Volume 61: May 1-31, 1699

Pages 291-303

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 2, 1697-1702. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1871.

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May 1–31, 1699

May 1.
1. Copy of letter from Thomas Harvey, agent for the victualling in the Straights, addressed to the victuallers, dated 1st May 1699, stating that in pursuance of the Admiral's order, he was endeavouring to get a warehouse in the “Island” to land such provisions as would serve the cruisers till the fleet returned from the Mediterranean, and that he would leave Mr. Wilson, his clerk, there, and proceed to Leghorn with the ship. Also respecting the supply of money for the fleet, by Sir Wm. Hodges & Co., giving some information on the state of the money market, and stating further that wine and oil were very dear, &c. Dated Cadiz Bay, 1 May 1699.
Copy of a letter from Sir Wm. Hodges & Co. of Cadiz, to the victuallers (dated the 1/11 of May 1699), as to the furnishing money. When the Admiral sailed hence for the Straights, he was very well received and respected at Argeir [? Algiers], from whence he was to go to Tunis and Tripoli, and it was a great honour to our nation and security to our trade, in having such a squadron in the Straights, commanded by a person so fitly qualified to treat with all sorts of people; the “Weymouth” was bound home with horses from Argiers, for the King, &c.; the writer had a letter from Captain Delaval, whom the Admiral sent to Barbary to treat about the redemption of the King's subjects, and not being able to conclude anything with the Alcaid, there was a necessity for his going forward to Mequentz [Mequinez], but could not without money, and some small presents for the King, Queen, and favourite son, which they had furnished to the value of $2,311.
It contains other particulars about the rate of exchange, &c.
Also breviates of the said two letters. 6½ pages.
May 1. 2. Report of Mr. Henry Baker to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Edward Singleton, prisoner in the Fleet, for a fine of 120l. for importation of French silks; certifying his poverty and inability to pay, and recommending him as an object of compassion. Dated 1 May 1699. Written on the back of the petition.
Minuted:—“Read 21 June '99. A warrt to acknowledg satisfaction upon record, as to ye King's part.” 2 pages.
May 1. 3. Report of Mr. William Blathwayt to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of the Lord Lifford, Colonel of one of His Majesty's late Regiments of Foot; informing them that by certificate of Mr. Abbot, it appeared he stood respited for the months of September and October 1693, when he was attending the King beyond sea, and his pay for those months, amounting to 73l. 4s., was not included in the warrant. It also appeared that he was paid at Guidon, 43 days of that time, at 20s. a day. Dated 1 May 1699.
Minuted:—“28 June '99. Speak with Mr. Abbott when he comes next.” 1 page.
May 1. 4. “Establishment of the pay of our standing forces and garrisons in our ancient kingdome of Scotland, at 336 days in the year, commencing the first of May 1699, in the eleventh year of our reign.” 7 pages.
May 2. 5. Letter of Mr. Burchett to Mr. Lowndes, as to certain complaints made about Captain Crosse of the “Dovor,” and Captain Caldwell of the “Anglesey.” Dated 2 May '99.
There is a minute on the dorse, finishing:—“If their Lops are satisfied by the examinations of the Comtee, or their own, that this gent. is innocent, they have no further objection against the employing him againe.” 1½ pages.
May 2. 6. Memorial of the victuallers of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury. The course of payments was fourteen months behind. There were several bills of exchange to pay from Ireland. Beside the first bills drawn by Admiral Aylmer, there was a bill for 7,001l. drawn by him; also respecting provisions for soldiers at Newfoundland. They pray for the assignment of moneys. Dated 2 May 1699. 1 page.
May 2. 7. Report of Mr. Charles Twitty to the Lords of the Treasury. By their Lordships' commands, he had reported a true state of Mr. Peter's case, whose demands amounted to 17,094l. 8s. 5d., which report was returned to him for re-consideration; expresses his opinion that he deserved their Lordships' compassion, having incurred so great a debt, by the raising of new moneys to satisfy the issues directed on Mr. Palmes's office in clipped moneys. Without their Lordships allowed him his prime loss, amounting to 7,445l. 5s. 6d., he would be ruined. Dated 2 May 1699.
