Volume 140: December 1-31, 1711

Pages 333-342

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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December 1–31, 1711

Dec. 1. 1. Copy of memorial of the Officers of Works to the Lord High Treasurer. Lay before his Lordship the condition of the office and the insurportable hardships of the artificers. They knew not where to fly for relief but to his Lordship. Dated Whitehall, Office of Works, 1 Dec. 1711. 2 pages.
Dec. 1. 2. P. Silvestre to Mr Lewis. Begs him to move the Lord High Treasurer as to what was due to the Southampton men. Is out of pocket 25l. to Mr Jaquea which was paid by directions. Dated Office for Sick and Wounded, &c., 1 Dec. 1711. 2 pages, quarto.
Dec. 3. 3. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord [High Treasurer] on the memorial of the Virginia and Maryland merchants, relating to bonds for the duties on tobacco. Dated 3 Dec. 1711.
The petition referred to, with signatures.
Minuted:—“An extract of that part to be sent to the merchants wch immediately concerns them.” 3 pages.
Dec. 3.]
4. Representation of the Directors of the Bank of England to the Lord High Treasurer. Since the undertaking by the Directors to make all Exchequer bills specie, they found that some public offices which ought to cultivate a good understanding with the Bank, from the frequent services done them, nevertheless kept their cash with others, and not at the Bank, and that the greatest part of the receivers transacted their affairs in other places. Asked his Lordship to give effectual directions in these affairs.
Minuted:—“Send this to C. of Taxes wth direction when they next attend to informe my Lord (if they can) why the rest of the recrs do not comply.”
Again:—“3 Xbr 1711. The Commrs will exhort the recrs wch is all that can be done, since they & their security are answerable for all failures.”
There is also a brief list of “Receivers corresponding with the Bank.” 2 pages.
In the Minute Book, Vol. XVII., p. 121 (22 Jan. 1711–12), on this subject is:—“The Trea[sur]er of the Navy and the Governour & Directors of the Bank are called in. They complain of their ill condition to serve the publique, by reason very few of the Recrs, Paymasters, or others having the publique money, negotiate their affairs with them. My Lord says they shall have all reasonable assistance from him, so as this may be regulated to their satisfaction, and that in appointing new receivers he will have a special regard to the matter of their complaint. His Lorđp hopes they will agree to the lending of 100,000li. to the Trea[sur]er of the Navy, on a deposit of tallys and orders in his hands. They shall have a court on Thursday next; will lay it before them, and waite on his Lorđp with an answer.”
Dec. 3.]
5. “Answers given by the colonels of sevl regimts in Spain touching the want of cloths and arms for their regiments.”
The last entry is Dec. 3, 1711. 3 pages.
Dec. 4. 6. Report of J. Brydges to the Lord High Treasurer relating to a discount to be allowed the Bank upon land tax tallies accepted by them in repayment of money advanced. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 4 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“To be read when the Bank come.” 2 pages.
Dec. 4. 7. Memorial of the same to the same for a sufficient voucher for paying 207,000 guilders on account of forage. Same date. 1 page.
Dec. 4. 8. Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer. Enclose an estimate of the charge of their office for land service for the year 1712. Remind his Lp. of the enclosed memorial relating to Barbadoes previously sent. Dated Office of Ordnance, 4 Dec. 1711.
The papers mentioned. 3½ pages.
Dec. 5. 9. G. Granville to the Lord High Treasurer on General Lumley's memorial for liveries for his kettle drummer and trumpeters. Dated Whitehall, 5 Dec. 1711. 1 page.
Dec. 6. 10. “An accompt of all the moneys that have been issued to the Honble James Brydges, Esq., out of the funds of this year 1711 for the service of Spain.” Dated 6 Dec. 1711. 3 pages.
Dec. 6. 11. Sir Roger Mostyn's memorial [to the Lord High Treasurer] for subsistence of the marines. There would be due to the six regiments on the 24th inst., on the head of subsistence, 44,418l. 13s. 6d. Prays for 20,000l. on account. Dated Pay Office, 6 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“6 Decr 1711. 3,000li a week till further orders. The musters to be hastend.” 2 pages.
Dec. 6. 12. “Postmaster General's memorial [to the same] for a warrant to pay to Mr. Dummer the sum of 3,000l. for the quarter due 25th July 1711, on the accot of his West India contract.” Dated General Post Office, 6 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“4 Janry 1711. Postmrs to take the Attorney Genl's opinion hereupon. L~re writ.” 1 page.
