Entry Book: December 1685, 1-5

Pages 453-470

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8, 1685-1689. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1923.

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December 1685, 1-5

Dec. 1. Money warrant for 150l. to John Shales for three quarters to Sept. 29 last, on his fee or salary as an auditor of the revenue. Money Book VI, p. 185.
Same for 30l. to Thomas Bouchier for same time as Dr. of Civil Laws and Professor of same in the University of Oxford. Ibid.
30l. to John Luff for same as Dr. in Phisick and Reader of same ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to William Hewer, Treasurer for the affairs of Tangier, to pay six months' pay 1682, April 1, to Oct. 1, to Bernard Tessin as Ensign to Capt. Chantrell's Company at Tangier, notwithstanding he is not borne upon the musters from 1682, April, to 1683, Oct., he having been restored by the late King to his said employment from which he was before suspended. Ibid, p. 186.
Same by same to same to adjust [as follows] with the respective Captains both of Horse and Foot of the Forces come from Tangier for the pay due to them and the soldiers for the six months now to be issued under the Lord Treasurer's warrant of Aug. 10 last, supra, p. 300; taking care to deduct what is due to the King, to yourself for money advanced or to the officers from their respective Companies: the King having ordered (upon a late application made by the said officers) that instead of paying only the soldiers actually belonging to the respective Companies and so appearing by the musters taken in July, 1685 (according to the Lord Treasurer's warrant of Sept. 24 last supra, p. 348) they be paid according to the respective musters taken at Tangier and that no regard be had to the account given in by the said officers to Lord Dartmouth on [their] honour on his arrival there, but that the last muster made at Tangier in Oct. 1683, be the guide in paying them from that time to 1684, May 1 (the time of their entering into pay in England on a new establishment). Ibid.
Same dormant by same to the Customs Cashier to pay the pensions of Joane, Anthony, Charles, Ann and Mary Ellesdon as by the patent of Nov. 20 last, what is already due and what shall hereafter grow due thereon. Ibid, p. 187.
Dec. 1. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to imprest 100l. to Patrick Meine for his equipage as Surveyor General of the Colonies of Virginia and Maryland and as advance on his allowance of 20s. a day. Money Book VI, p. 187.
Money warrant for 150l. to Lieut. William Armstrong for three quarters to Sept. 29 last on his pension: out of the Queen Dowager's [Portugal] portion. (Money order dated Dec. 3 hereon.) Ibid, 187. Order Book I, p. 68.
Same for 72l. 10s. 0d. to Timothy Whitfeild, Clerk of Foreign Estreats; being 15l. for three quarters to Sept. 29 last on his 20l. per an. for keeping the records of forfeitures of Recusants estreated in the Exchequer and carrying them from time to time to the Pipe for them to be speedily drawn into the Great Roll and 57l. 10s. 0d. for same time on his annual fees and allowances of 10l., 33l. 6s. 8d., 26l. 13s. 4d. and 6l. 13s. 4d. for the pains of him and his clerks in extracting fines and amerciaments. (Money order dated Dec. 3 hereon for 40l., being 15l., 20l. and 5l. for the first and last two of the above fees.) Money Book VI, pp. 187–8. Order Book I, p. 68.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the King's Remembrancer, Treasurer's Remembrancer, Clerk of the Pipe, and Edward Ange to wholly supersede process against the following persons [Recusants] their lands and goods until the King's pleasure be further known; and against the lessees of the twothird parts of their estates: and to restore all moneys levied on them and not answered to the King and to discharge the sheriffs who have charged themselves therewith as directed in the warrant of July 7 supra, p. 255: all as by the royal sign manual of May 11 last. Money Book VI, pp. 189–90.
Appending: schedule of said Recusants.
co. Warwick.
Bridget Ferrers, widow of Henry Ferrers, of Badgley [Baddesley] Clinton.
co. Yorks.
Lady Mary Tankard of Ripon, relict of Sir Tho. Tankard, of Branton.
John Faucett, yeoman.
cos. Oxford and Bucks.
The Rt. Honbl. Elizabeth Lady Dowager Abergavenny, of Sherborne.
Sir Henry Browne, bart.
Ralph Sheldon esq., of Barton.
Richard, Henry and Peter Fermor, of Tursmeere.
Basil Brooke, of North Aston.
Thomas Guldeford, of same.
John Stoner, of Stonor, esq.
Barthol. Fettiplace, of Swyncombe.
John Kemble, of same.
Richard Kilby, of Souldern.
William Hildersly, of Little Stoke, esq.
Francis Forster, of Crowmarsh.
John Weedon, of Souldern.
Mary Weedon, widow, of same.
Bernard Weedon, of same.
James Horne, of same.
Francis Herriman, of Somerton.
Tho. Smyth, of same.
Walter Day, of Somerton.
Eleanor Collingridge, widow, of same.
Thomas Collingridge, of same.
Edmund Collingridge, of same.
Robert Leppington, of same.
Ann Saunders, widow, of same.
John Clarke, of same.
John East, of same.
William Collingridge, of same.
William East, of same.
Phillip Prujan, of Goddington.
Richd. Clement, of same.
William Nicholls, of same.
Richard Meades, of same.
Thomas Yoxon, of same.
Charles Busby, of same.
Hugh Paxton, of same.
Thom. Paxton, of same.
William Paxton, of same.
Elinor Allum, of same.
Tho. Thomkins, of same.
Eliz. Tomkins, widow, of same.
Margaret Hawkins, of same.
Robert Fox, of Middle Aston.
Ralph Hatton, of Tursmeere.
Mary Cox, of same.
James Waters, of same.
Jno. Pennington, of Hardwick.
Vinca East, widow, of same.
William Clark, of Stokenorton.
Thom. Lawrence, of Cottesford.