The “case” referred to, minuted:—“27 Feb. '98. To be rereferr'd to Mr. Twitty,” and four other papers, one of which is minuted:—“Read 28 7br. 1698. Look out the petition and report on wch the 3,000li was granted.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. IX., p. 132, 30 May 1699, is:—“Mr John Peter's case & Mr Wm Palmes petic[i]on read. The King can do nothing in this.” 9 pages and 2 halves.
May 3. 8. Warrant signed “Pere Bertie,” signifying the King's pleasure, to Charles Godfrey, Esq., Master of the Jewel-house, for the delivery to Sir Charles Cottrell, Knt., Master of the ceremonies, of a medal and chain of the value of 100l., to be delivered to Mons. Saan, Secretary to the Sieur Vanden Bronde, Sieur de Cleverskerke, Ambassador Extraordinary from the States of Holland. Counter-signed by the Lords of the Treasury. 3 May 1699. 1 page.
May 3. 9. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of George Woodhouse, master of the ship “Alexander,” who had infringed the navigation laws by hiring Scotchmen to navigate his vessel, “who, unless habituating in England, are not to be accounted English;” begging a noli prosequi; recommending him as an object of compassion, he having been previously cast away in a voyage from Norway upon the coast of Holland, in a late storm, and his ship being regularly manned. Dated 3 May 1699.
Minuted:—“Agreed. Wt signed 30th June 1699.”
(Two enclosures.) 4 pages.
May 3. 10. Report of Lord Ranelagh and Mr. William Blathwayt to the King, concerning what would “be necessary for clothing of the souldiers of the 7,000 men,” and for enabling the officers of the Guards to pay for their clothing; and as to the off-reckonings amounting to 36,434l. 15s. 1d. Dated 3 May 1699. 3 pages (much decayed).
[? About
May 3.]
11. Petition of Elizabeth Jones to the Lords of the Treasury, for restoration of certain cocoa-nuts brought over by her from Barbadoes. Recd 3d May '99.
Minuted:—“28 June 1699. Read and rejected.” 1 page.
[? About
May 3.]
12. Report of the Committee to whom the petition of John Hackwill, Alexander Gamble, and divers others, in behalf of themselves and the rest of the regiment of horse, lately commanded by Brigadier Villiers, now by Major-General Levison, was referred; recommending the raising of 2,222l. to pay them. Recd 3 May '99.
Also the petition. 2½ pages.
May 4.]
13. Petition of the two secondaries and the other sworn clerks in the office of the King's Remembrancer, showing that there was an ancient fee of 4l. per ann. to each of the secondaries, which was in arrear 64l. for eight years, ended Lady-day 1699; there was also due a fee of 15l. 6s. 8d. payable to the same, and other sworn clerks, every second year, on which there was an arrear of 61l. 6s. 8d. for the same period; praying for a warrant to receive them.
Also a certificate bearing out the petition, signed Chr. Montague. Dated 2 May 1699.
“Recd 4th May '99.” 2 pages.
May 8 to
Jan. 4,
14. Letters from the Lords Justices of Ireland, reports of the Comrs of Revenue for Ireland and other papers connected therewith, concerning the estates of Sir Valentine and Sir Nicholas Browne, commonly called Viscount Kenmare, in the counties of Kerry, Limerick, Cork, Wexford, Wicklow, and City of Dublin, which were granted by letter, dated 25 April 1696, to Lord Bellomont for 1,000 years, and by him redemised to Sir Charles Porter, the then Lord Chancellor, and others, for 999 years, for the uses mentioned in that letter; in which they were empowered, as lessees, to demise the same or any part for any number of years, and at the most improved rent that could be had; whereupon they granted a lease of part of the estate to Mr. Blener Hassett and Mr. Rogers, after which other proposals were made by Daniel O'Bryan and Sir Wm. King, offering a greater rental, about which disputes ensued. Dated between 8 May 1699 and 4 Jan. 1699–1700. Some of the papers relate to the value of the woods on the estate, and others to a pension of 400l. per ann. to Hellen Lady Kenmare, wife of the said Sir Nicholas Browne.
