Volume 161: May 1-26, 1713

Pages 480-487

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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May 1–26, 1713

[? About
May 1.]
1. Memorial of James Cardonnel, who was secretary to Frederick, late Duke of Schomberg, in Ireland, until the battle of the Boyne, afterwards secretary to Charles, Duke of Schomberg, commander-in-chief of the forces in Piedmont, and secretary of the embassy to the Duke of Savoy; but Mons. Vandermier being soon after appointed envoy at the Court of Turin, he (Cardonnel) was obliged to quit the Duke in Germany, &c. Had received but eight months' pay for seven years' service, between 1691–2 and 1699. There were upwards of 2,000l. due to him, as appeared by the Duke of Schomberg's certificate.
Minuted:—“1 May 1713. If this be an arrear, how happens it that debentures were not made forth for the same?” 2 pages.
May 1. 2. “Copies of several orders to the Exchequer for paying unto Wm Grymes or to his assigns 169l. 8s. 6d. for making abstracts of letters patents of the late King James the First.” The last was on 1 May 1713, but the paper is probably later. 1 page.
May 2. 3. Report of Thomas Hewett to the Lord High Treasurer. Had informed himself of what quantity of timber would be wanting for the repair of Southwell Church, part thereof being finished. The remainder would take 141 tons of timber. Did not believe that the wood in Sherwood Forest was proper for building, being very old, tender, and decayed. Her Majesty formerly gave to repair Mansfield School ten trees, which were chosen by the workmen out of the best sort for that purpose; but when felled, were found to be faulty. If the sound trees were felled it would spoil the wood, make it too thin, and injure the cover. Asked if he should pay 300l. out of his sales in lieu of wood. The verderers continued selling the very best trees as fee trees, which had been thought by former justices in Eyre, as well as by himself, a damage to the wood. Dated 2 May 1713.
[The minute for this report to be made is entered in Minute Book, Vol. XVIII., p. 74.]
Also “An account taken of Southwell Minster of what timber hath been already used, and what is wanting towards the repair of it.” 2 pages.
May 6. 4. Memorial of the Rt Hon. Thomas Lord Mansel, one of the four tellers of the Exchequer, to the Lord High Treasurer, giving the particulars of his house in St Stephen's Court belonging to his office, which might be convenient for paying the lottery orders. Offering the same for 100l. per annum. Dated Exchequer, 6 May 1713.
Minuted:—“15 June 1713. Wt signed.”
Plan of the house.
Another copy of the memorial, and copy of subsequent proceedings on the same business, including the dormant warrant of 15 June 1713 for payment of the rent.
Minuted:—“10 Janry 1714/1715. Mr Smith, one of the tellers, desires that when these offices come to be setled, he may have possession of so much of the house, for which the 100li a year is paid, as is not actually used for offices.”
Again:—“18 [Jan.]. Rooms to be found in this house for the new offices.” 5 pages, and the plan.
May 6. 5. Comrs of Victualling to Thomas Harley, Esq. Send copy of an account which they had laid before the Lords of the Admiralty, of the cost of six months' provisions for the garrison of Placentia, consisting of 350 persons. Dated 6 May 1713.
The estimate and another paper.
Minuted:—“Capt. Moody to attend the Comrs Vict[ualling].” 4 pages.
May 7.]
6. Petition of Elizabeth Erskine, relict of Colonel George Murray. Her Majesty had bestowed a yearly pension of 100l. sterling on her on account of her husband's services to King Charles II., as appeared by privy seal of Scotland annexed. Petitioner had never received but 100l. thereof, and there were 550l. due. Prayed for the grant of a new warrant for the same.
Minuted:—“7 May 1713. 100li p[er] Compton to carry her downe. The barons, wn there, will see to place her for some small matter on the charity roll.”
The privy seal referred to. 2 pages.
May 7. 7. Petition of John Temple and William Sharrett to the Lord High Treasurer, asking his Lp to give such directions to the Comrs of Excise as he thought meet, in consequence of a vote of the House of Commons. Mr Temple was complaining of his long sufferings and incapacity, and Mr Sharrett of his long imprisonment and poverty. Dated 7 May 1713.
Minuted:—“Ref. to Comrs Excise.” 1 page.
May 8. 8. Controllers' (Medows and Bruce) report upon the remainder of the stores in Spain, under the care of Mr Theophilus Blyke. Dated Controllers Office, Privy Garden, 8 May 1713.
Accompanied by an account of the clothing consigned to Mr Vincent and Mr Blyke, Commissaries of the stores in Spain, and an account of stores belonging to her Majesty, and remaining under the care of Theophilus Blyke, Deputy to James Craggs, Esq., Commissary. Dated Barcelona, 1712.