Jno. Gill, of Heath [Hethe].
Edward Justice, of same.
Robert Savage, of Fringford.
Dorothy Davis, of same.
Bartho. Stile, of Astwell [Asthall].
Edmund Powell, esq., of Sandford.
Tho. Childry, of Littlestoke.
Jno. Abery, of same.
Thom. Kimber, of the city of Oxford.
Jno. Lazonby, of same.
—Napper, of same.
Jno. Thorpe, of same.
Christopher Raynold gent., of Cassington.
Tho. Day, of Dorchester.
John Prince, of Overy.
Thomas Shatt, of Clifton.
Lecester Blunt esq., of Mapledurham.
Jno. Belson, esq., of Okenchurch.
Jno. Tirnder, esq., of Westwell.
William Perkins, of Cottrop.
Jno. Collet, of North Aston.
William Carke, junr., of Stoke Norton.
Ann Betham, of Sandford.
Ann Earle, of St. Clemence.
Edward Smyth, of Oxford [city].
Katherine Harding, of same.
Cha. Harding, her son, of same.
Tho. Lazinbee, of same.
William Heycocke, of Yoake.
Jno. Palmer, of same.
Tho. Kimber, of Littleman.
William Buslin, of Oxford.
William Prince, of Yennon.
Richd. Bradshaw, of Cotton [Coton].
Cha. Harding, of Oxford [city].
Jno. Prince, of Overy.
Sir Jno. Curson, of Waterperry.
Jno. Webb, of Waterperry.
Benjamin Thorburgh, esq.
Prudence Crompton, widow.
Mary Macclesfeild, widow.
Peter Macclesfeild.
Ann Coyney, widow.
Edwd. Rowley.
Francis Hinds.
Mary Berry.
Arthur Fox.
Tho. Fleetwood, gent.
Tho. Bagnall.
Jno. Bagnall.
Robert Woodrosse [sic for Woodroffe].
Jerman Poole, gent.
Francis Halford.
Robert Stuke.
Henry Beesly.
Richard Brandon.
Jno. Hitchins.
Henry Fleetwood, esq.
Eliz Major.
Ed. Barnes.
Jno. Hitchins.
Tho. Morris.
Peter Child.
Lawrence Nash.
Edmd. Adis (Addis).
Geo. Barker.
William Gild.
Jno. Middlemore.
Gilbert Talbott.
Francis Jandy.
Henry Hanford.
Tho. Griffin.
Thomas King.
Simon Pitt.
Henry Coates.
William Staples.
Anne Smyth.
Dec. 1. Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to advance 200l. to me [Guy] for secret service out of the loans on the linen duty. The regular warrants for this issue shall be sent as soon as passed. Disposition Book IV, p. 103.
Same to same to issue (out of Mr. Thomas Hall's loans) 6,000l. to William Hewer for the affairs of Tangier. Ibid, p. 104.
Same to same to issue out of seizures in the Exchequer 30l. each to Dr. Bourchier and Dr. Luffe. Ibid.
Same to same to issue as follows out of the Exchequer. Ibid.
Out of Customs moneys. l. s. d.
to the Treasurer of the Navy for the Victuallers 2,000 0 0
to ditto for sea officers and bills in course 400 0 0
Out of Excise moneys.
to the Paymaster of the Forces 6,000 0 0
to Sir Steph. Fox on his privy seal for 16,000l. 1,000 0 0
to Sir Sam. Morland in part of what is due to him 500 0 0
Out of the Post Office Money.
to Mr. Graham for the Privy Purse 1,000 0 0
to Mr. Packer, Paymaster of the Works, for the wall cross the garden in St. James's Park 65 0 0
to me [Guy] for secret service 242 2 0
Out of loans on the linen duty.
to the Paymaster of the Forces 4,000 0 0
(Same dated same to the Customs Cashier enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Customs for the present week, said paper including the abovesaid two Customs items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following items [payable direct out of the Customs Office on tallies] viz. 2,279l. 19s. 2d. for the remainder of the quarter book [of salaries, London port, for last Sept. 29 quarter]; 2,000l. to Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe in repayment of loan. Total disposition of the Customs, 6,679l. 19s. 2d.) (Same dated same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney enclosing the like paper of disposition for those branches of the revenue; said paper including for the Excise the above three Excise items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following item [payable direct out of the Excise on tallies] viz. 1,000l. to Mr. Toll in repayment of loan: and for the Hearthmoney the item of 3,000l. to Mr. Noell in repayment of loan [being payable direct out of the Hearthmoney Office on tallies]. Total disposition of the Excise and Hearthmoney combined, 11,500l.)
Dec. 1. Henry Guy to Mr. Graham to report on the enclosed particular [missing] of Sir Robt. Peyton's estate, which particular was presented to the Lord Treasurer by Mr. Bryan Ayliff. Out Letters (General) IX, p. 203.
Same to Mr. Fox [Paymaster of the Forces]. "I am commanded by my Lord Treasurer [to request you] to imprest further to Mr. Auditor Shales [as Commissary General of the provisions for the Army] 200l. upon account of building the Hospital on Hounslow Heath." Ibid.
Same to Mr. Griffin [Treasurer of the Chamber]. Charles Coleman, one of the King's musicians and Arthur Wichells, Silvanus Rowlee and Rich. Eades, three of the falconers, have surrendered their patents in order to be paid the allowances settled for them on the establishment of your Office. Ibid.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren to estimate for the following. Ibid.
Appending: letter dated Nov. 16 last from the Earl of Mulgrave, Lord Chamberlain, to the Lord Treasurer. The office in Whitehall belonging to my place as Lord Chamberlain is so far decayed that it is propped up to keep it from falling. Please order it to be rebuilt to make it fit for his Majesty's service.
