Volume 136: August 1-30, 1711

Pages 296-306

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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August 1–30, 1711

Aug. 1. 1. Comrs of Trade to the Lord High Treasurer. Laying before his Lp enclosed accounts of incidental charges of that office; also what was due for salaries. Dated Whitehall, 1 Aug. 1711.
Two accounts. 4 pages.
Aug. 1. 2. C. Cæsar to —. Enclosed petition of John Cole, late master cooper of her Majesty's victualling office at Tower Hill, for reinstatement in his office. Cole was sent for by “the Committee,” at the desire of Sir John Parsons, to ask him whether, when he was master cooper, the beer for the first spending used not to be put into wood-bound casks, and if it were not now put into iron-bound casks, much to the detriment of the public. Dated 1 Aug. 1711. 2 pages.
Aug. 2. 3. G. Granville to the Secretaries of the Lord High Treasurer. Sends the establishment for the battalion to be formed out of French deserters in Flanders, to be laid before his Lordship, and for his Lp to be reminded of the advance of pay thereon. Dated 2 Aug. 1711.
The establishment. 2½ pages.
Aug. 2. 4. Report of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of Mrs Stanford and other legatees of Mr Charles Hutchinson, praying payment of a debenture of 1,486l. for stores furnished to H.M. ships at Jamaica out of money in the Treasurer of the Ordnance's hands, and complaining of hardships suffered. No hardship had been done to the petitioner. The debenture was ordered to be paid in the same manner as all others of that date. Dated 2 Aug. 1711.
Minuted:—“Read 3 Aug. 1711. My Lord cannot direct a preference.” 1 page.
Aug. 2. 5. “An account how the Crown has granted the wine licence revenue.”
“R. Aug. 2, 1711. p[er] Mr WD.” 1 page.
Aug. 3. 6. Report of the Comrs for Duties on Hides to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Benjamin Matthews. Were of opinion that the securities proposed by him for the receipt of the land tax in the co. of Oxford, &c. were sufficient, &c. Dated 3 Aug. 1711.
The petition. 2 pages.
Aug. 3. 7. “General abbreviat of the several demands (in money and debentures) upon the Equivalent. The payments made by the Commissioners' debentures issued out by them [&] the sums remaining unpayd of the demands to the 3d August 1711.” 1 page.
Aug. 4. 8. G. Granville to the Secretary of the Treasury. Sending copies of two letters which he had received, one from the Governors of Chelsea Hospital, concerning the want of subsistence for the invalided out-pensioners, and the other from Sir John Gibson, Lt. Governor of Portsmouth, concerning the weakness of that garrison, which could not then be strengthened but by the four companies of Invalids, who remained at Brentford for want of money to discharge their quarters and pursue their march. Dated 4 Aug. 1711. 1 page.
Aug. 4. 9. Col. J. Dudley to “their Lordships,” for punctual payment to be made of the bills he had drawn for necessaries provided for the expedition against Canada. The Honourable General Hill, commander-in-chief of the forces, and Lieut.-Genl Nicholson had made considerable demands for stores in connexion with the building of barracks at Pembertons Island and Nodes Island, and for other necessaries for the forces whilst encamped there. Dated Boston, 4 August 1711. 1 page.
Aug. 4. 10. A state of the several regiments in Great Britain, according to their last muster rolls. It also shows where they were quartered. 1 page.
Aug. 7. 11. Report of the Comrs for Sick and Wounded to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Elizabeth Rippon. Presumed that the papers were referred to them, because they related to prisoners in France, but as these prisoners were ransomers, they were not within the care of the Comrs, who never had any instructions as to ransomers. They had always referred such persons to the Secretaries of State. Dated 7 Aug. 1711. 1 page.
Aug. 8. 12. The Duke of Shrewsbury to the Ld High Treasurer for a warrant to be prepared for 2s. 6d. a day to the chamber keeper for travelling charges on progresses and removes. Dated 8 Aug. 1711. 1 page.
