Volume 44: March 16, 1697-April 30, 1697

Pages 18-37

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 2, 1697-1702. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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March 16, 1697–April 30, 1697

March 16.
1. Letter from the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, applying for the usual allowance (viz. 500l. each) to be made to Lord Chief Justice Hely, who was appointed Speaker of the House of Lords, and to Mr. Rochford, Attorney-General, the Speaker of the House of Commons. Dated 16 March 1696–7. 1½ pages.
March 17. 2. “A genll state of the arrears of the regiment of horse, late Brigadier Villiers regiment of horse, with my Lord Coningsbys & Mr Fox's report thereon:” the latter dated 17 March 1696. 6½ pages.
March 17. 3. Proposal of Sir John Johnson and others to raise 20,000l. immediately, in milled money, for receiving in, all manner of plate, and coining the same, according to the Act of Parliament passed this sessions. Concluding with the hope that the Lords of the Treasury would not make any abatement of their allowance of 1d. per ounce, as they took the hazard of the plate being worse this year than the last, &c. Dated 17 March 1696–7. 1 page.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 106, 19 March 1696–7, is the following entry:—“Officers of the Mint, with Sr John Johnson & partners about advancing of mo, & taking in of plate per the latter. An agreemt is made between my Lords on the King's behalfe and Sr John Johnson, Peter Floyer, Samuel Sheppard, Gilbert Heathcott, and John Cartlitch, to this effect:
“That Mr Henry Johnson, Mr Peter Floyer, Mr John Cartlitch & Sr John Johnson, be authorized under His Mats Royall signe manual, to take in plate, pursuant to the late Act at 5sh 4d an ounce; and they are to be sworne & to keep accots and performe their duty, in all other respects, pursuant to the said Act.
“That the said Sr John Johnson, Mr Floyer, Mr Sheppard, Mr Heathcott, & Mr Cartlitch will lend 30,000li on the dutys upon parchmt & paper, & begin to lend p[er]t of ye said sum within ten daies, and proceed to compleat ye whole as fast as shalbe necessary. That the money soe lent, shalbe imprested to the persons so to be authorized by signe manual, upon accot that ye same (together with ye money arising from the plate) shalbe applyed to pay 5s 4d an ounce, ready money, to the bringers of ye plate; & to pay the charge of melting, refyning, reducing to standard, the plate & the charge of coynage & the charge of taking in the plate, prout ye Act.
“That these undertakers for sixpence an ounce, shall be obliged to defray the recompense of 2d an ounce, & to bear the worsness of ye plate, the charge of melting into ingotts & potts, the wast in melting the plate, the charge of refining ye silver, and all incidts, as ye servants' wages and the like, and making up the sweep, without any further demand for their owne paines, and for three half pence an ounce more, shall bear all ye charges of coynage, soe that all the plate, soe farr as this mony will extend, shalbe received & carryed standard into ye Mint, as if they were importers, and they are to receive the new money back againe, & be responsible for it, prout ye Act.
“The undertakes are to cause this plate to be melted at ye Exchequer, where they are to be under the inspection of such officer as my Lords shall appoint.
“They demand to have their tallys transferrd to ye Mault Act when desired, wch my Lords doe not agree to.”
March 17. 4. “Commrs presentment for a warrt for alloweing 8,514l 6sd hammered mony, recd by tale, to severall collectors accts, & for the carrying thereof, & of 243l 2s 2d, & of 4,808li 7s 6d, to the Mint in ye Tower, to be recoyned.” Dated 17 March 1696–7.
Read “23 Mar. '96. A wt to be prepared.”
Enclosed is a paper entitled:—“Hamered money received for the duty of excise and salt for sundry collectors and remaining in the hands of Charles Duncombe, Esqre.” 3 pages.
March 18. 5. Letter by command of the Lords of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, sending the copy of a letter from the Comrs of Victualling, as to the want of money. Dated 18 March '96–7.
Also the said copy. 2 pages.
March 18. 6. Memorial of the Comrs of Sick and Wounded Seamen, &c. to the Lords of the Treasury, urgently seeking that they would order a supply, the tallies being useless. Dated 18 March 1696–7.
Minuted:—“Read 23 Mar. '96.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 140, 3 May 1697, is the following minute:—“Comrs of Sick and Wounded to have 10,000li in Exchequer bills, viz., 6,000li on the head of wages, & 4,000li on ye head of victuall.” 1 page.
March 19. 7. Two letters and a petition, docquetted:—“Lord Montjoy. Lords Justices of Ireland represent in their letters, that the Lord Mountjoy hath presented a petic[i]on to them, setting forth that his Maty in considerac[i]on of his services and losses, was pleased to grant him a custodiam of 1,000li per ann. out of certain lands therein mentioned; but upon a genll comn since held, it appears that most of the lands are so incumbered, as not worth the charge of passing a patent, or the persons not outlawed; praying their Lõps to recommend him to his Maty for a reprisal for the same, wch their Lõps think reasonable,” &c.
Transmitted in a letter from the Duke of Shrewsbury to the Lords of the Treasury. Dated 19 March 1696–7.
Minuted:—“14 Apr. '97. Rejected.” A further minute on 21 Apr. '97, “The K. will grant this if ye lands are not otherwise disposed.” 3 pages.
[? About
March 19.]
8. Petition of Charles Feilding, Knt., to the King, praying for the grant of a lease for 31 years, of a lodge and some small enclosures, repaired by him at a cost of 800l. and upwards, which premises appertained to his office as sub-ranger in Dublin Park. Referred to the Lords of the Treasury, 19 March 1696–7.
Minuted:—“20 Apr. '97. Rejected.” 1 page.
March 22.]
9. Memorial of the Duchess of Cleveland to the Lords of the Treasury, showing that by Act of Parliament of 15 Car. II., the [revenue of the] post office was settled on the Duke of York, and the King had power to charge the same with any sum not exceeding 5,382l. 11s. per ann.; that the King granted to Lord Grandison and others, in trust for the Duchess, 4,700l. yearly, out of the profits of that office; that in King James' time the Duchess had an order to receive the weekly payment of 500l., towards satisfying her arrears, &c.; that she was then in arrear above 13,000l.; that she had been obliged to take up money at interest, and owed near 10,000l.; praying for a dormant warrant, to receive henceforward the growing rents of her said annuity.
