Volume 116: September 1-November 12, 1709

Pages 135-142

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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September 1–November 12, 1709

Sept. 1. 1. Articles of agreement for printing the 10th vol. of Rymer's Fœdera. Dated 1 Sept. 1709.
Also a leaf of the volume. 3 large pages.
Sept. 2. 2. Proposal of Sir Theodore Janssen to the Lord High Treasurer for giving certain bills on Turin for an ordinary subsidy. Dated 2 Sept. 1709.
Minuted:—“Read the same day and agreed to by my Lord Treasurer.” 1 page.
Sept. 2. 3. Comrs of Victualling to Mr Taylour. In curing flesh for the victualling of 40,000 men, 30,000 bushels of bay salt would be used. In the ensuing year 17,000 bushels, besides what was in store, would be required, so that the 51,777 bushels in the custody of the Custom House officers in Scotland would serve two years. The Comrs prayed that 17,000 bushels might be delivered in London. Dated 2 Sept. 1709.
Minuted:—“8th Aug. [? Sept.] 1709. My Lord orders that the Comrs of the Victuallg do take so much of the salt in ye custome ho in Scotland as is disposeable by the Act of Parłt, & to charge themselves wth it.” 1 page.
Sept. 3. 4. Report of the Comrs of Customs (Scotland) to [? Mr Lowndes], in answer to a letter of David Christie to the Lord High Admiral. Detail the arrangements made to prevent the contraband trade on “the easternmost corner of Fife,” as far as the river Tay, and on the river Clyde, and all over the coast. The natural situation of the country very much perplexes them, having so many and such large inlets, which are like so many seas, scarce ever free of great gusts and dark, cold nights, and by reason of the mighty ebbs most of the shores are dangerous. There is no remedy for the large complaints from Dumfries but by having a boat built at Whitehaven. Still think it necessary to have a sloop in the north, &c. Will inquire after the character of Mr Christie, for by his manner he does not tell what he knows, provided the substance of his information be true, which they very much question. Propose that a gentleman shall be placed at Bergen, and another at Rotterdam, to inquire constantly after these matters, and if possible to have some to answer that end at Bourdeaux, St Sebastian, and Bilboa, for if they have timely notice of the doings of the merchants, wines and brandies may be seized. Mr Christie excuses Montrose, and attributes it to having an exact collector, one Hercules Smith, but if there is no corruption there, it is because the coast is not convenient, and the merchants are a knot of the fairest traders in those parts. The family of Coutts, consisting of three or four brothers are wise men, and therefore know that the breaking of laws, first or last, reacheth the aggressor. Dated Edinburgh, 3 Sept. 1709. 2½ pages.
Sept. 6. 5. Richard Savage to Mr Lowndes, or in his absence to Mr Taylour. Sends copy of letter from the Collector of Hull, announcing the arrival of two ships in the Humber from Sweden. Also another letter from the Collector of Dover concerning a ship from Dantzic. Prays directions. Dated Custom House, London, 6 Sept. 1709.
The copies mentioned.
Another letter and enclosure on the same subject.
Minuted:—“Answered 7th Sepr 1709. My Lord doth not think any of these ships wthin the meaning of her Mts ordr of Council. Those frō Sweden, because they come frō a place so remote frō Dantzic, nor the other, because it has been about a twelve months from thence.” 5 pages.
Sept. 6. 6. Representation of the Comrs of the Stamp Duties, to the Lord High Treasurer, containing their observations on the report of the late Attorney and Solicitor General relating to the informations they had caused to be filed against the attorneys for frauds of the revenue under their (the Comrs') care. Also as to a copy of the bill of charges of preparing and filing the same, and “a state of this revenue with respect to the frauds commonly practiced.” His Lp might see as well how necessary the measures were which they had taken, and how just and reasonable it was for them to order the bill of charges to be paid, as also what was necessary to be further done for the preservation of this revenue, which went into the hands of a number of people so artful in finding expedients to defraud it, and in colouring pretences for their own advantage.
