing a petition [missing] of Sir Thomas Chambers et al. for allowance for damage done them by the soldiers during the encampment on Hounslow Heath in 1686 and this present year. You are to certify whether such damage was done and if so to what amount. Ibid, p. 167.
Aug. 9. Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the proposal of Sir William Creagh referred ut supra, p. 1370. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 133.
The Customs Commissioners have thereon reported as follows, and we concur with their said report.
Appending: (1) said report, dated Custom House, London, 1687, July 8. The [petitioner's] printed book on the subject is herewith returned. The purport is to persuade the reasonableness of an abatement of the duty on coals exported to foreign parts to reduce it to some equality with the duty on coals exported from Scotland. By a former memorial of the said Sir William Creagh's in Nov., 1684, we observe that the abatement then proposed was a fourth part; which though a considerable part of the duty, yet considering the great inequality between the Customs in England and Scotland upon that commodity, is not sufficient to give balance to the coal trade as is proposed. But the same must, as we conceive, depend upon other circumstances, such as the usefulness of the English coal beyond that of Scotland or the difficulty of the Scotch navigation and the distance that the Scotch coals are brought to the place of lading. And although by the said former proposition in Nov., 1684, we were told that unless some speedy remedy were had the said trade and the King's revenue [arising thereout] would be greatly impaired, yet upon examining the accounts since that time we do not find any considerable alteration therein. We therefore cannot advise so great an abatement of the duty without some more certain prospect of advantage than yet appears. (2) The abovesaid orders of reference from the King in Council dated May 13 last and from the Treasury Lords dated May 19 last, ut supra ibid.
Aug. 9. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Hen. Titchborn for a King's waiter's place, London port, loco Mr. James Pearse, who is willing to surrender. Reference Book V, p. 132.
Same to same of the petition of James Pearse, junr., for a landsurveyor's place, London port, loco Mr. Ford, who is willing to lay down that employment. Ibid.
Aug. 10.
Windsor Castle.
Royal warrant [to the Clerk of the Signet] for a privy seal for a grant to Godfrey Woodward of London, gent., of all the bonds, debts, leases and other goods, chattels and personal estate of William Tombs, forfeited by the said Tombs becoming a felo de se: with power to sue for recovery of same with Exchequer aid and to his [Woodward's] own use for ever. King's Warrant Book XII, p. 230.
Two royal sign manuals for respectively 5,000l. and 2,050l. for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 20,000l. dormant privy seal of July 28 last. (Money warrant dated Aug. 10 hereon. Money orders dated Aug. 12 and Aug. 16 hereon respectively.) Ibid, pp. 230–1. Money Book VIII, pp. 242, 246. Order Book II, p. 82.
Royal warrant to Thomas Neale, Master and Worker of the Mint, to pay out of the Coinage Duty money (what remains thereof after the defraying of the expenses of the Mint) 2,593l. 12s. 2d. to James Hoare, Comptroller of the Mint, for Healing medals as follows, certified by him to be delivered to the Keeper of the Privy Purse [for the King's use in healing], viz. King's Warrant Book XII, p. 231.
l. s. d.
3 Feb., 1686–7, 1,000 medals 249 9 6
8 Mar., 2,000 medals 498 18 10
21 Mar., 1,000 medals 249 1 6
13 April, 1687, 2,000 medals 498 12 8
6 May, 400 medals 99 14 8
4,000 medals more, now prepared, which will come to 997 15 0
£2,593 12 2
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Lewis, Earl of Feversham, of the estate as follows of Alice Lisle of Ellingham, widow, who was lately (1685, Aug. 25) attainted and executed for high treason, committed 1685, July 28, or belonging to any others in trust for her: to hold to him and his heirs at such rents (if any) as were payable thereout [to the Crown] at the time of the said forfeiture: and likewise of all the personal estate of the said Alice Lisle similarly forfeited: and to grant likewise to said Earl all manors, lands etc. which did anyway belong to John Lisle, formerly attainted of high treason, and forfeited for same by him, as granted by Charles II to the then Duke of York, his present Majesty, or to trustees for said Duke, or which did or ought to descend from Charles II to the present King, and which are now concealed or unjustly detained from the King or from said trustees, to hold ut supra; and likewise of the personal estate of said John Lisle and now concealed or unjustly detained from the Crown: with power to said trustees to convey their interest herein to said Earl: but the present grant, as far as the said John Lisle's estate is concerned, is not to extend to any part thereof already sold or disposed of or recovered and now enjoyed by the King or his said trustees, but only to such part of the said estate as is or may be concealed as above: the said Earl to have the aid of the Exchequer in suing for same. Ibid, pp. 232–40.
