Volume 190: May 3-June 30, 1715

Pages 104-119

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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May 3–June 30, 1715

3 May. 1. Col. Tho. Caulfeild to the Lord Treasurer [sic but there was then no Lord Treasurer]. Has done his utmost to dispose of the clothing left in his hands by Genl Nicholson. Prays payment for firing furnished to the garrison. Encloses Mr Peter Capon's account of sloop hire on the occasion of the proclamation of King George in the principal parts of Nova Scotia. Annapolis Royal, 3 May 1715.
The account mentioned. 5 pages.
3 May. 2. Copy of a representation of the Board of Trade to the King, as to the disposal of the lands in the late French part of St. Christopher's. Propose two methods for settling the Island, either to sell the land outright to the highest bidder, with a quit rent on the whole; or, which seems the better of the two, that the lands be granted in fee-farms at a yearly reserved rent. Advise that Comrs be sent there from England to carry out the settlement of the Island. Whitehall, 3 May 1715. 5 pages.
4 May. 3. Copy of a representation of the Board of Trade to the King, as to the petitions of certain French Protestant refugees to be restored to their lands in St. Christopher's, from which they had been driven on account of their religion by the French, on the peace of Ryswick. Recommend that the petitions, as also those of Humphrey Sheppard and Mary Bowden, for grants in the said French part, be referred to the Comrs for the disposal of the lands in St. Christopher's. Also lay before his Majesty an abstract of the petition of Stephen Duport, merchant, who prayed for a grant of some lands in the French part of the Island in consideration of heavy losses occasioned by the English troops when that Island was retaken from the French by Col. Codrington in 1690. Recommend him to his Majesty's grace and favour. Whitehall, 4 May 1715. 8 pages.
4 May. 4. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to Moses Beranger, Esq., authorising him to pay Anthony Nicoll, Esq., receiver and paymaster of the money arising from the sale of tin, the 20,000l. which he has agreed to advance on the tin which he is under contract to sell in Holland. Treasury Chambers, 4 May 1715. 1 page.
6 May. 5. Report of E. Harley to the Lords of the Treasury, on the memorial of the receivers of the Civil List Lottery, 1713, who pray for a reward for their trouble and for the charges of passing their accounts. Finds that allowances have been made to former receivers for the charges of passing their accounts, as well as a reward of 1s. 2d. in the pound for the money they paid into the Exchequer. Is of opinion that the same allowance may be made to the memorialists, which will amount to 1,039l. 7s. 6d. for the sum they paid into the Exchequer, and 60l. 2s. 6d. for the charges of passing their accounts. 6 May 1715.
On the back of this report is a warrant to Edward Harley and Thomas Foley, Auditors of Imprests, to pay to the said receivers, 1,099l. 10s.
—“4th July 1715. Agreed to.”
The memorial. 3 pages.
9 May. 6. Copy of a list of bounties paid by Edward Nicholas in two years, from Mich. 1712 to Mich. 1714, and also of a list of her late Majesty's warrants for bounties payable in his office, but which had not been paid, as no money had been issued for that purpose before her death. 9 May 1715.
On the back is:—“For Mr Lowndes.” 6 pages.
9 May. 7. An estimate by Sir Isaac Newton of the tin which remained unsold. 9 May 1715. 1 page.
9 May. 8. A paper from Wm Lowndes, Esq., made out by command of His Majesty, on an address of the House [of Commons], showing how the Civil List branches have been lessened by Acts of Parliament since the granting thereof. These deductions from the Civil List amount to 275,800l. per annum. 9 May 1715. 4 pages.
10 May. 9. Copy of a list of pensions granted by Queen Anne in Scotland since the Union. Among the items are allowances to the Professors in the Scotch Universities. 10 May 1715.
On the back is:—“For Mr Lowndes.” 1 page.
10 May. 10. Copy of Queen Anne's Establishment for the expenses of the Civil Government in Scotland after the Union, and the additions which her late Majesty made to it. Among the additions is 840l. for the professors in the Scotch Universities. 10 May 1715.
On the back is:—“For Mr Lowndes.” 6 pages.
10 May. 11. An estimate of the whole expense of her late Majesty's Civil Government for one year. 10 May 1715. 1 page and a few lines.
10 May. 12. Report of R. Powys to “Messeigneurs,” on the demands of Mrs. Howe, widow and executrix of Emanuel Scrope Howe, Esq., deceased, late Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of Hanover, for expenses incurred by her husband over and above the annual allowance of 300l. made to Envoys going to that Court. Encloses an account of her demands. 10 May 1715. (French.)
The account referred to. 2 pages.
