Volume 100: November 4-December 26, 1706

Pages 469-482

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1874.

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November 4–December 26, 1706

Nov. 4. 1. Representation of Thomas Cornwallis, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer, praying for the royal bounty. His Lordship was not a stranger to his almost five years' attendance; and to serve her Majesty he had to sell his paternal annuity. Dated 4 Nov. 1706. 1 page.
Nov. 6. 2. Certificate of the inhabitants of the parish of Porchester in the co. of Southampton, addressed to the Ld High Treasurer, of their desire that Daniel Speering and two others should receive and lay out her Majesty's bounty towards repairing their church. Dated 6 Nov. 1706. 1 page.
Nov. 7. 3. Report of the Attorney General to the Ld High Treasurer, approving of the draft of a warrant for granting certain lands in Ireland to Philip Savage, Esq., and others, in trust for Edward Griffith, Esq. Dated 7 Nov. 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 11 Nov. 1706. It may go on.” 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 7.]
4. Petition of the Right Hon. John Lord Cutts, Baron Cutts of Gowran, Ireland, and Governor and Captain of all the castles and fortifications in the Isle of Wight, and likewise bailiff, steward, and receiver general of the revenue belonging to the crown, addressed to the Lord High Treasurer; praying for repayment out of the Exchequer of the amount paid in as surplus in his declared account.
Minuted:—“7 Nov. 1706. Order'd.”
Certificate relating thereto. 2 pages.
Nov. 7. 5. Memorial by the late Comrs for transportation to the Ld High Treasurer, praying for stay of process. Dated 7 Nov. 1706.
Minuted:—“20 Nov. 1706. Stay process till ye end of next Hillary term.”
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
[? About
Nov. 7.]
6. Petition of the subaltern officers of the two late marine regiments commanded by the Marquis of Carmarthen and Sir Cloudesley Shovell to the Lord High Treasurer. They had been kept out of their pay for their service in those regiments for nearly eight years; praying payment.
Minuted:—“7 Nov. 1706. My Lord will order Mr Audr Harley to attend him abt this when he comes to town.”
Letter from them to Mr Lowndes on the same subject. 2 pages.
Nov. 8. 7. Petition of George, Bp of St Davids, to the Ld High Treasurer, asking that in consideration of the smallness of the revenue of the bishopric (450l. a year), his expenses, payment of first fruits, &c., that the arrears due to the bishopric might be allowed him to pay the costs of repair of the palace and other buildings. Setting out also: The condition in which he found the palace at Abergwilly, the college & chapel at Brecon, the school house, barns, stables, and other out-houses. The palace was so ruinous that it could not be inhabited until repaired. Dated Nov. 8, 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 17 Nov. 1706. A privy seal to grant so much of these temporaltys as are in the tenant's hands, and Lucy to be discharged of all he has rec[eive]d and not answered to the crown; upon his quitting all pretences to any further demands upon accot of charges, service, & expence upon accot of prosecuting the late Bp.”
Petition of Mr Lucy on the subject of these arrears. 2 pages.
Nov. 9. 8. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld High Treasurer, on a memorial of the Comrs for victualling the Navy as to certain oil detained for the duty. Drawing attention also to frauds by the victualling hoys. Dated 9 Nov. 1706.
The memorial referred to, and an account of goods found on board, the men-of-war.
Minuted:—“Read 15th Nov. 1706. My Lord orders that the duty be paid for these oyles.” 4¼ pages.
Nov. 10. 9. Letter from Mr Thomas Hinde to the Honble Robert Harley, Esq., Principal Secretary of State, offering for 100 guineas to discover concealed goods “in runn” to the value of 6,000l. on getting a warrant to seize the same. Dated London, 10 9br 1706. 1 page.
Nov. 10. 10. An additional establishment of two regiments of foot and three squadrons of horse of the Elector Palatine's troops. Dated 10 Nov. 1706. 2 pages.
Nov. 13. 11. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Jelles Helker, master of the ship Willow Tree, of Friesland, as to the seizure of certain money found on board his ship. Dated 13 Nov. 1706.
Minuted:—“19th Mar. 1706/7. My Lord will give the petr so much as the Queen's part of the said seizure amts to out of sec. service mo, but thinkes 'twould be of ill p[ro]cedt to ordr a wt for it to ye custome ho.”