Same to Mr. Fisher [Deputy Surveyor General of Crown Lands]. There is a proposition made for the King's buying the other moiety of the manor of Reigate. You are to survey it with Auditor Parsons and Mr. Graham and to report thereon and as to the sufficiency of the tenants that offer to take it at the rate proposed. I enclose a former report [missing] made by Mr. Harbord thereon. Ibid, p. 204.
Same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney. The Lord Treasurer is dissatisfied that the certificates of the Excise and Hearthmoney are so low this week, especially the Hearthmoney. What is the reason and why has no more of the Hearthmoney due at Sept. 29 last yet come in? Ibid, p. 218.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th items of premises in the Duchy of Cornwall as follow with a view to a lease thereof to William Hooper on terms detailed. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 158–60.
Prefixing: said Surveyor General's report dated Mar. 31 last on said Hooper's petition for renewal of leases in the premises, which said petition was referred to said Surveyor General 1684, April 25. The first tenement, in the manor of Carnedon Prior, is called Boucherden, held by Hooper for life under the old rent of 6s. 4d. per an. and 75s. per an. de incremento. The yearly value is 8l. 16s. 0d. by Sir Richard Prideaux's certificate. I advise a fine of 30l. for two fresh lives and 22l. 10s. 0d. for buying off the increased rent. The second tenement is called South Botternell in said manor; in the tenure of Steph. Dill at 6s. 6d. per an. and 4l. 10s. 0d. per an. de incremento. The yearly value is certified at 8l. 12s. 6d. I advise a fine of 30l. for two fresh lives and 27l. for buying off the increased value. The above two tenements were in 1662 passed in lease to Edward Kneebone in trust for the tenants ut supra. The three remaining tenements as follow were passed to Henry Seymour by several patents and were afterwards purchased of him by the present tenants as follow. The third called Ourtrelabe, in said manor, is held by William Shere and was granted to said Seymour in 1664 for the lives of his two nephews in reversion of Jonathan and Charles Trelawney at the old rent of 29s. per an. and 9l. per an. de incremento. I advise 36l. as reasonable for buying off the increased rent for the said two lives in reversion, being a leasehold. The fourth is a tenement called Boviates; is in the manor of Climsland Prior; was granted as No. 3 supra in reversion of Robert John at the old rent of 6s. 9d. per an. and 40s. per an. de incremento. Said John purchased at a dear rate from Seymour and left it to his grandchild, Joan Grubb. The tenement is valued at 7l. per an. I advise a fine of 5l. and 16l. for buying off the increased rent for the lives of the two Mr. Trelawneys in possession. The fifth tenement is called Kersbrooke in the manor of Climsland Prior: was granted as No. 3 supra to Seymour for the life of Henry Trelawney, one of Seymour's nephews in reversion of two lives whereof only Mary Lobb is surviving; under the old rent of 10s. 4d. per an. and 70s. per an. de incremento. It was purchased of Seymour and assigned to Luke Body. The value is 12l. per an. I advise a fine of 10l. for a third life and 10l. for buying off the increased rent for Trelawney's life in reversion of Lobb. Only the first tenement is to be for Hooper; the other four are to be to the use of the respective tenants as above.
Dec. 1. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Owen Roberts, gent., of premises as follow for 99 years terminable on the lives of Robert, Thom. and Andoenus Roberts: at a rent of 29s. 10½d. per an. and a fine of 20l.: the said lessee to assign the last parcel as follows to Lady Anne Trevor, widow, [now] Viscountess Dungannon. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 161–3.
Prefixing: (a) particular and memorandum of the premises made out by Deputy Auditor Thomas Tudor 1684, Dec. 9: same being (1) five oxgangs of land escheated in the vill of Dironwey and Commote of Tal-y-Bolion, co. Anglesea, which belonged to Traherne ap Blethin a free tenant of the said vill, escheated for the slaying of Roger Puleston: ancient rental, 15s. 2d. per an.; (2) two oxgangs in said vill, being lands of Madder ap Meredith ap Blathin forfeited for the slaying of Eden ap Reimer: ancient rental, 2s. 8d. per an.; (3) a parcel of land called Ithellydrin in the vill of Clygyrog and Commote of Tal-y-Bolion, and late in the tenure of William ap Rees ap Glyn, formerly demised to Humfrey Gilbert and now or late in the tenure of Robert Bulkely: ancient rental, 3s. 4d. per an.; (4) two oxgangs of land called Yorkins, late the lands of Meredith ap Ll[ewely]n Collier, formerly in the tenure of William Lewis, called Welle Cadder Llowarth, in the vill of Treslower, and formerly demised to Humfrey Gilbert by Queen Elizabeth and now or late in the tenure of Robert Bulkeley: ancient rental, 8s. 8d. per an.; the above four rentals making altogether 28s. 10d. per an. The lease of 19 James I to Robt. Bulkeley cannot be found but during said Bulkeley's life the rent was paid by John Bulkeley for the life of William Bulkeley, the survivor of the three lives therein and since the death of said William Bulkeley in April, 1683, it has been paid by Robt. son of said John, an infant about eight years old. (b) Ratals dated 1684, Dec. 13, by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands and 1685, Nov. 23, by John Fisher (in the absence of the Surveyor General of Crown Lands) of said particular.
Dec. 1. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to Tho. Done, an Auditor of Imprests, to allow items as follow in the accounts of Mr. Burton of moneys expended in Crown law suits 1684, Michaelmas, to 1685, Michaelmas, according to Burton's affidavit, "the nature of part of the disbursements not well admitting of acquittances to justify the payment." Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 164–5.