10 May. 13. Copy of an account of what pensions have been granted and what warrants for beneficial grants have been directed to the Lords of the Treasury since King George's accession. The last item is: “6,774l. 1s. 1d. to Wm Borret, Esq., on accot of the Distemper'd Cattle.” 10 May 1715.
On the back is:—“For Mr Lowndes.” 6 pages.
12 May. 14. Comrs of Customs, Scotland, to the Lords of the Treasury. Enclose affidavits as to two cases of assaults on their officers. In the first case, which occurred at Dunrobin, in the county of Sutherland, their officers, on trying to remove certain hogsheads which were concealed below ground in Lord Strathnaver's garden, at the above place, were attacked by men disguised as women, forced out of the garden, and kept securely guarded until the goods had been safely carried off. In the second case, which happened at Air, their officers, who were watching to discover run goods, were beaten and bound with ropes by a band of men under Robert Hunter, merchant. Have been informed by their assistant solicitor that the Lords of Justiciary had, in a trial at Dumfries for a similar riot, refused to accept any officers of the Customs as witnesses for the prosecution. The continuance of such a practice will render all prosecutions for these offences useless. Custom House, Edinburgh, 12 May 1715.
Twelve affidavits and the report of William Caddell, (?) the assistant solicitor, on the subject of the admission of the evidence of these witnesses. 7 pages or parts of pages.
12 May. 15. Report of Tho. Hewett to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John and Richard Winn, keepers of Salcey Forest, in the county of Northampton. The petitioners, who had been so severely injured in an affray with a gang of deerstealers that they were disabled from further service, pray for an allowance for a servant to perform their duties, and for some gratuity towards the charges of the cure of their wounds. Approves of the petition. 12 May 1715.
Minuted:—“21 June 1715. To be considered what is reasonable to be done.”
The petition referred to. 2 pages and a few lines.
12 May. 16. Mr Secretary James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Mr Methuen, H.M. minister at the Court of Madrid, has chosen Don Juan Baptista Uzardi as his assistant in managing the affairs of his Majesty's subjects there. Signifies his Majesty's approval, and begs their Lordships to issue a warrant to the said Uzardi for 500l. for this year's service, to commence from 25th of March last. Whitehall, 12 May 1715.
Minuted:—“Wt signed.” 1 page and a few lines.
13 May. 17. C. Rhodes to the Lords of the Treasury. By order of the managers and directors of the Lottery for 1714, lays before their Lordships the account of the receipts and expenses connected with that lottery. Prays that the deficit, 407l. 2s.d. may be supplied to them. 13 May 1715.
On the back of the letter is the account referred to, with 32 signatures. 3 pages.
13 May. 18. Report of the Comrs of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Perrin of London, merchant. The petitioner states that for several years he traded largely in tobacco to Virginia and other parts, and paid the revenue nearly 100,000l., but on becoming indebted by bonds for customs, all his possessions were sold, and he was imprisoned in the Fleet, where he had lain between two and three years. Prays to be set at liberty upon giving security to surrender himself when required. The Comrs report adversely to him, and cannot recommend him to their Lordships' favour. Custom House, London, 13 May 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 13th Septr 1715. It appearing that the petr has been guilty of great frauds my Lords see no reason for his reliefe.”
The petition. 5 pages.
13 May. 19. An abstract of the produce of the revenue of H.R.H. James, Duke of York, for the year 1678, with the following note at the foot:—“This abstract is made from a declared account of the late Treasurers to his Royal Highness for the year abovesaid, Wm Lowndes. 13 May 1715.” 1 page.
14 May. 20. Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland (Sunderland) to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmitting the petition of Mr Edmond Schuldam, late Solicitor of Criminal Causes, together with the report of the Lords Justices thereupon. Finds that arrears of salary are due to him to the amount of 352l. 9s. for executing that office, and begs their Lordships to procure a warrant for that amount. Bath, 14 May 1715.
The petition minuted:—“Prepare ye wt.”
The petition and report referred to. 4 pages.
17 May. 21. Copy of a report of Henry Baker on the petition of James West, in which the petitioner sets forth that on the false evidence of one William Dann he was fined 150l. for exporting wool, and also had to compound in the sum of 12l. 10s. on a false charge of running brandy. Prays, on account of his innocency and good character, for a warrant to discharge his Majesty's moieties of the penalty. Finds that the petition is true, and therefore has no objection to such a warrant being prepared. May 17, 1715.
At the foot is:—“This is a true copy of Mr Baker's report as it was fairly engrossed and stands entred by me in his report book, the originall some small time since being delivered into the Treãry (as informed) mislaid. Tho. Ashurst, 8o Februãr 1715–6.”
The petition not with it. 2 pages.