Aug. 8. 13. J. Burchett to the Secretaries of the Ld High Treasurer. Sending by order of the Lds of the Admiralty, a letter from Mr Slaughter, who was employed by the Comrs for Sick and Wounded at Plymouth. Unless some money could be speedily furnished to him their Lps were apprehensive that the agents at the other ports would meet with as great difficulties in maintaining the prisoners as Mr Slaughter did. Dated Admiralty Office, 8 Aug. 1711.
The letter referred to. 2½ pages.
Aug. 9. 14. Report of the Comrs of Stamps to the Lord High Treasurer on the proposal of Joseph Watts, gent. The stationers had refused to undertake the supply of all parts of England with their paper and parchment, stamped at the head office, for less than 3s. in the pound. The Comrs thereupon employed their own officers, at an allowance of 1s. 6d. per pound. The number of the distributors was 46, and the number of towns between eight and nine hundred. The proposal would add about 800 new officers in the country, and would for other reasons be objectionable. Dated Stamp Office, Lincoln's Inn, Aug. 9, 1711.
Minuted:—“29 Augt 1711. My Lord approves this & rejects the proposic[i]on as injurious to the revenue.”
The memorial. 4 pages.
Aug. 9. 15. Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, transmitting an account of what the several branches of excise produced in the several years ended at Midsummer 1709, 1710, and 1711. Dated Aug. 9, 1711.
The account referred to. 2 pages.
Aug. 9. 16. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer, sending copy of a letter of 7 Aug. 1711, received from the Comrs of Sick and Wounded, complaining of their want of money to support the prisoners of war. Dated Windsor Castle, Aug. 9, 1711.
The copy referred to.
Minuted:—“10 Augt 1711. To Commrs of Sick & Wounded to be here on Wednesday next with a state of their office, and to informe my Lord, and why the prisoners are detained here.” 2 pages.
Aug. 9. 17. Comrs of Sick and Wounded to Mr Harley, sending copy of a letter from the marshal for prisoners of war at Plymouth, and asking for a supply to prevent the ill consequences which otherwise must inevitably ensue. Dated 9 Aug. 1711.
The copy referred to.
The marshal could borrow no more money even at 20 per cent., and begged immediate directions at to what must be done. Governor Hooke sent word when there was no subsistence for the prisoners, he would take off the guard and let the prisoners out to shift for themselves, for that he could not keep a guard on men to starve them. 2 pages.
Aug. 13. 18. Report of Comrs for Taxes to the Lord High Treasurer. Had considered the complaint of some of the Comrs for the Land Tax in the county of Kent, and were informed that the houses [at Sheerness] mentioned had been built at the charge of the Crown, and were only for sutlers or servants to the commanding officer of the garrison. Had been informed that it was not usual for military officers to suffer warrants of civil magistrates to be executed within the garrison, which might render their garrison liable to a surprise; that these garrisons belonging to the Crown, being erected for the security of the island, had not usually been taxed; and that this garrison being established by King Charles II. on derelict lands, chiefly founded on shingle, and having a chaplain allowed by the Crown, they conceived there was ground to believe the same to be extra-parochial. They referred to a similar case of a sutler's house at Whitehall. There was no assessment on this garrison in 1693, and in other cases counsel had held that the Queen's lands or houses were not chargeable to any aid given to the Crown. Dated 13 Aug. 1711.
Minuted:—“Read 31th May 1712. Enquire if the dispute abot these assessmts doth still continue.” 1¼ pages.
Aug. 14. 19. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer on a proposal of R. Pilkington in relation to the sale of ale and beer by retail in short measure, which he said arose from the neglect of the Comrs. The proposer had not been rightly informed in the matter. Dated 14 Aug. 1711.
[One of his proposals was that ale and beer should all be sold in pewter pots.]
Minuted:—“There is no ground as my Lord sees to take other measures than have been taken.” 2½ large pages.
