Volume 51: January 1-March 18, 1698

Pages 128-145

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 2, 1697-1702. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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January 1–March 18, 1698

Jan. 1.
1. Petition of the inhabitants of the corporation of Walden in the county of Essex. An extraordinary breach in the bank had happened near Audley End mill standing between the parishes of Walden and Littlebury, the flood-gates and bridges having been blown up. The inhabitants had also lain under a long and grievous sickness; praying that the repairs necessary might be done. Dated 1 Jan. 1697–8.
Accompanied by “an estimate of repayres needfulle to be done on the river at his Majs house at Audley End.” 2 pages.
Jan. 1. 2. Report of Sir Robert Cotton, Knt., and Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart., Postmasters-general, on the petition of Thomas Langley to the King; acquainting the Lords of the Treasury that there was no vacancy for a manager of the King's packet boats at Harwich, as was set forth in the petition, but they had had some thoughts of removing Mr. Edisbury from thence to Dover; the King, however, thinking it for his service that Mr. Mackie should be employed at Dover, he was placed there and Mr. Edisbury continued at Harwich. Dated 1 Jan. 1697–8.
Also the petition.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII, p. 165, 11 May 1698, is:—
“The report about Harwich packet boats is read & approved.” 2 pages.
Jan. 1. 3. Letter signed Basill Dixwell, to the Lords [of the Treasury], begging to add to the minutes of their report that the lieutenancy of Dover castle was a government of great jurisdiction and power, and the expenses not to be supported without much more charge than at the present profits; in consideration of which the King granted some addition thereto in the last year out of the revenues of Ryegate, which was subsequently defeated by the Lord Chancellor: seeking for the settlement of a sufficient additional establishment for the support of that government, and that he might be reimbursed his charges. Dated 1 Jan. 1697–8.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 92, 12 Jan. 1697, is:—
“The 160 a year to the Constable of Dover castle & Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, and 50li a year to Sr Basil Dixwell (for wch he had a privy seal), wth the arrears thereof, are to be placed on the establishmt of the forces.” 2 pages (quarto).
Dec. 30,
1697 and
Jan. 3,
4. Two letters signed Geo. Tollett, to William Lowndes, Esq., secretary of the Lords of the Treasury. Certain bills of exchange were drawn by the collector of customs at Whitehaven and accepted by his father, and being payable in London by Exchequer bills, they were a loss to the King at least of seven per cent. Dated 30 Dec. 1697 and 3 Jan. 1697–8.
Minuted:—“My Lords will speak wth the Comrs of ye Customes about this. Read 3 Mar. '97.” 3 pages (quarto).
Jan. 4. 5. Memorial of the Trustees for the exchange of Exchequer bills, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, laying before them the state of the cash and bills, and asking for the payment of the tradesmen's bills for repairing and fitting up the trustees office. [This is minuted:—“To be pd to ye works out of malt ticqs.”] Further that their Lordships would sign the third contract; that their Lordships would direct that the annexed advertisement, for calling in the first payment on the third contract should be inserted in the Gazette [minuted:—“Agreed.”]; that 69,962l. ordered by their Lordships had been paid; they desired the payment of the discount 2,707l. 1s. 6d., to complete that sum [minuted:—“To be pd out of loans on the Excheqr in genll by bills.”]; that the Exchequer bills chargeable on the trustees to 31 Dec. amounted to 1,505,940l. 17s. 4d., and that they were of opinion the credit of the Exchequer bills must be supported by a fourth subscription.
The paper ends with a notice given by the Lords of the Treasury to the contractors upon a third contract, to advance money for exchanging Exchequer bills, viz., that they should pay to Francis Eyles, Esq., and others, trustees appointed to manage the affair, the first payment, viz., a fourth part. Dated 4 Jan. 1697–8.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 107, 9 Feb. 1697–8, is:—“Trustees for Excheqr bills. Their meml read, ye Minutes upon it.” 2½ pages.
Jan. 5. 6. Letter signed J. Ellis, by direction of Mr. Secretary Vernon, to Mr. Lowndes, concerning a prize ship at Rye, about which the Ambassador of the States General was pressing for an answer, desiring the secretary to move the Lords of the Treasury thereon; further, the King intended “to add to his present of the Countesse of Kent's powder for the Queen of Sweden a quantity of Godard's drops to the value of sixty pounds,” &c. Dated 5 Jan. 1698–7 [sic].
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 130, 15 March 1697, is:—“60li to Mr. Hume for Godard's drops for ye Qu. of Sweden.” And again at p. 138, 5 April 1698:—“500li sec. service & 60li for Godard's drops for Qu. of Sweden are to be issued out of loans for ye civil list.” 1 page.
Jan. 8. 7. Letter from Sir Henry Ashurst to the Lords of the Treasury. 3,000l. and not 4,000l. were paid to him in Exchequer bills, for which their Lordships ordered him to pay Col. Gibson on his arrival in New England, or the commander-in-chief for Newfoundland, 4,000l. Upon receipt of the Exchequer bills, he was forced to turn them into money, the lowest discount being then 6l. 15s. per cent. To prevent disappointment, he provided for the discharge of the whole sum, but the ships were detained by contrary winds, and waited to accompany the Earl of Bellomont so long, that it was impossible to have any account from New England, what credit had been given Col. Gibson's order. The Lords of Trade acquainted the government of New England of the intended expedition of Col. Gibson, whereupon they ordered an “imbargo” to be laid on all provisions, that there might be no disappointment. He hoped their Lordships would consider the matter when he came to account with them. After their sessions for the peace was over, he would hasten to wait on their Lordships. Dated 8 Jan. 1697–8.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 255, 7 Oct. 1698, is:—
“Sr Henry Ashurst & Mr Clerke, my Lords agree that Sr Henry Ashurst, paying to Mr Clerk 594. 8. 6., pursuant to their Lops warrt of 21 7br last, shalbe allow'd the remainder of ye sum of 3,000li, wch was putt into his hands, being about 170l.” 1½ pages.
