Volume 138: October 1-20, 1711

Pages 317-324

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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October 1–20, 1711

Oct. 1. 1. Auditors of Imprests' report to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of the Hon. James Brydges, Esq. Inform his Lordship as to the state of forwardness of Mr Brydges' accounts. Dated 1 Oct. 1711.
Letter from Mr Brydges for his Lp to stop process that he might go on with the passing of his accounts.
Minuted:—“2 9r 1711. To ye two aud[ito]rs to-morrow on their report abt Mr Brydges' acct.” 1 page and 2 halves.
Oct. 1. 2. Establishment of the garrison of St Mawes to commence on 25 Oct. Dated 1 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 1. 3. Report of the Auditors of Imprests to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of the Earl of Ranelagh, praying a stay of process in relation to his accounts, as Paymaster General of the forces and Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital. The account of the army was declared to 24 Dec. 1701, with a balance thereon of 4,901,714l. 18s. 05/8d. disallowed for want of regular vouchers, &c. Advising a supersedeas on the process and a bond to the Exchequer to prosecute and pass his accounts. Dated 1 Oct. 1711. 1½ pages.
Oct. 1. 4. Report of the Surveyor General to the Lord High Treasurer, on a report of his predecessor made on a petition of Robert Watson, who prayed a lease of certain sheds, &c. adjoining to the north side of the wall of Greenwich Park, and on a letter of Sir Wm Gifford, desiring a grant of the office of Steward of the manor of Greenwich. Was of opinion that the petitioner might have a 31 years' lease of the encroachment without the park (which he found was the Queen's, and not Sir Mich. Biddulph's), at a rent of 13s. 4d. Agreed with Sir W. Gifford that it was not fit that anything within the park should be granted by lease. Advised the appointment of Sir William Gifford as steward. Had viewed the encroachments on the wastes and soil of the manor of Greenwich by buildings and enclosures on Blackheath, which were found by a survey in 1697, but no prosecution had been ordered for the recovery. Now some of the encroachers had petitioned for a lease for 31 years. Great damage was done by digging chalk: the rails placed by the surveyor at the entrance to the main chalk pit had been thrown down, and a title insisted thereon by the Lady Mordaunt.
At the Victualling Office, Tower Hill, the old wall was built on by adjoining inhabitants. They had increased their abuses since the last surveyor's time, and remedied none of them. Dated 1 Oct. 1711.
On the back is a copy of the warrant for the grant of a lease to Robert Watson of the premises outside the park wall. There is also the petition referred to, a letter relating to the same, and a report of S. Travers. 9 pages.
Oct. 2. 5. “Account general of the cost & charges of all the corn sent to Spain by the Commissrs for transporting her Majesty's forces and their agents by transport ships during the present war, and also account to whom the same hath been delivered.” Dated Transport Office, 2 Oct. 1711. 4 pages.
Oct. 2. 6. “Memorial of James Brydges, Esqre, laying before my Lord Treasurer an account of payments for the fortifications of Port Mahon and Gibraltar, distinguishing how much was paid each person.” Dated Pay Office, 2 Oct. 1711.
The account. The payments were made by Thomas Morris, Esq., deputy paymaster at Lisbon, and by the late Ambassador, Mr Methuen. 6 pages.
Oct. 2. 7. Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer. Inform his Lp that, by treaty with the King of Portugal, 3,413 barrels of powder were to be delivered to him, but in March 1711, 13,905 barrels were due, which at 3l. per barrel amounted to 41,715l. The payment of the same was assigned to the South Sea Company. Dated 2 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 2. 8. H. St John to the Lord High Treasurer. Encloses certain particulars from his letters received from North America, relating to money borrowed, &c. by Brigadier Genl Hill and Admiral Walker in North America. Dated Whitehall, 2 Oct. 1711. 2 pages.
Oct. 2. 9. “Computation of the transport debt from the 25 March to the 29 September 1711.” Dated Transport Office, 2 Oct. 1711.
Minuted:—“It is my Lord's opinion that all ye contracts now running wch were made for transports before Micħas be paid & discharged by repayments out of the South Sea Stock.” 1 page.
Oct. 2. 10. Memorial of J. Brydges to the Lord High Treasurer. Asks for his Lp's pleasure whether Mr Morrice should make payments under the heads “Pay of the General & Staff Officers, Contingencies of the Army, &c.,” that he, Mr Brydges, might give proper instructions. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 2 Oct. 1711.
Minuted:—“2 Oct. 1711. Pay and contingencies warranted by the establishmt are not meant to be postponed. My Lord thinks that the extravagant price put in Portugall on the bread supplyed the troops in her Mats pay ought to be made good out of the King of Portugall's subsidy; the contracts being made by the King [of] Portugall.” 1 page.