Aug. 14. 20. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Transmits an extract of a letter from the Lord Advocate of Scotland relating to the robbery lately committed in the public warehouses, and to a request to his Lp to order some volumes of the “treaty published by Mr Rymer” to be delivered to him and his brother Sir James Dalrymple. Dated Whitehall, 14 Aug. 1711.
Minuted:—“16 Augt 1711. Put this into ye hands of Mr Baron Scrope, but as to Rymer's Fœdera Mr Jet is to lay before my Lord an acct how they have been disposed.
“16 Aug. 1711. Write to the advocate to know what proposals are made.” 2½ pages.
Aug. 15. 21. Report of the Attorney General to the Lord High Treasurer on the report of the Comrs of Customs, made on the petition of Thomas Courteis and John Lindsay, touching two small ships seized by the collector of Padstow; advising a nolle prosequi. Dated 15 Aug. 1711.
The report and petition, and four affidavits.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 9 pages.
Aug. 15. 22. Lord Dartmouth to the Ld High Treasurer. Sends a letter from the Provost of Edinburgh, representing the difficulty of obliging the merchants to an effectual observance of the quarantine for the Plague, together with a letter from the Secretary of the Admiralty on the same subject. Dated Whitehall, 15 Aug. 1711.
The letters named. 2½ pages.
Aug. 15. 23. Col. Joseph Bennet to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Little money had been laid out on Gibraltar in fortifying the place, considering the works which had been done, of which he had sent home a particular account, together with the geometrical plan and perspective of the island and town. When besieged the enemy laboured much to retake it, and we did the same to defend it. Since then we had not made the most of the situation, for the enemies' ships frequently took our merchant ships trading into the Levant. Some light frigates would secure the trade. No ship could come in or go out, but could be seen from this mountain. The place was very strong, and with a moderate garrison and a sufficiency of stores he believed it might be maintained against any enemy. They were seated at the foot of a bare mountain, with no fuel to dress the soldiers victuals, but what was brought from England. The frequent want of coals had ruined two-thirds of the town, the soldiers destroying even their own quarters for wood to dress their meat. It would require 470 chaldrons of coals a year, for the garrison of 2,000 men, and they sometimes paid 7l. a chaldron. Had fed at his own expense for six months the horses and oxen (about 40), which were ready for a sally or for other purposes. Had no fund to repay himself. Would shortly finish the fortifications, and hoped to deserve her Majesty's favour. Dated Gibraltar, 15 Aug. 1711. 2 pages.
Aug. 15. 24. Representation by the Comrs for Sick and Wounded to the Lord High Treasurer as to the debt of their office, the number of prisoners, and why detained. Unless his Lordship enabled them to pay the bills drawn on them as they became due the service must be at a stand, and their officers must expect nothing but imprisonment and ruin, and the seamen would be exposed to perish in the streets. Several bills in connection with the hospital ordered by Sir John Jennings at Port Mahon to be built had been drawn on them, which they had not accepted. Had received orders of the Lords of the Admiralty not to send over any more prisoners till the French had cleared the debt they owed us, which was near 3,000 men, and also paid the freight due for transport of their prisoners, which they had neglected for nearly three years. Since that time they had paid part of the freight and cleared the account of prisoners to 855 men. Should now expedite the sending the transports away as soon as possible. Dated 15 Aug. 1711.
Minuted:—“Read 15 Aug. 1711.”
A copy of the same, with one or two variations, and a list of the number of prisoners at different ports. 7½ pages.
Aug. 15. 25. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Encloses a “state of the Dragoons” in her Majesty's pay in Portugal, sent him by the Earl of Portmore. The bread and forage were so excessively dear that it exceeded the pay of each dragoon by the day 7¼d. Dated 15 Aug. 1711. 4 pages.
Aug. 15. 26. The same to the same. Sends copy of a letter from Mr Granville relating to the regiments of Brigadier Stanwix and Col. Feilding, lately reduced, and to their being placed on the establishment of Ireland. Dated 15 Aug. 1711. 2 pages.