Prefixing: report dated Oct. 15 last by said Auditor on said account. The total charge is 5,931l. 16s. 2½d. and the total discharge 6,637l. 18s. 6½d. leaving the accomptant in surplus 706l. 2s. 4d. I required of the accountant the particular Treasury directions for the prosecution of the several causes. He informs me that there are minutes in Mr. Guy's book [the Treasury Minute Book] that vouch the same. He produces several acquittances for the moneys paid by him to Mr. Graham by Treasury direction; and to Mr. Arden, attorney in the cause between Mr. Lampden [Hampden] and the late Treasury Lords; to Mr. Appleby for proceedings in the case against Gutch; to Mr. Verdon, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Hill and Mr. Buggins for charges about levying upon Sir Edmo. Bacon, Sir Robt. Kemp and Charles Doyley as sureties of Sir William Doyly; to Mr. Farthing for breviats in the causes against Guilmore and against Bucknall, Raymond et al., and against Verdon et al. and against Bucknall; to Mr. Morgan and Mr. Crew for business done; to Mr. Butler in the cause against Humphries; to Mr. Willey, the Clerk in Chancery, for service in the cause against Baxter; to the sheriff for serving process in the cause against Bowden; to Mr. Fanshaw and Mr. Ward for proceedings in the cause against the borough of St. Ives in Cornwall; to Mr. Lilley for proceedings in the cause between Culmer and Randall; to Mr. Crooke, attorney, in the cause against Wetherhead et al.; to Mr. Guice, Mr. Hastings and Mr. Smith for proceedings in the cause against Barbone et al.; to Mr. Wigg for proceedings in the cause between the Duke of Ormonde and Mr. Ketherington; to Mr. Hanses for several proceedings; to Sir Roger L'Estrange for charges in sending for witnesses produced at the trial of Titus Oates; to John Packer; to Mr. Richardson, a witness in several of his Majesty's causes; to the Attorney General's clerk and for stationery. But as to the fees paid for passing the patent to constitute the sheriffs of London and Middlesex and for renewing same on the death of Charles II, the 50l. paid by said Burton to Mr. Romsey, town clerk of Bristol out of fines levied on dissenters there, fees to counsel, fees at the Exchequer, Treasury Chambers, boat hire, coach hire and incident charges paid in Court at the hearing of abovesaid causes he has produced no acquittances for same, it being not usual to give or take receipts in such cases.
Dec. 1. Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Clerk of the Pipe for a grant to Hector Phillips and William Hooker in trust for John Vaughan, son of Edward Vaughan, of Trawscoed, co. Cardigan, of the office of steward of the lordships or manors and lands of Mevenydd, Creuddyn, Henniniock, Caerwedros and Perfedd in co. Cardigan, and parcel of the Principality of South Wales, as granted 1674–5, Feb. 4, to said Edward Vaughan for life: the present grant to be during pleasure. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 165–6.
Prefixing: a particular of said office made out by Robt. Humphreys (in the absence of the Auditor of South Wales) and ratal by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners to employ Sam Dassell as waiter and searcher at Weymouth loco John Penny, lately dismissed. Out Letters (Customs) X, p. 78.
Reference by same to Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton of the petition of Steph. Timewell, a Justice of Peace in Taunton, co. Somerset: petitioner shewing that by the late rebellion he, his son and sons-in-law have been plundered and damnified to the value of 1,000l.: that he heretofore intercepted a letter directed to Chris. Cooke of Wilton, importing that Monmouth was about to land, whereupon he took up said Cooke and made him enter into a recognisance of 1,000l. and similarly Jefery Grove, Rich. Stadding and Thomas Standard, all of Taunton, in 500l. each as sureties of said Cooke: prays a grant of said recognizances which are forfeit. Reference Book III, p. 208.
Same by same to Sir Robt. Sawyer, Attorney General, of the petition of the Lord Mayor et al., Commissioners and Governors of Christ's Hospital in London, as by a reference dated Nov. 30 last from the King thereof: petitioners shewing that John White of London, mercer, who died at the beginning of 1684–5, Feb., did by will dated 1670, Aug. 24, leave 500l. to ejected ministers, Presbyterians, which legacy petitioners are advised is void and forfeit to the King: therefore pray that same may be applied "to the use of your Majesty's said Royal foundation" [of Christ's Hospital]. Ibid, p. 209.
Dec. 2. Entry of the award by Treasurer Rochester in the case between the Attorney General and Roger Whitley, esq., the said case having, by an order of June 2 last from the Exchequer Court, been referred to the Lord Treasurer. The defendant Whitley is charged as follows: Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 165a-h.
l. s. d.
money by him or his agents received out of the Exchequer 1673, Dec. 12 3,120 19 3
ditto, 1674, May 15 2,085 9 1
ditto, 1674 1,000 0 0
ditto, 1674, Dec. 18 1,000 0 0
ditto, 1674–5, Mar. 17 1,844 6 7
ditto, 1675, Oct. 3,169 7
ditto, 1676, Sept. 19 2,000 0 0
ditto, 1676, Sept. 29 1,169 7
ditto 5,451 19 7
ditto 7,994 0 2
£28,835 9 7
Against this sum he craves allowances as follow, viz.: 2,949l. 12s. 1d. for letters, pacquets and despatches sent frank in Ireland, 1672, June 25, to 1677, June 24.
As to this item, I [Treasurer Rochester] have considered the indenture tripartite dated 1666, Dec. 22, between the present King as then Duke of York of the first part, Henry, Earl of Arlington, and John, Lord Berkeley, of the second part, and Mary, Countess of Falmouth, of the third part, by which the now King granted the Post Office in farm to the said Earl of Arlington and Lord Berkeley and their assigns for 10 years from 1667, June 25, with covenant on their part to carry frank the letters, pacquets and despatches, ordinary and extraordinary, of the King, Lord High Admiral, Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, Secretaries of State and the single inland letters of the then present members of Parliament during the session of that Parliament. About June, 1672, the remainder of said lease was by mesne conveyance assigned to said Whitley and he enjoyed same till 1677. I see no cause to allow him this item for franked letters for they are either covered by his covenant or where not they are not authorised by any warrant from the King.