The petition and four other papers. 6½ pages.
Nov. 14. 12. A certificate of the traders in whalebone as to the continuance of a clandestine importation of whalebone, notwithstanding the late Act of Parliament for prevention thereof. Dated 14 Nov. 1706.
Also another paper docquetted:—“Proposals to prevent ye smuggling of whalebone.”
Minuted:—“15th Novr 1706. Mr Billers to attend the Comrs Customes with what he thinks proper to prevent the running of whalebone.” 2¼ pages.
Nov. 14. 13. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld High Treasurer on the petition of John Baskett, stationer, offering to supply the Comrs and officers of the Customs with stationery wares at 20 per cent. less than they were paying to Mr Sharpe, who was admitted to supply those stores by his Lps direction, recommending the tender to be accepted for four years. Dated 14 Nov. 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 15th Nov. 1706. The Comrs to take care that the rates proposed by Basket be not exceeded, and they are to imploy him jointly with Mr Sharp, but Mr Sharp must serve his goods as cheap & good as those to be served by the other.”
The petition, and a letter from John Baskett on the same subject. 4 pages.
Nov. 15. 14. Letter from Mr E. Dummer to the Ld High Treasurer. He had discoursed Sir Henry Furnace. The latter proposed the hire of a suitable vessel to be employed as an advice boat between “Lisbon and the other ports of Spain, in the interest of King Charles,” and to come from thence occasionally to England. The proprietors could not maintain the vessel under 245l. 10s. a calendar month, and her value, if captured by the enemy, to be paid to the owners. Dated 15 9br 1706. 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 15.]
15. The demands of Mr Sweet, deputy paymaster to her Majesty's forces in the Netherlands, for extraordinaries from the 24th December 1704 to the 23d Decr 1705.
Minuted:—“15 Novr 1706. Write to Mr St John to prepare a warrt.” 1 page.
Nov. 15. 16. Report of the Agents for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer on a charge made against Thomas Osmond, surveyor of the duties on houses and marriages for the co. of Northampton, of influencing a voter by excusing him from the window tax. Dated Nov. 15, 1706.
Four papers connected therewith. 5 pages.
Nov. 15. 17. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of John Penneck and Francis Clies to be permitted to compound for some duties on tobacco. Dated 15 Nov. 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 15th Novembr 1706. The petrs to propose to the Comrs Customes what they can pay for a compon.”
Two petitions and copy of an Act of Parliament. 5 pages.
Nov. 15. 18. Report from the same to the same, on the petition of Wm Paul and Christopher Clitherow, Esq., as to a lease of the prizage of wines in the port of London. Dated 15 Nov. 1706.
The petition and three other documents. 7 pages and 2 halves.
Nov. 15. 19. Letter of Mr Dod and Mr Waters, unaddressed, as to “derelict wines condemned, to the Ld High Admiral at Plymouth,” and lately arrived at the port of London. Dated 15 Nov. 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 20th Novr 1706. The customes to be paid as is proposed by the report, but not to be sold, his Royal Highness having given order to ye contrary.”
Copy of warrant relating thereto. 2 pages.
Nov. 19. 20. Letter of the Duke of Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer on an application of Mr Dawson, clerk of the Paper Office in Ireland, recommending the allowance of 100l. per ann. more to him for clerks in his office. Their business was to transcribe the books and papers in both secretaries' offices, and what was done in former governments, that duplicates might be left in the office for the instruction and direction of succeeding Chief Governors, and for the benefit of her Majesty's subjects in that kingdom, the several Chief Governors on their leaving that government constantly taking with them their own books and papers for their justification, in which that office differs from the Paper Office here, where the original books and papers themselves are kept, without being transcribed. Dated 19 Nov. 1706. 2 pages.
Nov. 20.]
21. Petition of Alice Lister, widow, to the Ld High Treasurer. Petitioner's husband, Lieut. Thomas Lister, served in the army 15 years, viz., in Flanders, the West Indies, and Spain, and was raised to be lieutt of grenadiers in Ld Charlemount's regiment, but died in a voyage between Catalonia and Lisbon; prays assistance for herself and helpless orphans.
Minuted:—“Read 20th Novr 1706.” 1 page.