Oct. 2. 11. “Sallaries payable to the Commissioners, patent and other officers of the customs in North Britain for Lady Day quarter 1711, pursuant to the warrant of the Right Honble the late Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, dated the 29th day of March 1711.” Dated Custom House, Edinburgh, 2 October 1711.
Copy, certified by “Jon Crookshanks, Comptroller Genl.” 2 pages.
Oct. 2. 12. Memorial of J. Brydges to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends (1) an extract of a letter from the Duke of Argyle, Genl and Commander-in-Chief of her Majesty's forces in Spain, to Mr Morice, deputy paymaster at Lisbon, relating to the garrison of Gibraltar (which place the Duke considered was under his command), and (2) copy of a letter of Mr Morrice to him (Mr Brydges) thereon. Asks directions also as to the part of the letter relating to the purchase of 2,000 barrels of powder and 1,000 of shot at Lisbon. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 2 Oct. 1711.
The extracts referred to. 3½ pages, much decayed.
Oct. 2. 13. Memorial from the same to the same relating to the Earl of Portmore's computation of the extraordinary charge of the bread and forage in Portugal. Dated 2 Oct. 1711.
The estimate referred to. 5 pages.
Oct. 2. 14. Comrs of Victualling to the Secretaries of the Lord High Treasurer. Send copy of a letter from Sir John Jennings, dated at Port Mahon, acquainting them (the Comrs) that their agent had drawn on them for 6,000 or 8,000 dollars, and requesting punctual payment. Dated 2 Oct. 1711.
The copy referred to. 2 pages.
Oct. 2. 15. Memorial of Comrs for Sick and Wounded Seamen to the Lord High Treasurer, laying the state of the debt before his Lp, and asking him to enable them to carry on the service. Dated 2 Oct. 1711. 1 page, quarto.
Oct. 3. 16. Report of the Postmasters General to the Lord High Treasurer on the state of Mr Dummer's contract with that office for carrying on the West India correspondence. By mismanagement or ill-conduct Mr Dummer was wholly incapable of carrying on the service, nor could they see how it was to be continued on the footing of the contract. They thought that the last three months' letters, of which the merchants had paid the postage, should be forwarded by hiring one of the vessels assigned to Mr Mead.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” [There is a longer Minute to the same effect in Minute Book, Vol. XVII., p. 74.]
As the letters had not answered a fourth part of the charge, they refer it to his Lp whether this intercourse of letters should be continued. Dated General Post Office, 3 Oct. 1711. 2 pages (a portion decayed from the foot).
Oct. 3. 17. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer, concerning Mr William Barkley, surveyor of Excise, recommended for employment. They (the Comrs) had appointed a surveyor to be collector, who had been several years longer in the service than Mr Barkley, and had behaved himself much to their satisfaction. Dated 3 Oct. 1711.
Minuted:—“4 Octo. 1711. My Lord acquiesces.” 1 page.
Oct. 3. 18. Report of the same Comrs concerning the compositions made by the Treasury from 13 Dec. 1701 to 28 Sept. 1711. Dated 3 Oct. 1711. 2 pages.
Oct. 3. 19. Memorial of James Brydges, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer, praying his Lp's directions as to the pressing demands of Major General Scissan for money to subsist 900 men, besides those killed at the siege, for which he had received but 10,600 guilders. Dated Pay Office, 3 Oct. 1711.
Minuted:—“Mr Sweet to enquire wt the Dutch have paid, and then my Lord will consider this demand.”
An extract of Mr Cardonnel's letter thereon. 2 pages, quarto.
Oct. 4. 20. Report of the Comrs of Stamps to the Lord High Treasurer. No composition had been made by virtue of an Act of Parliament, of any debt due from any receiver, distributor, collector, or other person concerned in the management or receipt of the duties under their care from 13 Dec. 1701. Dated Stamp Office, Lincoln's Inn, Oct. 4, 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 5. 21. T. Baker and Wm Gosselin to the Lord High Treasurer. Pray his Lordship's allowance of the incident charges disbursed in the business of the prize arrears from Midsummer 1709 to Michaelmas 1711. Dated Prize Office, 5 Oct. 1711. 2 large pages.
Oct. 5. 22. Memorial of Mr James Brydges to the Lord [High Treasurer], praying for stop of process against him, his accounts not having been passed. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 5 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 5. 23. [? The same] to the same. Gives an estimate of what was necessary to subsist the prisoners in Spain, from 24 June 1711 to 23 Sept. following. Dated Pay Office, 5 Oct. 1711. 2 pages.
Oct. 5. 24. The same to the same. Could not inform his Lp what forage would be required in the Low Countries for winter quarters, not having received the account. Dated 5 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 5. 25. Henry Baker to William Lowndes, Esq. Sends a list of officers employed for preventing the exportation of wool, and their salaries and stations, account of the seizures made, &c. Dated 5 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
The list, &c. are not now with it.
