Minute Book: April 1689

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 9, 1689-1692. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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April 1689

1689. April 10.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Earl of Monmouth, Lord Delamere, Sir Henry Capel.
His Majesty came in.
Ordered : that the [Coronation] medals for the House of Commons be delivered to Visct. Newport and by him to the Speaker ; and that what are left be returned into the Exchequer.
That a warrant be prepared to renew the Commission of Excise, with clauses for collecting the arrears of Hearthmoney : and that a new warrant be prepared for the Commission of the Customs ; "to pass here" [in the Treasury].
[Treasury Minute Book VII, p. 1.]
April 12. Present : Earl of Monmouth, Lord Delamere, Lord Godolphin, Sir Henry Capell.
The Customs Commissioners are to attend about naming their solicitor.
A list is to be provided of all officers depending on the disposition of this Board.
[Ibid, p. 2.]
April 13. Present : ut supra.
Mr. Harbord brought a message from the King that Marshal Schomberg should have 3,000l., by 500l. a week. My Lords will enquire of the King how he pleases to have it paid, whether as wages, gratuity etc.
On petition days the outward doors to be kept shut up.
The names of the present Commissioners of Appeals [in Excise] and of all the now pretenders and petitioners are to be laid before my Lords.
Mr. Gay to bring in his accompt of secret service.
The Agents for Taxes are to attend the next meeting.
Mr. Parry and Mr. Wilcox to attend then.
All petitions for offices relating to the Customs are to be referred to the Customs Commissioners as of course.
[Ibid, p. 3.]
April 16. Present : Earl of Monmouth, Lord Delamere, Lord Godolphin, Sir Henry Capell, Mr. Hampden.
Mr. Smith, the Knight Harbinger, called in and ordered to make the best bargain he can for Berkshire House for the entertainment of Ambassadors for half a year.
The Attorney General to attend on Friday with his opinion on the grant to the Earl of Dorset of the housekeeper[ship] of Greenwich.
A warrant ordered for a privy seal for the Chancellor of the Garter and the Poor Knights of Windsor.
The Customs Commissioners called in. Resolved (on their desire) that their quorum be three. The Earl of Shrewsbury to be desired to alter the bill [for their patent] in the King's presence accordingly.
Mr. Thomas Fox [Customs Cashier] called in and ordered to pay 4,916l. 13s. 11d. of Dutch money, received at Exeter for Customs, into the Exchequer at the rates expressed in the Proclamation for that purpose.
The Earl of Ranelagh to attend to-morrow at Hampton Court to give an account what is necessary to be provided for the Army.
The like notice to Mr. Harbord.
Sir Vere Fane to attend on Friday.
Mr. Vane and Sir William Bowes to attend on Friday.
[Treasury Minute Book VII, p. 4.]
[Out Letters (General) XII, p. 3.]
April 17.
Hampton Court.
Present : all my Lords.
The King came in.
The Earl of Ranelagh called in and 24,950l. 15s. 8d. was ordered him [for the Forces] on several heads of a paper delivered in to the Board.
Ordered by the King that out of such money as comes in upon the loans on "the late" Act of Parliament the Treasury Lords may dispose of such part as they think fit for discharging the arrears due to the officers of the Troops marched northwards.
Mr. William Harbord called in. Ordered that he have 15,000l. upon account, for the service of Ireland.
Ordered that 12d. per £ be deducted out of the pay for the Forces designed for Ireland, [whereof] 6d. to Mr. Harbord ; the other 6d. to be applied as the King shall direct.
Mr. Russell [Treasurer of the Navy] called in and 6,000l. ordered him for the Navy.
Ordered that the Victuallers of the Navy have 8,000l. (altered to) 6,000l.
Ordered that 4,000l. be paid to the Treasurer of the Ordnance.
Order for 500l. to Sir Christopher Wrenn upon account.
Order for 500l. for the Privy Purse.
Order for a privy seal [dormant] for 25,000l. to Mr. Jephson [the Treasury Secretary for the King's money or secret service].
Order for 140l. to the Lord Privy Seal.
Order for 500l. to Henry Killegrew.
Order for 500l. for Marshal Schomberg out of secret service [money].
The Attorney and Solicitor General to report if Mr. Aaron Smith be a fit person to be Solicitor of the Treasury.
[Treasury Minute Book VII, p. 5.]