Appending: constat of said Alice Lisle's estate as certified June 29 last by T. Eden, Deputy King's Remembrancer: being found by inquisition taken at Winchester 1686, Sept. 25, before Laurence Swanton, Aaron Pengry, Bernard Strode, esqrs., Francis Stevens, Lancelot Appleby, Christopher Guise and Richard Hart, gent., Commissioners therefor, by the oath of Thomas Cropp et al. jurors.
the messuage called Moyles Court, arable land and closes called Chetley, Newland, Stoney Breach, Gwenclose, Broome Close, Barley Feild, Lovetts, Chappell Feild, Oldhouse, New Closes, Bulsford, Broad Closes, 14 acres lying in a common meadow called Ellingham and Blachford meadows; pasture called Pond Close and a water mill: all lying in Ellingham, co. Southants and being of the clear value of 100l., of which said Alice Lisle was seized as in her domain and of fee, and of which the profits, since her attainder, have been received by her son John Lisle.
the manor of Moyles Court, with its appurtenances in the parishes of Fordingbridge, Ellingham and Harbridge, co. Southampton, of which said Alice Lisle was seized together with Sir Thomas Tippin, kt., and Elizabeth [Tippin], his wife, in right of the said Elizabeth, with the several tenements of the said manor as follows demisable by copy of court roll time out of mind, viz.
a messuage and 12 acres in Ellingham in the tenure of James Bower for the life of Elizabeth Bower, his wife: at 8s. per an. rent.
a messuage and 30 acres ibid. in the tenure of Peter Beamister for the life of Anne his wife and William Bower: at 16s. per an. rent.
a messuage and 30 acres ibid. in the tenure of John Tarvor: at 16s. per an. rent.
a messuage and 12 acres in Rockford in the parish of Ellingham in the tenure of Humphrey Coles for the life of him and Thomas Coles, his son: at 16s. per an. rent.
a messuage and 30 acres ibid. in the tenure of Anne Colbourne, widow, for her widowhood: at 20s. per an. rent.
a messuage and 10 acres in Fordingbridge in the tenure of John Ransome for the lives of Anne his wife and John and Anne his children: at 6s. 8d. per an. rent.
a messuage and 10 acres ibid. in the tenure of Edward Bowne for the life of him and Elizabeth Bowne, his daughter: at 6s. 8d. per an. rent.
a cottage and garden and half acre ibid. in the tenure of William Rooke for the lives of him and two others unknown to the jury: at the rent of 3s. 4d. per an.
a messuage and two acres ibid. in the tenure of Thomas Simes for the lives of him and his son John: at the rent of 4s. per an.
a messuage and divers lands in the parish of Harbridge, co. Hants, in the tenure of Barnaby Andrews for his own life: the rent thereof the jury know not.
the herriot of a customary tenant in said manor.
a messuage and 30 acres in the parish of Ibsley of the clear annual value of 13l., in which Richard Stormes was seized in his domain as a free tenant for the life of Elizabeth Stormes, his wife, with reversion to the said Alice [Lisle] and Elizabeth Tippin: at the rent of 14s. (18s.) per an.
a messuage and six acres in Rockford in the parish of Ellingham in the tenure of William Ivemay for 99 years, terminable on the lives of him and Elizabeth Ivemay, with reversion as above: at the rent of 10s. per an.
a messuage and eight acres ibid. similarly possessed by Thomas Barnes for 99 years, terminable on the lives of him and John and Thomas his sons, and with reversion as above: at the rent of 12s. per an.
a messuage and one acre ibid. of which William Warne was similarly possessed for 99 years, terminable on the lives of him and Avis his wife and Thomas Avis his son, with reversion as above: at 13s. 4d. per an. rent.
a messuage and eight acres ibid. of which William Osgood was similarly possessed for 99 years, terminable on the lives of him, Sarah his wife and William his son: with reversion as above: at 41s. per an. rent.
