Entry Book: Miscellaneous years, 1689-92

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 9, 1689-1692. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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Miscellaneous years, 1689-92

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
1689. April 24. Royal letters patent appointing John, Lord Lovelace, Warden and Chief Justice and Justice in Eyre of all forests, chaces etc., Trent North : as amply etc. as William, Earl of Southampton ; Charles, Duke of Suffolk ; Sir William Pawlett ; Lord St. John, late Marquess of Winchester ; Robert, Earl of Leicester ; Henry, Lord Hunsdon ; Charles, Earl of Nottingham ; George, Duke of Buckingham ; William, Earl of Pembroke ; Henry, Earl of Holland ; Aubrey, Earl of Exeter ; James, Duke of Monmouth ; Phillip, Earl of Chesterfield ; or Theophilus, Earl of Huntingdon : during pleasure : with all ancient fees etc. and an annuity of 100l. ; and an annual rent of 100 marcs in lieu of the profit called Justice Acre. King's Warrant Book XVI, pp. 306-8.
1691. Mar. 30. Warrant for 4,000l. for the Commissioners of Transports, see supra, p. 909, where 1691-2 should read 1691. Disposition Book IX, p. 44.
April 15. Copy of the establishment, under the King's sign manual, for additional pay to the officers of the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards : to commence as from 1689-90, Jan. 1 (Col. as Colonel, 8s. a day ; Lieut. Col. as Lieut. Col., 5s. ; Major as Major, 3s. ; 14 Captains, 6s. each ; 16 Lieutenants, 3s. each ; 12 Ensigns, 2s. each : total establishment, 8l. 12s. 0d. a day, or 3,139l. per an.). King's Warrant Book XVI, p. 324.
May 18. Money warrant for 52l. 10s. 0d. to the Solicitor General for three quarters to 1691, Lady day, on his fee.
225l. to the Earl of Nottingham [for same time].
Money Book XI, p. 55.
Oct. 16. Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 52l. per an. to Thomas Edlyn as a King's waiter, London port. Ibid, p. 167.
Dec. 1. Royal warrant to Charles Fox and Thomas Coningsby, Paymasters of the Forces in Ireland, to issue and pay all their moneys under such warrants, orders and directions as they shall receive from the Lords Justices of Ireland and the Commander in Chief of the Forces there, or any two of them, the said Commander in Chief being one ; either in pursuance of the Military and Civil Establishment, Ireland, or otherwise for the contingent uses of the Army as necessity shall require : all by reason that under the sign manual of 1690, Oct. 16, the said Paymasters were directed to pay moneys under warrants from Baron de Ginckel, Commander in Chief there, and not otherwise ; but the said Ginckel is commanded to return to England to attend the King's service. King's Warrant Book XVI, pp. 269-70.
Dec. 28. Money warrant dormant for 600l. per an. to Thomas Baker as Consul at Algier. Money Book XI, p. 276.
1691-2. Feb. 12. Money warrant for 50l. 3s. 9d. to Philip Ryley for half a year to 1691, Christmas, as a Serjeant at Arms. Ibid, p. 81.
Feb. 16. Same for 35l. to the Solicitor General for half a year to 1691, Michaelmas, on his fee. Ibid, p. 55.
Mar. 3. Royal warrant to the Earl of Ranelagh to pay to Sir Joseph Tredenham 355l. 7s. 6d. for his pay at 3s. a day from 1685, April 1, to 1691, Oct. 1, as Capt. or Keeper of the Castle of St. Maws : and 177l. 13s. 9d. for the pay of his deputy at 8d. a day for the same time. King's Warrant Book XVI, p. 314.
Mar. 4. William Lowndes [in the absence of Mr. Guy] to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] relating to the First Troop of Guards and Grenadiers. Out Letters (General) XIII, p. 240.
Mar. 7. Royal letters patent appointing Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, to be Lord Privy Seal : all as amply etc. as Henry, Earl of Bath ; Henry, Earl of Manchester ; John, Lord Roberts ; Arthur, Earl of Anglesey ; George, Marquess of Halifax ; Henry, Earl of Clarendon, or any other predecessor therein : with the annual fee of 365l., payable out of the Petty Customs of London port as from Mar. 1 inst. : during pleasure. King's Warrant Book XVI, pp. 247-8.
Mar. 14. Money warrant for 40l. 13s. 4d. to Sir Geo. Treby, kt., for half a year to Michaelmas last on his fee as Attorney General. Money Book XI, p. 55.