Nov. 20. 22. Representation of the Comrs for granting wine licences to the Ld High Treasurer, on the memorial of Sir Basil Firebrace as to the privileges of the university of Cambridge in the granting licences in Cambridge and Sturbridge Fair. Their opinion was that a licence from the university was not sufficient, without having her Majesty's licence from that office. Dated 20 Nov. 1706.
The second minute on the back is:—“18 Dec. 1706. His Lordp hath been pleased to direct that ye Commrs shall not proceed any further in this matter till they shall receive his Lordp's particular directions in that behalf.”
The memorial referred to. 2 pages.
Nov. 20.]
23. Petition of Mary Purdon, wife of Captain George Purdon, to the Ld High Treasurer. Petitioner's husband had formerly represented his losses on the capitulation of Limerick. Her husband lay ill in the country, having absconded from his creditors, and she was daily expecting her goods to be seized and herself turned into the street; prays relief.
Minuted:—“20 Nov. 1706. To pay her 30li out of secret service mo.” “Pd 23th Novr 1706.” 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 22.]
24. “Accot of the deficiencies provided for by the 2d general mortgage.”
It is divided under two columns, viz.:—Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament, and—How they stood the 22th of November 1706. ½ page.
Nov. 23.]
25. Memorial of the Marquis of Montandre to the Lord High Treasurer. He had acted as Major Genl from the first campaign in Portugal, &c.; asks for his pay, and hopes to obtain a command from her Majesty as Major General.
Minuted:—“23 Nov. 1706. Mr Bridges saies he has his pay as brigadier, from X May 1705 to Xmas 1706 ready, when he comes for it. He is to have pay as a Major Genll on ye establishmt, in the service of ye K. of Portugal, pursuant to ye treaty from X~mas next. My Lord thinks he has served well, & deserves well to have a regimt.” 1 page.
Nov. 25.]
26. Memorial of Robert Lucy, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends a state of his account of the revenues of the bishopric of St Davids; asks for some of the arrears to be allowed him for his expense in the prosecution of Doctor Watson, the late bishop, on which he had spent upwards of 2,000l.
Minuted:—“Read 25 Nov. 1706. My Lord is pleased to move ye Queen for ye 213l. he hath already received, & to give him a genl dische, and if Mr Lucy receives any more of ye arrears into his hands, my Lord will move her Maty to grant them to ye p[re]sent bishop for him to recover of ye said Mr Lucy.” 1 page.
[? About
Nov. 29.]
27. Petition of Thomas Knox, Esq., Surveyor General of the coasts of Ireland, for prevention of the export of wool into France. Petitioner had spent about four years and above 500l. in money on that service, and could not execute the office for 65l. per ann., which was all that was allowed by the Comrs in Ireland; asks for reimbursement.
Minuted:—“Read 29 9br 1706. Repeat ye direction to the Comrs of ye Revenue of Ireland to report forthwith.”
A previous petition from him, and the account of his expenses. 4½ pages.
Nov. 29.]
28. Petition of Charles Mason, Esq., Treasurer of the Transports, to the Lord High Treasurer. The cash was kept in iron chests, one key being held by the Comrs of Transports, and the other by the cashier. Petitioner's security wished to be discharged, as the cash was in the power of the Comrs, &c.; prays for the obligations to be given up and cancelled, and that he might execute the office as other cashiers did.
Minuted:—“29 Nov. 1706. My Lord sees no weight in the petrs allegac[i]on, because ye cash cannot be touched by ye Commrs, & therefore his Lordp adheres to his former ordr.” 1 page.
Nov. 30. 29. Report of Mr Henry Baker to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of John Diplock, mariner, for a reward for the apprehension of two persons, who were put on shore from a French sloop near Seaford in Sussex. Testifying to the truth of their apprehension, and to their being delivered to the Earl of Nottingham. Dated 30 Nov. 1706.
The petition, two other papers, and a proclamation. 5 pages or parts of pages.
Nov. 30. 30. Memorial of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer, for payment for the arms, &c. supplied to Nevis and St Christophers, as well as for other stores lately sent thither, amounting to 4,368l. 8s. 9d. Dated 30 Nov. 1706.
Also an estimate. 1½ pages.
[? About
Nov. 30.]
