Volume 160: April 1-30, 1713

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Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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April 1–30, 1713

[? About
April 1.]
1. Memorial of Mr George Montgomery to the Lord High Treasurer praying for the office of secretary to the board of customs in Scotland, the office being filled by one who was not very acceptable to the Comrs and less so to the merchants.
“R. Apr. 1 1713 from E. Eglinton.” 1 page.
April 1. 2. Sir W. Wyndham, Secretary-at-War, to the Secretaries of the Treasury. The 8,000 Prussians in Italy have broken their stipulation for marching out of Italy without giving the notice required by the treaty, and no further pay is to be remitted to them. Gives the purport of the treaties concerning these troops. Dated Whitehall, 1 April 1713. 1½ pages, quarto.
April 2. 3. Memorial of the Same to the Same, relating to the garrison of Annapolis Royal. Captain Armstrong, being sent over from the garrison, produced a memorial asking for provisions besides their pay, the country being so far from able to furnish provisions that the greater part of those who lived near the garrison depended on it for provisions, of which none could be obtained nearer than at Boston, 100 leagues distant. The troops in this new colony had no opportunity when not on duty, of getting anything by working, except when employed on the fortifications; but at New York they could earn 3s. a day. Captain Armstrong produced another memorial from the garrison to the governor of New England to use his interest for a loan to preserve the garrison of Annapolis from the winter's misery, which might occasion a mutiny and dissolution of the garrison; but they got no relief. Another memorial represents that the buildings are much out of repair, and that there were no beds, &c., for the soldiers. Col. Veitch, the Lieut.-Governor, raised a company of Indians and brought them from Connecticut to Annapolis, where they were employed in building fortifications, &c. Asks for eight months subsistence to be immediately issued. Dated Whitehall, 2 April 1713.
The three memorials. 6 pages.
April 3. 4. J. Brydges to the Secretaries of the Treasury. Encloses an extract from a letter received from Mr Medlycot, the paymaster of the garrison of Gibraltar, to be laid before the Lord Treasurer. Dated Whitehall, 3 Apr. 1713
The extract referred to. 20,000l. had been received, and should be paid to the forces and garrison. Was much surprised that no subsistence was to be paid to the regiments of Withiers and Labouchetiers, and could not imagine what would become of them. They were a body of 400 of her Majesty's subjects, who had faithfully served her in her wars, and were left 80 miles up in a strange country without arms, bread, or transport allowed. The inspectors had discovered they were only half the number they originally were. 2½ pages.
April 4. 5. Representation to the Queen from the Comrs for settling the poor Palatines in Ireland. There came into that kingdom, in the months of September, October, and November, in the year 1709, 821 families, of which only 263 remained, the rest having left the kingdom. The 263 families contained 979 persons, who were settled on farms in the country. Her Majesty had allowed for 312 families 40s. per family yearly for seven years by letter dated 28 Mar. 1712, but before the letter came 49 families had removed. Partly by their ignorance of the climate and soil, and partly by the difficulty and delays in their settlement, they had been hindered from making the best advantage of their subsistence and improving their farms in such manner as there was reason to believe they would do if subsisted for some time longer, and if assisted to build their houses and furnished with grain to sow. The families that were settled employed themselves very industriously in raising hemp and flax, and would be of great use to the kingdom, and strengthen the Protestant interest, but till they were more perfect in the language, and better acquainted with the English laws and customs, a minister would be necessary to read to them in their own language, into which it was translated, the liturgy of the Church, to which they readily conformed; likewise an agent would be required that understood their language, who should take care they were not misused by their landlords or their Irish neighbours, who laid hold on any opportunity to abuse them. The Comrs prayed to be allowed the surplus of 624l. per ann. and 720l., Treasury fees, for their effectual settlement. These Palatines had all received the sacrament, and most of them according to the liturgy of the Church as by law established, but being ignorant of the Act requiring Protestant strangers to be naturalised and to take the oaths therein mentioned, they had omitted the same, but were ready to do so, &c. Dated Dublin, 4 April 1713. 3 pages.
