Entry Book: Miscellaneous years, 1689-90

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 9, 1689-1692. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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Miscellaneous years, 1689-90

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
1689. April 4. Royal letters patent constituting Charles, Earl of Shrewsbury, as one of the Principal Secretaries of State : with the annuity or annual rent of 100l. out of the Exchequer payable quarterly from Christmas last. King's Warrant Book XIV, p. 392.
April 6. Same appointing Daniel, Earl of Nottingham, as one of the Principal Secretaries of State : during pleasure : with all the emoluments etc. of said office and with an annuity or annual rent of 100l. out of the Exchequer, for the support of his said office from Christmas last. Ibid, XV, pp. 337-8.
June 11. Same granting to John How, esq. (Vice Chamberlain to the Queen), the custody or office of Keeper of the Pall Mall in the park commonly called St. James's Park and of the house or lodge called the Mall House and a little garden thereto belonging situate near the said Pall Mall : during pleasure : with the wages, fee and allowance of 100l. per an. payable quarterly as from Christmas last. Ibid, pp. 162-3.
July 25. Same constituting Nicholas Courtney of the Inner Temple, esq., to be Attorney General of the Duchy of Cornwall : during pleasure : to be executed by himself or deputy : with the annual fee of 50l. : payable half yearly as from Michaelmas last out of the revenues of said Duchy : as amply etc. as John Baldwyn, Richard Rich, John Penne, Thomas Harrison, Hanibal Vivian or Richard Lane or any other former holder of said office. Ibid, p. 84.
Aug. 22. Privy seal for 500l. as equipage and 5l. a day as ordinary to Charles, Visct. Dursley, as Envoy Extraordinary to the States General : the ordinary to be payable quarterly, with the first quarter in advance : with the usual clause for allowance for his extraordinaries. The privy seal of 1689, May 23 (for the like equipage and ordinary as Envoy Extraordinary to Spain, as which the King then designed to send him), is superseded hereby and any payments already made on that privy seal are to be taken as in satisfaction of so much on the present privy seal. Ibid, pp. 11-12.
Sept. 6. Money order for 5,876l. 7s. 6d. to Henry D'Nassau, Sieur d'Auverquere, Master of the Horse, as by the privy seal of 1689, Aug. 22, supra, p. 220. Order Book III, p. 228.
Oct. 10. Privy seal for 600l. per an. to Col. Edwyn Stede as Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of Barbados : to be paid as from 1687-8, Jan. 17 (to which date the like yearly sum has been paid him under the like privy seal of James II of date 1687, April 28), to 1688-9, Jan. 19, and thenceforward during his continuance in that employment, but to cease to be paid on the arrival of the Captain General and Governor in Chief in said Island. To be payable out of the Four and a Half per cent. duty arising in Barbados and the Leeward Islands. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) I, pp. 340-1.
Oct. 12. Royal letters patent erecting and establishing an office to be known for ever hereafter by the name of Housekeeper and Wardrobe Keeper of the King's house at Kensington : and constituting Simon de Brienne and Mary de Brienne his wife and the longer liver of them to the said office : during pleasure : with the yearly salary or allowance of 300l. : to be payable quarterly as from Michaelmas last. King's Warrant Book XV, pp. 119-20.
Dec. 18. Royal warrant to the Treasury Lords to pay 1,000l. to Col. Thomas Hill, Lieutenant Governor of the Leeward Islands, as imprest in part of the arrears due to him and other the officers and soldiers of the two Foot Companies in said islands and in consideration of the great necessities of the officers and soldiers thereof for want of their pay, the last payment to the said Companies having been made 1683, July 7. The present sum is to be apportioned as follows, viz. two years' arrears to Col. Hill as Captain of one of the two Companies and the remainder for providing clothes and other necessaries for the said soldiers and for their present subsistence. King's Warrant Book XIV, p. 447.