31. Petition of John Crowne, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer. He was sunk in deep necessities by the loss of his hand in America; prays his Lordship to extend that goodness to him which had made him honoured by all who knew him, and to issue an order for his relief.
Minuted:—“To be paid 50li.”
There are two notices of him in the Money Book, Vol. XVIII. pp. 110 and 351. The payments are each 50l., but his “last payment” must be that on 24 Dec. 1705. 1 page.
Dec 2. 32. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Mr Hamworth Fitch, formerly a teller and receiver of excise; if he deserved any further allowance or reward they were of opinion that it ought to be made by the cashier, whom he had served. Dated 2 Dec. 1706.
The petition referred to.
Minuted:—“Read.” 2 pages.
Dec. 4. 33. Letter of Mr William Sloper to Mr John Taylour, enclosing an abstract of Lord Ranelagh's hospital account from 1687 to 1692, for passing which a sign manual was necessary. Dated 4 Dec. 1706.
The abstract. 2 pages.
Dec. 4. 34. Memorial of the Patent Searchers of the Port of London to the Lord High Treasurer, laying before his Lordship their proposals as a further security for the due exportation of goods drawing back the several duties by debentures. Dated Dec. 4, 1706.
Another proposal. Delivered 6 June 1706.
A petition from them. Dated 6 July 1706; and
The “searchers' answer to the Comrs of the Customs on their minute, dated 11 July 1706; delivered to Mr Savage p[er] Mr Walker, 26 July 1706,” on the same or kindred subjects. 6½ pages.
Dec. 5.]
35. Petition of Mary Brooks, widow, for herself and three fatherless children, and for the rest of the merchants of London, owners of the ship Joseph, to the Queen, as to the payment of 1,147l. 8s. 10d., for the hire of the ship. Referred to the Council of the Ld High Admiral. 5 Dec. 1706. 1 page.
Dec. 5. 36a. Report of Mr. Edward Wilcox to the Ld High Treasurer, on the memorial of the principal Officers and Comrs of the Navy, and on a letter from Captn Townsend, Comr at Portsmouth, complaining of the difficulty in procuring timber, especially knees and standards, and proposing to cut 500 pairs from the decaying trees of New Forest. The report advises the cutting of one fifth of that amount. His opinion was that the timber of that forest should not be cut except on extraordinary occasions, but should be preserved as a check upon the timber merchants, who, when it was gone, would impose what rates they pleased. Dated 5 Dec. 1706.
Two letters, and copy of a third on the same subject. 4¼ pages.
Dec. 6. 36b. An estimate of the charge of the Office of Ordnance for the year 1707. 1 page.
Dec. 7. 37. Letter of the Duke of Ormonde to the Ld High Treasurer, as to a pension to Mrs Mary O'Hara. Dated 7 Dec. 1706.
Her petition. 2 pages.
Dec. 10. 38. Report of the Comrs of Revenue, Ireland, to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the memorial of the Countess of Dorchester for her arrears of pension out of the quit rents in Ireland, &c. Dated 10 Dec. 1706.
Copy of the foregoing. Three of the paragraphs are minuted, “Orderd.”
Part also of a warrant relating to these arrears (much decayed.)
There is also this minute on the dorse:—
“Read 15th Janry 1706/7. A wt to be prepared for ye Qs hand to direct the Govrs of Ireld for the time being to cause the sums menc[i]oned in this rept to be allow'd to the Countess of Dorchester, to wit, 1,543l. 12s. 11 2/3d., 1,125l., & 96l. 3s.d.
Report of Mr Richard Thompson, Clerk of the Quit Rents, to the Comrs & Chief Governors of the Revenue in Ireland, giving a state of the arrears due to her Ladyship. 7½ pages and one broad sheet.
[? About
Dec. 10.]
39. Petition of the Lady Catherine de Bourbon to the Ld High Treasurer. Petitioner was the daughter of “Messure” Gideon de Bourbon, Lord of Basian, of the house of Bourbon, and widow of “Messuire” John de Boulouixs, a Protestant of Guienne in France; was left a considerable estate by her husband; was forced into a nunnery, and about seven years before escaped to England.
Certificate of two ministers of the French church of the Savoy in her favour. Dated 10 Dec. 1706. 2 pages.
