Volume 134: June 1-30, 1711

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Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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June 1–30, 1711

[? After May.] 1. Petition of John Garland, a surety of William Cawthorpe, deceased, late Receiver General of part of the county of Leicester, to the Right Hon. Robert Earl of Oxford, Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain. There was a balance of 40l. 9s. 10d. between the petitioner and Cawthorpe, about which he was daily vexed. Prayed a remedy. There is also a further setting out of the case on the next leaf.
[The Lord High Treasurer referred this petition to the Comrs of Taxes for their report, and it is entered in Reference Book, Vol. VII., p. 452, on 17 April 1711, which date is not easy to account for, as the Lord High Treasurer was not appointed until 30 May 1711.] 2 pages.
June 1. 2. Memorial of the Lord Ryalton, late Cofferer of the household, to the Lord High Treasurer. It was the constant usage of the office that the cofferer had the payment of the arrears due to the household up to the time of his removal, or his executors after his death. Prays a warrant to authorize him to receive and pay the arrears. Dated St James's, 1 June 1711.
Minuted:—“Agreed to.” 1 page.
June 2. 3. H. St John to the Lord High Treasurer. Her Majesty desired that directions might be given to pay Mr D'Alais, her secretary at the Court of Hanover, 180l. for a year's extraordinary expenses, and 40s. a day from 1 Jan. last in lieu of all expenses and other pretensions, and 20s. a day up to that time. Dated Whitehall, 2 June 1711. 2 pages, quarto.
June 2. 4. Comrs of Customs, Scotland, to William Lowndes, Esq. Were in the way to discover the runners of wine and brandy. Would try devenerunts this term for the embezzlements mentioned. The Dutch men-of-war that came as convoy to merchantmen carried on this running trade, and the customs' officers were resisted by them. Some wines had arrived which appeared to be French, but the officers, with the experience of former juries, would not seize, and so these wines were entered as Spanish. Dated Edinburgh, 2 June 1711. 2½ pages.
June 4. 5. An account of sums issued to James Brydges, Esq., either in money or tallies, out of the funds for the year 1711, and the uses to which the same were applied from 22 Dec. 1710 to 4 June following. 6½ pages.
June 4. 6. William Palmes to the [Lord High Treasurer]. Congratulating his Lp on his appointment. Could only ward off the heavy blow levelled against his poor estate at Malton, till the last day of the term. If he did not meet with his Lp's assistance in the matter of the coinage of farthings he should be reduced to the last extremity. This alone could give new life to his affairs. Dated 4 June 1711. 3 pages, quarto.
June 4. 7. Payments out of the funds for the service of the year 1711. 4 June 1711. 1 large page.
June 5. 8. Petition of Richard Earl of Ranelagh, late Paymaster-General of the forces and Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital, to the Lord High Treasurer (Oxford). Entered on those two employments on 1 Jan. 1685 and resigned at Christmas 1702. His accounts were then only passed to March 1692 by reason that most of the great payments were only upon account and without clearing. Since Christmas 1702 he had passed his accounts from March 1692 to 24 Dec. 1701, and had delivered to the auditors of imprest his final account ending Christmas 1702. The auditors had disallowed in his account to 1701 upwards of four and a half millions, alleging that tho' they were actually paid by the petitioner yet they could not allow them, not being regularly vouched according to the strict rules of the Exchequer. Finding this great sum could not be allowed him except by privy seal (although the sums were paid by positive directions), he applied to the late Lord Treasurer, who referred it to the auditors, who after an examination lasting for three years, reported that the same ought to be discharged and a privy seal was prepared to discharge the petitioner of 3,856,248l. 10s. 11d. which had lain before the Lord Privy Seal since last August. Petitioner was then 70 years of age, and very uneasy about these affairs. Asking his Lp to prevail with the Lord Privy Seal to pass the same and to refer the remainder of his disallowances to the auditors of imprest, with directions to hasten their report thereupon. Her Majesty had ordered him 750l. without account for his labour in making up his accounts, which he paid to his clerks, &c. For 22 months he had received nothing wherewith to pay his clerks, &c., and they would certainly leave him if not paid. Prays for a speedy and good supply, which he solemnly promises is the last he will ever desire. Dated 5 June 1711. 1 page, quarto.