Dec. 8. 13. Comrs of Victualling to Mr Harley. Send an account of bills made out for beer to Mr. James Dixon and partner from 1 Oct. 1707 to 30 Sept. 1701. Dated 8 Dec. 1711.
The account referred to, and two other papers. 5 pages.
Dec. 8. 14. Comrs for Sick and Wounded, &c. to Mr. Secretary Harley, as to the claims of Mr William Slaughter, their Marshal for prisoners at war at Plymouth. Others had an equal claim on the same account. Dated Office for Sick and Wounded, &c., 8 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“Ansr. ret. 19 Xber 1711.” 2 pages, quarto.
Dec. 11. 15. Mr Brydges's memorial [to the Lord High Treasurer] relating to a remittance for completing the service in Portugal, from 24th August 1711 to the 23d of December following. Dated 11 Dec. 1711.
Enclosed is a “State of what money may be wanting” for that purpose. 3 pages.
Dec. 11. 16. Memorial of the same for directions as to the manner in which he should apply the 15,000l. remitted in Mr Milner's bills of exchange payable in Lisbon to services of the war in Portugal. Dated 11 Dec. 1711.
Letter of Mr Milner to Mr Brydges as to these bills. 3 pages.
Dec. 11. 17. Copies of clauses in the Act for sale of the forfeited estates in Ireland, and vesting such as remained unsold in her Majesty, with some queries thereon answered by the Attorney and Solicitor General of Ireland. 11 Dec. 1711. 4¼ pages.
Dec. 11. 18. Letter of Sir R. Cotton to Mr Sherwood at his house in Essex Street, near the Middle Temple, London. Dated Hatley St George, Dec. 11, 1711.
Docquetted:—“Sir R. Cotton, when Mr Evelyn was put into the Post Office, was promised 500li p[er] ann. out of his salary & not a penc[i]on any other way, and Mr Evelyn has paid it to him to Midsr 1711, the time abt wch the late Post Office was determined by a new Act of Parłt then lately passed. What Sr Robert now is seeking, is to have l~res pat[ent]s for a penc[i]on of 500li p[er] ann. out of the post off. or in such other manner as the Queen shall direct.” 1 page.
Dec. 12. 19. Report of Mr Auditor Harley to the Ld High Treasurer on the state of the account of Lieut.-Col. John Arnot, as paymaster of the forces upon the late expedition to Canada. Dated 12 Dec. 1711. 10 pages.
Dec. 12. 20. Memorial of J. Brydges to the Lord High Treasurer for payment of various officers “en second.” Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 12 Dec. 1711. 1 page.
Dec. 12. 21. Report of the Controllers of the accounts of the Army to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of several colonels in the expedition under Brigadier Hill, when they met with their misfortune in the River St. Lawrence; praying that their regiments might be allowed as complete. It seemed the better way to enable them to recruit. Dated 12 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“To be sent to Mr Brydges to stay the respits.”
The memorial referred to. 3 pages.
Dec. 13. 22. Comrs of Customs, Scotland, to Thomas Harley, Esq., Treasury Chambers, Whitehall. Had not yet received complete returns from the ports, of the foreign salt imported before the Union, but fearing to incur censure they sent an imperfect return. They would make a perfect report of the whole matter as soon as the returns came. Dated Edinburgh, 13 Dec. 1711.
The return mentioned. 2 pages.
Dec. 13. 23. “State of the payments and remains as to the public service, anno 1711.” Various papers so entitled, drawn up weekly between July and December. The payments are for Army, Navy, and Ordnance. The last is dated 13 Dec. 1711. 37 pages.
Dec. 13. 24. Memorial of James Brydges, Esq., laying before my Lord Treasurer extracts of Mr Chetwynd's letters of the 20th and 27th of Sept. and 4th of Octr 1711.
The extracts include:—“A note of the bills drawn upon the Honble James Brydges, Esq., by Wm Chetwynd, Esq., on acct of the corn contracts. The corn was delivered at Barcelona.”
Dated Pay Office, 13 Dec. 1711. 4½ pages.
Dec. 13. 25. Lords of the Admiralty to the Earl of Dartmouth. They had not felt at liberty to apply the provisions purchased with naval money, to the victualling of land forces in garrison, nor to the supply of the garrison at Gibraltar. Desired to receive her Majesty's pleasure therein. Should not be justified in continuing their orders to Sir John Jennings for so doing. Unless something were done the garrison would not only be in great danger of starving, but the place itself of falling into the hands of the enemy. Dated Admiralty Office, 13 Dec. 1711. 2 pages.