1689-90. Jan. 15. Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to constitute and appoint John Knight to be Comptroller of First Fruits and Tenths, with the fee of 150l. per an. payable quarterly out of First Fruits : during pleasure : as from Christmas last : with a clause to authorise the Receiver of the Revenue of First Fruits to pay said Knight 150l. for 2½ years' salary to Christmas last at the rate of 60l. per an. All by reason that James II by great seal dated 1687, Dec. 9, for regulating several abuses and irregularities frequently committed in the office of Remembrancer of First Fruits, constituted the said office of Comptroller, with the fee of 60l. per an. ; and the present King intends the redress of the said abuses and irregularities to the end that all receipts, payments, accounts, processes and other matters touching the Office of First Fruits and Tenths may be duly ordered and regulated according to such rules as shall from time to time be issued by the King or the Treasury Lords and has therefore annexed the fee of 150l. per an. to the said Comptroller's Office. The former fee of 60l. per an. is hereby to cease. Ibid, p. 446.
Jan. 29. Same to same for a same in the form of an indenture to appoint William Young, Gerard Russell, John Machell, Daniel St. Germain and Albion Chaire of London to be Commissioners of Wine Licences to replace the preceding indenture of 1682, Sept. 12, supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. VII, p. 600, which similarly appointed Henry (afterwards Sir Henry) Dering (since deceased), William Young, John Taylor (since deceased), Michael Brighouse and Robert Ryves (both since deceased) to be Commissioners of the same under terms therein. Upon the death of the said Taylor and Brighouse the three then surviving Commissioners (Dering, Young and Ryves) nominated Gerard Russell to be a Commissioner and he was thereupon so constituted by patent of James II. By the death of Dering and Ryves said Young is left sole survivor of the five original Commissioners and he has nominated John Machell, Daniel St. Germain and Albion Chaire to be Commissioners thereof with him and said Russell. At the instance of said Young, and to the intent that the covenants and agreements of the indenture of 1682, Sept. 12, ut supra, p. 600, may be fulfilled for the residue of the term of 8½ years as therein, the King does hereby constitute said Young, Russell, Machell, St. Germain and Chaire, their survivors and nominees (to be approved by the Treasury) to be Commissioners for Wine Licences during the residue of said term of 8½ years with powers, ut supra, ibid., and to receive the rents and revenues of such licences to the use of them and of other persons in the proportions and form of the said indenture and under the provisoes as therein ; and under payment of the rent of 10,000l. per an., which the herein Commissioners covenant truly to pay to the King. Further, the King hereby declares that the remainder, yet un-repaid, of the 30,000l. by them advanced, with 6 per cent interest only ("the reward of 2l. per cent per an. which was comprized in the said recited indenture and since the making thereof is released and discharged always excepted"), may be retained by them out of the half yearly rents as in the said recited indenture : and that the Treasury Lords shall [further] make them such defalcations or abatements as may be fit under the King's covenant for defalcations as in the said indenture : but the powers etc. herein to be liable to forfeiture for non-payment of rent. The said Commissioners hereby covenant to keep and present true accounts of the said revenue as in the said recited indenture. The King further hereby agrees that the 1,800l. per an., or so much thereof as the said revenue has produced over and above the rent of 10,000l. per an. till Christmas last, shall be allowed to the said Young "and the Commissioners aforesaid who have acted till that time" for their own and officers' salaries, house [office] rent and incidents ; and if from Christmas last the said revenue shall for the residue of the said term produce more than 10,000l. per an., then 800l. per an. shall be allowed them "as formerly" for such officers' salaries, rent and incidents "or so much thereof as the overplus produced [above 10,000l.] by the said revenue will extend unto" ; and if the said revenue (including all debts) shall from Christmas last produce more than 10,800l. per an. then the herein Commissioners shall be allowed 1,000l. per an. for their own salaries (being 200l. each) or so much towards said 1,000l. per an. as the said overplus will extend to. And if it shall appear by stated accounts that the said revenue shall have produced more than 11,800l. per an. then they hereby covenant to answer the said residue to the King after deduction of a poundage of 2s. per £ on such overplus (which poundage is to be to their own use), but without any further or other defalcation or abatement thereon. If there be such overplus in one year but a shortage (on said 11,800l. per an.) in another year, then the deficiency of a preceding year shall be made good out of the surplus of the subsequent year [before the surplus reckoning arrangement be made as herein]. Finally the Commissioners covenant not to exercise the trade of a wine merchant or vintner etc., ut supra, ibid. Ibid, pp. 408-18.
