Entry Book: November 1685, 11-15

Pages 413-426

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8, 1685-1689. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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November 1685, 11-15

Nov. 12. Money warrant for 1,263l. 8s. 5d. to Charles Toll for 6 per cent. interest to Oct. 1 last on several sums by him advanced for the service of the late King: as by an account thereof made up by Auditor Aldworth and allowed by the Lord Treasurer the 4th inst. (Money order dated Nov. 13 hereon.) Money Book VI, p. 173. Order Book I, p. 65.
Warrant dormant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 100l. per an. to Edward Randolph as collector, surveyor and searcher of his Majesty's customs in the several colonies of New England. Money Book VI, p. 173.
Same by same to same to pay the salary of 1,000l. per an. to Gyles Lytcott as Comptroller of the accounts of the Customs. Ibid, p. 174.
Same by same to same to pay the salary of 52l. per an. to Benj. Skinner as one of the patent waiters [King's waiters], London port. Ibid.
Same by same to same to pay the salary of 1,000l. per an. to Richard Kent as Receiver General and Cashier of the Customs. Ibid.
Same by same to same to pay the salary of 666l. 13s. 4d. to Charles Osborne as Surveyor General of the Customs. Ibid.
Same by same to same to pay the salary of 200l. per an. to Jno. Earle, gent., as Register of the seizures. Ibid.
Allowance by same of the 1685, Sept. 29 quarter's salary bill of the Customs, London port (being 5,279l. 19s. 2½d. for established salaries and 299l. 15s. 4½d for additional salaries after deducting the items of 166l. 13s. 4d. for Charles Osborne, 125l. for George Nicholas, 250l. for Richard Kent, 250l. for Gyles Lytcott, 50l. for William Culliford, 13l. for Benj. Skinner and 25l. for Edward Randolph [each for said quarter]). Ibid, p. 175.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to advance 200l. to me [Guy] for secret service; out of the fines of leases now in the Exchequer. The regular warrants for issue hereof shall be sent as soon as passed. Disposition Book IV, p. 97.
Same to same to issue out of Recusants' money in the Exchequer 750l. to me [Guy] for secret service and 500l. to Mr. Burton. Ibid.
Treasurer Rochester to Mr. White. I have agreed with Sir Eliab Harvey and Mr. William Harvey about ploughing the paddocks [in the New Park, Richmond]. They are to have the paddocks to their own use and the sole management thereof. Out Letters (General) IX, p. 185.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to report on (a) infra. Ibid.
Appending: (a) a paper of Mr. John Hyde's concerning French, German and Scotch linens etc.
Nov. 12. Henry Guy to the Customs Cashier to pay what is now due or hereafter shall grow due quarterly on the salaries, supra p. 413, of Charles Osborne, Surveyor General of Customs; Richard Kent as Customs Cashier; Gyles Lytcott as Comptroller of the accounts of the Customs; John Earle as Register of Seizures; Benjamin Skinner as a patent waiter; Edward Randolph as collector etc. in New England. Out Letters (General) IX, pp. 185, 197.
Same to Richd. Cooling to certify whether the 1,000 ounces of plate ordered to be delivered to the Lord Chamberlain are intended for his table "or upon what other pretension they are to be received." Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to visit Sir William Soames's baggage at his house in Bury Street in order to their transportation to Constantinople whither he is going ambassador. Ibid, p. 186.
Same to the Attorney General to forthwith draw the conveyance of the Duchess of Cleveland's annuity out of the Post Office as the King has directed, viz. that after her death half thereof may go to the Duke of Grafton and his heirs male with remainder to the other and his heirs male and if both die without heirs male then to return to the Crown. Ibid.
Same to same to forthwith give warrant for commissions under the great seal to the following for finding out and seizing the forfeited lands, goods etc. of the several persons named in the book herewith sent who have been attainted of high treason at the respective times of their said treasons or at any time since: to be returnable by the last day of Trinity term next: said Commissioners being for co. Southampton, Lawrence Swanton and seven others named; for co. Wilts, said Swanton and nine others named; for co. Dorset, Hugh Hodges and eight others named; for co. Somerset, Hugh Hodges and 13 others named; for co. Devon said Swanton and 10 others named. Ibid, pp. 186–197.
Appending: [the abovesaid book containing] an account of the proceedings against the rebels and other prisoners in the several counties of Southampton, Wilts, Dorset, Devon and Somerset by virtue of the special commission of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery directed to George, Lord Jeffryes, Lord Chief Justice of England, William Montagu, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, Sir Creswell Levinz, a Justice of Common Pleas, Sir Francis Withens, a Justice of the King's Bench, and Sir Robert Wright, a Baron of the Exchequer, dated 1685, July 8.
co. Southampton.
Alice Lisle, widow, of Ellingham, indicted for harbouring John Hicks, a rebel, and tried found guilty and executed.
co. Wilts.
for high treason: none indicted.
Convicted for speaking seditious words, severally fined and whipped: Richard White, William Ingram, Ste. Moore, John Palmer, Morice Morgan, Benja. Buckler.
co. Dorset.