June 6. 9. Report of the principal officers of the Mint to the Lord High Treasurer, on a proposal of Sir Theodore Janssen to take any quantity of tin not exceeding 150 tons to be delivered to his order at Leghorn and Genoa after the rate of 4l. 10s. per cwt. Advising that the offer should be accepted. Dated Mint Office, 6 June 1711. The proposal named. 2 pages.
June 7. 10. Report of the Officers of Works to the Lord High Treasurer as to the charge of repairing Carisbrook Castle, &c., in the Isle of Wight. Dated 7 June 1711.
Minuted:—“July 3d 1711. See a state of the Land Revenue in the Isle of Wight & Hampshire, & whether the charge of these repaires can be supplied out of the same.” 1 page
June 8. 11. Commrs of Victualling to Mr Lowndes. Give an account of their several agents abroad in the victualling service, viz., at Lisbon, Mr Stephen Bisse; at PortMahon, Mr Joseph Gascoigne; at Gibraltar, Mr Alonso Vere; and at Jamaica, Mr Joseph Gyde, of the securities given by them, &c. Dated 8 June 1711.
Minuted:—“11 June 1711. To be considered wn the affair of the victualling comes on.” 4 pages.
June 8. 12. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c. to the Lord High Treasurer. Had not received but 20,000l. for twelve months, and were so far in arrear, that unless they received some money they could not carry on the service further. The undertakers for maintenance of the sick at the ports would be two years in arrear at Midsummer; unless relieved they must be ruined. The hospital at Deal was shut up, the undertaker could proceed no further, and the rest must do the same, and the seamen must perish in the streets. The Comrs asked on this head 36,733l. 6s.d. and altogether 71,683l. 3s. 4d. Dated June 8, 1711. 2½ pages.
June 8.]
13. Memorial of Henry Earl of Grantham to the Lord High Treasurer. Prays for a royal warrant for an arrear of 1,325l. on a pension of 1,000l. per ann.
“R. June 8, 1711.”
Minuted:—“June 1711. To be laid before her Maty when she sits in ye Trea[su]ry.”
Again:—“1,325li orderd as bounty out of ye revs of Ireld according to ye prayer of this petic[i]on.” 1 page.
June 8.]
14. Memoranda of proceedings in the Court of Queen's Bench in a cause William Lord Forbes v. Robert Forbes, Bart. The latter was a debtor to the former, and agreed to pay him 700l. besides costs.
“R. June 8, 1711.” 2 pages, brief size.
[It is not apparent why this is among these papers.]
June 11. 15. The Secretary-at-War (Granville) to William Lowndes, Esq., for an allowance to be appointed for a chaplain to the garrison of Hull, as was lately done for Portsmouth and Berwick. Dated 11 June 1711.
Minuted:—“14 June 1711. To be considered wn the augmentac[i]ons proposed to be made to establishments shalbe under considerac[i]on.” 1 page.
June 13. 16. R. Walpole to the Lord High Treasurer, soliciting on behalf of his brother the payment of 1,906l. 6s. for his allowance and extraordinaries, as secretary to “the Embassy,” such a sum being a great share in a younger brother's fortune. Dated June 13, 1711. 2 pages.
June 13. 17. H. St John to the Lord High Treasurer. Had formerly sent the complaint concerning two Dutch sea-officers, who had been ill used by the officers of the customs, and had transmitted Mons. de Vryberge's memorial on the same subject, since which a resolution of the States had been communicated to him (Mr St John), a translation of which he enclosed. His Lordship would see how seriously the States General pressed the affair, and give directions thereon. Dated 13 June 1711.
The translation mentioned. The States would agree that ships should be visited, provided her Majesty submitted to have her ships visited on their rivers, &c.
Minuted:—“Read 14 June 1711. To be sent to her Maty's Comrs of Cust. to rept as soon as possible.” 3½ pages.
June 14. 18. J. Burchett to William Lowndes, Esq. As to the reimbursing of the taxes to the clerks in his office. Dated 14 June 1711.
