Volume 104: For the year 1707

Pages 561-568

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 3, 1702-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1874.

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For the year 1707

1. Estimates for supplies for the guards, garrisons, &c. at various times during the year 1707. 14 pages.
2. Reports of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer upon various matters submitted to them in connection with that department. These are not thought of sufficient importance to require individual description. With them are various subordinate papers of various dates daring the year 1707. 78 pages or parts of pages.
3. Balance sheets of John Brewer, Esq., receiver general of prizes. 48 pages or parts of pages.
4. Accounts and papers relating to Treasury fees, made out monthly, September being wanting. 46 pages.
5. Various proposals made by Sir Henry Furnese and Sir Theodore Jansen to remit moneys at certain rates for Spain, Portugal, and Italy during the year 1707. 21 pages or parts of pages.
6. Letters from the Comrs of the Navy to Mr Lowndes and to Sir Thomas Littleton, Treasurer of the Navy, with enclosures, during the same year. These are not considered worthy of individual description. 24 pages.
7. Memorials of the Commrs of the Transport Department to the Ld High Treasurer for issue of money, &c.; the state of the debt, &c. in the same year. 8 pages.
8. General account of the Marquis of Miremont, lieutenant general, viz., of his receipt and expenditure in England and Holland in the affairs of the Cevennes [French Protestants], as to the pay of soldiers whom he had levied under Her Majesty's commission, &c. Memorializing the Lord Treasurer for relief. [French.] 4 pages.
9. Abstract of the valuation of the goods from Scotland since 1 May 1707, and of the computations of the customs and excise duties thereof. 1 page.
10. “Proposals for managing the customs in Scotland.” ? About 1707. 1 page.
11. “Memorial anent the inland excise and foreign customs of the kingdom of Scotland.” 1707. 1 page.
12. “Abstract of Irish reports, &c.” ? 1707 or 1708. 6 pages.
13. Petition of Sir George Hamilton, Bart., to the Queen, praying payment of 3,000l. for five years pension of 600l. per ann. out of the Equivalent. 1 page.
14. The demands of sundry offices and persons for the charge of the session of parliament held before his Excellency Thomas Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in the year 1707. 2 pages.
15. Petition of Mr Bethune, late collector at Kerkalde, in North Britain, to the Lord High Treasurer, to be restored, or appointed to a better post. 1 page.
16. An account of Her Majesty's proportion of subsidies payable to the allies pursuant to the treaties for the vear 1707.
Also another paper of memoranda as to treaties for the year 1705. 1 page and 2 halves.
17. “List of those in the Charity Roll given in to the almoner to entitle them to the 850li imprested by the Lord Treasurer to Sir David Nairne to be paid into the almoner's hands for a yeare's paymt of the Charity Roll.”
At the end are three other lists: (1) list of those in the Charity Roll that have appeared and are not inserted; (2) names of those left out of the Charity Roll that are in London; and (3) list of persons who have warrants and letters from Her Majesty not contained in the Charity Roll. 14 pages.
18. “Memll relating to ye 15,000l for ye K. of Spain, &c. for ye year 1707, and accot of 52,658 dollrs 14 rlls expended thereout for fortifications.”
Original and translation. 5½ pages.
19. Report signed A. Maynwaring to the Lord High Treasurer on on abstract of payments made by the Hon. James Brydges, Esq., between 24 Dec. 1706 and 23 Dec. 1707 to the forces acting with the allies. He was of opinion that privy seals should be granted for the payments therein.
Another copy, with additional minutes in the margin. 9 pages and 2 parts.
20. Account of the forces in Spain and Portugal, anno 1707. A debtor and creditor account of their numbers. 2 pages.
21. “An accompt of the number of forces provided by Parliament for the service of Spain and Portugal in the year 1707.” 3 pages.
22. An account of corn provided and other expenses in the year 1707 for the expedition to Toulon. [French.] 6 pages.
23. “An abstract of moneys advanced by his excellcie the Earl of Gallway in Spain for the use of the forces there, anno 1707, according to the account thereof sent over by him, with his own remarks thereon.” 3 pages.
24. “State of 30,800l. advanced for subsistence [of troops] in Scotl[and] for the year 1707.” 1 page.
25. Papers as to money advanced for the service of his Catholic Majesty for the year 1707 by order of the Lord Peterborough. 8 pages.
26. Letter signed Jo. Ince to “Jno Taylor, Esq, at the Lord Treasurer's lodgings in Windsor Castle,” as to the travelling charges of the convoy who went down with the money to Edinburgh.
Minuted:—“My Lord will speak with Mr St John abt this.’ 1 page.
27. Memorial from the Comrs for distributing the Equivalent arising to Scotland relating to their salaries. 1 page (brief size).
28. An estimate of the yearly income arising from the duties on low wines, hawkers and pedlars, &c., being part of the funds for the annuities purchased in the year 1707. 1 page.
29. Memorial concerning the invalids of the north part of Great Britain called Scotland. 1 page.
30. Particulars of clothing and accoutrements sent to Spain anno 1707 for the King of Spain's own troops, viz., mentioned in the instructions to Mr Vincent, the commissary.