Prisoners executed for high treason: Samuel Hilliard, Nath. Bragg, Ben. Gray, Tho. Smith, Hen. Ford, John Game, Joseph Speed, Geo. Seaward, John Foane alias Fawne, Phi. Levermore, Robt. Pinney, John Wills, Tho. Welch, Abra. Holmes, Josi Ascue, Will. Howling, Leo Jackson, John Hayes, John Kidd, John Marders, Samp. Lark, Chris. Battescombe, Sam. Glisson, Hen. Watts, Robt. Bull, John Bull, Ben. Sandford, John Lee, Will. Quintin, Tho. Clap, Tho. Cook, Geo. Collier, John Beaumount, senr., Thom. Fort, John Bevis, Tristram Elliot, Robt. Slade, Will. Lancaster, John Burridge, John Hartley, George Smith, George Willmott, John Robbins, Edward Leggatt, Roger Satchell, William Hart, John Leggatt, Fra. Skinner, Will. Alston, Geo. Puckeridge, Ben. Temple, Tho. Tyler, Robt. Machell, Hen. Roe, John Lawrence, Mich. Abbott, Rich. Hall, John Savage, Robt. Whorwood, Will. Dilling, Andr. Tozer, Will. Hardiman, Tho. Jenkins, Rob. Salter, Sam. Waldron, John Pulling, Andr. Ellis alias Cossens, Josi Restorick, Will. Martin, Nicho. Hoare, Sam. Robbins, Will. Cox, senr., John Holloway, Adam Hawley.
co. Dorset.
Prisoners convicted at Dorchester for high treason to be delivered to Sir William Booth to be transported: Edw. Luther, Robt. Lumbard, John Spearing, John White, John Budle, Eman Collins, James Salter, John Pryor, John Browne, Will. Williams, Rich. Allens, Jas. Diamond, John Marks, John Pinney, Edw. Adams, Jam. Fowler, John Downe, Will. Wadford, Math. Porter, Jam. Pomeroy, Tho. Parsons, Roger Hobbs, Will. Loveridg, Will. Tucker, Robt. Burridge, Tho. Marshall, John Pitts, Tho. Gregory, John Mitchell, Char. Strong, John Adams, John White, Ben. Crow, Rich. Keech, Robt. Spurway, Robt. Shale, Nicho. Palmer, John Gay, Ambr. Ashford, Will. Browne, John Allambridge, Rich. Paul, Step. Gamage, John Allen, John Madders, Will. Fead, Arthur Lush, Fran. Langbridge, Tho. Bennett, Geo. Plumley, John Edwards, Tho. Hore, Tho. Williams, Joseph Hallet, Roger French, Sam. Laurence, Tho. Cornelius, Jo. Paul (Payl), Andr. Rapson, Robt. Hellyer, Tho. Hallett, Will. Saunders, John Hutchins, John Fisher, Tho. Allen, John Hardiman, Peter Row, Math. Hutchins, Nath. Webber, Nicho. Warren, John Hutchins, Hum. Melton, Hugh Willmott, Will. Cossens, John Long, John Alston, Jam. Spence, Tho. Bovett, John Manning, John Reason, Bernard Bryant, John Minifie, repr[ieve]d, John Loveridge, Eli. Stephens, Nicho. Smith, Edw. Morton, Will. Wills, Will. Clark, Edw. Wilmott, John Johnson, Tho. Townsend, Will. Bennet, repr[ieve]d, George Maey [? Macy], John Wilson, John Truren.
co Dorset.
Prisoners to be transported. to be delivered to Jerome Nipho: John Modgridge, Will. Marthers, Chri. Jewell, Geo. Ebdon, Tho. Forcey, Ch. Broughton, John Heathfeild, Hen. Symes, Azariah Pinney, John Eastment, Oliver Hobbs, Rich. Hoare, Thomas Quick, John Facy, Abra. Thomas, Sam. Dolbeare, Will. Giles, Rich. Parker, Edw. Venn, Will. Deane, John Bovett, John Vincent, Phil. Cox, Robt. Fawne, Nicho. Salter, Will. Greeneway, John Baker, Ben. Whicket, Jos. Gage, John Heyne, Rich. Pyne, Will. Heynes, Rob. Sandy, Allen England, Peter Ticken, Dan. Parker, Frances Smith, Rich. Daniell, Sam. Pinson, John Whicker, Robt. Mullens, John Connett, Tho. Pester, Tho. Francklyn, Tho. Dolling, Rob. Vater, Will. Clarke, Peter Bagwell, Richard Greene, Peter Kent, Robert Clark, John Hitchcock, Roger Briant alias Hooper, Bernar Lowman, John Sam, Will. Gappy [Guppy], Edw. March, John Prew, Wal. Osborne, repr[ieve]d, Bar. Barge.
co. Dorset.
Prisoners to be delivered to Sir Chr. Musgrave for transportation: Tho. England, Will. Lush, Will. Selwood, John Bagwell, Fran. Puckett, John Sturrick, Thom. Shinler, rep[rieve]d, Will. Cambden, Sam Paul, Math. Elliot, John Lock, Robt. White, John James alias Jeanes, John Gardner, John Woodward, John Sprake.
co. Dorset.
Prisoners who had certificates allowed pursuant to his Majesty's gracious proclamation: Rich. Dammer, John Burridg, Rich. Burrage, Will. White, John Butcher, junr., Will. Knight, Jam Pitts, Sam Cossens, Seth. Gough, Ja. Baker, Nicho. Hellyer, Nicho. Bartlett, Phi. Andrews, Sam Stoodley, Will. Hardy, John Butcher, senr., John Bowditch, Geo. Rickman, Tho. Calway, Dan Butter, John Perkins, Will. Rooper, Adam Clark, John Rooper, Robt. Halston, Rich. Stone, David Gardiner.
co. Dorset.
Prisoners humbly proposed for his Majesty's gracious pardon: Tho. Gammidge, John Beaumount, junr., Amos Lacy, Hen. Beasly, John Winifie, Step. Cooke, John Glover, Robt. Dale, Tho. Moore, Will. Grove, Nath. Swasfeild, John Trottell, Edw. Towells, Tho. Greeneway, junr., Jos. Bowditch, Reginald Clottworthy, Jose Phelps, Edw. Lane, John Hippesly, John Wellman, Abell Pinnell, Zacha Drower, Andr. Billing, Hum Phelps, Geo. Stuckey, Tho. Coakney, Tho. Berry.
co. Dorset.