Minuted:—“Read 22 Mar. '96. To be layd before ye K. 16 Apr. '97. Rejected.” 2½ pages.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 237, 30 July 1697, is the following:—
“To Mr. Blathwait, that his Maty having been pleased to say, that when he gave direction for the Civil List, his Maty would be pleased to give order for the pension of the Duchess of Cleveland. Their Lops being earnestly applied to by her Grace, who hath recd no paymt for some time past, and appears to be in very great want, and considering that her title to ye said pension is secured by severall acts of parlt, their Lops could do no less, than to desire he would move the K. for his Mats direction concerning the said pension.”
Again, on p. 243, 10 Aug. 1697:—
“Dutchs of Cleveland to have half a year's pension out of post office, on the significacon per Mr. Blathwayt from ye K.”
And again, on p. 249, 24 Aug. 1697:—
“To the postmr, to satisfie ye Dutchs of Cleveland's warrt of 2,350l by 100li a week, for 23 weeks, and 50li the last week, the first paymt to be made this week.”
March 24. 10. Letter by direction of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, transmitting, for the information of the Lords of the Treasury, (1) an extract of some intelligence from the Duke of Shrewsbury, received from New Romney, that a general embargo was laid in France on all ships, and their men taken out to man the fleet, that their Lordships might furnish the Comrs of the Victualling with speedy supplies of money to victual the fleet; (2) an extract from a letter from Rear Admiral Benbow, as to the condition the fleet at Spithead and elsewhere was in, for want of money and provisions, the men having been chiefly at sea for four years, and their blood corrupt with scurvy; praying for a supply of 14 days' fresh meat; and (3) an extract from a letter from Mr. Levermore, the agent for the sick and wounded seamen. Dated 24 March '96–7. 3 pages.
March 24. 11. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Arthur Robinson. He had been a considerable merchant in York, and with Isaac Sugden had become involved in debt to the Excise. Both remained in gaol in the Fleet; the petitioner proposed to pay 200l. on condition that both should be discharged from the debt. Dated 24 March 1696.
Minuted:—“18 May 1697. The Comrs will enquire further if Robinson and Sugden be able to pay more.”
Also the petition and three certificates. 6 pages or parts of pages.
March 25.
12. Order in Council for the Lords of the Treasury, to give directions for the speedy passing the commissions for administering the oath to the governors of plantations, for the better executing the Acts of Trade. Dated 25 March 1697. ½ page.
March 25. 13. Letter by direction of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, sending a letter received from the Comrs of Victualling, to be communicated to the Lords of the Treasury. Dated 25 March '97.
The copy of the letter referred to, showing the commands they had received for the supply of the fleet and their proceedings thereon. 2 pages and 2 halves.
March 26. 14. A letter of Sir John Johnson and others to the Hon. William Lowndes, Esq., docquetted:—“Sr Jno Johnson & al. proposal abt ye plate.”
With a postscript, in which they seek to be allowed to nominate one of the Comrs, for collecting the duties on [paper], &c. Dated 26 March 1697.
An agreement had been made between their Lordships and the said Sir John and others, that they should be authorized under Royal sign manual to take in plate at 5s. 4d. an ounce, and they were to lend 30,000l. on the duties upon parchment and paper, &c. See extract from Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 106, 19 March 1696–7, printed at p. 18. ½ page.
March 26. 15. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Don James Cupillar and Xavier, secretary of his Excellency the Spanish ambassador, praying that the ship St. Francisco Los Animos, and the wine on board her, now under stop in the port of London, might be delivered, the ship having been seized by the officers of Customs under the navigation laws; informing their Lordships that Spanish ships had hitherto been allowed to import wines from the Canaries, but leaving it to their Lordships to countenance such a seizure upon so great a nicety of geography, wherein the maps and geographies are said to differ. Dated “26 March 1696–7.”
The petition and three other documents.
Minuted:—“The seizure to be discharged.” 6 pages.
March 27. 16. Letter by direction of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, enclosing for their Lordships a copy of a letter sent from the Comrs of the Navy to the Lords of the Admiralty, which they had received from Comr Greenhill at Portsmouth; giving an account of the necessity there was for timber out of the New Forest, or of a speedy supply of money to provide it, or the workmen would be at a stand in a month. Dated 27 March '97.
Also the said copy. 2 pages.
March 27. 17. Petition of William Lowther to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for their Lordships' order on Lord Ranelagh to pay Wm. Broune, of Pontefract, for arrears of quarters due from Richard Uthwait, lieutenant to Capt. Otway in Col. Farrington's regiment of foot, viz., out of his lieutenant's pay. Dated 27 March 1697.
Also copy of a bill given by the lieutenant on Mr. Bernard, agent to the regiment. 2 pages (quarto).
March 28. 18. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury as to what was a reasonable salary to allow the collector of Scarborough. Dated 28 March 1697.
Minuted:—“No augmentation of salary from the King.” 1 page.
March 29. 19. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the King, on the petition of Elizabeth Ormsby, widow of Lieut.-Col. Ormsby, praying for a yearly pension for her support, in consideration of her husband's services (who was killed before Namur) and her ill circumstances. Dated 29 March 1697.
Minuted:—“Read 5 May 1697. To be considered when the list of widdows (is made up) of those slaine in ye King's service.”
“11 Aug. To have 50l. in the list now making.”
Also the petition. 3 pages.
March 30. 20. Memorandum of covenants entered into between Francis Robartes and others, Comrs of the Revenue in Ireland, and the Hon. Col. Gustavus Hamilton, governor of Athlone, in respect to large portions of land in Ireland, amounting to 4,678 acres, lying in the barony of Kiltartan and county of Gallway, formerly the “propriety of Roger ô Shagnassy a forfeiting person.” Dated 30 March 1697.
Also petition of Col. Hamilton to the Lords of the Treasury, for a discharge of the rent of the custodiam of the O'Shaghnassies estate for one year.
Minuted:—“Read 6 May '97. The custodia rent to be discharged.” 2 pages.
March 30. 21. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, respecting the petition of Thomas Handcock, Esq., who had in 1691 been appointed to oversee the provisions of corn and hay made for the garrisons of Athlone and Bannagher, for which 500l. was due to him, and he was in arrear of quit rent 280l.; stating that they had referred the case to the Attorney-General, whose report thereon they enclosed. Dated 30 March 1697.