Dec. 11. 40. An account of what has been received and paid for the service in Spain by James Brydges, Esq., for the year 1706. Dated Whitehall, 11 Dec. 1706. 3 pages.
Dec. 12. 41. Report of the Comrs of the Revenue for Ireland to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of the Lady Russel. When the Lady Dorchester's arrears were satisfied, the surplusage over 3,500l. per ann. might be paid into the Exchequer or to Lady Russel. Dated 12 Dec. 1706.
Minuted:—“Read 14th Janry 1706.
“My Lady Dorchester's patent entitling her to the whole 5,000l. a year quit rent till her arrs are fully satisfyd, my Lord directs that as soon as she shall be fully satisfyd her said arrs, the Comrs of the Revenue are to call upon the Lady Dorchester's agents to pay into the Exchequer of Ireland ye reserved rent of 1,500li. a year; or so much thereof as the said Countess is not entitled to and ye mo so to be paid in, be applyd to the paymt of ye 600li a year to ye Lady Russell & ye arrears thereof according to her grant in that behalfe. A wt to be prepared accordingly.” 1 page.
Dec. 13. 42. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Mr Richard Richards, asking for remission of the Queen's part of the penalty of 50l. for lending his brewing utensils; they did not object. Dated Dec. 13, 1706.
Minuted—“16 June 1707. Approvd.”
The petition. 2 pages.
Dec. 13 43. Letter signed Ad. Cardonnel jointly with Sr Gilbert Heathcot, introducing Mr Anderson to Mr. Lowndes. Dated 13 Dec. 1706. 1 page, quarto.
Dec. 14. 44. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld High Treasurer, as to certain goods of the ambassador of Morocco. Dated 14 Dec. 1706.
A letter from C. Hedges, and an account of the goods.
Minuted:—“Read 10th Janry 1706. The dutys are appropriated & cannot be remitted, unless the goods are such as were brought wth the ambr or his retinue.” 4 pages.
Dec. 15. 45. Report of Sir Chr. Wren to the Lord High Treasurer, on a reconsideration of his and Mr Surveyor General's report relating to the purchase of Cotton House. They valued it at 4,000l., but Sir John Cotton still insisted upon 5,000l. Upon further conference he insisted on 4,800l. Recommends 4,500l. to be paid. To show what rooms there were for the reception of her Majesty's library at St James', and for the library of Gresham College (if it should be removed), he had annexed the plans of both buildings. The library at St James was a lofty room, and shelved as full as it could well be, and yet a great number of books remained in heaps for want of room. He had measured where shelves could be made in Cotton House (for the rooms were small, ceilings low, &c.), and yet the Queen's books might conveniently be contained in the bigger rooms, reserving the room of records for the same use, &c. But the books, rarities, and instruments of Gresham College could hardly be brought thither. Both these libraries might be purged of much useless trash, but this must be the drudgery of librarians, &c. Dated 15 Dec. 1706.
Petition of William Hanbury, Esq., to the Ld High Treasurer. By permission of his brother-in-law, Sir John Cotton, he had lived several years in Cotton House. Desired his Lordship would let him continue there as housekeeper. Besides his former services, he had procured the consent of a person to the Act for vesting the house in her Majesty, which person had refused to give it until a security was given up.
The consent of Sir John Cotton to abate the 200l. referred to.
The plans referred to. 3 pages and the plans.
Dec. 16. 46. Letter from the Lords Justices of Ireland to the [Duke of Ormonde], as to the cost of building the barracks near Dublin. Dated Dublin Castle, 16 Dec. 1706.
With this is:—“An estimate of the charge of building an arsenal in her Majesty's park near Dublin.” Signed Tho. Burgh, engineer genl, ? as to date. 5 pages.
Dec. 17. 47. “Report upon Mr St John's łre for the clothing a detachment of invalids.” Dated Pay Office, 17 Dec. 1706.
With a minute to inquire what the clothing might amount to. Also a memorial on account for guards, &c. 1 page.
Dec. 17. 48. Affidavit of Mr William Bowyer as to the printing the 4th tome of Rymer's Fœdera. Dated 17 Dec. 1706. 1 page.
Dec. 18. 49. Copy of Mr Thomas Martin's account in Spanish of moneys paid by Mr John Methuen, for the subsistence, clothing, and arming of Spaniards. With a certificate of Father Albaro Cienfuegos of the company of Jesus, plenipotentiary of King Charles III. of Portugal, viz., of the correctness of the account. Dated 18 Dec. 1706. 3 pages.
