Volume 162: June 4-July 15, 1713

Pages 487-496

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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June 4–July 15, 1713

June 4. 1. C[harles] Eversfield to “My Lord.” Had received a letter from the Board [of Ordnance] to solicit his Lordship for 20,000l. to pay off the Flanders train, &c. They prayed his Lp to order that sum. Dated 4 June 1713.
Minuted:—“10 June 1713. Ordered. Lre signed.” 1 page, quarto.
June 5. 2. Schedule of the debts for the office of the Great Wardrobe. Dated 5 June 1713. 1 page.
June 5. 3. Board of Ordnance to Charles Eversfield, Esq. Desiring him to solicit the Lord Treasurer as to the establishment at Barbadoes. Dated 5 June 1713.
“Sent to the Commrs for trade.”
Copy of their letter of 21 May on the same subject 2 pages, quarto.
June 6. 4. Thomas Hewett to the Earl of Oxford, Lord High Treasurer. Reporting the number of the trees felled in Sherwood Forest, &c. Dated 6 June 1713. 1 page.
June 6. 5. Petition of William Churchill and Edward Castle to the Lord High Treasurer. The sum of 4,449l. 13s. 8d. was due to the office of the Treasurer of the Chamber: prayed to be paid up to the time the rest of the Queen's family were paid or for a present supply. Dated 6 June 1713. 2 pages.
June 9. 6. Report of Lord Ormonde, Lord Lieut. of Ireland, to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Dominic Langton, clerk, a convert to Protestantism, who had laid an information against several persons in the county of Westmeath which the House of Commons judged groundless, and in consequence the petitioner was deprived of his pension of 30l. per ann. The House of Lords afterwards reported on the matter, and advised the restoration of his pension, that those who appeared in evidence for her Majesty might not be discouraged. Was in favour of the restoration of the pension. Dated London, 9 June 1713.
His petition, five certificates, the resolutions of the House of Lords, and duplicates of two of the certificates. 10 pages.
June 11. 7. Report of the Attorney General to the Lord High Treasurer, on a letter of Mr Shackerly, relating to Morgan Whitley, receiver general for Chester and North Wales, a prisoner in Newgate for 12 years on an extent for her Majesty; advising his release. Dated 11 June 1713.
“15 June 1713. Read.”
The letter named. 2 pages.
June 12. 8. Memorial of Sir John Lambert to the Lord High Treasurer, for payment to him of 8,000l. and interest, supplied for the use of prisoners in Spain; also praying for acceptance of his offer to remit 10,000l. or 12,000l. to Port Mahon. Dated 12 June 1713. 1¾ pages.
June 13. 9. Jo. Bentley to John Taylor, Esq., at the Treasury Chambers. On the clandestine export of wool in Ireland under the denomination of beef in barrels. They fit a plate of lead in the bottom of the barrel, then “steeve” the barrel full of wool, and put another plate of lead on the top, and one piece of beef at the bunghole, to make it the weight of a barrel of beef. Sends this for Mr Auditor Harley's information. Dated Custom House, Lancaster, 13 June 1713. 1 page.
[? About
15 June.]
10. Petition to the Lord High Treasurer from the officers of the eight invalid companies intended to be formed, praying for speedy relief, their families being in a starving condition, and the House of Commons very nearly closing the supply.
Minuted:—“15 June 1713. They must apply to the Queen in Council.”
Also a state of what was due to them.
With these is a letter signed “John Mercer,” addressed to Mr Tilson, proposing that the latter should receive a douceur. As the case is just, and of a compassionate nature, cannot see any reason why he should refuse so innocent and handsome an overture. Dated 12 June 1713.
[There is nothing to show that this is connected with the preceding.] 4 pages.
June 15. 11. Report of the Postmasters General (Frankland and Evelyn) to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Mr James Jobson, giving the reasons why they had not accepted his proposal for providing the packet boats between Dover and Calais, and Dover and Ostend or Newport. Dated General Post Office, 15 June 1713.
The petition and proposals. 4 pages and 2 halves.
June 16. 12. “An accompt shewing the quantity of Italian and Turkey wrot silk, of unwrot flax, of flax and linseed imported in three distinct years, from Xtmas 1707 to Xtmas 1710, also ye quantity of British linen exported in the same years, with the duties thereon.” Dated Inspr Genls Office, 16 June 1713.