20 May. 22. An account of the proposals made in relation to the coinage of farthings and halfpence from the beginning of Queen Anne's reign to 20th May 1715. Prepared by order of the Lords of the Treasury, and signed by Wm Lowndes. The officers of the Mint recommended Mr Eyre's proposal as the best. This was to deliver into the Mint plates of fine copper, malleable when red hot, and drawn to a breadth and thickness fit for cutting. One of the recommendations had been that it was best to coin the copper money as near as could be to the intrinsic value, including the charges of coinage, set allowance and incidents, and reckoning the copper at what it would sell for if the new money should be melted down again (for which reason it ought to be free from such mixtures as would diminish the market price), and that whatever profit should arise by the coinage the Crown might have it in its power to gratify whom it pleased therewith. 20 May 1715. 6 pages.
21 May. 23. Report of the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland (Sunderland) to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Major Robert Pigott, of Col. Edward Stanhope's regiment. The petitioner prays, in consideration of past services, to be put on the establishment of half-pay in Ireland as Lieut.-Col., from the 8th October 1710, the date of his suspension. Has transmitted the petition to the Lords Justices, who referred it to the Muster Master-General of Ireland, whose report he encloses; and also other papers connected with the petition. Agrees with the report that the petitioner deserves half-pay as Lieut.-Col. and also the arrears thereof from 8th Oct. 1710, Bath, May 21, 1715.
Minuted:—“Prepare a wt.”
The petitions of Major Pigott and six other papers on the same subject. 9 pages.
21 May. 24. Report of the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland (Sunderland) to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Lord Lifford, who prays to be restored to his half-pay on the establishment of Ireland from 25th June 1706. Has referred the petition to the Lords Justices, whose report, together with that of the Auditor-General of Ireland. (to whom the Lords Justices referred it) he encloses. Sees no reason why he should not be restored to his half-pay and receive the arrears thereof. Bath, May 21, 1715.
Five other papers on the same subject, including the petition and reports referred to. 7 pages.
23 May. 25. Earl of Sunderland (Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland) to the Lords of the Treasury, transmitting to them the reports of the Lords Justices and Attorney-General of Ireland, upon the petition of John Walker, Esq., son of the late Dr. George Walker, the late Governor of Londonderry. The petitioner prays that his present pension of 200l. may be augmented until the 2,000l. promised him can be paid in one sum, as had been promised. The Lord-Lieutenant, in consideration of the strong recommendation of the Lords-Justices, is of opinion that the petitioner's present pension of 200l. should be augmented to one of 300l. for 21 years, certain. Bath, May 23, 1715.
An affidavit by Ja. Macartney in John Walker's favour, minuted:—“14th June 1715. If ye 2,000li be a well-grounded demand, my Lords thinke it more adviseable that the 2,000li should be paid off than that 300l a year should be granted for 21 years.” Again:—“Wt signed.”
The reports mentioned, the petition, and a copy of a former petition, a letter of 28 Dec. 1714 from the Treasury, referring it to the Lord-Lieutenant, and other papers relating to the same subject. 23 pages.
24 May. 26. Postmasters-General (Cornwallis and Ja. Craggs) to the Lords of the Treasury. Propose that, as the Post Office is the only branch of the revenue which has no checks upon its inferior officers, that six surveyors may be appointed to survey the six main roads and all the cross and branch roads through which the letters are conveyed. Think that 20s. per day to each surveyor will be sufficient, and hope if their plan is adopted, to put a stop to many frauds and abuses connected with this branch of the revenue. They also complain of the franking. General Post Office, 24th May 1715.
Minuted:—“4th June 1715. Agreed to make a trial in some part of the kingdo with 3 surveiors, but the Postmars are from time to time to represent to my Lords what fruit they find of their service, and the K. is to be at no further charges then ye 20sh p[er] diem.” Again:—“L~re writ.” Again:—“11th do. Agreed to the whole as proposed.” 4 pages.
24, 25 May. 27. Memorial of the officers of the Board of Works to the Lords of the Treasury. By their new commission they are ordered to examine all bills, &c. for works in the late Queen's time and since his Majesty's accession. To examine every article of all bills “before passed,” and of so long standing, will take a considerable time, and much more than they can spare. Ask if under the 27th section of their commission they may pass and allow all bills, &c. allowed by the Surveyor of Works and the former board without further examination. May 24, 1715.
Minuted:—“Read, 27th May 1715. My Lords agree that the officers shall proceed to ye examinac[i]on of the bills for all works & services since his Mats accession; but do dispence with their examinac[i]on of the services performed in the late Queen's time.”
Also a letter from one of the Comrs to John Taylour, Esq., on the same subject. 25 May 1715. 3 pages.
26 May. 28. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses for their Lordships' report thereon the petition and bill of disbursements of Capt. Paddon, who was employed as plenipotentiary to negotiate a peace with the Emperor of Morocco. Whitehall, 26 May 1715.