Also a list of the taxes paid.
Duplicate of both papers. Minuted:—“16 Augt 1711. To ye Comrs of ye Navy to make out a bill as usual.” 4 pages.
June 14. 19. Memorial of the Treasurer of the Chamber to the Lord High Treasurer, showing what was due to the servants above stairs, to Mr Trebeck, reader of prayers at St James's, &c. Dated 14 June 1711. 1 page.
June 14. 20. Report of the “Honble” Spencer Compton on the petition of Margaret Countess Dowager of Marlborough to the Lord High Treasurer. The Countess Dowager never had an annual pension payable in his office, but had received several sums by warrants of bounty, a list of which is given. Dated 14 June 1711.
Also the petition. 2 pages.
June 14.]
21. Petition of Peregrine Marquis of Carmarthen to the Lord High Treasurer, praying payment of a navy bill due to him, a stop having been put thereon in consequence of a supposed debt to Joseph and John Newell, bankers, whose estate was seized and an uncancelled bond of the petitioner's found amongst their papers.
Minuted:—“14 June 1711. To be read on Monday wn petic[i]ons are read.”
Again:—“25 June 1711. To be considered to-morrow when ye Treasurer of ye Navy is here.” 2½ pages.
June 15. 22. Memorial of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the execution of the Commission appointed under the Act for vesting certain lands, &c. in trustees for the better fortifying the harbours and docks at Portsmouth, Chatham, and Harwich. Upon certificate of the Comrs the officers of ordnance were directed to pay the money for houses, lands, &c., but they had only tallies on low wines and continued impositions with which to pay, and they could not tell if the proprietors would accept them.
This entry Minuted:—“They must offer them. Dated 15 June 1711.”
Minuted on the back:—“Read 19th June 1711, vide the Minutes wthin. June 27th, 1711. Letters are writ & sent according to the Minutes.” 1 page.
June 15. 23. Memorial of the Treasurer of the Navy to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for various sums necessary for the Navy and victualling. Dated 15 June 1711. 1 page.
June 15. 24. G. Granville to —. The four companies of invalids lately ordered to Portsmouth to do duty in that garrison, upon being formed at Chelsea College, had marched to “the Brentfords” and parts adjacent, and were obliged to continue in quarters there for want of money to march further. Asks that the matter might be represented to the Lord High Treasurer, that money might be ordered. Her Majesty had nominated the officers of eight companies more, intended for the Islands of Scilly, Pendennis, Jersey, and Guernsey, whereby the regiment of Lieut.-Genl Mordaunt would be relieved and might be spared for any other service. When the 15 companies were formed, the total expense beyond the pensions would amount for the officers and for clothing the men to no more than 5,245l. 4s. 6d. a year. Dated Whitehall, 15 June 1711.
Minuted:—“To know if there be any fond for these augmentac[i]ons.” 3 pages.
June 16. 25. Report of the Comrs for duties on hides, &c. to the Lord High Treasurer, upon Sir Francis Child's papers, relating to the dividing of the receipt of the land tax (1711) for the county of Wilts. Dated Office for the duties on hides, &c., June 16, 1711.
Minuted:—“Read 20 June 1711. Approved if both partys are contented.”
Two other papers showing the totals charged on the hundreds. 4 pages.
[? About
June 18.]
26. Petition of Richard Mead to the Earl of Oxford, for the allowance of the amount of a bill out of the subsidies granted for the subsistence of the Portugal troops in Spain. The petitioner's son, John Mead had procured provisions to subsist the army when in great extremities in 1706 (at the time the Earl of Galway retired with the army from Madrid and his communication was entirely cut off with Portugal), and had been obliged to take a bill for the same which was protested for nonpayment at the Hague.
Minuted:—“18 June 1711. To my Ld Dartmo a copy to speak to ye Portugal minister, or send it to ye court of Portugal as he thinks fitt, to know why it should not be stopt out of ye subsidy.”
Copy of a letter of Lord Galway; also two other representations concerning the affairs of the said John Mead, who was Deputy Paymaster of Her Majesty's forces in Spain. 4½ pages.
