Volume 142: 1711 (Part II.)

Pages 345-348

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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1711 (Part II.)

1711. 1. “An accompt of the sum voted by parliament for guards, garrisons, &c. for the service of the year 1711, and for extraordinary services of the warr for the preceding year, with the sum which has been received in part thereof, what sums may be applyed in further part, and the sum which will be wanting to compleat the same.” 1 page.
2. Account of the sums issued to the Treasurer of the Navy out of funds for the year 1711. 1½ pages.
3. A state of the subsidies annually granted by Parliament and payable to foreign princes pursuant to the respective treaties, from the commencement of the present war, viz., 1701–1711. 1 large page.
4. “A state showing how much the charge of the war in Spain doth amount to for the year 1711, what money hath been paid upon each head of service, and how much is wanting to pay up the same.” 1 large page.
5. “An accompt of some extraordinary charges of the war not yet provided for by Parliament, as far as they have been hitherto adjusted.” 4½ pages.
6. An abstract of the tallies struck upon the land tax and on malt, 1711, for Mr Brydges's office. 1 page, quarto.
7. Breviate of the bill for establishing a post office for England, Scotland, and all other her Majesty's dominions, and for settling a weekly payment out of the revenues thereof, to raise a sum of money to carry on the war, and for other public service. ? 1711. 14 pages. [Some of it scored out and otherwise corrected.]
8. Three other papers relating to legislation upon the post office. Undated, but the Post Office affairs were then under consideration. See Annals of Queen Anne's reign, 1711, p. 313. 3 pages.
9. “The case of Sr Henry Furnesse, concerning the adjustmt of his accounts of remittances for Holland.” After 1710. 1½ pages.
10. Representation by the Directors of the Bank of England to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the payment of the annuity of 8,000l. to them, payable by Act of the last session for circulating a further sum in Exchequer bills. ? Between 1711 and 1714. 1 page.
11. Petition of the commanders of the packet boats between Harwich and Holland to the Ld High Treasurer (Oxford), praying for the appointment of two men more to each boat. Between 1711 and 1714. 1 page.
12. Petition signed by order of the Court of Directors of the South Sea Company, by Amb[rose] Crowley, addressed to the Ld Treasurer. The General Court of that Company ordered a dividend of 3 per cent., and the Court having paid for sundry goods for carrying on its trade, the money remaining will not be sufficient to pay the dividend by about 22,000l.: prays his Lordship will give directions to the treasurers and paymasters therein named to suspend receiving the dividend due on the public stock in this Company, or so much as may amount to that sum. Between 1711 and 1714. 1 page.
13. Memorial of Joseph Paice and Charles Lodwik, merchants of New York, to the Lord High Treasurer (Oxford), concerning the payment of the bills of exchange drawn by John Nanfan, Esq., late Lieut.-Governor of New York, on account of the subsistence of the four companies in that province during his government. [Between 1711 and 1714.]
Memorial of John Champante on the same subject. 2 pages.
14. Memorial of Major Hubert Jennings to the Lord High Treasurer (Oxford). Came over from the French army on the faith of her Majesty's proclamation published in Portugal in 1704. This was well known to Captn Coudell who was the first that came over. Was reduced to the last extremity, and asked for favour and protection. Between 1711 and 1714. 1 page.
15. Memorial of Thomas Erle, Esqre, General of the foot and Governor of Portsmouth, to the Lord High Treasurer (Oxford), praying to be favoured with a warrant for 180l,, the balance of the account of Sir John Gibsone, Knt, Lieut.-Governor of Portsmouth, in accordance with Sir John's petition annexed. Between 1711 and 1714.
The petition referred to. 2 pages.
16. “A state of the matter concerning six regiments of foot which were demanded for doubly, in the year 1707.” The regiments served in Flanders and Spain. ? 1711 or 1712. 2 pages.
17. “An abstract of the charge of provisions furnished by the Comrs for Victualling her Mat's navy, to land forces, and garrisons, &c., since Michaelmas 1710, together with what money has been reveived by the Treasurer of her Mat's navy towards reimbursing the said expense.” ? 1711. 1 page.
18. Memorial from Lord Tullibardine to —. Desires that Mr Alexr Murray may be Recr General of Excise, or have one of the best collections of the Customs in Scotland. Perhaps 1711 or 1712. 1 page.
19. Charges exhibited against Mr William Churchill for mismanagement in the transportation of prisoners, with his answers thereto. He had been employed in the sick and wounded department, and was charged with having had a partnership in the contracts. At the end is:—“An estimate of the saveings by Wm Churchill in the sick and wounded office and exchange of prisoners.” ? 1711. 15½ pages.
20. Petition to the Lord High Treasurer (Oxford) from Edward Stables, clerk assistant, John Hookes, George Cole, James Courthop, and Hicks Burrough, the four clerks attending committees and other public services of the House of Commons, for consideration of their services. ? 1711 or 1712. 1 page.
21. Original letters of the Comrs of the Navy to the Secretaries of the Treasury or the Treasurer of the Navy, as to contracts for hemp, &c. Dated between Jan. 1710–11 and Dec. 1711.
22. Papers relating to lotteries, several entitled, “Accots of the contributions on the present lottery and the distribution thereof.” 1711.
23. Proposals to remit money at certain rates made by the following persons in the year 1711:—
E. Gibbon. Theodore Janssen.
John Lambert. Nich. Santini & Co.
Richard Hoare. John Mendes da Costa.
H. Furnese. James Milner.
—15 pages.
24. Various accounts of moneys and tallies received and paid by Thomas Micklethwaite, receiver and paymaster for transports. Also accounts of interest on Exchequer bills received by the same. In the year 1711. 7 pages.
25. A short abstract of the duty of the searchers in the Port of London. It also relates to their fees and salaries. ? Before the year 1712. 2¼ pages.
26. Petition of Brigadier Thomas Handasyd, Governor of Jamaica, to the Queen. Had served the Crown nearly 37 years, received several wounds, and endured great hardships from the climates of Newfoundland and the West Indies. Prayed relief for himself and regiment, which had served there eight years. [? About 1710 or 1711, or earlier.]
Also another memorial of the same, and of Brigadier John Livesay, on behalf of themselves and the officers of the regiments, for removal of respits. 2 pages.
27. An abstract of what Mr Mead, the Deputy Paymaster at Barcelona, brings to account for the profit arising to her Majesty upon the coining or recoining of money at Barcelona. ? 1711. [From the entries.] 1 page.
28. Memorial of Nathaniel Carpenter in behalf of Col. David Creighton's, late Col. Toby Caulfield's, regiment of foot to the Lord High Treasurer (Oxford), for directions to the Paymaster General to compute and issue the pay of the regiment from 24 to 27 Aug. 1709. 1 page.
29. Memorial of Peirce Griffyth to the Ld Treasurer. The Government has thought fit to use the hospital built by him at Port Mahon, by order of Sir John Jennings, for seamen of the fleet and land forces belonging to the garrison. Prays that bills amounting to 3,600l. may be paid, &c.
Minuted thus:—“Wt to be prepared.” 1 page, quarto.
Probably 1711 by comparison with Vol. CXXXVII., 38.