Minuted:—“Sec[reta]ry at Warr. Blyke being on his returne home, write to Ld Dartmouth to order Admll Jennings to see wt care he has taken & to inspect the stores.”
“L~re writ.”
Two letters and a copy of a third relating thereto. 11 pages.
May 8. 9. Henry Cotigno to the Lord High Treasurer. Her Majesty knew his deplorable condition. Reminds his Lp of certain vacancies at the Custom House and of his qualifications, and could not but hope for some refreshment to a panting heart. Dated 8 May 1713. 1 page.
[? About
May 8.]
10. Memorial of Charles Kinnaird, Esq., to the Lord High Treasurer. John, late Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorn, deceased, was an immediate tenant or vassal of the Crown of Scotland. He left an infant heir, and the lands were vested in her Majesty during the minority. Asked that directions might be given to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland, to have trustees appointed.
Minuted:—“8th May 1713. To be sent to ye barons of ye Exchequer in Scotland to consider & rept. 1 page.
[? About
May 8.]
11. Proposal to erect two lights at the South End of Gibraltar Mountain, several ships having been lost by mistake in the entering into the Gut “to go through, out of the Mediterranean Sea into the Ocean, by taking the mountain of Carbonero and that of Gibraltar for the Mountain of Apes hill in Barbary & Gibraltar.” The expense would be small and the charge of coal could be made good by having nailers to work in the night at the fires.
Minuted:—“8th May 1713. To Comrs Navy & ye brethren of ye Trinity House.” 1 page.
May 9. 12. Representation by the Postmasters General to the Lord [High Treasurer] of the difficulties which had happened in New England by an act of Assembly, which enjoined the currency of paper bills in that province, as communicated by Mr Hamilton the manager of the posts throughout North America. Dated General Post Office, 9 May 1713.
Minuted:—“To Comrs Trade [for] their opinion upon this.” 1 page.
May 9.
13. Memorial of James Dixon of Portsmouth to the Lord High Treasurer as to his brewhouse, which had been valued by a jury at 4,000l. for the use of the Government. Had also been promised some recompense for the loss of his trade. By the delay in paying these sums, he was disabled from paying off the mortgages upon the same, for which the mortgagees were prosecuting him. Was prevented from going upon other business, and would be reduced to utter ruin without his Lordship's compassion. Was willing to take the 4,000l. in South Sea Stock.
“R. May 9, 1713.”
Minuted:—“My Lord believes there may not be the same occasion in time of peace.” 1 page.
May 9. 14. Comrs for Sick and Hurt Seamen to the Secretaries of the Treasury. Send an account of all the imprests standing out uncleared on 31 Dec. 1712, relating to their service. Dated 9 May 1713.
The account named. 1 page, quarto, and 1 large page.
May 11. 15. Report of Sir Thomas Hanmer presented from the Select Committee, appointed to consider and examine the estimate for the ordinary of the Navy for the year 1713, as read by him and delivered to the house at the clerk's table, on 11 May 1713. 7 pages.
May 12. 16. Memorial of the Governor and Directors of Greenwich Hospital to the Lord High Treasurer, praying his Lp to cause tallies and moneys to be issued to their treasurer, to pay the persons employed in building the hospital. 6,000l. a year had been given them for six years by the Act for building churches, and 6,000l. and 1,200l. remained in the Exchequer from the Prize Office, which had also been given for the same purpose. Dated May 12, 1713.
Minuted:—“13 May 1713. Send the part abt levying tallys to the Commrs for churches. Prepare a wt for the money pursuant to the Act, but know by wt rules they apply the same.” 1 page.
May 12. 17. Edward Southwell to Mr Harley. The Duke of Ormonde was of opinion that the Marquis de Montandre and Brigadier Windsor were entitled to 1,316l. 13s. 6d. for the pay of their regiments. Dated Spring Garden, 12 May 1713. 1 page.
May 12. 18. Report of John Anstis to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Thomas Rymer, Esq., and Awnsham and John Churchill, praying payment of 300l., being the amount of the loss by the fire at William Bowyer's printing office in White Friars, when 120 sheets of Mr Rymer's 15th volume were burnt; together with the MS. copy for the remainder of the volume and a quantity of paper: advising that the allowance was reasonable. Dated 12 May 1713.
Minuted:—“Read 16th May 1713. Agreed.”
The petition and an affidavit of William Bowyer thereon. 3 pages.
May 13. 19. Charles Carkesse to Thomas Harley, Esq. Transmits copy of the report of the Comrs of Customs for preventing the running of tobacco, which they had laid before the Committee of the House of Commons. Dated Custom House, 13 May 1713.