Amongst the frauds practised was the making one stamp serve for many several things, each requiring a duty, by cutting off stamps from old deeds, bonds, &c., and by erasing the names of the parties, &c. out of old writs and putting in other names, &c. They had an affidavit of one attorney who made one stamp serve above 10 times.
They found it a common practice with the attorneys to write their declarations and other pleadings in inferior courts without stamps, and even in the courts at Westminster (where they use stamps), to write them so much closer than formerly, as that they were commonly paid for writing after the rate of five or six or more sheets where they used but one, and many of them charged even for the stamp duties of five or six or more sheets where only one was used.
They had received a letter from a clergyman as to an attorney who was Deputy “Register” to an ecclesiastical court, and who, instead of writing the marriage licences upon the five shilling stamp, made it a practice wholly to omit writing them at all, and to send a note to the curate that he had taken bond, and that he (the curate) might marry the couple; and so the attorney took the fees and stamp duties of the licences and clearly gained the duty to himself. Dated 6 Sept. 1709. 44 pages and 3 parts.
Sept. 10.]
7. Petition of George Gamon to the Lord High Treasurer asking to be appointed a tidewaiter.
Certificate in his favour. Dated 10 Sept. 1709. 2 pages.
Sept. 13. 8. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer as to certain cocoa nuts landed from a Dutch man-of-war, under command of Capt. Vandergun, Commodore of the Rotterdam Fleet, by a Harwich smack; also as to other cocoa nuts run from the same man-of-war on the shore of Kent; in order that the same might be represented to the States General. Dated 13 Sept. 1709. 1 page.
Sept. 13. 9. The Lord Chamberlain to the Lord High Treasurer. Applies for 300l. to be paid to the Envoy from the Republic of Genoa, and the like sum to the Marquis de Sales, Envoy of the Republic of the Grisons. Dated 13 Sept. 1709. 1 page.
Sept. 13. 10. Report of the Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Wharton) to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition and papers of Joseph Mitchel. If her Majesty thought fit to grant the petitioner the money he and his father expended in recovering and defending the title of the Crown to the forfeited estate granted to his father, and afterwards taken from him, it would be a favour well bestowed. Dated 13 Sept. 1709.
Minuted:—“19 Apr. 1710. This cannot be done, because of ye precedent, but upon anothr opportunity to be considered.” 1 page.
Sept. 14. 11. The Earl of Sunderland to the Lord High Treasurer. The payment of the accounts of Mr Jezreel Jones to supply his most pressing occasions would be a charity well bestowed. Dated 14 Sept. 1709. (A copy), ½ page.
Sept. 14. 12. The same to the same. Sends copy of a letter received from the Lord Lieut. of Ireland in behalf of Lieut. D'André for her Majesty to be moved thereon. Dated 14 Sept. 1709. 1 page, quarto.
Sept. 19. 13. John Coupland to —. States how the accounts of the late Lord Falkland, as Treasurer of the Navy, stand. Dated 19 Sept. 1709.
Minuted:—“The audrs to be sent to hasten the accts that are before them.” 2 pages.
Sept. 20. 14. Certificate of Charles Graydon as to the payment of 220l. by Mr Robert Turnbull, of Montrose, merchant, in satisfaction of a judgment against him. Dated Custom House, Edinburgh, 20 Sept. 1709. ½ page.
Sept. 20. 15. The Lord High Treasurer to Mr Lowndes. Encloses a letter and printed proposal, as Mr Lowndes could judge whether it were capable of being of any use, much better than his Lordship. Dated Windsor 20 Sept. 1709.
The letter referred to from Mr Geo. Davenant, which says, in relation to the proposal, that foreign cash would be invited into the kingdom, and the small hoarded sums at home brought out, specie enlarged in the exchequer and in the bank, the common people gratified, and by their numbers contribute a large sum, &c.
The other enclosure is entitled:—“A proposal for annuities for life, with the benefit of survivorship; such as the purses of the generality of the people may be able to compass.” 7 pages.