Jan 10. 8. Letter by direction of the Comrs of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, sending a copy of a letter received by them from the Comrs of Victualling, giving an account of their want of money, particularly for the supply of the squadron designed for the Straights; to the end that the squadron should not be detained. Dated 10 Jan. '97–8.
The Minute in the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 88, 10 Jan. 1697–8, shows nothing more.
Accompanied by the said copy. 2 pages.
Jan. 10. 9. Memorial of the Trustees for exchanging Exchequer bills to the Lords of the Treasury, offering for consideration the states of the cash and Exchequer bills, representing the difficulty attending the credit of the Exchequer bills which required a speedy remedy, as the consequences might be very fatal to the management, the Exchequer, and the public credit. If these specie bills were not punctually paid as they had hitherto been, such a defect would shake the whole credit of the nation. The specie money in the hands of the trustees on the 8th instant, amounted to no more than 27,000l., which would not answer four days demands in case the money on the third contract were not paid. The Exchequer bills paid and payable by the trustees to 7 Jan., amounted to 1,522,195l. 3s.d., &c. The whole subscription, if the last payment were complied with, would be exhausted in less than 20 days; so that their opinion was, that the credit of the specie Exchequer bills would entirely sink unless supported by a fourth subscription immediately; their opinion was, that the third subscription would not generally be complied with, and a fourth could not be obtained without new funds. The discount on the bills had risen to nine per cent., and likely to rise higher.
The trustees also sent a list of such as had not complied with any of their payments on the second contract. Dated 10 Jan. 1697–8. 2½ pages.
Jan. 11. 10. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury. There were 1,500l. in the hands of the Receiver-General in old hammered money returned to him in specie from the outports; moving their Lordships that he might be directed to carry the same into the Mint to be changed, instead of paying it into the Exchequer, and that the deficiency might be allowed him, Dated 11 Jan. 1697–8.
Minuted:—“A warrt to carry this mo to ye Tower, & to allow ye deficiency, as was done in case of excise.” 1 page.
Jan. 11. 11. Letter signed “R. Hutchinson,” to Wm. Lowndes, Esq., secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, asking for directions from their Lordships, whether the sum of 4,583l. 19s. 11d. paid to him by the collectors of the country should be paid by him into the Exchequer in the said specie or sent to the Mint first. Dated 11 Jan. 1697–8.
Also a schedule of the sums so received. Parts of 2 pages.
Jan. 11. 12. Report of the Trustees for circulating Exchequer bills, on the question submitted to them how the credit of Exchequer bills might be continued and supported, and how a further subscription might be obtained, for advancing money for the exchange of the bills, as they should be paid in to the receivers for revenues and taxes; containing various computations in relation to the revenue. Dated 11 Jan. 1697. 2 pages.
Jan. 12. 13. Report of Robt. Hewitt, D. Auditor, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Mr. Fortescue, touching a rent issuing out of the manor of Tattershall in the county of Lincoln, certifying that he found that several rents belonging to the late college of Tattershall, which were part of the Queen Mother's jointure, were unsold, and not put in charge to the King's receiver since Her Majesty's decease, and he surcharged the same; and amongst the rest the above rent of 40s., and that it does not appear that it is sold to the Duke of Leeds. Dated 12 Jan. 1697.
Minuted:—“28 June 1699. Let this report be showne to Mr Fortescue, and the auditor directed to give ye rent in charge to the recr.”
Also the petition, signed “Fortescue,” as to the payment of the rent. 2 pages.
Jan. 13. 14. Report of Mr. Wm. Aldworth to the Lords of the Treasury, setting forth abstracts of the several grants of lands made by the late King James to his Queen after his accession to the Crown. Dated 13 Jan. 1697.
Accompanied by the abstracts. 6 pages.
Jan. 13. 15. Representation by the Victuallers of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury, that Captain Norris, late commander-in-chief of the King's ships in “the Newfoundland,” brought an account of provisions furnished to the King's ships in that place, amounting to 1,447l. 14s.d.; tendering the copy of the account, and the valuation of the provisions which were taken as prize: if their Lordships thought fit to pay for the same, they asked them to appoint the money; they had also presented a similar memorial to the Lords of the Admiralty, on which they had received orders for payment. Dated 13 Jan. 1697–8.
The copy of account referred to.
A letter from them to Mr. Lowndes on the same subject.
Another representation, referring to a memorial touching provisions bought in Ireland by the Lords Justices' direction, amounting to 8,322l. 4s. 11d., for which salt tallies were ordered to be paid, with an allowance of 15 per cent.; 1,000l. of the debt had been paid to Lord Coningsby and Mr. Fox; and Mr. Pauncefort, in whose hands the bills were, refused to make an allowance of 10 per cent. on the whole, and they prayed their Lordships' directions.
Also copies of two other letters, docquetted:—“Copy of the orders for payment of 1,447l. 14. to Capt. Norris, for provis. supplied at Newfoundland.”