3½ acres in a field called Rockford Common Field and half an acre in a meadow called Blashford Mead in Blashford, of which the abovesaid William Osgood was similarly possessed for the lives of him and Sarah his wife: with reversion as above: at the rent of 2s. 6d. per an.
nine acres in the said Rockford Common Field and three acres in the said Blashford Mead, of which Richard Philpott was similarly possessed for 99 years, terminable on the life of Anna Fisher: with reversion as above: at the rent of 23s. per an.
a messuage and four acres in Rockford of which John Harris was similarly possessed for 99 years, terminable on his own life: with reversion as above: at the rent of 6s. 8d. per an.
a messuage and 20 acres in Fordingbridge, of which Thomas Bembridge was similarly possessed for 99 years, terminable on his own life: with reversion as above: at the rent of 10s. per an.
a messuage and divers lands usually leased therewith in Fordingbridge and similarly possessed by Mathew Fulford for 99 years, terminable on the lives of persons unknown to the jury: with reversion as above: at a rent unknown to the jury.
a messuage and divers lands and tenements thereto in the parish of Harbridge possessed by John Plumley for 99 years terminable on his own life: with reversion as above: at the rent of 10s. per an.
the goods and personal estate of the said Alice Lisle in the hands of William Tippin and Samuel Eyres.
the messuage in Rockford with 10 acres of land in the common field of Rockford: of the clear annual value of 3l.
the moiety of the manor of Pennington in co. Southants and the sixth part of the manor of Braddle in the Isle of Purbeck, co. Dorset, of which said Alice Lisle was seized in her domain and as of fee at the time of the said treason: of what value the jury are ignorant: the profits thereof since the said treason have been received by the said Samuel Eyres.
some horses and a waggon belonging to said Alice Lisle and now in the hands of William Turner of New Sarum: of the value of 16l.
divers parcels of grain to the value of 38l. belonging to the said Alice and now in the hands of Richard Good, undersheriff of co. Southampton.
total of annual value of lands etc., 113l.; ditto of rents, 12l. 3s. 2d.; ditto of goods and chattels, 54l.
Aug. 10.
Windsor Castle.
Royal warrant to Sir Robert Sawyer, Attorney General, and Sir Tho. Powys, Solicitor General, to enter satisfaction upon record of the judgment against Elias Best, late of London, who was convicted in the King's Bench of a high misdemeanour in speaking seditious words against the justice of the nation and the Government and was afterwards, in Michaelmas term, 1684, sentenced to a fine of 1,000l. and to stand in the pillory: of which fine he has paid 200l. on the 4th inst., having stood in the pillory long since: the king being pleased, on said Best's petition, to pardon [the remainder of] said fine out of royal bounty and clemency and to discharge his security of good behaviour. King's Warrant Book XII, pp. 240–1.
Same to same to similarly discharge the judgment of 100,000l. for damages and 13l. 6s. 8d. for costs recovered in Trinity term, 1684, by James, then Duke of York, now King, against Nicholas Covert, gent., one of the Attorneys of the Common Pleas, in an action upon the statute de scandalis magnatum: on which judgment the Attorney General to James II afterwards brought an action of debt in the King's Bench in Hilary term, 1685–6, and thereon recovered judgment for said 100,013l. 6s. 8d. debt and 7l. costs: said Covert having paid 200l. into the Exchequer the 3rd inst., whereupon the King of his bounty and clemency, and on said Covert's petition, orders his pardon and release as herein. Ibid, p. 241.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for the payment to Bartholomew Fillingham of 104l. 7s. 9d. (part of the arrears which became due to Sir Phillip Lloyd and were seized into the hands of Charles II as follows), to be by said Fillingham forthwith paid back into the Exchequer in part of the debt owing to Charles II from Sir William Doyly: all by reason as follows, viz.: a writ of extent issued lately out of the Exchequer against Richard Kent, Receiver General of Customs, for money which he owed to Charles II and by inquisition thereupon taken at the Guildhall 1682–3, Mar. 30, it was found that Sir William Roberts, bart., and Sir Phillip Lloyd, kt., were bound to said Kent in 600l. by a bond dated 1680, Nov. 27, conditioned to pay 309l. at a day since past; which obligation the sheriff did then seize into the King's hands; and on a writ of diem clausit extremum of Feb. 12 last it was found by inquisition at the Guildhall April 8 last that said Sir Phillip Lloyd died in the Tower 1686, Sept. 29, and that at the time of his death there was 428l. 2s. 6d. due from the King to him on his fee of 250l. per an. as a clerk of the Privy Council, viz. 