Mar. 24. Memorial to the King from the Treasury Lords concerning Customs officers in the Isle of Man. The letter of Dec. 31 last from the Privy Council to the Earl of Derby desired that an officer of the Customs should reside there to perform his office. He thereupon replied to the Customs Commissioners that his own officers shall in all occasions be charged to take care of and communicate to the said Commissioners what is for the King's service to be done there, but that he will not admit of any commission or private instruction from the said Commissioners to be obeyed in the said island. We submit copies of these letters to your Majesty with our opinion that it may be a great prejudice to the revenue if officers appointed by the Customs Commissioners be not permitted to act there, as they have done for several years past, because there are great opportunities of running prohibited goods ashore from the said island. We therefore offer that some care be taken that such officers be permitted by the Earl of Derby to reside in the Isle of Man and to perform their duty and have the said Earl's countenance therein. Out Letters (General) XIII, p. 245.
Privy seal for allowance to Thomas, Earl of Pembroke, as Lord Privy Seal, of 4l. per diem in lieu of the ancient diet of 16 dishes of meat heretofore settled and allowed to the Keeper of the Privy Seal as from Mar. 1 inst. King's Warrant Book XVI, pp. 249-50.
1692. Mar. 30. Money order for 10l. to John Lowe, one of the Deputy Chamberlains of the Receipt, for last Ladyday quarter on his allowance for locking up and delivering out the treasure in the Receipt. Order Book III, p. 235.
April 1. Money warrant for 1,125l. to Thomas, Marquess of Carmarthen, for three quarters to Christmas last on his allowance of 1,000l. per an. in lieu of diet formerly allowed to the President of the Privy Council and on the royal bounty allowance of 500l. per an. Money Book XI, p. 304.
Same for 480l. to Sir Joseph Williamson for three years to 1690, Christmas, on his fee of 160l. per an. as Master of the Paper Office at Whitehall. Ibid, p. 309.
Establishment under the King's sign manual for an additional pay to the officers of the First Regiment of Foot Guards, to commence from April 1 inst. (same scale as for the Coldstreamers, ut supra, p. 1960, but including 28 Captains, 32 Lieutenants and 24 Ensigns : total additional establishment, 5,986l. per an.). King's Warrant Book XVI, p. 356.
Same for same for the Coldstream Regiment, to commence from 1692, April 1 (same scale, ut supra, ibid. : total additional establishment, 3,139l. per an.). Ibid.
April 8. Royal warrant to the Lord Lieutenant, Ireland, for a great seal for a grant to Henry Guy et al., ut supra, p. 1520, of the late King's private estate in Ireland. The present warrant omits the declaratory proviso of trust (for the conveyance of any part thereof according to such instructions as the King may give under his sign manual) and orders the grant to be in free and common socage and under the rent of 6s. 8d. per an. Out Letters (Ireland) VI, p. 201.
April 14. Treasury reference to Mr. Squibb of the petition to the Queen from the servants payable in the Office of the Treasurer of the Chamber, shewing that they pay [in fees deducted at the Exchequer] 12d. in the £ for salaries and 18d. per £ for all bills for travelling charges, which will eat out their small income. Reference Book VI, p. 396.
April 15. Henry Guy to the Earl of Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe, to insert in all states of the debt of the Great Wardrobe "and in all memorials thereof" the 2,000l. due to the late Earl of Suffolk from Charles II for hangings and other furniture of the said Earl's left in the royal apartments at Audley End for his said Majesty's use : the same appearing to be due under the agreement [between said King and said Earl] of which you sent a copy to my Lords in your report of Oct. 12 last on Thomas Felton's petition, praying payment of said sum. Disposition Book X, p. 182.
April 18. Treasury confirmation of the dormant warrant for Sir Samuel Morland's pensions, ut supra, p. 877. Money Book X, p. 509.
Treasury order for the execution of the dormant warrant of 1689-90, Feb. 17, for 425l. per an. tallies for James Hamilton, ut supra, pp. 504, 561.
Likewise for same for 212l. 10s. 0d. per an. tallies for George Hamilton ut ibid.
Likewise for same for 212l. 10s. 0d. per an. for William Hamilton ut ibid.
Ibid, pp. 184, 185, 186.