The report, which is very lengthy, finishes by advising that an allowance of 160l. above 227l. 10s. 11½d. was not unreasonable, and that their Excellencies might recommend the said sums to be allowed out of the quit rents of his estate.
Also the petition. 5 pages.
March 30. 22. Letter from the Board of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury, hoping for a supply of at least 20,000l., and 6,000l. for the three months' pay for the officers of the train, stating that they had a great charge upon them for stores and officers for the bomb vessels, amounting to 60,000l., and further pressing for consideration of the poor artificers. Dated 30 March 1697. 1 page.
March 31. 23. Letter by direction of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, transmitting an extract from a letter from the Comrs of Victualling to the Comrs of the Navy, to be laid before the Lords of the Treasury. Dated 31 March '97.
Also the said extract, which relates to “the victualling the Poole at the Nore,” and sending down provisions thither for the Nonsuch &c., and complains of the hardship of the blame being laid on them when they had not been put in a capacity to effect the service required. 2 pages.
March 31. 24. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Abraham Elton of Bristol, merchant; praying the discharge of the prosecution of the sloop Samuel, on giving the officers satisfaction: in favour of the petitioner. Dated 31 March 1697.
Minuted:—“4th May 1697. A noli prosequi, giving satisfaction to the Officers.” 3 pages.
April 3. 25. Report of Mr. S. Travers, Surveyor-General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of George Sorocold and George Gregson, both of Derby, gent., respecting the lead mines with the Lott (fn. 1) and Cope, and the office of Barmaster, within the wapentake and soke of Wirksworth in the county of Derby, which were part of the jointure of the Queen Dowager. Dated 3 April 1697. 2 pages (one small quarto).
April 7.]
26. Petition of Frances Dowsett, relict of Lieut.-Col. Dowsett, lately deceased. Through the long and chargeable sickness of her husband, contracted in the King's service in Ireland, they had come to utter ruin, she being left wholly destitute with six children: praying for a pension out of the tenths of the clergy or otherwise.
With note of its reference to the Lords of the Treasury on 7 April 1697.
Minuted:—“16 Ap. '97. Rejected.” 1 page.
April 9. 27. Reply of Mr. John Smith to so much of the memorial of of Mr. Auditor Aldworth as related to himself as receiver of the land revenue for the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, denying the reception of 391l. 9s. per ann., or of 2,729l. 17s.d. discharged in his declared account anno 1681. Dated 9 April 1697. 2½ pages.
April 9. 28. Letter by direction of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, sending for the information of the Lords of the Treasury, extracts of letters from the Comrs of Victualling, as to the impossibility of victualling certain ships unless they were supplied with ready money. Dated 9 April '97.
Also the said extracts. 4 pages.
April 10. 29. Letter by direction of the Admiralty to Mr. Lowndes, sending for the information of the Lords of the Treasury, extracts from letters received by the Comrs of the Navy, and from Sir Edw. Gregory, Comr of the Navy at Chatham, respecting the sufferings of the poor workmen in that and other yards for want of money. Dated 10 April '97.
Also the said extracts. 3 pages.
April 10. 30. Letter of the Lords Justices to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that the Auditor-General refused to issue debentures for the pay of the Comrs for the custody of the Great Seal, and praying them to move His Majesty thereon. Dated 10 April 1697. 1 page.
April 12. 31. A letter signed “Rochford,” to the Lords of the Treasury, announcing the King's pleasure to grant Sir John Elwes and Mrs. Ruthen, the executors of Mrs. Carew Jesson, one of the women of the late Queen's bedchamber, the sum of 700l. to be paid quarterly in three years to pay the debts of Mrs. Jesson. Dated 12 April '97. ½ page.
April 13.]
32. Petition of Robert Rochfort, Esq., to the King. He was a great sufferer by the late rebellion in Ireland, he had an estate near the lands in the annexed schedule, which he was desirous of purchasing in order to make a Protestant colony, but could not do it with safety unless he had a grant of the King's interest therein: praying for the King's interest in the same. Referred to the Lords of the Treasury, 13 April 1697.
The lands were those of Henry FitzGerald (Meath), Nicholas Darcy (Westmeath), Sir Edw. Tyrrell, and Peter Tyrrell.
Minuted:—“Read 5th May '97. To be laid before ye King at His Mats return.” 2 pages.
April 13. 33. Report of John Digby, clerk to the trustees for the sale of fee farm rents, on the petition of Henry Tyson, who prayed for the grant of a quit rent, finding that in the county of Northumberland there were several fee farm rents and other quit rents unsold, to the value of 200l. per ann., and upwards, but he had no record of a quit rent in Newcastle of 100l. per ann., as stated. Dated 13 April 1697.
Accompanied by the petition. 2 pages.
[? About
April 14.]
34. Petition of Charles Dering, Esq., to the King, praying for the grant of a further term of seven years of the custodiam of forfeited lands in Ireland in a list annexed, which had previously been granted to him for two years.
Minuted:—“14 Ap. '97. Rejected.”
Accompanied by the list of the lands. 3 pages.
[? About
April 14.]
35. An abbreviate of a petition of Ann Eustace, alias Finding. Her husband, Christopher Eustace of Cradock's Town, in the county of Kildare, had been incapable of managing his affairs for 20 years, and Thomas Eustace, a Jesuit and brother of her husband, obtained the guardianship of the children, and received the profits of the estate from 1686, to the battle of the Boyne; praying a discharge of the four years quit rents, &c. whilst in the hands of the Jesuits.
Written on the back of a cover which once, perhaps, contained the petition, the Attorney-General's report, and the Lords Justices report thereon.
Minuted:—“14 Ap. '97. Rejected.” ¼ of a page.
[? About
April 14.]
36. [Petition of Sir Francis Compton], stating that, on his petition for a grant to set up two lighthouses near Harwich, after the term of the present patent, the King had granted the same at a fine of 350l.; he had since been informed that it was of greater value than 1,700l.; praying the King to grant him the 1,200l. which he had told Lord Scarborough he would give.
Minuted:—“14 Ap. '97. To have 1,200l. if he can gett it, & his Maty to have ye overplus, if any.” 1 page (quarto).