240l. 12s. 6d. for the arrears of said fee to 1684, Christmas, "according to our order of Council with retrenchment" and 187l. 10s. 0d. for three quarters thereon to 1686, Sept. 29: which said sum [or debt] of 428l. 2s. 6d. the sheriff seized into the King's hands: and further the said Bartholomew Fillingham and Thomas Hall and William Lowndes, Agents for bringing in Arrears of Taxes, certified the Treasury Lords July 20 last that they have seen the said bond to Kent for payment of 309l. and another bond dated 1685–6, Mar. 1, in which said Lloyd became bound in 1,300l. to Kent for payment of 650l. with interest on the 1st Sept., 1686, and further that William King and Mary his wife, the executrix of William Wingfeild, upholsterer, deceased, have lately (towards satisfaction of the debt which Sir William Doyly owed to Charles II, the said Wingfeild being a surety of said Doyly) assigned and transferred to his present Majesty amongst other things a debt of 104l. 7s. 9d., which said Lloyd owed to said Wingfeild for goods sold and delivered, upon which assignment the said Agents for Taxes think it reasonable that his Majesty should in the first place have the said 104l. 7s. 9d. out of the said Lloyd's arrears as Clerk of the Council towards satisfaction of so much of said Doyly's debt and that this may be effected by issuing said sum to some person fit to be entrusted to immediately repay same into the Exchequer for the King's use in such part of said Doyly's debt: "and the said Agents have further reported that in their opinions it may be equitable for the said Kent to have an assignment under our privy seal if we should so think fit of the sum of 323l. 14s. 9d., being the remainder of the said arrears [of salary due to said Lloyd] seized as aforesaid towards satisfaction of the debt which is due to him the said Richard Kent from the estate of the said Sir Phillip Lloyd": which latter proposal the King does hereby grant and does hereby order the said sum of 323l. 14s. 9d. be issued to the said Kent without account, 136l.4s.9d.thereof out of the new imposition on tobacco and sugar and 187l. 10s. 0d. remainder thereof out of any unappropriated money in the Exchequer. Ibid, pp. 242–4
Aug. 10.
Windsor Castle.
Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to grant, assign and set over from the King, of his special grace and mere motion, to Richard Kent of London the obligation dated 1685, Nov. 9, by which Arnold Browne of the parish of Stepney, alias Stebonheath, co. Midd., became bound in 12,220l. to the King on condition to pay 6,110l. to Laurence, Earl of Rochester, on the then ensuing Dec. 9: the said Kent to hold and have same to his own use for ever, without account, and with power to sue etc. for same with the aid of the Exchequer and with power to give discharges for same. King's Warrant Book XII, p. 245.
Same to same for a same to authorise the engrossing for declaration as follows of the account of Stephen Lilly as Receiver General of the King's revenue and profits arising in the General Letter Office and Penny Post Office, viz. for one year ended 1686, Lady day, as delivered by said Lilly to Auditor William Aldworth [and as thereupon stated by said auditor], viz. as follows: the present warrant being necessitated by the fact that although the present account is attested by Phillip Frowde, John Parsons and the respective Comptrollers and others concerned in the manner accustomed before the King's accession as James II, yet the same cannot be regularly tendered to the Treasury Lords for declaration by reason the said persons have therein acted only by "their private commissions and authorities which they received from us when Duke of York." Ibid, pp. 246–51.
Charge. l. s. d.
arrears due from both said Offices on or before 1685, Mar. 25 58,225 8 4
growing profits thereof for the year ended 1686, Lady day, being 85,152l. 8s. 5d. from the General Office [including thereunder the Foreign Office, the Inland Office and the Irish Office] and 2,602l. 7s. 11d. out of the Penny Post Office 87,754 16 4
£145,980 0 8
disbursements by direction of the Earl of Rochester, "our Postmaster General," or of Phillip Frowde, esq., Governor of the said Offices, "pursuant to our orders in that behalf": arrear standing out at Lady day, 1685, due to several postmasters et al. for balance of their accounts to that time 139 6 7
for exchange of money remitted from Scotland and Ireland to London 226 2 0
for returned letters 32 2 7
for letters overtaxed 13 18 0
for Irish port of ship letters 6 10 4
to Monsieur [John] Richards of Paris, being the balance of his account for [foreign] postage of letters to that time 488 8 9
due to the Prince de la Tour and Tassis for transportation of foreign letters 125 0 0
1685, Lady day quarter's, salary, to Sir Thomas Deerham, kt., Court Post 45 12 6