Confirmation by the Treasury Lords of the dormant warrant of 1690-1, Feb. 2, for the Duchess of Grafton's 1,000l. per an. out of the Excise, ut supra, p. 999. Money Book X, p. 557.
April 19. Same by same of the dormant same of 1690-1, Feb. 2, for the Duke of Grafton's 2,000l. per an. out of the Excise, ut supra, p. 999. Ibid, p. 558.
Treasury warrant to Col. Henry Fletcher, Governor of New York, to direct the collector or Receiver General of their Majesties' revenues in New York to pay the sums as follow amounting to 2,460l. 3s. 7¾d. out of the revenues arising in the said colony, the necessary charges of the government [of said colony] being first provided for : all by reason that the officers of the two Foot Companies lately in garrison at New York and Albany petitioned the Committee for Trade and Plantations for their accounts to be examined and stated ; which petition was referred to Col. Sloughter, who certified thereon that he had examined the books and vouchers of Stephanus van Cortlandt, merchant in New York, who acted for the said Companies and did find that there was due to the officers and soldiers according to the establishment 1,103l. 9s. 8½d. and to the said Cortlandt 1,356l. 13s. 11¼d. for money disbursed by him for subsistence and other incidents relative to the said Companies : making together the said sum of 2,460l. 3s. 7¾d. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, p. 388.
April 20. Same to the Navy Commissioners to pay and apply to the Victualling the 20,000l. [this day directed to be issued to the Navy, ut supra, p. 1601]. Money Book XI, p. 300.
May 2. Royal letters patent appointing Sir John Somers, kt., to be Attorney General : during pleasure King's Warrant Book XVI, pp. 270-1.
May 24. Royal warrant to Richard, Earl of Ranelagh, to pay (out of the two thirds of the deduction of 12d. per £ from Army pay from 1690, Dec. 31, to 1692, Mar. 31) the several artificers and others named in a book delivered to you by the Surveyor General of the Works, containing the several accounts of the artificers who have been employed about Chelsea Hospital for 15 months, to wit, 1690, Dec. 31, to 1692, Mar. 31, amounting to 19,941l. 17s. 4d., see supra, p. 1796. Ibid, p. 317.
June 14. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Cullum for a deputy searcher's place, London port. Reference Book VI, p. 406.
June 24. Same to same of the petition of David D'Barry for leave to export the remainder of the lead, ut supra, p. 1580, in such shipping as he can procure for Leghorn. Ibid, p. 387.
July 13. Money order for 5l. to William Parks, porter at the gate of the Receipt of the Exchequer : for last June 24 quarter's attendance there. Order Book III, p. 289.
July 21. Entry of the execution of the warrant of 1690, Dec. 23, supra, p. 1430, for the delivery of the bond of Sir T. Griffith et al., "the original [? warrant or bond] being lost." Warrants not Relating to Money XIII, p. 403.
Aug. 10. Establishment, under the King's sign manual, allowing a chirurgeon's mate to each of the three Troops of Horse Guards and to each of the Regiments of Horse of Lord Berkeley, Col. Godfrey, Col. Windham and the Duke of Leinster and to Visct. Fitzharding's Regiment of Dragoons : at 2s. 6d. a day each as from May 1 last.
Likewise a same to the Earl of Galway's Regiment from July 1 last.
Likewise a same to Col. Lumley's Regiment of Horse from Sept. 1 next : total establishment, 1l. 5s. 0d. per day or 456l. 5s. 0d. per an.
King's Warrant Book XVI, p. 426.
Aug. 15. William Lownds [in the absence of Henry Guy] to William Blathwaite for a certificate of what the amount of their Majesties' revenue in the Plantations comes to at this time and how the same is already appropriated or assigned. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, p. 378.
Treasury reference to Mr. Aaron Smith [Treasury Solicitor] of the petition of Sir John Price, ut supra, p. 1139. Reference Book VI, p. 316.
Aug. 17. Treasury warrant to the Receipt for tallies on the Hereditary Excise and the unappropriated fourth part of the Temporary Excise for 1,000l. to Sir Stephen Evance ; in repayment of a loan to that amount, dated Aug. 11 inst. Money Book XI, p. 325.
Aug. 20. Henry Guy to Mr. Bertie. If you have in your hands an establishment for Ireland for the year 1669, please search if the Commissioners of Appeals there were on that establishment of that year and what salary they then had. Send my Lords a speedy account hereof. Out Letters (General) XIII, p. 341.