Feb. 19. Royal letters patent appointing William Cheyne, esq., Sir John Knatchbull, bart., and Sir William Pulteney, kt., to be Commissioners for the Privy Seal ("for executing the office of Keeper of the Privy Seal") : during pleasure : as amply as George, Marquess of Halifax, or any other Keeper of the Privy Seal : with the yearly fee of 365l. out of the Petty Customs of London port as from date hereof. The patent of said Marquess of Halifax of about Mar. 8 last as Lord Privy Seal is hereby revoked. King's Warrant Book XV, pp. 79-80, 435-6.
Feb. 25. Privy seal appointing Pierre Guenon de Beaubuison as Gentleman of the Bowes : during pleasure : with the annuity or yearly fee of 58l. 5s. 0d. as from 1689, Lady day : payable quarterly : all as amply etc. as Gervase Price, Ludowick Carlile, William Fenwick or any other Gentleman of the Bowes. King's Warrant Book XV, p. 38.
1690. Mar. 25. Treasury order renewing the dormant money warrant of 1689, June 22, for Anthony Segar's salary, ut supra, p. 160. Money Book X, p. 41.
April 10. Privy seal for 300l. per an. to Hugh Hughes, gent., whom the King has thought fit to employ in his service in Germany : to date from Mar. 25 last and to be payable quarterly until his return into the presence : and further for the immediate payment of 200l. to him, which the King is pleased to give him for services already performed by him in Germany : together with the usual clause for allowance of his extraordinaries during his present service. King's Warrant Book XV, p. 79.
Same for Visct. Dursley's ordinary as Plenipotentiary at the Hague Congress, see supra, p. 801, under dated 1690, Sept. 5. Ibid, p. 12.
April 15. Treasury reference to Bartholomew Fillingham et al. [Agents for Taxes] of the petition of Thomas Franklin praying allowance of 30l. for his charges as solicitor in co. Northampton of the 12d. Aid [1 Wm. and Mary, c. 20], wherein he made it his whole employ to see the Act duly executed and (by his inspection after the assessments were made) did cause such advances therein as in some towns 5l., in others 10l., which in the whole was very considerable. Reference Book VI, p. 163.
May 5. For the money warrant for 60l. to John Northcot, see supra, p. 777. Money Book X, p. 448.
May 7. Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a great seal for provision for the Prince and Princess of Denmark as follows : By the Act [2 Wm. and Mary, Sess. 2, c. 3] granting certain impositions on beer etc. it is enacted that the King should grant by patent a yearly rent or sum of 20,000l. to the Princess of Denmark for life and after her to the Prince her husband and their issue if the said Princess should die during the life of the present King or Queen : to be paid out of the Excise so granted. In accordance therewith the King hereby grants said yearly sum to be payable quarterly out of the Exchequer as from 1690, Lady day, the first quarter's payment to be made at 1690, June 24, and without deduction of any fees or taxes : and in case of the Princess's decease as above the Prince of Denmark shall hereby have for his natural life 8,000l. per an. as his part or proportion of the said 20,000l. per an., to be similarly free of all taxes and other charges. The remaining 12,000l. per an. of said 20,000l. per an. is hereby to be for the benefit of any child or children of said Prince and Princess, with reversionary right to the whole 20,000l. per an. in case both their parents die during the life of both or either of the present King and Queen. And hereby Lawrence, Earl of Rochester, John, Earl of Marlborough, Sidney, Lord Godolphin, Sir John Trevor, kt., Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Benjamin Bathurst, Treasurer of the Revenue and Household of the Prince and Princess of Denmark, are appointed trustees of said 12,000l. per an. and [ultimately] of said 20,000l. per an. contingent upon such deceases as above, as in trust for said children, that is to say, the whole for one child if there be but one, or the whole to be equally divided if there be more than one ; to be payable to the male children till they attain 21 years of age and to the female children till they attain the age of 18 or be married, when the said trustees shall assign to each such child his or her portion. And whereas by privy seal dated Feb. 22 last 20,000l. was directed to be paid to said Prince and Princess of Denmark and thereon 10,000l. has been already issued by tallies, it is hereby directed that no further payment shall be made on the said privy seal, but that same shall be void as to the remaining 10,000l. unpaid thereon. King's Warrant Book XV, pp. 196-206.