due "then" to James, Duke of York, from Charles II for postage of letters, carrying expresses and for the passage and victualling of several poor soldiers and seamen from Holland, Newport and Calais to Harwich and Dover: being charged in the abovesaid arrear of 58,225l. 4s. 4d. 37,264 7 5
to sundry masters of pacquett boats for victualling and passage of poor soldiers and seamen brought into England "by our command" and to postmasters for carrying expresses from 1681, Dec. 31, to 1685, Lady day 1,280 14 0
for wares furnished for the use of said Office and for parish duties before that day 14 17 4
paid into the Receipt by Stephen Lylly 12,286 13 7
£51,923 13 1
further payments by said Lylly out of the growing revenue of the year 1686 for Phillip Frowde's salary at 1,500l. per an. and his clerk at 30l. per an. for three quarters to Christmas, 1685 1,147 10 0
to Sir Thomas Deerham for same time on 182l. 10s. 0d. per an. 136 17 6
to [Stephen Lylly] the accomptant himself for half a year to 1685, Sept. 29, on 100l. per an. and the following quarter on 150l. per an. 87 10 0
to John Parsons, Accomptant to the General Letter Office, for three quarters to 1685, Christmas, on 200l. per an. and for one quarter to his clerk on 10l. per an. 152 10 0
to Capt. Frederick Froude, Comptroller of the Foreign Office, for same time on 100l. per an. 75 0 0
to four clerks there for same time on 182l. per an. amongst them 135 0 0
to Mr. Francis Clewit, sorter, for half a year to 1685, Sept. 29, on 30l. per an. and for the succeeding quarter on 40l. per an. 25 0 0
to five letter carriers, one at 13s. 4d. a week, the others at 11s. per week each, for 52 weeks ended 1686, Lady day 149 1 4
to Mr. Vanderpoole of the Brill for same year on his 20l. per an. for looking after the pacquet boats and giving an account of the passengers transported from thence 20 0 0
to Thomas Gardner, esq., Comptroller of the Inland Office, for three quarters to 1685, Christmas, on 200l. per an. 150 0 0
to eight clerks of the roads for same time on 454l. per an. 340 10 0
to three windowmen for same time 87 10 0
to seven sorters for same time 150 0 0
to seven letter receivers for same time 82 15 0
to two letter bringers for same time on 40s. per an. each 3 0 0
to Mris. Alice Lambe for same time on 20l. per an. as housekeeper 15 0 0
to Mr. Samuell Baker, mailemaker, for same time on 80l. per an. 60 0 0
to two porters employed about carriers for 52 weeks to 1686, Lady day, on 11s. a week each 57 4 0
to twenty-four letter carriers at 11s., 12s. or 13s. 6d. per week each for said year 1,205 2 0
to the several postmasters of England for their respective salaries for same time 5,655 12 10
to four porters for same time 100 15 0
to divers tradesmen and artificers for wares delivered and work done at the General Post Office in said year 369 16 8
to the Duchess of Cleveland for half a year to 1685, Sept. 29, on her pension of 4,700l. per an. 2,350 0 0
to Lady Francis [Frances] Green for same on her 500l. per an. pension 250 0 0
to the late Earl of Arlington for 1685, Midsummer quarter, on his pension of 1,000l. per an. 250 0 0
to two additional letter carriers 1 13 0
to Sir Robert Vyner for rent of the house where the General Letter Office is kept, for three quarters to 1685, Christmas, on 350l. per an. 262 10 0
to the abovesaid Thomas Gardner for beer for all the officers of the Post Office for one year 60 0 0
to [Stephen Lylly] the [present] Accomptant for a feast for the officers at Midsummer, 1685, and for coach hire, money bags, striking tallies etc. for one year to 1686, March 42 16 0
to Mr. Nicholas Bowman for a like feast at 1685, Christmas 20 0 0
for three protections for three pacquet boats and to a public notary 4 18 6
for parish duties 47 10 0
for new year's gifts, box money and other necessary expenses 251 17 3
to divers masters of ships for 60,447 letters by them brought from foreign parts this [said] year at 1d. each according to usage 251 17 3
to Mr. Godbolt Muilman of Amsterdam for a moiety of franck letters conveyed to and from all parts of the dominions of the United Netherlands by contract: within said year 525 4 4
to Mr. Symon Sandford of Harwich for the hire of his boats for same time 912 0 0
for exchange of money and for charges of management of the Irish Office in Dublin for three quarters to 1685, Christmas 2,870 15 2
to Mr. Robert Meine of Edinburgh for exchange of money remitted to London 5 0 0
to several postmasters for expresses by them sent in half a year to 1685, Sept. 29 336 19 6
to several persons for extraordinary attendance, for an express boat and for victualling poor soldiers and seamen 62 14 0
to Mr. Francis Bastinck for losses sustained in the pacquet boats at Dover between June, 1684, and Sept., 1685 177 14 0
paid into the Receipt by said Stephen Lilly 50,044 1 6
£69,400 9 1
this sum being out of the produce of the General Post Office for the said year ending at 1686, Lady day.