[? About
April 14.]
37. Memorial of Arnold, Earl of Albemarle, to the King. King James II. granted to the Countess of Dorchester, several quit rents in Ireland for 99 years (if she lived so long) to the value of 5,000l. a year; praying for a reversionary grant of the same.
Minuted:—“14 Ap. '97. To be done.” 1 page (quarto).
[? About
April 14.]
38. Petition of Sir James Caldwell, Bart., to the King, showing that a custodiam of the forfeited estate of Dudley Bagnall, Esq., of about 900l. a year in Ireland was granted to him charged with 500l. and 320l. per annum; praying for a lease for 99 years of the estate, and 500l. per annum during the same term, out of lands in the annexed list, on account of the encumbrance.
Also the case of Sir James Caldwell, Bart., setting forth his sacrifices and services, which were very considerable; praying that the King would take his daughter Elizabeth's case into consideration.
Minuted:—“14 Apr. '97. Rejected.” 3 pages.
April 14.
[? 1697.]
39. Memorial of Col. Richard Coote to the Lords of the Treasury. In consideration of his losses and the debt due to him, he had applied for a grant of the Lady Honora Bourk's portion forfeited, she having been married to Patrick Searsfeild, commonly called Lord Lucan, and since married to the Duke of Berwick, now in France outlawed; Lord Capel reported favourably on it; Lady Dorothy Bourke, daughter to the Earl of Clanrickard, who stated that she was a Protestant and on that account unprovided for by the Earl, had petitioned for all the forfeitures of the late Earl of Gallway and the Lord Bofine, amounting to 4,000l. per ann.; the allegations in the Lady Dorothy's petition were untrue, for Lord Clanrickard had settled 4,000l. on her; praying that their Lordships would lay this memorial before the King, at the same time with Lady Dorothy Bourk's report.
Undated, but it has the following minute:—“To be layd wth Lady Dor. Bourk's papers. 14 Apr. '9.” The incompleted date is probably 1697, and this petition not unlikely one of the “many other petitions read” on that day. (See Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 118, for that day.)
There is also the following in the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 126, 20 April 1697:—“Lady Dorothy Bourk's petition to be carryed againe to morr. with those of Lord Mountjoy [and others].” 1 page.
April 15.]
40. Petition of Thomas Davis, one of the King's messengers, addressed to the King, praying that he might be allowed what money he had received from William May and William Bishop, pirates arrested by him in the western parts of England, and brought to Newgate, and afterwards executed; which moneys were claimed by the relations of the pirates.
Accompanied by the copy of a letter from Mr. Lowndes to Mr. Davis, messenger, on the same subject.
Referred to the Lords of the Treasury, 15 April 1697.
Minuted:—“Read 5th May '97. He must pay ye money into ye Excheqr.” 2 pages.
April 15. 41. Order of Council referring to the Treasury to consider what was proper to be allowed to the Governor and Lieut. Governor of New York and the Massachusetts Bay for salaries. Dated 15 April 1697.
With an enclosure headed—
“State of the salaries of His Maties Governors and Lieut. Governors in the province of New England and New York.” (A copy.) 2½ pages.
April 15. 42. Order in Council, granting the request of the clerks of the Privy Council for the continuance of 100l. a year to each of them for conducting the business of the Council of Trade and Plantations. Dated 15 April, 1697.
Minuted:—“Read 19 Ap. '97. To be complyd wth.” 1½ pages.
April 15. 43. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, enclosing the petition of Mr. Maurice Birchfield, and a report from the Comrs of management of the King's Revenue and Forfeitures, as to the quantity and value of lands sought for by him; adding that they knew nothing to the contrary that the petitioner might not be deserving of the King's favour. Dated 15 Apr. 1697.
Also the list of the lands and other papers connected with the same. 7 pages.
April 16. 44. The case of Joseph Herne with regard to the President De la Tour's tallies in his custody, represented to the Right Hon. the Lord Galloway. Herne, by the authority of the President, had received orders and tallies on the continued impositions to the sum of 100,000l., and then had 25,000l. of them remaining, which he was directed to deliver to Mons. Caillie of Geneva, but was under a difficulty as to the receipt to be given for them. Dated 16 Apr. 1697. 1½ pages.
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 124, 19 Apr. 1697:—
“Sr Jos. Herne & Councell abt Tallys
in his hands. Mr Sollr as also Sr Joseph Hern wth his
Counsell Sr Barthw Shore [? Shower] &
Sir Tho. Powys.
“Sr Tho. saies Sr Joseph desires to be rid of ye tallys, soe as may be consistent with his Mats pleasure, but desires to be safe. He gave a rect for 96,000li for subsedys for ye Duke of Savoy for one year, from 10 Oct. '95 & 4,000li for ye excha: in all 100,000li per tallys & orders; his receipt by authority from Presidt de la Tour & his letters owne his having ye mo & he has p[ai]d 75,000li regularly. If he can be safe in parting wth the remayning 25,000li he is ready. One Monsr Caille here demands them for ye D. of Savoy, he has effects in Italy & other parts in amity wth ye D. of Savoy, where ye D. make [may] recover them, & if a peace be concluded ye D. may recover them here.
“Sr Bart. Shore saies Sr Jos. is subject to suits abroad & here. They only desire that Mons. Caille may give a rect for them. If a man receives publique money for a particular use, he is answerable at law for that use. Or if la Tour will countermand his order to Caille & direct ye tallys otherwise, his order will be complyed with.
“Mr Sollicitor saies if these tallys were for ye use of ye D. of Savoy, pursuant to an agreement, and part of that agreemt was not performed, in equity, the D. of Savoy ought not to have ye remaindr of ye mo, & cannot recover it.
“Counsell of the other side saies that ye money being actually recd, Sr Joseph Herne is accomptable onely to those for whom he recd it, and that no man will part with his money to depend on a suit in equity. That if Latour has advanced this 25,000 to ye D., Sr Joseph can have no equity agt him. My Lords wilbe ready to give such security to Sr Jos. Herne as is proper for ye King to give for his indemnity, in case he delivers up ye tallys for ye 25,000li to ye K's use. The Counsell on both sides will meet at Mr Attorneys, to morr. in the afternoon, that ye K. may have an answr on Wednesd.”
