Volume 147: April 23-May 31, 1712

Pages 380-390

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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April 23–May 31, 1712

April 23. 1. Report of Lord Lansdowne, P. Meadows, and Ja. Bruce to the Lord High Treasurer, as to a method for reducing the troops on the establishment for Spain and Portugal, so that the expense might not exceed the vote by parliament. Dated 23 April 1712.
Also, “List of all the regiments of horse, foot, & dragoons in her Majesty's service, beginning with the youngest corps, according to the dates of their raising, and so upwards, out of which thirty-two regiments (including those already reduced) are to be reduced or transferred to the establishment of Ireland, to supply the vacancys thereon, no further provision being made by Parliament for the same.”
Minuted:—“Apr. 24, 1712. To be laid before ye Queen & the Lords.” 14 pages.
April 23. 2. Francis Palmes to the Lord [? High Treasurer]. Lays before his Lp a state of what was due to him for his late employment in her Majesty's service at Vienna and Turin. Asks for payment especially as Lord Townsend and some others (whose employment has determined) have cleared their whole arrears. Dated Lond., 23 April 1712.
Minuted:—“April 23d 1712. Mr Powys to state this demand.”
Four other papers relating thereto, including the “state” above referred to. 5 pages.
April 23. 3. Proposal of Joseph Denham addressed to William Lowndes, Esq., to lay a toll of 1s. in the pound on horses bought or sold, bartered or “trickt away,” also a duty on packhorses, or on those that draw a waggon. Dated 23 April 1712. 1 page and 2 halves, quarto.
April 23.]
4. “A state of what will be necessary to clear the subsistence of her Majesty's forces, prisoners in Spain, from the 23d of April 1712 to 22 Dec. next.” 2 pages.
April 24. 5. J. Burchett to John Taylor, Esq., Treasury Chambers. Encloses a copy of a letter from Captain Gordon, commander of H.M. ship “Lowestoff,” in answer to a petition of William Penn, Esq., and to other papers relating to a prize seized by the captain. Dated Admiralty Office, 24 Apr. 1712.
The copy named. 4 pages.
April 24. 6. Mr Richard Crawley to the same. Had then 2,131l. 4s.d. of salvage money in his hands, and had received no other droits or perquisites of Admiralty. Had accounted before the Auditor for all salvage money by him received during the time of the late Lord High Admiral and paid the balance of it into the Exchequer. Dated Ds Commons, 24 Apr. 1712.
An extract from letters patent of 20 Dec., 9 Anne, on the subject of Admiralty droits. 3 pages.
April 24. 7. Lord Lansdowne to Mr Lowndes. Her Majesty had expressed her inclinations that the arrears, due to Sir Timothy Daly, Major Jennings, and Captain Cowdell, who quitted the enemy's service for her Majesty's, should be paid, and that they should be recommended to her allies. Dated Whitehall, 24 April 1712.
Also a list of the officers who had so quitted the French service. 4 pages.
April 24. 8. The same to the same. Desired the Lord Treasurer might be moved on the petition of the officers of invalids formed the last year. They were in extreme want. Same date.
The petition from the invalid officers at the Tower.
Minuted:—“Mr Merrill in case these officers are within the provic[i]on made by parłt is to make a demand for them on his next memll for subsistence.
“There is no establishment for these compas that Mr Howe knowes of, and the 60,000l. given by parliamt on accot for the Royll Hospl and invalids being very short of ye estimate for that service, Mr Howe hath not yet recd any directions how that sum is intended to be applyed.” 2 pages.
April 24. 9. Affidavit of Charles D'Avenant, of the city of London, Doctor of Laws, with regard to the sale of a pension of 500l. per ann. granted by her Majesty to the Rt Hon. Arthur Earl of Granard. Sworn 24 Apr. 1712. 1 page.
April 25. 10. Report of James Brydges, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer in relation to the clothing of the serjeants, prisoners at Almanza. Nothing remained in his hands to satisfy the demands. Dated Pay Office, 25 Apr. 1712.
Their memorial and two papers on the same subject.
Minuted:—“16 June 1712. This being the case my Lord can do nothing herein.” 2 pages.
