Volume 177: June 3-30, 1714

Pages 594-602

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 4, 1708-1714. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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June 3–30, 1714

June 3. 1. Report and further report of the Edward Wilcox, Esq., Surveyor General of her Majesty's Woods, Trent South, to the Lord High Treasurer, as to the expense, &c. of rebuilding a barn near the Park House, in the Isle of Wight, belonging to her Majesty, blown down by the last great storm; advising that the timber should be taken from the New Forest. Dated 1 Feb. 1713 and 3 June 1714.
The second minute on the back is:—“2 July 1714. To be done.” 2 pages.
June 4. 2. Report of the Comrs for Duties on Hides to the Lord High Treasurer, on various papers touching Mr Gerard's application to Parliament without the consent of “the Newells.” Mr Gerard was a surety for Mr Dixon, late Receiver General for Somersetshire. They had no objection to his (Gerard's) compounding with the Crown. It would not prejudice the Newells' demands on him. Dated 4 June 1714.
Minuted:—“18 June 1714. The session is to[o] farr spent for any applicac[i]on to be now made.”
The papers referred to .11 pages.
[? About
June 7.]
3. Memorial of Col. William Dalrymple, Sir John Areskin, Sir Patrick Johnstone, John Pringle, and Alexr Abercromby, Esqres, for themselves and other Comrs of the Equivalent, to the Lord High Treasurer. The consideration of their accounts by the House of Commons had been delayed from time to time. Hoped his Lp had considered the case of the creditors of the public in Scotland, who had petitioned the House. The Comrs had attended the sessions of Parliament for three years, and were still accountable for upwards of 380,000l., which had been faithfully issued. The Comrs, besides wanting their salaries, were unable to discharge the other parts of their trade. They had been summoned to attend the House of Lords, with their accounts, &c., and did not know whether they were at liberty to carry them back to Scotland, till they were acquitted. Their creditors loudly complained of them. Prayed his Lordship to interpose.
Minuted:—“7 June 1714. Read the Commrs Equivalent being p[re]s[e]nt. This affaire must be determined by Parłt.” 1 page.
June 8. 4. T. Harley to the Postmasters General (Frankland and Evelyn). Encloses an account of claim for charge of vessels employed in her Majesty's service between England and France, from 10 June 1711 to 20 Dec. 1713, exhibited by James Jobson and forwarded by Lord Bolingbroke to the Ld High Treasurer. Asks them to report on the same. Dated Treasury Chambers, 8 June 1714.
Letter from Lord Bolingbroke, in which he says that the great secrecy which was at first required in carrying the correspondence, made it necessary to use a private vessel.
The petition referred to and two accounts. 6 pages.
June 8. 5. Charles Carkesse, for the Comrs of Customs, to Wm Lowndes, Esq. Encloses an account of China and Japan earthenware imported from India [and the duties computed thereon]. Dated Custom House, 8 June 1714.
The account named. 2 pages.
June 8. 6. Comrs of Excise to the executors of Sir Charles Duncombe. An insuper of 424l. 17s. 11½d. was set upon Sir Charles, and disallowed upon his accounts as cashier to the Comrs of Excise, it having been misapplied for payment of his taxes, &c. Desired that the same might be paid forthwith or process would issue. Dated Excise Office, London, 8 June 1714.
Minuted:—“2 July 1714. The Comrs Excise to know whether there be anything particular in this case.” 1 page.
May 25
June 8.
7. Report of Edward Wilcox, Esq., Surveyor General of Woods, south of Trent, to the Lord High Treasurer, on a memorial of the Hon. John West, master keeper of the inward bailiwick of the New Forest, as to the repairs of the lodge, &c. of the latter. Dated 25 May 1714.
A further report on the same subject, dated 8 June 1714.
The memorial and a certificate.
The minute which was on the back is illegible. 4 pages, much faded.