Amongst the above is one entitled:—
“Proposals of John ‘Blener-hassett’ and George Rogers, Esquires, for encourageing a linnen manufactury at Killarney, in the county of Kerry, and planting Protestants there.” (Printed.)
In one of them the estate is described as “consisting of very strong holts & formerly a receptacle for torys, rapparees, and disaffected persons,” and advises that it should be wholly planted with Protestants.
The following three minutes are in the Minute Book, Vol. IX., p. 141, 13 June 1699, in relation to these estates:—
(1.) “Mr South & Mr Roberts. The former saies the estates of Lord Kinmare & Sr Valentine Browne did not make 1,000li a year; the Lords Justices directed the Comrs of ye Revenue to receive proposals, and directed them not to sell it by cant; because then Irish Papists might gett in. They acted purely by direction of the Lords Justices.”
(2.) p. 143, 16 June 1699:—
“Mr Roberts & Mr South with Mr Pursell & al., & Mr Savage, one of the Trustees for the estates of Kinmare & Browne. M Savage saies the Trustees were ignorant of the value. The Lords Justices sent for ye Comrs of ye Revenue and informed themselves of ye value, and the Lords Justices made the agreemt wth Hasset & Rogers, and directed the Trustees, wth the Comrs of Revenue, to make the lease; but ye K. or Lords Justices are no partys to ye lease. Mr Purcell saies Protestant tenants will readily take it at 3,000li a year. This lease was made about 6 months agoe. Mr South saies there never was any estate sett in this manner. Write to my Lords Justices that my Lords are surprised at setting the estates in this manner, without publique cant, and for so long a term, when it's plaine it might be sett for a greater rent, and this being done contrary to ye direction of the King's letter, who is cestique trust. My Lords desire them to take effectual care that the lease be sett aside.”
(3.) p. 213, 10 Nov. 1699:—
“Lords Justices letters concerning the estates of Sr Valentine & Sr Nicho Browne and the letter from Comrs of ye Revenue are read. The King orders the opinions of Mr Attor. & Mr Sollr to be sent to ye Lords Justices, who (if the estate be underlett) are to use such meanes that Hassett & Rogers may be induced to make some increase of their rent.” [60 pages or parts of pages.]
May 10. 15. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of the late Commissioners of the Leeward Islands, concerning 613l. 10s. 1d., the amount due to them for the subsistence of Col. Holt's regiment in the Leeward Islands; offering no objection to the payment of the same. Dated 10 May 1699.
Also the memorial.
There is the following entry in the Minute Book, Vol. IX., p. 180, 28 Sept. 1699:—“Mr Cary for subs. of Holt's regt to be pd 613. 10. 1. after the sum of 1,100 & odd pounds to Lewt Coll. Duncan shalbe pd out of hackney coach mony.” 2 pages.
May 10. 16. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Hall, distiller, for the prosecution against him to be discharged; he having incurred a penalty of 3,000l. by distilling from malt: giving their opinion that if the petitioner paid off the duties charged on low wines and spirits by him distilled, he might be a fit object of compassion. Dated 10 May 1699. (Two enclosures.)
Minuted:—“19th Apr. 1700, agree wth the report. Wt signed.” 3 pages.
May 10.]
17. Petition of Lieut. John Fenwick to the King, praying for 149l. as the King's royal bounty, which sum the petitioner had expended in the recovery of his health, he having served the King 18 years in the regiment commanded by Brigadier Selvyn, and then retired without any provision, &c. Recd 10 May '99.
Minuted:—“Read 24 May 1699. My Lords can do nothing in this.” 1 page.
May 11.]
18. Petition of William Briggs to the Lords of the Treasury, for a watchman's or noon waiter's place in the Custom-house. Recd 11 May '99.
Minuted:—“11 Oct. '99. Rejected.” (One enclosure.) 2 pages.
May 12. 19. An exactly similar estimate of the debt of the navy to that of the previous 17 Jan. (See Vol. LIX., 17.) Dated 12 May 1699. Also,
An account of what money, Exchequer bills, malt lottery tickets, and tallies, remained in the treasurer of the navy's hands, on 31 March 1699. 3 pages.