[? About
June 18.]
27. Petition of William Attwood, late Chief Justice of New York, to the Earl of Oxford, for payment of 250l. arrear of his salary, between his unconfirmed suspension on 9 June 1702 and the determination of his patent in April 1703.
Minuted:—“18 June 1711. See if anything be due to him for ye time before he left ye Governmt.” 1 page.
June 18. 28. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends an extract of a representation lately made by the African Company, relating to some of their bonds that were assigned over to pay a debt to the Crown. Dated Whitehall, 18 June 1711.
Minuted:—“18 June 1711. My Lord cannot intermeddle in stopping the proceedings at law.” 1 page, quarto.
[? About
June 18.]
29. Petition of Robert Corker, Esq., farmer of the post coinages of tin, to the Lord High Treasurer. Prays an extension of his lease to 31 years.
Minuted:—“18 June 1711. Direct Mr Surveyr to make a state of this duty & ye value thereof per an. by a medium of 7 years.” 1 page.
June 18. 30. William Vanbrugh to [? Mr Lowndes]. Found no allowance for attendance at Kensington made to the officers in the like rank with the exons of the yeomen of the guard (who were the gentlemen ushers of the privy chamber, and gentlemen ushers' daily waiters), as her Majesty did not require their attendance there; but as it was her Majesty's pleasure that an allowance should be made them, presumed 5s. a day was reasonable. Dated 18 June 1711.
Minuted:—“16 Augt 1711. A warrt accordingly.” 1 page.
June 18. 31. Report of Mr S. Compton to the Lord High Treasurer. It did not appear by any books in his office that Mrs Bastin ever had any other pension then 20l. per ann.; she had however received several sums by bounty. There was only half a year due. Dated Whitehall, 18 June 1711.
Written on the back of her petition, in which she states she had a pension of 40l. per ann. 2¼ pages.
[? About
June 18.]
32. Petition of Robert Keigwin of Mowsehole, gent., and Captain William Williams, of Mullion in the county of Cornwall,to the Lord High Treasurer, for reimbursement of costs and charges in connexion with two ships seized at Mounts Bay coming from France.
Minuted:—“18 June 1711. The rept to be lookt out and Mr Dod to be writ to.”
Again:—“19 June 1711. The former Minute renewed, and a wt to Mr Dod accordingly.” 2 pages.
June 18. 33. An account of the prime cost of sundry species of provisions provided in February last for transportation of forces from South and North Britain to Holland, with an estimate of the remains thereof, and what is now offered for the same. Dated Transport Office, 18 June 1711. 1 page.
June 19. 34. Similar account for provisions sent to Flanders in February. Dated 19 June 1711. 1 page.
June 19. 35. Memorial of James Brydges, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer, for remittances to 23 June 1711, for the services of Spain and Portugal. Dated Pay Office, 19 June 1711. 1½ pages.
June 19. 36. Totals of the expenses of her Majesty's household from July to September 1710, submitted to the Lord High Treasurer. Dated St James's, 19 June 1711. 1 page.
June 21. 37. Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer. Laying before his Lp the instructions they had given to Col. Bennet, their engineer at Gibraltar, for fortifying that place, also the instructions to Mr Musgrave their storekeeper and paymaster there, and the establishment of the several officers there. Had no other officers at Portugal than Mr Baxter, who was Commissary, and whose instructions his Lordship had. As to Spain and Port Mahon, they laid their instructions before his Lp, together with the establishments of the train, but had given no instructions about fortifying Port Mahon. Dated 21 June 1711.
Minuted:—“21 June 1711. Read.” 1½ pages.
June 22. 38. Comrs of Victualling to Wm Lowndes, Esq. Send list of bills of exchange drawn on them, amounting to 15,555l. 12s. 10d., for the Ld High Treasurer to be moved thereon. Dated Victualling Office, 22 June 1711.
The list named. 2 pages.
June 22. 39. The same to the same, sending the heads of instruction which they had given to the persons to be sent to Spain and Portugal, to examine the accounts of the Agent Victuallers. Same date.
The heads mentioned. 3¼ pages.