Further, out of the produce of the growing revenue of the Penny Post Office for the same year the said Lilly doth crave allowance of his payments as follows:— l. s. d.
to Nathaniell Castleton, Comptroller of said Penny Post Office, for said year's salary 150 0 0
to Thomas Law, accomptant there, for same 50 0 0
to Francis Golling, collector, for same 50 0 0
to six sorters at 2s. 6d. a day each except Sundays, for same period. 234 15 0
to eight sub-sorters for same at 20d. a day each except Sundays, for same 208 13 4
to fifty-three messengers at 16d. a day each except Sundays, for same 1,105 18 8
to four country messengers at 5d. a day each except Sundays, for same 26 1 8
to several tradesmen and artificers for wares delivered and work done about the Penny Post Office in said year 107 11 0
for parish duties and other minute expenses 13 8 8
for rent of seven several rooms wherein said Penny Post Office is kept 67 10 0
£2,013 18 4
full total 123,338 0 6
and so remains 22,642 0 2
to which is to be added:—
for overpays due to the King from several Postmasters for the balance of their respective accompts at 1686, Lady day 227 1 6
total debit on accomptant 22,869 1 8
which said sum is depending in arrear upon several Postmasters, letter receivers, letter carriers et al. set in super in this present account.
It is further ordered by the present warrant that to the end the above accompt may be eased of a multitude of desperate debts the nature of the said supers be carefully examined and such of them are to be discharged out of the next account as the Treasury Lords shall see fit.
Further, the accounts of the Post Office revenue, when examined and attested as above, are hereb to be similarly allowed from year to year in manner as above; until further order to the contrary.
Aug. 10.
Windsor Castle.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 2,125l. to the executors of Joseph Ashe (Ash) as the last patentee in the office of Surveyor of the Act of Navigation granted by patent of 1660–1, Feb. 20, to Sir John Shaw, bart., and said Ash: same being due for 4¼ years to Lady day last on the allowance of 500l. per an. for said office: as by the privy seal of June 23 last, supra, p. 1404. (Henry Guy, dated same, to same to pay same by four weekly instalments beginning with the present week.) Money Book VIII, p. 241. Disposition Book VI, p. 98.
Same to same to pay 130l. to Samuel Danvers for 2½ years to Lady day last as a King's waiter, London port: he having by deed dated Aug. 5 inst. released to the King all claim to any arrears of salary [accrued and unpaid before the present King's accession]. Money Book VIII, p. 243.
Money warrant for 300l. to Sir Walter St. John, bart., Sir Ralph Verney, kt. and bart., Sir Richard How, kt. and bart., and John Carey, gent., as trustees for the Earl and Countess of Lichfield, for last June 24 quarter on their 1,200l. per an. annuity in place of their 1,400l. per an. reduced from 2,000l. per an. (as by the patent of 1678, Sept. 12) after the payment of 6,000l. out of the 20,000l. principal value of said annuity; "his Majesty having been pleased to declare his pleasure that only 1,200l. per an. shall be paid on the reduced sum of 1,400l. per an. Ibid, pp. 243–4.
Same for 15l. to Thomas Meeres, master of Southwell School, co. Notts, for 1½ years to Lady day last on the perpetuity of 10l. per an. [granted to the schoolmaster thereof]. (Henry Guy, dated Treasury Chambers, Aug. 11, to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay same out of Tenths.) Ibid, p. 244. Disposition Book VI, p. 96. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 160.
Henry Guy to Mr. Stephens [Cashier to the Navy Treasurer]. The Treasury Lords intend to allow 200l. per week towards the payments due in the Navy Office before 1686, Lady day. Send them a note forthwith how the same should be applied; so as to save them trouble. Out Letters (General) XI, p. 161.
Same to Mr. Hewer to pay (when the arrears of Tangier garrison come to be paid) John Boyle the arrears of pay due to John Chuter, a soldier under Col. Edwd. Sackville at Tangier, for moneys lent, ut supra, p. 1479: in accordance with your [Hewer's] report in the case: all provided the said Chuter be not indebted to his officers. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the following papers concerning the shallop James of Calais, Lewis Fountaine master, and her lading. Ibid, p. 162.
