Volume 145: March 11-31, 1712

Pages 366-373

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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March 11–31, 1712

March 11. 1. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Encloses a letter from Major-Genl Whetham on the supply of corn for the troops in Catalonia, and another letter on the same subject. Dated Whitehall. 11 March 1711–12.
The first-named letter only. 3 pages.
March 12. 2. Lord Lansdowne to William Lowndes, Esq. The Serjeants, corporals, &c. of Fielding's, Tyrrell's, Stanwix's, and Francks' regiments had received no subsistence since their arrival from Portugal. To remind the Ld Treasurer of the establishment of general officers for Flanders, and of the establishment of the field and standing hospital. Also as to money to be advanced to the officers of the horse and dragoons, &c. The Duke of Ormond thought it very necessary that some despatch should be given of these matters. Dated Whitehall, 12 March 1711–12. 2 pages, quarto.
March 12. 3. Copies of various of Mr Morice's accounts of his receipts and disbursements in the year 1711, for forage, &c. for the army in Spain. The last was received 12 March 1711–12. There are also some copies of letters on the same subject. 53 pages or parts of pages.
March 13. 4. “Report of the Comptrollers of the accots of the Army relating to the memorial and proposals made in behalf of Messrs Solomon and Juda Pereira about furnishing her Majties forces in Flanders with bread & bread waggons for year 1712.” Signed, “Ja. Bruce.” Dated Controllers' Office, 13 Mar. 1711–12.
Minuted:—“Md This report dated 13th March 1711, was brought to ye Tre[asu]ry 14th do, on which day my Lord Tre[asure]r rec[eive]d an accot from Generalls Lumley, Withers, & Cadogan that they had actually contracted wth Vanderkaa & Castano for ye bread & bread waggons.”
The conditions of the contract with Solomon and Juda Pereira for bread and bread waggons. 18½ pages.
March 14. 5. Report of the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland to the Lord High Treasurer on a warrant for the royal signature for granting and conveying the lands of that part of Down which formerly belonged to the deceased Charles Keirie, with the lands of Tarlair, Fauchfold, Broadlies, and other lands, holding ward in the counties of Bamff and Aberdeen, in favour of Sir Francis Grant of Collin, one of the Senators of the College of Justice. They found that the “signature” contained the erection of the lands into a barony, &c. Dated Edinburgh, 14 March 1712, i.e., 1711–12. 1 page.
March 14. 6. Similar report as to lands of Belfoord and Horselichill, in the co. of Roxburgh, in favour of Francis Scot of Horselichill, Esq. Same date. 1 page.
March 14. 7. Similar report as to the lands and barony of Horndean, in the counties of Berwick and Haddingtoun, in favour of George Home, the younger, of Wedderburn, Esq. Same date. 1 page.
March 14. 8. Board of Ordnance to the Earl of Dartmouth. Their estimate for the train in Spain was 12,220l. 2s. 6d., and Parliament had given them no money for that service. Ask for her Majesty's commands thereon. Dated Office of Ordnance, 14 March 1711–12. (Copy.)
An estimate for the ordnance stores for Spain. 2 pages.
March 14. 9. Lord Lansdowne to Mr Lowndes. As to the payment for dry forage furnished to the regiments in the campaign of 1710, stopped out of the subsistence of General Ross's and the Earl of Stair's regiments. Dated Whitehall, 14 March 1711–12.
Extract from an account relating thereto. 2 pages, quarto.
March 15. 10. H. St John to the Lord High Treasurer. Asks that the latter would give such directions as would enable Mr Henry Watkins to examine and certify the accounts of her Majesty's share of extraordinaries of the war in Flanders. Dated Whitehall, 15 March 1711–12.
Minuted:—“Send the instructions to Mr Secry St John to get them signd by the Q. and then transmit them after entry at ye Tre[asu]ry, &c. to Mr Watkins.” 1 page, quarto.
March 17. 11. Lord Shrewsbury to the Lord High Treasurer. Desires his Lordship to order 110l. to be paid to John Inglis, Esq., marshal of the ceremonies, to be delivered to Prince Eugene's secretary as a present from her Majesty. Dated 17 March 1711–12. 1 page.
March 17. 12. Abstract of the account of receipts and issues between Mich. 1710 and Mich. 1711, taken out of the book presented by the Comrs of Accounts to the House of Commons on the 17th of March 1711. 6 pages.
March 18. 13. “An acct of the remittances of money by the Office of Her Majty's Ordnance to Holland, Spain, Gibraltar, & Portugal, for the service of the trayns, &ca, at what rates & upon what conditions the said remittances have been made between the 19th of March 1701/1702 and the 19th of February 1711/1712, by Edward Gibbon, Esq.” Dated 18 March 1711–12. 18 pages.