June 22. 40. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c. to the Lord High Treasurer, praying for payment of 71,683l. 3s. 4d. to carry on the service. Dated 22 June 1711.
Minuted:—“22 June 1711. The Commrs are to distinguish wt part hereof falls within ye provision made by Parlt for the publiq. debts.” 3 pages.
June 22. 41. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends letter received from the Envoy of Portugal, in answer to one he wrote to him concerning the demands of Mr Mead. Dated Whitehall, 22 June 1711.
The enclosure is not now with it. 1 page, quarto.
June 22. 42. The same to the same. Encloses extract of a letter of the 7th inst. from Mr Chetwynd, her Majesty's envoy at Genoa, relating to the want of money for the troops in Catalonia. Same date.
The extract referred to.
Minuted:—“25 June 1711. Read.” 2½ pages.
June 23. 43. Comrs of Victualling to Mr Lowndes. Mr Gyde, their agent at Jamaica, had drawn on them several bills at 16 per cent. exchange, when for previous years he had not drawn at less than 18 per cent. This led them to try whether it were possible to make a contract on more advantageous terms, and they had “put up publication” at the Exchange, at Lloyd's, and at the Jamaica Coffee House, and had written to several merchants, but only one tender was made, and that they had closed with at 18 per cent. They were afterwards surprised that their agent at Jamaica had drawn bills on them at 10 per cent. exchange. Had written to learn why they were so low. Dated Victualling Office, 23 June 1711. 2½pages.
June 23. 44. Royal warrant for payment to Robert Haslefoot, surgeon, of 131l. 11s. 4d. for taking care of sick and disabled soldiers discharged in Flanders and landed at Harwich, and for their conduct money to London. Also for payment of 9l. 17s. 2d. to Philip Deane, mayor of Harwich, for taking care of disabled soldiers. Dated 23 June 1711.
Certificate and an account of moneys paid by the mayor. 4½ pages.
June 24. 45. “Duties on hides. Estimate of the gross and net produce of stock in hand in London & country 24 June 1711 & growing duty for 17 first fortnights in London and 5 first rounds in ye country.” 1 page.
June 24.]
46. Petition of the undertakers of the hospitals for sick and wounded seamen, &c. at the ports of Portsmouth, Plymouth, Rochester, and Deal, to the Ld High Treasurer (Oxford). Were at vast expense for building, fitting up apartments, &c., and were now, at Midsummer 1711, full two years in arrear. Were informed that his Lordship intended to place five of the eight quarters among the debt of the navy on the Fund of the South Sea Trade, which would ruin them; prayed for relief. 1 page.
June 25. 47. Memorial from the Great Wardrobe of what is due in that office to Midsummer 1711. Dated 25 June 1711. 1½ pages.
[? About
25 June.]
48. Petition of William Gratwick, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., and Elizabeth, his wife, executrix of Philip Warwick, Esq., deceased, to the Queen, praying to be appointed a commissioner of stamps, in order that he might be able to pay the debts of the deceased, for which he had become responsible.
Minuted:—“25 June 1711. To be read again when petitions for places are considered, unless it appears that he has given a general release of his pretensions.” 1 page.
[? About
25 June.]
49. Memorial of Richard Bentley, D.D., keeper of her Majesty's library, to the Lord High Treasurer, for payment of the arrears of his salary of 200l. per ann. due from Midsummer 1708.
Minuted:—“25 June 1711. Enquire whether there be a perfect catalogue of ye Queen's library, both books & manuscripts, & where all of ym now are.” 1 page.
25 June.]
50. Petition of Gerhard Sohnius to the Lord High Treasurer. Was deputy paymaster to Jacob van der Esch, Esq., who was paymaster to the Dutch, Danish, and Saxe Gotha forces; represents the state of arrears of his salary at 10s. a day to the time of the death of the King, viz., 946l., besides sums advanced, and prays for employment.
Minuted:—“Read 25 June 1711.” 1 page.