Another account somewhat varied, respecting the Italian and Turkey raw silk. 3 pages.
June 16. 13. T. Coke to the Lord High Treasurer. For an order to the Treasurer of the Chamber to pay 200l. for a half year's rent of the house hired for Mons. Leith, the Czar of Muscovy's minister, and for 60l. 3s. for necessaries disbursed for him. Dated Cockpit, 16 June 1713. 1 page.
June 16. 14. Report of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Francis Yonge, late commissary at Lisbon, as to materials bought for the works at Gibraltar. Dated Office of Ordnance, 16 June 1713.
The petition, and an order by Viscount Gallway to purchase the materials, and an account of the stores bought. 4 pages.
June 17. 15. Report of the Comrs of Trade to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of several disbanded officers and soldiers, for a grant of a settlement on a tract of land in North America, uninhabited, lying between Nova Scotia and the river Sagadahoc. They found that the whole country between the river Sagadahoc and Nova Scotia had been granted in 1691 to the inhabitants of Massachusetts Bay. Doubted not but that the corporation would grant the same. There was formerly a good fort at Pemaquid, lying between Sagadahoc and Nova Scotia. The French took the fort in 1696 from the government of Massachusetts Bay, seized all the lands between Nova Scotia and the river Kennebeck, and made a settlement there. Mr Dummer the agent produced a letter from the Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon, whereby she laid claim to 10,000 acres of land under the grant to the Marquis of Hamilton. The settling of the petitioners on the lands they desired would be a comfortable provision for them, and a security to the frontiers of New England. The lands were in a very good climate, the soil fertile, with plenty of trees for naval stores, many navigable rivers and good harbours, also a very good fishery on the coast. Dated Whitehall, 17 June 1713.
Minuted:—“Put into Mr Dummer's hands, and ret. by him againe, he having my Lord Trea[sure]rs orders to make the proposic[i]on more certaine, in order to be layd before the Councill. 23 June 1713.”
The petition referred to, with 30 signatures. 5 pages.
Nov. 5,
1712–June 19,
16. Four letters of H. Bishop of London to the Lord [High Treasurer], recommending for appointment Henry Cotigno, whom her Majesty had also recommended. He was fit for a landwaiter's place, and had fallen into the hands of the Philistines. He was the most eminent and sincere convert that ever the bishop knew. Dated Fulham, between Nov. 5, 1712 and June 19, 1713. 4 pages, quarto.
[? About
June 20.]
17. “An account of the severall persons standing in debt to the revenue on salt, Trinity Term 1713, and the proceedings that have been made against them, and what has been recover'd.” Signed “Wm Johnson, sollr.” 10½ pages.
June 22. 18. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends the report of Sir Wm Wyndham upon Major Nugent's petition. Her Majesty thought fit that he should be supplied with money for his charges to Spain. Dated Whitehall, 22 June 1713. 1 page, quarto.
June 23. 19. Report of the Barons of the Exchequer of Scotland to the Lord High Treasurer, about the method of passing privy seals for grants of non-entry duties, &c. in Scotland. Dated Edinburgh, 23 June 1713. 1½ pages.
June 23. 20. Memorial of John Cormell to William Lowndes, Esq., respecting the case of foreign buckrams. Dated 23 June 1713, at the Sun and Anchor in the borough of Southwark. 1 page.
June 23. 21. Commrs of Trade to Lord —. Had never been consulted about the chapel furniture in plantations. Dated Whitehall, 23 June 1713. 1 page.
[? About
June 23.]
22. Estimates of the charge in the Office of Ordnance for the year 1714. Apparently from 23 June 1713 to 23 June 1714. 2 pages.
June 24. 23. “An accot of all such debts contracted for the extraordinary expence of her Majesty's stables, by Conyers Darcy and George Feilding, Esqrs, commiss. appointed to execute the office of Master of her Majties horse,” and also of sums of money received at the Receipt of the Exchequer, with the balance of the account as it stood on 24 June 1713. 2 large pages.