March 18. 14. Charles Carkesse to William Lowndes, Esq. Some of the Comrs of Customs would attend his Lordship on the morrow, and weekly on that day. Dated Custom House, London, 18 March 1711. 1 page.
March 18. 15. William Sloper to the Lord High Treasurer. Informs his Lp as to what was usual in regard to equipage money. The Earl of Portmore received 3,000l. for his equipage as commander-in-chief in Portugal, in 1710, and the like was allowed to other commanders-in-chief there. Submits whether an allowance of 5,000l. may not be proper to the Duke of Ormond, whose command is of a higher nature. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 18 March 1711. 1 page.
March 18. 16. Lord Dartmouth to the Board of Ordnance. Her Majesty desired that an account of the debt of the Ordnance service in Spain might be prepared. They would receive directions for the future expense of the train from the Treasury, as it was settled with her Majesty's allies, the Emperor and the States. Dated 18 March 1711–12. (Copy.) 1 page, quarto.
March 19. 17. Lord Lansdowne to Mr Lowndes. Sends the warrant signed by her Majesty for the Duke of Ormond's equipage money, for the Lord High Treasurer, to fill up the sum and countersign the same. Dated Whitehall, 19 March 1711. 1 page.
March 19. 18. Report of the Controllers of the Accounts of the Army (P. Meadows and Ja. Bruce) to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Captain George Phillips, relating to the pay of his company, who were taken prisoners and carried to Dunkirk. Dated Controller's Office, Privy Gardens, 19 March 1711–12.
Minuted:—“5 Aug. 1712. Respited till ye Commrs of the Army Accots shall have settled the accots of this regt.”
Also a state of the pay of the above company. 3 pages.
March 19. 19. Comrs for Hides to the Lord High Treasurer. Have annexed a state of the matter relating to the use of his Lordship's name made by Mr Huggins to Mr Albert, late receiver and then prisoner in Newgate. Dated Office for Hides, &c., 19 March 1711.
The “state” is not with it. 1 page.
March 20. 20. Report of the same on the petition of George and Joseph Newell, praying for their liberty, in order to assist the assignees in a bankruptcy. Dated 20 March 1711.
Minuted:—“29 March 1712. Look out the former reports that have been made in this matter.”
Again:—“Lookt out and their enlargement ordered on giving security according to the agent's first report.” 1 page.
March 20. 21. Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Ormonde) to the Lord High Treasurer. Respecting the disposal of the regiment of dragoons commanded by the Earl of Wharton, the provision to be made for the officers, the sale of the horses, &c. Dated Whitehall, 20 March 1711–12.
Also “An account of the number & condition of the dragoon horses in Lieut. Thomas Williams' charge.” 3 pages.
March 20. 22. Memorial from Mr James Brydges to the Lord High Treasurer. Prays for orders to be given for the 5,000l. which her Majesty has directed to be paid to the Duke of Ormond, captain-general of the land forces, for his equipage as commander-in-chief in the Low Countries. Dated 20 March 1711–12.
Minuted:—“Ordered.” 1 page.
March 20. 23. Report of Edw. Northey, Attorney General, to the Lord High Treasurer. Had considered the annexed papers relating to the administration of the personal estate of Charles Mallett, therein alleged to have been “murthered” near Constantinople, and as it appeared by affidavit that the said Charles Mallett was base born and died intestate and unmarried, was of opinion that his personal estate had devolved on her Majesty, who might grant such administration as was desired. Dated 20 March 1711–12.
Minuted:—“22 Mar. 1711/1712. Administrac[i]on to be granted accordly.”
Seven other documents relating to these affairs, one of which is a letter of a few days later date, viz.:—April 5. 10 pages and 2 halves.
March 21. 24. Memorial of Mr J. Brydges to the Lord High Treasurer. Lays before his Lp copy of a paragraph of Mr Morice's letter relating to the pay of the officers en second serving in Portugal. Mr Morice has paid large sums to officers of regiments reduced in Portugal, and continues issuing large sums to the Spanish regiment of dragoons formed from deserters, for which regiment there is no establishment. Asks from what service the Deputy Paymaster in Portugal shall continue to pay. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 21 March 1711–12. 1 page.
March 21. 25. Copy of letter from the Board of Ordnance to the Earl of Dartmouth. The estimate for the train in Spain to the first instant would amount to 8,605l. 17s. 3d. Dated Office of Ordnance, 21 March 1711–12. 1 page.