Appending: note only of said papers, viz.: a certificate of Richard Cooke, mayor of Dover, and Tho. Teddeman and Ed. Roberts; a letter in French, dated 1687, Aug. 8, signed Hays Quilibert Pigault; another paper in French containing a particular of goods.
Aug. 10.
Windsor Castle.
Henry Guy to Mr. Blathwayt [as Secretary to the Forces]. Mr. Richard Whittle, Apothecary General of the Forces, has petitioned the Treasury for payment of several moneys due to him for medicines and service by him provided and done for the Forces in the West during the late rebellion and for medicaments and necessaries furnished to such of the Forces as were sick in Hounslow Hospital in 1686. Thereon the Earl of Ranelagh and yourself have reported that 479l. 13s. 4d. is the total of what Whittle claims for the said services and for allowances for himself and mates for their attendance and for his charges at Bridgwater in furnishing divers soldiers who were wounded at Weston with meat, drink and other necessaries and for other his extraordinary trouble and charges. Of this sum he has already received from Charles Fox, late Paymaster of the Forces, 100l. upon the [account of the] Western expedition and 61l. 10s. 0d. from same upon the royal warrant of 1686–7, Feb. 28, for his own attendance (at 10s. a day) and his two mates (at 2s. 6d. a day each) during the service in the West. This leaves 318l. 3s. 4d. still due. The Treasury Lords have received the King's pleasure that this be paid. You are to draw a warrant to authorise the Paymaster of the Forces to pay it. Out Letters (General) XI, pp. 162–3.
Aug. 10. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Edward Sharpe (a tidesman in fee, London port) as a landcarriageman ibid. loco John Collins, lately dismissed. Out Letters (Customs) XI, pp. 65, 66.
Lancelot Ord as tidesman at Shields, in Newcastle port loco Arthur Pen, lately dismissed.
Arthur Crispin as a noontender, London port loco Richard Steed, lately deceased.
The boatman at Sidlesham and the boatman at Cockbush in Chichester port are to be established at 25l. per an. each in place of their present payment of 12l. 10s. 0d. each salary and 7l. 10s. 0d. each by incidents.
A person to be presented as an additional boatman at 25l. per an. for the better guard of Chichester harbour and the adjacent creeks.
John Clarke as waiter and searcher at Chichester loco Thomas Dicken, who has deserted the service, and was formerly detected of notorious frauds.
Aug. 10.
Windsor Castle.
Same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney to leave out of the books of collection of the Hearthmoney, which are to be sent out for the collection of the duty [due] at Michaelmas next, the names and arrears which have for four or more half years been returned as [there are] "none such" or [as] "demolished"; on condition that the last collector make oath of the truth of his return; all by reason that the said Commissioners have in their memorial of the 4th inst. represented that on entering upon the management of the Hearthmoney duty they found the books of collection swelled with arrears for many years unpaid which appeared to be continued by the late Farmers [of the Hearthmoney] after the officers had returned that there were no such persons or houses as were charged: and that conceiving upon a new and strict survey some of those houses and arrears might be discovered they were continued in charge "whereby the present books are swelled with arrears and no person found in three years' time to answer them." wherefore they now think the omission, as above, of such arrears will be no prejudice to the revenue. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, p. 127.
Aug. 10.
Windsor Castle.
Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to John Arundel, esq., son of Richard, Lord Arundell of Trerice, of the licence or royalty of hunting and fishing etc. in the manors of Tywarnhaile and Moresk, ut supra, p. 1474: for 31 years at 6s. 8d. rent for the manor of Tywarnhaile and 3s. 4d. in that of Moresk. Warrants not Relating to Money XII, pp. 128–30, 164.
Prefixing: (a) particulars of the premises as made out by Richard Meredith, Deputy Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall; the premises having been formerly granted to Henry Vincent, esq., during pleasure by the Commissioners for Charles II at the assession held at Truro 1683, Oct. 25. (b) Ratal by John Fisher, Deputy Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of said particulars. (c) Undated entry [1687, Nov. 24] of the Treasury Lords' signature of the docquet of this demise.