May 15. 20. Letter from the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, as to moneys voted by the Irish Parliament for barracks, asking for the King's directions for issuing 33,000l. 0s. 10d. for completing the work. The regiments commanded by Brigadier Fairfax, Col. Colenbine, and Sir Beville Greenville (which arrived when the King was in Holland) were subsisted by Mr. Blathwayt at the King's pleasure, as well as the five late French regiments: they desire proper orders for the payments for the same. Dated 15 May 1699. 1 page.
May 15. 21. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of George Wood Powell, who had incurred a penalty of 500l., for which the prosecutor had compounded with him, and was to receive 110l. for his share; they express the opinion that he had suffered sufficient punishment, if the King's part were remitted. Dated 15 May 1699. (One enclosure.)
Minuted:—“Agreed to the report.”
There is a similar minute in the Minute Book, Vol. IX., p. 119, 16 May 1699. 2 pages.
May 16. 22. Copy of a report from the Comrs of the Admiralty, on the petition of Sir Isaac Rebow, Knt., vice-admiral of the county of Essex; praying to be reimbursed the charges he had been at the last three years of the late war, in raising seamen for the King's service; admitting his services: submitting the case to the King. Dated 16 May 1699. 1 page.
May 16. 23. Report of S. Travers, Surveyor-General, to the Lords of the Treasury. Since he had received their Lordships' commands, he had again treated with Mr. Addison about the forfeited houses in the Savoy, and having in his report of 15 Feb. valued the King's interest at 440l. (besides what he was informed the King allowed the Lutheran congregation, viz., 150l.), he proposed to the petitioner a grant of the premises, according to that valuation, which he refused; the petitioner was the first discoverer of these houses; the premises were much injured by the violence of the common people on the late Revolution; the petitioner affirmed that a considerable part thereof was ever since the forfeiture made use of for a laboratory, and another part by a sutler, without rent; so that a great part of the repairs, estimated by Sir Chr. Wren at 106l. and 40l. per ann. to keep them wind and water tight, had, with the annual taxes, exceeded the rents received for some of the houses when let: he found that [the petitioner] had paid to the chaplains of the Savoy 191l. 15s. for rent and law charges, part of which rent became due at the time the premises were made use of for a prison, when the petitioner had no profit; for which reasons his opinion was that it was not unreasonable to agree with the petitioner for a grant of the King's interest in the premises for 200l., &c. Dated 16 May 1699.
Accompanied by (1.) A receipt for money laid out by the said Addison. (2.) The former report referred to. (3.) The petition referred to. (4.) A warrant appointing the said Addison to take possession of the premises, on a plan annexed. (5.) The said plan. (6.) Warrant in ejectment. (7.) A declaration signed C. Isaac, that he would not obstruct the obtaining the grant. (8.) Another report by the Surveyor-General on the same subject; dated 23 March 1695–6. (9.) Mr. Thos. Addison's case, and divers papers about the repairs. (10.) Another petition of Addison on the same subject, referred to the surveyor on 27 April 1695. (11.) Copy of the petition of Charles Isaac, for a lease of some of the premises, viz., the Jesuits' college, chapel, &c., a letter of H. Killigrew to the Surveyor-General, and (12) a report of the said Surveyor-General on the said petition. Dated 23 March 1695–6. 20 pages and 5 half pages, besides the plan.
[? About
May 16.]
24. A brief account of clothing and other accoutrements furnished by several persons for his Grace the Duke of Schonberg's regiment, from 1 Jan. 1691–2 to 31 Dec. 1697; as also a computation of the off-reckonings for that time.
Minuted:—“16 May 1699. Read. A copy to be sent to Lord Ranelagh.” 1 page.
May 17.]
25. Petition of Judith Hawley, for an allowance for the maintenance and education of her four children; her husband, Col. Francis Hawley, having been killed in the King's service at the battle of Stanekirk.
Minuted:—“Read 17 May '99. When any occasion offers the K. will provide for her.”