June 10. 8. Report of Sir Nath. Lloyd to the Lord High Treasurer, concerning the ship “Catherine” of Rotterdam, taken as prize in July 1704 by Capt. Thomas Gordon, commander of the “Royal Mary,” a Scotch man-of-war, which prize had been in litigation ever since. Dated Doctor's Commons, 10 June 1714.
Also the case of the same ship upon which the above report was made.
Minuted:—“28 June 1714. The persons concerned may have a copy.” 10 pages.
June 10. 9. Representation of the principal officers of her Majesty's works to the Lord High Treasurer. 16,897l. 8s.d. were due to the artificers, as appeared in the account annexed. Prayed his Lp to direct payment thereof in money, that the workmen might satisfy their creditors and support their indigent families. They had sustained a great loss by the discount on tin tallies. Dated Office of Works, 10 June 1714. 3 pages.
June 10. 10. Papers subordinate to the account of Edward Nicholas, Esq., showing the pensions due to various persons.
Minuted:—“Wts signd 10th June 1714.” 6 small scripts.
June 12. 11. Certificate signed Robt Sedgwick, of the delivery of plate to his Excellency Charles Whitworth, Esq., ambassador extraordinary to the Emperor of Russia, for the use of his table and to be returned to the Jewel Office. Dated 12 June 1714.
Minuted:—“Wt signd.” 1 page.
June 14. 12. Report of the Controller [of Army Accounts], James Bruce, to the Lord [High Treasurer] on the memorial of Col. William Kerr in behalf of himself and his officers, for allowance of the difference between the English and Irish pay. Was of opinion it might be allowed. Dated Controller's Office, Privy Gardens, 14 June 1714. 2 pages.
June 14. 13. Charles Carkesse to Wm Lowndes, Esq. Sends an account of the produce of the duty of 15 per cent. on muslins. The account of coals was in hand. Dated Custom House, 14 June 1714.
The account referred to. 2 pages.
June 14. 14. William Smythe to the Hon. Wm Lowndes, Esqre. Prays on account of his lameness to be allowed to surrender his paymaster's office to a friend. The gentleman he would surrender to was Edward Corbet, Esq. Dated 14 June 1714.
Minuted:—“19 July 1714. Make a meml to be layd before the Queen.” 1 page.
June 16. 15. Lord Bolingbroke to the Lord High Treasurer. Transmits the enclosed papers which were put into his hands by the Duke of Argyle, and related to the revenue of the island of Minorca. Dated Whitehall, 16 June 1714.
There is now only one paper, which is a debtor and creditor account of Joseph Gascoigne, appointed by the Duke of Argyle to receive the revenues of the island. 3 pages.
June 16. 16. Sir James Abercrombie to the Lord [High Treasurer]. Complains of the delay in the payment of the bills drawn by him for money borrowed at Dunkirk almost a twelvemonth ago, when the horse and dragoons were detained there. Asks his Lp to again signify his directions that there may be no further delay since he is paying daily interest for the same. Dated Dunkerque, 16 June 1714.
Minuted:—“22 June 1714. Read. Mr Merrill to pay it out of money directed this day”. 2 pages, quarto.
June 16. 17. Report of the principal Officers of Works to the Lord High Treasurer on the papers and memorial of Madam Cutts, and as to repairs of Carisbrook Castle, in the Isle of Wight. Though there were no regular vouchers, they believed that 737l. 0s. 9d. might probably have been expended by the late Lord Cutts. Dated Office of Works, 16 June 1714.
Minuted:—“19 July 1714. My Lord is inclinable to move the Queen for something as of her Maty's bounty.” 1 page.
June 16. 18. Report of Mr Francis Gwyn to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of William Squire, wherein he set forth that he served several years abroad in her Majesty's hospitals, and in 1710 was made master apothecary of the English hospitals in Spain, and had the Duke of Argyle's commission for that office on 29 May 1711. He continued there until the peace, when he was left destitute. Count Staremberg, commander of the imperial forces in Spain, just before the peace employed him in providing proper medicines for the hospitals in the army, but on the peace being declared the Count returned them on his hands, and the delay in the disposal of the medicines lost him the opportunity of applying for half-pay, for which he now asked. Mr Gwyn admitted the production of the commission but could not find that any officer in that station as apothecary had hitherto been admitted to half-pay. Dated 16 June 1714. 2 pages.