Aug. 15. 27. “Heads of Instructions proposed for the inspecting that branch of the service wch relates to the Office for Sick and Wounded, &c., in the Mediterranean.” Dated 15 Aug. 1711.
Minuted:—“15 Augt 1711. To be put to the rest of the Instructions, but my Lord observes these are more proper for their agents than for the inspectors.” 2 pages.
Aug. 16. 28. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Ld High Treasurer, touching a complaint made by the Lieut.-Governor of Virginia against Mr Corbin, the naval officer at Rappahanock River. Mr Corbin was detected in “razing” and altering the dates of her Majesty's letter to the governors of her plantations in America respecting a vessel sailing without convoy. Dated 16 Aug. 1711.
Five other papers connected therewith. 9 pages.
Aug. 16. 29. Report of the Auditors of Imprest to the Lord High Treasurer on Mr Brydges' memorial relating to the pay of six regiments of dragoons in Portugal. Dated 16 Aug. 1711.
Minuted:—“17 Augt 1711. To be sent to Mr Brydges. Copy sent.” 1 page.
Aug. 16. 30. Memorial of the same Auditors to the Lord High Treasurer' praying to be empowered to require accountants to provide presses and boxes for the safe keeping of their vouchers. Dated Aug. 16, 1711.
Minuted:—“My Lord says the Queen is inclined to grant the Audrs a convenient place for their offices & keeping their vouchers & records.” 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 16.]
31. Petition of Daniel Richardson to the Lord High Treasurer. Had been close prisoner since 12 Sept. last, and prayed to be allowed to transport himself to the West Indies, where he had an offer of employment.
Minuted:—“Send this to Mr Attor. Desire him to speak to my Ld about it next time he comes.”
“16 Aug. 1711.
“My Lord (upon discourse with Mr Attorney) finds no objection agt the enlargement of Richardson, his brother satisfying Mr Attorney that he will go abroad & not return without ye Queen's leave.” 1 page.
[? About
Aug. 16.]
32. Memorial of John Johnson, Remembrancer of the city of London, to the Lord High Treasurer. No orders had been issued for two years' impost duty payable to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, &c. of London, in lieu of an ancient right of importing several tuns of wine custom free. Prays for orders to be issued.
Minuted:—“16 Augt 1711. A warrt.” 1 page.
Aug. 17. 33. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Encloses an extract of a letter from the Lord Lieut. of Ireland and resolutions of the Commons of that kingdom, in relation to one Dominick Langton, who enjoyed a pension of 30l. a year by her Majesty's bounty. Dated 17 Aug. 1711.
The House of Commons desired that her Majesty would strike the said Dominick off the establishment. He had been a friar and pretended to be a Protestant, but obstructed the conversion of several Papists to the Protestant religion, “and had been guilty of many other scandalous practices.”
The extract and the resolutions. 3 pages.
Aug. 17. 34. Report of the Attorney General (Northey) to the Lord High Treasurer on a letter of the Earl of Portmore, Commander-in-Chief of her Majesty's forces in Portugal, wherein it was desired that his Lp should order more men to be inserted on the muster rolls than were effective. Was of opinion that the method proposed was contrary to the Act 7 Anne, entitled “An Act for punishing mutiny and desertion & false musters,” &c. Dated 17 Aug. 1711.
The letter mentioned, addressed to David Crauford, Esq., Deputy Commissary General of Musters.
Minuted:—“22 Augt 1711. Copy sent to Mr Crawford and Mr Brydges.” 3½ pages.
Aug. 17. 35. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Encloses extracts from divers letters from Mr Chetwynd, her Majesty's envoy at Genoa, relating to bills of exchange and other affairs. Dated 17 Aug. 1711. 10¾ pages.
Aug. 19. 36. Order in Council on the report of Mr Granville, Secretary-at-War, in relation to Lieut. Walker, who had lost his right arm and was taken at sea by the French and stripped of all he had: referring his case to the Lord Lieut. of Ireland, and recommending that he should have the first commission that offered. Dated 19 Aug. 1711.