Minuted:—“Lr~e signed 2d March 1697–8.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 122, 2 March 1697, is the following:—“1,447li 14. 0¼. of the salt tallys in the Victrs hands at par, to be applyed to discha so much due to Capt. Norris, for provisions bot of him for service of the squadron wch was at Newfoundland.” 6 pages.
Jan. 14. 16. Representation of the Comrs for Sick and Wounded Seamen, &c. to the Lords of the Treasury, praying them to consider the absolute necessities of the people, especially at this juncture, when so many poor creatures lay upon their hands with lingering distempers, and the people that should help them utterly disabled for want of money. Dated 14 Jan. 1697–8. 1 page.
Jan. 17. 17. Letter of Mr. James Vernon [Secretary of State], to the Lords of the Treasury, as to an allowance to be made to Owen Banahan and John Inwood, who had done service to the King as evidences in convicting and outlawing several considerable persons, who had been and were then in France; recommending them to their Lordships for some allowance for subsistence. Dated 17 Jan. 1697. 1 page (quarto).
Jan. 19. 18. Report of Lord Ranelagh, paymaster, on the petition of Robert Blake, praying payment of the arrears due to him as chaplain to Col. Howe's regiment, to enable him to proceed in a suit at law in vindication of the King's title to a living to which he had been presented by the Lord Chancellor, certifying that 133l. 16s. were due to him. Dated 19 Jan. 1697. (One enclosure.)
Minuted:—“28 Jan. 1697–8, out of hackney coach-mo[ney.]”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 101, is:—“Robt Blake to be pd 133. 16. 0. out of hackney coach mo[ney].” 2 pages.
[? About
Jan. 19.]
19. Petition of several merchants and others concerned in clothing the army, showing that before they contracted they were assured by their Lordships that they should be paid the off-reckonings out of some good funds, to be given by Parliament; but they only received two-fifths of the off-reckonings for the year 1695, in May 1696; the other three-fifths, and the whole of the reckonings for 1696, being postponed till March '96–7; they then set forth their inability to carry on the clothing of the army for 1697 without assistance, there being 300,000l. arrears: whereupon they were ordered salt tallies to that amount, and they were the only persons who did not receive an allowance therewith from 15 to 25 per cent.; praying for relief.
There is a memorandum on the dorse, “See the M. 19 Jan. '97;” also this minute:—“If they have good funds for 1697, that will recompense them, if they should have remote funds they may have some allowance. At present the King does not thinke it reasonable to order anything.”
[The entry in the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 96, is to the same effect.] 1 page.
Jan. 19.]
20. Petition of Lewis Gervaize, merchant, to be made one of the Comrs of the Excise, “as a reward & encouragement to improve his skill in contriving ways agreeable to the Parliament, to acquit the arrears of the warr;” also proposing a new method “by which land taxes might be justly gathered without violence, and England know his own strength, and also how part of that taxe will cause six millions to be voluntarily advanced this year, and the same and interest gradually repayd, in few yeares.”
Also copy of a Treasury minute of 4 Jan. 1694 in his favour, and copy of another petition from him presented in June 1697.
Minuted:—“To be heard.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 97, 19 Jan. 1697, is:—“Mons. Gervaise's petition read. My Lords are to hear him.” 3 pages.
Jan. 20. 21. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury. They had received instructions to pay to Col. Maurice Hussey, 350l., on a pension granted in 1672; they represent that the money lately granted by Parliament was appropriated for the arrears on the civil and military lists, and desire the matter might be represented to the King before they issued their orders on the letter received. Dated 20 Jan. 1697–8. 1 page (decayed).
Jan. 24. 22. Letter by direction of the Lords of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, sending copies of two letters received from the Comrs of Victualling, giving an account of the want of money for that service, that directions might be given. Dated 24 Jan. 1697–8.
Minuted:—“Read 26 Janry '97.”
Accompanied by the two copies. 3 pages.
Jan. 24. 23. Letter signed Tho. Hooke, to Wm. Lowndes, Esq., as to the satisfaction by Mr. Doddington of a debt of 146l. 17s. 7d. due to Mr. Gore, for money stopped 15 years before from the seamen by Capt. Shales, paymaster of the “Lord Faulkland.” Dated 24 Jan. '97. 1 page.
Jan. 24. 24. Report of the Comrs of Excise, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of William Clayton in relation to a debt for which he and his mother had given security. The Comrs were informed that they had real estate in Nottinghamshire, but it could not be found, and they advise that the debt ought not to be remitted. Dated 24 Jan. 1697.
Also the petition. 3 pages.
Jan. 25. 25. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury. Various regiments had lately arrived, and they had received no establishment for them; they desire their Lordships to move the King for the necessary authority for paying the same. Dated 25 Jan. 1697–8. 1 page.
Jan 26. 26. Letter signed “W. Popple,” to Mr. Lowndes, intimating the desire of the Comrs of the Council of Trade, that the Lords of the Treasury should allow 15l. or thereabouts to Mr. Charles Story, who had been sent by the Lieut.-Governor of New Hampshire with an account of some disorders in that province; also their further desire that another 150l. should be ordered them for the business of the commission. Dated 26 Jan. 1697–8. 1½ pages.
Jan. 27. 27. Report signed Richard Taylor, addressed to the Trustees for exchanging Exchequer bills. According to their order, he had continued his inspection of Exchequer bills, and few days had passed without more or less of bills with fictitious indorsements (part of the parcels mentioned in his former reports to be issued to Mr. Knight, Mr. Burton, and Mr. Marriot,) coming to his hands; describing more particularly what they were. Dated 27 Jan. 1697.