Another petition from her in the same terms.
Minuted:—“Read 11th Oct. 1699. She is considered in ye list for officers widdows.” 2 pages.
May 17.]
26. Petition of George Boothe to the King, seeking that His Majesty would accept his surrender of a pension of 600l. a year, out of the tenths of the clergy, for seven years, and grant him the same amount for 21 years. Recd 17 May '99.
In the Minute Book, Vol. IX., p. 120, 17 May 1699, is:—“George Booth, Esq., for a further term in his pencion. Respited.” 1 page (quarto).
May 17. 27. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Henry Nash, commander of the smack in the service of the Customs at Gravesend, praying the allowance of 30l., which he had expended in the public service; admitting the truth of his demands. Dated 17 May 1699.
Minuted:—“A warrant for this.” (One enclosure.) 2 pages.
May 17. 28. Representation by the Victuallers of the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury, nearly to the same effect as that of 2 May; praying that moneys might be assigned.
Accompanied by an “account of provisions shippt on board the “Union” and “Benjamine,” for soldiers at St. John's, Newfoundland.” Dated 17 May 1699. 2 pages.
May 17. 29. Report of Comrs for Glass Duties, concerning the sale of paper condemned and forfeited, belonging to Mr. John Degraves. Dated Glass Office, May 17, 1699. (One enclosure.) 2 pages.
May 17. 30. Report of Lord Ranelagh to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of the general officers and regiment of guards of the Danish forces, late in His Majesty's service, as to the amount (6,594l. 12s. 8d.) due to them: also as to 2,116l. claimed by the Duke of “Wirtenbergh.” Dated 17 May 1699.
Two enclosures, one of which contains the “state of the acct of the Danish Guards, to the 18th of Decr 1697,” and the “state of the accot of pay to the Danish genll officers.” 7 pages.
May 17. 31. Copy of the petition referred to in the last report and of the report itself. Dated 17 May 1699. 2½ pages.
May 18. 32. An Order in Council, referring to the Lords of the Treasury the petition of the innholders, victuallers, and other poor inhabitants of Dartmouth, Kingsware, Brixham, and other parts adjacent to Torbay, who prayed that their debt of 1,500l. and upwards, for entertaining sick and wounded seamen, might be paid. Dated 18 May 1699.
Minuted:—“27 June '99. My Lds will make provision for this & ye other debts, rel[ative] to ye sick & wounded seamen, as soon as they are enabled.”
Also the petition. 2½ pages.
May 18. 33. Order in Council, on the petition and case of John Writtle, mariner, [who had been employed in gaining intelligence of the intended invasion in 1695, having been brought up in the owling trade, which he had abandoned, and had employed himself in bringing others in that trade to justice; after which he was employed as commander of the King's sloop the “Brilliant,” but was dismissed]. Recommending him to the Lords of the Treasury for some better employment than that he then held, viz., master of the “St. George,” a Custom-house smack. Dated 18 May 1699.
Minuted:—“Read 22 Jun. 1699. My Lords can doe nothing upon this.”
Three petitions, and copies of four other documents relating thereto. 6 pages and 3 halves.
May 18. 34. Memorial of the Earl of Albemarle to the Lords of the Treasury. He had received 12,000l., expended in three years on account of His Majesty's robes, and there was another full year due on 4 May last, for which the tradesmen were very pressing. Prays an order for 4,000l., and for the settlement of 1,000l. a quarter for the use of the office of the Robes. Dated 18 May 1699.
Minuted:—“Ordered.” 1 page.
[? About
May 18.]
35. Petition of Jane Marritt, widow, to the King. By the demolition of the King's palace at York, first by Mr. Robt. Waller, and since by his heirs, she was deprived of her house; she hopes to receive a blessing from His Majesty, and to be enabled to return to her family at York. Recd 18 May 1699.
Referred 15 June 1699, by the Lords Justices, to the Lords of the Treasury, to make her such allowance as they judged fit.
Minuted:—“Read 22 June 1699. My Lords do not see any cause for any allowance to be made to ye petr out of the King's mony.” 1 page.
May 19].