[? About
25 June.]
51. Memorial of the Duke of Queensberry to the Lord High Treasurer. The Queen had granted to the Earl of Dunbarton her pardon and leave to return to his allegiance and country, and had allowed him 500l. for expenses of his journey. On his arrival her Majesty further allowed him 500l. for his equipage to serve in the army in Flanders, and 200l. more for subsistence during the first campaign. Upon a further application, stating that he had embraced the Protestant religion, and had nothing to depend upon, her Majesty promised him a pension of 500l. until provided with a post. He had only received 600l., and the Duke, who had made advances to him, prayed for the arrears.
Minuted:—“25 June 1711. To be laid before ye Queen. Wt signed for 200li.” 2¼ pages.
[? About
25 June.]
52. Memorial of Thomas Carr, laceman, to the Lord High Treasurer. Had furnished gold and silver lace and fringe for the service of the late King William, which were in her Majesty's possession and use, for which there was due to him at the King's death 2,318l., of which he had received but 200l. Prays to have a patent office granted him, as her Majesty's present occasions did not admit of payment of the debt. Also for 200l. more out of the 2,000l. which had come in of the “arrears of his late Majesty.”
Minuted:—“25 June 1711. The Queen has orderd yt when mo for such arrears is come in, ye same be laid before her Maty for her distribuc[i]on, and as to ye place ye petic[i]on is to be considerd wth others for places.” 1 page.
[? About
25 June.]
53. Petition of James Trengrouse, of the county of Cornwall, gentleman, to the Lord High Treasurer. As the four surveyors of the tin blowing houses in Cornwall were all put in their place by the Ld Godolphin during pleasure, and at the last election acted in opposition to the Secretary-at-War and John Trevanion, Esq., and as the petitioner had the recommendation of the two latter, who were knights of the shire, and others, he prayed for one of the surveyorships.
Minuted:—“25 June 1711. They are all full.” 1 page.
June 26. 54. Memorial of John Anstis to the Lord High Treasurer. The contract for printing the 12th vol. of the “Fœdera” was finished. If his Lp desired another volume to be printed, memorialist asked for an order for the money and for 45s. for binding nine additional volumes for so many libraries in England and Scotland. Dated 26 June 1711.
Also a specimen sheet. 5 pages.
June 26. 55. Presentment of the Comrs of Stamps to the Lord High Treasurer, viz., that they had had under their consideration for some time past several inventions for stamping and marking vellum, parchment, and paper in order to prevent counterfeits, and now report the result. [The persons whose inventions are discussed are, Mr Maidwell, Mr Lightbody, Mr Bull, Mr Rollo, Mr Charles Bridges, and Mr Roos, the Queen's patent engraver.] Dated 26 June 1711.
In the Minute Book, Vol. XVII., p. 24 (29 June 1711) is:—“Comrs for stamp dutys are called in. They are to consult Mr Attor. & Mr Sollr whether the invention of Mr Charles Bridges is practicable with respect to ye present statutes concerning those dutys, and they will further consider the devices of Mr Rollo & Mr Bull for making the new dyes.” 1 page.
June 26. 56. “26 June 1711. An apportionment of 2,344,437l. 17s.d. remaining undisposed of the funds granted in the last session of Parliament for the uses under-mentioned.” 1 large page.
June 26. 57. Funds granted in the last session of Parliament, and payments out of the same till 26 June 1711. 1 large page.
June 26. 58. An account of money paid here since Christmas 1710, towards carrying on the war in Catalonia. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 26 June 1711. 2 pages.
June 27. 59. G. Granville to the Secretary to the Lord High Treasurer, for the latter to be informed of the loss sustained by Col. Edwd Jones's regimt, in men, clothes, &c., upon putting to sea from Ireland in February preceding. Dated Whitehall, 27 June 1711.
Extract of memorial thereon. 2 pages, quarto.
June 27. 60. The same to the same. Her Majesty was willing for the garrison of the Castle of St Maw to be reduced to its former establishment. Same date.
Also copy of the present and proposed establishment.
There are three Minutes on the back, the last of which is:— “31 Augt 1711. To Mr Granvill, that my Lord has no objection to ye making ye establishmt accordingly.” 2 pages.