Also copies of the reports referred to, and copy of another report, docquetted:—“Mr Taylor's report dd to ye Secretary, April 19th 1697.” 19 pages and 3 halves.
Jan. 29. 28. Letter signed “John Blackler,” addressed to Sir Thomas Lit[t]leton, Bart., as to certain lottery tickets sent by the former to Mr. Packer, who was answerable for their repayment. Dated 29 Jan. 1697–8. 1 page.
Jan. 29. 29. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, recommending Robert Rochfort, Esq., Speaker of the House of Commons in Ireland, to the royal favour, he being anxious to obtain a grant of some forfeited estates. Dated 29 Jan. 1697–8.
Also his petition. 3 pages.
Jan. 31. 30. Letter from Mr. James Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, by the King's command, sending the petition of Capt. Richard Long, commander of the King's ship Rupert, prize, signifying his pleasure that their Lordships should enable him to perform his voyage (to America) as he desired. Dated 31 Jan. 1697–8.
Minuted:—“50li in lottery ticqts, and [to] have nothing more.”
Also the petition, in which he states it was absolutely necessary to fit out such artists in metals as he had contracted with, to go with him, and to buy quicksilver and other utensils and other necessaries, also some cloth and ironwork to gratify the natives. 2 pages.
Feb. 1. 31. Report of the Comrs of Customs [to the Lords of the Treasury], on the petition of Thomas Pitt, Esq. The petitioner had made oath to the truth of his allegations, and so they conceived the matter therein was part of the case mentioned in their report of 12 May last. Dated 1 Feb. 1697–8.
Accompanied by the petition and copy of the report referred to. The case related to certain muslin neck-cloths, seized by the officers of Customs, for which a noli prosequi was asked.
Minuted:—“Agreed. Wt signed 4th Feb. '97–8.” 3 pages.
Feb. 2. 32. Representation of the victuallers of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury. 10,000l. only had been assigned in Exchequer bills since 17 Nov.; the season for providing flesh was far advanced, and the person who had agreed to supply hogs, refused to proceed further without money; upwards of 6,000l. would be required to pay the pursers for the ships, for the Mediterranean, Turkey, and the West Indies, for their “necessary money and short beer, &c.;” there were several bills of exchange drawn from Portugal and Ireland, due and protested; the number of men in petty warrant at Chatham was great, and there were many ships at Plymouth and Portsmouth, whose complements of men must be kept in victuals, till they were paid off, and that could not be done without money; they were extremely pressed for short allowance money, and the men were very mutinous and threatened to kill the pursers; and the course of payment was near six months in arrear, so that little provision could be procured on credit, “especially considering the present extraordinary dearnes of corne and all other species;” praying that moneys might be assigned them. Dated 2 Feb. 1697–8.
Minuted:—“Read 2 Feb. '97.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 108, 11 Feb. 1697–8, is:—“6,000li in bills of ye loan for ye vict', vizt, 4,000l for course & 2,000li for imprests.” 1 page.
Feb. 2. 33. Memorial of the Trustees for exchanging Exchequer bills, laying various matters before the Lords of the Treasury, viz., about the contract for the fourth subscription [minuted:—“Mr Herne to ingrosse it wth a blank for ye p[re]mium”]; the making out new bills in place of those with fictitious and irregular indorsements [minuted:—“A warrant pursuant to ye Act for those filled up”]; about their salaries [minuted:—“A warrant]; about 2,469l. 14s.d. to complete 69,962l. for the 10 per cent. allowance on the second contract [minuted:—“Order'd out of ye loans at ye Excheqr”]. Also 51,772l. on the third contract; the duty on malt, after the tallies for 200,000l. should be cleared, was to be applied to pay off the malt tickets, and not to cancel the Exchequer bills, as most people expected, which had caused the discount on them to rise 3 per cent.; viz., to 8 per cent., and if it rose, there would be no further subscription, and the credit of those bills would cease. Dated 2 Feb. 1697–8. 1¼ pages.
Feb. 3. 34. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, in favour of the continuance of the pension of 200l. per annum to Mr. Charles Hubblethorne and his mother. The father of Mr. Charles Hubblethorne was slain at sea, and he was himself wounded in the first siege of Limerick. Dated 3 Feb. 1697–8.
Report of the Auditor-General on the same, and the petition. 5½ pages.
Feb. 3. 35. Report of the Earl of Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Major William Steuart, in behalf of himself and other captains of Major-General Steuart's regiment of foot; praying for an order for 171l. 10s., &c. in payment for certain clipt money: certifying that several regiments lay under the same difficulty: submitting the case to their Lordships. Dated 3 Feb. 1697–8. (One enclosure.)
Minuted:—“Major & agent to be spoke wth & Mr Abbot.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 128, 11 March 1697, is:—“123li in Excheqr bills for Majr Stuart on a contingent warrant.” 2 pages.
Feb. 4. 36. Letter signed James Zouch, concerning 300l. paid into the Exchequer by his deceased wife, upon the third 4s. aid, the tally for which had been fraudulently abstracted and paid to a wrong person. He had given a warrant of attorney to authorise the payment, which the Treasury would not credit, but would have him come to town; seeking that it might be paid on that warrant and on this letter, as the air of the town was always very injurious to him and put him out of order. Dated 4 Feb. 1697.
