Volume 130: 1710 Undated

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Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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1710 Undated

1710. 1. Two papers entitled:—“The value of the necessaries supplied by the Usher of the Exchequer to the officers there in three years, and the medium thereupon.”
And “Rates allowed the Usher of the Exchequer on his liberates for necessaries supplied the officers there.” [Perhaps about 1710. The last paper may be later.] 7 pages.
2. The case of John Hill, setting forth the abuses in the victualling, which upon a modest computation amount to 115,825l. and upwards yearly; addressed to Earl Poulett, one of the Lords of the Treasury. 1710 or early in 1711. 3 pages.
3. “An account of what sums have arisen since the demise of the late King William on the revenues granted to him for the use of his civil list, and [have] been applied towards discharging debts and arrears owing thereupon, at the time of his demise.” 1½ pages.
4. Remittances for the forces in Flanders and other services there so far as concerns Sir Henry Furnese, for the year 1710. 1 page.
5. Petition of Samuel Clarke, of London, merchant, to the Rt. Hon. Earl Poulett. Had advanced 9,000l., taking Mr Morice's assurance that his bills would be paid punctually by the Hon. James Brydges, Esq.: prays payment, together with interest. 1710 or early in 1711. 1 page.
6. “Mr Hutcheson about ye dutie on snuff.” A paper so docquetted, containing suggestions about that duty. ? 1710. 1¼ pages.
7. Petition of Barbara Burnet, widow, to the Lords of the Treasury. Had given in frequent petitions to their Lps in behalf of the four starving children of the late Lieut. Calder, killed at the siege of Oudenarde, albeit the Queen nigh two years ago gave order for supply to them. Seeing Christmas was drawing nigh, when her Majesty's bounty was extended to all persons, prayed their Lordships' consideration. ? 1710. [The siege was in 1708.] 1 page.
8. Memorial of Thomas Proby, surgeon-general of the army in Ireland, to the Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieut. of Ireland. The several surgeons who belonged to the regiments lately disbanded in Ireland, were excluded from half-pay. They had no prospect of advancement as other officers had, and their pay was hardly sufficient to support them when abroad: they would not be able to subsist by practice for a considerable time. It was with the greatest difficulty that any surgeons tolerably qualified could be prevailed on to enter into the service. Asked that their case might be represented to her Majesty. 1710, from the Lord Lieut., and mention of Great Britain. 1 page.
9. A paper showing the rates of postage in the old Act and the new rates proposed. 1710, by comparison with Historical Account of Taxes, published 1735, p. 356.
Four other papers on the same subject, in one of which there is evidence that it belongs to the year 1710.
10. An account of her Majesty's proportion of subsidies payable to the allies pursuant to the treaties for the year 1710. 1 page.
11. Leather dressers' paper concerning imported goods. A paper relating to duties on hides. There was a grant of this nature in 1710. 2¾ pages.
12. Subsidies, &c., anno 1710. A paper so entitled.
Docquetted:—“Mr Clayton's certificate of the loans on the last years genll mortgage.” It shows the amounts for which [tallies] were struck. 1 page.
13. “An abstract of the particular accounts, showing what sums have been voted, addressed for, or enacted upon account of public services, since her Majesty's accession to the Crown, and how farr the same have proved deficient.” ? 1710. 1 page.
14. Copy of a clause in an Act of Parliament.
Docquetted:—“Saving in E. Ranelagh's bill.” ? before 1711. [The Earl died in 1711.] 1 page.
15. Ten papers relating to lotteries, such as proposals, memoranda, and calculations.
16. Memorial to the Lords of the Treasury from Theo. Parson, appointed to pay the pensions to widows of officers killed in her Majesty's service in Flanders.
Docquetted:—“About 1,900l prayed for clearings to ye forces in Flanders, ano 1710, to enable the paying ye allowances to offirs widws.” 1 page.
17. Proposal of James Milner to the Lords of the Treasury as to the supply of money to Mr Thomas Morrice at Lisbon. ? 1710. 1 page.
18. Various particulars concerning the regiments of Viscount Mountjoy and Major-General Whiteman as to their number and pay; with observations by the paymaster and the controller [? of army accounts]. ? 1710. 7 pages.
19. “An accot of what articles in the bills of the publick ministers (now to be paid) are by the Secretaries of State submitted to the Treasury exceeding the regulac[i]on.” ? 1710. 1 page.
20. A list of pensions and annuities payable out of the civil list revenues. 1710, or later. [Lord Chancellor Cowper mentioned, who resigned in 1710.] 2 pages.
21. Memoranda touching the tin contract. ? 1710. 2½ pages, quarto.
22. Petition of Henry Walker, George Barclay, and James Greenshields, clerks and episcopal ministers in North Britain, to the Hon. John Smith, Esq., Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in North Britain. Had not failed to witness their zeal for her Majesty's service, by owning her authority and praying for her person and government. Seeing they were not partakers of any part of the public funds for relief of the suffering persecuted clergy there, but instead of being bettered by their loyalty, had been considerable losers, they prayed that they might be put on her Majesty's charity roll, where the three surviving bishops were. ? End of 1710.
Henry Walker and George Barclay had a warrant for 50l. bounty on 20 Jan. 1710–11 [probably as the result of this petition]. See North Britain Book, Vol. II., p. 221. 1 page.
