Volume 141: (Part I.) For the Year 1711

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Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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(Part I.) For the Year 1711

1711 1. Three papers entitled:—
(1.) Heads of an establishment of the 40,000 men in Flanders.
(2.) Heads of an establishment for guards and garrisons.
(3.) Heads of an establishment for the 20,000 men, troops of Augmentation and other additional forces in Flanders.
All for the year 1711. 6 pages.
2. “Coalheavers' petition 1711.” A petition so docquetted, addressed to the House of Commons by the labourers, called coalheavers, in and about the city of London; praying to be allowed to form themselves into gangs, and choose their own undertaker to each gang, as they used to do, &c. They complained that certain persons in the last few years had made themselves undertakers, and had agreed with the masters of colliers or crimps to unload the ships, and oppressed them in various ways; they kept public-houses, and stopped out of each man's pay 6d. a day for drink, whether they could go to drink it or not, and they kept a gallon of brandy on board the ship, which they (the coalheavers) were compelled to have. They were so impoverished by these undertakers that their families were obliged to be maintained by the parishes. 4 pages
3. Memorial of Captain Michael FitzGerald, late of Count Taaff's regiment in Spain, to the Lord High Treasurer (Oxford). Quitted a captain's post in the French King's service in 1704, and came over to her Majesty's allies and continued five years in Catalonia in the Queen's pay. Prayed for the remainder of his pay, and for the same provision as the rest of the Irish Roman Catholic officers should receive. ? 1711. 1 page.
4. Petition of Sir Alexander Cuming, Bart., to the Lord High Treasurer (Oxford). Her Majesty had granted him, by commission under the Great Seal of Scotland, the office of Conservator and Resident, but the grant was set aside by an appeal from Sir Andrew Kennedy. Prayed for his salary and expenses. The office concerned the trade and traffic of the nation and public treaties with foreign states. 1711. 1 page.
5. “Extraordinaries voted anno 1711.” 1 page.
6. “For the year 1711. The sums voted or enacted for accot of publique services in the session of Parliament begun 25 November 1710 and ended 12th June 1711,” &c. Also the value of the grants as estimated by Parliament. 2 large pages.
7. “A list of the general and staff offrs belonging to the forces in Portugal, with an accot where they now are.” ? 1710 or 1711. 1 page.
8. “An abstract of the state of the guards and garrisons in Great Britain according to the last muster rolls returned to the Commissary's office, taken after their reducement; as also of the present number of the twelve invalid companys, and the respective places where they do their duty.” ? 1711 or 1712.
[Earl of Strafford mentioned who was created Earl 4 Sept. 1711, &c.] 3 pages.
9. “Stock in the South Sea Company for the use of ye publick;” also “to what uses the same hath from time to time been issued and apply'd.” 1¼ pages.
10. Statement of the distribution of the 12,000l. lately remitted for the service of the garrison of Gibraltar. AD. 1711. 1½ pages.
11. “Abstract of the charter of the Governour and Company of the Merchants of Great Britain, trading to the South Seas and other parts of America, and for encouraging the fishery.” A printed paper of 8 pages so entitled.
12. “Directions of several sums in part of 1,500,000l. for the service of Spaine and Portugal anno 1711, out of the fonds granted for the service of that year.” [A draft.] 3½ pages.
13. “An accot of payments made for the service of the forces in Spain & Portugal out of the sum of 1,500,000l. granted for that service for the year 1711.” 4 pages.
14. Other “payments made in England for the service of the forces in Spain and Portugal anno 1711, in part of 1,500,000li granted for that service.” 4 pages.
Duplicate of the above, with some additional matter. 4 large pages.
15. “Draft of a privy seal for applying, disposing, and accounting for South Sea Stock for tallys & orders reg[ist]red on an act 8o Annæ.”
With this note at the foot:—“I approve of this draft. Edw. Northey.” 10 pages.
16. Memorial of Charles Stanley, gent., to the Lord High Treasurer (Oxford) to be appointed a riding surveyor in Kent, Devonshire, or Cornwall, to prevent the running or smuggling of wool. 1 page.
17. Four paper-covered books containing accounts of sums directed by the Lords of the Treasury and the present Ld High Treasurer to be issued to James Brydges, Esq., paymaster general of the forces: (1) for subsidies to the allies; (2) for the forces in Flanders; (3) for extraordinary charges of the war; and (4) for the service of the war in Spain and Portugal; out of the funds granted in the last sessions of Parliament. The date to which the accounts were made up is not shown, but it was in 1711.
Another similar book, wanting the first page.
18. Memorial of Major-General Elliot to the Lord High Treasurer. When he was Governor of Gibraltar (it being a frontier garrison and blocked up by the enemy) he was at great expense for contingencies, which were in part reimbursed to him: prays for the arrears, 694l. 9s. Signed R. Elliott. ? 1711 or 1712. 1 page.
19. “An account of half-pay for military officers that have served in the traynes of artillery in Flanders, Spain, & on several expeditions, with what allowances they have on the establishments in the Office of Ordnance and what will be required to compleat their half-pay.” ? 1711. 2 pages.
20. “Instructions to — for stating the broken accots of sevl regts lately returned from Spain.” ? 1711. 7½ pages.
21. “A state shewing what forces have been from time to time supplyed by the Queen for the service in Flanders since the beginning of the war.” 1701–1711.
Similar state of those supplied by the States General for the same service. 4 pages.
22. “Some further proposalls humbly offered to ye consideration of ye Right Honble ye Earle of Oxford, Lord High Treasurer of Great Britaine & ye Honble ye house of Commons ye next sessions of parliament by Ephraim Parker, at Three Mariners Stairs, on Rotherhithe Wall.”
Taxes were proposed by him to be laid on ships, and on commanders of the same, on casks, bricks, tiles, &c., and on officers employed in arresting persons for debt. 1711. 5 large pages.
23. A state of the savings upon the establishment of guards and garrisons for the year 1711. 1½ pages.
24. “An accot of the reasons of the great difference between the demand for the hospital and out-pensioners for the year 1710 & the year 1711.” [? Chelsea Hospital.] 2 pages.