Minuted:—“23 Augt 1711. My Lord will speak with Lord President upon the subject matter of this order of Councill. A copy of this order, & recommend him to the Ld Lieutent of Ireland.” 3 pages.
Aug. 20. 37. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Encloses copies of a memorial and letter from the Lords of the Admiralty, concerning the conditions to be imposed upon ships trading to the Sound, together with the answer that he had sent upon that subject by the Queen's commands: for directions to be given thereon, in consequence of the plague in the north. Dated Windsor Castle, 20 Aug. 1711.
The copies referred to. 5 pages.
Aug. 20. 38. Representation by the Officers of the Mint to the Lord High Treasurer of the several parcels of tin under mortgage, the persons to whom, the places where, for what terms, and upon what conditions, with the charge of keeping the tin. For every 10,000l. 160 tons of tin were mortgaged. Dated Mint Office, 20 Aug. 1711. 1 page.
Aug. 21. 39. Report of the Officers of the Mint to the Lord High Treasurer on the value of the Spanish piece of money of two “ryalls” sent to the Mint to be weighed, assayed, and valued. Dated Mint Office, 21 Aug. 1711.
In the Minute Bk., Vol. XVII., p. 76, is:—“My Lord orders that some scheme or method be framed for compareing or adjusting the value of the said money, as may be usefull to the Commrs going to Spain. Write to Sr Isaac Newton to that purpose.” 1 page.
Aug. 21. 40. Report of the Comrs of Transports to the Lord High Treasurer on the proposal of Mr Medłycott, commissary of provisions in Portugal, for paying the King of Portugal's subsidies in corn, to be sent from Great Britain: advising that it would not be of great advantage to the Government. Dated 21 Aug. 1711.
The proposal mentioned. 2½ pages.
Aug. 21. 41. The Earl of Ranelagh to his “dear friend Lownds.” Want of health and want of money kept him there, so that he could not wait on the Lord Treasurer in York Buildings, nor on Mr Lowndes, but desired him (Mr Lowndes) to get the 1,000l. settled and ordered. His doctors agreed to send him to the “Bathe” for his recovery, but he could neither go thither nor anywhere else without this supply. If there was any scruple, it might be imprested to Mr Compton (as he was told other sums were) to be paid to him. Dated Cranborne, Aug. 21, 1711. 1 small page.
Aug. 21. 42. Report or estimate by the Comrs for Transport of the amount of the transport debt between 25 March 1711 and 25 Dec. following. The sum amounted to 223,570l. 7s. 10d. Dated 21 Aug. 1711.
Enclosed is a list of 87 ships running in her Majesty's service. 4 pages.
Aug. 21. 43. Samuel Clarke to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Setting forth the hardship of the Lisbon bills of exchange being ordered to be paid without interest.
Minuted:—“21 Augt 1711. To accept payment as it has been ordered.” 2 pages, quarto.
Aug. 21. 44. Report of the Controllers of the accounts of the army upon the memorial of Lieut.-General Steuart, craving three days' pay of the regiment in 1709. Dated Controller's Office, Privy Garden, 21 Aug. 1711.
Minuted:—“17th April 1711. Agreed to, & a wt to be prepared accordingly.”
The memorial and two certificates. 4 pages.
Aug. 22. 45. Memorial of the Comrs for Sick and Wounded, &c. for money to carry on the service. Dated 22 Aug. 1711. 1 page.
Aug. 22. 46. Report of E. Harley (Auditor) to the Lord High Treasurer respecting the accounts of the agent for sick and wounded, who, by direction of Sir John Jennings, commander of the fleet in the Mediterranean, had contracted for the building of a new hospital upon a place called the Great Island, without any directions from the Comrs. They could not propose any method for passing the agent's accounts for this building; nor could they see how the Comrs could accept, or the treasurer pay the bills. Dated 22 Aug. 1711. 1¼ pages.