Dec. 14. 26. Report of Mr James Brydges to the Lord High Treasurer on the bills drawn for the prisoners in Spain. Dated Pay Office, 14 Dec. 1711. 2 pages.
Dec. 14. 27. Memorial of the same to the [same] for directions as to the application of the 50,000l. on account of the extraordinaries of the foreign troops in the service of her Majesty and that of the States General in the Low Countries. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, Dec. 14, 1711. 1 page.
Dec. 14. 28. G. Granville to Mr Harley. Respecting the clothing of the troops in Spain and Portugal. Encloses a previous memorial. Dated Whitehall, 14 Dec. 1711.
The memorial. 2 pages.
Dec. 14. 29. Report of the Attorney General (Northey) to the Lord High Treasurer on a letter of one Thomas Huntley, concerning frauds connected with timber used in building St Paul's Church by Mr Jennings, late master carpenter there. He complains that he is confined on board H.M. ship the “Raven” in the Downs for offering to do the nation a service. The Attorney General suggests that to prevent clamour, he should be sent for and the allegation examined into. Dated 14 Dec. 1711. 1 page.
Dec. 14. 30. William Draper to the Lord High Treasurer. By direction of the Comrs of Greenwich Hospital, lays the accompanying letter before his Lordship. Dated 14 Dec. 1711.
The letter of the Comrs, asking for tallies to be issued to the treasurer of the Hospital, that on the credit of them the buildings and church might progress. 2 pages.
Dec. 15. 31. Report of Mr Baron Scrope to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Conceived that Lord Leven's proposal of having a few places appointed for ships to perform quarantine in Scotland would contribute much to the ease of the officers having the care of that service. Dated 15 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“19 Xber, Lord Leven's łre enclosed to Comrs Cust., and they to advise with his Lorđp.” 1 page.
Dec. 17. 32. Memorial from the Comrs of Trade to the Lord High Treasurer for 400l. per ann. to be paid for the incidents of the office. Dated Whitehall, 17 Dec. 1711. 2 page.
Dec. 17. 33. Memorial of James Brydges, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer for directions as to 37,804l. 16s. 1d. to be paid in England to complete the agents' demands for subsistence, &c. of regiments in Spain and Portugal. Dated Pay Office, 17 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“19 Xber 1711. Ordered 18,000li.
A state of the demands. 3 pages.
[? About
Dec. 17.]
34. Memorial of Sir [William Gifford], Governor of Greenwich Hospital and Ranger of the Park, to the Lord High Treasurer. Giving an estimate of various expenses for repairs, &c. about the park, and of the Queen's house in the park. The Hospital had already been at a great expense to make the lower floor of this house habitable, and would be very glad to take upon them the further charge of securing the whole, were the house and park annexed to the Hospital as the Queen and his late Royal Highness once intended. If this were still her Majesty's pleasure, these charges would be taken off from the Civil List.
Minuted:—“17 Xber 1711. To be considered.” 1 page.
Dec. 18. 35. Report of Mr Brydges to the Lord High Treasurer on the reasons why the non-commissioned officers and 25 private men of Col. Feilding's regiment had been kept on foot, after the regiment was reduced, by incorporating the private men into several other regiments in Portugal. It had been the practice upon reducing regiments abroad, and incorporating their men into other corps, to keep the non-commissioned officers on foot in the regiments so reduced, to enable them to recruit, &c. Dated Pay Office, 18 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“11 Jan. 1711/1712. To Mr Brydges to propose out of wt money this paymt should be made.
“To Mr Southwell to know how many regts are wanting in Ireland to make up ye establ. of that kingdo.” 1 page.
Dec. 18. 36. G. Granville to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of Brigadiers Grove and Freke, as to their being inserted in the warrant intended for the pay of the general officers in Flanders for the year 1711. Dated Whitehall, 18 Dec. 1711. 1½ pages.
Dec. 18. 37. Report of P. Meadows and Ja. Bruce, Controllers, to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of James Bridges, Esq., relating to the accounts of the regiments which were taken prisoners at the battle of Almanza in Spain, 14 April 1707, and of the Marquis de Montandre's regiment taken about a month before that battle. Dated Controller's Office, Privy Gardens, 18 Dec. 1711.
The memorial named. 6 pages.
