Volume 152: September 16-October 7, 1712

Pages 424-430

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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September 16–October 7, 1712

Sept. 16. 1. Demands by James Brydges, Esq. [Paymaster], and funds remaining in his power. Dated 16 September 1712. 4 pages.
Sept. 16. 2. Similar demands by the Hon. John How. Same date. 2 pages.
Sept. 16. 3. Marine services necessary to be supplied before 1st Jan. next, and the funds to answer the same. Same date. 2 pages.
Sept. 16. 4. “Jeosuah Gomez Serra” to the Lord High Treasurer as to the payment of the subsidies, and interest thereon, to the King of Portugal. Dated London, 16 Sept. 1712. 1 page, quarto.
Sept. 16. 5. Memorial of the Treasurer of the Navy to the Lord [High Treasurer] for payment of 17,251l. 7s. 4d. Dated 16 Sept. 1712.
Minuted:—“Ordered.” 1 page.
Sept. 16. 6. Proposal of John Neale to the Lord High Treasurer for the furnishing of the garrison at Port Mahon with provisions for twelve months. Dated 16 Sept. 1712. 1 page.
Sept. 16. 7. Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of the Marquis of Montandre, as to arrears due for the arms of the regiment. Dated Office of Ordnance, 16 Sept. 1712.
Minuted:—“My Lord approves what has been done.” 1 page.
Sept. 17. 8. The same to the same, laying before his Lordship an estimate of the charge of the office to 1 Jan. following. Dated 17 Sept. 1712.
The estimate. 2 pages.
Sept. 17. 9. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer as to the slender securities taken in the port of London from merchants for the duties on tobacco imported. Dated 17 Sept. 1712.
The second minute on the back is:—“1st Oct. 1712. Read, Mr Attorney & Mr Sollr being present.” 4 pages.
Sept. 17. 10. Warrant from the Lord High Treasurer to Mr Borret to apply 500l. for survey of London and Westminster. Dated 17 Sept. 1712. 1 page.
Sept. 18. 11. “The highest prices paid by the Commrs for victualling her Mat's navy for several species of provisions on the old course, with the lowest prices since paid on the new course.” Dated London, Victualling Office, 18 Sept. 1712. 1 page.
Sept. 18. 12. Report of the [Agents for Taxes] to the Lord High Treasurer on a proposition of the African Company in relation to the debt owing by them to Mr Albert, late Receiver General for the county of Worcester. Dated 18 Sept. 1712.
Seven other papers relating to the same matter.
Minuted:—“19 7ber 1712. A copy to be given Mr Pindar for the use of the company.” 14 pages.
Sept. 18. 13. Sir Isaac Newton and Mr Halley to the Lord High Treasurer. Had sent for Mr Cawood and heard what he had to offer concerning the instrument invented by him for the improvement of navigation, which being a new sort of magnetical needle proposed to stand truly north and south without any variation, they were of opinion that such a needle would be of good use, but upon examining the same, and repeating the examination several days, they found it weak in virtue and uncertain in its position, and for the most part it had a variation like other needles, so that they were not yet satisfied that it would be of use. Had given him further time, and when they met with satisfaction would signify it to his Lordship, Dated Leicester Fields, 18 Sept. 1712. (In Newton's hand.) 1 page.
[? About
Sept. 18.]
14. Petition of Peter Davenport, peruke maker, to the Lord High Treasurer, praying his Lp to order Mr Lebas, [army] agent, to pay without delay Cornet Sims's note for 17l. 15s. 10d.
A small paper relating thereto.
Minuted:—“18 7br 1712. Already sent to ye comptrs.”
Another petition from him and similar paper. 4 pages.
Sept. 19. 15. Report of the Controllers of Army Accounts (Medows and Bruce) to the Ld High Treasurer on the memorial of Mr John Netmaker, commissary of stores for the late expedition to Canada, as to the terms on which he would re-ship the remainder of those stores thither: advising the payment to him of 668l. 7s. 9d. Dated 19 Sept. 1712.
His memorial and two other papers relating to the same.