Sept. 1. Order of the Queen in Council, dated Whitehall, on reading the Treasury report as below, concerning a college in Virginia. The Queen approves said report, saving as to the clause relating to escheats : and hereby orders that the sum of 1,985l. 14s. 10d. be applied to the building of a free school and college : and that the net surplus of the quit rents (after 300l. per an. thereout to the Lieut. Governor), "which will amount to about 500l. per an.," be granted for three years, for the maintenance of the ministers, viz. 100l. to the Commissary and the remainder to be distributed by the Governor and Commissary [as an augmentation] equally among the resident ministers : and that the net product in England of the 1d. per lb. duty as below and the Crown part of forfeitures as below, and the lands on the south side of Blackwater and Pamunkee Neck, and the office of Surveyor General be granted as below for ever towards the maintenance of a free school and college. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, pp. 353-363.
Preceded by. (1) Report, ut supra, p. 1725, dated 1692, July 15, to the King from the Treasury Lords on the two memorials, the first, ut supra, p. 1408, concerning a free school and college to be erected in Virginia, and desiring bestowal of several branches of the revenue or rights of the Crown ; the second, supra, p. 1409, concerning an augmentation of the salaries or maintenance of the ministers [of religion] in the said Colony. We referred same to William Blathwayte and the Customs Commissioners, and we submit their reports, ut supra, pp. 1503-4 and infra, p. 1965.
We see no objection to a grant of the following particulars, "which doth not appear to us to have been appropriated or to be necessary for the immediate support of the Government in that Colony," viz. :
(i) the 1,985l. 14s. 10d. mentioned in said Blathwayt's report. But in reference hereto we must observe that your Majesty pays 600l. per an. (upon the establishment of the Forces in England) to the executors of Lord Culpeper for his surrender of the quit rents in 1684 : and that if the 1,985l. 14s. 10d. be granted as desired the Governor of Virginia would have [to have] recourse to your Majesty if money should be wanted for fortifications or other unforeseen exigencies of the Government in Virginia.
(ii) The growing quit rents, which are particularly desired for a salary to the Commissary of the Clergy and the residue to be distributed among the several ministers of the country by way of augmentation.
(iii) The net product arising in England of the duty of 1d. per lb. on exported tobacco, after sale here of said tobacco as proposed above by the Customs Commissioners.
(iv) The lands on the south side of Blackwater and Pamunkey Neck to the extent of 10,000 acres in each tract : in free and common socage.
(v) The office of Surveyor General in Virginia to be in the disposal of the College whenever vacant.
(vi) All escheats to the Crown (not already directed) by any law there made : but it is a point of law whether escheats can be granted before they actually accrue by the failure of heirs general or special.
(2) Blathwayt's report of 1691-2, Feb. 22, ut supra, pp. 1503-4.
(3) Report, dated 1692, June 30, to the Treasury Lords from the Customs Commissioners on the memorial and papers concerning the erecting a free school and college in Virginia (as by the reference of April 21 last, supra, p. 1605). We have no cognizance of the quit rents and other revenues in Virginia (which it is desired to be appropriated to the maintenance of said college) save only the penny per lb. on tobacco exported thence to any other of their Majesties' Plantations, being a duty imposed by 25 Car. II., c. 7, which was intended not so much to raise a revenue to the Crown as to prevent an unlimited trade then in practice of carrying tobacco to another [Plantation] and conveying it thence into divers parts of Europe to the great hurt and diminution of the Customs and of the trade and navigation of this kingdom. According thereto it has been the constant care of the Customs Commissioners, England, by instructions to the officers and otherwise, to restrain [restrict] as much as possible the shipping of tobacco and other the enumerated commodities to England only ; insomuch that the whole produce of this imposition in Virginia and Maryland hath little more than defrayed the officers' salaries, boat hire and other incidents for the managing and collecting thereof. Yet, nevertheless, could the said duty be well and truly collected (which hath hitherto been rendered very difficult by reason of the large rivers in the country and distance thereof from each other), it might reasonably be supposed that the same would amount to 3-400l. per an. more than the necessary charges of the management and collection as aforesaid besides what may arise to the King by the King's share of forfeitures on bonds, ships and personal informations, by a vigorous and effectual execution of the Acts of Trade and Navigation within Maryland and Virginia. The collection of the said duty and the whole business of the Act of Parliament relating thereto is to be ordered and managed by the Customs Commissioners, England, under the authority of the Treasury, and may not therefore (however appropriated to particular uses by such grant as is desired) be otherwise managed. But the Governor of the said College may be very serviceable by supervising and inspecting the actions and proceedings of the [revenue] officers in the matter in order to a more strict collection of the duty and more due observance of the Acts of Navigation, and may also render to England from time to time an account of any undue practices in the said offices. We therefore offer that instead of allowing to the officers (six collectors and one Comptroller in Virginia and two collectors and one Comptroller in Maryland) three fourths of their collection of the said duty of 1d. per lb., together with incidents, there may be established certain salaries on them from 30l. to 50l. per an., and that all tobacco collected in lieu of said duty may be brought to England and pay duty and be sold and the produce applied to said salaries etc. and the residue towards the said [College's] uses, if granted as prayed.