May 14. Treasury reference to Sir Jo. Osborne, Comptroller of the Lottery Farm, and to Mr. Lowndes of the petition of the pensioners who are paid out of said farm : petitioners shewing that at the taking of the farm the farmers advanced a whole year's rent, whereby in the last year of the farm, which ends 1691, Michaelmas, they are only to pay a peppercorn : so that unless petitioners be paid their pensions for 1690, Michaelmas, to 1691, Michaelmas, out of the rent due to 1690, Michaelmas, they will be left destitute of subsistence from that fund. Reference Book VI, p. 186.
June 2. Same to Serjeant Ryley of the petition of William Ryder, praying an allowance of timber for repair of the lodge [and its] stable, barns etc. belonging to Wakefield Walk in Whittlewood Forest. Ibid, p. 185.
Aug. 1. Royal warrant establishing 10 Yeomen Warders of the Tower to be added to the present number allowed upon the establishment of the Forces : to make the total number up to 40 Yeomen Warders : all by reason of the great number of prisoners in the Tower and the constant guards therefor necessary to be kept at the gates. (Establishment, 1s. 2d. per day each : total, 212l. 8s. 4d. per an.) King's Warrant Book XV, p. 313.
"Two more [Yeomen Warders] the like [warrant for the like establishment signed on the] like date." Ibid.
Aug. 4. For the order of confirmation of the salaries of the Masters in Chancery see supra, p. 169. Money Book X, p. 46.
Aug. 4 [? erratum for 1690-1, Feb. 4]. William Jephson to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 200l. to me [Jephson] for secret service : out of the temporalities of the vacant bishoprics. Disposition Book IX, p. 65.
Sept. 5. Money order for 225l. to Thomas Brisco for wares etc. delivered to the Ordnance. Order Book III, p. 91.
Dec. 17. Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for stating as follows the accounts of the late Farmers of the Revenue of Ireland. By a great seal of 1676, April 28, Charles II leased the said revenue to Sir James Shaen of the Inner Temple, London, kt. and bart., Surveyor General of Ireland ; William Hill of Hillsborough, co. Down, Ireland ; William Rider of London, esq. ; Thomas Hoare of Ilford, Essex, esq. ; Francis Sone of Eltham, Kent, esq. ; William Muschamp of Dublin, esq. ; Edward Richbell, Stanhope Mill, Lawrence Stanyan and John Gourney of London, esqrs., and Thomas Sheridan of Cork, esq., on terms ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. IV, pp. 853-5 ; Vol. V, p. 173. In Hilary term, 1682, 10 Feb., 1681-2, Richard Chapple, Deputy Auditor General of the Revenues in Ireland, enrolled a writing in the Exchequer Court, Ireland, importing that the said Farmers over and above 1,289,578l. 15s. 9d. paid into the Exchequer by many acquittances and 102,827l. 3s. 4d. allowed to them by several orders of the said Court did owe 227,594l. 0s. 11d. rent on their said farm to 1682, Dec. 31, and that they were also chargeable with 20,000l. which they were to advance on the 8th May, 1676, under their contract, and 20,000l. payable 1682-3, Jan. 31, to Charles II, 20,000l. similarly payable Feb. 28 and 20,000l. similarly payable 1683, Mar. 31, being left in their hands in satisfaction of 60,000l. advanced at the commencement of their farm. In Trinity term, 1683, the said Court ordered levari facias against them for the said sums. The tenor of the said writing was remitted by certiorari to the Chancery in England and from thence by mittimus into the Exchequer in England, where same now remains of record in order to the bringing said Farmers to account here [in England] for the said total remaining balance of 307,594l. 0s. 11d.