Minuted:—“28 Oct. 1712. The 432. 2. 9. is a clayme grounded on ye contract and my Lord is pleased to allow him 100li more for his care of the goods from 11th Oct. 1711, until they are disposed: but he will have a sallary for going wth Collo Nicholson, with wch, and the sd 100li, he is to be satisfied: and both the 432. 2. 9. and 100li are to be a charge on ye produce of ye goods wch are to he sold by him, & in the mean time it is to be considered how some mony may be advanced thereupon.” 5 pages.
[? About
Sept. 19.]
16. “Abstract of the contract for victualling] Tanger.” Apparently in the handwriting of Mr Lowndes. The contract was dated 30 Aug. 1664.
Minuted:—“19 Sept. 1712. Prepare a paper to give publique notice that all persons may offer proposals for victuall[ing]. Port Mahon & Gibraltar.” 3 pages.
Sept. 20.
[or ? if N.S.,
Sept. 9.]
17. F. Manning to the Lord High Treasurer. For payment of arrears due to him. On the dorse is:—“There is due to Mr Manning as s[e]c[retar]ry to the g[a]r[ris]ons for a year & ¾ from 25th Decr 1710 to 29 Sepr 1712 on his allowance of 40s a day 1,288li 0 0. He is paid his extrrys to 18th July 1710 from whence noe bill is brought in. What he desires in his letter is halfe a year to bring him home, wch comes to 364li.” Dated Coire, 20 Sept. 1712. 3 pages.
Sept. 22. 18. Petition to the Lord High Treasurer from workmen employed in fitting up and repairing the house for the Transfer Office for the 1,500,000l. lottery for the year 1710, praying payment.
Also a letter from Mr Lowndes to the Comrs for the lottery, enclosing the bill of Samuel Edwin, Esq., usher of the Exchequer, for necessaries delivered in by him for the service of the Transfer Office for the lottery, and the bills of the workmen. Dated Treasury Chambers, 22 Sept. 1712. 2 pages.
Sept. 23. 19. Duke of Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer. The general officers serving there desired his Lp to transmit their memorial, asking that since the war was so near a conclusion, they might continue to receive their pay. His Lp thought they were equally entitled to it as in former years tho' the establishment had not provided for them. Dated Gand, 4 Oct. 1712, [i.e., 23 Sept. O. S.]
The memorial and a list of the general officers. 3 pages.
Sept. 23. 20. Three copies of reports and one original, a bill of exchange, and an account, relating to the prize ship “Le Jean de Grace,” taken by her Majesty's ship “Newcastle,” apparently in the year 1705, and delivered to William Salter, agent for her Majesty's Prize Office. They relate to the claims of the captors. The last date is 23 Sept. 1712. 6 pages, two parts.
Sept. 23. 21. Memorial of the Treasurer of the Navy (Cæsar) to the Lord High Treasurer, asking for the issue of 50,000l. Dated 23 Sept. 1712.
Minuted:—“This 50,000l. to be pd out of tallys on 15th 4 sh. ayd and out of the interest due thereupon wch inter, is is be surcharged for ye Queen's adva. L~re signed.” 1 page.
Sept. 24. 22. Comrs for Transports (Roope and Colby) to Mr Lowndes. As to the charge for shipping provisions, &c. supplied for the allies. Dated 24 Sept. 1712.
Enclosed is an account of hay, oats, &c. supplied to a Dutch transport at Plymouth in Feb. 1706. 2 pages.
Sept. 24. 23. Report of W. Wyndham to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of Gilbert Marshal, Esq., Deputy Commissary of the forces serving in the Low Countries. The appointment of the deputy commissaries to act in a particular place would be a means to strengthen the Queen's commission, and no injustice to the Commissary General. Dated Whitehall, 24 Sept. 1712.
Minuted:—“Ult. Oct. 1712. Read. To be considered when the D. of Ormd is here.” 2 pages.