The instructions referred to. 6 pages.
31. Memorial concerning the pensions of the posts and offices in Scotland whose commissions are already adjusted, or are to be adjusted at this time. ½ page.
32. Petition of divers merchants and owners of ships hired into Her Majesty's service for Lisbon, Jamaica, &c. to the Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain. ? 1707. 1¼ pages.
33. An account of all moneys granted by parliament for sea services, and annually issued for the same since the commencement of the war, viz., for the years 1702 to 1707. 1 large page.
34. Money assessed on the clerks of the Post Office by an Act for granting an aid of 4s. in the pound for the land tax for the year 1707, whose salaries do not exceed 60l. per annum; giving the names. 1 page.
35. A similar list for the Penny Post Office. 1 page.
36. Papers relating to estimated revenue of Scotland. 7 pages.
37. Memorial for Captain Walter Lockhart, of Kirktown, intendant of the invalids in North Britain, asking to be continued in his office, or to be provided for. ? 1707.
Also a list of officers, serjeants, and sentinels, and their rates of pay. 4 pages.
38. An account of the difference between Mr Gyde's charge and that of Mr Gain, agents at Jamaica for Her Majesty's ships, for the years 1702 to 1707. 1 page.
39. Account of Col. Robert Hunter's losses when taken by the French. Amongst the items he claims his subsistence from the day he embarked, viz., 20 May 1707, until he should be released and arrive in Virginia. 1 page (brief size).
40. Blank form of a “transire” for foreign goods from any port in Scotland to London or other port in England. It was to be signed by the collector or other proper officer who received the duty, and the same form served for a coast transire by land.
See Letter Book, Vol. 12, p. 309, as to these transires. 1 page.
41. Copy of a report of the Comrs of Excise, Scotland, suggesting more stringent regulations for the brewers distant from market towns. The sheriffs and other inferior magistrates, in default of the justices, might give judgment in excise matters. A discretionary power of compounding with the small isles and parishes should be given. The justices had adjudged 36 English gallons to be allowed as answering to the 12 gallons present Scots measure, which would occasion great confusion in their accounts. Ask for directions thereon. Undated, but ? 1707. 2½ pages.
42. Memorial of Lord Halifax, auditor of the receipt of the Exchequer, to the Lord High Treasurer for assistance for carrying out the Act for purchasing annuities, anno 1707. 1 page.
43. Similar memorial of the four tellers of the receipt of Her Majesty's Exchequer. 1 page.
44. Estimate of the levy money for recruiting Her Majesty's forces in Great Britain and the Low Countries. Undated, but Lieut.-General Ross was employed in the Low Countries in 1707, and the Earl of Stair in 1708. See Thomas's Historical Notes, Vol. 2, pp. 392 and 1,005. 3 pages.
45. Report of Mr How to the Lord High Treasurer on a memorial of Mr Bridges relating to money paid by Mr Vincent to the forces attending the expedition under the Earl of Peterborough in the year 1705. Unsigned and undated, but ? 1707. 2½ pages.
46. Petition of Thomas Skinner to the Lord High Treasurer for a riding officer's place, or other reward for his services, he having been employed by Mr Secretary Harley in the year 1706 to interrupt letters privately going to France, and in apprehending the Lady Burton. ? 1707 or 1708. 1 page.
47. Memorial of Mr Couper and Mr Turnbull to the Queen, asking, in order that the laws might be rendered plain, that two or more lawyers of North Britain might be appointed to write or publish a treatise or glossary explaining the terms used in the laws concerning the election of members of parliament, the laws and terms concerning the regulations of trade, customs, and excise in Scotland, the terms and methods of procedure in the Exchequer, and such other treatises as might be judged necessary, &c. ? About 1707 or 1708. 2 pages.
48. Memorial of Mr William Carmichael, “Her Majesty's solicitor in Scotland,” to Earl Godolphin. He was to despatch all orders concerning the government and proclamations of council from Edinburgh over all Scotland, and had besides his pension or salary 300l. per ann. in times of peace allowed for such despatches, which used to be paid by advance in ready money. Of late no provision had been made for these despatches, and the solicitor was considerably in “advance;” praying that money might be ordered. ? 1707 or 1708. Carmichael is spoken of in Aug. 1709 as late Solicitor General. See North Britain Book, Vol. 2, p. 89. 1 page.
49. A draft of a Treasury minute or proposal of some one in authority respecting the office of Intendant of Invalids, which it was thought by the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland should be continued, and as to the renewal of the commission of that officer, the manner he was to account, and the moneys to be paid him by Mr Howe or the paymaster general of Great Britain for the time being, and under what restrictions. ? About 1707 or 1708. 1 page.