In behalf of themselves and their partners Edward Richbell and Lawrence Stanyan have prayed allowance of the following sums towards the said balance :
King's Warrant Book XV, pp. 258-73.
viz. 60,000l. advanced on their contract with 42,459l. 8s. 11¾d. for 10 per cent interest thereon to 1683, Mar. 31 ; 7,200l. for the exchange on the said 60,000l. from Ireland to England, being 12l. per 100l., the said 60,000l. having been paid to the use of Charles II in England.
20,000l. with which the Farmers are charged as having covenanted to advance same to Charles II before 1676, May 8, and 18,556l. 6s. 3¼d. which they actually advanced (as part of said 20,000l.) towards building a fort at Ringcurran and 4,728l. 17s. 3¼d. for 10 per cent interest on said 18,556l. 6s. 3¼d. to 1682, May 1, and 1,703l. 1s. 11d. for like interest from 1682, May, to 1683, Mar. 31.
4,200l. paid by said Farmers to Charles Bertie, Treasurer of the Ordnance, England (viz. 1,600l. paid 1681-2, Feb. 25 ; 1,400l. on 1681-2, Mar. 4, and 1,020l. on 1681-2, Mar. 8) and 482l. 8s. 0d. for the exchange thereon at the rate of 12 per cent.
29,557l. 9s. 11¾d. for payments into the Exchequer, Ireland, not brought into their former account by acquittances certified by the Deputy Auditor General of Ireland 1686, Nov. 21, and allowed in a further state of said Farmers' account made up by the Earl of Clarendon, late Lieutenant General of Ireland, and by him transmitted to Treasurer Rochester.
149l. 18s. 6d. paid to William Robinson for the use of the New Hospital near Dublin, certified and allowed in the account as above.
10,789l. 6s. 6¾d. paid on several assignments for which no [Irish] Exchequer acquittances have been given by the Receiver General and which have not been placed to any former account, but are allowed as above in the Earl of Clarendon's state of account.
1,823l. 4s. 1d. paid by assignments similarly without Exchequer acquittances because Sir John Champante was removed from his office of Deputy Vice Treasurer, but for which the Farmers produce a certificate of the Deputy Auditor and same is allowed in the above state of account.
4,790l. 14s. 111/8d. for money paid into the Treasury of Ireland when Sir John Champante was Deputy Vice Treasurer (viz. 4,014l. 9s. 5½1/8d. from 1682, Aug. 22, to 1683, Mar. 25, by terr. tenants and 776l. 4s. 7½d. by sheriffs and others for casual revenue on account of the said Farmers) ; the said payments being certified 1686, May, by Daniell Hartlipp, one of the officers there, and are allowed in the above state of account.
4,364l. 19s. 23/8d. paid by terr. tenants and for casualties, on account of said Farmers, to John Price, late Receiver General of Ireland, to 1686, Nov. 15, and certified by said Price and allowed as above.
4,984l. 18s. 4¼d. paid for victualling at Kinsale the ships bound for Tangier as by account attested by John Stone and allowed as above.
935l. 3s. 3d. for utensils in the several Custom houses, boats etc. delivered at the end of their farm to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, as certified by Charles Leman.
681l. 16s. 0d. for [hearthduty on] several hearths in the castles, guard houses and other places belonging to the King of which they could not collect the duty during their farm, as by certificate of Lawrence Steele, one of their officers, and allowed as above.
822l. 11s. 4½d. for the Customs which, by order of the Exchequer Court, Ireland, the Farmers allowed to sundry merchants for goods lost at sea, as certified by Charles Leeman, and allowed as above.
2,000l. for rebuilding and repairing several offices of the revenue, for which they were to have an allowance by their contract ; and allowed as above.
1,609l. 3s. 6d. for profits of the Archbishopric of Armagh during the vacancy on the death of Primate Mergetson in or about August, 1678 ; which profits were due to them by their contract, but were granted by Charles II to the succeeding Primate, who received same, as is certified by Sir John Coghill, receiver of the rents of said archbishopric for both the late and present Primates : Sir John Temple, late Solicitor General of Ireland, having reported that the Farmers ought to have a defalcation for same.