Aug. 22. 47. Report of the Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Ormonde) to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of William Bishop of Meath, praying for the grant to him of all the revenue of the bishopric after the decease of his predecessor: it was of small value, and the like favour had been granted to other bishops, and would be well bestowed. Dated 22 Aug. 1711.
The petition referred to. 2 pages.
Aug. 22. 48. Certificates of money arising by the sale of tin and of payments thereon from 23 Mar. 1711 to 22 Aug. 1711. Numbered 10 to 25. (No 22 missing.)
Aug. 22. 49. An account of the debt in the Office of Works at Windsor Castle for the months of January, February, and March 1711. Dated 22 Aug. 1711. 1 page.
Aug. 22. 50. H. St John to the Lord High Treasurer. Transmits the petition of the inhabitants of Colebrook, in the co. of Bucks, praying for the royal bounty to assist them to repave their town, the pavement having become ruinous. Dated Whitehall, 22 Aug. 1711.
Minuted:—“23 Augt 1711. Read.” 2 pages.
Aug. 23. 51. Report of the Comrs for duties on hides to the Lord High Treasurer upon a petition of the Receivers General of the duties on marriages, births, and burials for the county of Surrey, who prayed that they might receive 50l. due as salary to John Lucas, who had collected 90l. without authority and absconded. They had no objection to the grant of a warrant for the payment of the same. Dated 23 Aug. 1711.
The petition referred to.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 2 pages.
Aug. 23. 52. G. Granville to the Secretaries of the Treasury. As to an allowance for firing for the barracks at Plymouth and St Nicholas Island. Dated 23 Aug. 1711.
Also a memorial thereon.
Minuted:—“31 Augt 1711. To ye Sec[reta]ry of Warr to insert what is nec[cessa]ry on the estimates to be layd before the House for the future.” 2 pages.
Aug. 23. 53. “A state of the ordnance at Pendennis & St Mawes.” 23 August 1711. 1 page, quarto.
Aug. 23. 54. Report of Sir Chr. Wren to the Lord High Treasurer concerning the repair of Hyde Park Road, enclosing a plan of the road, showing how far the repair had proceeded. Dated Aug. 23, 1711. 2 pages.
Aug. 23. 55. Report of the Attorney General (Northey) to the Lord High Treasurer touching bonds to be given by merchants that their ships trading to the north should not go to, or correspond with, any persons or places infected with the Plague. Enclosing a form of such bonds, but there was no law to oblige them to give the bonds. Dated Aug. 23, 1711. 1 page.
Aug. 24. 56. Report of the Comrs for the duties on hides to the Lord High Treasurer, on a letter, from Mr Chute, a security for Mr Austin, late Receiver General for Hampshire, who owed large sums, and was in custody by a capias. Would receive Mr Chute's bail for Mr Austin. Suggest that extents should be issued against the estate of Mr Jervoise, who had about 5,000l. of the money. Dated Aug. 24, 1711.
Minuted:—“24th Augt 1711. The Commrs take order to write to Mr Chute to come up.” 5½ pages.
Aug. 25.]
57. Petition of the undertakers of the hospitals for her Majesty's sick and wounded seamen, &c. at the ports of Portsmouth, Plymouth, Rochester, and Deal, to the Lord High Treasurer. Could procure credit no longer, and were two years in arrear, and no manner of interest on the seamen's tickets was allowed to them. Had been informed that their arrears were to be put amongst the old debts of the navy on the fund of the South Sea trade, which would be their ruin. Prayed to be paid in money according to their contract, or to be allowed for their loss.
Minuted:—“25 Augt 1711. Read.” 1 page.
Aug. 27. 58. Memorial of Thomas Foley, of Stoke Court, in the co. of Hereford, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer, praying a renewal of his contract with the Treasury for cord wood in Dean Forest, in the co. of Gloucester. Dated 27 Aug. 1711.
Referred to Edw. Wilcox, Esq., Surveyor General of H.M. Woods, to report. 1 page.