Prisoners remaining in custody: Edw. Wale, Bartho. Barge, Tho. Lawrence, Will. Cox, junr., Rich. Cox, Will. Hawkins.
Prisoners convicted for speaking scandalous words and for other misdemeanours fined and had corporal punishment: Richard Holleday for conducting Lord Grey from Gillingham to Ringwood after the fight at Weston: to be whipped twice, fined a mark and to find sureties for his good behaviour for a year. Hugh Greene for publishing Monmouth's declaration, fined 1,000l. and committed till paid and to find sureties for good behaviour during life. Will. Wiseman for publishing a seditious libel: to be whipped at Dorchester and every market town in the county. John Jervis, Will. Holman, Hen. Allen, Tho. Pitts, John Dober, Rich. Moores, for speaking seditious words severally fined and whipped.
co. Dorset.
Prisoners discharged for want of evidence: Gabr. Wise, Geo. Turner, Will. Bennett, Robt. Boulstone, Tho. Loveridge, Nicho. Clottworthy, Rich. Strong, Edw. Staple, John Mitchell, Fran. Grenefeild, John Mitchell, Hugh Critchell, James Carter, Will. Burt.
co. Dorset.
Prisoners continued in gaol not indicted: Will. Jenkins, Leonell Whifen, Rich. Platt, John Davy, Will. Plat, John Hart, Robt. Orchard, Will. Davys, Tho. Parbery.
co. Devon.
Prisoners executed at Exeter for high treason: John Foweracres, John Knowles, John Sprake, Tho. Hobbs, Will. Parsons, Will. Clegg, John Oliver, Thomas Quintin, John Ross, Hen. Knight, Tho. Broughton, Finis Dunkin, repr[ieve]d, Sam. Potts, John Goslin reprieved.
co. Devon.
Prisoners to be transported for high treason for whom a warrant is delivered to Jerome Nipho. Abr. Hunt, John Kemplin, Chris. Cooper, Walter Teape, repr[ieve]d, Edw. Bovett, John Follett, Peter Bird.
Edw. Merrick in Wells gaol to be transported in the place of Walter Teape.
co. Devon.
Prisoners convicted remaining in custody: Robt. Drower, Will. Siller, junr., Elias Holman, Tho. Connett, reprieved.
Humbly proposed for his Majesty's gracious pardon: James Cox.
co. Devon.
Prisoners fined at Exeter for speaking seditious words: Lewis James, Will. Andridg, Sam Staple, Will. Fisher, Will. Hadder, Steph. Burrough, Will. Curtis, Hen. Abbott, John Holmes, Hum. Bidgood, reprieved.
Robt. Crane, Giles Gardiner, John Smalbridge.
co. Somerset.
Prisoners to be executed for high treason who were convicted at Taunton: Sim. Hamlyn, Hugh Ashley, Pearce Morren, Rich. Bovett, John Bushell, David Langwell, John Stephens, Nicho. Collins, senr., Barnab Divericks, Tho. Hurford, Jona England, John Pattrum, Jos. Kellaway, Andr. Rownsell, Robt. Fawne, Jam. Whetham, Will. Satchell, John Jeanes, George Gillard, Franc. Bartlett, James Maxwell, Isaiah Davis, Sam Garnish, repr[ieve]d, Nicho. Stodgell, Will. Davy, Sim. Cross, Will. Wellen, Edw. Halswell, Will. Cooper, John Herring, Chris. Stephens, John Hucher, Tho. Blackmore, Osmond Barrett, Rich. Culverwell, John Fort, Fran. Preist, John Savage, Oliv. Powell, Will. Watkins, Ben. Hewling, John Phildrey, Weston Hillary, Will. Ruscombe, Hum. Peirce, Will. Sully, John Lockston, John Treckey, Rich. Ingram, Will. Williams, Will. Mogridge, Hen. Luckwell, Hen. Eastbrook, Steph. Newman, John Parsons, John Evans, Will. Gatchill, Will. Gillett, Geo. Condick, Nicho. Adams, Will. Lashley, Math. Cross, Rob. Townsend, Joseph Bellamy, reprieved, Barnard Thatcher, Will. Davison, Char. Chappell, John Spore, Will. Jenkins, Robt. Perrat, John Burgen, Cornel Harford, Robt. Read, John Basely, Arth. Williams, Sim. Hawkins, John Trott, John Jervis, John Hurman, Hum. Hitchcock, James Every, Robt. Luckis, John Glover alias Tucker, Howell Thomas, John Dryer, Thom. Lissant, Robt. Allen, Rich. Stephens, John Walrond, Edmd. Burford, Hum. Mitchell, Fran. Foxwell, Will. Johnson, John Williams, Rich. Bowdon, Roger Burnell, Hen. Lyle, Abra. Annesly, Phi. Bovett, John Parsons, John Sellwood, John Lloyd, Robt. Jones alias Evans, Robt. Hyne, Rog. Guppy, Rich. Sweet, Hugh Rooper, reprieved, Will. Godfrey, James Dumett, Will. Rock, Tho. Trock, Geo. Badd, James Gale, John Sharp, John Fricker, Robert Halfewell, John Masters, John Mortimore, Merrick Thomas, Geo. Pitcher, Tho. England, Edmd. Gillard, Rog. Prance, Will. Pether, John Winter, Arth. Mathews, Peter Warren, Tho. Davys, Robt. Combe, Hen. Thompson, Hugh Stark, Archibald Johnson, John Knight, Rich. Ash, Rich. Harris, Abra. Pill, Edw. Warren, Tho. Bernard, Lewis Harris, Hen. Lawrence, reprieved, Hen. Edney, Will. Pocock, Robt. Hill.
co. Somerset.