Royal warrant to the Lord Deputy of Ireland to to pass a patent under the great seal of Ireland to grant to Rowland White of the Middle Temple, London, and John Bagott of Dublin, their heirs and assigns for ever [in trust as follows], 944 acres of land as follow, commonly called the Thirteenth Quarter of land in the Barony of Dunluce "that is to say in the Quarter of Cross, Glenstall, Dromneagh, Ballynecrebegg, Drumnehesky, Bonderog, Cabragh, Lower and Upper Enagh, Drumskea and Unshinagh, Ballynovy and Claghy, 944 acres profitable land, plantation measure according to the Down survey, lying and being in the barony of Dunluce and county of Antrim," by what[ever] names, quantities of acres, bounds and divisions "as is or shall be thought proper and fit": [this grant to be] to Capt. Randall Macdonnell as follows: with all rights, fishings etc. etc.: and of the reversion thereof and all the Crown's title thereto: to hold for the following purposes, viz. to the use of Capt. Randall Macdonel and of Hannah his wife for their lives without impeachment of waste and after them to the use of their first son and the heirs male of such son, in default whereof then to the second son and his heirs male and similiter for the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and every other such son successively; and in default thereof then to the daughters of said Randall and Hannah and the heirs of their body: and in default thereof then to the use of the right heirs of said Randall for ever: to be holden of the Crown as of the castle of Dublin in free and common socage under the rent of 5l. sterling per an.: and with a clause to discharge the said Randall and Hannah and their successors herein as above of the 900l. arrears of rent heretofore incurred and due to the Crown: and likewise with a clause to empower any of the persons, entitled as above, to make leases of any part of the premises not exceeding 21 years "so as that there shall be reserved and payable thereupon the best and most improved yearly rents that can be had or gotten for the rents so leased," but no fine to be taken for such leases and no tenant to be dispunishable for waste. Further the recognizance entered into by said Randall and his surety for payment of said 900l. is hereby to be discharged and cancelled. But nothing herein is to discharge the mesne profits of the said lands that were received by Visct. Massareene or his tenants up to the time that said lands were seized into the King's hands: but the said Randall is hereby to be empowered to sue for and receive or compound same to his own proper use. Out Letters (Ireland) V, pp. 42–6.
The present grant is by reason that said Randall lately petitioned the King, setting forth that his father, Sir James Macdonell, in 1641 had a plentiful estate in co. Antrim, which was seized in the late Usurper's time and set out except about 900 acres in the barony of Dunluce, which petitioner now holds of the Crown at 60l. per an. rent by virtue of a lease from the Crown to the Marquess of Antrim and by said Marquess assigned to petitioner: that said Marquess during his lifetime was constantly in suit for said 900 acres and was kept out of possession of them for 20 years by John, Lord Massareene, and expended near 2,000l. in defending the Crown's right to said lands: that since said Marquess's death petitioner has recovered possession of said lands from said lord: therefore prays a grant of the [Crown's right of] reversion thereof and that the arrears of the outrent accrued since the said [Marquess of Antrim's] lease may be remitted. The said petition being referred by the Treasury Lords, England, May 19 last, to the Lord Deputy of Ireland and by him to the Attorney and Solicitor General, Ireland. Whereupon the said Attorney General reported June 6 last that the abovesaid 944 acres were sequestered; that the Duke of York, now King, claiming same under the Acts of Settlement and Explanation, as belonging to one Andrews, a regicide, made a lease as above to said Marquess, who sued for same against said Lord Massareene, who pretended a right thereto as a purchaser under said Andrews: that said lands were seized into the King's hands for the said arrear of 900l. accrued up to 1685, May, and a custodiam thereof granted to John Ellis in trust for the Crown: that said Ellis leased to petitioner at 60l. 5s. 0d. per an. rent and the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, put him in possession under the said custodee Ellis, and petitioner gave security to discharge the arrears and has since paid the accruing rent. The Lord Deputy agreeing with the said report of the Attorney General, the King hereby orders the grant as above in consideration of the loyalty and great sufferings of petitioner and his father.
Aug. 10.
Windsor Castle.
Royal warrant to the Lord Deputy of Ireland for a patent to pass the great seal of Ireland to further as follows empower Thomas Sheridan, William Dickinson, William Strong, William Culliford and Herbert Aubrey, esq., the present Commissioners of the Revenue, Ireland, viz. to give them such power and authority as is necessary for payment of the salaries of the collectors and other officers employed by them and such incidents as shall be found necessary for the management of the revenue: for all which payments the said Commissioners shall not be accomptable to the King. This authorisation to be retrospective and to cover all such payments made since the King's accession, although no authority to warrant same has been given in their commission or in late Commissions of the Revenue, Ireland: the King being well satisfied that such payments have been necessary. Out Letters (Ireland) V, pp. 46–8.