April 25. 11. Memorial to the Lord High Treasurer from Bernard Hutchins, Esq., paymaster of the 1,500,000l. lottery, granted A.D. 1711. Was directed to pay certain lottery tickets. Evil persons had forged several tickets. Lord Halifax had reported that no convenient place could be found for the execution of his (Hutchins') office. Had applied to the Bank of England to make the payment, but they would not undertake it unless the tickets were checked by the proper officer, or they were indemnified for any forgeries. Could not without great hazard pay the same unless checked, &c. Dated 25 Apr. 1712.
Minuted:—“26 April 1712. My Lord is of opinion the difficulty of paying in respect to the danger of counterfeits needs not to be insisted on. The money is wanted, and my Lord says (Mr Hutchins being present) that the payment must not be longer delayed. Write to Lord Halifax to put Mr Hutchins into the possession of the rooms, or one of them, now in the poss[ess]ion of Horne & Edwards.” 2 pages.
April 25. 12. Lord Lansdowne to Mr Lowndes. Sends a “state” of the savings proposed to be made on the forces and garrisons in Great Britain, so as to reduce the charge within the money voted by Parliament, and to provide for the garrison at Annapolis and enlarge the fund for contingencies; for the Lord Treasurer's approbation. Dated Whitehall, 25 Apr. 1712. 1 page, quarto.
April 26. 13. Report of Mr J. Howe to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of Major-Genl Handasyde for an allowance of interest on tallies on malt. Dated 26 Apr. 1712.
Minuted:—“To be allowed from the 22 Xbr. last and no further.” 2 pages (a piece at the right-hand side torn away).
April 28. 14. Petition of David Burton of Edinburgh, glazier, and John Lethem of the same place, smith, to the Lord High Treasurer, praying payment of their bills for work and necessaries for the castle of Edinburgh and the palace of Holyrood.
Two affidavits, dated 28 April 1712, and several accounts. 18 pages.
April 28. 15. Report of William Borrett to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of William Ogden. The petitioner was convicted for a trespass, assault, and wounding, and for two other trespasses, and was fined altogether 14l. 13s. 4d., and committed to the Marshalsea prison, Southwark. The minister and churchwardens of St Olaves, Southwark, recommend him as an object of charity. Dated 28 April 1712.
The petition and recommendation. 2 pages.
April 28. 16. Comrs of Victualling to Mr Taylour. Offer certain proposals for victualling the garrisons of Port Mahon and Gibraltar. Dated Victualling Office, 28 April 1712. 3 pages.
April 29. 17. J. Burchett to John Taylour, Esq. Sends by order of the Admiralty a copy of their memorial which was laid before Her Majesty last night, relating to the victualling of the garrisons of Gibraltar and Port Mahon, to be laid before the Lord Treasurer. By Admiral Baker's account the garrison of Gibraltar was in so great want of provisions that unless some speedy care were taken he did not know what the consequence might be. Dated Admiralty Office, 29 April 1712.
The copy mentioned.
Minuted:—“Extracts for vict. & direct them to attend on Fryday with a demand & the quantitys they propose to send.” 2½ pages.
April 29. 18. Comrs of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer praying for an order for a further supply of 25,171l. 13s. 1d. to pay the sums in the enclosed account. Dated Office of Ordnance, 29 April 1712.
The account named. 2 pages.
April 30. 19. Lord Lansdowne to the Earl of Dartmouth. Sends a list of the officers en second, distinguishing what regiments they belong to and where they respectively were, &c. Dated Whitehall, 30 April 1712 (copy).
Minuted:—“May 5 1712. To be certified to ye Lords.”
The list named. 4½ pages.
April. 20. “Mr Morice's accompt. for the month of April 1712.” [Receipts and disbursements for the army abroad.] 3 pages (imperfect).
[? April
or May.]
21. “List of several officers who have petitioned to be allowed half-pay in consideration of their former services in the army, with a state of their pretensions, the amount of their half-pay, and by whom recommended for the same.”
[The services, wounds, and other particulars of each of them are set out. The date is inferred from one of the persons being wounded at the battle of Saragossa, which was fought apparently 20 months before the list was made out.] 3 pages.
May 1.]