Minuted:—“4th June 1715. Ref. to Mr Powys to examine these demands and the orders or credentials given to him.”
The enclosures not now with the letter. 1 page.
27 May. 29. Officers of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmit a representation from the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, complaining of a valuation made of lands purchased from the Church there for the better fortifying of Chatham. Office of Ordnance, 27 May 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 15th June 1715. All matters concerning these lands and purchases are directed by act of parliamt, and my Lords have no power to intermeddle therein.”
The representation not now with it. 1 page.
30 May. 30. Report of Hen. Baker to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of William Wimble, the son of a Sussex farmer. A prosecution for smuggling wool was instituted against him in May 1714, by two of the riding officers on that coast, and he was convicted by the false evidence of one Samuel Wratten, a worthless character. Petitioner produces a receipt from the two prosecutors for 6l. 9s. in full satisfaction for 109l. 16s., their moiety, and prays that his Majesty's moiety may be remitted. After perusing a certificate on the back of the petition, signed by 14 of his neighbours, testifying to the good character of the petitioner and the bad reputation of Wratten, and after seeing at the foot thereof the receipt of the two riding officers, is of opinion that the petitioner is a worthy object of compassion. 30 May 1715.
Minuted:—“13th Septr 1715. P[rep]are a warrt for his relief.”
The petition referred to, with the certificate and receipt on the back. 4 pages.
31 May. 31. Viscount Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses the petition of the Trustees for the Charity School at Richmond, the prayer of which his Majesty has been pleased to grant. Begs their Lordships to give the necessary directions for paying the same annual allowance to the Trustees for the support of the said school, as was given by the late Queen. Whitehall, 31 May 1715.
Minuted:—“Qu. what the Queen gave to this school, & whether it is not already upon Mr Clayton's list.”
Again:—“21st August 1716. Prepare a Sign Manual.”
Again:—“Warrt signed 10th Septr 1716.”
The petition not now with it. 1 page.
31 May. 32. James Stanhope to Wm Lowndes, Esq. In pursuance of an address of the House of Commons, signifies his Majesty's pleasure that the Comrs of Customs be directed to prepare an account to be laid before the House, of the quantity of hops imported since the duty laid upon them in the ninth year of Queen Anne's reign, and the neat produce of the duty. Whitehall, 31 May 1715. 1 page.
1 June. 33. The account of the produce of the duty on imported hops referred to in the preceding letter, from 1 June 1711 to 21 May 1715.
Signed:—“Robt Paul, Assistant to the Compr Genl.” Custom House, London, 1 June 1715. 1 page.
2 June. 34. Lord Godolphin to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses a memorial from the Board of Green Cloth for 36,161l. 11s. 2d. for their expenses from Oct. 1st to March 31st last, and for 8,431l. due to clear the two preceding months of August and September. Begs their Lordships to favour him with 36,161l. 11s. 2d. by way of imprest. St. James's, Cofferer's Office, 2 June 1715.
The memorial minuted:—“Ordered 4 June, 44,592l. 11s. 2d. to be issued to the Earl of Godolphin upon account for the empc[i]ons wages and board-wages in the Cofferer's Office incurred since his Mats accession to the Crown, and my Lords do thinke it reasonable that ye empc[i]ons be alwaies satisfyd in the first place, and before any wages, boarde wages, or penc[i]ons whatsoever.”
The memorial referred to. 2 pages.
3 June. 35. Cha. Carkesse to Mr Taylour. Encloses an account of the quantity of hops imported since the duty laid on them in the ninth year of Queen Anne's reign. Begs him to lay the same before their Lordships. Custom House, London, 3 June 1715.
The account. 2 pages.
4 June. 36. Duke of Montagu to the Lords of the Treasury. Begs that some money may be ordered him for the expenses of her late Majesty's funeral (10,579l. 8s. 8d.) and of his Majesty's coronation (15,770l. 0s. 6d.), and for other expenses connected with his office. Great Wardrobe, 4 June 1715.
Minuted:—“7 July 1715, 20,000li, but before issued, my Lord to see a list to whom it is to be paid, wherein the tradesmen are to be particularly regarded.” 1 page.
[? About
4 June.]
37. Memorial of the Managers and Directors of the Lottery for 1714 for a reward for executing their commission. 33 signatures.
Minuted:—“4 June 1715, 100li a piece my Lords agree to.” 1 page.
7 June. 38. Barons of the Exchequer (Scotland) to Hon. John Taylour, Esq. Desire him to lay before the Lords of the Treasury the representation touching the invalids in Scotland, who are starving for want of pay. Beg also that the Charity Roll may be allowed and sent down. Edinburgh, 7 June 1715. 1 page.