Secondly, he claims 4,548l. 5s. 6d. for letters etc. franked to and from the Duke of Lauderdale and to and from Scotland 1672, June 25, to 1677, June 24. For this item Whitley can produce no warrant from the King commanding him to carry [free] such letters etc. and further the present King has declared his mind that his then intention that such letters should be franked as his Secretary of State's. But in favour to Whitley I allow him 1,000l. on this head.
(3) I allow the 772l. 15s. 0d. demanded by Whitley for the transport of seamen by order of the late Secretaries of State between 1672, June 25, and 1672–3, Jan. 1.
(4) I allow the 212l. 10s. 0d. which he paid to Thomas Deerham, late Court Post, by order of one of the Secretaries of State 1673, June 30, and 1677, June 24.
(5) I do not allow the 1,612l. 3s. 4d. for expresses between 1672, June 25, and 1677, June 24, as these fall under the above covenant.
(6) I allow only a moiety of the 4,426l. 17s. 43/8d. claimed by him for letters, pacquets and despatches of Members of Parliament during the continuance of Sessions 1672, June 25, to 1677, June 25. The above covenant covers only single letters, and for other letters etc. he should produce the King's command for carrying them; so that in strictness this whole demand could be disallowed. But I allow half in regard I find it has been the practice since the Post Office revenue came into the hands of the present King to carry both the single and the double letters of Members of Parliament free, but yet I consider that a great part of the said demand is for carrying books, parchments and other great pacquets for them which he ought not in reason to have carried free.
(7–20) I allow only 1,000l. out of the 10,727l. 5s. 0d. which he claims for items as follow, as the same either come under the above covenant for free carriage or ought not to have been carried free without the King's warrant: viz. for letters not directed to or from the King or any of the great officers; for the letters of Mr. Cooke, Mr. Bridgeman, Mr. Yard and Mr. Lepine and other under secretaries etc. "whose letters are alleged to be always franked"; for ambassadors' packets not to or from the King or his officers; for army despatches the like; for all despatches to and from Tangier; for all the Duchess of York's letters and her secretaries', viz., Mr. Nipho, Sir John Werden and Monsieur Dupees; the Duke of Ormond's letter, Earl of Ossory's, Sir George Lane and the Duke of Ormonde's secretaries; the letters of the Lord Lieutenants of Ireland, their secretaries, clerks of the Council, Auditor General and Scout Master General of Ireland over and above those covenanted; the Duke of Lauderdale's letters to other parts than Scotland; letters of the Postmaster General and his secretaries; letters etc. of the Commissioners of Prizes; truffes to the Duchess of Portsmouth; State letters, pacquets etc. for which the defendant [Whitley, the present accomptant] paid money to foreign postmasters yearly according to the treaty made between them and the Postmaster General by the King's command.
The defendant further claims 744l. 10s. 0d. for various fees detailed at the Exchequer and elsewhere; 1,750l. for money paid to Sir Philip Frowde, deceased, in prospect of having the allowance of frank letters from the late King; 1,000l. similarly paid in five years to Mr. Gardner, Mr. Babington and Mr. Aldridge and 4,572l. 10s. 2d. for gratuities paid to several officers for obtaining the payment and allowance to defendant of the 28,835l. 9s. 7d. I allow the first of these items, but none of the rest, as the King was not privy thereto.
The total of the allowances which I make as above is 5,943l. 3s. 8d. which being deducted from said 28,835l. 9s. 7d. leaves 22,892l. 5s. 11d. as due from Mr. Whitley to the King. This balance he is to pay into the Receipt as follows, viz. 11,446l. 2s. 11½d. on Mar. 3 next and the remaining 11,446l. 2s. 11½d. on June 3 next.
Dec. 2. Money order for 30l. 11s. 9d. to Sir Edward Lutwich, kt., for 35 days, 1685, Oct. 24, to the last day of Michaelmas term on his salary as Chief Justice of Chester. Order Book I, p. 68.
Henry Guy to Sir Christ. Wrenn. The Exchequer is ordered to issue 280l. to Mr. Packer for work to be done in St. James's Chapel Yard. Disposition Book IV, p. 105.
Dec. 3. Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue out of the money of the Post Office the abovesaid 280l. to Packer. Ibid.
Same to same to issue as follows out of money of goods seized [and now in the Exchequer] viz. 7l. 10s. 0d. to the University of Cambridge; 72l. 10s. 6d. to Mr. Whitfeild. Ibid.
Dec. 3. Henry Guy to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney. In the weekly certificates of the Excise and Hearthmoney you are to state the bills of exchange that are sent up as well as what money is received. Out Letters (General) IX, p. 204.
Same to Mr. Agar to forthwith pay into the Exchequer the money in your hands arising by wood sales in Whittlewood and Salcey forests. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Blathwayte, enclosing a letter from Mr. Walrond, dated Nov. 30 last, concerning the money granted to him by the Assembly of Barbados. Ibid, p. 204. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, pp. 173, 177.
Appending: said letter directed to the Lord Treasurer. Besides the 500l. mentioned in a law made in Barbados in June last no money was ever granted me by the Assembly nor by the Governor, Council and Assembly of Barbados that I can now call to remembrance. That 500l. I have not yet received nor any account that it is paid to my order nor have I received one pound or penny contrary to his late Majesty's orders or instructions to my knowledge. This answer had been given to your Lordship on Saturday last, but that your Lordship was that day gone from the Treasury Chambers before I came thither and since that time I have been so ill as not to be able to go out of my lodgings.