Minuted:—“Read 10 Feb. 1697. My Lords leave this matter to be decided at law.” 1 page.
Feb. 7. 37. Letter by direction of the Lords of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, reminding him of previous letters about the supply of provisions, enclosing an extract from one received from Plymouth and observing that the season of killing and curing flesh being so far advanced, it was absolutely necessary provision should forthwith be made for supply of the fleet. Dated 7 Feb. 1697–8.
Minuted:—“Read 9 Feb. '97.”
Accompanied by the extract. 1½ pages.
Feb. 7. 38. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Mockford, an officer of the Customs at Faversham, certifying that he was carried into France at the same time that William Fowler was, of whom a report had already been made (a copy of which is annexed) and that it was testified in the petitioner's affidavit, that he was confined in a noisome prison, and endured very barbarous usage for 10 months, before he was exchanged; in which time it cost him 35l.; leaving it to their Lordships' consideration. Dated 7 Feb. 1697.
Minuted:—“To have 20li.”
The petition and an affidavit, also the copy of the report above alluded to. 5 pages.
Feb. 7. 39. Letter from Mr. Secretary Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, conveying the King's commands for the allowance of the prison keepers' charges for keeping several persons who came from France and Flanders without passes from the King or his ministers, and who were for that reason committed to gaol by the Mayor of Dover; enclosing a particular of the prison dues. Dated 7 Feb. 1697–8.
Minuted:—“To be pd.” 3 pages.
Feb. 8. 40. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Walter Middleton, Esq., customer and collector of the port of Milford; recommending that he should be allowed 35l. 12s. 6d. in his account of prizes, that sum having been paid by him as duty on certain Newfoundland cod-fish when they ought to have been passed duty free. Dated 8 Feb. 1697–8.
Minuted:—“A warrt to ye Comrs of prizes for this.”
The petition and two certificates. 4 pages.
Feb. 10. 41. Letter of Mr. James Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing a petition of Abraham Sweet (to whom the King had given 50l. to pay his debts), that the necessary orders might be given thereon. Dated 10 Feb. 1697–8.
The petition not now with it. 1 page (quarto).
Feb. 10. 42. Memorial of the Trustees for exchanging Exchequer bills, to the Lords of the Treasury, presenting the state of accounts of cash and bills; the trustees had examined Mr. Richard Blake on an information he delivered in to their Lordships against Mr. Andrew Huddlestone, for buying up Exchequer bills. There appeared strong presumption that he did buy them up with design to pay them into the Exchequer for taxes, &c.; they sent an abstract of the second subscription; they asked for 2,469l. 14s.d. to complete 69,962l. for the 10 per cent. allowance on the second contract [minuted:—“To be paid out of loan bills”]; they further asked how the 1,365l. due to the trustees, &c. were to be paid [minuted:—“To be paid in mault tiqts”]; 1,647,902l. 6s. 10¼d. were charged upon the trustees, and 1,644,340l. were subscribed to be advanced for circulation; 177,905l. were already brought in on the third contract; the whole sum 517,720l. subscribed on the third contract would be exchanged by 16 April, if the bills were supported by a fourth subscription. There was an absolute necessity to open the Rolls immediately for a fourth subscription, or the credit of the specie Exchequer bills would sink, &c. Dated 10 Feb. 1697–8. 1½ pages.
Feb. 11. 43. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of William Whitwell, of Oundle, in the county of Northampton, gent., as to the penalty of 50l. incurred by the delivery of certain malt without making entry; advising, that on payment of the duty for such malt as he had in custody on 20 April last, and on payment of the officers charges, no further prosecution should ensue. Dated 11 Feb. 1697.
Accompanied by the petition and four other papers relating thereto.
Minuted:—“Granted. Wt signed 15 Feb. 1697–8.” 8 pages or parts of pages.
Feb. 14. 44. Copy of letter of the Comrs of Customs to Mr. Walford, [collector of Sandwich]. Mr. Jeoffrey Hafford, by direction of the Lords of the Treasury, had been lately established a riding surveyor on that coast, and they discontinued the 25l. per ann. paid by incidents to Michael Wells, deputy to the patent officer, for keeping a horse and visiting the isle of Thanet; directing him to pay 10l. per ann. to Mr. Fisher, the land-waiter at Sandwich, to keep a horse and assist Mr. Ha[f]ford for the guard of the island, and 10l. per ann. to Glover, the officer at Broadstairs. Dated 14 Feb. 1697–8. 1 page.
Feb. 15. 45. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, seeking to obtain the King's particular direction for the issue of 25,000l. for the building of barracks in Ireland. Dated 15 Feb. 1697–8.
Wt signed 16 March 1697–8. 1½ pages.
Feb. 15. 46. Letter, signed by Geo. Dodington and A. Corbet, to William Lowndes, Esq., as to the issue for the service of the navy of 8,000l. on the credit of the Exchequer, for which but 7,600l. had been paid in specie; also 13,650l. Exchequer bills had been exchanged for specie at an allowance of 5l. per cent. Desiring him to move their Lordships to order the Comrs of the Navy to make good the deficiency. Dated 15 Feb. 1697–8.
Also a memorandum, signed “Lionel Herne,” on the same subject.
Indorsed:—“Letter signed 16 Mar. '97–8.” 2 pages.
Feb. 15. 47. Report from the Lords Justices of Ireland and the Comrs of the Revenue, upon the petition of John Ellis, Esq., praying a grant of His Majesty's title to his brother William Ellis's estate in Ireland. Dated 15 Feb. 1697–8.
