Volume 125: October 2-November 14, 1710

Pages 215-223

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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October 2–November 14, 1710

Oct. 2. 1. Report of the Agents for Taxes on the petition of William Palmer, Esq., and others, security for John Andrews, Esq., late Receiver General for the county of Warwick, in relation to the stay of process against them. Dated 2 Oct. 1710.
The petition. 2 pages.
Oct. 3.
2. A fragment of a report of the Comrs of Customs on charges made against Mr Culliford.
On the dorse is:—“Report relating to Capt. Edwards' complaint. Read 26 7br 1710. The Comrs are of opinion thatt here is no foundation for the charge agt Mr Culliford, & give their reasons for their opinion.” Dated 3 Oct. 1710.
Accompanied by divers papers relating to the said charges. In combination with others, Mr Culliford was charged with defrauding the Queen of 7,000l. 31 pages, 5 parts.
Oct. 3. 3. Representation of the Comrs of Stamp Duties to the Lords of the Treasury, respecting false stamps bought of Mr Dyot. Dated 3 Oct. 1710. 1 page.
Oct. 4. 4. Presentment of the principal Officers of the Mint as to the persons employed in the management of the “tin affair in London,” their duties and pay. Signed, “Is. Newton and Jn. Ellis.” Dated 4 Oct. 1710, 1 page.
Oct. 4. 5. The Comrs of Victualling to William Lowndes, Esq. Had sent a copy of Mr Guard's memorial to their agent at Portsmouth, to inquire into alleged frauds committed by the bakers in using meal of barley and peas, to make biscuit for the Fleet, and in defrauding the Government of 60,000l. or 70,000l. per ann. Dated 4 Oct. 1710.
Enclosed is also the copy of the reply of the agent, who denies the truth of the whole statement. 8½ pages.
Oct. 5. 6. The Duke of Marlborough to Mr Lowndes. Sends a memorial as to contracts for forage for the troops in winter quarters, that their Lps might make arrangements and give directions thereon. Also as to the contract for forage during the siege of Douay. There is a further demand for forage delivered in the spring to the Prussian and other troops in their march from the Maes till their coming to Tournay. Dated Camp before Aire, 16 Oct. 1710 [i.e., 5 Oct.].
The memorial referred to. 5½ pages.
—Oct. 6. 7. A state of the tallies and Exchequer bills in the hands of James Brydges, Esq.
Two similar papers. Between 29 Sept. and 6 Oct. 1710. 4½ pages.
Oct. 7. 8. Report of Samuel Lynn, in the absence of the Secretary-at-War, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Captains Parry, Harpur, and St. Lo, asking for their pay “en second” to 24 Oct. inst. Dated 7 Oct. 1710.
The petition.
Minuted:—“Read 11 Oct. 1710. Mr Sloper to make a demand for this forthwth.” 3 pages.
Oct. 7. 9. Lord Cowper to Mr Lowndes. Asks him to put him in the way to obtain the remaining quarterly payment of his pension [as late Ld Chancellor, to the time he surrendered.] Dated Colegreen, Oct. 8, 1710.
Minuted:—“Prepare a warrt.” 1 page.
Oct. 9. 10. Ad. Cardonnel to Mr Lowndes. His Grace [the Duke of Marlborough] desired that the Lds of the Treasury should be informed in relation to the four orphans of Lieut. John Calder, that when the officers of the troops there agreed to a voluntary subscription for the support of their widows, it was, by their own rules, limited to such only whose husbands were actually killed or died of their wounds; but the officers were willing in this particular case that the children should have the benefit of their mother's pension. Dated Camp before Aire, 20 Oct. 1710. 2 pages.
Oct. 10. 11. Memorial of the Comrs of Excise to the Comrs of the Treasury, asking for payment of 1,500l. advanced by them to the Lords Justiciary in Scotland. Dated 10 Oct. 1710.
Also copy of the receipt given by the Lords Justiciary. 2 pages.
Oct. 10. 12. Memorial of the Secretary-at-War to the Lords of the Treasury, “relating to her Majesty's forces in Portugal,” praying for the renewal of a warrant to authorise the paymaster to stop the noneffective money to be applied for recruiting the forces. Dated Whitehall, 10 Oct. 1710.
The copy of the warrant referred to. 2½ pages.
Oct. 11. 13. Mr J. Burchett to Mr Lowndes. This day the Comrs of the Admiralty send orders to the captains of the “Norfolk,” “Torr Bay,” and “Russell,” now in the Downs, to proceed to Lisbon for the Queen's money, and to apply to Mr Morrice for the same. The commander of these ships, Captn Smith of the “Norfolk,” carries with him a sealed order, not to be opened till he comes to Lisbon, so that he will know nothing of his errand till then, and he is strictly charged to keep it private, and to return to Spithead without bringing any trade with him. Any orders from the Treasury to Mr Morrice he will enclose with the commander's secret instructions. Dated 11 Oct. 1710.