36. Petition of several persons interested in the Royal Oak lottery, in behalf of themselves and others. The present patentees of lotteries had a patent for the free exercise of the Royal Oak and all lotteries for eleven years; they pay 4,200l. yearly for the same; other persons were prohibited to exercise the same. They pray their Lordships to order the suppression of a lottery under the same name, carried on by one Gardner, pretending to serve one Elecar. Rec[eive]d 19 May '99.
Minuted:—“Leave them to the law.” 1 page.
May 20. 37. Memorial of some one who signs with a monogram, to the Lords of the Treasury. There were several commissioners for the last aid, for raising 1,484,015l., who would gladly serve the King and Government therein, but conceived they could not do so without a summons from the sheriff, for a general meeting, which, for various reasons, set down under seven clauses, they thought necessary. Dated 20 May '99. 1 page.
May 20. 38. Letter signed T. Done, to Wm. Lowndes, Esq., showing what sums had been imprested to Sir Wm. Stapleton, Knt., Governor of the Leeward Islands, as found by a search in the General Imprest Rolls. Dated 20 May 1699.
In the Minute Book, Vol. IX., p. 124, 23 May 1699, is:—“My Lords order that the heires & executors of Sr Wm Stapylton be prosecuted by Mr Henry Baker, to render an acco of 27,393. 4. 9., imprested to Sr Wm for ye companys formerly in the Leward islands, and that he be dilligent in the prosecuc[i]on, pursuant to ye King's comand.” 1 page.
May 22. 39. Report of R. Barker, D[eputy] to the King's Rem[embrancer], addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Tho. Carew, Esq. All such moneys as were due to the King, at the time of the death of Henry Carew, Esq., were paid by his executor, the said Thomas Carew, Esq., into the receipt of the Exchequer, and he had a quietus for the same; and the said deputy was of opinion that the bonds of Henry Carew, and his sureties, might be delivered up. Dated 22 May 1699.
Accompanied by the petition. 2 pages.
May 22. 40. Report of Lord Coningsby, on the memorial of Col. Charles Ross, complaining of several hardships that he and his officers lay under, “in respect to the commencement of the first Irish establishment, the money paid to the reduced men, and of the placing the sum of 500l. paid him, on his own pay, since the commencement of that establishment.” Dated 22 May 1699.
Also two enclosures, viz., copy of the Lords Justices' report and the memorial referred to. 3 pages.
May 23. 41. “A state of salary's and other allowances, due to the servants of His Mats houshold and stables, for half a year, at Midsummer 1698, wch are to attend His Maty this present expedition, anno 1699; payable by the cofferer.” Dated 23 May 1699.
In the Minute Book, Vol. IX., p. 127, 24 May 1699, is this entry:—“The servants that go wth the King, and have not riding wages, are to have halfe a yeare's salary now, and half a year more about three months hence.” Again:—those “who have riding wages are to have half a year's salary now.” 3 pages.
May 24. 42. Letter from Mr. Chas. Bertie to the Lords of the Treasury, complaining of Mr. Hewitt, deputy auditor to Mr. Aldworth, who refused to deliver out the particular of the manor of East and West Deeping, in the county of Lincoln, though he had offered 5l. as a fee, pretending to an exorbitant fee of 22 years' standing; praying for redress. Dated 24 May 1699.
Accompanied by a schedule of the fees due to the auditor, on which is the following minute:—“Desire my Lord Chief Baron to informe my Lords whether these fees are due.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. IX., p. 134, 6 June 1699, is:—“Cha. Bertie, Esq., his charge agt Mr Hewet is read. Mr Hewet saies there is 22 years fees due to him, or audr Aldworth, for ye debet, debentur, & quietus, at 11l. p[er] ann. at Micħs 1698, amting to 12li 2sh. Desire my Lord Chief Baron to informe my Lords whether these fees are due.” 1½ pages.
May 24. 43. Memorial of the Victuallers, sending copy of the memorial of the 17th of May. They had received a declaration for 5,000 men for 13 months, and of the cost of 27 bullocks, amounting to 319l. 6s. 4d., provided by order of Admiral Aylmer. They pray for moneys to be assigned. Dated 24 May 1699. 1¼ pages.