Prisoners to be delivered to Sir Christo. Musgrave for transportation: Will. Edwards, Robt. S. Hocsmith, Will. Hayes, Edw. Lugg, Hen. Hooper, Will. Goodland, Hugh Gill, Will. Bayly, Robt. Bradbeard, Sam. Saxbee, Will. Tapscott, John Grace, John Buttfeild, Wal. Philips, Jam. Gallop, James Combs, John Kinimore, Josi Hart, John Furber, Elisha Davyes, Alex. Townesend, James Glanvill, Rich. Masters, Joseph Lacey, John Fowler, senr., Ben. Spark, James Soper, Sam. Tottle, Rich. Drake, Will Bull, John Hooper, Jacob King, Wal. Blew, John Lyde, Rich. Lang, John Hensley, Hen. Wentmore, John Gibbs, Nath. Musgrave, John Fowler, junr., Bartho. Davy, Tho. Howell, Edw. Eves, Math. Pottle, Andr. Nabrick, John Smith, John Pope, John Gardner, Tho. Cutler, Tho. Bray, Sam. Hensley, Tho. Cross, Will. Spreat, Tho. Curtis, Rich. Perkins, Robt. Brookes, Peter Shorland, Tho. Debnam, Geo. Robertson, Geo. Smith, Bernard Periam, Thomas Whittye, Robert Barge, Will. Hooper, Tho. Adams, Isaac Kingston, John Hoare, Will. Craft, Will. Page, Hum. Slade, Will. Norman, Geo. Lee, Tho. Hendy, Job. Metyard, Tho. Markes, Will. Row, Tobi Drier, John Hacker, junr., Robt. Mead, Will Venting, Andr. Boyte, Hum. Saunders, Giles Crane, Hen. Hamett.
Prisoners to be delivered to the Queen's order for transportation: Dan. Rutter, Edw. Kent, Tho. Gould, Rich. King, John Rogers, Hen. Chambers, John Robins, Rob. Earle, Geo. Trubbs, Sil. Poole, Enoch Gould, John Morse, John Andrews, Jonas Browne, Tho. Pitt, John Miller, John Marwood, Randall Babington, Tho. Pomfrett, Hum. Justin, Jeremi Poole, Char. Bennett, John Harley, Eman. Marchant, Ber. Loveridge, Tho. Rowsewell, Luke Porter, John Mogridg, Silves. Lyde, Tho. Moore, John Bennett, Will. Scurrier, Sam. Sweeting, John Cross, Robt. Richards, Geo. Snow, John Timothy, John Knight, James Patten, Isaac Dyer, John Baker, John Parsons, Will. Pits, Will. Merchant, Percivall Nowis, John Crane, Tho. Preist, Hen. Randall, Math. Cooke, Lau. Preist, John Baker, John England, Geo. Rowsall, Christ. Knight, Chris. Rowe, Sam. Collins, Thom. Austin, Job. Hunt, Tho. Bambury, Rich. Symons, Robt. Pearce, John Gibbs, James Webb, John Slade, Will. Saunders, Char. Burridge, Corne Radford, James Maynard, Will. Phelps, Will. Gould, Sam. Mountstephen, Jacob Powell, Ed. Bellamy, Tho. Mead, Math. Craft, junr., John Cockram, Moses Osborn, Will. Woodcock, James Clift, Leonard Staple, John Bryer, Nicho. Collins, junr., Sam. Bond, Will. Veriyard, Will. Leigh, Phill. Cheeke, John Culverwell, Elias Lockbeare, Hen. Preist, Step. Jeoffryes, John Godsall, Will. Cross, John Neads, Rich. Peircy, Chris. Hoblyn, Walter Hacker, John Adams, John Chamberlyn.
co. Somerset.
Prisoners at Taunton convicted of high treason, to be transported by Sir Will. Booth.: Rich. Stephens, Robt. Paul, Will. Barnard, John Barges, Morris Furse alias Voss, Hen. Quant, James Holman, John Chappell, Jeremi Atkins, Rich. Edgar, Rob. Mitchell, Tho. Matthews, John Farmer, Hum. Trump, Will. Burroughs, John Bray, Robt. Easton, Sam. Boone, Cha. Lucas, John Gale, Hen. Meyor, Rich. Bickham, John Warren, Will. Daw, Ambr. Winter, John Walter, John Edwards, Geo. Gray, Barth. Randall, John Brissett, Hen. Gibbons, Geo. Warren, Will. Parker, Lau. Hussey, Tho. Brock, Geo. Mihill, John Bartlett, John Roger, Rich. Allen, John Busson, Hum. Pope, Rob. Lease, Rob. Seaman, Geo. Mullens, Will. Drew, John Stoodley, Will. Heyn, John Poole, Geo. Nowell, Osmd. Read, Tho. Middleton, Edw. Lyde, Dan Pomeroy, Tho. Dennis, John Avoake, Sim. Poole, Mich. Powell, John Budge, Robt. Coward, Will. Mead, Justinian Guppy, Robt. Teape, John Cloade, Edw. Vildey, Will. Tiverton, John Wall, John Kirle, Will. Harvey, John Cautlebury, Geo. Keell, Will. Combe, Timo. Hawker, Jonas Cross, Joseph Vinicott, Rich. Wadham, Tho. Gulhampton, Will. Hale, Will. Woolridge, Edw. Counsell, James Baker, Will. Smith, John Bragg, John Seamore, Steph. Rodway, Geo. Carrow, Will. Phippen, Will. Smith, Jos. Wickham, Tho. Gammidge, Jos. Newberry, reprieved, Will. Hutchins, John Leaker, Fran. Cane, Abr. Pollard, John Chilcott, John Smith, John Harris, Will. Walker, John Smith, John Mitchell.
co. Somerset: Taunton.