23. Various remarks and suggestions addressed to Mr Lowndes on clauses in an Act of Parliament in relation to the stamp duty on parchment or paper. ? 1710 or 1711. 2 pages.
24. State of the account of William Hewer, Esq., as Treasurer of Tangier, between the first of April 1684 and the first of April 1689. Addressed to the Lords of her Majesty's Treasury, and signed “E. Harley.” Probably made out in 1710 or early in 1711. See Treasury Letter Book, Vol. XIII., p. 404. Hewer's accounts were then under consideration. 4 pages, brief size.
25. Memorial of Captain Sterling to the Lords of the Treasury. Lately came express from Spain, being sent by Lieut.-General Stanhope to her Majesty, with an account of the posture of affairs in those parts. Had Lord Dartmouth's letter to the late Lord Treasurer, signifying her Majesty's pleasure to him to consider of a proper allowance to be given to him for the charges of his journey. Nothing had been done, and he prayed for their Lordship's consideration of his case. [? 1710 or 1711.]
Minuted:—“To be layd before the Queen.” 1 page.
26. “An accot of talleys remaining in the hands of the Treasurer of th' ordnance.” [? 1710 or 1711.] ½ page.
27. “The case of the colonels, captains, and clothiers of the old marine regiments.” They desire that Mr Audr Harley should restate the accounts, and allow the off reckonings of the full number of men, according to the establishment. [? 1710 or 1711. Harley being then Auditor of Imprest.] See Treasury Minute Book, Vol. XV., p. 198. 1 page.
28. Petition of Johanna Sayre, daughter of Captain John Coppin, who was commander of her Majesty's ship, “St George,” and killed therein. Has had no money for two years, and has not a bed to lay her aged bones on. Begs an order for some money that she may not starve. [? 1710 or 1711.] 1 page.
29. Petition of John Bury, Receiver General of Taxes for the county of Nottingham, to the Lords of her Majesty's Treasury. Prays for a warrant for payment of 384l. for extraordinary charges and strong guards. [? 1710 or 1711. The Duke of Newcastle mentioned, who died in 1711.] 1 page.
30. “A proposall to furnish her Majesty with five thousand pound per week for a whole yeare in Holland.” Offered to the Lords of her Majesty's Treasury by W. Holland. [? 1710 or 1711.] ½ page, quarto.
31. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury from Joseph Brooksbank on behalf of himself and a great number of clothiers in the counties of York and Gloucester, showing that the Duke of Savoy formerly bought woollen cloth for his army in France, but it having been proposed to his Royal Highness's late resident. Count Briançon, to furnish him with cheaper and better cloth from England, the petitioner provided by contract the cloth for two years successively, for which he was paid out of his Royal Highness's subsidies near 20,000l., but since the death of the Count there had been no further demand. Prayed that the present resident may be acquainted with the matter.
On the back is:—“For ye Right Hon. Robert Benson, Esq.”
[1710 or 1711.] 1 page.
32. Memorial of Richard Holmes to the Lords of her Marty's Treasury. Draws attention to neglects in taking account of informations in the Exchequer against persons exporting wool and importing French silks and lace, and also to his having applied to be appointed to make the returns required. [? 1710 or 1711.] 1 page.
33. An account of gunpowder furnished by command of her Majesty of Great Britain to the King of Portugal in pursuance of the treaty made with the King in the year 1703. An entry shows that it was continued to the end of the year 1710. 2 pages.
1710, or Later.
34. A proposal, signed by Edm. Godwin and George Laverick, to raise 200,000l. on passengers by stage coaches, on goods carried, &c. ¾ page, brief size.
35. Petition of William Drummond, Warden, and other officers of the Mint at Edinburgh, deputed to bring up the keys of the pix, addressed to the Lords of the Treasury. They had brought up the pix from Edinburgh to London for the trial of the pix on the 21st inst. The moneys were found to be good according to the appointed standard. Before the Union the trial used to be made before a committee of the Privy Council at Edinburgh. Pray allowance for their expenses. 1 page.
36. An account of clothing to be sent to the several regiments of foot in Spain and Portugal. 1 page.
37. Petition of Thomas Hill, mason, to the Lords of the Treasury, for himself and other artificers of the horse and foot guards, praying to have their accounts from 1703 to 1710 looked into and paid. Undated, but after Dec. 1710.
Abstract of their bills and copy of another petition and report thereon. 3 pages.
38. Copy of a memorial of the Comrs of the Household about the arrears of the assessment on the palaces of Whitehall and St James's. [? 1710, or later.]
39. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury of the undertakers for providing the army in Portugal with corn, praying that peremptory orders might be given to the Board of Ordnance to pay for 4,000 barrels of powder, and to Mr Brydges to pay the bills so long due. [1710 or 1711.] 1 page.
40. William Gore to the Rt Hon. Mr Hill. Asks him for the encouragement of the merchants upon the course of the navy, to move the Lords of the Treasury to order the payment of half their debt in ready-money and half in tallies; the latter being under a very heavy discount. [1710 or 1711.]
Minuted:—“My Lords would be glad to gratifie Mr Gore but cannot alter the course of paymt at the Navy Office.” 1 page.