June 24. 24. Report of Mr T. Baker to the Earl of Dartmouth. Approves of the particulars proposed by Captain Papelon, to be sent as a present from her Majesty to the Emperor of Morocco. From her Majesty's fixed intentions to return to her former friendship with that prince, great advantages would arise from the shipment of fish from Newfoundland and of other commodities from the American plantations for Portugal, Spain, and Italy, from whence they would return to England with bullion and valuable merchandize, whereas by a war our vessels would fall into the hands of the Sally privateers. A resident of probity with that prince would be highly satisfactory. Had these measures been pursued in a former reign the last destructive war with Algier in 1677 would have been avoided; 157 merchantmen were then taken, and near 4,000 seamen, the greater part of whom died in miserable slavery. The French meanwhile prodigiously advanced their credit and employment of their shipping. Presumed to move his Lordship that “his Embassadour” should be fully released from the confinement he had been under for some months past. Dated 24 June 1713. 3 pages.
June 24. 25. “Copy of an Order of Council 24th June 1713, referring to the board an address from the Council & Assembly of St Xtophers, as also the petn of Mr Duport, praying that the poor inhabitants there may have shares of the French part of that island given them, wch by the late treaty is to be vested in her Majesty.” 4 pages.
June 24. 26. Estimate of her Majesty's guards, garrisons, and land forces in Great Britain, with the charge thereof from the 24th of June to the 24th of December 1713, both inclusive. 1 page.
June 24. 27. Extraordinary charges relating to the garrison of Annapolis, for the years 1712 and 1713. One of the entries extends to 24 June 1713. 1 page.
June 24. 28. “Charles Harrison, Solicitor for her Maty's Affairs in the Court of Exchequer, his bill of incidents from the 27th of December 1709 to the 24th June 1713.” 2 pages.
June 24. 29. An abstract of all the tradesmen's bills due on the account of her Majesty's robes to Midsummer 1713. 1 page.
June 24.
30. Necessaries ordered to be provided by the Great Wardrobe since Midsummer 1713.
Also an estimate of necessaries provided and to be provided by the Great Wardrobe since Midsummer 1713. 2 pages.
June 25.]
31. Memorial of the Officers of Ordnance to the Lord [High Treasurer] praying him to recommend to her Majesty that they should be allowed the salary which the Duke of Hamilton, the Master-General of the Ordnance, received before his death.
Minuted:—“25 June 1713. As to the patent fee at the Excheqr, my Lord may receive the Queen's pleasure thereupon; but as to the other allowance, it is payable out of the public money granted annually by Parlt, & must be saved to the gov[er]nment.”
Copy of warrant of the year 1703 for a similar allowance. 3 pages.
June 25. 32. “An estimate of the debts which were owing to the several heads of expense for her Mats civil government, at or about Midsr 1710.” At the foot is:—“Presented by Mr Chancellr Excheqr 25 June 1713. W. Lowndes.” 1 page.
June 25. 33. Mr Baron Bury to the Lord [High Treasurer] about the reward for apprehending one Robert Mann. Dated 25 June 1713.
Minuted:—“25 June 1713. A wt on the l~res patents dormt.” 2 pages, quarto.
June 26. 34. “Remarks of what charity money Daniel Russe, late Steward of the Commonside of ye Queen's Bench prison, from 26th December 1709 to ye 25th December 1710, received and paid.”
The account shows that he had embezzled 64l. out of 120l.
At the foot is: “Dear sirs, Pray note that ye late Marshall Tho. Broughton, & Russe, late steward, were both dismist on ye 11th Febru. 1712/13; but they were suffered to go away with their prey in their teeth. Very hard, but no manner of punishment. It is very good encouragement for others, &c.”
Docquetted:—“Russe, the late stewards accompts for one whole yeare, which is but a small part of ye abuses that are acted in the prisons, besides goals, nor but a small part of the Imbezelments committed by the said Russe in the time of his stewardship, besides what other prior stewards have committed, but no remedy for the poor opprest debt prisoners till redrest in their graves. Just complaints been very heedless and as useless seaven years last past, &c. June 26th 1713.” 1 small page.
June 26.]
35. Memorial of Lieut. Col. Moody to the Lord High Treasurer, as to money required to pay for the clothing of the garrison of Placentia, and further for the provision of beer.
Minuted:—“26 June 1713. Mr Nettmaker has a competent fond to reimburse all he took up, to defray the charge of the stores under his care, wch are valued at 9,000l. & upwards, and the forces cannot want clothing wn there is now such considerable stores in those parts. Write to Nettmaker to give credit for so much cloathing as the off-reckonings amt to, if there be occasion.” 1½ pages.