Prisoners who had certificates pursuant to his Majesty's proclamation which were allowed to be pardoned: Raymond Quire, John Browne, Tho. Sminey, John Hagley, Joseph Quire, John Irish, Jose Irish, Osmd. Burbidg, Rich. Irish, junr., Robt. Dunn, Fran. Deane, Rich. Cornelius, Joseph Sminney, Geo. Lumbard, Sam. Newberry, John Sminney, junr., Rich. Gill, Tho. Lumbard, James Norman, John Prickman.
co. Somerset: Taunton.
Prisoners humbly proposed to his Majesty for his gracious pardon: Robt. Fullford, Ben. Nott, Will. Saunders, Will. Moggeridge, Tho. Bartlett, Will. Farmer, Hen. Reeves, Hen. Hodges, John Dutch, John Gray, Will. Colebarn, Tho. Worrall, Fra. Jervis, John Keele, Will. Reeves, Dan. Norcortt, Will. Court, Tho. Crew, Robt. Dyer, Tho. Reeves, Abra. Hull, Tho. Gooding, Rich. Reynolds.
co. Somerset: Taunton.
Prisoners in gaol omitted in the warrant for execution, although designed to be executed: Jose Cooper, Edw. Way, John Pacey, John Bates, John Chappell, Will. Sherborne, Sam Dare, John Rossiter, Hen. Webb, Geo. Miller, Gideon Dare, Tho. Redwood, James Smith, John Satchell, Alegen Leversedge.
co. Somerset: Taunton.
Prisoners remaining in gaol till further order: Geo. Wells, Sam Adams, Step. Hollman, Rich. Edghill, Dan Hallett, Will. Searle, Tho. Cornish, Sam Harvey, John Turle, James Herring, Fran. Gardner, Tho. Parsons, John Bisse, Will. Reeves, Rob. Clarke, James Turle, John Gilling, Robt. Jenkins, Lavis Hagley, Roger Casswell, John Meade, John Ham, John Northam, Moses Wagstaff, Tobi Hacker, Will. Martin, Will. Baker, James Indoe, Tho. Bayley, Robt. Hampton, Tho. Clark, James Edmonds, Hum. Gillard.
Prisoners bailed at Taunton: Rich. Tirrell, Will. Whaites.
co. Somerset. Wells.
Prisoners to be executed for high treason: Walter Baker, John Carter, John Hellyer, John Richards, Tho. Warr, Hugh Goodenough, Tho. Paul, Hen. Bedy, Robt. Cook, Edw. Keare, John Staple, Phi. Usher, John Humphryes, John Searr, Jerrard Bryant, Edw. Cruse, Hen. Partridge, John Smith, Rich. Evans, Geo. Hussey, Lau. Lott, Tho. Collins, John Caswell, Geo. Petter, Fran. Smith, John Tincknell, Robt. Man, Tho. Lott, Tho. Clotworthy, Tho. Heyward, Tho. Peirse, Sam. Oil alias Vile, Robt. Beaumont, Will. Mangell, James Feild, senr., Hum. Peadon, Will. Holland, John Holdsworth, Arthur Sallaway, Preston Bevis, John Gilham, junr., Sam Cox, John Broome, reprieved, Tho. Burrell, Rich. Peirce, Trustram Clarke, Rich. Bole, Hugh Holland, John Ashwood, reprieved, Geo. Adams, Rich. Finnier, Giles Bramble, Char. Speake, Will. Somerton, Tho. Hillary, Israel Bryant, Tho. Coade, Robt. Francis, Tho. Bowden, Tho. Smith, Hen. Russell, Roger Cornelius, Alex. Key, Will. Plumley, reprieved, Tho. Duston, John Gill, Roger Hoare, reprieved, Robt. Doleman, John Howell, Rich. Chinn, John Dorchester, reprieved, Geo. Knight, Hum. Edmonds, Will. Mead Glover [? glover], Jacob Trip, John Sheppard, John Hicks, Phil. Cambridg, Robt. Thatcher, Rich. Harvey, Will. Cruise, John Combe, Robt. Wine, Rich. Peirce, David Boyce, James Pye, Abra. Bond, Tho. Munday, Will. Duston, John Tucker, Geo. Pavier, John Greaves, Will. Cheeke alias Chick, Jose Smith, Josuah French, Will Mead, Edw. Tippett, John Butcher, Will. Clement.
co. Somerset: Wells.
Prisoners to be transported and delivered to Sir William Stapleton: Richard Allwood, Char. Baker, Fran. Bagwell, John Classey, John Collins, Robt. Clark, Will. Coles, Simon Dyer, John Denning, James Elford, Sam. Farmer, John Fowler, Tho. Gamlin, John Holmes, Hum. Hodg, John Hull, Geo. Halfeyard, Jose Jermin, Sam Knight, John Lock, Hen. Quick, Jacob Adams, Tho. Brigwood, John Browne, John Classey, John Colesman, Ben Cable, Tho. Churchhouse, Tho. Daniell, Phi. England, Cornel Elliott, Arthur Ford, Will. Feare, Nehemi Gosse, John Henson, Robt. Hannam, Moses Higwell, Josias Howard, John Jones, Phi. Keeping, John Laurence, Sam Farmer, Sam Blackmore, John Bright, John Bartlett, John Combe, Hen. Collins, Rich. Chaplyn, Peter Drayton, Rich. Denham, Will. England, John Ervin, Walter Freston, Fran. Gamling, Will. Guppy, Tho. Hooper, Rich. Howells, Tho. Humphryes, James Harman, Rich. Jacob, Will. Key, Will. Lock, Arthur Ford, John Browne, Will. Bush, James Bickley, Sam. Clark, John Cox, Jose Cowes, James Dew, Rich. Dyer, Rich. Easton, Tho. Ferris, Rich. Foweracres, Jose Gale, Edw. Goodman, Tho. Herring, Edw. Harris, Fra. Hales, Tho. Hill, Charles Jones, John Lewis, John Langford, James Broughton, Tho. Browne, Robt. Court, John Clark, Nicho. Comings, John Coleburne, Will. Dew, Fran. Dunning, Rich. Edghill, Edw. Ford, John Fowler, James Jerman, Peter Goodgroom, Tho. Hutchins, Andr. Howard, Will. Higdon, Will. Jackson, Will. Johnson, John Larkham, Paul Morse.
co. Somerset: Wells.