Sept. 24. 16. Memorial of William Clayton, gent. to the Lord High Treasurer. Prays payment of 35l. expended in carrying out the Act for raising 1,155,000l. by sale of annuities, and for fees in passing his account, and further payment for his care and trouble. Dated Exchequer, 24 Sept. 1709.
Minuted:—“100li.” ½ page.
Sept. 24. 17. Presentment of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer. They had examined the incident payments and allowances in the port of London, which had not been under his Lordship's inspection. The salaries of several officers had not been inserted on the book of establishment, but paid by incident. For the future they were to be inserted. Several officers who had salaries on the establishment had additional salaries for the same service by incidents, &c. The Comrs annexed a list of such officers in order to their being established. They detail other arrangements which they had made. Dated 24 Sept. 1709.
The list referred to.
Minuted:—“Read 17 Novr 1709. My Lord will take a time to go over ye heads of it by himselfe, and then he'l send for ye Comrs againe.” 7 pages, 2 halves.
Sept. 26. 18. Report of the Surveyor-General (Travers) to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Mr. Sewell, recommending that petitioner should have a lease for 50 years of certain houses in the Strand, the petitioner having the property for an unexpired term from the master and chaplains of the late Hospital of the Savoy. Dated 26 Sept. 1709.
Minuted:—“Read 9 June 1710. The same answer as upon Mr Addison's report. My Lord has noe inclinac[i]on to grant any terme wch may hinder the improvemt of the premises for the charitable uses with wch they stand affected.” 2½ pages.
Sept. 26. 19. Memorial of the Office of Works to the Lord High Treasurer, representing the necessities of the office, and pressing for money for works at Whitehall and Windsor. Dated 26 Sept. 1709.
Minuted:—“27 Sept. 1709. My Lord orders another halfe year to be regr~ed [? registered] on tyn, and will order them a qur in money as soon as there is any opportunity.” 1 page.
Sept. 28. 20. Affidavit of William Bowyer as to the printing of the 9th vol. of Rymer's Fœdera. Sworn 28 Sept. 1709.
Also a specimen sheet. 5 pages (4 printed).
— Sept. 29. 21. Account of Nehemiah Arnold, paymaster of the malt lottery tickets, from Michaelmas 1708 to Michaelmas 1709, rendered to the Lord High Treasurer. 2 pages.
— Sept. 29. 22. The debt of the navy exclusive of the register, as it stood at Micħas 1708, compared with the like debt as it stood at Micħas 1709. 2 pages.
— Sept. 30. 23. An account of interest received on Exchequer bills by Sir Thomas Littleton, Bart, treasurer of her Majts navy, pursuant to the Lord High Treasurer's warrant in that behalf, between the 1st and 30th September 1709. ½ page.
Sept. 24. Petition of Frances Jones and Ann Lloyd, widows, daughters of William Pendrill, deceased, seeking to be allowed to settle their pension of 50l. per ann. each, on their sons John Jones and Richard Lloyd. The pension was granted to them for the services of their father to King Charles II. after his escape at the battle of Worcester. 1 page.
Oct. 4. 25. Comrs of the Navy to Mr Taylour. The Lord High Treasurer to be acquainted that Mr Francklin contracted with the board to serve the fleet with ticking, waistcoats, and breeches, and that his issues to the ships exceeded the money paid him by 17,274l. 2s. Dated 4 Oct. 1709.
The petition, contract, and account. 10½ pages.
Oct. 6. 26. Mr Burchett to William Lowndes, Esq. By order of the Lord High Admiral sends letter from the Comrs of Victualling, and a letter which came to the latter board from Mr Astell, a merchant, relating to a ship from Hamboro, with pipe and hogshead staves for her Majesty's service. Dated 6 Oct. 1709.
The first mentioned letter. 2 pages.
Oct. 6.]
27. Petition of Henry Ballowe and John Smith, deputy chamberlains for joining tallies in her Majesty's Court of Exchequer, to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for the grant of a warrant to pay them for their services.