Dec. 18. 38. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer on a copy of a letter of Mr. Chetwynd, the Queen's envoy at Genoa, relating to the charge of transporting the German recruits to Barcelona. Dated Whitehall, 18 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“19 Xber 1711. Read.”
The copy mentioned. 3¼ pages, quarto.
Dec. 18. 39. The same to the same. Refers an enclosed memorial from Mr Stanian for his allowance as plenipotentiary to commence from the date of his commission. Dated as above.
The memorial.
Minuted:—“My Lord will pay him by way of advance, but cannot allow him from the date of his commn for precedent sake, and ye sec[reta]ry to agree wt adva may reasonably be made.” 2 pages, quarto.
Dec. 18. 40. The same to the same. Sends an extract of a letter from Mr Chetwynd, her Majesty's envoy at the court of Savoy, relating to the arrears of subsidies due to his Royal Highness [the Duke of Savoy]. Dated 18 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“19 Xber 1711. Read.”
The extract. 2 pages, quarto.
Dec. 18. 41. The same to the same. Sending another memorial of Mr. Chetwynd, desiring an allowance of 900l. for his extraordinary charges in the last campaign, the consideration whereof her Majesty referred to his Lordship. Same date.
Minuted:—“My Lord says Mr Chetwynd had orders not to make ye campaigne. Signifie this to Ea. Dartmouth.”
Also the memorial. 2 pages, quarto.
Dec. 18. 42. Report of James Brydges, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of the ministers of Denmark and Prussia for the money due to their respective masters. Dated Pay Office, 18 Dec. 1711. 7½ pages.
Dec. 19. 43. “Navy Office,
19 December 1711. An estimate of the debt of her Mat's Navy on the heads hereafter mentioned, as it stood on the 30th of September last, with what thereof has and will be satisfy'd by the South Sea stock, pursuant to the late Act of Parliament on that behalf, and what remained of the said debt on the said 30th of September to be discharg'd.” 4 large pages.
Dec. 19. 44. A state of the subsidies payable to the Duke of Savoy for the year 1711.
Minuted:—“19 Xbr 1711. To be considered on Fryday.” 1 page.
Dec. 19. 45. Mr. H. St John to the Lord High Treasurer. Asked his Lordship to order a state to be transmitted of all debts due to her Majesty from any of the allies (for which it might be proper her Ministers at the Congress should make a demand), that instructions might be prepared for the plenipotentiaries. Dated Whitehall, 19 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“Lre~s to the publiq[ue] offices accordingly; [viz., to:—]
Mr. Brydges. Victualling.
Mr. Cardonell. Transports.
Office Ordnance. Audrs Imprests.”—1 page, quarto.
Navy Office.
[This return was ordered by Minute of the same day, see Minute Book, Vol. XVII., p. 109.]
Dec. 20. 46. Mr Burchett to the Secretaries of the Lord High Treasurer. Considerable sums were due to the marine regiments. Sends letters received from Lieut.-General Holt, Col. Bor, and Lieut.-Col. Burston, of Major-General Willis's regiment, to be laid before the Ld High Treasurer, for money to reimburse the officers what they had expended of their private fortunes, &c. Dated Admiralty Office, 20 Dec. 1711.
The letters named. 4 pages.
Dec. 21. 47. Ad. Cardonnel to Mr Harley, concerning debts owing to England by the allies. Knew of none except what might be owing from the States General for a moiety of the extraordinaries paid to the four English battalions upon the establishment of the first 20,000 men of augmentation. Dated Westminster, 21 Dec. 1711. 1½ pages.
Dec. 22. 48. Report of the Comrs for Hides, &c., to the Lord High Treasurer, as to some ill-practices of which the collector or surveyor for the duties on houses for Dolphin and Rood precincts in Tower Ward, was supposed to be guilty. Had ordered the surveyors to bring in their books, which had been sealed up for examination. Recommending the appointment of Mr Benjamin Boyden, who had already discovered some of these irregularities, as a surveyor of these duties at 60l. per ann. Dated 22 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“Appointed a genll survr.”
Letter from Benj. Boyden thereon. 2½ pages.
—Dec. 22. 49. “Mr John Wight's and Collo Bland's demands for stoppages from Lieut.-Genl Harvey's regiments of horse from the 22th Decr 1710 to ye 22 Dec. 1711, amounting to 3,207l. 10s. 6d.” 2 pages.