Prisoners delivered to Sir Will. Howard for transportation: Gabriel Smart, Nicho. Kelford, Nath. Dennick, Robt. Millard, John Hussey, Robt. Norton, Giles Whittle, John Holloway, Tho. Salsbury, Hen. Cooke, John Butcher, Hum. Davyes, Rob. Stuckey, Andr. Staley, Edmd. Hurd, John Hart, James Hurd, Isaas Pryor, Chris. Candy, Hen. Symms, Pasche Stuckey, John Reynolds, Tho. Hurd, John Laurence, John Feild, Will. Eyres, John Bennett, Jona Drew, James Feild, junr., Arth. Everard, Tho. Laurence, James Aymes, John Weech, James Payne, Tho. Orchard, John Jones, Israel Balstor, Robt. Reeves, Geo. Hallett, Sam Elworthy, Will. Staunton, Thomas Andersey, reprieved, and Rich. Hoare, reprieved. (Instead of the said Andersey and Hoare Sir William Howard is to have out of Exeter gaol Robt. Drower or Drowen and Elias Halman or Hollman.) James Heale, Josuah Sulley, Hen. Snooke, James Moore, Adam Smith, Roger Cole, Will. Prowse, James Best, Edw. Vagg, James Sheppard, James Baker, reprieved, James Smith, reprieved (in place of said Baker and Smith, Sir Will. Howard is to have out of Taunton gaol John Rossiter and Allegen or Allegin Leversedge), Robt. Beaton, Ambr. Vineing, Geo. Harding, Hen. Mills, Robt. Beale, Edw. Vile, Chris. Masters, Robt. Best, Robt. Clarke, James Ellford, Sim. Chinn, John Portmell, Peter Durden, Will. Chynn, James Wake, Chris. Gray, Phi. Lacey, Will. Lane, John Stower, Jose Robins, John Harwood, James Bullman, Jose Hawker, Nicho. Davidge, John Atwood, John Woodrow, Will. Best, John Crowder, Tho. Laver, Tho. Pittard, Roger Charming, Tho. Mills, Tho. Snoake, John Haiming, Will. Lacy, Anth. Woodrow, Edw. Willmott, Tho. Rodbeard, John Baker, Timo. Tollman, Tho. Charming, Char. Pople, John Morley, Will. Merrick, Natha. Weale, John Pope, Geo. Russell, Argertine Rust, Will. Sherry, John Saunders, Rich. Spiller, Rich. Tapper, Robt. Wilkins, Jose Warren, John Watts, Edw. Kempe, Will. Greeneland, Robt. Jenning, Rich. Miller, Fran. Carter, Nich. Gill, Robt. Heyward, John Webb, Hum. Maundry, Edw. Mitchell, Bald Parker, Fran. Plomer, Chris. Richards, Robt. Smith, John Simon, Jona Sutton, Rich. Sellwood, Rich. Turner, Rich. Wilcox, Tho. Walter, Steph. Walsh, Hugh Banton, Tho. Godson, Rich. Lyne, Tho. Norton, John Fathers, John Hurle, John Helps, Geo. Allen, James Moody, John Muttlebury, Will. Preist, James Parker, Hen. Rooks, Robt. Slye, Fran. Savage, James Smith, Rich. Syms, John Tilley, John Williams, senr., Will. Warren, Rich. Young, Will. Clotworthy, Rich. Hooper, Will. Lyneing, James Norvill, John Laver, John Lease alias Gamlin, John Peircey, John Palmer, Tho. Mitchell, Jose Mullens, Andr. Palmer, James Peirce, Will. Read, Will Sheppard, Will. Selfe, John Say, John Skiff, Lewis Tricks, John Williams, junr., Rich. West. Math. Woodland, Tho. Carden, Hen. Hunt, John Lush, John Stone, Shadreck Morley, Sam. Denham. Rich. Willmott, Robt. Burridge, Ralph Middleton, Roger Mortimore, Silus Philipps, John Palmer, Alex. Robinson, Will. Smith, Geo. Searle, Jonas Say, Tho. Tuckey, Peter Wellis, John Worrall, Robt. Willis, Tho. Waggott, Edw. Gilbert, Will Harris, Char. Mason, Hen. Roper, Math. Pryor, John Oram, Tho. Speed.
co. Somerset: Wells.
Prisoners delivered, for transportation, to Jerom Nipho: John Joliff, Peter Cordelion, John Collins, John Mead, reprieved, Law. Caswell, John Hooper, John Foot, Robt. Peirce, Will. Biggs, Nath. Standerwick, John Brice, Tho. Chynn, reprieved, John Cooke, John Reeves, John Dodds, Will. Puttman, Rich. Dyke, Andr. Holcombe, Sam Weaver, John Johnson, John Gill, junr., Hen. Pittman, John Cooke, John Denham, reprieved, John Hooper, Robt. Batt, John Wills, Nath. Beaton, John Harcombe, Abra. Godden, Tho. Venner, John Gould, Rich. Nash alias Lissant. Instead of said Denham, Mead and Chinn reprieved Tho. Body, Jane Price and Sam Davison are to be transported.
co. Somerset: Wells.