May 24. 44. [Copy of] report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, referring to a previous presentment, in which were extracts of letters from Col. Nicholson, late Governor of Maryland, Mr. Randolph, Surveyor-General of Customs in His Majesty's plantations, and from Col. Robt. Quarry, Judge of the Court of Admiralty, in the province of Pennsylvania; stating that the Comrs of Customs intended that the papers should be laid before the Council of Trade, for their decision, whether Mr. Markham should be removed, or otherwise proceeded against, for acting as Governor of Pennsylvania, without the King's allowance and approbation, &c. Also, whether an Act for preventing frauds, &c. in trade, within the province of Pennsylvania, was contrary to the laws of England. Praying that another vessel might be provided for the guard of the mouth of the Delaware river, instead of the “Swift” frigate, lately cast away. Dated 24 May 1699.
Minuted:—“Done.” 1½ pages.
May 24.]
45. Petition of Walter Aldey, gent., to the King. Robert Adams, of the parish of Portscuit, in the county of Monmouth, yeoman, had been executed for murder, and his estate forfeited. Prays for the grant of the estate, he having had to part with it, through misfortune, to the said Adams. Referred to the Lords of the Treasury 24 May 1699.
Minuted:—“Read 30 Ap. 1700. Ref. to Mr Survr to examine the nature & value of ye estate, & to report.” 1 page.
May 25. 46. Order in Council, approving of a proposal for settling the salary of the Treasurer of the Navy, and of his instruments and clerks, viz.:—The treasurer, 2,000l.; the paymaster, 500l.; nine clerks, 560l.; the accountant, 400l.; four other clerks, 240l. In all 3,700l. per ann. Also approving of some minor details for payment of them. Dated 25 May 1699. 1 page.
May 27. 47. Presentment showing that the appraisement of goods seized, realised less than the public sale of the same by inch of candle; more particularly a parcel of wine and brandy seized in the port of Colchester, appraised at 853l. 12s. 9d., and afterwards sold by public sale at 1,840l. 17s. 10d.; inquiring what should be done with the difference. Dated 27 May 1699.
Minuted:—“This money ought to be pd. into the Exchequer.”
(Two enclosures.) 4 pages.
May 29. 48. Letter of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury, sending copy of a letter by the Duke of Bolton and the Earl of Galway, and a petition of the Protestant refugees settled at Cork, for a grant of a forfeited house in that city, valued at about 10l. per ann., for them to meet in, for divine service (the original letter and papers having been lost.) Dated 29 May 1699.
Minuted:—“28 June '99. Enquire if this be not don already, if not, to be łd before ye King, at His Mats return.” 3½ pages.
May 30. 49. Report of Mr. Philip Ryley, on the petition of Capt. Sha, keeper of the great lodge in the Forest of Salcey, in the county of Northampton, as to timber, and money required for repairing the barns, &c. there. Dated 30 May 1699.
Also the petition.
Minuted:—“Ordered.” 2 pages.
May 30.]
50. Petition of John Evans, gent., to the Lords of the Treasury. The Lords of the Admiralty had treated with him for the purchase of his two houses adjoining their office at Wallingford House, and the petitioner having let one of them at a ground rent, contracted (at their Lordships' desire) for buying in the said lease, obliging himself to pay a considerable sum; and in the previous November they had agreed to give the petitioner 2,100l. for the said houses; urging payment.
“Recd 30th May '99.”
Minuted:—“28 June '99. My Lds cannot alter ye paymt in course, nor intermeddle in this matter.” 1 page.
[? About
May 30.]
