Entry Book: Miscellaneous years, 1687-89

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 9, 1689-1692. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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Miscellaneous years, 1687-89

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
1687. Mar. 25. Certificate of the receipt by Henry Guy of 60l. from William Blathwayt between 1686, Dec. 31, and 1687, Mar. 25 ; which sum was remitted to said Blathwaite from Jamaica and was by said Guy paid to his then Majesty's use and the said Guy discharged thereof by an account allowed 1686-7, Mar. 22.
Further, said Guy hereby acknowledges to have received from Sir Thomas Finch, late Governor of Jamaica, 962l. 8s. 9d., which Guy paid to their then Majesties and to their respective uses, and was discharged by an account allowed 1684-5, Feb. 15.
Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, p. 309.
Mar. 8. Royal letters patent appointing Nicho. Lechmere (a Serjeant at Law) as a Baron of the Exchequer quamdiu se bene gesseret.
John Turton (a same) as a same.
King's Warrant Book XIV, p. 89.
Mar. 18. Same appointing Sir John Powell (a Serjeant at Law) as a Justice of Common Pleas, quamdiu nobis placuerit. Ibid, p. 85.
Mar. 23. Same constituting Sir Edward Nevile (a Serjeant at Law) as a Baron of the Exchequer, quamdiu nobis placuerit. (A fresh patent dated April 20 for same as same, quamdiu se bene gesserit.) Ibid, p. 106.
1689. April 22. Same constituting Christopher Tancred as Master of the Harriers as amply etc. as William Ryder, Thomas Ellyot, junr., Thomas Ellyot, senr., or any other predecessor therein : with the annuity of 50l. : with the right of constituting all and singular officers, valets, garcons "tam Barners quam Veantrers" on any vacancy. Ibid, pp. 303-4.
April 30. Privy seal for 500l. as equipage and 5l. a day as ordinary to William, Lord Paget, as Envoy Extraordinary to the Emperor of Germany : the first three months' ordinary to be advanced : together with the usual clause for allowance of his extraordinaries. Ibid, p. 84.
June 11. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to permit Ceorge Fletcher and Tho. Hodgson to enter 460 hogsheads of tobacco arrived at Whitehaven, designed for Ireland, but which they could not send thither because of the distractions there. It is to be warehoused and delivered out as the duty is paid. Out Letters (Customs) XII, p. 35.
Aug. 3. Treasury reference to same of the petition of David Pare, a French Protestant merchant of Rochelle, shewing that in May, 1688, he shipped some French lace at Rochelle for Waterford in Ireland, where that lace is not prohibited, but the ship being driven into Plymouth the same is seized : therefore prays restoration of the goods. Reference Book VI, p. 100.
Aug. 5. Treasury warrant to same to admit to entry two bales of cinnamon imported to Liverpool from Dublin by Mr. Knap and Mr. Bateman, lately fled from Dublin for refuge in distress ; same being consigned to William Squire and having been formerly exported [to Ireland from England] by certificate whereon the merchants did draw back the half subsidy and the whole additional duty according to the second rule of the Book of Rates. Instead of demanding the whole subsidy and additional duty (according to the practice of other ports) the collector of Liverpool is to demand only the half subsidy and whole additional duty so drawn back as above : all in view of the distressed condition of said Knap and Bateman. Out Letters (Customs) XII, p. 56.
Aug. 23. Same to same to employ Edward Harfell as a landwaiter, London port, loco Thomas Fowler, lately dismissed. Ibid.
Sept. 10. Treasury reference to same of the petition of Eliz. Yeates, praying a tidesman's place in fee for her husband ; he having been employed for some time as a tidesman in extraordinary, "which at this juncture will not afford bread." Reference Book VI, p. 97.
Dec. 20. See supra, p. 98, under date 1689, April 30, for the order concerning the Prince and Princess of Denmark's pension. Money Book X, p. 10.
Dec. 24. Treasury order to Mr. Harbord. Surveyor General of Crown Lands, to report a valuation of Lady Marshall's [Marischal's] house, petitioned for by William Blathwayt, ut supra, p. 306. Reference Book VI, p. 105.