June 27. 61. Representation to the Lord High Treasurer of Richard Lawrence, appointed her Majesty's Agent and Consul General to the Turkish Government of the city and kingdom of Tunis. Mr Goddard, the last consul, aften ten years' service, for want of a small allowance, was forced to spend all his substance to support the honour and credit of the nation, and fell into the lowest contempt by being put in chains, with other barbarities, which occasioned his present hopeless lunacy. The consul formerly subsisted honourably at Cape Negro, where vast quantities of corn were exported, but the French had prevailed with the Government to force us from thence, and fixed themselves on that traffic. The Dutch allowed their consuls 2,000 crowns a year. 'Twas hoped his Lordship would give the same encouragement to the consul of Tunis as was given to Algiers and Tripoli. If the Turks broke their treaty with her Majesty, the consul was immediately made a slave and put to hard labour, and if her Majesty's ships made reprisals, the consul would probably lose his life, as in the reign of King Charles II. an English consul was cut in pieces at the gate of the King's palace at Algiers, and in succeeding years two French consuls were fired off at the mouth of a great gun. Humbly submitted why he should run these hazards, and serve without an allowance, and spend his own fortune for the good of the country. In regard to a precedent “'tis humbly offered that necessity hath been the original of all precedents.”
Minuted:—“Read 27 June 1711. Mr Baker thinks the consul at Tunis should have as much as the consul at Tripoli.” 1 page.
June 27. 62. Comrs of Victualling to Mr Lowndes, referring their difficulties as to contracts to the Lord High Treasurer, the difference between credit and money payment being so great. Dated 27 June 1711.
Also copies of two tenders.
Minuted:—“28 June 1711. To be read again to-morrow morning.” 2½ pages.
June 28. 63. Presentment to the Lord High Treasurer from the Comrs of the Stamp Duties, concerning the duties on cards and dice, bills of lading, almanacks, &c. Dated Stamp Office, Lincoln's Inn, June 28, 1711. 1 page.
June 28. 64. Board of Green Cloth to the Lord High Treasurer. Conceived that the pensions payable in Mr Compton's office were by law equally liable to be rated with the rest of the household, without which it was impossible to raise the sum charged on the palaces by Act of Parliament without much exceeding 4s. in the pound. Dated 28 June 1711. 1 page.
June 29. 65. Report of the Surveyor General (Manley) to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of the Earl of Rochester, for renewal for 50 years of the lease of a house in the Privy Garden, Whitehall; advising the same. Dated 29 June 1711.
The petition. 4 pages.
June 29. 66. Representation of the Comrs for sick and wounded to the Lord High Treasurer, showing their method of proceeding with the estimates for their office, the debt of their office, &c., enclosing an account and papers. It was thought advisable to erect hospitals at the four great ports of Rochester, Deal, Portsmouth, and Plymouth. They comment on various items in their account. In regard to prisoners the French owed us near 3,000 men, and we had in our custody above 3,000 more, notwithstanding which they refused to return 700 or 800 of her Majesty's subjects. It had been found by experience that the French were never to be brought to reason but by making reprisals upon them. Our officers in the outports had 1¾ years of salary due to them. Dated 29 June 1711. 8 pages.
June 29. 67. Memorial of the Undertakers for sick and wounded seamen at Gosport and Deal to the Lord High Treasurer, praying payment of 902l. 2s. for that service, due nearly two years before. Dated 29 June 1711. 1 page.
June 30. 68. Report of William Fazakerley to the Lord High Treasurer as to his receipts from the land tax for 1710, and arrears for 1709; also from duties on houses. He paid into the Exchequer the money that came to his hands once a week, or oftener. Dated Guildhall, London, June 30, 1711.
Enclosed is a list of arrears.
Minuted:—“3 July 1711. Read and ye respit on the Chambłn removed, his comn for this year's tax to be prepared.” 3 pages.
Dec. 30,
1710–June 30,
69. Weekly certificates of Archibald Douglas of Cavers, Esq., general receiver of the land tax, Crown rents, &c. in Scotland, and paymaster of fees and salaries there, &c., between 30 Dec. 1710 and 30 June 1711. 25 pages.