[End of
March] and
June 16.
19. A particular account of lace and linen provided for her Majesty's person, for a state and chapel furniture for the Rt Hon. the Lord Bingley and for the Maunday service, the same being at a ready money price, pursuant to the direction of the Lord High Treasurer, signified by letter from Mr Lowndes the 10th of March 1713/1714.
Also an estimate of the charge of necessaries directed by her Majesty to be provided out of the Great Wardrobe for Windsor Castle. Dated 16 June 1714. Both papers signed, “Tho. Dummer.”
The last is minuted:—“1,000li in p[er]t~.” 3 pages.
June 16. 20. Francis Gwyn to Wm Lowndes, Esq. Sends copy of the letter of Mr Conduit, Commissary of Stores, &c. at Gibraltar, praying the Lord Treasurer's orders to draw on the Paymaster General for the provisions to be bought for the garrison, &c. Dated Whitehall, 16 June 1714.
The letter referred to. 2 pages.
June 17. 21. Account of debts on the public registers and of the annuities, lotteries, and sums advanced by the Bank and East India Company and the debt owing to the South Sea Company, with the rates of interest, &c. Dated 17 June 1714.
At the foot is:—“17th June. Exa[m]i[ne]d p[er] Wm Lowndes vera copia.”
A duplicate thereof signed “In the absence of my Lord Halifax, Wm Clayton.” 6 pages.
June 17. 22. Lord Bolingbroke to the Lord High Treasurer. Sends by the Queen's command extracts of several letters received from Sir James Wishart, Col. Congreve, and Mr Conduit, relating to repairs necessary for the fortifications of Gibraltar, and to the furnishing of provisions for the garrison, for directions to be given thereon. Dated Whitehall, 17 June 1714.
Minuted:—“18 June 1714. Wt concerns fortifications. Send to the Board Ordnance. Victuallg to the Commrs Victuallg to report with all speed.”
The extracts named. 3 pages and 2 lines.
June 18. 23. Proposal of James Woodman for compelling physicians to give their prescriptions on stamped paper, the stamps varying from 10s. to 1s., according to the fee charged. Dated London, 18 June 1714. 1 large page.
June 18. 24. Memorial of Francis Gwyn on behalf of the officers of the hospital at Dunkirk to the Lord High Treasurer, praying his Lp to countersign the establishment lying before him for the hospital, in order that the accounts might be stated and payment obtained. Dated 18 June 1714. 1 page.
June 19. 25. Comrs for Duties on stamped vellum, parchment, paper, &c., to the Lord High Treasurer. Sending the estimates of the gross and neat produce of the several revenues and duties under their care, a list of the supers, &c. Dated Stamp Office, Lincoln's Inn, June 19, 1714.
The estimates, &c. referred to. 8 pages or parts of pages.
June 22. 26. Report of the Comrs of Ordnance to the Lord High Treasurer. Found that all the repairs mentioned in the account enclosed, sent by Sir James Wishart (showing what was wanted for the fortifications at Gibraltar), were included in the estimate laid before Parliament, except wood work for the mines, escarping the rock at the New Tower, and completing two pieces of wall next to Charles the Fifth's wall. Dated Office of Ordnance, 22 June 1714.
The account referred to. 2 pages.
June 22. 27. Report of the Comrs for Salt Duties to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Edmund Soame, a prisoner in the Poultry Counter, who was insolvent, and prayed to have his liberty, in order to discharge his debt. They could not learn that he had any estate or effects, and did not object to his enlargement for that purpose. Dated Salt Office, 22 June 1714.
Minuted:—“15 June 1715. Agreed.”
At the foot is the warrant for his discharge, in [1715].
The petition, an affidavit, and a certificate. 6 pages.
June 22. 28. Mr Secretary Bromley to the Lord High Treasurer. It was her Majesty's pleasure that the purchase money mentioned in the enclosed address of the House of Commons should be paid, as desired. Dated Whitehall, 22 June 1714.