There is a further minute on this in the same vol., p. 132, 27 Apr. 1 697, to the effect that the Lords of the Treasury desired Lord Ranelagh to treat with Sir Jos. Herne to deliver 20,000l. of the 25,000l. in tallies formerly struck for the Duke of Savoy, and the other 5,000l. to remain as a security for any damage by the transaction.
And again, at p. 135, 30 Apr. 1697:—
He was unwilling to deliver up the 20,000l.; he says he told Lord Ranelagh he would deliver up 10,000l. presently, and 10,000l. more when there should be a decree for it; he thought he deserved the remaining 5,000l. for his services.
[? About
April 16.]
45. Petition of the daughters of William Harbord, Esq., deceased, to the King. Their father was employed as Paymaster-General of the forces in the reduction of Ireland, and there was a balance of 2,525l. 5s.d. due to the King, and further, their father was very zealous in the King's service, and died therein at Belgrade, on his embassy to the Ottoman Porte; praying that the balance might be remitted.
Minuted:—“The arrears to be demanded, łre writ 16 April 1697.” 1 page.
April 16. 46. Memorial of William Earl of Kinoul, reminding His Majesty that in his petition of the previous week he had set forth that he had not received anything out of the arrears of 1,000l. a year due to him out of the 4½ per cent. customs of Barbadoes, for nearly two years.
Minuted:—“16 Ap. '97. To be pd at ye rate of 500l a year.” ½ page (quarto).
April 17. 47. Petition of many poor widows and others, inhabitants of Dartmouth and parts adjacent, stating that they resided within three miles of Torbay, from whence were put on shore from the Royal Navy during the last summer, about 1,500 sick and wounded, whose condition the petitioners commiserating, received them into their houses and took all imaginable care of them, which had reduced them to great penury; praying for speedy payment. Dated 17 Apr. 1697.
With many signatures.
Minuted:—“To speake wth ye Commrs of ye sick & wounded seamen. Read to ym 9th June '97.” 1 large page.
April 17. 48. Letter by direction of the Admiralty, to Mr. Lowndes, forwarding an extract from a letter received from the Comrs of the Navy (wherein they state that the King's ships, the Suffolk, Burford, and Mountague, continue in Sir Henry Johnson's, Mr. Snelgrove's, and Mr. Castle's docks, without one stroke of work done, or like to be done, towards their repairs, for want of money); to be communicated to the Lords of the Treasury. Dated 17 Apr. '97.
Also the said extract. 3 leaves.
April 19. 49. Letter, by direction of the Admiralty, to Mr. Lowndes, forwarding an extract of a letter from Captain Munden, as to the want of provisions for the fleet at the Nore; to be communicated to the Lords of the Treasury. Dated 19 Apr. '97.
[The extract not now with it.] 1 page.
April 19. 50. Report of the Surveyor-General to the Lords of the Treasury on the state of the manor of Rygate in Surrey; with an account of the yearly rents and value; together with a note from the Lords of the Treasury directing him to make a constat, or send to the auditor for a particular of the premises, in order to a grant thereof, to Joseph Jekill, Esq., or such as he should nominate. Dated 19 Apr. 1697. 2 pages.
[? About
April 20.]
51. Petition of John Gostling, clerk, one of the gentlemen of the Chapel Royal, showing that owing to his duties at that chapel he was obliged to maintain a curate on his living in the country, at a charge of 40l. per ann., which was made up to him by an allowance by King Charles II. of 50 guineas per ann., which had been continued to him, and was promised by the late Queen out of the Royal Bounty, through the late Archbishop Tillotson; praying for the arrears.
Minuted:—“20 Ap. '97. Granted.” 1 page.
[? About
April 20.]
52. A paper signed “Schonburg & Leinster,” showing that a gift was made to the late Duke of Schonburgh of 100,000l., and a warrant passed for the payment of 25,000l. a year until the whole should be paid, but the King's affairs not permitting the payment thereof, 4,000l. a year was paid him, which, by his death, would fall to his eldest son, and there would be no provision for the younger children; praying for the preparation of a warrant to pass the great seals, in the same manner as to the Duke his father, and for a continuance of the interest at 5li per cent. till the principal was paid.
Minuted:—“20 Apr. 1697. The K. will give any power, that there may be a disposition amongst younger children; he won't increase the interest; and as to ye principll, future daies may be assigned for ye paymt, so as His Maty may not be enforced to pay ye money.”
Also a duplicate. 2 pages.
[? About
April 20.]
53. Petition of Major Henry Foubert to the King. The King had laid his commands on him to continue to take the academy settled by His Majesty, under his care; praying a warrant for the pension of 500l. a year for the same.
Minuted:—“20 Ap. '97. A privy seal to be granted” and “wt signed.” 1 page.
April 20.]
54. Report of Mr. Henry Baker to the Lords of the Treasury as to what was necessary for the weekly subsistence of the persons and their families mentioned therein.
Minuted:—“20 Ap. '97. These allowances are approved per ye King.” 1 page.
[? About
April 20,
55. Memorial by Anthony Burnaby, of the Middle Temple, to the King, showing the necessity of adding another Commissioner of Excise to those already in being, and setting forth his claims to that employment as the projector of the new duty on malt.
Minuted:—“20 Apr. '97. My Lords are to consider this.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 151, May 11, 1697, is the following:—“Mr. Burnaby is cald in; he saies if there were 4 Riding Comrs instead of 10 supervisors it would be more for ye K. service, and then many frauds may be detected; the frauds of brewers amt to above 300,000li per ann. The Comrs say there are but six supervisors; he saies ye malt duty will not be subject to such frauds as ye Excise.” 1 page.
[? About
April 20.]
56. Petition of William Dockwra, of London, merchant, showing that at his sole charge he set up the penny post, and that about 14 years since he was deprived thereof by the arbitrary power of the late unhappy reigns; that the House of Commons ordered his case to be recommended to the King on his accession, on which 500l. per ann. was granted him for seven years; notwithstanding which he was above 10,000l. the worse for setting up the post; that he was about a month back appointed to manage the penny post in room of Mr. Castleton, but the salary was a bare 200l. per ann., on which 40l. was taxed for the Capitation Act, &c.; praying the continuance of the pension of 500l. per ann. to bring up his eight children, most of whose portions had been sunk in setting up the penny post.