22. Petition of Lieut. Terrence Hearne to the Lord High Treasurer. Was some years page to the late Countess of Peterborough, went to Spain with the Earl, was with his Lp at the taking of Monjewick and Barcelona, where he was sore wounded, but attended his Lp in every expedition there, for which his Lp honoured him with a pair of colours in Col. Alnutt's regiment of foot. Was taken at “Brewagua” [Brihuega] and had just got home after much hardship. Asked his Lp, the Earl's best friend, to make provision for him. “R May 1 1712.” 1 page.
May 1. 23. Memorial of the Comrs for sick and wounded seamen, &c., to the Lord High Treasurer, praying for a grant of 14,138l. 1s. 3d. for the home ports. Dated 1 May 1712. 1½ pages.
May 1. 24. Similar memorial for 34,356l. 15s.d. for the foreign service. Same date. 1 page.
May 2. 25. Comrs of Transport to the Secretaries of the Treasury. Ask that the Lord High Treasurer should be moved for the payment of their bills registered in course. Dated Transport Office, 2 May 1712. 1½ pages.
May 2. 26. R. Howe to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Sir Simeon Stuart had cut down 300 of the best trees at Binswood in Holt Forest, and declared he would cut down all that wood. The workmen employed lived remote from the place, those who lived in the adjacent parishes and had a right of herbage and pannage in Binswood as part of the forest, refused to work for him, knowing he had no right to cut the same. If a speedy stop were not put to it, others would take the like liberty, and the timber and venison would he totally destroyed. Dated London, 2 May 1712. 1 page.
May 2.]
27. “William Lowen's acct of bringing up 100d red deer from Houghton Park to Windsor Forest.”
“R. May 2, 1712, from Sr Wm Wyndham.” 3 pages.
May 2. 28. Board of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer. Encloses copies of letters as to the charge of the train in Spain. Ask his Lps commands as to the bills drawn upon them for subsistence of the train. Dated Office of Ordnance, 2 May 1712. The enclosures are not with it. 1 page.
May 3.]
29. Memorial of Samuel Edwin, usher of the Exchequer. Claims to furnish the orders for the lottery of 1,500,000l., and to be protected in his rights and perquisites of his office.
Minuted:—“June 16th 1712. My Lord determines this for those that will do the duty cheapest.”
This memorial was before his Lp on 3 May 1712, see Minute Book, Vol. XVII. p. 184; and again on 5 May, see Ib., p. 185. 1 page and 3 lines.
May 3. 30. Samuel Lynn to Mr Taylour about certain officers on half pay and en second in Brigadier Sutton's regiment. Dated Whitehall, 3 May 1712.
Also a certificate of Captain Gardner as to their service. 3 pages.
May 3. 31. Comrs of Victualling to the same as to the proportion of provisions to be sent to Gibraltar. Advise that the same should be sent from Lisbon. Dated Victualling Office, 3 May 1712.
Three other papers as to the victualling and persons victualled there, 11½ pages.
May 6.]
32. Memorial of the Duke of Northumberland to the Lord High Treasurer. Prays a warrant for payment of his allowance for two and a quarter years, at 10s. a day, as Captain and Governor of Windsor Castle.
“R. May 6, 1712. Draw a warrant.” 1 page.
May 8. 33. William Lowndes to the Comrs of the Accounts of the Army as to the rendering of a distinct account of the stores brought back from the expedition to Canada. His Lp did not agree to their being sent to Spain. Might they not be supplied to Chelsea Hospital or to the Invalids? Dated Treasury Chambers, 8 May 1712. [? A copy, as it is not in Lowndes', the Secretary of the Treasury's handwriting.] 2 pages.
May 8. 34. Representation from the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland (Smith and Scrope) for a further allowance of 200l. a year to Mr Douglas, Receiver General of the Land Tax.
Minuted:—“8th May 1712. My Lord agrees to this proposal, & directs a warrt to be prepared accordingly.” 1 page.
May 9. 35. Report of Thomas Atterbury to the Lord High Treasurer on Mr Couchman's bills. His journey from London to Hanover and back to London would “stand him in” about 60l., and his late journey to the Hague and other places with the Hon. Mr. Harley might have cost 40l., so that 100l. might be sufficient. Dated 9 May 1712.