The purchase money referred to was for lands for better fortifying the docks and harbours at Portsmouth.
Similar letter and enclosure for Chatham.
Minuted:—“29 June 1714. Ordnance to send summons to the Commrs to meet and consider how, wn, & in wt manner they will open their comn & proceed thereupon. Mr Hughes, who acted as sec[reta]ry, to take care.” 4 pages.
June 23. 29. Remarks on the observations on the paper concerning the Equivalent, 23 June 1714. 2 pages.
June 23. 30. Report of [Sir Christopher Wren] to the Lord High Treasurer. Had viewed the records which were by her Majesty's warrant to be transmitted from the Court of Chancery to the Tower, and found there were 2,200 bundles. The present Record Office at the Tower was so full that it would contain very few more bundles. A large vacant room in the White Tower would be a very fit and convenient place for them, and the Board of Ordnance did not object to the room being thus used if they had proper orders. Dated 23 June 1714. 1 page (signature cut away).
June 23. 31. Report of Thomas Hewett, Esq., Surveyor General of her Majesty's Woods, Trent North, to the Lord High Treasurer, on the memorial of Lord Byron as to 500 trees out of her Majesty's woods of Birkland and Billagh, in Sherwood Forest, for the repair of his house and enlargment of his park at Newstead. Dated 23 June 1714.
The memorial referred to. 2 pages.
June 25. 32. C. Whitworthy, Ja. Murray, and Josh Martin, Commissaries appointed to treat with those for France for settling commerce to the Lord High Treasurer, moving his Lordship to order 150l. for the payment of their clerks. It was six months since they (the Commissaries) had been appointed. Dated Crown Court, 25 June 1714.
Minuted:—“Wt for 150li as ye former was paid for 100li. Wt signd 2 July 1714.”
The account of money already expended. 1½ pages.
March–June 25. 33. Accounts of clothing for her Majesty's forces at Annapolis Royal, Placentia, and New York, furnished by John Netmaker out of her Majesty's stores brought back from Canada by order of Genl Nicholson.
Also accounts of sales of stores at a public “vendue” at Boston [New England], rendered by Andrew Vincent between March and June 25, 1714.
Further, some extracts from letters on the same subject. 15 pages.
June 25. 34. John Cormell, linendraper in Southwark, to the Lord High Treasurer as to charging foreign buckrams with a duty of 15 per cent. Proposing to protract the “explanation bill” then before their Lordships until the bill that now charges the buckrams afresh be passed the House of Commons. Dated 25 June 1714. 1 page.
Feb. 16–June 26. 35. Various papers connected with the affairs of the Pay Office, relating to the pay of officers, forage money, off-reckonings and clearings, transfers of stock, &c., under the signature of J. Brydges. Dated between 16 Feb. and 26 June 1714. 17 pages.
June 26. 36. Comrs of Customs (Scotland) to Thomas Harley, Esq. Several of the officers on the new establishment that were rolled from one port to another were detained or only recently arrived at the ports assigned them. Had to employ others in their room. Asked for a warrant to pay such as actually served. It would be a great benefit if they (the Comrs) had power to remove tidewaiters and boatmen. Dated 26 June 1714.
Minuted:—“Wt sign'd 7th July 1714.” 1 page.
June 27. 37. A paper signed “Frid. Bonet,” who was Resident of the King of Prussia. The subsidies due to the Italian corps should be much more effectually provided for in this sessions of parliament than they had been, and the agreement made on the subject should be expedited, in order that payment might be made. As to the arrears due to the troops of the King which served in the Low Countries, his Majesty made no doubt they would be recognised by parliament, &c. As regards the debt due, years since, to his Majesty, he flattered himself the parliament, directed by the royal wisdom, would not tax the King with transgressing a declaration which could not fall on his Majesty to observe. Other laws than the treaties which Providence had imposed could not be imposed on princes. There was no article in the treaty to authorise the declaration referred to. All the treaties of the King with her Majesty for troops related to the Grand Alliance, and this Declaration tended to detach them from it, notwithstanding the Emperor and States General were the other parties contracting. The troops of the King should not be separated, but this Declaration required that they should be. Further, all who considered peace or war ought to put themselves in concert with his Majesty, and the suspension of arms was agreed upon neither with his Majesty nor with his allies, &c. (French.) Dated London, 27 June 1714. 4 pages.