Also the petition and copy of a bond, together with a survey or valuation of the property.
Minuted:—“My Lords to examine this; if ye debt be reall the K. is inclined to allow it out of the estate.”
Further down:—“Granted.” 8½ pages.
Feb. 16. 48. Letter of Mr. James Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, by command of the King, transmitting a petition of John Lunt and George Wilson, in relation to the debt due to them for their services. Dated 16 Feb. 1697–8.
Minuted:—“Read 2 March 1697 at the Treasury. My Lords will continue to pay the pencon, but do not think fitt to pay any thing for their debts.”
Also the petition. 2 pages (one quarto).
Feb. 16. 49. Report of the Earl of Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Col. Webb. The agent of the regiment had entered several sums on account of subsistence, amounting to 1,037l., which their Lordships had not enabled him to pay, &c. Dated 16 Feb. 1697. (One enclosure.)
Minuted:—“Read 1 Mar. '97.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 128, 11 Mar. 1697–8, is this minute:—
“500li for Collo Webb, on acct of his subsist~ in Flanders, to make him equall wth other collo[nels ?], out of Excheqr bills.” 1 page.
Feb. 17. 50. Order in Council, on the petition of John Tyzack, praying the King's grant of one-third of such moneys and goods as he should discover to have belonged to the pirates that were executed for Avery's piracy, which were concealed from the Crown; recommending the Lords of the Treasury to allow him such portion of the effects as they should judge fit. Dated 17 Feb. 1697.
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“12 June '99. To be allowed ⅓d, he bearing the charge of ye recovery.” 2 pages.
Feb. 17. 51. Another Order in Council on the accompanying representation of the Council of Trade, which showed the discouragements and difficulties the Lustring Company lay under by the fraudulent practices of indirect traders, and the ill execution of the laws made for the prevention thereof; by which means great quantities of foreign “lustrings and alamodes” were brought in without paying the customs. It further prayed for the King's share of the forfeitures. Dated 17 Feb. 1697.
Minuted:—“Read 3 March 1697. It is not legal, but if they do any service in seizures, my Lords will take care they shall have just incouragemt.” 3 pages.
Feb. 18. 52. Letter of Edward Battine to William Lounds, Esq., thanking him for the quick despatch of his business, begging his (Mr. Lounds) letter to the Comrs of Prizes for free recourse to their books and papers, so that he might meet with no obstruction in stating the accounts relating to prizes. Dated 18 Feb. 1697–8.
His petition to be allowed to render the account, and on the back “An accompt of what ships, vessels, and goods have bin taken and seized as prizes” (unfinished), and a letter from him to the Rt. Honble. Paul Foley, Esq., Speaker of the House of Commons, dated 10 Feb. 1697–8, on the same subject. 4 pages.
Feb. 21. 53. The reply of James Smith, collector of Chichester, to the presentment of the Comrs of the King's Customs, dated 14 December 1697. The reply dated 21 Feb. 1697. 1½ pages.
Feb. 21. 54. Letter from Mr. James Vernon to the Lords [of the Treasury], signifying the King's wishes that 200l. should be paid by them for the repair of Dover harbour, which was much injured by the sea on the 15th of that month, whereby the town was in danger of destruction. They were also to inform themselves of the state of the presents for the government of Algiers and Tripoli, that they might be in readiness to be sent away with the squadron fitting out for the Mediterranean. Dated 21 Feb. '97.
Minuted:—“200li Dover harbour.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 114, 22 Feb. 1697, is:—
“200li out of loans in Excheqr bills to be issued to ye ordñce, to be p[ai]d over to Sr Basil Dixwell & Mathew Aylmore, Esqre, towd ye harbour at Dover, & desire the office of Ordnance to have some inspection, that ye mo[ney] be layd out for that purpose, according to ye K's intention.
“Mr Powys to enqr of Mr Bland in what condition the presents for Algiers are.” 1½ pages (quarto).
Feb. 23. 55. Letter, by direction of the Lords of the Admiralty, to Mr. Lowndes. Their Lordships had received a letter from the Comrs of the Navy, with an estimate of the debt of the navy, copies of which were enclosed, expressing the opinion that care should be taken for the discharge of that debt. Dated 23 Feb. 1697–8.
The copy of the letter is enclosed, but not the estimate. 2 pages.
Feb. 24. 56. An Order in Council as to the exportation by the African Company of 5,000 lbs. weight of crewel, for the natives about Gambia in the north parts of Guinea, with directions by the Lords of the Treasury to the Comrs of Customs thereon. Dated 24 Feb. 1697.
Also memoranda of the parcels allowed to pass by the officers of Customs. 2 pages.
Feb. 25. 57. Report of the Earl of Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of Mr. Eyles, praying an allowance for the discount of Exchequer bills. Dated 25 Feb. 1697. (One enclosure.)
Minuted:—“Read 13 Septr '98. Part allowd, p[er]t disallowd. Letter to be prepared.” 3 pages.
Feb. 26. 58. Letter of the Comrs of the Revenue in Ireland, transmitting an abstract of the revenue for the year 1697, &c. Dated 26 Feb. 1697–8.
The abstract is not now with it. ½ page.
Dec. to
59. A schedule of the money voted to be raised by Parliament for the civil list, army, navy, &c., in Dec. 1697, Jan. and Feb. 1698. Part of 1 page.