8 June. 39. Cha. Delafaye to Sir William St. Quintin. Begs by this letter to introduce his brother, whom he has desired to solicit the restitution of the temporalities of the sees of Kilmore, Raphoe, and Killalow, which affair is still depending in the Treasury. Bath, 8 June 1715. 1 page.
8 June. 40. Report of R. Powys to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Thomas Thomson, of Algiers, merchant. The petitioner states that on the death of Robert Cole, Esq., her Majesty's late Consul at Algiers, he was appointed by the Dey to act as British Consul there till Mr Cole's successor was appointed, and that Sir John Jennings, then Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of her Majesty's Fleet in the Mediterranean, approved of the appointment. The petitioner having acted thus as Consul from 13 Nov. 1712 to 30 June 1713, prays that the salary usually paid to the Consul at Algiers, may be paid him for the time he acted as such, and also that his extraordinary expenses incurred in that capacity may be reimbursed. States that Robert Cole died 13 Nov. 1712, and that the allowances to the present Consul began 21 February following. Annexes Mr Thomson's account of money he disbursed for their Lordships' directions thereon. 8 June 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 14th June 1715. To be considered with the demands of other Foreign Ministers when a distribution is made of of the Queen's arrears.”
The petition and account referred to, a letter from James Stanhope transmitting the petition to the Lords of the Treasury for their report, and an account of services performed by the petitioner. 7 pages.
9 June. 41. Representation of the Comrs for Hides to the Lords of the Treasury. Have been informed that Mr Benjamin Boyden, General Surveyor of the duties on houses in London, has taken bribes for excusing the collectors from paying in their money in due time. He owns to taking a gratuity, and the rest being sufficiently proved, they recommend his discharge, and that Mr Robert Winniatt may succeed, and Mr Thomas French, lately ordered to be surveyor in Cheshire, may succeed Mr Winniatt in Essex. 9 June 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 15th June 1715. Agreed. Wt signed.” 1½ pages.
10 June. 42. Comrs of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury. Lay before their Lordships an account of the gross and net produce of the duties on hops for the four years ending June 1; how much thereof has been paid into the Exchequer, and how much is still standing out. Excise Office, London, 10 June 1715.
The account referred to. 2 pages.
10 June. 43. Report of Hugh Cholmley, Esq., the Surveyor-General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Martin Killigrew, Esq. The lease of Pendennis Castle in Cornwall, made by the petitioner's father in 1693 to the Lords of the Treasury, at 200l. a year, having expired, he now prays for an increase of rent on a new lease. The reasons he alleges are, that Sir Peter Killigrew, being Receiver-General of the Duchy of Cornwall, paid himself, whereas now greater difficulties will attend the payment of the rent. Also that he is debarred from improving this part of his estate [while the rest of it has become double the value of what it was in 1695]. Is of opinion that if a new lease is granted to the petitioner at 200l. a year, as free of deductions as the last was, he will have no reason to complain. 10 June 1715.
Minuted:—“2 Nov. 1715. My Lds agree to take a new lease at 200li p[er] añ to be pđ from time to time out of ye mo granted for ye forces for ye same term of yeares as was ye former lease.”
The petition, a paper of Mr Killigrew's reasons for an increase of rent, a dormant warrant to Sir Peter Killigrew, and an affidavit as to the rise in the value of the land. 9 pages.
10 June. 44. Officers of the Board of Works to the Lords of the Treasury. Beg payment of the artificers' bills for (1) the funeral of the late Queen; (2) the reception of King George at Greenwich; (3) his Majesty's Coronation at Westminster; and (4) thanksgiving at St Paul's; amounting in all to 8,353l. 10s.d. Whitehall, Office of Works, 10 June 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 13 June 1715. 8,353l. 10s.d. Ordered thereupon.”
An account of abatements made on these bills by the new Board of Works. 2 pages.
11 June. 45. Petition of S. Richmond to the Lords of the Treasury. An extent of upwards of 200l. had been issued against him and Mr Michael Wentworth, as securities for one Mr Abraham Lockwood, merchant. He and Wentworth had money enough in Lockwood's hands to have discharged the bonds in question, but he (Lockwood) ran off with it to the West Indies, Has also met with several misfortunes. Prays therefore for such a composition as their Lordships shall deem convenient. 11 June 1715.
The petition was referred on Sept. 20 to the Comrs of Customs to report upon. 1 page and a few lines.
[? About
13 June.]
46. Representation to the Lords of the Treasury from the Great Officers of his Majesty's Household, and the Comrs of the Taxes for the palaces of Whitehall and St. James. Her late Majesty had in 1705 given them directions that the pensions then paid in Whitehall should not be taxed, and had promised her assistance to make good the deficiencies thereby created. A few days before her death she ordered a tally to be struck upon tin for the remaining deficiency of 47,105l. 9s. 6d., but died before the warrant could be signed. Pray therefore that a tally may be struck upon tin for the arrears, and that in the meantime process may be stopped.