Minuted:—“Answered eođ die. Duplicates of what writ to Mr Morice by yesterday's post inclosed to Mr. Burchet to be sent to him by the ships now going to Lisbon.” 1½ pages.
Oct. 12. 14. Report of the Lords Justices of Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury. Had considered the petition of James Duke of Ormond to her Majesty, praying to be reimbursed the 3l. per cent. deducted from him for Exchequer fees, on receiving his rent of 3,500l. a year for the duty of prizage since Michaelmas 1704. Were of opinion that he ought to receive the rent clear of all charges. Dated Dublin Castle, 12 Oct. 1710.
Minuted:—“Read 19th April 1711. To be laid before ye Q. A wt to be p[re]pared.” 1 page.
Oct. 14. 15. C. Musgrave (Ordnance Office) to Mr Lowndes, respecting the commission for adjusting the value of the lands, &c. to be purchased for strengthening the fortifications of Portsmouth, Chatham, and Harwich. Dated 14 Oct. 1710. 1 page.
Oct. 16. 16. Articles of agreement as to the printing of the 12th vol. of Rymer's Fœdera. Dated 16 Oct. 1710. (Torn at the foot.)
Two other papers connected therewith. 4 pages.
Oct. 17. 17. Memorial of Thomas Burgh, Esq., engineer and surveyor general of her Majesty's fortifications and buildings, to the Lords Justices of Ireland, touching corruptions and ill practices committed by persons employed as overseers of the arsenal. Dated 17 Oct. 1710. 2¼ pages.
Oct. 19. 18. Report of Mr Baron J. Scrope to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Mr Penman, assay master of the Mint at Edinburgh, and of Mr Miller, clerk of the Mint there, as also on the reports of the officers of her Majesty's Mint at London thereon. Was of opinion that the allowances of 60l. to Mr. Penman and Mr Borthwick, for a clerk and assistant during the late re-coinage, and of the like sum of 60l. to Mr Miller, for overseeing the tale and weight of the old moneys, and having the charge thereof till the assay was past, were reasonable. Could say but little to the proposal of the the Comrs of Customs of removing Mr Bruce, the collector of Kirkcaldy, to the port of Dundee, and putting Mr Bethune, collector of Dundee, in his place, he being a stranger to them. Both of them were well allied, and there had been a contention between them and their friends, both before and since the Union for this collector's place. As an examination into the charges against Mr Bruce had to take place, suggested that it would be better to have it completed before anything further were done. Dated 19 Oct. 1710.
Two petitions, and two reports connected therewith. 6 pages.
Oct. 24. 19. Mr Brydges' report relating to the public money received and paid by Col. Bacalan for the subsistence of prisoners in Spain. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 24 Oct. 1710.
Accompanied by an extract from a letter and an account of the moneys paid.
Minuted:—“27th Nov. 1710. For Fryday next, Afternoon.” 13 pages.
Oct. 25. 20. Report of the Comrs of Victualling to the Lords of the Treasury on a proposal to victual the navy. They say that salted beef and pork of the produce of Ireland is much inferior in goodness to what is cured in England, for the Irish oxen are generally small, and not being stall fed, the salt soon penetrates into and eats out the heart and nourishment of the meat; the hogs feed much upon fish on the sea-coast, which occasioning the flesh to be of a fishy taste, renders the same very disagreeable to the men, who are six to four men's allowance while in the Mediterranean. From other reasons they also advise against the contract, though the price is one-third cheaper than that supplied in England. Dated 25 Oct. 1710.
The proposal. 3 pages.
Oct. 25. 21. Report from the Controllers of the Accounts of the Army relating to the 1,111l. 7. 1. charged on the Captain of the late Earl of Donegal's regiment. Dated Privy Gardens, 25 Oct. 1710.
Also an account of the recruits sent from Ireland, and a copy of a large portion of the above report.
Minuted:—“20 Nov. 1710. To the muster mar to certifie what respits have been taken off by order for the yeares within menc[i]oned & by what order.” 6 pages.
Oct. 26. 22. Mr Charles Conly to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses papers as to frauds by merchants in exporting cut tobaccos and in drawing back several hundreds of pounds of debenture for sand and flatted stems of tobacco that had lain by several years. Dated 26 Oct. 1710.
Three papers giving the details.
Minuted:—“On Wednesday next, 1 Nov. 1710.” 5½ pages.
Oct. 27. 23. Lord Dartmouth to the Comrs of the Treasury. Is informed that Frenchmen and other suspicious persons frequently went beyond the sea, particularly to Holland and Ostend. Asks them to order the Comrs of Customs to direct their officers not to allow passengers to go without a pass. Dated Whitehall, 27 Oct. 1710.