Same to the Customs Commissioners, enclosing a copy [missing] of an address from the island of Barbados to the King concerning the late imposition upon sugar "wherein you will find many things which concern you to answer." Send the Lord Treasurer your answer thereto. Out Letters (General) IX, p. 204.
Same to Mr. Graham. What proceedings have been made upon the commissions to enquire into the estates of the traitors in the west? Ibid.
Same to Mr. Darcy and partners to forthwith provide as follows. Ibid, p. 218.
Appending. letter dated Dec. 1 inst. from the Earl of Mulgrave, Lord Chamberlain, to the Lord Treasurer. There is wanting in the seat of the chapel at Whitehall for the use of the Queen's Maids of Honour, the Queen's Dressers "and her Royal Highness's women" one form to be covered with red serge and stuffed and other forms and footstools to be repaired and mended. Also three suites of feathers [are] robes [sic for to be] scoured for the Queen's service.
Same to the Navy Commissioners. Is the money due to Mudd, Carrington and Poston (for freight of soldiers from Tangier to London) appointed to be satisfied in course out of the Navy's weekly money or not? Ibid, p. 219.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to send to the house of Jno. Beriond a box lately come from Dover and now in the Custom House. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay what is due or shall grow due on the pensions to Joan Ellisdon and her sons and daughters. Ibid.
Same to Sir Peter Rich, Sir Robert Knightly et al. What has been done in the commission to you to inquire of escheated and concealed lands prosecuted by Elias Allen? What service has James Marryott done therein? Ibid.
Dec. 3. Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to Sir Henry Bond a box at the Custom House at Dover directed to Francis Bourke containing a Palatine, two muffs etc. for said Bond. Out Letters (General) IX, p. 219.
Same to Mr. Chetwind for an account what is become of the writings etc. ut supra, p. 451, taken from Thomas Jolley's house in Drury Lane 1678–9, Feb. 18. Ibid.
Same to Sir Phil. Lloyd to report on the enclosed petition and letter [both missing] of Ellinor Bonett. Ibid, p. 220.
Same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney. The Lord Treasurer approves your presentment of the 1st inst. What salary do you advise for the Receivers General of Hearthmoney? Ibid.
Report by Treasurer Rochester to the King on the proposals of Peter Carew concerning the coal trade, as by the reference of July 4 last from the King; said petition being ut supra, p. 268. On reference from me the Master, Wardens and Assistants of Trinity House have reported to me Nov. 7 last as follows. We think the said proposals will be oppressive to the poor, unprofitable and injurious to the honour of the King, ruinous to the ports and numberless families depending on the present coal trade, prejudicial to the general naval force of the kingdom and in no public respect beneficial if at all in itself practicable. I fully agree with this report. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 168–71.
Same by same to same on the petition of Gabriell Armiger, one of the Justices of Peace of co. Norfolk, for a grant of the fine of 200l. set at a sessions of the peace at Walsingham 1684, Oct. 16, upon William Carr of South Freak [South Creake], co. Norfolk, for scandalous words spoken of said Armiger, who had bound him over to the assizes for having beaten and abused the King's watch at Stanhoe. Said Carr is a poor man and unable to pay the fine, but is factious, violent, contentious and very troublesome to his neighbours and the prosecution against him was chiefly intended to bring him into better order. If the fine be granted to petitioner it may be a means to reduce him to better behaviour. Ibid, p. 170.
Reference by same to William Hewer of the petition of James Scot, late master gunsmith to the magazine and garrison of Tangier, praying for six months' pay towards the 250l. arrears owing to him, to preserve his family from perishing. Reference Book III, p. 211.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Antho. Thirald, collector of Lyme port, praying for the ancient salary of 80l. per an. to be restored and [for payment of] the arrears from Christmas thereon. Ibid, p. 212.
Same by same to William Hewer of the petition of Eliz. Webb, widow, shewing that her husband was corporal at Tangier for 12 years and died in hospital there in 1681, and that her son was killed in the last engagement against the Moors: prays payment of the arrears due to her said husband and son. Ibid, p. 213.
Dec. 3. Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Tobiah Bilvah for a landwaiter's place, London port loco Nicholas Collett, who is afflicted with age; petitioner having been a deputy King's waiter ibid, for two years last past. Reference Book III, p. 213.
Same by same to William Hewer of the petition of James Ripp et al. who were turned out of their Companies at Tangier for being short men: pray payment of their arrears that they may go into their own country [county]. Ibid, p. 214.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Henry Allen, shewing that for 900l. he purchased of Thomas Carter a fiat (which Carter obtained in 24 Car. II) for a King's waiter's place, London port, and had a patent thereof in the name of Samuel Danvers in trust for petitioner, Danvers to have only the profits arising for waiting at the waterside and petitioner to have the bill money above stairs and the salary; all which appears by said Danvers' assignment after said patent was granted: yet Danvers has oftentimes endeavoured to defraud petitioner of the whole: said patent being void by the late King's death, Danvers now endeavours to get a patent for himself upon false suggestions: therefore petitioner prays a grant thereof to himself. Ibid.
Same by same to Rich. Graham and Philip Burton of the petition of Daniell O'Farell, shewing that in 1678, being suspected to be a Popish priest he was committed to York gaol and fined 500l. on the evidence of only one witness for words pretended to be spoken concerning the parliament and is continued a prisoner to this time, living on charity, being a stranger in England and without relations able to assist him and without a penny in the world to discharge said fine with: prays to be discharged from his tedious inprisonment. Ibid, p. 218.
Same by same to same of the order of the King in Council dated Nov. 20 last. Ibid, p. 219.
Prefixing: said order made upon reading the petition of Ralph Grey and Richd. Neville, who were bound to the late King in 5,000l. each for Ford, Lord Grey's keeping the peace for one year, for breach of which they have been sued in the Exchequer, to which they have confessed judgment, but pray a remission of the recognizance as it would be to their utter ruin: said petition is hereby referred to the Lord Treasurer.