Minuted:—“A warrt sign'd for stay of process the 13th June 1715.” 3 pages.
13 June. 47. Report of the Attorney-General (Sir Edward Northey) to the Lords of the Treasury, on the annexed petition of Sir Robert Davers, Bart., executor of Mary, Lady Dowager Jermyn, who was widow and executrix of Thomas, Lord Jermyn, deceased, late Governor of Jersey, and Thomas Folkes, Esq., the surviving executor of the same lord. An information had been in 1704 exhibited against the executors for an account of her late Majesty's part of Statute penalties received by the said Lord Jermyn. This cause has been often heard, and in 1714 the Barons of the Exchequer were equally divided on the question. As also Charles II. appointed the said Lord Jermyn Governor for life of the Island of Jersey, and granted to him the right of receiving all profits belonging to the Crown in that island, without rendering any account for them, on condition that he defrayed the charge of the Civil List there, they pray that the said information may be dismissed. Certifies to the truth of the statements alleged in the petition, and as the matters claimed by the information are but of small value, has no objection to it being dismissed. June 13, 1715.
Minuted:—“10th Aug. 1715. A privy seal to discharge the Execrs.”
The petition not now with it.
See also 26 May 1714, under which date are papers relating to this matter. 4 pages.
[? About
14 June.]
48. A paper headed “Mr Bendysh's Case.” The paper states that in consideration of his services in 1709 and 1710, as Secretary without salary to the Comrs for the poor Palatines, he obtained in July 1714 a sign manual and warrant for 1,100l., which lay at the Exchequer for payment at the Queen's death. Has lodged the sign manual, etc., with Mr Taylor, and hopes that the present Lords of the Treasury will ask for it and direct it to be paid.
On the back is:—“Recommended by L. C. J. King.”
Minuted:—“14 Jun. 1715. To be considered when there is another distribution upon ye Queen's Arreares.” 1 page.
[? About
14 June.]
49. Earl of Sunderland, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses the petition of Ralph Wilson and Margaret, his wife, with the report of the Attorney-General for Ireland thereon. The petitioners pray for some recompense for the loss sustained by the blowing up of the Castle of Cullen, in the co. of Tipperary, by order of his late Majesty King William, at the siege of Limerick; the castle, with the lands belonging to it, being the interest of the said Margaret, who was the daughter of Edward Warter, of Bilboa, in Ireland. The Attorney-General, Richard Levinge, in his report states that after examination of various persons he finds that the statements alleged in the petition are true, and that the petitioners seem to have suffered damage to the amount of above 2,500l., for which he thinks it reasonable that they should receive such satisfaction as seems good to his Majesty.
Minuted:—“14th June 1715. My Lords doe not thinke it reasonable to advise his Maty to doe any thing upon this petn.”
The petition, a letter from the Earl of Oxford of 8 June 1714, referring it to the Duke of Shrewsbury, a letter from the latter referring it to the then Lords Justices of Ireland, and a letter from the present Lords Justices enclosing the report of the Attorney-General for Ireland to whom the late Lords Justices had referred it. 11 pages.
14 June. 50. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses for their Lordships' consideration a scheme by Roger Acherley for paying the public debts, and raising a revenue for the Prince of Wales without real new taxes. This result was to be effected by augmenting the national credit, and applying it to the above end. Whitehall, 14 June 1715. 7 pages and a quarter.
[? About
14 June.]
51. Petition of Mr Richd Barrow to the Lords of the Treasury. Was three years and a half ago appointed Solicitor to the Mint to prosecute coiners, etc., and Sir Isaac Newton and Col. Bladen reported on 9 March 1714–15, that there was due to him for these services 387l. 14s. 7d. Prays therefore for their Lordships' warrant for the payment of the above sum.
Minuted:—“Read 14th June 1715. To be paid out of the 400li p[er] anñ applicable to such services by Parliament.” 1 page.
See also
9 March 1714–15.
14 June. 52. Board of Ordnance to the Lords of the Treasury. Enclose an account of stores lodged at Port Mahon for the use of the garrison, and delivered by Brigadier Petit to the Spanish undertakers for carrying on the works there. Have applied to Mr Petit to pay the value thereof (1,052 dols. 5 reals 10 doub.) into their office, but he has been unable to do so, as the Auditor of the Imprests has stopped the amount out of his accounts. Pray their Lordships to direct that Mr Petit be allowed that sum, and that he pay it into their office. Office of Ordnance, 14 June 1715.