Dec. 18. 50. Letter signed “A. Stanyan,” asking for payment of his ordinary and extraordinary entertainment. If the favour were granted he would never ask the like again. Dated Berne, Dec. 18, 1706.
Minuted:—“A state to be made of what is due to him.” 2 pages.
Dec. 20. 51. Letter from Mr Wm Popple, junior, to Wm Lowndes, Esq. The Comrs of Trade and Plantations had received an Act passed by the General Assembly of Maryland, to the like purpose as that passed for Virginia, as to the settlement of towns, ports, wharfs, &c. Sends a copy thereof for the Ld High Treasurer to move the Comrs of Customs thereupon. Dated 20 Dec. 1706. 1 page.
Dec. 20. 52. Presentment of the Comrs of Prizes to the Ld High Treasurer, recommending Consul Thomas Kirke, the person who then managed the prize affairs, to be the prize agent at Genoa, in preference to Mr Scudamore and Mr Henshaw. Dated Prize Office, 20 Dec. 1706.
A memorial in favour of Scudamore and Henshaw.
Testimonial in favour of Kirke. 3 pages.
Dec. 20. 53. Presentment of the Comrs for Prizes to the Ld High Treasurer, in favour of a proposition of their agents at Maryland, Messrs James and Hercules Couts, to remit bills of exchange for 5l. per cent. Dated 20 Dec. 1706.
Minuted:—“Respited.” 1 page.
Dec. 21. 54. Extract of the letter of the Lady Russell's agent in Ireland to the Earl of Orford, as to the affairs of the Lady Russel, who had a claim to rents in Ireland, in which the Countess of Dorchester had an interest. Dated Dublin, 21 Dec. 1706. 1 page.
Dec. 22. 55. “Present establishment for the four companys of invalids.” Dated 22 Dec. 1706. 1 page.
Dec. 23. 56. “Forrage & waggon money allowed on Catalonia establishment from 24th Xbr 1705 to 23 Xber 1706.” 1 page.
Dec. 23. 57. “A state of the accot of the Royal Hospital to the 23d of December 1706” as regards the funds. 1½ pages.
Dec. 24. 58. Establishment of several additional general officers for the forces in the Low Countries from 24 Dec. 1706. 1 page.
Dec. 25. 59. The secretary's account of petty expenses in the service of the Comrs of Trade and Plantations from Midsummer to Christmas 1706. 2 pages.
60. “Mr John Meesters, his reply to the report made of his accots by the Commissioners of the Navy to the Ld High Treasurer.”
See Letter Book, Vol. 12, p. 263, under date 25 Nov. 1706, where these matters were referred to the Comrs of the Navy to report upon, 1½ pages.
26 Dec. 61. [Quarterly?] report of Mr Petyt, Keeper of the Records at the Tower, viz., of the work done in sorting the records there. Dated 26 Dec. 1706. 1 page.
Dec. 62. An account of goods imported, duty free, for the use of the manufactories in Scotland in a year's time ended December 1706, abstracted from the late taxmen's books, with a computac[i]on of the duties then payable. Reduced into English money. 2 large pages.
Uncertain Dates, 1706 or a little after.
63. Petition of William, Lord Viscount Cheyne, Clerk of the Pipe, the secondaries and sworn clerks there, John Potenger, Esq., Controller of the Pipe, and Henry Ballow and John Smith, Deputy Chamberlains of the Exehequer, asking for a warrant for payment of their fees to Midsummer 1706. 1 page.
64. Balance sheet on the King of Spain's account for the year 1706. 2 pages.
65. Memorial of John Clarke to the Lord High Treasurer. He had been twice recommended by the Duke of Marlborough to his Lordship. For many years he served his late Majesty as chamber keeper to the pages of the bedchamber and her present Majesty at the backstairs. Asks for a stamper's place. 1 page.
66. Memorial of the Lord Fitzharding, Treasurer of the Chamber, to the Lord High Treasurer, as to his fees and allowances. Asking for directions to be given for passing his accounts as heretofore. 1 page.