50. Draft of a letter of the Queen reciting the tenor of a privy seal dated 22 Dec. 1704, and ordaining by the advice and consent of James, Earl of Seafield, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Scotland, John Smith and John Scrope, Esqres, “Mr Alexander Maitland of Pitrichie, and Mr John Clerk, yeoman, of Pennicook, Esqres,” Barons of the said Exchequer, that in consideration of the good services rended by Sir Wm Sharp and the deceased, James Archbp of St Andrews, his father, and uncle Sir Willm Sharp of Stoniehill, not only shall the said pension of 300l. as granted by the said privy seal be continued and secured to Sir Wm Sharp and James his son, but that a further sum of 100l. yearly be added thereto for the education of the said James, commencing Whitsunday 1707, to continue until the death of either of them, when the pension is to return to the original grant of 300l. A letter was also to be passed under the privy seal of Scotland ratifying the same. ? About 1707. 1 large page.
51. Petition of the Sergeants-at-Arms attending Her Majesty, to the Lord Treasurer, praying for the payment of their salaries, which were in great arrear.
[There is a warrant for the salary of Mr Charnock, who was one of their “Society,” in the Money Book, Vol. 18, p. 418, 4 Feb. 1706–7.] ½ page.
52. Petition of Mary Boitout, widow, to the Queen. Lucas Boitout her husband had served 18 years as engineer in Ireland and Flanders, and in Portugal and Spain, when he was made captain by the Earl of Galway, and where in the last summer he lost his life, having some time before lost all his equipage in going from Coria, which he was left to fortify; praying for maintenance for herself and three children. ? 1707 or 1708. 1 page.
53. Petition of Isaac Crocker to the Lord High Treasurer (Godolphin), for payment of his charges (10l. 11s. 8d.) laid out about Her Majesty's swans, preserving them from the ice, &c. “this hard winter.” Between 1707 and 1710. 1 page, quarto.
54. Petition of the six heralds and six pursuivants in Scotland to Earl Godolphin, Lord High Treasurer, shewing that they had formerly received the fees therein specified, when dignities were conferred and a small salary in addition; but by the union they had lost those fees, and their salaries were in arrear for several years; praying for relief until some addition was made to their “mean salaries.” In or after 1707. 1 page.
55. Memorial in behalf of the heritors and others in the islands of Orkney and Zetland, addressed to Sidney, Earl of Godolphin, Lord High Treasurer, shewing that the great expense of paying the “cess” quarterly as the Act of Parliament directs, will lie very heavy on the subjects there, and will amount to near one half more than the cess comes to, in freighting boats and despatching expresses that must necessarily be sent with it; praying his Lordship to allow it to be paid yearly as was formerly practiced. [Probably between 1707 and 1710.] 1 page.
56. Petition of George Lord Mordington to the Earl of Godolphin, Lord Treasurer, shewing that he cannot obtain his liberty by his privilege as a peer, but must lie in prison till he pays the debt, begging his Lordship to inform Her Majesty, and lay before her his petition, which had been previously presented to the said Lord Treasurer. [Between 1707 and 1710.] 1 page, quarto.
57. Memorial of Coll Heyman Rooke. The contracts for clothing his regiment were made since Genll Churchill went abroad. The regiment had orders to march immediately. The clothiers insisted that the clothing should be viewed by the controllers, and the controllers declined to view as the general had not first approved; praying that the regiment might be enabled to perform the Queen's command. [? Between 1707 and 1710.] 1 page.
58. Petition of Alexander Carleton, addressed to the Lord Treasurer (Godolphin), shewing that in right of his wife, who was the widow and sole executrix of William Bache, master smith to the late King William, he had divers large sums owing to him for brass and iron works, that the said Bache died much indebted, and that his creditors with vexatious lawsuits quite ruined the petitioner, having seized his estate, and for the last four years received the profits of it towards the payment of their debts; that some other of Bache's creditors put the petitioner in gaol about four years ago, where he was kept close prisoner for nine months, and since his enlargement he had had several ill fits of sickness, and from 5 Oct. last till Christmas-day he was confined to his room grievously afflicted with stone, gravel, and rheumatism, and during that time he neither tasted one drop of wine nor malt drink, “and only drunk a wood dyet drink,” &c.; praying his Lordship would order him some small part, tho' never so little, of his great debt for subsistence. Signed A. Carleton. Between 1707 and 1710. 1 page.
59. Two proposals offered to Parliament: (1.) for raising 100,000l. for one year, and 30,000l. per ann., afterwards upon a general register of coats of arms; (2.) for raising 50,000l. per ann. for stamping cauls for periwigs at a 1s. stamp upon every bob wig and 5s. stamp upon all other forms, as “campaign, long,” &c.” Between 1707 and 1714. 3 pages.
60. Petition of Samuel Grey, Esq., to the Queen praying payment of his salary as a Commissioner of the Revenue in Ireland from the death of Mr Harrison, as he was put to great expense in removing to Dublin. Between 1707 and 1714. 1 page.
61. Letter from Thomas Herbert to William Lowndes, Esqre. He had brought Mr Lowndes a letter from Mr White, of Bow, to offer a very reasonable and proper fund to pay off the registered seamen who were petitioning the House of Commons. Between 1707 and 1714.
The letter or proposal referred to. 4½ pages.