The account referred to. 2 pages.
[? About
14 June.]
53. Memorial of Col. Richard King to the Lords of the Treasury, for consideration in the expense he has been at in repairing, &c. the lodgings he lately had at the Cockpit.
Minuted:—“Read June 14th 1715. The late Lord Trea[su]rer orderd him 60li, which he was to lay out himself, and he was to have no more.” 1½ pages.
15 June. 54. Auditor Harley's report on the payments in the Earl of Carnarvon's account of the forces in Flanders, anno 1710, which cannot be allowed without a Privy Seal. 15 June 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 4 July 1715.” 4½ pages.
[? About
15 June.]
55. Memorial of the Comrs for Hackney Coaches to the Lords of the Treasury. The passing of their patent cost them 120l., and while they have the same salary as their predecessors, they are at a greater trouble, inasmuch as they have the 300 hackney chairs, and 100 new hackney coaches to manage. Offer, therefore, their present state to their Lordships' consideration, in hopes of their future favour.
Minuted:—“15th June 1715. Read.” 1 page.
15 June. 56. Report of H. Cholmley, Surveyor-General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on a memorial from the Board of Ordnance as to the lands purchased for the fortifications at Chatham. The lands in question are vested in the Marquess of Winchester, Sir Richard Onslow, and other Trustees for the respective proprietors, until the purchase money is paid, when they will be vested in the Trustees in trust for the Crown. Is, however, of opinion that all such lands should, until occupied by fortifications, be under their Lordships' care, to see that the profits from them are applied to the uses to which they are appropriated. Has considered the report of Mr John Romer, engineer, as to these lands, who advises the rebuilding of the mill at Chatham, and the building of a wharf down to low water mark, and is of opinion that neither of these recommendations should be followed. June 15, 1715.
A letter from Mr Taylour, at the Treasury Chambers, two letters from the Board of Ordnance, a report of Mr Romer, and an extract from it. 8 pages.
16 June. 57. Comrs of Excise, Scotland, to the Lords of the Treasury. Enclose an account of the gross and nett produce of the duty on malt, etc. in Scotland, from 24 June 1713 to 1 May 1715. Are sorry to be obliged to inform their Lordships that they are unable to propose any cure for the grievances mentioned in their letter of 5 April last in relation to the duty on malt, the Justices of the Peace everywhere still refusing to act on account of that duty.
By the ordinary course of justice the levying of the duty seems impracticable. Excise Office, Edinburgh, 16 June 1715.
The account mentioned. 3 pages.
17 June. 58. Report of Thomas Hewett, Surveyor-General of Woods, to the Lords of the Treasury, on a letter from Mr Vanbrugh as to delivering trees in Whittlewood Forest. The 248 trees mentioned in Mr Vanbrugh's letter have been felled by virtue of two warrants from the Treasury, and have been delivered to the Duke of Marlborough's order. Is of opinion that the Duke may carry away all trees now remaining in the forest without any other order or delivery. June 17, 1715.
Mr Vanbrugh's letter. 2 pages.
17 June. 59. Report of the same to the same, on the petition of Elizabeth, Countess of Kildare, as to the making and repairing of the deer pens, &c. in Cranbourn Chase, Windsor Forest. Is of opinion that these repairs should be done without delay, and estimates the expense at 39l. 5s. 4d. June 17, 1715.
Minuted:—“Ordered. Wt signed.”
The petition. 2 pages.
20 June. 60. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Encloses the particulars of a present which his Majesty wishes to be sent to the Dey of Tripoli by his Envoy. Desires them to give directions for providing the same, but not to exceed 500l. or thereabouts. Whitehall, 20 June 1715.
The proposed present was to consist of 40 barrels of gunpowder, brocades for 3 vests, a bale of fine cloth of several colours, 1 gold watch and two silver ones.
Minuted:—“15th July 1715. Order'd.” 1 page and a quarter.
24 June. 61. Memorial of Thomas Hewett to the Lords of the Treasury, as to windfall trees in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire. Has had for about 20 years all windfall wood, as did his predecessors, as a perquisite. Begs to know their Lordships' pleasure as to the windfall trees in the above forest, as if allowed to lie there they will injure the other trees, besides suffering damage themselves. June 24, 1715.
Minuted:—“Read June 27, 1715.” 1 page.
[? About
24 June.]
62. Account of moneys due to Mr Wise for works at Windsor and St James' Park, from Dec. 1712 to Midsummer 1715. 2 pages.
25 June.]
63. A paper headed:—“Orders signed for paying a quarter due to several persons of quality in Scotland at Midsum[m]er, 1715, on their respective penc[i]ons.”
Similar orders for Lady-day quarter 1715 not taken out. 1 page.