—Aug. 27. 59. “State of Mr Corker's account of the moneys received and paid on account of the contracts for the preemption of tinn from the time of his first appointment to the office of receiver and paymaster for the tinn contract, being 1st of September 1709 to the 27th of August 1711.” Certified 27 Aug. 1711. 2 pages.
[? About
Aug. 28.]
60. Petition of William Talman to the Lord High Treasurer, praying permission to surrender his patent as Queen's waiter in her Majesty's Customs to his brother-in-law, James Tate, who was fully qualified.
Minuted:—“28 Aug. 1711. The oath must be first taken that no money or other consideration is given or promised to Mr Talman.” 1 page.
Aug. 28. 61. Report of Sir Isaac Newton to the Lord High Treasurer, laying before his Lp “a further account of the tin” consigned to Mr Drummond at Amsterdam and to Mr Stratford and Mr Free at Hamburgh. If Mr Stratford would give after the rate of 4l. per Cwt, and then within one month after the consignment of every hundred tons for sale, advance the full price of 8,000l., the bargain would be manifestly more advantageous than any of the commissions mentioned. The officers of the Mint had been of opinion that her Majesty lost something by sending tin abroad upon commissions and particular contracts, but the tin was already abroad, and whether her Majesty should be at the charge of setting up new offices abroad for selling no more than 200 tons per ann., or sell by contract or commission, was a new question. Dated Mint Office, 28 Aug. 1711. 2 pages.
[? About
29 Aug.]
62. Memorial to the Lord High Treasurer of the gentlemen and other inhabitants of the counties of Anglesea, Carnarvon, Merioneth, and part of Denbigh, in North Wales, and the masters and owners of vessels and boats trading on that coast. For eight years after the duty was laid on coal and culm, the inhabitants were allowed to have “sleck and small shaling” on payment of the duty charged on culm, but in 1706 the Comrs of Customs directed the collector of Chester to levy the duty of 5s. a chaldron thereon, as a species of coal. It was in no respect equal to coal, and at the pits was not sold for more than a fourth of the price. The trade was thereby utterly destroyed. The inhabitants had no manure for their land but lime, for burning which the sleck or culm was chiefly used, and for want of it whole parishes lay untilled. Praying that directions might be given to the collector to charge the same duty as was collected at Milford.
Minuted:—“29 Augt 1711. Ref. to Comrs Customes.” 1 page.
Aug. 29. 63. Report of the Comrs for the duties on hides, &c. to the Lord High Treasurer, on a representation of the Comrs of Excise, &c. in North Britain relating to their establishment. Had no objection to the proposals as to the new duty, nor to the allowance for riding charges. Dated Aug. 29, 1711.
Two enclosures.
Minuted:—“Read 12 7br 1711. The Comrs are to prepare an establishmt accordingly. An establishmt sent up and wt signed thereupon.” 6 pages.
Aug. 29. 64. G. Granville to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Recommends Mr John Dennis, the bearer, to his Lordship for assistance, and reminds his Lordship of the assurance given him (Mr Granville) that he (the bearer) should be made easy. Dated 29 Aug. 1711.
The memorial of John Dennis, who had made various proposals for raising revenue. 2 pages.
Aug. 30. 65. Comrs of Victualling to the Secretaries of the Ld High Treasurer. Remind them that the season for making contracts for pork, beef, &c. was at hand, which contracts they could not make except at extravagant rates, the dealers alleging that their (the Comrs') bills were at upwards of 35 per cent. discount; hope for an assurance from his Lordship as to the manner of payment. Dated 30 Aug. 1711.
In the Minute Book, Vol. XVII., is:—“On Wednesda next my Lord resolves to make a distribuc[i]on for paying 2 months on the courses of the navy and victuall, & the Comrs of the navy & victuall. are then to attend.” 1½ pages.
Aug. 30. 66. Ro. Corker to Christopher Tilson, Esq. (Treasury Chambers). Sending an account of the tin. Was in cash towards the next coinage, 8,977l. 18s.d. It would require about 29,000l. Dated Falmouth, Aug. 30, 1711. 1 page.