March 1. 60. Letter from Mr. James Vernon to the Lords of the Treasury, by command of the King, whose pleasure was that a present of cloth, gold watches, &c., to the value of 400l. or 500l. be provided to be sent to the government of Tunis by the Mediterranean squadron. Dated 1 March 1697–8.
Minuted:—“To the E. of Montagu to provide this, and to obteyne the proper wt for it.” 1 page (quarto).
March 1. 61. “Ordnance meml desirg that the 200l. orderd to be pd by their Treãr for the repair of Dovor harbour, may be paid some other way.” Dated 1 March 1697–8.
Minuted:—“To be pd as orderd.” 1 page (quarto).
March 2. 62. Representation by the Victuallers of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury, that 10,000l. had been ordered, and afterwards 5,000l., for buying beef, pork, and peas; the wind having changed, the ships for foreign voyages would all sail for the Downs, and 6,000l. must be paid to the pursers at Plymouth and Portsmouth: there were many ships constantly maintained in victuals, which could not be done without supplies. Out of the last imprest they sent 300l. to Plymouth and 200l. to Portsmouth: praying their Lordships to order money. Dated 2 March 1697–8.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 129, 12 March 1697, is:—“Victrs 1,000li out of loans on Excheqr bills to be issued to the Victrs for necessary mo to pursers whose ships are bound out upon forr. voiages; 9,000li more to ye victrs out of do, vizt, 6,000li for course & 3,000li for imprests.” 1 page.
March 2
and 3.
63. Two reports of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, touching two vessels laden with wool at Shoreham and Rye, stopped by Capt. Trevor, commander of the “Experiment,” advising that one of the vessels should be allowed to proceed on her voyage, as the wool seemed to be of the growth of Barbary, and that the other was laden at Rye for Topsham, and had given security for the landing of the same. Dated 2 and 3 March 1697–8.
Also copy of a letter from the collector of Rye.
The first is minuted:—“3 March '97. When the acco[unt] of the other ship is come, send extracts as to both ships, to Mr Secry Vernon.” 3½ pages.
March 4. 64. Report of the same to the same, on the petition of William Leach, paymaster of the Incidents, praying that he might be inserted upon the establishment by name as formerly. They saw no reason why he should not be so inserted. Dated 4 March 1697–8.
Written on the fly leaf of the petition.
Wt signed 24 March 1697–8. 2 pages.
March 4. 65. Report of Mr. Chas. Twitty and Mr. Peter Hume. They had examined the specie bills which were found amongst the King's moneys in the Lord Fitzharding's office; making certain recommendations for the prevention of trouble and inconvenience that would arise by delivering out the bills upon which interest had accrued. Dated 4 March 1697–8.
Also a letter in relation to these bills.
Minuted:—“Approved. A warrt.” 2 pages.
March 4. 66. Application from the Officers of the Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury for a supply to meet the arrears of the sea service (11,000l.) and the land service (77,000l.), as well as for 15,000l. for the contractors, &c. Dated 4 March 1697–8.
Minuted:—“Read 4 Mar. '97.” 1 page (quarto).
March 5. 67. Presentment by the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing an account of old hammered moneys in the Receiver-General's hands, asking their Lordships' directions to carry the same to the Mint to be re-coined. Dated 5 March 1697–8.
Accompanied by the account.
Minuted:—“15 Mar. '97. This to be done by such a warrt as was granted in cases of excise. Wt signed 16 Mar. '97–8. Parts of 2 pages.
March 7. 68. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Mr. Rawlins Brownjohn, agent for prisoners of war in Jersey and Guernsey, who had lately applied to the Comrs for Prizes for further assistance, who could not comply with the application by reason of the great amount of gunnage and other appropriations charged on the office. Dated 7 March 1697.
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“15 Mar. 1697. My Lords agree wth this report.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 135, 29 March 1698, is:—
“The Comrs of Prizes are to make up & adjust their accot as soon as possible, and if there appear moneys due thereupon not appropriated, but that they be applicable to Mr Brownjohn's debt (abt 1,200li), then this debt is to be paid out of such moneys; but if there be no such balla[nce], this being a just demand, is to be satisfied some other way.” 2 pages.
March 7. 69. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, as to what was the amount of duty upon the equipage of the Hon. Ralph Grey, Esq., appointed governor of Barbadoes; certifying that it amounted to 22l. 6s. 11d. Dated 7 March 1697–8.
Accompanied by an order in Council for the shipment of the goods, duty free; also an inventory of the goods.
Minuted:—“To be pd out ye Excheq. Wt signed 16 Mar. '97–8.”
The above report was returned, in consequence of the following order in the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 119, 26 Feb. 1697–8:—
“The equipage of Mr Ralph Grey, going govr of Berbados, being ordered by his Maty in counsel to passe free, my Lords think it more advisable to pay the duty for ye sd goods outward, at ye K's charge, and therefore desire the C. of Custo[ms] to certifie what ye dutys of ye s[ai]d equipage amts to.” 4 pages.
March 7. 70. Memorial of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury, “Concerning 5 ships lying at Plymouth, stopt by the Commrs of the Customes,” asking that the Comrs of Customs might attend with them, that the matter might be gone into and directions given thereon. Dated 7 Mar. 1697.
With minute allowing the ships to be brought round to London, where the goods would sell for much more than at Plymouth.
“Wt signed 16 Mar. 1697–8.” 1½ pages.