[? About
April 4.]
6. Petition to the Lord High Treasurer of Catherine Waters, wife to Michael Waters, lieutenant in Col. Whiting's regiment, then in America, complaining that her husband's allowance was unpaid for fifteen months, and that she and her family were in great distress, and that her father in the late wars in Ireland lost his life and 1,500l. Prays for her Majesty's bounty.
Minuted:—“4 Apr. 1713. To Mr Sloper to give my Lord an accot why the mony is not p[ai]d to these women according to his Lop's direction.” Again:—“L~re sent.” 1 page.
[? About
April 4.]
7. Memorial of Charles, Lord Halifax, to the Lord High Treasurer. By the death of the late Lord Paget the mills at Longford had descended to Henry Lord Paget, captain of her Majesty's yeomen of the guard. Asks his Lp to consider whether the mills might not be purchased to convey water into the little river that runs across Hounslow Heath, and supplies the canals and basins at her Majesty's palace of Hampton Court.
Minuted:—“4 April 1713. My Lord will speak to my Lord Pagett concerning this.”
Again:—“A l~re to the works to veiw.” 1 page, quarto.
April 6. 8. Copy of a navy bill made out in the names of John Blunt and others for 3,260l. 7s. 9d., numbered 2,297, and dated 1 Apr. 1713, for their labour, &c. in taking in subscriptions for the South Sea Company, and for the charges of passing their accounts. The signature to it of the last date is 6 April 1713. 1 page, injured by damp.
April 6. 9. “Establishment of four independent companies of foot to be employed at Placentia and in the island of Newfoundland, and of other officers belonging to the garrison.” The date of commencement is not filled in. Dated 6 April 1713. 1 page.
April 10. 10. “An account of some extraordinary charges which attended the late war in the several parts of the service, and for which no provision hath been yet made by parliamt.” The last date is 10 Apr. 1713. 3½ pages.
April 10. 11. Representation by the [Comrs for Taxes] about the duties on houses in Cumberland and Westmoreland. Dated Office for Hides, &c., April 10, 1713. 1 page.
April 10. 12. J. Burchett to Wm Lowndes, Esq., as to the condition of the ship “Looe.” Dated Admiralty Office, 10 Apr. 1713. 1 page.
April 12. 13. Petition of Robert Walker, Edward Slather, and Nathl Yarnold to the Lord High Treasurer, praying to be allowed to furnish packet boats between Dover, Calais, and Ostend by contract with the Post Master General. Dated 12 April 1713.
Accompanied by the following certificate:—“These are to certifie that Mr Robert Walker and Mr Edward Slater, of Dover, are gentleman well affected to her Maty and the Church of England; are persons entirely in the interest of the present ministrey, have been serviceable to them in the late elections, and that they are fitly qualified to undertake the service of furnishing pacquetts between Dover, Calais, Ostend, or New Port.” 2 pages.
April 13. 14. Warrant of the Ld High Treasurer to her Majesty's Receiver General of duties on houses for Hertford, for payment of the salary of 50l. per ann. to Humphrey Knight, surveyor of duties on houses for the county of Hertford. Dated 13 April 1713.
Also the commission appointing the same surveyor. 2 pages.
April 15. 15. A report of the examination made by order of the Comrs of Customs into several matters relating to the accounts of Michael Wicks, late receiver in the port of London, with an abstract of the state of his account in the Controller General's books. The latter is dated 15 April 1713. A book of 53 pages.
Enclosed in the book are five papers of a previous date relating to the affairs of Mr Wicks. 13 pages.
April 15. 16. The charge of several presents provided and sent to the Dey of Algiers, amounting to 365l. 15s. Signed T. Baker. Dated London, 15 Apr. 1713. 1 page.
April 18. 17. Letter from Samuel Atkinson and Thomas Earsby to Thomas Harley, Esq., as to payment for stamps on hawkers' and pedlars' licences. Many of the persons were ancient “decriped people, and very poor.” Dated Office for licensing Hawkers and Pedlars, 18 Apr. 1713. 1½ pages.