Minuted:—“20 Ap. '97. To be continued for 3 yeares longer.” “Wt signed.”
Accompanied by “A short but true state of the hard case of Mr. Dockwra that set up the penny post, anno 1680, which the late K. James ravisht from him. Represented by way of accot of Debtor and Creditor.”
Also a printed copy of the votes of the House for 16 May 1690, which included the resolution referred to. 4 pages.
[? About
April 20.]
57. Petition of the Lord William Powlett to the King, showing that he had a grant, by patent, of all fines, &c. accruing upon judgments “quod capiatur and capias pro fine,” and of all revenues upon the greenwax for 41 years, paying yearly 500l., but for some years he had received nothing therefrom; praying for the fines of 6s. 8d. granted to the King by Act in the 5th and 6th years of his reign, on the several actions in that Act mentioned for the residue of the said term of 41 years, and for the remission of 250l. of the yearly rent and all such rent as was in arrear at Lady-day.
Minuted:—“20 Ap. '97. 250l. a year from Lady-day last dur. the residue of ye term to be forgiven, & ye arreares due to Lady-day upon ye 500l. per ann., but no further grant of fines. Wt signed.” 1 page.
[? About
April 20.]
58. Petition of George Boothe, Esq., to the King, showing that ever since the Revolution he had, in several capacities, contributed his utmost to the safety, honour, and interest of His Majesty's person and government, of his zeal wherein there were not wanting remarkable instances; praying for a grant of 700l. per ann. out of the tenths of the clergy for 31 years, or such term as the King thought fit.
Minuted:—“20 Ap. '97. 600li a year for 7 years. Wt signed.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 146, 7 May 1697, is the following:—“A dormt warrt for Mr Booths 600li per anñ. out of xths.” Part of a page.
[? About
April 21.]
59. Petition of Sarah Butler to the King, showing that her husband Capt. James Butler and two of her sons were slain at the fight of Aghrim, and before that another son at the fight of the Boyne; that her house and all she had was destroyed, her daughter slain, and herself much wounded; that she fled to England and was imprisoned for debt; praying for the royal bounty to enable her to go to Ireland.
Referred to the Lords of the Treasury, 21 April 1697.
Minuted:—“26 May '97. Nothing can be done upon this.” See other papers as to her case, Vol. XXIV., No. 59. 1 page.
[? About
April 21.]
60. Memorial of Dr. Titus Oates to the King, stating that he was debarred of his pension, which His Majesty restored him at his accession, that he had contracted debts and must perish, unless the King ordered him 500l., and that he had not clothes worthy to appear before His Majesty.
Minuted:—“21 Apr. 1697. Read. The King will give no more than his allowance.” [Signature cut away.]
He was ordered to have 20l. on 4 Aug. 1697. See Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 239; and 30l. on 15 Sept. following. See ib., p. 257. 1 page.
[? About
April 21.]
61. Report unsigned [but ? from the Lords of the Treasury], addressed to the King, concerning the agreements made with the colonels and agents of several regiments for obtaining payment of 26,758l. 10s. 4d. to clear them to the 1st of April 1692: submitting it to the King what portion of the arrears should be allowed.
Minuted:—“21 Ap. '97. This is not a time for this.”
A petition and a memorial from the colonels and agents, who had made a loan of 25,000l. on account of Irish arrears; and “An accot of what remains due to the following regiments to the 1st of April 1692, together with the proportion to be furnished by each regiment, to complete the 40,000l. to be advanced by them,” &c.
Also “A list of ye regimts that have made the advance of the 25,000l. in proportion of the 40,000l., with what arrears are due to them.” 5½ pages.
April 23. 62. Letter of Mr. Wm. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes, putting him in mind of his kind promise, that the payment of his two warrants was in the first exchequer bills, as he was forced to borrow money a t extravagant rates for his subscription and for his equipage. Dated 23 April 1697. 1 page (quarto).
April 24. 63. Presentment by the Comrs for Prizes to the Lords of the Treasury, recommending the appointment of Mr. Thomas Robinson and Mr. John George, as agents for prizes in Maryland, in place of Mr. Peter Jenings, who had been appointed to that service at their recommendation, but whom they then thought it necessary to supersede. Dated 24 April 1697.
Accompanied by an abstract of certain deeds relating to prizes taken within the limits of the African Company's charter, and the Hudson's Bay Company's charter, of which Lord Sydney and Mr. Glover had received a grant.
[It appears to have little or nothing to do with the other paper.] 2 pages.
April 24. 64. Letter from the Council of Virginia to the Lords of the Treasury, sent by Sir Edmund Andros's directions, to acquaint their Lordships with the King's commands, for charging the quit rents with 765l. 3s.d., and placing it to the revenue of the 2s. per hogshead for the government of New York and other services; also the King's further directions for remitting 665l. 12s. 1d. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance, and for the payment of 100l. to Mr. Commissary Blair. They noticed the accounts before them and the debt on the revenue of 2s. per hogshead. The revenue had not arisen equal to other years, and on the other side there were salaries and contingent charges of 1,000l. sent for the King's service to the government of New York, together with the charge of a vessel commanded by the King to cruise, and for great guns and other emergent occasions. Dated 24 April 1697. 2 pages.
April 24. 65. “Affidavits of collectors in Cornwall concerning payment of clipt monies delivered in by Mr. Bescowen.”
Accompanied by a letter signed John Ennys and Tho. Searle, enclosing the above affidavits. Dated Penryn, 24 April 1697. 4 pages.
April 24. 66. Report of Mr. S. Travers, Surveyor General, on the petition of Dame Penelope Tynt, widow of Sir Hugh Tynte, as to a lease of coal mines in Farrington, held by Sir Hugh, and previously held by Richard Mogg. Dated 24 April 1697.
Also the petition.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., pp. 177–9, on 2 June 1697, is the account of the hearing of this case before their Lordships, and the following is their conclusion respecting it:—“This being a matter of law, my Lords see no reason why they should intermeddle or give any direction upon the petition, wch is therefore dismissed.” 4 pages.
[? About
April 26.]