March 7. 71. Presentment by the principal Comrs for Prizes touching custom duties demanded on prize goods, being the cargoes of certain ships taken by the fleet commanded by Admiral Rooke, about July last. Dated 7 March 1697.
With a long minute on the dorse:—“Their Lps saw no reason for the Comrs of Prizes or those who bought of them paying the aliens duty, or the last 25l. per ton.”
“Wt signed 16 March 1697–8.” 1 page.
March 7. 72. Report of Sir Thomas Trevor, Knt., Attorney-General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Tayloe and others, (praying to be relieved against the King's extent upon a bond of 2,000l. by them entered into, to John Dutton Colt, Esq., collector of the port of Bristol, as sureties for Daniel Ballard, his clerk, in that collection, who was charged with embezzlement,) and on the annexed report of the Comrs of Customs thereon: giving his opinion that it was not reasonable to discharge the process on the bond without the consent of the collector or without making good the debt found by inquisition to the collector. Dated 7 Mar. 1697–8.
The copy of the bond, the report, and the petition referred to; also the collector's report on the same matter, and two other papers.
Minuted:—“5 Apr. '98. Mr Colt to assigne ye bond to ye King. Upon that assignment Mr Colt to be discharged of 2,000l. Upon that assignment the petrs to be discharged agt ye bond; but the principal to be still lyable if he or his estate can be found.” 6 pages and 1 membrane of parchment.
March 8. 73. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Comrs of Customs, for the acceptance of 10l. as a composition for two bonds, amounting to 76l. 14s. 11d., in which Papworth Gedney was indebted. Dated 8 March 1697. 1 page.
March 8. 74. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Richard Fulford, who had pretended that he had discovered that the island of Lundy was a place where considerable quantities of goods were run, and prayed to be appointed there; declining to recommend the establishment of an officer there, as the place was hardly inhabited or habitable, &c. Dated 8 March 1697–8.
The petition and a proposal of the petitioner.
Minuted:—“Read 1 July '98. My Lords agree wth the Comrs report.” 3 pages.
March 10. 75. Memorial of the Trustees for exchanging Exchequer bills to the Lords of the Treasury, sending a state of the account of cash, &c.; asking for the immediate payment of 50,799l. 12s.d. to complete the 10 per cent. allowance due to the subscribers on the third contract, announcing that on the 3rd instant they laid open a roll for taking subscriptions to a fourth contract for advancing money for circulating Exchequer bills, and in less than two hours obtained subscriptions to the value of 300,000l., at 8 per cent. allowance to the subscribers. Dated 10 March 1697–8. ½ page.
March 12. 76. Memorial signed “Lanc. Burton,” to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that 401l. 8s. were due to him for the reward of 2li per cent. per ann. on 18,000l. lent on the hereditary and temporary excise.
He adds this memorandum:—“I was oblidged to sell 4,000l. of ye tallies abovemencon'd, wch I discounted at 18l. per cent., wch is 720l. to my loss.” Dated 12 March 1697.
Also three certificates relating thereto. 1 page and parts of 3 others.
March 14. 77. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury. They had carried out the order in Council for the establishment of three sloops on the coasts of Kent and Sussex, to repress the owlers; which three sloops it had been supposed would require to be manned with 40 men, at 3l. per mensem each, and the cost might amount to 1,500l. or 1,600l. They had sent over privately some persons of good skill, who had bought the vessels required, as they thought it advisable to buy such vessels as had been employed in the privateer trade at Ostend or Dunkirk, and the cost was within their first estimate, viz., 1,508l. Dated 14 March 1697–8.
Accompanied by a paper containing “The annual charge of the three sloops for Kent & Sussex.”
One was to cruize from the North Foreland to Dungeness, another from Dungeness to Beachey Head, and the third from Beachey Head to Chichester. 2 pages.
March 14. 78. Report of the same to the same, on the petition of Elizabeth Low, widow of Thomas Low, late of Bristol, tobacconist, praying to compound for 200l., her husband's debt of 700l.; advising that her offer should be accepted.
The petition, and the report on the case by Mr. Colt, the collector there.
Wt signed 16 March 1697–8. 3 pages.
March 14. 79. Report of the Comrs of Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Capt. James Moody, as to two prizes of the value of 470l. 4s., of which sum the captain craved to be allowed 203l. 10s.; advising that it should be placed upon account of the thirds payable to the Treasurer of the Navy out of the proceed of prizes. Dated 14 March 1697.
Minuted:—“15 March '97. Agreed. Wt signed 16 Mar. 1697–8.” 1 page.
Nov. 12,
1697, to
March 18,
80. Papers drawn up weekly, headed:—“A state of Exchequer bills received and issued by the foure tellers of the Excheqr & Receiver Genll of the Excise.” The first is made up to 12 Nov. 1697, and the last to 18 March 1697. 11 pages.
March 18. 81. Report by the Comrs of Transportation to the Lords of the Treasury, upon the petition of John Fisher and other wood mongers, who had taken out licences as hawkers and pedlers, on which they had paid half the duty, and had given bond for the last half, which was not then paid, though due; expressing the opinion that they should pay the said last half of their duty. Dated 18 March '97.
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“23 June '99. The petic[i]on is dismissd.” 2½ pages.
March 18. 82. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, sending a plan of a building proposed to be added to Dublin Castle, on account of the difficulty of accommodating the two families of the Chief Governors; the alterations being estimated by the Surveyor General to amount to 868l. 10s. 2d. Dated 18 March 1697–8.
Also the plan. 2½ pages.