June 29. 38. “Ken. Edisbury” to the Hon. Wm Lowndes, Esq., on a letter signed “O. S.,” concerning frauds committed in the navy and victualling at New York. Dated Victualling Office, 29 June 1714.
Enclosed is a copy of a letter from the Navy Board on the same subject. 2½ pages.
June 30. 39. Report of the Controller (Ja. Bruce) to the Lord [High Treasurer] on the petition of John Martin and other clothiers of the forces abroad. Saw no objection to the issuing of the off-reckonings to the forces in Flanders. As to those serving in Spain, his Lp might direct such payments as he saw fit to those clothiers who produced regular assignments. Dated Controller's Office, Privy Gardens, 30 June 1714.
Minuted:—“20 July 1714. To Comptrs to examine whether this clothing was delivd & distributed to the men.” 2 pages.
June 30. 40. The establishment for the hospital belonging to the garrison at Nieuport. Signed by her Majesty and the Lord High Treasurer. Dated 30 June 1714. 1 large page.
June 30. 41. Copies of five letters, two signed by Walter Douglas, connected with plate belonging to the Jewel Office. The plate formerly belonged to Col. Parke, the late Governor of the Leeward Islands, who was murdered and robbed, “and had the honour to lose his life in defence of her Majesty's prerogative.” The plate was recovered by Walter Douglas, the Governor there, from the murderers. The last letter is dated 30 June 1714. 3 pages.
June 30. 42. Report of Francis Gwyn to the Lord High Treasurer on the petition of Lieut.-Col. Rookwood, captain of one of the independent companies to be formed out of Col. Handasyde's regiment at Jamaica. If his Lp thought fit to order him three months' pay he had no objection. Dated Whitehall, 30 June 1714.
Minuted:—“12 July 1714. Mr How to make the demand.” 1½ pages.
June 30. 43. Lord Bolingbroke to the Lord High Treasurer. Had lately employed Mr Brand, her Majesty's writer and embellisher of letters to the Eastern princes, in writing and embellishing two instruments in vellum; the one a patent under the great seal of Great Britain, containing her Majesty's grant of an addition of arms to Signior Pietro Grimani, Ambassador from the Republic of Venice; the other a duplicate of the same, to be registered in the College of Arms. Recommending that payment should be made for these extraordinary services. Dated Whitehall, 30 June 1714. 1 page.
… June. 44. Petition of Henry Bendyssh, gent., to the Lord High Treasurer. Her Majesty had recommended that he should be paid 1,000l. as a recompense for his pains and losses as secretary to the late Comrs for the poor Palatines, and likewise for the further trouble and expense he had been at in sending to their own country great numbers of those unfortunate persons who left the settlements her Majesty's bounty had provided for them in Ireland. Prays payment. Dated … June 1714.
Minuted:—“5 July 1714. 1,000li ordered.” Again:—“July 16. The Queen orders 1,100li in consideration of his being so long without his money. Wt signd.” 1 page, quarto.
June 30.]
45. Report of Alexander Pendarvis, Esq., Surveyor General, to the Lord High Treasurer, on the petition of Mrs Scoting as to her title to the upper part of a house in the Savoy, known by the sign of the White Lion in the Strand. The petitioner should be admitted to possession of her part of the house, or receive a proportionate part of the rent. Undated.
Minuted:—“19 July 1714. To Mr Burton to be informed of the premises with his opinion wt is fit to be done thereupon.”
The petition which was referred to the Surveyor on 30 June 1714, and the case of Mrs Mary Scotten, daughter of Wm Woodcock and Jane his wife, both deceased. 5 pages.