67. Petition of John Weston, Esq., Receiver General for the county of Surrey, to the Lord High Treasurer, as to arrears of the land tax. The whole tax of the Bishopric of Winchester was in arrear. Prays a warrant to stop process till he could receive the arrears.
Minuted:“Stay process till ye end of next Tr. Term.” 1 page.
68. State of the payments to the Victualling for the years 1702 to 1706. 1 page, quarto.
69. An abstract of all the tin coined and paid for at the respective coinage towns in Devon, at Christmas coinage, 1706, and also of the surplus tin coined in Cornwall at Midsummer and Michaelmas coinages, 1706, and which remained over and above the complement of the 1,600 tons, being one year's proportion.
It shows the tinners' names. 17 pages.
70. “An accompt of Her Ma[jest]ties proportion of subsidies payable to the allies, pursuant to the treaties for the year 1706.” 1 page.
71. State of receipts and payments on account of the sum of 250,000l. given by Parliamt for prosecuting the successes of King Charles the 3d, anno 1706.
Two other papers on the same subject. 7 pages.
72. Duplicate account, with some trifling variations.
“Cash paid on accompt of the public, pursuant to the Earl of Peterborow's warrt.”
An accompt of the receipts and payments of James Brydges, Esq., for the use of her Maties forces and other services in Spain for the year ending the 23th of Decembr 1706.
An abstract of what was receiv'd and paid in London for the service of Spain for the year 1706, not including the payments or transactions abroad. 15 pages.
73. Memorial of Mr Wm Hewer to the Lord High Treasurer. As executor of the late honoured Saml Pepys, Esq., he laid an abstract of the accounts of Mr Pepys, both as to the navy and to Tangier, before them, as also of his own, having succeeded Mr Pepys in his treasurership. Prays that the auditors might be directed to lay the state of the accounts before their Lps, and that a warrant might be issued to stay process against him. [Between 1706 and 1710.]
Minuted thus:—“Stop the process till (fn. 1) supersede any issued & dicha the issues.
My Lord cannot now appt a day to determine this accot. 1 page.
74. A few memoranda of the names of officers in the army, showing where they went. Some went to the relief of Barcelona at the beginning of 1706. ½ page.
75. “Extraordinary charges on accompt of the expedition under the Earl Rivers.” 1 page.
76. “An accot of the distribution of 96,729l. 13s. 4d. given by Parliamt for maintaining 5,000 men in Catalonia in the year 1706.” 1 page.
77. “Extraordinary charges of the war in the years 1705 and 1706, for horses of the English troops and foreigners in English pay killed and lost on service, and that have died by the common distemper, for which no provision has yet been made by Parliament.” 2 pages.
78. “A certificate of all money received and paid for … Mãties guards, &c., from the 10th June to the 8th July 1706 incl. for the service of the present year.” 1¼ pages.
79. New Year's Gifts, 1706. Apparently sums paid. 1 page, quarto.
80. State of the demand from the Company of Apothecaries for medicines furnished to the marines at Gibraltar. 3 pages.
81. Two papers entitled: “A state of the debts of the kingdom of England.”
Another: “A state of the revenues & publique income, also of the debts of the kingdom of England.”
These are drafts, and mixed up with them are other memoranda of a kindred nature. 13 pages.
82. “Calculation of the charge for each 100 horse & men to be transported from Genoa to Barcelona.” 1 page.
83. “An accot of the distribution of the sum of 250,000l. granted by Parliament for her Majesty's proportion of the charge towards prosecuting the successes of King Charles the Third, for the year 1706, with the excess thereupon.” 2 pages.
84. “Copy of the establishmt for the general and staff officers and contingencies of the 10,000 men in the Low Countries for the year 1706.” 1 page.
85. “Double” of the royal boroughs' address to her Majesty on the success of her arms under the Duke of Marlborough. [? 1705 or 1706.] 1 page.
86. “The sums voted, addressed for, or enacted upon accot of publiq services in the session of Parliament begun the 25th day of Octor 1705, and ended ye 19th day of Mar. 1705–6.”
Also: “The grants in parliament, with the deficiencies thereupon.” 2 pages.
87. An account of services not provided for by the last sessions of Parliament.
Also: “An estimate of what may be necessary to be demanded in parliamt for the service of next year, over and above what was granted for the last.” 3 pages.