Also the report. 2½ pages.
May 14. 20. “Report of the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland [to the Lord High Treasurer] upon the signature to be passed for a de novo damus of lands in Birchill & in the Priory of St Andrew in Fife, in favours of Katherine Monypenny in Life Rent, and of David Monypenny in fee.” Dated Edinburgh, 14 May 1713. 1 page.
May 14. 21. Robert Pooley and Richard Martyn to William Lowndes, Esq. Transmit an account of the gross and net produce of the New Stamp duties arisen by the Act 9 Anne. Dated Stamp Office, Lincoln's Inn, 14 May 1713.
The account named. 2 pages.
May 14.]
22. “Reply to the paper delivered into the Treasury by the Prize Office entitled an answer to Mr Parker's demands,” relating to his services in connection with prize goods and affairs.
The answer referred to from the Prize Office to Mr Parker's demands. Dated 14 May 1713.
Four other papers connected with Mr Parker's affairs. 10 pages.
May 15. 23. Memorial of J. Holbech to the Lord High Treasurer for a warrant to allow certain extraordinary payments in the late Treasurer of the Chamber's final accounts.
Also a list of the payments named amongst which is, “To Mr Christopher Shrider, organ maker to her Maty, in full of his agreemt for a new organ wch he has put up in her Mat's chapel at Hampton Court, including fees by a like warrt signd and dated 12 Sept. 1712 537l. 10. 0.”
Also, “To Mr Dahl, painter, for her Majesty's picture in whole length for the Lord Bishop of Bristol, Lord Privy Seal as ambassr, &c., at the treaty of peace,” 50l.
Referred to the Hon. Edward Harley, Esq., one of the Auditors of Imprests, to report thereon. 15 May 1713. 3½ pages.
May 15. 24. Report of Sir Edward Northey to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Walter Noble, brother to Richard Noble, who was lately executed for killing John Sayers, Esq., praying for the forfeited estate of his late brother. Richard Noble was possessed of a leasehold house at Bath of the value of 80l. per ann. If her Majesty granted the goods and chattels of the deceased they might be granted subject to his debts. Dated 15 May 1713.
The petition. Minuted:—“15 June 1713. p[re]pare a wt. My Lord will take the Queen's pl. thereupon.”
Also an affidavit and another opinion of Sir Edward Northey on the subject of the grant of the estate. 4½ pages.
May 15. 25. Duke of Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer. The alteration in the method of mustering the forces in Flanders was not done by his directions. Hoped his Lp would think that the persons who gave the order were those most proper to be called to account for the same. Dated Cockpit, 15 May 1713. 2 pages, quarto.
May 15. 26. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends copy of a letter from Captain Trevor to the Lords of the Admiralty relating to an illegal trade between Gibraltar and Barbary for his Lp's consideration. Dated Whitehall, 15 May 1713. 1 page,quarto.
May 16. 27. Report of J. Brydges to the Lord [High Treasurer] on the petition of the clothiers of the forces of the Duke of Ormonde, on a letter signed “Bouer” about bills of exchange drawn by Mr Chetwynd and Mr Petit, on a petition of Captain Molie of the Earl of Galway's late Spanish regiment of foot, and on the petition of Doctor Michael Keating for his pay as physician to the hospital of Gibraltar. Dated Pay Office, Whitehall, 16 May 1713.
Minuted:—“19 May 1713. As to the clothiers my Lord thinks the off-reckonings of those regts, for wch muster rolls are not returned, the clothiers must apply to Paret [? Parliament] before his Lord[shi]p will give any order therein. Those for which muster rolls are returned Mr Brydges to state the off-reckonings due thereupon. As to Keating, there being no such officer as a physitian on the establishmt my Lord can take no notice of this demand.”
The four documents referred to. 6 pages.
May 16. 28. Commrs of Victualling to Mr Lowndes respecting the disposal of the salt in the different ports of Scotland. Dated Victualling Office, 16 May 1713. 3 pages.
May 16. 29. Report of Sir Edward Northey to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorial and other papers relating to lands of Sir Nicholas Morice at Plymouth, proposed to be leased to the Comrs of her Majesty's navy. Sir Nicholas had duly suffered a common recovery of the lands and he (the Attorney-General) had prepared a lease for the same for 21 years. The lands were wanted for a dock. Dated 16 May 1713.
Minuted:—“19 May 1713. Comrs navy that the m~res may be executed.”
Seven other documents and two plans, including a previous report of the Attorney-General and another of the surveyor general. 11½ pages.
May 16. 30. J. Scrope (one of the Barons of the Exchequer for Scotland) to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Had had his Lps commands from Mr Harley and thought that very little could be done in their affairs at present. The customs, however, required some immediate care. Dated 16 May 1713.