(4) Order of reference, dated Whitehall, 1692, July 28, from the Privy Council to the Attorney General of the above report of the Treasury Lords, viz. as to the point of the grant of escheats.
(5) Undated report thereon to the King in Council by Sir J. Sommers and Sir Tho. Trevor.
It appears to us that the tenure by which the lands in Virginia are holden of the Crown of England is in free and common socage as of the manor of East Greenwich. The consequence of this is that where any person dies without heir his land will escheat to the Crown as having the immediate seigniory. We are of opinion that escheats of this nature cannot be granted before they happen otherwise than by a grant or alienation of the seigniory itself, which we suppose is not intended to be done.
There are other escheats upon attainders of treason which are not incident to the tenure, but belong to the Crown as a prerogative royal, of whomsoever the land be holden. It seems to us very doubtful whether such royal escheats may in any manner be granted before they happen. But if it might be done we do not think it advisable for the Crown to part with such a right and to put the forfeitures for treason in other hands.
(6) Undated memorial concerning 2,000l. raised out of the quit rents now begged for the College of Virginia : as calendared in Calendar of State Papers, America and West Indies, 1689-92, pp. 672-4 : being in effect a reply and traverser of the concluding paragraphs of the above Treasury report with regard to the necessity of conserving the quit rents for the requirements of the contingent charges of the Government of Virginia. In reply whereto the writer asserts that whatever forts have been built in the country and any charge of maintaining garrisons in them has still [always] been defrayed by a public levy upon the people who have never been backward, when ever the Governor called an Assembly when they were far less numerous and consequently not so able to bear the charge of a public levy as now they are etc. ut ibid.
[This memorial is probably by James Blair.]
Sept. 20. Great seal appointing John, Visct. Fitzharding, to be Keeper of the Pall Mall in St. James's Park, with a grant of all that house or lodge called the Mall House and a little garden thereto belonging near the said Pall Mall, during pleasure, with the wages, fee and allowance of 100l. per an. The present grant is to revoke the grant of 1689, June 11, of the premises to John How, esq. King's Warrant Book XVII, pp. 138-9.
Oct. 26. Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, Sir Nathaniell Johnson, Anthony Rowe, Robert Nott and William Bridges of the forfeited estate of John Hind, goldsmith, deceased : as by an inquisition taken at the Globe Tavern in Hatton Garden, co. Middlesex, 1685, Sept. [sic ? Oct.] 25, before Sir Benjamin Thorowgood and Sir Thomas Kinsey, then sheriffs of Middlesex, under a writ of extent out of the Exchequer, dated 1685, Sept. 9, issued against Anthony Rowe, Sir Nathaniell Johnson, Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, Robert Nott, Thomas Duck (since dead), Patrick (since Sir Patrick) Trant, William Bridges, John Hind (since dead) and Lemuell Kingdon (since dead) for the several debts of 33,800l., 77,870l. 9s. 9d. and 60,000l. in the said writ mentioned and likewise another inquisition taken in London 1685, Sept. 15, before Sir Peter Vandeputt and Sir William Gostlin, then sheriffs of London, by virtue of a writ of extent out of the Exchequer against said Hind and John Toplady, who was his partner : and likewise another inquisition taken in London 1685, Nov. 2, before the last [sic ? first] named sheriffs by virtue of the said last named writ : and likewise another inquisition taken in London 1685-6, Feb. 16, by virtue of the same writ : and likewise another inquisition taken at Wells in Somerset 1685-6, Jan. 14, before Edward Baber, then sheriff of co. Somerset, by virtue of a writ of extent out of the Exchequer against said Rowe, Johnson, Bradshaw, Nott, Trant, Hind and Bridges for the debt of 33,800l.