25 June. 64. James Stanhope to the Lords of the Treasury. Transmits to them the petition of Bartholomew Jackson and the certificate thereunto annexed. The petitioner states that he was appointed Commissary of Provisions in Annapolis Royal by the Governor, Col. Samuel Vetch, and served as such from 4 Oct. 1710 to 6 Nov. 1713; prays therefore for an order for 4s. a day for the time during which he performed that office. His Majesty desires their Lordships to consider what is proper to be done for the petitioner's relief, and to give the necessary directions for the same. Whitehall, 25 June 1715.
Minuted:—“13th Sepr 1715. If this pretence has any foundation it is proper to be considered by the Comrs for stating the debts of the army.”
The petition and the certificate of Col. Vetch. 3 pages.
27 June. 65. Report of Thomas Hewett (Surveyor-General of Woods) to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of the keepers of Whittlewood Forest. The petitioners pray for arrears of wages from Mich. 1705 to 19 July 1712, amounting in all to 169l. 1s. 4d. Finds that such arrears are due, and can raise the sum by the sale of dotard and decayed trees, if their Lordships approve thereof. June 27, 1715.
Minuted:—“A wt. Signed on Rec~. Northton.”
The petition. 2 pages.
28 June. 66. Report of R. Powys to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Capt. George Paddon. The petitioner was appointed plenipotentiary in negotiating a peace with the Emperor of Morocco. This having been concluded he begs to be repaid his disbursements in that office, and to be ordered such allowance as plenipotentiary as shall seem fit to his Majesty. His disbursements amounted to 2,302l. 13s. 4d., of which he has received 1,072l., so that he claims 1,230l. 13s. 4d. as due to him. Finds that he was appointed plenipotentiary on 31 Jan. 1712–13, as he says. Suggests that he should be allowed 3l. a day from 31 Jan. 1712–13 to 1 Aug. 1714, but Capt. Paddon insists on being paid up to Sep. 2. If he is allowed the pay of a plenipotentiary, 390l. of his disbursements must be borne out of that pay. The cost of his equipage is put down at 650l., but no envoy or plenipotentiary has ever been allowed more than 500l. for that purpose. 28 June 1715.
Minuted:—“23rd Augt 1715. My Lords doe not find that the Queen ever granted a Privy Seale, or soe much as signifyed her pleasure to the Treasury for any allowance to be setled on him as a minister. And it seems to them that when the service was performed he was to have a reasonable gratuity for the same over and above the benefit of his com[m]and in the Navy. Nor can he be allowed this demand wch appears to us unreasonable out of the Queen's arrears, without prejudiceing the servts to whom those arrears are due.”
The petition and an account of his disbursements.
He had 42 persons in his retinue, and 69 of his Majesty's subjects were released from slavery through his instrumentality. 6 pages.
29 June. 67. Memorial of Henry Portman to the Lords of the Treasury. Has from the time of his appointment as Ranger of Hyde Park up to her late Majesty's death (from Midsummer 1703 to Aug. 1, 1714), expended various sums on repairs in the said park, amounting to 238l. 7s. Encloses an account of the particulars, and prays payment. Encloses also an account and estimate of repairs necessary to be done in Hyde Park. 29 June 1715.
Minuted:—“A wt for one year, from Midsr 1714 to Midsr 1715, on ye allowances of 200l. p[er] añ each.” “Wt signd.”
The two accounts referred to. 3 pages.
30 June. 68. Memorial of the Comrs of the Equivalent to the Lords of the Treasury. In reply to their directions send (1) an estimate of the Equivalent due out of the Customs of Scotland for seven years, ending 1 May 1714, and (2), paper headed:—“The funds for which an equivalent has been due to Scotland since the 1st May 1714, and will be growing due for the future.” The question about the deficiency of the Customs, viz., whether the subjects of Scotland ought to make it up, is by far too delicate and of too great importance for the Comrs of the Equivalent to say anything concerning it. There is no occasion to blend the duties of Customs and Excise together. If the Customs of Scotland ever yield 30,000l. per ann. the Equivalent will soon make up the deficiency of the first seven years, &c. Annex accounts. Pray for payment of so much out of the increase of Excise as will satisfy such of the creditors of the public in Scotland as should have been paid in ready money, &c. London, 30 June 1715.
The papers numbered 1 and 2 and the lower portion of the account only. 3½ pages.
[? About
69. Petition of Thomas Hewitson, of North Shields, in the co. of Northumberland to the Lords of the Treasury, praying to be appointed a riding officer between Sunderland and the Tees, having filled the office of deputy searcher at Newcastle until laid aside for his great zeal to the Protestant succession.
Also copy of certificate in his favour. Dated 30 May 1715. 2 pages.