Sept. 24. 24. Mr John Antis to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the books, instruments, and papers of the late Court of Wards, consisting of duplicates of inquisitions post-mortem, and all the proceedings of course in that court, &c., removed to a room over the Prince's Chamber at Westminster. Advised that each instrument should be digested according to order of time, with regard to the subjectmatter of it, and the contents put in a calendar with three indexes, one of the surnames, another of the lands, and the third of matters alphabetically disposed, &c. Further, that two or three persons conversant with records should be employed, who might be sworn before a baron of the Exchequer (these papers formerly relating to the revenue) not to embezzle or alter any of them. Was willing to undertake the custody of them and supervise the work without salary, and if her Majesty approved the Lord Marshal's nomination of him to be Garter [King at Arms], submitted whether the warrant might not annex these papers to that office, since these instruments were the surest proofs of descents of the nobility and gentry. Dated 24 Sept. 1712.
A memorial from him on the same subject in nearly the same terms. 4 pages, injured by damp.
Sept. 25. 25. “An accot of the services whereunto the moneys advanced upon tallys & orders were applyd,” from Mr Brydges's office. Dated 25 Sept. 1712. 1 page.
Sept. 25. 26. W. Wyndham to Mr Lowndes. Returns the project of a contract for provisions for a garrison of 4,000 men at Minorca, and 2,000 men at Gibraltar. Has considered the draft of an establishment (also retained) for an hospital at Dunkirk. Sends also a new establishment for the garrison at Minorca, with the addition of 2,000l. upon account of contingencies, for counter-signature by the Lord Treasurer. Has written to the Lords of the Admiralty about the clothing for the regiments in Spain, which lie ready to be shipped off Dated Whitehall, 25 Sept. 1712.
Minuted:—“Read 26 Sepr 1712.” 4 pages, quarto.
Sept. 26. 27. The same to the same. Sends the duplicates signed by her Majesty of the four establishments of the troops in Flanders, as also the establishment of the garrison of Annapolis, for countersignature of the Lord Treasurer. Also desires the following to be laid before his Lp, viz.:—
A letter from him to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the reduction of an additional company raised by Lieut.-Col. Duncan Mackenzy, for the third regiment of foot guards, to be employed in the Highlands, to prevent the thefts and depredations in the north of Scotland. Both dated Whitehall, 26 Sept. 1712. 2½ pages.
Sept. 27. 28. The same to the same. Encloses copy of a letter from Mr Burchett, concerning the clothing of the regiments to be sent to Spain, and transports for the same. Dated Whitehall, 27 Sept. 1712.
The enclosure.
Minuted:—“Lett an estim. be sent of what the charge wilbe and how much the men-of-war can take in.” 2 pages, quarto.
Sept. 27. 29. Col. Gledhill to William Lowndes, Esq. Encloses the particulars of his case. After having spent his youth and blood in the service, the regiment has been given too many times unjustly from him, and now he is reduced to half-pay. Dated Carlisle, 27 Sept. 1712.
His petition.
Was at the siege of “Doway,” much wounded and dragged naked into the town, and lost all his equipage, &c.
Affidavit as to sums paid by the Col. to the several officers who were killed (311l. 17s. 6d.). 3 pages.
Sept. 29. 30. Contingencies of divers natures, payable at the Exchequer between Michaelmas 1709 and Mich. 1712.
The last entry is:—“28 Sept. 1712. To Wm Penn, Esqr., in part of 12,000li in considerac[i]on of his surrendering into the hands of her Maty his pretentions to Pensilvania, &c., 1,000[l.]” 17 pages.
Sept. 29.]
31. Draft of a constitution for Mr Broughton to finish the receipt of the revenues of North Wales to Michaelmas 1712. Approved by Mr Attorney General.
Minuted:—“Constitution signd.” 1¼ pages.
Sept. 29. 32. “A state or view of the fond for the 2 million adventure, anno 1711, with the deficiency thereupon at Micħas 1712.”
A draft thereof which differs slightly. 4 pages.
Sept. 29.]
33. “Duties on hides, &c. excl. of Scotland and imported skins. From Mich. 1711 to about Michs 1712.” 1 page.
Sept. 30. 34. “Treasurer of the Navy's memorial for 58,000[l.],” with minutes that the sums in the items were ordered. Dated 30 Sept. 1712. 1 page.