April 19.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present : all my Lords.
Sir Eliab Harvey called in. My Lords will consider his bill and lay it before the King.
The Attorney General called in concerning the Earl of Dorset's docquet for the housekeeper's place of Greenwich. Lord Godolphin is to send to the Attorney the grant made to Trustees for the late Queen.
The Earl of Ranelagh called in and 10,000l. is ordered him towards the arrears due to officers of 13 Regiments marched northward [viz.] from Jan. 1 [last] to Mar. 1 [last].
A privy seal ordered to discharge said Earl for moneys by him paid.
Sir Vere Fane, Mr. Mun and Mr. Farthing called in and their petition read. Ordered to bring their proposals in writing next Monday.
Mr. Vane and Sir William Bowes called in and heard concerning the chief rangership of [the Forest of] Teesdale. My Lords will report the [matter of] fact to the King.
Ordered that Mr. Smith hire Berkshire House for 200l. for half a year.
[Treasury Minute Book VII, p. 6.]
April 20. Present : Earl of Monmouth, Lord Godolphin, Mr. Hampden.
Mr. Cooling to procure an order from the Committee of Irish Affairs to provide 12,000l. to be sent to Londonderry ; and my Lords will meet next Monday morning.
The Agents for Taxes to attend next Monday.
When petitions are brought in the date on which they are exhibited is to be entered on the back thereof.
The petitions of the Alienation Office, the Wine Licences and the Commissioners of Appeals [in Excise] are to be laid before the King.
[Ibid, p. 7.]
April 23. [No entry of attendance or minutes.]
[Ibid, p. 8.]
April 24. Present : Earl of Monmouth, Lord Godolphin, Mr. Hampden.
The Victuallers of the Navy are to attend to-morrow afternoon.
Warrant ordered for installing the Bishop of Sarum's First Fruits.
A privy seal ordered for 100,000l. to Visct. Newport, Cofferer, for the Household.
The Navy Commissioners to attend on the 26th inst. about the Chatham chest.
Present : ut supra and Sir Henry Capell.
The King came in.
Order for 18,603l. 1s. 10d. to the Earl of Ranelagh according to a paper [of the requirements of the Forces] delivered in this day.
Order for 4,000l. to Mr. William Harbord.
Order for 6,000l. for the Navy : likewise for 6,000l. for the Victualling.
Order for 2,000l. to Mr. Jephson for secret service.
Order for 500l. to the Privy Purse.
Order for 1,500l. to the Duke of Northumberland.
Order for 140l. to the Speaker [of the Commons].
Ordered that according to the rules the money for Foreign Ministers be ordered by this Board.
Order for 2,000l. towards the quarter [salary] book of the Customs [London port].
Order for 1,000l. to the Ordnance Office on its ordinary.
Order for 2,000l. to Visct. Newport for the Household.
Order for 1,000l. for the Great Wardrobe.
[Treasury Minute Book VII, p. 9.]
April 26. Present : Earl of Monmouth, Lord Godolphin, Sir H. Capell, Mr. Hampden.
Mr. Shales, the Earl of Berkeley and the Earl of Ranelagh are to attend next Tuesday morning.
To move the King about 500l. a week for Marshal Schomberg till 3,000l. be paid according to a former messuage from the King by Mr. Harbord.
To move the King on behalf of Mr. Philip Howard.
The officers of the Mint to attend next Tuesday morning.
Ordered that Auditor Aldworth bring in the account stated of Mr. Harby's interest (struck through).
The Attorney General to report concerning the Earl of Dorset's grant of the housekeepership of Greenwich.
[Ibid, p. 10.]
[Out Letters (General) XII, p. 9.]
April 30. Present : Lord Delamere, Lord Godolphin, Sir Henry Capell.
To move his Majesty about money borrowed of Sir B. Wray and others in the West.
Afternoon : present : Lord Godolphin, Sir Henry Capell, Mr. Hampden.
Ordered that the Master of the Jewel House send in the list of such plate as has been delivered out of the Jewel House and is not yet accounted for.
Write to the Receivers of Excise and Hearthmoney to stop the last quarterly payments to Mr. Grahme, now prisoner in the Tower, till further order.
Ordered that all petitions for places in the Excise be referred to the Excise Commissioners.
[Treasury Minute Book VII, p. 11.]