Also a certificate dated 6 Oct. 1709. 2 pages.
Oct. 12. 28. Memorial of the garrison of Portsmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. The soldiers on duty at Portsmouth suffer extremely for want of fire and candle, and several have perished; pray for an allowance for the same. Dated 12 Oct. 1709.
Referred to the Controllers of the Army accounts. ½ page.
Oct. 14. 29. Copy of warrant of the Lord High Admiral (Earl of Pembroke) to the Paymaster General of Marine Forces, for payment of 175l. to Mr Francis Lynn for disbursements for the Marine Forces. Dated 14 Oct. 1709. 1 page.
Oct. 19. 30. Copy of warrant of the Lord High Treasurer to the Receiver General of the Revenue of the Duchy of Cornwall to pay Mr Scobell 1,035l. 9s.d. for repair of coinage halls and melting houses, and the receipt thereof. Dated 19 Oct. 1709. 1 page.
Oct. 22.]
31. Petition of John Ashbury, late “fife” of her Majesty's household, to the Lord High Treasurer. Had served as fife in the reigns of King William and Queen Mary, and at her present Majesty's coronation; but in his absence in Spain with the Duke of Ormond, a new establishment was made, and the ancient place of fife was left out, and his three years' service was in arrears; prayed redress.
Minuted:—“Read 22th Oct. 1709. Not thought reasonable, he being entertained in some of her Mats troops.” 1 page.
Oct. 23. 32. List of the second officers who were superseded in the following regiments, and not provided for, viz.:—
Lord Mark Kerr's Regiment. Col Hill's.
Lieut.-Genl Stewart's. Brigadr Wightman's.
Major-Genl Gorge's. Col. Bowles's.
Lord Montjoy's. Col. Sutton's.
Brigadr Edwd Pearce's. Lord Tyrawly's.
Earl of Portmore's.
Also computation of two months' half pay to several officers “en second” not provided for to the 23rd of Oct. 1709. 2 pages.
Oct. 25. 33. Sir Saml Garrard to Mr Lowndes. Recommends Mr. Wm Nehoffe to be a controller at Montross. He had passed his examination in hopes to be preferred to the place. Dated Watling St, Oct. 25, 1709.
Mr. Nehoffe's letter to Sir Samuel, asking for his assistance. 2 pages.
Oct. 30. 34. An attested copy of information exhibited against John Hilton of the town and parish of St George, cordwainer, and Hannah his wife, and answers thereto filed in the exchequer of the Bermudas alias Somer Islands, in respect of treasure discovered by them and concealed. Sworn 30 Oct. 1709. 4 pages (brief size).
Nov. 1. 35. Draft of Queen's warrant for the preparation of a bill for the royal signature.
Docquetted:—“Mr Fox [late Paymaster of Forces] for subsidies & pay to foreign forces & other allowances on his accot to 23 June 1705.” Dated 1 Nov. 1709. 4 large pages.
Nov. 3. 36. Report of the Earl of Halifax to the Lord High Treasurer on the prices of the several weights and measures sent to Scotland, provided by Samuel Edwin, Esq., Usher of the receipt of the Exchequer. Considered the prices reasonable for ready money, &c. Dated Exchequer, 3 Nov. 1709.
Minuted:—“10 May 1710. Ref. to ye Barons to consider and report how it may be paid out of the revenue in Scotland.”
Again:—“18 April 1711. To be layd before the Queen, the Lord Cheefe Baron alledging the revenues of Scotland are not capable of bearing this expence.”
The accounts of the prices referred to amounting to 970l. 3s.pages.
Nov. 3. 37. Comrs of Revenue, Ireland, to the Lord High Treasurer. Enclosed a stated account of the revenue there, &c. Five East India ships, under convoy of two men-of-war, had arrived at Kinsale. Had directed that no goods were to be admitted to an entry, and had taken measures to prevent the running of the goods. Dated Custom House, Dublin, 3 Nov. 1709. 1 page.