June 26. 36. A memorandum of the arrears of the late King's Civil List up to 26 June 1713. 6 lines.
June 30. 37. Thomas Gearing to William Lowndes, Esq. As to the arrears due from “the se ral Inns of Court and Chancery” for the duties on window lights, which those societies refused to pay. Dated 30 June 1713. 1 page.
July 1. 38. State of Naval Ordnance Stores at Port Mahon in the care of Mr John Partridge for future service of the fleet. “July ye 1st 1713. O. S.”
Also state of ordnance and stores for land service at St Phillip's Castle. Same date. 22 pages.
July 1. 39. “Copy of an estimate of the civil list debts on the 24th June 1713, presented to the house by Mr Lowndes 1o July 1713.” 1 page.
July 2. 40. Letter from the judges in the Court of Justiciary (Scotland), to the Lord High Treasurer. As to the money to be allowed for the circuits. The allowance was not sufficient to keep up a competent degree of splendour. All the officers of court had the same allowances continued to them, but the allowance to the judges was restricted to no less than one half. They were informed that the judges in Ireland were allowed no more by the Queen than 100l. each for each circuit made yearly; but by the constitution and immemorial custom of Ireland, as well as of England, they had certain perquisites arising to them from the causes that came to be tried before them, and at most, if not all the places in which they held courts, their charges were borne either in whole or in part by the townships, sheriffs, or others. They and all her Majesty's subjects of that part of Britain were very well satisfied with the customs and constitution by which no such things could take place; nor could the Queen's judges there lawfully receive anything for doing the duty of their office but from her Majesty only. In this it seemed that their constitution was nothing inferior to that of other parts of her Majesty's dominions; but they thought that the allowance for the circuits to the judges in Ireland ought not to be the standard of the allowance to the judges in Scotland. The Irish circuits being held twice in the year, and performed by twelve judges, would cost the Queen much more than the circuits in Scotland, which were held but once in the year, and only by six, or at most by seven judges.
They also complained of the allowance being withdrawn when a judge had to make the circuit without a colleague, for he must make the same journeys, continue at the same places, entertain the same company, &c. It would seem as if the officers of court must advance the money for the circuits out of their own pockets, and only expect to be reimbursed at their return. This seemed a little hard. They (the judges), had been obliged to advance the money to the macers and trumpeters, or they could not have gone. Asked that something might be done effectually to fix a sufficient allowance for the circuits. Dated Edinburgh, 2 July 1713. [Entered in North Britain Book, vol. ii., pp. 414 and 415.]
Also a copy of the same, the date being left out. 6 pages.
July 2. 41. W. Sloper to —. My Lord agreed yesterday to a proposal of Mr Brydges for borrowing 40,000l. of the bank. The bank agreed to lend the same at 6 per cent., to be repaid out of the first 500,000l. Exchequer bills. The Duke of Ormond had announced the pressing necessity there was abroad for the money. Dated 2 July 1713. 2 pages, quarto.
July 2. 42. Report of J. Howe to the Lord High Treasurer on the memorials of Sir Wm Wyndham and on several papers and memorials brought by Captain Armstrong from Annapolis, representing the distressed condition of the garrison. Not knowing anything as to “the repairs of the garrison” required, could only take notice of the subsistence of the garrison, of which eight months should be immediately sent. Mr Faneuil offered to remit the money at the rate of 150l. New England money for every 100l. sterling; but neither he nor any other of the merchants would agree to any other condition than to receive their money upon delivery of their bills. The four companies at New York, as well as the other forces in the West Indies, had been allowed the advantage arising by the exchange. Was of opinion that six months' subsistence lately ordered for this garrison should be paid to Mr Francis Lynn, their agent. General Nicholson would be able to say if there was any necessity to continue a company of Indians raised by Major Livingstone by virtue of instructions given by Major-General Hill to Col. Vetch. Dated 2 July 1713. 3½ pages.
July 2. 43. Report of the Comrs for Chelsea Hospital to the Lord High Treasurer as to the distribution of the 60,000l. voted for the hospital, out-pensioners, &c. Public notice was given of the payment of the persons who had supplied provisions, &c. They hoped that the establishment might be forthwith signed. Dated Whitehall, 2 July 1713. 2 pages.