Minuted:—“12 May 1712. My Lord ordrs the 128li due on ye bills but no salary.” 2 pages.
May 9. 36. Report of the Comrs for Transports to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of George England and others, owners of four ships employed in the late expedition to Canada. The Victualling Office ought to make them allowance for the delay in unloading their cargoes. Dated Transport Office, 9 May 1712.
The petition. 2½ pages.
May 9. 37. Copy of the representation of the officers of Her Majesty's Works to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the hardships of their office by payments to them in tin tallies. If their tallies were delivered into their hands, they would be at a discount of 32 per cent. Pray that they may have interest at 6 per cent. Dated 9 May 1712.
Minuted:—“When they are at a more reasonable discot my Lord will reconsider this meml.” 1½ pages.
May 9. 38. Petition of Sir Solomon de Medina to the Lord High Treasurer. Had already solemnly declared to his Lp that he could go no further with the payment of the bills drawn and redrawn for carrying on her Majesty's service, accepted by Moses de Medina, whose credit, tho' one of the best on 'Change, lay at stake, as well as his (Sir Solomon's). They had both of them sold and pawned all they had in the world. Unless they had 20,000l. at least, their ruin and that of their families must immediately follow, and the credit of the nation would certainly suffer, everybody knowing that the Government was indebted to him (the petitioner) about 60,000l. Dated 9 May 1712.
Minuted:—“9 May 1712. What appears to be due on the Audrs rept to be paid as soon as it shall be brought in.” 1 page.
May 9. 39. Report of the Officers for Works to the Lord High Treasurer, giving their opinion as to what they thought was reasonable to be allowed for works for the Mews at Charing Cross and Kensington, between 1705 and 1711. Dated Whitehall, Office of Works, 9 May 1712. 1½ pages.
May 12. 40. Board of Green Cloth to the Lord [High Treasurer]. 4 hogsheads and 21 chests of Burgundy, hermitage, and champagne wines had been sent for from Holland by her Majesty's direction and for her service, which had been seized by the Surveyor of Customs. Desired that the Queen's moiety might be discharged, as had been the case formerly. Dated Board of Greencloth, 12 May 1712. 1 page.
[May 12]. 41. William Penn to the Lord High Treasurer. Till he could enjoy a few moments with his Lp, asks for a warrant to be prepared to the officers of Customs in Pennsylvania to suffer the goods condemned for false trading to be exported, in order that waiting and warehouse room might not eat out the Queen's third and his own.
P.S.—Asks his Lp to present his memorial. Dated 12 Curt 1712. [The docquet states that is 12 May 1712.]
Minuted:—“Send to C. C. to give my Lord an accot of what they thinke prop[er] to be done.” 1 page, holograph.
May 12. 42. Memorial of Robt Walpole, Esq., to the Lord [High Treasurer] for the disposing of 10,800l. tallies and 800l. in money for defalcations made on ships' books, the same being due to Greenwich Hospital and the chest at Chatham. Dated 12 May 1712.
Minuted:—“Agreed.” 1 page.
May 12. 43. Wm Wogan to Lord —. The Duke of Ormond had recommended to his Lp the payment of the arrears of an annuity of 150l. to his father and mother, and the establishment of the same for the future. Their lands, “wares,” and mills, worth 500l. a year, had been granted to the Crown. Proposed that 500l. a year should be paid. Dated 12 May 1712.
Minuted:—“The wt to be p[re]pared accordingly.” 1 page.
[? About
May 13.]
44. Memorial of “several merchants” to the Lord High Treasurer, praying to be paid the two thirds of the value of bills drawn on account of the Canada expedition, without an abatement of 5 per cent. On the back is:—“13 May 1712.” 1 page.
[? About
May 13.]
45. Similar memorial of Micajah Perry and several other merchants for one fourth of their bills. ? About the same time.
List of the bills. 2 pages.
May 14. 46. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on a memorial of the Earl of Derby, and on an Act passed in the Isle of Man for preventing the shipping off goods there, in order to be run in Great Britain and Ireland: proposing other clauses, &c. Dated Custom House, London, 14 May 1712.