Nov. 4. 38. An estimate of the debt of her Majesty's navy under various heads. Dated 4 Nov. 1709. 2 large pages.
Nov. 4. 39. Order in Council held at New York 4 Nov. 1709, for noli prosequi to be entered in an action against Peter Fauconier. 1 page, quarto.
Nov. 4. 40. Funds payable at the Exchequer stated to the 4th of November 1709. 3 pages.
Nov. 5. 41. Proposal to the Lord High Treasurer, made by John Rolle and others, for fixing a duty on all raw hides, enclosed with a letter to the Hon. William Lowndes, Esqre, on the same subject. Dated 5 Nov. 1709. 3 pages.
Nov. 7.]
42. Petition of Samuel Shepheard, John Lambert, and John James David, merchants in London, to the Lord High Treasurer, for stay of prosecution by the Solicitor of Customs for the customs on certain wines for which they were answerable, the vessel having been captured whilst under convoy and carried to Calais.
Minuted:—“7 Nov. 1709. Commrs cust. to stay prosecution till next Hillary Term.” 1 page.
Nov. 7. 43. John Denan to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Lays his thoughts before his Lordship as to a tax upon our superfluities, our vanities, and our luxuries. Dated 7 Nov. 1709. 6 pages.
Nov. 9. 44. Copy of a representation of the Board of Trade to her Majesty upon an act appointing agents to transact the public affairs of the island of Barbadoes. Dated Nov. 9, 1709. 13 pages.
Nov. 9.]
45. Memoranda of sums due to Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of her Majesty's works, upon the 6s. 6d. a day entered in the office books.
Minuted:—“9 Novr 1709. Agreed.” 1 page, quarto.
Nov. 9. 46. Memoranda as to the reception of certain deeds touching Mote Park, conveyed from Mr Granville to her Majesty, Dated 9 Nov. 1709. Signed, H. Horsley. ½ page.
Nov. 10. 47. Mr Baron Smith to John Taylor, Esq., at the Treasury Chambers. The cries and complaints of the poor on the charity roll, and of the invalids, were so loud and pressing that they must be attended to speedily. Mr Robert Tayler had seized a parcel of French wines, &c. The Lord High Treasurer should be acquainted that there was some uneasiness that the matter of appointing the bursars in the universities was unsettled, because it put a stop to all those charities, which were small exhibitions to scholars towards their support in their studies at the universities. These used to be appointed by the Lords of the Treasury and the Exchequer in Scotland. The Lord Treasurer seemed inclined to have it referred to the Queen's own appointment; but he (Mr Smith) thought it might as well be done by the [Court ?] in Scotland, being too minute to trouble the Crown with. Dated Edinburgh, 10 Nov. 1709. 1½ pages.
Nov. 10. 48. Thomas Cooper to Mr Lowndes [to be left for him at Browne's Coffee House in King Street]. Sends a proposal to raise money, in which he has no other design than to serve the public. Proposes a tax on gold and silver plate and on bachelors. Dated 10 Nov. 1709. 1½ pages.
Nov. 10. 49. Report of William Blathwayt to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Daniel Stoner, of the Island of St Christopher's, praying her Majesty's confirmation of a grant made to him for three years by Col. Parks, Governor of the Leeward Islands, of a plantation of about 150 acres in the French quarter of Basseterre: recommends the term should be extended to April 1712. Dated 10 Nov. 1709.
The petition and the grant referred to. 4 pages.
Nov. 12.]
50. Memorial of Samuel Travers, Esq., her Majesty's Surveyor General, to the Lord High Treasurer. Had, together with Mr Topham, recommended the widow Pocock, James Holmes, and Richard Tilsley as fit objects of charity, by being forced to quit their habitations on the pulling down of the houses on the ground purchased by her Majesty upon the Castle Hill at Windsor. Was of opinion that the widow Pocock should have a double share (40l.) and the others 20l. each, of the sum realised by the sale of the materials. Undated, but about 12 Nov. 1709. See Letter Book, Vol. 13, p. 129. 1 page.