March 21. 26. Copy of another letter from the same to the same, respecting the repair of the damage done to the harbour of Portsmouth by the sea washing away the isthmus of land between Blockhouse Point and Gilkiker. Dated Office of Ordnance, 21 March 1711–12. 1½ pages.
March 22. 27. Report of Lord Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Lieut.-Col. Thomas Newcomen, who prayed for a pension for his services and sufferings, having lost his right hand at the battle of the Boyne, and since served in Portugal. Recommends a pension of 8s. a day as lieut.-col. of horse. Dated Whitehall, 22 March 1711–12.
The petition, and three other documents relating thereto. 5 pages.
March 22. 28. Affidavit of William Sharrett, collector of Excise in the Isle of Wight. By debts and money expended about a patent and by his long confinement, has become one of the poorest men living, not being worth 12d. Prays to be enlarged from prison. The Government might gain ten times his debt in a year, and put an end to a growing cheat apparently destructive of a noble revenue. Dated 22 Mar. 1711–12. 1 page.
March 22. 29. Memorial of James du Pré, Commissary of the Palatine Stores at New York, to the Lord High Treasurer. His Lp had told him (the Commissary) to apply to Parliament to be enabled to continue the manufacture of naval stores at New York. Col. Hunter had hitherto acted by her Majesty's instructions. Hoped his Lp would lay the matter before her Majesty, that it might come to Parliament with her Majesty's recommendation. Dated London, 22 March 1711–12.
Minuted:—“22 March 1711/1712. My Lord says he can do no more.” 1 page.
March 24. 30. Copy of a letter from the Governor and Lieut.-Governor of Chelsea Hospital to Lord Lansdowne. The twelve old invalid companies (viz., those at Tinmouth, West Chester, and Hampton Court) had been formed about 20 years, and the other eight companies about four years; and money had been voted for them by Parliament. They had done duty at divers forts, and received the same pay as they would have received as out-pensioners. Dated Royal Hospital near Chelsea, 24 March 1711–12. 1½ pages.
March 24. 31. Lord Lansdowne to Wm Lowndes, Esq. Her Majesty has consented to renew the pension of Sir Scipio Hill, which he enjoyed in Scotland before the Union, and has directed a warrant to be prepared, but has left the arrears to the consideration of the Lord Treasurer. Dated Whitehall, 24 Mar. 1711–12.
Minuted:—“7th Apr. 1712. There is no fund for satisfying any arrears.” 1 page, quarto.
March 24. 32. The same to the same. Had prepared an establishment of the four Independent Companies to be employed in the garrison of Annapolis Royal, Dated Whitehall, 24 March 1711–12.
Also Brigadier Nicholson's letter thereon. 2½ pages.
March 25 33. Comrs for Sick and Wounded to Wm Lowndes, Esqre. The Lord High Treasurer had ordered that they should pay William Slaughter, their Marshal at Plymouth, the whole money due to him between 1 Oct. 1711 and the last of Feb. following, being ¾ths of the money granted. They say:—“If it be his Lordp's express pleasure that we pay the same to him, we shall undoubtedly comply therewith, but as her Majesty has done us the honour to committ the business of this office to our care & management, we should be wanting to ourselves as well as unjust to the rest of our officers, and other concerned under us, if we should not represent to his Lordp the true state of this matter,” &c. They then set out the other claims on their office, and say that Mr Slaughter had made a false suggestion as to what the grant was intended for. Dated Office for Sick and Wounded, &c., 25 March 1711–12.
Minuted:—“To be considered wn the Trea[su]rer of the Navy is here.” 3 pages.
March 25. 34. “Mr Bruce's answer to Mr Harley's objections agt allowing the incidents in my late son Herbert's account of prizes. Given mee 25 March 1712.”
[Mr Herbert was Receiver General of Prizes.] 1½ pages.
[? About
March 25.]
35. “Orders, rules, and instructions to be observed for the future touching her Majesty's royal hospital near Chelsea and the out-pensioners belonging thereunto, in order to the admittance of such non-commissioned officers and soldiers that are or shall be disabled by wounds in fight (or other accidents in the service of the crown).” 2 pages.
March 25. 36. Board of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer. Inclose letter to and reply from Lord Dartmouth relating to the train in Spain. Ask for provision of money for the same. Dated Office of Ordnance, 25 March 1712.
The letters named.
Minuted:—“Ordnance to be sent to (sic). It's proposed that this be supplyed out of the 330,000 for Spaine.” 3 pages.
March 25. 37. Report of the Controllers of the Accounts of the Army to the Lord High Treasurer upon the petition of the colonels of the four regiments that were shipwrecked “in the river of Canada,” relating to the loss of their arms and accoutrements: recommending that relief should be afforded in consideration of the extraordinary accident. Dated Controller's Office, Privy Gardens, 25 March 1712.