Minuted:—“14th May 1712. Copy of so much of this rept as relates to the E. of Derby to be sent to his Lordp. As to the 5 tun of wine, &c., proposed to be allowd to be imported, duty free, by ye Earl of Derby, my Lord thinkes it more for ye Qs service that an equivalent in mo should be allowd him, rather yn ye dutys.”
Five enclosures, one of which is a letter from Lord Derby. 15½ pages.
May 14. 47. Report of the Comrs for Trade to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Robert Lee Esqre, executor in trust for the younger children of the late Earl of Stirling; relating to a large tract of land in America, comprehending part of New York and Long Island, conveyed by the said Earl to the then Duke of York in or about the year 1663, and to the arrears of an annuity of 300l. per ann., due to the said Earl, or his executors, in compensation thereof; the whole with the interest amounting to 9,600l. The Commrs did not know how the revenue of New York had been expended, and could not inform his Lp whether there had been any surplusage, to compensate the petitioners for their pension and the interest thereon. Dated Whitehall, 14 May 1712.
Minuted:—“Read 28th June 1712. There doth not appear to my Lord Trea[sure]r to be any surplus out of wch the wthin menc[i]ond debt can be paid.”
The petition. 3 pages.
May 14. 48. Mr. J. Burchett to John Taylor, Esq. The Lords of the Admiralty had recommended to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh to send one of the ships under his direction to cruise at the Isle of May. Dated Admiralty Office, 14 May 1712. 1 page.
May 14. 49. “John Williams his reply to the report of the Comrs of the Mint against his proposal for advancing the price and selling all her Maties tyn.” Addressed to the Lord High Treasurer. Dated 14 May 1712.
Minuted:—“14 May 1712. This is a wild proposall & if put in practice must wrack the invenc[i]ons of men to substitute something wch may be found out instead of tyn, or to seek tyn from any country but England. For if any comodity be overburthened in price, the trade for the same cannot but sink and be depressed.” 3 pages, quarto.
May 14. 50. Comrs for Victualling to Mr Lowndes. “Port Chester Castle” would appear to be a very proper place for erecting a brewhouse, or a brewhouse at Portsmouth would be of very great advantage if it could be purchased. Dated Victualling Office, 14 May 1712.
Minuted:—“To be considerd when Comrs attend next.” 2 pages.
[? About
May 14.]
51. Account of money disbursed by John Netmaker, Commissary of the stores to the expedition to Canada, for contingent charges, &c. About 14 May 1712, from an entry. 3 pages.
May 16. 52. Auditor of Imprest's (Harley) report to the Lord [High Treasurer] on Sir Solomon de Medina's bread and bread waggon accounts for the year 1711. Dated 16 May 1712.
Minuted:—“19 May 1712. The ballance of this acct to he forthwith issued to Mr Brydges.” 4½ pages.
May 20. 53. Report of the Controllers of the Accounts of the Army to the Lord High Treasurer, on the instructions for Mr Henry Watkins, appointed inspector of the Extraordinaries of the war in Flanders. Enclose a draft of the instructions which they propose should be sent. Dated Controller's Office, Privy Gardens, 20th May 1712.
The instructions named.
Minuted:—“A copy of the draft of instructions sent to Mr Secry St. John, 3 June 1712. Vide the L~re book.” 4 pages.
May 20. 54. Report of the Comrs of Victualling to Mr Taylour on the petition of the owners of four ships employed in the late expedition to Canada. On the return of these vessels they had divers stores on board, which they (the Comrs) refused to receive, as contrary to their practice. The Comrs for Transport should compensate the owners for the detention of the ships if it were thought necessary. Should this be done it would establish a precedent. Dated Victualling Office, 20 May 1712.
Minuted:—“Read 22th May 1712. My Lord says he cannot by any means make a precedt that may prove so prejudicial to her Mat's service as the Comrs are apprehensive this might be.” 2 pages.
[? About
May 21.]
55. J. Dixon to the Lord High Treasurer. Was arrested by an attachment from the Court of Exchequer for want of an answer to the bill against him for “compounding of beer with the pursers of her Majesty's ships.” Prayed his Lordship's favour.
Minuted:—“21 May 1712. Write to Mr Borrett.” 1 page.
[? About
May 22.]