707l. 15s. 11d. for part of the casual revenue which during the farm was applied by the Clerk of the Hanaper and Clerk of the Pipe to satisfy an annuity to the Dean of Christchurch [Dublin], allowances to the Auditor and Clerk of the Hanaper, bounties to poor soldiers by order of the Chief Governor of Ireland, the vicars choral, rents, repairs and necessaries for the Courts of Chancery and Exchequer ; as by an account thereof examined by the late Treasury Lords.
All the above sums of defalcations are to be hereby allowed. And whereas the said Farmers, upon a treaty which was on foot between Charles II and them for a new contract for the farm of the revenues in Ireland and Tangier (which contract was never perfected), did advance and pay several sums of money which were sent to the Garrison of Tangier "and were under the charge of Mr. Benedict Thistlewayte, who afterwards died in that garrison," and William Hewer, late Treasurer for the affairs of the said garrison, has certified that on 1682, Oct. 5, Thistlewayte paid to Capt. Thomas St. John and Capt. Charles Collier, deputies there to said Hewer, 52,000 pieces of Eight, or 11,700l. at 4s. 6d. per piece of Eight, upon account of four months' pay for the garrison ; and that by warrant of 1683, Sept. 24, from George, Lord Dartmouth (who went to demolish the Garrison of Tangier), Hewer received from the widow of said Thistlewayte (then newly deceased) 13,478 pieces of Eight [which had been] remitted to him [Thistlewayte] by Sir James Shaen and partners [the Farmers herein] to be issued out as the Governors of Tangier should direct for the redemption of captives, being 3,032l. 13s. 3d. at 4s. 6d. per piece of Eight ; and further that Thistlewayte paid 1,000 pieces of Eight (or 225l.) by order of the then Governor of Tangier for redemption of five English captives and did also advance to several officers and others in the service of Charles II in the said garrison several sums amounting to 1,536l. 10s. 5d. (as by a list presented to the late Treasury Lords) and direction was given for deduction of the said sums out of the pay of said officers etc. : the abovesaid four sums amounting to 16,494l. 3s. 8d. are hereby to be allowed as just and reasonable.
Further, the said Farmers crave allowance of 12,124l. for their loss by quit rents in charge on the 4th of Sept., 1675, which have been since discharged or lost or could not be levied because they plainly appeared to be doubly charged : for which claim they offer the reason that in their farm "all fee farm rents, quit rents and other rents which on the 4th day of September, 1675, were in charge in Ireland" are granted to them ; and by covenant defalcations were to be granted if by any act of the King or of the Courts in Ireland any of the duties should be taken away or lessened or quit rents discharged ; and that Richard Thompson, Register of the quit rents, has certified 1687-8, Feb. 17, that he has searched the accounts of collectors of quit rents employed by the Farmers and has found that several rents, upon application of the tenants, were discharged by the Farmers (as being doubly charged) and others by the Court of Exchequer which were in charge in the rent rolls on 4 Sept., 1675, viz. to a total of 1,732l. per an. or 12,124l. for the seven years of the farm : this item is therefore hereby to be allowed.
Further, the Farmers claim 1,753l. 7s. 11¾d. paid in part of several assignments not yet fully satisfied according to a particular account thereof made by John Stone, one of their officers, and allowed by the Earl of Clarendon as above : and 100l. and 100l. paid to John Hayes, an officer on the establishment of Ireland, for salary ; similarly allowed : 100l. paid to the Earl of Longford on an assignment in the hands of John Price, late Receiver General of the Revenues of Ireland : 5,465l. 1s. 8¼d. for quit rents remitted or discharged by Charles II or by order of the Exchequer Court after 1675, Sept. 4, according to a certificate of Richard Thompson, Register for the quit rents within the time of said farm. These items, being all contained or allowed in the said state of account transmitted by the Earl of Clarendon, are hereby to be allowed.