Same by same to same of the petition of John Savage, gent., shewing that the late King commanded him to evict to his own use what he knew of Jesuits' estates with a promise of a moiety of what he should make out: that he has spent seven years therein and herewith encloses a particular [missing] of Jesuits' estates discovered by him: in consideration of his charges therein prays to be paid the 229l. 13s. 6d. which Mr. Normansell has paid into the Exchequer, being rents of some of the premises. Ibid, p. 220.
Dec. 3. Money warrant for 500l. to Sir Samuel Moreland for 2½ years to 1681, June 24, on his annuity of 200l. per an. Money Book VI, p. 188.
Same for 250l. to Frances, Countess of Portland, for last June 24 quarter on her pension. Ibid.
Same for 797l. to Sir Gabriell Sylvius, Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Denmark, 455l. thereof being for one quarter's ordinary Aug. 3 last to Nov. 27 last and 342l. thereof for a bill of extraordinaries. Ibid, p. 191. Order Book I, p. 70.
Appending: (1) certificate by Secretary the Earl of Middleton that said Sylvius took leave of the King May 29 last in order to go on that service.
(2) Said bill of extraordinaries as allowed by Secretary Middleton Nov. 21 last except the first two items which are referred to the Treasury Lords.
l. s. d.
for Exchequer fees 23 6 0
for passing the privy seal twice 50 0 0
for carrying my goods to the ship and paid to the searchers of the Custom House 5 0 0
for freight of a ship to transport my coaches and goods to Copenhagen 55 0 0
for carrying my other goods from my house to a ship for Hamburg 4 0 0
for freight of my coach and goods to Hamburg 30 0 0
paid at Mr. Pepy's office for a warrant for the yacht 2 4 0
for gratifying the Captain and company of the yacht that brought me from Hamburg 34 0 0
for landing my goods at Copenhagen and for the Customs searchers 7 10 0
for landing my goods and coach at Hamburg 3 0 0
for waggons and other carriages for my servants and goods from Hamburg to Lubeck 12 0 0
for our transportation from Lubeck to Copenhagen 30 0 0
for my audience of the King of Denmark and gratifications 30 0 0
for intelligence, postage of letters and gazettes 15 0 0
for entertaining the French ambassador and several foreign ministers at receiving the news of the [English] King's victory over the rebels 15 12 0
for two journeys to Elsinore and Fredericksberg to attend the King and Council 10 0 0
for an entertainment on the King's birthday to several of the nobility and foreign ministers 14 8 0
£342 0 0
(Money order dated Dec. 10 hereon.)
Report to the King by Treasurer Rochester on the petition of Rupert Browne, concerning the 3,300l. which he lent to Col. Edwd. Vernon repayable 1684, Aug. 4, of which he can get neither principal nor interest, Vernon being sworn into the King's service and sheltering himself in Scotland Yard, wherefore petitioner prays permission to apprehend him within the King's palace and the verges thereof. I have heard both parties. Vernon conveyed part of the forest of Needwood as security for said debt. Vernon owes the money and has already used many delays in the matter. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 160–1.
Dec. 4. William Blathwayt to Henry Guy, forwarding an accompt [missing] delivered in by Sir Richard Dutton of money received by said Dutton during his Government of Barbados. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, p. 173.
Recommendation by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Christ. Sandford for a landwaiter's place [London port]. Reference Book III, p. 210.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt and the Surveyor General of Crown Lands to execute the deed of re-assignment to you by Abraham Shapton, see p. 442. Out Letters (General) IX, p. 220.
Dec. 5. Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue, out of loans on French linens, 49l. 10s. 0d. to the Treasurer of the Navy for the charge of transporting 120 soldiers and 60 horses of Col. Hamilton's Regiment of Dragoons into Ireland. (Same dated same to Mr. Stephens [Cashier to the Treasurer of the Navy] to apply the said sum as above.) Disposition Book IV, p. 105.
Same to Mr. Fox [Paymaster of the Forces] to pay to Thomas Holford, Portcullis Pursuivant, 288l. for furnishing 36 colours for the two Regiments of Foot Guards and for altering them after the first contract. Ibid.
Authorisation and appointment by Treasurer Rochester of Edward Ange (Solicitor for the King in matters relating to Recusancy) to be receiver of all the fines, forfeitures, rents, issues and profits owing to the King within the counties of England and Wales and counties Palatine of Chester, Durham and Lancashire from any persons by reason of Recusancy or of being convicted of attending any conventicle or of being excommunicated and the writ of de excommunicato capiendo being issued against them: all by reason that divers sums etc. and fines on excommunication and moneys levied by Justices on conventiclers have been concealed and never brought to account. The sheriffs, Justices of Peace and other officers are hereby to pay such moneys to said Ange and the Clerk of the Pipe is hereby to allow same in their accounts. Ange is to pay his receipts into the Exchequer within one month of receiving same, he deducting 18d. per £ for his pains in collecting and receiving same. He is to take care that all Recusants, who have not certificates of their steady loyalty and obedience to the government according to the King's order of May 11 last, be effectually prosecuted according to law. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 167.
Recommendation by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Kynvin for a place in the Customs, he having formerly served at Tangier as Attorney and Register of the Court Merchant, worth 300l. per an., and lately served in the West [against the rebels], and being recommended by Lord Dartmouth. Reference Book III, p. 210.
Dec. 5. Reference by Treasurer Rochester to William Blathwayte of the petition of Sir John Witham, bart., as follows. Hereon Blathwayt is to report what money is due to Sir Richard Dutton and what money said Dutton has received in the government of Barbados. Reference Book III, p. 211. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, p. 175.