56. Memorial and copy of letter of Mr Lowndes for John Clarke to succeed Mr Cheney in a stamper's place. The latter dated 22 May 1712. 2 pages, quarto.
May 23. 57. “Memorial of the Directors of the South Sea Company, concerning army and transport debentures to be subscribed into the South Sea Stock.” Dated South Sea House, 23 May 1712.
Enclose memorial of the proprietors of army and transport debentures. Signed 2 pages.
May 24. 58. Samuel Lynn to Mr Lowndes. As to the mustering of the troops and garrisons in Great Britain. Lord Lansdowne desired the Lord Treasurer would direct the Commissaries to proceed therein. Dated Whitehall, 24 May 1712.
Minuted:—“Only to 24 June next. Not to take any advc thereof from yt time.” 1 page.
May 25. 59. Report of the Attorney General (Northey) to the Lord High Treasurer on a report of the Comrs of Customs as to the destruction of damaged tobacco, &c. Suggests the propriety of the Comrs proposing a clause to prevent fraudulent drawbacks. Dated 25 May 1712.
The report and two other papers relating thereto. 5 pages.
May 27. 60. “An account of the debt for transporting her Majesty's forces remaining unsatisfied upon the register, payable in course, on contracts made before the 29th Septembr 1711, viz., from the 29th Septembr 1711 to the 30th April 1712.” Dated Transport Office, 27 May 1712.
Minuted:—“28 May 1712. See wt the proporc[i]ons are and let this be assigned in case it do not exceed. [Added after] There is no proporc[i]ons, but a rule that all debts on contracts before 29 7br 1711 shall be paid out of South Sea Stock.” 1 page.
May 28. 61. Duke of Ormonde to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Signifies the great necessity of the undertakers for bread and bread waggons. Prays that the money due to them may be paid according to the contract. Dated “Camp at Cateau Cambresis,” 8 June 1712. [? N.S., i.e., 28 May.]
Memorandum relating thereto.
Minuted:—“9th June 1712. Mr Brydges to bring a memll for this to-morrow.” 3 pages, quarto.
May 28. 62. Lord Lansdowne to Mr Lowndes, in answer to his letter of the 29th March. Sends a list of warrants remaining in Mr Brydges' hands unsatisfied. Dated Whitehall, 28 May 1712.
The list referred to. 8 pages.
May 28. 63. Report of William Blathwaite, Esq., Auditor General of her Majesty's plantations in America, to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Mr Duport, merchant, in behalf of Ralph Willett, Esq., as to a grant for 2½ years of plantations in St Christophers by the Lieut.-Governor of the Leeward Islands (William Hamilton, Esq.). The grant might fitly be confirmed. Dated 28 May 1712.
The petition.
Minuted:—“19 July 1712. My Lord would know whether the Commrs for Trade have any objecc[i]on. There is no objecc[i]on, for the petrs request is only to confirme the grant for that terme, but no more, wch he has actually in the premisses.” 2½ pages.
May 30. 64. Officers of the Works to the Lord High Treasurer. Return their thanks that his Lp has considered the artizans and directed tallies for a year to be given out with interest upon the same. All agreed to the tallies being deposited in the hands of the Paymaster, to be so disposed of as that the credit of the tallies should not suffer by unreasonable discounts. Dated 30 May 1712. 1 page.
May 31. 65. Report of the Controllers of the Accounts of the Army to the same. Of the whole clothing and accoutrements and other goods committed to Mr Netmaker, the commissary, for which the government paid 28,086l. 5s., part came to the hands of Col. Hunter and six other colonels, and one other part was cast away, amounting in the whole to 17,703l. 12s. 4d., and the remainder was brought back, the particulars of which were in a schedule annexed. They suggest that a large portion of the sound clothing should be appropriated to the out-pensioners of Chelsea Hospital. Further suggest whether the South Sea Company would buy them. Dated Controller's Office, Privy Gardens, 31 May 1712.
The list referred to.
Minuted:—“Read 16th June 1712. Send to the Contrs of the Army accts to treat wth the S.S.C. or any others for taking off the undamaged stores brought from the expedition to Canada, in ordr to ye selling the same & accountg &c.” 6 pages.