July 4. 44. Report of the Comrs of Excise to the Lord High Treasurer. His Lordship had recommended to them Mr John Eddowes for suitable employment, in consideration of his services in proposing and forwarding the Act for laying a duty on printed or stained calicoes, &c. Mr Eddowes declined accepting employment upon the salary offered. Dated Excise Office, London, 4 July 1713. 1 page.
July 4. 45. Lord Ormonde to the Lord [High Treasurer] on the petition of Lewis Armand. Advising that his pension should be like that of other lieutenants. Dated Whitehall, 4 July 1713. 1 page.
July 6. 46. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Robert Wise, Peregrine Browne, and Job Mathews. The Comrs had no objection to Peregrine Browne obtaining an Act of Parliament whereby a composition for his debt might be accepted. Dated 6 July 1713.
Four other papers connected therewith. 7 pages.
July 10. 47. Report of the Postmasters General (Frankland and Evelyn) on the proposals of Mr Walker, of Dover, and partners for furnishing packet boats between Dover and Calais and Ostend. Giving their reasons for employing Captains Hooper and Jones. Dated 10 July 1713.
Seven other documents connected with the same subject. 10 pages.
[? About
July 10.]
48. Memorandum about the Transfer Office in Leadenhall Street and as to certain benefit tickets which seemed to have been embezzled.
Minuted:—“10 July 1713. To transfer Mar for a speedy answer.” 1 page.
July 10. 49. Lord Dartmouth to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends an extract of a letter from Col. Kane, Lieut.-Governor at Mahon, representing the necessity of more early remittances and supplies of provisions. Dated Whitehall, 10 July 1713.
Minuted:—“10 July 1713. Send to Mr Brydges an extract of so much as concernes the subsistence, and order him to make a demand.”
The extract. 3 pages.
July 10. 50. The Postmasters General to Wm Lowndes, Esq., on a representation by the principal gentlemen and traders of the borough of Ripon, who complained of the inconvenience of the foot-post from Boroughbridge. Announcing an alteration to meet their wishes. Dated General Post Office, 10 July 1713.
The representation named, and a letter from Lord Downe and Sir Arthur Kaye, urging that Mr Gowland, the Postmaster of Boroughbridge, should not be removed. 4 pages.
July 11. 51. Extract of Major-General Barner's letter to the Duke of Ormonde, dated 11 July 1713, respecting the pay of the two regiments of Holstein in the service of the Queen. (French.) 1 page.
July 11. 52. Lord Ormonde to the Lord High Treasurer. About remittances to be made to Flanders for the troops designed for Ireland, &c. Dated Cockpit, 11 July 1713. 4 pages, quarto.
July 14. 53. Copy of a memorial from M. Duport, agent for St Christopher's, relating to the re-settlement of that island. Dated 14 July 1713. (Marked 3.)
He says that it is “supposed the whole lands in both the French quarters consist of about 30,000 acres, whereof 25,000 are good ‘manurable lands,’ and 5,000 fit only for rearing cattle & provisions,” &c. No more than 200 acres of good manurable land should be granted to any single family. The worst sort of land and part of the land near the sea shore, on the leeward side of the island, should be distributed and given gratis to the poorest sort of inhabitants, in sufficient quantity to raise stock and provisions, viz., about 10 acres at most to each family.
Copy of letter from him of 7 Oct. 1712.
Also copy of another memorial on the same subject.
There is further a copy of a memorial from Stephen Duport of London, merchant, in behalf of the Council and Assembly of the island of St Christopher, on the same subject as the above. (Marked 1.) This was read 21 April 1713. [These may perhaps be enclosures to some later paper.] 11 pages.
July 14. 54. J. Burchett to Wm Lowndes, Esq. Applying for a reimbursement of the taxes paid by the clerks of the Admiralty Office, and for his own taxes. Dated Admiralty Office, 14 July 1713.
Minuted:—“6 Augt 1713. To be done as formerly.”
Also a list of the taxes paid. 2 pages.
July 15. 55. “Particulars of wt is already subscribed and yet remains to be subscribed to the South Sea Company.”
“Copia carried to the Treãry p[er] Mr Knight, July 15th, 1713.” 1 page.