April 18. 18. An account of the numbers and disposition of all her Majesty's forces now in pay. Dated 18 April 1713. 3 pages.
April 18. 19. Establishment for the officers and servants belonging to the royal hospital near Chelsea to commence from 25 Dec. last. Dated 18 April 1713. 2½ pages.
April 20. 20. Report of the Auditor (Harley) to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of the Lady Catherine Jones, daughter and administratrix of the late Earl of Ranelagh, deceased, respecting the settling of his accounts. Dated 20 Apr. 1713.
The memorial and two schedules. The memorial mentions the Earl's house at Cranborne, that at Chelsea, and the little house in St James's Place. 7 pages.
April 21. 21. Report of the Speaker of the House of Commons (Bromley) to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial of the clerks and servants of the House of Commons, viz., as to what they received and what they had lost by the General Naturalization Act, &c. Dated 21 Apr. 1713.
Minuted:—“21 Sept. 1713. p[re]pare a wt for the usuall alł.”
The memorial to her Majesty, and an account of the losses of the clerks and other officers of the House of Commons by reason of the General Naturalization Act and otherwise, and also an account of what salaries were by them received, and what augmentation might be proper to each of them if thought fit. Also a memorial to the Ld High Treasurer. 6 pages.
April 21. 22. Comrs of Customs (Scotland) to Wm Lowndes, Esq., as to a contract for remitting 13,000l., the money they had in hand. Dated Custom House, Edinburgh, 21 April 1713. 1 page.
April 22. 23. Report from the Comrs of the Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on a letter from the Comrs of the Customs in North Britain, proposing that a surveyor skilled in the tobacco trade should be sent from hence. Presenting for the office Wm Lone, in case a clause be not obtained in Parliament for destroying damaged tobacco. Dated Custom House, London, 22 April 1713.
Minuted:—“13 Augt 1713. To be considered wn the affaires of Scotland come before my Lord.”
The letter referred to and three other papers on the same subject. 5 pages.
April 22. 24. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Encloses an extract of a letter from Mr Loddington, the Queen's consul at Tripoli, relating to presents that have been usually made to the Bey, referred by the Queen to his Lordship. Dated Whitehall, 22 April 1713.
The extract not now with it. 1 page.
April 22. 25. Copy of the Controller's report upon the petition of John Sherman and others for the sum of 8,344l. 15s.d. for furnishing soft bread to the garrison of Gibraltar. Dated Privy Garden, 22 Apr. 1713.
The petition. 3½ pages.
April 23. 26. Comrs of Excise, Edinburgh, to the Lord High Treasurer. Enclose copy of a contract made for remitting the excise money, and a list of bills sent to the Comrs for duties on hides in London. Dated 23 Apr. 1713. 5 pages.
April 24. 27. Report of the Officers of Works to the Lord High Treasurer on the charge of putting her Majesty's mews near Charing Cross into repair. Dated April 24, 1713.
Also an estimate of the same.
Minuted:—“Read 6 May 1713. The repaires absolutely necessary are to be forthwth made, not exceeding 1,080l., as p[er] ye estimate.” See also Minute Book, Vol. XVIII., pp. 79 and 80. 3½ pages.
April 24. 28. Memorial of Sir Richard Myddleton, Bart., to the Lord High Treasurer praying the grant of the stewardship of the lordship of Denbigh in North Wales for his own and his son's life.
Docquetted:—“24 Apr. 1713.”
Minuted:—“Windsor, Febr. 1, 1713/14. Read to her Mate & the Queen was pleased to order it to be done.” 1 page.
April 28. 29. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer, in consequence of the article relating to commerce with France. Sending an account of the prohibitions on French goods in England since 1664, and the duties now chargeable on the same kinds imported from any other foreign parts. Dated 28 April 1713.
The enclosure not with it. 1 page.