Oct. 6. 26. J. Dawson to Mr Powys. Had acquainted the Bp of Meath with his (Mr Powys') thoughts of the bishop's case. What the bishop required was no more than the profits of the bishopric during the vacancy of the see, which undoubtedly belonged to the Queen, and the executors of the late bishop had no pretence to it. Dated Dublin Castle, 6 Oct. 1711. 2 pages, quarto.
Oct. 6. 27. Report of the Comrs for hackney coaches to the Lord High Treasurer as to the absence of their officers. Dated 6 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 6. 28. “An accot of such regulations as appear to be necessary for the management of her Majesty's land revenue, and to which the auditors are duly to conforme.” “Entred 6th October 1711.” A copy probably made some years later. 1½ pages.
Oct. 8. 29. G. Granville to the Secretaries of the Treasury. Sends his report to the Lord High Treasurer relating to a charge (of 701l. 6s.) for double officers on the battalion of guards which served in Spain. Dated Whitehall, 8 Oct. 1711.
The report named. 2 pages.
Oct. 8. 30. “An account of all tobacco bonds remaining in my hands and in the hands of the solicitor ye 29 Septr 1711, and what sum thereof was due at that time.” Signed, “Hen. Ferne, Rec. Genll.” Dated Custom House, 8 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 9. 31. Memorial of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer “concerning a transport debenture in the hands of the Commrs of Excise.” Dated Excise Office, London, 9 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 9. 32. Report of the same to the same, in reply to a letter requiring them to certify monthly as to the absence as well of any of their own number as of the officers under them. Mr Ryley, one of their number, had been absent upon some extraordinary affairs of his own “since the 27th past.” As to the officers, it frequently fell out that some of them, on account of death of relations, sickness, or other accidents, had leave for a few days, not often exceeding 15, and more frequently fewer, but they were never away without leave. The place of the absent officer (unless for sickness) was supplied at his (the officer's) own expense. Submitted to his Lp whether in future they should be more particular. Dated Excise Office, London, 9 Oct 1711.
Minuted:—“10 Oct. 1711. The first order is to be observed.” 1 page.
Oct. 9. 33. Establishment for the Commrs for inspecting the public affairs relating to the war in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, commencing 28th Novemr 1711. Dated 9 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 9. 34. Report of the Comrs for hides, &c. to the Lord High Treasurer, certifying that there was in arrear for the land tax of 1709, 47,661l. 2s. 2d., and for 1710, 216,829l. 8s. 2d., the particulars of which were annexed. The greatest part would be recovered by Lady Day next. Dated 9 Oct. 1711.
Letter of Mr Lowndes, and the particulars referred to. 6 pages.
Oct. 9. 35. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of divers merchants of London trading to Virginia and Maryland, and on a paper annexed complaining of the hardships of being obliged by a new order of the Comrs to pay the bonds before the time. Dated Custom House, London, 9 Oct. 1711. 3 pages.
Oct. 9. 36. Mr J. Burchett to the Secretaries of the Lord High Treasurer. To enquire if his Lp could conveniently supply the money if the Comrs of the Admiralty gave orders to pay the ships to June 1709. Dated Admiralty Office, 9 Oct. 1711.
Minuted:—“To the navy to estimate how much will be necessary before X~mas, & at what times & in what proporc[i]on.” 1 page.
Oct. 9. 37. Memorial of James Brydges, Esq., to the Ld High Treasurer, about the want of money, provisions, &c. for Gibraltar. Dated Pay Office, 9 Oct. 1711.
Minuted:—“11 Oct. 1711. Mr Brydges to write to Mr Morice to supply the guarison with subsistence upon acct, the Queen having ordered a new establ. for them, wh wilbe forwarded by letter.” 1 page.
Oct. 10. 38. Jezreel Jones to the Lord High Treasurer. Prays his Lordship to order him the 1,500l. so long due, that he may pay the debts contracted on account of the shipment of the deer sent as a present from her Majesty to the Emperor of Morocco. Dated Oct. 10, 1711. 2 pages.
Oct. 12. 39. W. Whitfield to Wm Lowndes, Esq. Had been at the Bath for two months for his health. Was seized with the gout, and had a relapse on his return to town. Sends a memorial for clearing the marine regiments and another for subsistence, &c., to be laid before the Ld High Treasurer. Dated 12 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
[? About
Oct. 12.]
40. Memorial of Cornelius Denne to the Ld High Treasurer. Was a debtor to the Crown for the salt duty, but was ordered to be enlarged from prison, when he was served with a warrant as a bondsman at the Custom House for upwards of 20,000l., and still confined to prison. Was, however, willing to assist in the disposal of his estate, and prayed to be discharged for that purpose, giving security for his surrender.
Minuted:—“12 Oct. 1711. He has had an answer.” 1 page.