Minuted:—“Read 21 Nov. 1710. Send a copy of this l~re to the Comrs of Customs and they are to give directions to their officers accordingly.” 1 page.
Oct. 28. 24. J. Brydges to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses extract from a letter from Mons. Slingar, acquainting him of the care and difficulties he (Mons. Slingar) had undergone in subsisting several of her Majesty's subjects, prisoners, and of his continuing his endeavours to subsist them until he receives further orders. Dated 28 Oct. 1710.
Minuted:—“Read 29 Nov. 1710. To be layd before ye Parliamt, but my Lords are to endeavour to inform themselves, so that ye Q. may not pay double or treble.”
The extract referred to. 2 pages.
Oct. 30. 25. The Duke of Marlborough to Mr Lowndes. Acknowledges the receipt of the approbation of the Lords of the Treasury of their making the contracts for forage in the ensuing winter, which shall be done. Hopes that timely remittances may be made. Has written to Mr Brydges to desire the particulars of the disposition of the 50,000l. given by Parliament last winter. Dated Camp before Aire, 10 Nov. 1710 [N.S.], i.e., 30 Oct.
Minuted:—“Read 6 Novr 1710. My Lords will order the remittance as soon as they know how much the money will amt to.
“As to the extrarys send an extract to Mr Brydges to know his answer.” 2½ pages, quarto.
Oct. 31. 26. A Cardonnel to the same. As to the number of rations of forage to be delivered to the troops for the winter. Dated Camp before Aire, 11 Nov. 1710 [i.e., 31 Oct.]. 2 pages, quarto.
Oct. 31. 27. “Prize incident bill from Midsomr to Xmas 1709.”
Petition by the Comrs for payment thereof. Dated 31 Oct. 1710. 1 page.
Oct. 31. 28. J. Burchett to Mr Lowndes. Had received a letter from Consul Cole at Algiers. It was pretended a Dutch slave had made his escape on board of a man-of-war, and the Consul was obliged to pay for the same. The Lords of the Admiralty desired that the Lords of the Treasury should reimburse the Consul. Dated 31 Oct. 1710.
The letter referred to. 2½ pages.
Oct. 31. 29. An accot of the issues which have been made to the navy out of the funds given by Parliament for the year 1710, made up and stated to the 31st day of October 1710. 2½ pages.
Oct. 30. An account of the gross sale by the candle of unrated East India Goods, from 8 March 1703 to Oct. 1710. 1 page.
Nov. 1. 31. “Copy of Mr Cartwright's accot current to 23 Oct. 1710” [of payments to the army]. Dated Antwerp, 12 Nov. 1710 [i.e., 1 Nov.]. 1½ pages.
Nov. 6. 32. Memorial of the Agents for Taxes to the Lords of the Treasury praying payment for their bill of incident charges. Dated 6 Nov. 1710.
Minuted:—“1st Xbr. 1710. Agreed.”
The bill referred to. 2 parts of pages.
Nov. 6. 33. William Jones to the Hon. William Lowndes, Esq. Encloses a paper on the methods of computing the duty on unrated East India goods imported. Dated Nov. 6, 1710. 4 pages.
Nov. 9. 34. Samuel Lynn to Wm Lowndes, Esq. In the absence of Mr Granville, reports on what he thinks reasonable to be allowed the Comrs' clerks as a reward for their attendance on the Comrs in putting in execution the late recruiting Act. The allowance of five shillings per man has been already agreed to as reasonable. 1,561l. 5s. has been voted by Parliament, and until that is expended what should be allowed to the clerks need not be considered. Dated Whitehall, 9 Nov. 1710.
Three other papers on the same subject. 3 pages and 3 halves.
Nov. 9. 35. The Comrs for Sick and Wounded to the same. Represent the pressing necessities of their office. The debt for subsistence of prisoners increases to so great a height that their marshals will be thrown into prison and the prisoners will be let out. Dated 9 Nov. 1710.
The annexed copies of letters from their marshal at Plymouth and the mayor of the town will show what necessities they are under. There is 19,892l. 14s. 6d. due on their estimate, and they were never reduced to such extremities as at this time.
The copies referred to, viz.:—
William Slaughter to [the Comrs of sick and wounded]. The tradesmen neither can nor will give any further credit, and he is indebted on account of prisoners of war between six and seven thousand pounds. Is forced to pawn his goods for money to pay the officers going to France their subsistence. Unless he has a speedy supply he is ruined to all intents and purposes, and the prison doors must be opened, for the prisoners to shift for themselves, or they must be starved, for there will be 1,200 left when the 600 are sent to France. Dated Plymouth, 5 Nov. 1710.
Copy of a letter from the Mayor of Plymouth to Sir Geo. Byng. 5½ pages.