67. Petition of Samuel Allumbridge to the Lords of the Treasury. He had discovered several concealments in connexion with the duty on parchment and paper, but was denied to make oath about the same as he was the King's officer: praying to have access and freedom, to declare to them the real truth of several omissions and irregularities practised. Recd [sic] 11 May 1697.
Minuted:—“Read 26 Ap. '97. To be heard on Thursd. sennight in ye morning. The Comrs, Mr Crumpton & Mr Bateman to be here then.”
Also, another memorial of the said Samuel Alumbridge to their Lordships. He had followed the calling of a stationer, buying parchment and vellum of the maker in the country, sorting it and selling it to stationers, booksellers, and several others in and about London. He states that he was examined for their information, by certain gentlemen who first projected laying a duty on those commodities, and having spent the best part of five months, neglecting his other concerns, and almost ruining his family to promote the King's interests, he applied for employment as soon as Commissioners were appointed, to manage the duty; but the reply to his application was, that as he dealt in those articles he was not eligible; yet afterwards he obtained a warrant to search and seize goods concealed, or not entered, but without pay, except his share of the penalty, and thereupon he made several seizures. He complains that the goods were restored to the owners, and mentions a variety of information concerning the evasion of the duty, and submits that unless experienced officers are employed, the duty will come to little. With an enclosure giving further details. (Both undated.)
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VIII., p. 34, 2 Nov. 1697:—“Comrs of Glass, &c. & Mr Allambrig; he saies he has done sevll services, and complaines that he has had no reward. Allambrig is to have 20li out of the money proceeding from ye sale of the paper of Anthony Staples, lately seized & condemn'd. They dismist him because he was seller of parchmt.” 3 pages.
April 27. 68. Petition of Mr. John Mogg of Colemines, in the manor of Farrington-Gurney in the co. of Somerset, that a caveat might be entered against my Lady Tynt; who had petitioned the Lords of the Treasury for leave to bring a scire facias against a lease to the said John Mogg. Lady Tynt had married the Bishop of Durham, and the petitioner was prevented from proceeding at law for recovery of possession by reason of his Lordship's privileges. Dated 27 Apr. 1697.
See the Minute Book, Vol. VII., pp. 177–9, 2 June 1697, where there is an account of the hearing of this case. It concludes thus:— “This being a matter of law, my Lords see no reason why they should intermeddle, or give any direction upon the peticon, wch is therefore dismissed.” 1 page.
April 27. 69. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Mendes De Costa of London, merchant; praying for a warrant to “non pros.” the information against him in the Court of Exchequer for contravening the navigation laws: advising that he deserved to be relieved. Dated 27 Apr. 1697.
Minuted:—“Ult. Ap. '97. Granted.” 2 pages.
[? About
April 28.]
70. Report of the Comrs for managing the additional duties on Paper, on the petition of Anthony Staples, in respect to certain paper seized by Tho. Lovell and Samuel Allembridge, of the value of 174l., of which no entry had been made pursuant to the Act; recommending the petitioner to their Lordships' favour on account of his poverty and ignorance [of the law].
Accompanied by the petition which was referred for their report on 28 Apr. 1697.
Minuted:—“Recd 6 May '97. Read 26 ditto. To be laid before my Lds when ye Commrs & Allembridg attend this board.” 2 pages.
April 28. 71. Letter of the Duke of Shrewsbury to the Lords of the Treasury, signifying the King's pleasure that 1,000l. be forthwith paid to the Marquis of Winchester for providing his equipage as one of the Lords Justices of Ireland; that the like sum be paid to the Lord Viscount Villiers; that the Commission of Customs be renewed, and that the warrant for it be filled up with the names of Charles Godolphin, Esq., Sir Walter Young, Bart., and five others; that their Lordships lay before the King what they propose about altering the Commission of Excise; that the interest from the Exchequer to the Duke of Schonburg be made up 5 per cent., &c.; that assurance for their debt be given to the tradesmen who furnished goods by the King's special command to the value of 5,269l. for the King's bed-chamber, and withdrawing room at Windsor, for his house at Hounslow, and apartments at Kensington and Whitehall; that they make enquiry for lands to the value of 600l. per ann., the King intending to bestow that amount out of the forfeited estates in Ireland, on the Marquis of Puisars; that Col. FitzGerald, Controller of the Musters and Cheques in Ireland, have his salary, &c., and that upon the payment of Clancy's fine of 500l. Col. Nicholas Purcell should have 100l. Dated 28 April 1697.
The following is in the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 134, 30 April 1697:—“A warrt to be prepared for 1,000li for Marqs of Winchester's equipage.” 1¼ pages.
April 29. 72. Representation by the Comrs of Sick and Wounded Seamen, &c. to the Lords of the Treasury, of the state of the arrears, begging their Lordships to pay them at least one whole year, amounting to nearly 30,000l. out of two and a half years. Dated 29 April 1697.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 140, 4 May 1697, is:—“Comrs of Sick & Wounded to have 10,000l. in Exchequer bills, vizt, 6,000li on the head of wages & 4,000li on ye head of victuall.”
Minuted:—“Read 3 May '97.” 1 page.
April 29. 73. Letter of Mr Wm. Blathwayt to Mr. Lowndes to remind the Lords of the Treasury of His Majesty's order that the debt of 96,800 guilders due to Mons. D'Odijke for the Zeland transports, should be satisfied by tallies on the land tax; at the rate of 1l. sterling for nine guilders. Dated Hague, 29 April/9 May 1697.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 142, 5 May 1697, is:—“The value of 96,608 guildrs at the rate of a pound sterling, for every nine guildrs, to be paid with interest, according to His Mats warrt to Monsr Odyke, for the Zeland transports, out of the like tallys, pursuant to His Mats pleasure signified per Mr Blathwait from ye
Hague, 29 Ap.
9 May. '97.” 1 page (quarto).
[? About
April 30.]
74. Petition of Arthur, Lord Viscount Irwynne, of the kingdom of Scotland, showing that he paid into the hands of — Palmes, Esq., one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, 1,440l. in old money: praying the repayment thereof or that their Lordships would give them both a hearing.
Accompanied by the copy of the receipt for that amount by the deputy of the Teller.