88. “Accot showing the moneys arisin[g] at ye Excheqr between Micħas 1705 & Micħas 1706 upon certain funds and revenues unappropriated by parliament, with the payments made out of the same within that time.” 2 pages.
89. An order addressed to the Right Hon. Mr Baron Scrope, relating to the Queen's salt remaining in Scotland. ? 1706. Compare Annals of Queen Ann's Reign for 1706, p. 33. 1 page.
90. Proposals and other papers as to the wine licences and hawkers' duty. ? About the year 1706. 14 pages and 2 halves.
91. A paper as to the manufacture of iron in England, and as to a proposal to put on a duty of 20s. more per ton than was already laid on it. At the Still yard and Dyers yard there were such quantities of iron as never were known, and about half belonged to the Swedes, who intended to make us weary of making iron in England. 1 page.
92. “Reasons why the charge of ye repairs of her Majties palaces & houses of accesse does amount to more att this present, then in ye reigne of his late Majty King Charles ye Second.” The year 1706 by mention of the procession to St Paul's.
Minuted:—“To be layd before ye Qu.” 1 page [one of the signatures cut away].
93. Petition of John Irwin, a prisoner in the gaol of Carlisle, in the county of Cumberland, to the Lord High Treasurer; praying to be released from prison, where he was confined for assaulting custom-house officers, being unable to pay the fine of 40l. 1 page.
94. Memorial of Mr Wm Houstoune to the Ld High Treasurer, as to payment of arrears of an allowance called a “small aliment” of 40l. a year.
Minuted:—“Pd 40l 21 Janry last.” 13 lines.
95. “A copy of the Auditors of Imprests' memorial to the Rt Honble the Lord High Treasurer, with some remarques made by the said audrs on the severall accompts mentioned therein.” After 1705. 6 pages.
96. Observations on a paper sent from Scotland in the letters of the 7th of November instant, relating to several articles in the treaty of union.
Another paper similarly entitled. (Drafts.) 5¼ pages.
[? 1706, or a
little later.]
97. Establishmt of the general and staff officers at Gibraltar; recommended by the Earl of Portmore.
Establishmt of the hospital at Gibraltar; recommended by the same. 2 pages.
[? 1706 or
98. Memorial of Sir Jeoffrey Jeffreys, Knt., in behalf of his kinsman, Walter Jeffreys, who was receiver of the temporalties of St David's, asking that he might be allowed certain disbursements. 2 pages.
[? 1706 or
99. Memorial of Lieut.-General Lumly to the Lord High Treasurer, praying for a warrant for payment of the money for the clothing the Queen's own regiment of horse, that the coats might be in readiness by 3 Feb. 1707. 1 page.
1706 and
100. Memoranda as to grants of the old and new subsidies of tonnage and poundage. 2¼ pages.
1706 and
101. “Proposal for charging the revenues of Excise, Post Office, &c., with 50,000l. per ann. for the Princess.” 1 page, quarto.
102. Thirteen letters of the Comrs of the Navy addressed to Sir Thomas Littleton, Treasurer of the Navy, or to Mr Lowndes, on the business of the Navy Office. Dated in 1706.
[These will probably be found entered in the Navy Letter Book.]
103. Three similar letters, and a report of the Comrs of Victualling.
104. Eighteen proposals of Sir Theodore Janssen, Sir Henry Furnese, James Milner, and Nicholas Tourton & Co. as to the remittance of money abroad, addressed to the Lord High Treasurer. Between February and December 1706.
End of 1706 or Beginning of 1707.
105. An estimate of the public expense for the year 1707, and ways and means proposed to meet the same. 5 pages.
106. An estimate of the charge of the office of Her Majesty's Ordnance for the year 1707 for the sea service. ½ page.
107. Estimate of the troops of augmentation in the Low Countries, and the charge thereof for the year 1707. Also copy thereof. 2 pages.
108. Estimate of 40,000 men to act in conjunction with the forces of the allies in the Low Countries, with the charge thereof for the year 1707. 2½ pages.
109. Another estimate for the same men, differing in some particulars. 1 page and 2 parts.
110. Establishment of the forces in Spain for the year 1707; also for the additional forces. 4½ pages.
111. An accot of what may be saved upon the establishments of the forces in the year 1707. 1 page.