April 28. 30. Comrs of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer. Enclose scheme for half-pay to the officers who had served in the trains of artillery in the last war. Ask directions as to laying the same before the House of Commons. Dated 28 Apr. 1713.
The enclosure not with it.
Minuted:—“1 May 1713. No objections to lay it before the house.” 1 page.
[? About
April 28.]
31. Memorial of Sir William Gifford, Knt, Governor of Greenwich Hospital, and keeper of the Royal Palace and park there, to the Lord High Treasurer. The park being for the most part dry and barren, afforded but very little grass in the most favourable years, and never sufficient to make the smallest quantity of hay. The deer (about eight score) must be supplied with hay much sooner and a for longer time than in any other parks, the charge whereof Sir Willm Gifford had defrayed for three winters past at 10 loads per ann., at 45s. per load. Prayed payment for what was already disbursed and for provision for the future, until her Majesty should settle the palace and park on the Hospital, or otherwise declare her pleasure.
Minuted:—“28 Apr. 1713. See wt will arise from the encroachmts and wt are ye rents & profitts of the mannr, so as to place this charge thereon, for it is not designed to give the parke to the hospitall.”
Again:—“2 Feb. 1713. Pay Sr Wm the money he is out for hay.” 1 page.
April 29. 32. William Wogan to Mr Lowndes. Sends a letter from the Comrs of Revenue, Ireland, relating to a Dutch man-of-war, which was obliged to pay duty for her provisions in the port of Limerick. As to special warrant for the same or a standing order. Dated 29 April 1713.
The letter referred to and copies of two letters of Lord Godolphin. 4 pages.
April 29. 33. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer. Enclose accounts of balances standing on the collectors of Excise, &c. Dated 29 Apr. 1713.
The accounts referred to. 4 pages.
[? About
April 30.]
34. Representation of Barons Smith and Scrope to the Lord High Treasurer about the tithes belonging to the crown patronages in Scotland. A commission should issue out of the Court of Exchequer to ascertain what the tithes were which were vested in the crown.
Minuted:—“Apr. 30, 1713. Agreed.” 1 page.
[? About
April 30.]
35. Representation from the same to the Lord High Treasurer. Presumed his Lp was not a stranger to several outrages that had been committed in Scotland, by breaking open warehouses in which uncustomed goods had been lodged. In future this might be prevented by providing sufficient warehouses in the principal ports of Scotland, particularly in the port of Leith.
Minuted:—“30 Apr. 1713. Agreed, but the barons of the Exchequer are to inform themselves of a proper building; to cause it to be surveyed, and to propose wt is nec[cessa]ry to be done for setling it in the crown.” 1 page.
April 30. 36. Comrs of Customs, Scotland, to Wm Lowndes, Esq. State the amount of salt remaining in the ports there. Mr James Gordon and Mr Crawford have offered 14d. a bushel for it. Dated Edinburgh, 30 April 1713.
Minuted:—“Write to ye Comrs of Vict. to inform themselves of the nature & val. of this salt, and to the Comrs of salt duty here to write to Scotl. for ye same purpose.” 1 page.
[? About
April 30.]
37. Representation of the Barons of the Exchequer (Scotland) to the Lord High Treasurer. A suit had been carried on in the Court of Exchequer in Scotland against the late tacksmen of the customs and foreign excise, to entitle her Majesty to a recompense and satisfaction for frauds by them committed in procuring an extraordinary importation before the Union by an unlawful giving down of customs. The tacksmen had at last given in full answers to the Lord Advocate's bill, but had insisted on the general pardon. To purchase their peace and have no further controversy with the crown, they had promised to pay her Majesty 5,000l. upon being exonerated. It would be more for the interest of the crown to accept the proposal offered, than to carry the cause to a conclusion according to the course of law.
Minuted:—“30 April 1713. Read & agreed, provided they reimburse the Queen the charges of the prosecution. Wt signd.”
Draft of privy seal for discharging the above tacksmen. 5¼ pages.