Prefixing: said petition shewing that by the late King he [Witham] was appointed Commander-in-Chief of Barbados, Sta. Lucia, St. Vincent, Dominigo and all other the Caribbee Islands lying to windward of Guadeloupe in which government he remained as Lieut. Gov. 1683, May 1, to 1684, Dec. 10, during which time Sir Richard Dutton, the then Governor in Chief, was absent: that by privy seal of 1684, July 30, petitioner was granted 600l. a year salary from 1683, May 1, being a moiety of the salary of the Chief Governor, viz. for so long as petitioner should remain in said government which was till Sept. 10 following. Therefore prays payment of 112l. 10s. 0d. for said salary for said time.
Same by same to the Warden of the Mint and the Mint Commissioners of the petition of the East India Company as by a reference from the King dated Nov. 27 last: petitioners shewing that by their several charters they have for about 90 years past enjoyed the sole trade to the East Indies though with some interruptions in unsettled and troublous times: therefore pray to have their charters confirmed for the advancement of that trade so beneficial to this nation: also pray "that they may now have your Majesty's leave to coin in their forts in India any foreign species of money current in India which they have always practised by permission of the princes of the country; but having been at great charge to make their fortification more considerable and more independent from the power of those princes and judging it still more for your Majesty's honour and the advancement of this trade to increase their power and authority in those parts after the example of one of our neighbouring nations they humbly beg that they may have this permission from your Majesty that they may make use of it where it can conveniently be done without seeking any other licence for it." Reference Book III, p. 212.
Same by same to the Auditors of Imprests of the petition of Lau. Pocock, vicar of Nazeing, in Essex, praying to be remitted 14 years' arrears of Tenths which he finds to be due as appears by the Exchequer books, he having spent 200l. in repairs. Ibid.
Same by same to Rich. Graham and Phi. Burton of the petition of John Watson shewing that his ancestors from the days of Henry VIII were possessed of a cottage called Long Close and Coppy Law in co. Northumberland and also of the place of bailiff of Wooler in said county and that same were given to Thomas Watson, petitioner's father's great grandfather by the predecessors of Ford, late Lord Grey, for services then done by him in the then wars with France at the taking of Boulogne; and that petitioner enjoyed same till 1684, when it was seized by the Commissioners for said Lord Grey's estates, forfeit by said Lord being a rebel: said cottage is valued at 6l. per an.: petitioner has served in several engagments against the Dutch and therefore prays to enjoy said cottage and place. Ibid, p. 213.
Dec. 5. Reference by Treasurer Rochester to Rich. Graham and Phi. Burton of the petition of Robert Hall, mayor of Rye, co. Sussex, shewing that after long prosecution Thomas Turney, formerly mayor or pretended mayor of Rye, stands convict of misdemeanour, but is now willing to agree to such points as may be of use to the town and for the encouragement of the loyal men there: therefore petitioner prays a noli prosequi to the information against said Turney. Reference Book III, p. 215.
Same by same to same of the petition of Mr. Church, keeper of the Gatehouse, Westminster, shewing that by writ of habeas corpus he carried into the West, in safe custody, William Williams, Josiah Askue, Sampson Larke, Rob. Perrot and Jno. Marders at great expence to himself; that the bailiff of Westminster having no account with the King cannot repay him said expence as usually other gaols are repaid by the sheriffs of their respective counties: prays to be paid 65l. for the hire of six horses and men for 10 days and for diet and 3l. 10s. 0d. for coach hire to carry Mr. Williams to Windsor. Ibid, p. 217.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Clare, shewing that in 1678 he left his trade of a grocer to serve under Capt. Savage in Lord Gerrard's Regiment of Horse; which leaving of his trade so enraged his father that he sold an estate petitioner was heir to; that being disbanded soon after petitioner betook himself to keep a grammar school whereby he has maintained his family till of late, against winter by reason of his employ falling off and universal sickness therein, he is reduced to extremity; therefore prays a tidewaiter's place. Ibid, p. 220.
Same by same to William Hewer of the petition of James Williams, executor of Abraham Goswell, deceased, late a soldier in Capt. Tollemarsh's Company at Tangier: the said Captain being dead, his successor, Capt. Wilkinson, refuses to give a certificate of Goswell's services for which 33l. 8s. 4d. is due for arrears for work done at the fortifications. Goswell died at petitioner's house, leaving two children on his hands. Therefore prays a certificate or payment of said arrears. Ibid, p. 222.
Same by same to Mr. Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Benj. Purchas for a fresh lease of a small parcel of ground which came to the Crown by the felony of Robert Hinke; of which Major Norton had a grant and said Norton's son has conveyed to petitioner. Ibid, p. 225.
Henry Guy to Mr. Graham. What proceedings have been had upon the Commission to enquire into Cornish's estate? Out Letters (General) IX, p. 205.
Same to Sir Gilbert Talbott. Send the Lord Treasurer your answer to the enclosed copy [missing] of Serjeant Middleton's reply to your report. Ibid.
Same to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed petition [missing, see supra, p. 388], of Humphry Okeover and Richard Lovett concerning mines in Virginia, with Blathwayte's report thereon and the petitioners' answer thereto. Ibid.
Dec. 5. Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to deliver, Customs free, the goods of the Venetian Ambassador arrived in the Charlotte yacht and in another ship styled the Cornelius Martin (though that is supposed to be the name of the master, not of the ship). Out Letters (General) IX, p. 220.
Same to same to report on the enclosed petition of Sir Peter Vandeput and other merchants of London, praying that no other custom be demanded from merchants aliens and strangers or their factors (for goods exported of the product of this kingdom) than was payable by the statute of 25 Car. II, c. 6. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Hewer. You are to stop from the pay of Robt. Hughes, late a soldier at Tangier, the 5l. 5s. 0d. due from him to William Oldham. Ibid, p. 222.