Oct. 12. 41. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends extracts of letters from the Duke of Argyle, and desires his Lordship to let him (Lord Dartmouth) know what methods are settled for payment of the Portuguese troops in Catalonia, that he may communicate with his Grace, who is in want of instructions. Dated Whitehall, 12 Oct. 1711.
Minuted:—“Read 16 Oct. 1711. Send an extract of ye letter of the 30th to Mr Bridges to prepare an answer to be sent by Mr Killigrew.” 1 page.
Oct. 13. 42. Report of G. Granville to the Lord High Treasurer on the recruiting of the regiments in garrison out of the invalids; lays before his Lp a state of the seven companies of invalids “lately formed upon the same foot, with all other the companies of invalids doing duty in garrison,” as also what reduction or saving might be made by incorporating them in the regiments in garrison. Dated 13 Oct. 1711. 2½ pages.
Oct. 14. 43. Comrs of Sick and Wounded Seamen to Mr Harley. Send copies of two letters from the marshal at Plymouth as to the impossibility of carrying on the service without money. Dated 8ber 14, 1711.
The letters referred to, and one from Mr Burchett enclosing one of them to the Comrs. 5 pages.
Oct. 15. 44. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Her Majesty ordered that the Ld High Treasurer should empower Mr Morris to pay for the provisions during the passage of such troops as the Earl of Portmore should detach from Lisbon for Gibraltar. Dated Windsor Castle, 15 Oct. 1711.
Minuted:—“16 Nov. 1711. Victrs to make an estimate that orders may be sent accordingly.” 2 pages.
Oct. 16. 45. Report of the Comrs of Stamps to the Lord High Treasurer, certifying the absences in their office during the past month. Dated 16 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 16. 46. “Copy of Mr Granville's report on the memorial of the supernumerary officers of Colonel Disney's regiment,” showing how they came to be appointed, &c.; also as to certain officers absent from their posts, &c. Dated Whitehall, 16 Oct. 1711. 3 pages.
Oct. 16. 47. Memorial of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer. Had often solicited the late Lord Treasurer for payment for the stores sent to Barbadoes, and for the charges of an engineer and 17 gunners, and now submitted the same to his Lordship's directions, as well as whether they should be continued there. Dated Office of Ordnance, 16 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 16. 48. Report of T. [? or J.] Merrill, in the absence of Mr Howe, to the Lord High Treasurer, as well as to the payment of the three invalid companies formed out of the out-pensioners of Chelsea Hospital, who were doing duty in the Tower, as to the four companies of invalids doing duty at Portsmouth. Dated 16 Oct. 1711. 2 pages.
Oct. 17. 49. Report of Henry Baker to the Lord High Treasurer as to the qualifications of Thomas Brigden as a riding officer at Shoreham. Recommends the removal of John Long, a riding officer at Brighthelmston, to Shoreham, and Thomas Brigden to Brighthelmston. Dated Oct. 17, 1711.
Minuted:—“Granted.” 1 page.
Oct. 17. 50. Report of William Burgh, Esq., Accountant General, to the Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Ormonde), on the petition of Catherine Harris, widow, for payment of supplies to the troops; also as to the rents of her estate, paid into the Treasury by order of the Comrs of Revenue. The places where the estate was situate were, Fillard, Killesell, and Ballynegere, part of the late Earl of Clancarty's estate seized on account of his forfeiture in A.D. 1688. Dated 17 Oct. 1711.
The petition. 3 pages.
Oct. 19. 51. Comrs of Victualling to Mr Lowndes. Send an estimate of victualling 100 men 14 days at whole allowance, for which time they conceived the troops to be sent from Lisbon to Gibraltar should be victualled. Had given direction to their agent at Lisbon to furnish the detachment of troops to be sent from thence to Gibraltar. Dated 19 Oct. 1711. 1 page.
Oct. 20. 52. Comrs for Sick and Wounded Seamen to Mr Lowndes. Specifying the services to which they judged it most necessary to distribute the 10,000l. lodged in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy by the Lord High Treasurer. Were making up an exact account of their debt. Dated 20 Oct. 1711. 2pages, quarto.
53. Mr G. Granville to Mr Lowndes. Sending Mr Wright, of his office, to explain the difficulties attending the establishments for Spain and Portugal, which were not yet settled. Asked that the Lord High Treasurer's pleasure might be taken, that Mr Wright might be enabled to make a draught of the establishments. Mr Brydges complained that he had no authority or rule to govern his payments to the forces for want thereof. Dated 20 Oct. 1711. 3 pages, quarto.
[? Oct. 9
or 20.]
54. Conditions agreed upon between the Duke of Marlborough and Mr Francis Beaumont, for the delivery of forage for the troops during the winter. Dated at the Camp of Marchienne, 20 Oct. 1711. [? If N.S. then it would be 9 Oct.] 2½ pages.