Further, the Farmers crave allowance of 3,285l. 7s. 0d. as damage sustained by them by dissolving their custodiams of lands that were in arrear of rent where they consented to satisfy the accruing rents to the Crown ; which is stated and allowed in the abovesaid transmitted account : and a further sum of 7,330l. 12s. 8d. for like damage by dissolving like custodiams at the instance of the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, for which they refused to satisfy or secure the accruing rents to the Crown, as is certified by Sir John Temple, kt., then Solicitor General of Ireland, and the custodiams of which were dissolved by reason of such refusal, and the King might have lost his rents if same had not been dissolved. Upon the opinion of said Temple that the Farmers were thereby hindered from receiving the arrears of rent due to them and that they ought accordingly to have allowance thereof, the said sums of 3,285l. 7s. 0d. and 7,330l. 12s. 8d. (or 10,615l. 19s. 8d. in all) are hereby to be allowed, the said Richbell and Stanyan (as for said Farmers) executing an assignment to the Crown of the like sum of arrears of rent according to the certificate of said Richard Thompson, the Register of Quit Rents, setting forth the dates of the custodiams, the custodees' names, the denominations of the lands, the counties and the rents per an.
Further, the Farmers crave allowance of 1,302l. 1s. 1¾d. contained and allowed in the abovesaid account for quit rents respited by the Exchequer Court, Ireland ; and 3,566l. 19s. 0½d., other quit rents so respited, making 4,869l. 0s. 2¼d. in all : as to which claim Sir John Temple reported that if it should appear that any quit rents in charge in the Exchequer were respited by the said Court for which they ought to have had a greater allowance than was made them by the Earl of Clarendon [in the account] as aforesaid, then the respites ought to have been taken off or the Farmers should be respited so much of their rents due to the Crown : and at a hearing of the said Farmers 1687-8, Mar. 22, before the Treasury Lords, it was thought reasonable and directed that they should be allowed sums so respited and of which they should first make an assignment to the Crown ; and it appears by the certificate of said Richard Thompson that besides the sum [1,302l. 1s. 1¾d.] allowed as above by the Earl of Clarendon the following items were respited by the said Court and the respites not taken off, viz. 345l. 13s. 0d. per an. for houses decreed to Roman Catholics in Corporations ; 58l. 6s. 8d. per an. for lands of the Earl of Clancarty called Gurtycroghy, co. Cork ; 93l. 15s. 0d. [per an.] for lands of Sir George Hamilton called Drumscukane etc., co. Cork ; 11l. 16s. 7½d. per an. for lands of Thomas Elliot called Balleyfoeglewby, co. Wexford ; being 509l. 11s. 3½d. per an., which for the seven years of the farm come to 3,566l. 19s. 0½d. This sum therefore, making the abovesaid total of 4,869l. 0s. 2¼d., is hereby to be allowed on an assignment as above to the Crown of the said arrears.
Further, hereby the accounts of persons who received the 18,556l. 6s. 3¼d. for building the fort of Ringcurran ; the account of Charles Bertie, Treasurer of the Ordnance in England, for the abovesaid 4,200l. ; the account of William Robinson for the abovesaid 149l. 18s. 6d. for the New Hospital near Dublin ; and the account of John Price, late Receiver General of Ireland, of the above 4,364l. 19s. 23/8d. ; the account of William Hewer for the moneys received by him as above for the service of Tangier are to be searched to see if the said sums are therein duly charged against them respectively and accompted for.
And in regard some of the said late Farmers are dead, the present account is to be made up and passed in the names of Edward Richbell and Lawrence Stanyan in behalf of themselves and partners and to be sworn to by them. And when so made up and declared no process is to be made forth against the accountants for any debt which shall remain due from them to the Crown unless the King shall by warrant under the sign manual specially direct and appoint the same. [This privy seal therefore terminates without any statement of the total of the allowances as above or of the remains still standing on the accountants. The total allowances as above are 274,168l. 14s. 1¼d. and the remain or debit balance is therefore 33,425l. 6s. 9¾d.]