Prisoners delivered to Capt. John Price for transportation: Edw. Rawbane, Moses Moore, Tho. Viles, John Wythyman, junr., James Bramble, John Key, Tho. Saunders, Will. Broadbeare, John Rotherton, Tho. Nashion, Sam Ruddle, David Thomas, Jose Witherell, Geo. Butcher, Phi. Smith, Will. Chilcott, Edwd. Chedsey, John Arnold, Rich. Wiseman, John Parsons, Will. Powell, Will. Sweet, Edw. Abbott, John Westlake, Tho. Vile, John Hill, Tho. Eglin, Robt. Mudford alias Hunford, Will. Prowse, Josiah Gillham, Math. Goodman, Will. Redbeard Tho. Doleman, Tho. Trott, Rich. Snooke, John Bishop, Robt. Sweet, junr., John Partridge, Ben. Traske, John Dunnett, Robt. Carter, Will. Collier, Tho. Lockyer, John Sprake, Edw. Hody, John Bramble, Hen. Noone, John Quick, Edw. Halsey, John Parsons.
co. Somerset: Wells.
Prisoners who had certificates allowed pursuant to his Majesty's gracious proclamation: John Willey, Will. Gauler, Will. Buckler, Robt. Fisher, John Pitt, John Denham.
co. Somerset: Wells.
Prisoners humbly proposed for his Majesty's gracious pardon: Steph. Benchfeild, Rob. Harris, John Woollmington, John Dorchester, junr., Rich. Napper, John Blanchflower, Simon Hussey, Will. Hellier, Hen. Grange, James Pitts, junr., Rich. Beadon, John Moore, John Patten, Robt. Upcott, John Brock, Christo. Bray, Tho. Napper, John Bishopp, John Crocker, Christo. Wornell, John Cotterell, James Standard, Will. Ashford, junr., John Comer, Hen. Norton, Edw. Day.
co. Somerset: Wells.
Prisoners designed for execution yet omitted in the warrant for execution; John Bird, Edw. Merrick, Will. Oastler, senr., James Price, Tho. Body.
co. Somerset: Wells.
Prisoners remaining in custody: Edw. Hamond alias Hamwood, Geo. Biss, John Willey, Sam Davison, Rich. Adams, Will. Aplin, James Norman, Robt. Acastle, Rob. Daw, Will. Russell.
Prisoners remaining in custody for want of evidence: Will. Phippett, James Russell, Rich. Cray, Will. Eades, Tho. Bishopp, Alex. Pinney, Rich. Millward.
Prisoners convict for misdemeanours, fined and imprisoned and who had corporal punishments: James Oasyn, Wil. Williams, John Austey, Sam Viney, Leonard Goss. Hen. Satchell for the like fined 100l.; severally fined 13s. 4d. for speaking treasonable words: ordered to be whipped at five several market towns.
Witnesses for the King left in custody: Will. Wiltshire, Tho. Dare, Jose Strong, David Tole, Simon Long, Sam Story, John Keeping, John Jones, John Smith, Rich. Rossiter, Tho. Sexton, alias Randall Furnivall, Will. Williams, Will. Bussey, Rich. Tanner.
co. Somerset. Wells.
Prisoners bound each for other for their appearance at the next assizes and for good behaviour in 100l. each.: Will. Oakey, Hen. Woodford, Steph. Hellyor, Tom Farr, Will. Hayward, Will. Tarr, John Thompson, James Rowsell, John Moore, John Pucker, Rowland Oakley, Thom. Ashford, Fran. Jennings, John Mitchell, John Bowring, John Spender, Will. Combe, Jedediah Hurd, Rich. Steer, John Mead, Sam. Pack, John Doeling, Nath. Lockyer, Andr. Ousley, Sam Sheppard, Tho. Lockyer, John Rogers, James Norvile, Ralph Smith, James Westcott, Hen. Turner, Will. Shinler, John Patten, Hen. Bedler, Arth. Lowdan, Rob. Seagard, James Cole, John Taylor, Arth. Jeoffryes, Robt. Wansey, John Yorke, Will. Oastler, Will. Saunders, Will. Pryor, Chris. Osmond, Lance Cox, Rich. Smithier, Sam Dwelley, Edw. Craydon, John Sheire, Robt. Game, Geo. Smith, Tho. Wilkins, John Blackley, Robt. Portlock, Antho. Manning, John Norman, John Watts, Will. White, Rich. Cornelius, John Meldrome, Jose Simpkins, Thom. Satchell, Hen. Satchell, Rich. Skinner, Tho. Forster, Tho. Olvard, Nicho. Forward, John Patten, Fran. Hellyer, John Shinler, James Thomas, Rich. Walters, Geo. Parsons, Tho. Buckerell, Sam Prowse, John Lyde, Will. Cozens, Sam Trent, Walter Fidoe, Will. Dymock, John Townsend, James Pownell, Tho. Gilling, Rich. Badge, Roger Baker, Robt. Raw, Will. Channing, Jeoffry Castland, Will. Cannady, Will. Old, Will. Griffin, John Marks, Peter White, John Rowsell, Will. Lush, Tho. Jollife, Steph. Thompson, Will. Walters, Tho. Ellis, Robt. Sands, Nicho. Gundy, Will. Raymond, Fran. Male, David Cole, John Brewer, Tho. Davis, Phi. Brown, Math. Tucker, Andr. Tapper, Peter Brewer, Edw. Bishopp, Tho. Carpenter, Tho. Taylor, Fran. Phippen, Will. Cole, Will. Bragg, Edw. Baker, James Pitts, Tho. Browne, John Hewlett, Rich. Tanner, Hen. Bucle, Jeoffry Phippett, John Andrews, Will. Hewlett, Rich. Gibbs, Geo. Raymond.
Prisoners in the gaols of Dorset, Devon and Somerset humbly proposed to his Majesty for his gracious pardon.
co. Dorset.