Also extract from the Minute Book, Vol. XVIII., p. 77, of 30 April 1713. The following marginal titles to the entries in this paper occur in the Minute Book:—“About Irish victual brought into Scotland. To ascertain the tythes and patronage in Scotland. Sheriffs to give notice of church vacancies. To compound with the late tacksmen of the customs. Directions about the 14,000li to encourage the trade of coarse wool, and to provide warehouses to lodge seizures.” 2½ pages.
May 16. 31. State of the money received and paid for tin since Mr Scobell's constitution, viz., 16 May 1713. 1½ pages.
May 18. 32. Bond in 1,000l. given by Nicholas Philpott of St James's, Westminster, Esq., to the Queen, to render faithful account to the Auditors of Imprest, of monies received from them for the payment of the half pay to the reformed officers of whom he was one of the paymasters. Dated 18 May 1713.
A like bond was entered into by William Morgan the other paymaster. 1 page.
May 18. 33. J. D. Crispe to the Hon. Thomas Harley, Esq. Enclosed copy of a letter from Mr Watkins by order of the Duke of Ormonde. Could not communicate the same to the Comrs of the hospital, they having adjourned. The Comrs thought there should be no more invalids admitted. Dated Chelsea Hospital, 18 May 1713.
The letter named. 2 pages.
May 19. 34. J. B. to the Lord [High Treasurer?]. Proposes to show how 26,000l. or upwards might be saved to the Queen, in the payment of the British troops in Flanders, Also proposes to discover the practices of commissaries, &c. Dated “Punts Coffy house, St Martin's Court, St Martin's Lane,” 19 May 1713.” 1 page.
May 21. 35. Warrant for the Lord Warden, &c., to view the woods of the New Forest, issued by Montague Lord Norreys, Baron of Rycott, Earl of Abingdon, Warden, Chief Justice and Justice in Eyre of the forests south of Trent. Dated 21 May 1713. 1 page.
May 21. 36. Thomas Dummer to the Lord High Treasurer. Could not, on account of the great arrears, prevail on the tradesmen to supply the many necessaries ordered to be forthwith provided for the great wardrobe against the thanksgiving day. 12,000l. at least would be wanted. Dated 21 May 1713.
Minuted:—“1,200li a week for 10 weeks.” 1 page, quarto.
May 22. 37. Representation of Robert Davers, Esq., Auditor of the Excise, to the Lord High Treasurer. The duty on candles required a clerk to be employed in the Auditor's Office, who would also be able to do the clerkship of the duty upon hops, &c. The warrant for allowing Sir Basill Dixwell, late Auditor of the Excise, 60l. per ann. had determined by his removal. Prayed that it might be renewed to pay for the clerkship. Dated Excise Office, 22 May 1713.
Minuted:—“5 June 1713. My Lord will renew the wt to him for the 60l. a year.”
Copy of the warrant. 2 pages.
May 26. 38. Memorial of Henry Portman to the Lord High Treasurer. Since he had been ranger of Hyde Park (about 10 years) he had had no allowance of the necessary expense of 30l. per ann. for a man to look after the fish ponds, kill the moles, &c., and for other labouring work, amounting to 300l. Her Majesty had forbidden any liquor to be sold by the gate keepers, in or near the park, the profit of which was the chief support of three men attending the gate. Her Majesty had also ordered him to place a man at the turnpike “letting” into the road to Kensington, which brought him into additional expense of 100l. per ann. Near 100 acres had been enclosed from the park of Kensington, whereby the profits he had by the herbage were much reduced. Asked that all this might be allowed him, as well as for green cloth for the clothing of the keepers and gatekeepers. Farther, there was an absolute necessity for repairing the ring and the way from the gate. Dated 26 May 1713. 1 page.
May 26. 39. Excise Comrs to Mr Lowndes. Transmit an account of all the duties of excise existing on liquors and other goods imported during the two last wars with France, which are under their care, &c. Dated Excise Office, London, 26 May 1713.
The account mentioned. 3 pages.
May. 40. Proposal for the advancement of those two small branches of Her Majesty's revenue: viz., the wine licence duty and that arising by the licences granted to hawkers and pedlars. [May 1713. See the note at the end.] 3 pages.
[? After
41. Memorial relating to the foreign forces in her Majesty's service in the Low Countries, viz., the Holstein troops and the Walloons, each consisting of four squadrons, who had had their pay stopped, although they had distinguished themselves by their zeal for her Majesty's service, and were still in garrison at Ghent and Bruges. They hoped to continue in pay till the Queen evacuated the places in her possession in the Low Countries. 1 page.