Minuted:—“Ult. Apr. 1697. Read 4 May '97.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 139, 4 May 1697, is the following:—“Mr Palmes, Mr Wmson, Mr Peters, & Mr Machell about 1,440li claymd by Machel for the Lord Irwyn to be due from Palmes or Peters. There was so much clipt mony sent per Lord Irwyn in June '96 to Mr Palmes, and it was with other mo[ney] charged in the Exchequer in the name of Ralph Wmson, Recr of land tax, & Peters since gave his note to be accoble to Lord Irwyn in such proportion as he should receive from Wmson. Machel would have the whole 1,440li in new money or at 5sh. 2d an ounce. Palmes & Peters say they are to pay only in proportion as they receive from Wmson. Wmson saies he is ready to pay at 5s 8d an ounce. At this rate Palmes & Peters say the Lord Irwyn will gett above 400li more then his clipt mo was worth.” 2 pages.
April 30.]
75. Petition of Edward Batchelor to the Lords of the Treasury, for the place of housekeeper and surveyor to the Comrs of Hackney coaches.
Minuted:—“The place is dispos'd of.”
Docquetted:—“Ult. Apr. '97.” 1 page.
April 30. 76. Letter of the Board of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury. They could think of nothing that would help the artificers, but a large apportionment of Exchequer bills then ready to be given out; they compare the artificers with persons employed by the navy; the whole trade of gunmakers was quite ruined by payments in tallies which were paid to them as ready money and the prices not at all advanced; there was an unavoidable necessity of remitting at least 80,000l. to Flanders, 30,000l. immediately, and 10,000l. on foreign bills presently; besides 6,000l. which Col. Goor got credit for, without which he could not have taken the field; no bomb vessels would go out that summer, which would ease the office of 115l. 11s. 3d. weekly, &c. Dated 30 April 1697.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 139, is:—“Officers of Ordnance. They say as to their tallys (about 300,000li) on deficient fonds, some propositions will soon be made to their Lops. That a supply of at least 240,000li is necessary at present, & 6,000li for ye Flandrs trayn must be paid, to keep credit wth the States Genll, wch Mr Meesters will return at 10 gl 10 stivers to Rotterd. & 10 gl 12 st. to Antwerpe. Mr Gibbons having tallys for 10,000li on land tax deposited for 8,000li advanced in Flandrs, they cannot be turnd into mo[ney] at less than 36 per cent., for wch they desire leave. My Lords order a warrt for 200,000li for land service & 50,000li for sea service to ye Ordnance by Excheqr bills.” 3 pages.
April 28
and 30.
77. “Proposal of Daniel Neale [Brewer] for purchasing ye share of ye Phoenix Brew-house, stock in trade, & other forfeited estate of the late Sir John Freind.” Dated 30 April 1697.
Also two other papers relating to the same property; one signed Nathaniel Philipps. Dated 30 April 1697; and the other, Anthony Sturt. Dated 28 April 1697. 3½ pages.
April. 78. Petition of Hugh Rowley of Calmore, Esq., to the King, showing that the petitioner was the first Protestant justice of the peace in Ireland; that he was turned out of commission by the late Earl of Tyrconnell for his early appearing for an English Protestant interest, and for his endeavours to suppress the insolence of the Irish rebels, for which reason they took most of his goods and pillaged and burnt his and his tenants' houses and wasted his estate; that 500l. of his goods were conveyed to Londonderry, which were there made use of by the garrison during the siege; that he was damnified above 5,000l. by the Irish rebels, and having sent advice and intelligence to Londonderry, he was searched for, taken prisoner, and narrowly escaping, fled to England, where he stayed till the King went to Ireland, and then returned thither with His Majesty, and having lost all his substance was put into an employment, the great stores of war in Dublin being committed to him by the then Lords Justices, and the King conferred upon him the place of storekeeper of the Ordnance of Ireland, which employment he discharged with indefatigable care and diligence, as is certified by the late Lords Justices, to the Earl of Rumney when Secretary of State; this employment ended with that war; and for his services he got no manner of satisfaction; but by the Government successively he had been promised he should be better provided for, and receive satisfaction for his services when there was a fund for it. Praying His Majesty, in consideration of his services, losses, and sufferings, to give him a grant of the forfeited lands and leases in a schedule annexed, which are of small value. Undated, but April 1697, by comparison with another petition from him, which speaks of this petition as of this date.
Accompanied by the schedule referred to.
Minuted:—“Ref. into Ireland.” 2 pages.
[? April.] 79. Papers relating to payments made by the Duke of Wirtemburg, or by his authority in Flanders and Ireland in connection with the Danish troops. From the years 1691 to 1696.
They appear to have been brought together with the view of getting a settlement of the claims in the year 1697, as there is the following minute:—
“16 Ap. '97. To be consd upon a proper day.” 12 pages.
[? About
80. Petition of Richard Earl of Ranelagh to the King, showing that he was a great sufferer by the late war in Ireland, having lost nearly 12,000l. of rent, and his castles of Roscommon and Athlone being utterly ruined, his mansion in Dublin being pulled down for timber to build a mass house there; praying for a grant of 500l. per ann. out of the forfeitures in the counties of East and West Meath, and in the province of Connaught; also the inheritance of his house at Chelsea, with the 23 acres thereto belonging, already granted to him for 99 years; in order that he might make a settlement in his family.
Minuted:—“4 May 1697. Sent to ye Board p[er] the Earl of Sunderland & read. Respited till his Mats return.” 1 page.
[? About
81. Petition of Aubrey Earl of Oxford to the King, showing that some years before, Father Peters, the Jesuit, paid to Sir Willm. Gerrard 3,000l. towards building a popish college in the parish of Wigan (Lancaster), which being discovered would come to the King; praying that that sum might be granted to him. Undated.
In the Minute Book, Vol. VII., p. 129, 23 Apr. 1697, is:—“Earl of Oxford to have 2,000li bounty, by 200li presently, and 200li a month.” 1 page.
[About Apr.
or May.]
82. Petition of John Peirce, a sworn broker, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for their licence to act and deal in buying and selling tallies and other securities, upon funds granted by Parliament; with a certificate in his favour, signed by 11 persons. Undated, but April or May 1697, by comparison with other similar petitions. Parts of 2 pages.


  • 1. Lott is one dish of lead in a certain number. See Bailey. Cope is a tribute paid to the King out of lead mines. See Ib.