Nov. 10. 36. Report of the Comrs for victualling the Navy to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Isaac Holford, respecting the nonperformance of a contract for oxen for the victualling service. Dated 10 Nov. 1710.
The petition accompanies the report. 4 pages.
Nov. 10. 37. The Earl of Galway to William Lowndes, Esq. When in Portugal found it an established rule to make monthly returns of effectives of the Queen's troops, signed by the commanding officer of each corps, on which subsistence was paid, the remainder being left in his hands as a fund for recruiting the regiments. This course he had continued. Dated 10 Nov. 1710. 4 pages.
Nov. 11. 38. Lady Ann Littleton to the same. She objected to paying 2,905l. for salaries to the officers of the navy as desired by the Lords of the Treasury, on account of the large fees she had to pay to the Auditors of Imprest, &c. for passing the accounts of the late Sir Thomas Littleton, Bart., as Treasurer of the Navy. Dated 11 Nov. 1710.
Also an estimate of the fees referred to.
Minuted:—“16 Nov. 1710. Direct Lady Littleton to pay this money, & my Lords when it is wting to defray the fees & charges relating to her accots some other way” (sic). 2 pages.
Nov. 13. 39. Report of the Deputy Clerk of the Pipe (Phil. Tullie), to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Nathaniel Boothe, Esq., Surveyor of the revenue of Greenwax. Recommending some additional words in the form of the warrant, so that he might obtain payment of his salary. Dated 13 Nov. 1710.
The petition and copy of the warrant. 3½ pages.
Nov. 13. 40. Memorial of Sir John Humble, Bart., Paymaster of the million lottery tickets. As to three counterfeit lottery tickets tendered by Mr John Lade, of Southwark, at the lottery office. Dated 13 Nov. 1710.
Minuted:—“14 Nov. 1710. Carried in.”
Accompanied by the tickets in question. 1 page and 3 small pieces of paper.
Nov. 14. 41. An account of warrants due to Col. Peter Schuyler, being for several services and disbursements made by him in the province of New York, &c.
With a report, signed Ro. Hunter at the end, to the Lords of the Treasury, recommending his case to their Lordships. Dated New York, Nov. 14, 1710. 7 pages.
Nov. 14. 42. Approval by the Attorney and Solicitor General of the draft of the Queen's warrant for passing a privy seal to discharge the administrators of Prince George of Denmark. Written at the foot of the draft. Dated 14 Nov. 1710. 7 pages.
Nov. 14. 43. “Report of the Comptrs of the accots of the Army upon the list of contingent bills for wch Mr Brydges the paymar, made a demand of 3,034. 18. 11¼.” Dated 14 Nov. 1710.
Also the list referred to. 6 pages.
Jan. 10
Nov. 14.
44. Sixteen papers relating to the affairs of the poor Palatines, between 10 Jan. 1709–10, and about 14 Nov. 1710, including:—(1) the resolutions at a meeting of the Comrs on 10 and 11 Jan. 1709–10, in which it was agreed that certain of the Palatines were to be sent to Holland. (2) Lists of those shipped there. (3) A letter of thanks from Mr John Tribbeko, who served on the commission for the Palatines, to the Lord High Treasurer. He says that the sum of 200l. remaining in his and Mr Ruperti's hands had been employed in clothing the naked, relieving the sick and needy, and in printing little books for their use. The last sum of 220l. granted on their behalf for books of devotion had been remitted for that purpose. (4.) A letter of J. Bridger, surveyor of her Maty's woods in America, who had been appointed to instruct the Palatines in making tar, pitch, &c., in favour of their being settled on 6,000 acres of land purchased by the Governor on the Hudson River, in the midst of various tracts of pitch pine, suitable for that manufacture which he (Bridger) had been labouring to establish for 13 years. (5.) An account of the effective number of the Palatines subsisted from 28 Sept. to Nov. 1710; and (6.) An estimate of things necessary for their settlement. 34 pages or parts of pages.
Nov. 14. 45. Robert Hunter to the Lords [? of the Treasury]. The Comrs of Trade would inform them that there would be no revenue there. Asks that her Majesty would order payment of his salary. The Comrs would also inform their Lps that the Palatines were now settled on Hudson River, near the pine land, so that this great project could not fail of success. 15,000l. a year for the two next years would do the work effectually, being about half of what was at first thought necessary. Her Majesty might depend upon tar enough for her navy from her colonies for ever, for there was pitch pine enough, if the number of hands were increased, to serve all Europe. Orphans were disposed of to those who undertook to maintain and educate them, and “by their going to work for wages in the country.” Each person's account was kept apart, as they had to repay what they got now by their labour hereafter. In all probability their numbers would increase, for they were now very healthful. Dated New York, 14 Nov. 1710. 4 pages, quarto.