51. An incomplete report [probably of the Surveyor-General] to the Lords [of the Treasury], on the petition of Richard Cull, gent.; finding that the manors of Rosedale in Yorkshire, and of Crowland, Hogsthorp, Barton, Barrow, and Gouxhill, in the county of Lincoln, (the reversion of all which was desired by the petitioner) were made part of the jointure of the Queen dowager, being valued at the clear value as follows:—Rosedale, 130l. 0s. 7d.; Crowland, 99l. 18s.; Hogsthorp, 63l. 1s.d.; Barton upon Humber, 81l. 5s.d.; Barrow, 108l. 14s. 10¼d.; Gouxhill, 29l. 13s. 10¾d.; in all 512l. 14s. 10d., and if passed to the petitioner for 99 years from the Queen's death, might be valued at 6,650l., being nearly 13 years' purchase. The leaseholds, which could be leased for 31 years, for the said term were valued at six years' purchase, viz., 14,000l. He presumed the other part of the petitioner's request was for the profits of the aulnage for 99 years after the Duchess of Richmond's life, which was desired about two years before by the Earl of Jersey, on which he [the Surveyor] made a report dated 20 May 1697.
In the Minute Book, Vol. IX., p. 132, 30 May 1699, is:—“Survrs report for Richd Cull is to be considered by my Lords, and a warrant to be prepared for what my Lords think the King can do, and to send it to the King to be signd.” 2 pages (the remainder lost).
May 31. 52. Letter from the Earl of Jersey to the Lords of the Treasury. The King's pleasure was to allow 400l. to Mr. Hill, his envoy extraordinary at Brussels, who was to go in the like character to the Duke of Savoy with congratulations on the birth of the prince of Piedmont. Dated 31 May 1699.
Minuted:—“S. M. for this to be sent to ye K. Wt signd.” 1 page (quarto).
May 31. 53. Order in Council on the petition of divers merchants and traders to New York, from the city of London, setting forth that their factors and other correspondents, residing at New York, were bondsmen in 10,000l. for Col. Benjn. Fletcher, late Governor of New York; that he should be answerable for what public money should appear to be converted by him to his own use; and praying that the bond might be cancelled, for that Col. Fletcher had been in England almost twelve months; ordering that this petition and the deposition of Chidley Brook, late collector of New York, be referred to the Lords of the Treasury, to report thereon. Dated 31 May 1699.
The petition and deposition.
Minuted:—“Read 20 Jun. '99. My Lords do not think it reasonable to discha this bond till Brook's accots are finished.” 4 pages.
May 31. 54. Report of S. Travers, Surveyor-General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of the Right Hon. the Earl of Rochford, wherein he desired a grant of the reversion in fee of houses in various streets [on the north side of Piccadilly] forming part of the manor or bailiwick of St. James's, which grant included (as the surveyor took it) all the land heretofore called the Round Rundles, the Dog Yard, and Swallow Field. Dated ult. May 1699.
Also the petition. 3½ pages.
May 31. 55. Petition of John Macculloch to the Lords of the Treasury. Various sums, amounting to 181l. 6s., were due to him, from the officers named in an accompanying list, belonging to regiments under the command of Brigadiers Fairfax and Tiffin, the Earl of Orkney, the Lord Strathnaver, Major-Gen. Ramsay, and Col. Robert Murray, and the petitioner expected that the sums would have been paid out of the first money payable for subsistence, as was promised; but the money had been due nearly three years: praying that the amount might be stopped in the Earl of Ranelagh's office, and that the petitioner might receive the same, without the trouble of soliciting either colonels or agents any longer. Ult. May 1699.
Minuted:—“28 June '99. Ref. to E. Ranelagh.”
Also the said list. 2 pages.
May [ ]. 56. Report of the Comrs for Glass Duties, on the petition of John Dilley; certifying that he was collector of the duties on tobacco pipes, earthenware, paper, &c., in the city of Coventry, and was unable to pay the 61l. 1s. 7d., for which he was a debtor. Dated May [ ] 1699. (One enclosure.)
Minuted:—“11th Oct. '99. Mr Lowndes to inspect ye act, & to inform my Lds. if they have power to remitt this debt.” 2 pages.
[After May
57.“Tallies in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy for paying the debt of the victualling before ye 31 May 1699,” viz.:—
On the 4th 4s aid dated 17 Feb. 1695–6 at 6 per ct.
Do. 11 March 1695–6 at 6 p. ct.
On salt, dated 23 Febr[uar]y 1696–7 at 7 per ct. 1 sheet.