Dec. 22. 50. “An abstract of what remains to compleat the neat offreckonings of her Majesty's subject troops borne upon the establishments or estimates of Parliament for Flanders, Spaine, and Portugal, from the respective times to which the same hath been already directed or paid, unto the 22d of Decemr 1711 incł.” 1 page.
Dec. 23. 51. Estimates, &c. for carrying on the service under Mr Brydges' care for the year ending 22 Dec. 1712, viz., in Spain, Portugal, and Gibraltar. 3 papers, 5½ pages.
Dec. 24. 52. Lord Shrewsbury to the Lord High Treasurer. Desires his Lordship to order 400l. to be paid to the Master of the Ceremonies, to be presented from her Majesty to Mons. Buis, Envoy Extraordinary from the States of Holland, who was upon his departure. Dated Cockpit, 24 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“Paid.” 1 page.
Dec. 25. 53. “Navy Office,
25 December 1711. An account of stores supplyed to severall ships belonging to the States General out of her Majesty's magazines, & of pylotage & other services performed for the ships of Holland, wch have not yet been paid for.” 9 pages.
Dec. 25. 54. “A list of the offices of the Customs that have been created or erected by grant, patent, and warrant, since the 25th of October 1705, and to whom made, and also a list of the officers that enjoy the same at present.” Dated 25 Dec. 1711.
It shows also their salaries. 2 pages.
Dec. 25.]
55. Memorial from the officers employed under the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c., together with the Apothecary's Company and others, addressed to the Comrs, praying them to lay their (the officers', &c.) hardships before the Lord High Treasurer, and for an allowance of discount. They had served the Board at the lowest rates for ready money, but their debt was to be paid in South Sea stock without interest. 1½ pages.
Dec. 27. 56. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Encloses, by her Majesty's command, the petition of Mr Francis Herbert, sheriff of Montgomery, for his Lordship's report thereon. Dated Whitehall, 27 Dec. 1711.
Minuted:—“12 Feb. 1711/1712. To the Audr to certifye how this stands before him.”
The petition referred to.
It was for the remission of a fine of 200l. imposed upon the petitioner by Sir Joseph Jekyl, Chief Justice of that circuit, for absenting himself from the assizes for fear of the small-pox. The petitioner apprehended that Sir Joseph Jekyl's displeasure arose from a sermon preached before him, in which the power of the royal prerogative was advanced further than was agreeable to his sentiments; for after the imposition of the fine, he (the judge) turned to a gentleman near him on the bench and said he would teach the petitioner to put up such a parson. 3 pages.
Dec. 28. 57. The same to the same. Encloses copy of letter received from Mr Stanyan, representing the pressing necessity he had for money. Dated 28 Dec. 1711.
The letter referred to.
At the earnest request of the Duke of Savoy had accepted money until he (Mr Stanyan) had it to repay from the Treasury, in order that he might set out for Milan. Was ashamed to take money of any Prince but the Queen, lest the Imperial minister should have notice that the Duke of Savoy advanced money to him for this service and put an ill construction upon it, as if it were a present. His Royal Highness desired it might not be known, and he (Mr Stanyan) was persuaded his Lordship would think it proper to be kept secret. 3 pages.
Dec. 28. 58. W. Whiting, “wine merchant at Collidghill,” to William Lowndes, Esq. Proposes a duty of excise on orchell, which was formerly imported from Holland, but recently manufactured in London. Dated London, 28 Xr 1711. 2 pages.
Dec. 28. 59. “An accot of what moneys have been paid into the receipt of the Exchequer upon fonds granted the last session of Parliament.” Dated 28 Dec. 1711. 1 page.
Dec. 28. 60. Report of G. Granville to the Lord High Treasurer, “concerning recruiting the army.” Dated Whitehall, 28 Dec. 1711. 2 pages.
Dec. 31. 61. “An estimate of the charge of victualling on the last declaration compared with the charge on the prices given for provisions at London between 1st 8ber & 31 December 1711.” 3 pages.
Dec 31. 62. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on a proposal by the Admiralty that certain amounts of wine should be allowed to flag officers and commanders of her Majesty's ships. By law the same customs and prohibitions extended to all wines imported in ships of war as well as merchants ships, but the duties were not demanded for the stores of her Majesty's ships, when they waited sailing orders. Were of opinion that the proposal could not be granted but by Act of Parliament. Dated 31 Dec. 1711.
Also copies of three of their previous presentments. 9 pages, 2 halves.
[? Dec.] 63. “Answers from the several regiments in Flanders what noneffective money remains in the hands of the colonels or their agents.” 5 pages.