Minuted:—“5 April 1712. Agreed, but to be delivered by the Ordnance, & the regts not to be charged.” 5 pages.
March 25. 38. “An accot of the charge of the war in Portugal for three months, viz., from the 23rd day of December 1711 to the 25th day of March 1712 exclusive, upon the foot of the establishment proposed for the year 1711.” 1 page.
March 25. 39. A draft of certain estimates for charges of war, including a regiment taken prisoners at Brihuega. Chiefly from Lady Day 1712. 2¼ pages.
March 25. 40. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Transmits by command of her Majesty the petition of Mr Prodgers or Proger, claiming the benefit of a grant made to him by King Charles II. of 5,000l. (of which he had received but 1,000l.), afterwards commuted to 400l. per ann. until the full 4,000l. should be paid. Dated Whitehall, 25 March 1712.
The petition mentioned. The petitioner says that he was the only servant living of King Charles I., and had served the Crown three score and sixteen years, and was nearly 90 years old.
Referred by the Queen to the Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieut., to report on. 2 pages.
March 25.]
41. Petition of the Groom Keepers to the Duke of Beaufort, Lord Warden of the New Forest. 300l. were due to them for salary to Lady Day 1712. Pray his Grace to intercede with the Lord High Treasurer for them. Signed.
Minuted:—“A wt to be prepared.” 1 page.
March 26. 42. Comrs for Accounts to the Lord High Treasurer. Ask for his Lp's order for a quarter's salary, at 500l. a year each. Dated Essex House, 26 Mar. 1712. 1 page.
March 26. 43. Comrs of Customs (Scotland) to the Lord High Treasurer. Enclose a narrative of several gross and shameful frauds discovered at the port of Preston Pans. Recommend the dismissal of the officers and appointment of others chosen by them. Dated Customho., Edinburgh, 26 March 1712.
The narrative named which gives a great number of instances of the frauds. 8½ pages.
March 27. 44. Report of the Attorney General (Northey) to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of John Burgh, Esq., as to the compounding for his debts to the crown with Mr Wicks, who was receiver of the plantation duties in the port of London. Dated 27 March 1712.
Minuted:—“Read 27th Mar. 1712. The Q. has no objection.”
Copy of the above report and of a previous one from him of March 2, 1705, on the same subject. 4 pages.
March 28. 45. Lord Lansdowne to Mr Lowndes. Major-General Tatton had her Majesty's orders to review the Invalids and make a report of such as were fit to be incorporated into regiments as recruits. Dated Whitehall, 28 March 1712. 1 page, quarto.
March 28. 46. Treasurer of the Navy (C. Cæsar) to the Lord [High Treasurer]. The wives and attorneys of several seamen, turned over from H.M. ships “Essex,” &c., were very importunate for their pay. Asks that at least 20,000l. should be ordered. Dated 28 Mar. 1712. 1 page.
March 28. 47. Representation of the Comrs for Hackney Coaches to the Lord High Treasurer respecting Mr Wanley's claim as their housekeeper to possession of the whole house. Upon its first erection, in 1694, the office was kept in Duke St, Westminster, and in 1695 was removed into Surrey Street. Ask his Lordship's particular orders thereon. Dated Office for Hackney Coaches, 28 March 1712. 2 pages.
March 29. 48. Sir Stephen Fox to William Lowndes, Esq. Asks him to lay before the Lord Treasurer the case of Mr Wharton, receiver of revenue by hackney coaches and chairs. States what the duties and salary of the latter were, and the hardship it would be to take his lodgings from him. Dated 29 March 1712. 1 page.
March 29. 49. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Sir Barnabas Scudamore, concerning his account as late collector of Liverpool, he having been discharged from his office by the Comrs and an arrear being due from him. They could not agree that his security should be discharged. Dated Custom House, London, 29 Mar. 1712.
The petition referred to. 3½ pages.
March 31. 50. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, to —. Encloses a letter. If it were not impertinent, would recommend the case of Mr Dawson, a merchant of Hull, who really is an honest man. Dated Lambeth House, 31 March 1712.
Docquetted:—“Mr Dawson praying paymt of bounty on export of fish.”
(The letter not now forthcoming.) 1 page, quarto.
March 31. 51. Lord Lansdowne to Mr Lowndes. It was her Majesty's pleasure that the enclosed report from the Duke of Ormond on the petitions of Major Stewart and Lieut. Carey for a provision for them on the establishment of half-pay in Ireland, should be laid before the Lord Treasurer. Dated Whitehall, 31 Mar. 1712. 2 pages.