? Sept or
35. “A state of what will be wanting to carry up the service in Flanders to the 22nd of December 1712.” 1 page.
Oct. 1. 36. Sir Ambrose Crowley to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends thanks from the directors of the South Sea Company for the two ships ordered to take their goods on board. The directors pray to know for how long time they are to be victualled. Dated South Sea House, 1 Oct. 1712. 1 page.
Oct. 3. 37. A letter docquetted:—“From D[uke of] Hamilton in relac[i]on to an establishmt of ordnance officers at Annapolis.”
Merely a covering letter. Dated St. James's Square, 3 October 1712. 1 page.
Oct. 3. 38. Saml Lynn (in the absence of Sir Wm Wyndham) to Mr Lowndes. Sends according to the last returns from Spain, an abstract of the number of prisoners coming from thence, which are to be carried to Ireland, and of others to be brought to England. Dated Whitehall, 3 Oct. 1712. 1 page, quarto.
Oct. 3. 39. Report of the Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Ormonde) to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of “Mary Lady Dowager Blaney” to her Majesty, praying a grant of 10s. a day more for the maintenance of herself and family, in addition to the like pension already allowed upon the establishment of Ireland. Had referred the matter to the Lords Justices, who had further referred it to the mustermaster-general of that kingdom. Enclosed their reports. The estate of the Lord Blaney was under sequestration, and the family very low and necessitous, and the [former] 10s. a day was not sufficient. They were objects of compassion. Dated Whitehall, 3 Oct. 1712.
Minuted:—“1 Oct. 1713. My Lord thinks the revenues will not bear the enlarging of penc[i]ons,”
The reports referred to. 3 pages.
Oct. 4. 40. Memorial signed W. Wyndham, to the Lord High Treasurer, in regard to reductions in the guards, garrisons, and land forces in Great Britain. Dated 4 Oct. 1712.
Encloses abstract of the charge of the same, and further reductions proposed to be made.
Minuted:—“17 Oct. 1712. Sir Wm Windham will prepare the nec[cessa]ry orders, and attend the Queen at Windsor.” 5 pages.
Oct. 4. 41. “A proposall most humbly offered by Colonel Thomas Ekines, for supplying the garrisons of Gibralter of 2,000 men, and Port Mahon of 4,000 men with provisions, according to the quantitys mencioned in the Gazett, he perfittly understanding the business, haveing bin commandr of a man-of-warr 23 yeares, and at the same time pursur and victualler of many of them. He hath this 3 years her Majt's brevet for colonel of foot, and her commission as governor of Scilly.” Dated 4 Oct. 1712. 1 page.
Oct. 7. 42. Proposal of Mr. Robert Corker of Falmouth, merchant, and Christopher Keon of London, merchant, towards supplying 6,000 men at Minorca and Gibraltar with beef, pork, oatmeal, and butter. Dated 7 Oct. 1712. 1½ pages.
Oct. 7. 43. An account of the sums issued to James Brydges, Esq., Paymaster General of her Majesty's forces, for various services, out of the funds granted for the year 1712, to the 7th of October 1712. 18½ pages.
Oct. 7. 44. Report of the Controllers of the Army Accounts (Medows and Bruce) and the master worker of the Mint (Sir Isaac Newton) to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of Mr Brydges, as to the rate at which French current money should be computed for the subsistence of her Majesty's forces in Dunkirk. Dated Controllers' Office, Privy Gardens, 7 Oct. 1712.
Mr Brydges's memorial, also an elaborate paper by Sir Isaac Newton on the course of exchange with France and Holland. 4 pages.
Oct. 7. 45. “Auditor Harley's report on extraordinary payments in Ld Fitzharding's office, Treasurer of the Chamber.” Dated 7 Oct. 1712.
The Treasurer of the Chamber's memorial thereon and two other papers. 4 pages.
Oct. 7. 46. Memorial of the Treasurer of the Navy to the Ld High Treasurer for 40,000l. to be supplied for the navy. Dated 7 October 1712. 1 page.