All to hold to the said Bradshaw, Johnson, Rowe, Nott and Bridges to their only use and behoof.
And whereas the said Hind stood indebted to said Trant singly or jointly or in partnership with the said grantees and the said Trant stands outlawed for high treason, by reason whereof the Crown is entitled to the last recited debts, it is hereby ordered that a proviso and agreement on the part of the present grantees be inserted that they stand possessed thereof in trust for the Crown.
Appending : copies of the returns of the aforesaid inquisitions, setting out in full detail the lands and debts and other estate of the said Hind as follows : viz. the mansion house formerly called Clarendon House and afterwards commonly called Albemarle House in St. Martins in the Fields ; lands called Pennyless Bank and Stone Conduit Field ; houses in Monck Street in the tenure of — Burroughes and Benjamin Leach, John Standbrooke, — Applebie, — Bradon, — Herbourne, Lord Dover, Sir Thomas Bond, — Holbech, — Ball, — Herne ; houses in Albemarle Street in the tenure of — Coombe, John Hind, — Langford, Andrew Prescott ; houses in Clarendon Street in the tenure of — Hohnes, widow, — King, — South. — White, — Ball, — Lichborne, — Coombes, Lord Dover and Sir Thomas Bond, — Card, all the above of the clear annual value of 100l.
The land called Conduit Mead in St. James's parish.
Tenements in St. Martins in the Fields in the tenure of Thomas Greenfeild and William Adams ; land or sites in Lower Hayhillfeild in St. Martins in the Fields and St. James's fronting the rivulet called Hayhill Brook.
Messuages near Clare Market in St. Clements Danes in the occupation of Henry Oldham and 33 others detailed ; five eighths part of the market called Brooke Market in St. Andrew, Holborn, with messuages thereon in the occupation of Isaac Baxter and 12 others detailed.
Ground called Hampden Garden near King Street near Downing Street abutting on lands of Richard Frith, Cadogan Thomas and Sir George Downing and on the land of the Earl of Danby, late part of Cockpit ; a piece of land abutting on the Tennis Court in the tenure of Sir John Cutler.
A messuage or hospice in High Holborn called the Red Lyon Inn, late in the tenure of Leonard Street and now of George Roberts.
Messuages in High Holborn late in the tenure of Christiana Johnson, widow ; land in St. Andrew's, Holborn, between Grays Inn Lane and the King's Gate in Holborn ; a timber yard there in the tenure of George Hall and late of Mary Rochford on the west side of the road leading from the King's Gate to King Street in Bloomsbury ; a shed in the tenure of Thomas Gaskin.
A rent of 45s. out of land in Cable Street, formerly called Rosemary Street, near the corner of Well Street, and in the tenure of Henry Ford ; the like out of other lands there in the tenure of Thomas Jordan, William Keene, Henry Ford, Richard Enstead, Henry Barg, Edward Sawyer, John Yoe, William Prideaux (including a furnace called the Glass House) ; the Ship alehouse near East Smithfield in the tenure of William Blackwell, lands in Shorter Street in the tenure of Alexander Sparrowhawk, George Proctor.
Lands etc. in St. Michael, Cornhill, in the tenure of William Longland, in St. Helens, Bishopsgate Within in the tenure of Henry Ewin ; messuages etc. in Temple Hidon in Blagdon, co. Somerset, in the tenure of Richard Feare, — Woolland, widow, Joan Gallop, John Lockstone, Walter Thatcher.
King's Warrant Book XVI, pp. 377-417.
Nov. 7. Additional Establishment under the King's sign manual for an augmentation of pay to the Reformed Officers of the Regiment of Horse under Visct. Galway : to commence from 1692, August 1 (Major, 2s. extra ; 18 Captains, 3s. 9d. extra ; 27 Lieutenants 3s. 9d. extra ; 27 cornets, 2s. 10d. extra per diem, or in all 12l. 7s. 3d. per diem or 4,512l. 6s. 3d. per annum). King's Warrant Book XVII, p. 218.
Dec. 23. Royal letters patent constituting Thomas Rymer to be Historiographer Royal, with all the rights, advantages etc. thereto, as amply as Thomas Shadwell or any other predecessor therein : with an annuity or yearly pension of 200l. from Sept. 29 last. King's Warrant Book XVII, pp. 97-8.