Tho. Gamadge, John Minifre, Nath. Swasfeild, John Glover, Geo. Stuckey, Edw. Lane, Tho. Moore, Hum. Phelps, Jose Bowditch, Walter Osborn, Tho. Shinler, Reginald Clotworthy, John Trottle, Amos Lacy, Andr. Billing, Tho. Greeneway, Tho. Berry, John Wellman, Tho. Lawrence, Mallachy Mallack, Abell Pinnell, Jose Phelps, Robt. Dale, Tho. Cooknay, John Skinner, John Minifie, Will. Bennett, Steph. Cooke, John Beaumont, junr., Zacha Drower, Edw. Towells, Hen. Beasley, John Hippesly, Will Grove,
co. Devon.
James Cox, Walter Teape and Hum. Bidgood for words: Tho. Connitt, Will. Siller, junr., Timo. Dunkin.
co. Somerset: Taunton.
Robt. Fulford, Ben. Nott, Will. Saunders, Will. Moggridge, Tho. Bartlett, Will. Farmer, Hen. Reeves, Hen. Hodges, John Dutch, John Gray, Will. Coleburn, Tho. Worrall, Fran. Jervis, John Keell, Will. Reves, Dan. Norcott, Will. Court, Tho. Craw, Robt. Dyer, Tho. Reeves, Abra. Hull, Tho. Goodin, Rich. Reynolds.
co. Somerset: Wells.
Steph. Benchfeild, Edw. Day, James Standard, Will. Ashford, junr., John Comer, Hen. Norton, John Satchell, John Bird (?Bard), Rich. Hoare, John Ashwood, Geo. Biss, Geo. Blanchflower, Robt. Harris, John Woolmington, John Dorchester, junr., Rich. Napper, John Gilling, John Northam, Robt. Jenkins, James Smith, John Brome, Will. Oastler, senr., Rich. Beadon, Simon Hussey, Will. Heillier, Hen. Grange, James Pitts, John Bates, Jose Bellamy, Rich. Adams, James Baker, Tho. Andersey, Chris. Bray, John Moore, John Patten, Robt. Upcott, John Brock, John Pacey, Jose Newberry, Edw. Hammon alias Hamwood, John Mead, John Butcher, John Cotterell, Tho. Napper, John Bishopp, John Crocker, Chris. Wornell, Will. Shirborne, Hugh Rooper, James Norman, Tho. Chinn, Will. Plumley.
Prisoners reprieved and remaining in gaol humbly proposed for his Majesty's most gracious pardon: Timo. Dunkin, John Broome, James Baker, Tho. Andersey, John Satchell, Walter Oastler, senr., Jose Bellamy, Walter Teape, James Meade, Jose Newberry, Geo. Biss, Rich. Adams, Roger Hoare, Rich. Hoare, Tho. Chinn, junr., Walter Osborne, John Bird, Will. Ryves alias Ryers, John Askwood, James Smith, Mallachy Mallack, Tho. Laurence, Robt. Jenkins.
Nov. 14. Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners for the Customs officers at Chester to permit the shipment, unopened, of the Earl of Clarendon's baggage for Ireland. Out Letters (General) IX, p. 209.
Same to same to deliver to my [Guy's] house in King Street, Westminster, a parcel of fruit trees arrived in the Katherine yacht, Capt. Davis commander, [being sent] for Henry Savile, Vice-Chamberlain of the Household. Ibid.
Same to the Earl of Sunderland. The King has signed a bill for three pensions of 100l. per an. each to the Ellesdons. They are to commence from 1684, Christmas, not 1683, Christmas. You are to amend the bill accordingly. Ibid.
Same to Sir Gilbert Talbott. Has the plate, which was delivered out of the Jewel House to the late Earl of Arlington as Lord Chamberlain, been delivered back to the Jewel Office since his death? Ibid.
Nov. 14. Henry Guy to the Earl of Berkeley. Send your answer to the enclosed copy of the Duchess of Cleveland's objections to your petition concerning Nonsuch Park. Out Letters (General) IX, p. 209.
Royal warrant to Lawrence, Earl of Rochester, as Ranger and Keeper of Richmond Park alias New Park, co. Surrey, to lease out for four years the parcel thereof commonly known by the name of the Old Paddocks, containing about 300 acres for four years from Nov. 1 inst.; at such yearly rent and on such covenants for ploughing the same or any part thereof as the said Earl shall think fit: the said rent to be paid to him the said Earl for his own use: all by reason that the said Old Paddocks was enclosed and set apart for raising yearly a stock of hay for the deer, but produceth such coarse grass as is no ways useful for that service and if same were ploughed for some time it would not only sweeten the turf but in all probability yield in time a sufficient stock of hay for the deer and so save the charge the King is now at in buying hay for said deer. King's Warrant Book X, p. 211.
Money warrant for 500l. to Philip Burton as imprest for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated Nov 14 hereon.) Money Book VI, p. 175. Order Book I, p. 65.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the abovesaid Burton to pay Richard Graham 300l. as imprest for the charges of a commission of Oyer and Terminer forthwith to be executed in Cheshire. Money Book VI, p. 176.
Money warrants for 25l. each to Sir Charles Cotterell, Mr. Povey, Mr. Morley and Sir William Glascock for 1683, Sept. 29 quarter, on their fee as Masters of Requests. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to deliver, Customs free, to Sir Robert Sawyer, Attorney General, two cases of pictures brought from Genoa in the ship Castle, Capt. Dun, and consigned to said Sawyer, being for his own use. Out Letters (Customs) X, p. 61.
Nov. 15. Same by same to same to employ Mathew Goodman, as one of the six tidesmen and boatmen in Lynn Regis port loco Mathew Ebden, dismissed: and Simon Smith, Gabriel Cox and Nathan Wright to be added as boatmen to the establishment there at 25l. per an. each: these four boatmen to be employed only as boatmen for managing two boats in constant attendance under the direction of the collector and surveyor of said port for prevention of frauds; and the other five tidesmen and boatmen to do the duty of tidesmen only: as proposed by William Lynstead, collector of said port. Ibid, p. 69.